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Hi !!!! First of all i love your blog and your writing !!! Do you have any headcanons for isak talking to even about his family and life at home when he was younger? I'm a sucker for h/c so that'd be great !! Hope you're having a lovely day 💝

  • it’s the nicest things Isak remembers that are the hardest to share, because everything feels a little bit tainted by how violently it all fell apart
    • he’ll be sharing a fun memory of the day the football team he played on age 8 won their championship and his parents took him for pizza and let him babble about the two (two!!!!) goals he scored and then his voice will trail off and Even just pulls him closer and kisses his forehead and says that maybe one day they’ll all be having dinner praising Isak on his university grades rather than the goals he scored
    • Isak particularly struggles talking about his mother, because even though he’s learned a lot about mental illness he still feels such a disconnect between his mother he remembers from his childhood and his mother now. talking about her before she really got ill always make him a little teary eyed, but Even always wipes those tears away
      • Isak mostly feels bad about how harshly he judged his mother, how harshly he still does sometimes judge her, for something she can’t control but hurts him so much.
      • Even always squirms a bit when Isak admits this, because he knows he himself has caused Isak pain with his illness through no fault of his own and it places him in the uncomfortable position of empathising with Isak’s mother and feeling incredibly bad for Isak
      • talking about Isak’s mother inevitably leads to them having a brief talk about their own mental health, about how they’ll look after each other through the ups and downs and sideways and whatever else life throws at them because neither of them could just leave the other like Isak’s dad left his wife
  • Isak doesn’t have a lot of memories of his dad, but all of them leave a bitter taste in both Isak and Even’s mouths because neither of them are particularly fond of Terje Valtersen
  • a lot of the time Isak doesn’t need to talk for Even to see the impact his childhood had on him
    • the first time they had a proper fight and Even rose his voice he watched the way Isak immediately switched off. the lights were on but no one was home. after that Even made sure to keep his voice level during arguments so they can talk it out rather than set off Isak’s hard wired self preservation instinct.
    • their upstairs neighbours quite often have screaming matches and Even hates it because Isak almost always ends up in their bed with the pillow jammed over his head.
      • he starts off putting his music on and playing it so loud that Even can hear the earbuds crackling a little, but their neighbours seem to shout at a trillion decibels
      • Even doesn’t want his boyfriend to go deaf though, so he always removes the earphones and Isak goes straight for the bed. it isn’t a question that Even will follow. he wraps Isak in their duvet in safe cosy little boyfriend burrito and tries to distract Isak through the noise
      • after the first couple of times when Even realised this was going to be a regular occurrence he saved up some money and bought Isak noise cancelling headphones (Isak was very grateful for those)
  • there are times when Isak will tell Even something and Even is the one to get upset, because it isn’t fair that Isak had to deal with so much so young
    • Isak just shakes his head and tells Even that he’d do it all over again - living in Eskild’s basement and all - if it meant it lead him to that moment right then lying in Even’s arms trading secrets and kisses and feeling safer than he ever has in his entire life
Sick Onstage

Requested: Can you do one kind of like the performing sick one, but the other way around? Where the reader is sick on stage. PS: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Note: I made the reader have type 1 diabetes in this one because i feel like I already wrote shawn sick on stage, and I wanted to do something a little different. But it has caring and protective Shawn, and a cute gif in the middle, so I hope you enjoy it :)



Today has been an off day for you all day, by that you mean your sugar levels have been all over the place, which really messes with your mood and your ability to concentrate. Some days are just like this, but you’ve learned to deal with it. You have Type 1 diabetes. You were diagnosed when you were eight years old, but you were never one to let that stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams. And if anything it has only inspired you to beat the odds, and to live your life fully and without restriction in spite of the diagnosis.

At eighteen years old, you’ve accomplished more than most eighteen year olds. You’re currently traveling the world on your own headlining tour, selling out arenas and stadiums. Every single night you get on the stage feels like a dream come true, and you still can’t believe this is your life. You’re currently backstage in your dressing room, waiting to go on. You look up as your boyfriend, Shawn enters your dressing room. He’s only with you on tour for a few days, since he’s busy writing his own music and selling out his own arenas. But it just makes it worse that your diabetes decided to be difficult on a day that he’s here visiting because you haven’t been much fun to be around today and you haven’t felt up to doing too much either. You wanted to save your energy for your show tonight, but of course Shawn has been nothing but understanding all day. 

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“When were you happiest?” Poppy asks.
Daisy smiles fully as she thinks about it. “The moment I started filling my time with him. I no longer did these fun things by myself. He surfed with me. He snorkeled with me. He jumped off cliffs with me. I had a friend. A real friend. I’ve learned more about myself, about my likes and dislikes and my limitations and my expectations, in the company of Ryke than I have all the years I spent alone. And I don’t want to go back.”

a [very late] happy birthday to sue ❤ @daisycalloway



Maybe a wee bit too early to start my August spreads on my bullet journal, but better start them now before I’m overwhelmed. I’m also posting my daily schedule because I’m so proud of myself for making all my classes fit perfectly, and I’m basically really proud of it. My mom constantly criticized it because she felt it was too much and she wasn’t understanding of how I’m taking a total of ten classes (not listed on the schedule but Applied Music & Marching Band). She didn’t understand that as a music major, these are the classes you NEED for one semester. She simply didn’t understand, and I was really upset with my schedule because she expected less, and it made me really upset because I went through alot of planning & constantly having to re-do it because classes kept getting filled. It just brought me down a ton because I was so proud of this perfect schedule for me and she tried to tell me to take less classes next semester, which in reality I can’t do because I need to be on track to transfer to USF in two years and that’s something I want to achieve.I want to get there in two years tops.

But I’m glad my friend was able to encourage me as he’s also a fellow music major like myself, and he told me that it was alright. That this was a normal schedule for a music ed major and that now I just have to work that much harder to prove my mother wrong. And I can’t wait to do just that. Because I know I can do it and I will and I honestly can’t wait for it all to start. Because I’ll be surrounded with classes I’m genuinely interested in and be surrounded with others doing just the same thing as me and thats just a great feeling. I’m going to work my butt off to prove her wrong and to show my worth.

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Hi there, my friend and I just read Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe (based on your suggestion!) and we adored it. I was wondering, do you know of any books that deal with similar issues of sexuality and race so well? If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it! If not, thank you for introducing me to Ari and Dante, it was a wonderful read. Hope you're having a good day xx

first off THANKS and i’m so glad you liked it, ari and dante is such a great book and to be honest i’ve been musing over this ask for a while because it really blows a lot of other books out of the water in how it handles both race and sexuality (and most of my recommendations will probably address the second and not the first so i’m sorry about that) but here are a few:

  • two boys kissing, david levithan (anything by david levithan at all generally)
  • the miseducation of cameron post, emily m. danforth
  • the bermudez triangle, maureen johnson
  • maurice, em forster (less of a teen book but still so good)
  • tipping the velvet, sarah waters (she’s written a number of other books that i haven’t read but understand are good but this one is about 1890’s victorian england lesbians so what’s not to like)
  • if you’re interested 
  • at swim, two boys, jamie o’neill
  • also here are two good lists: diversity in ya’s lists of teen gay and lesbian books without the angst

let me know if you like any of those!! tbh i need to come up with a better list of queer protag books but those are what came to mind

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I love how confident you are with your chest size. I'm an A cup as well, but I've always been a little down on myself about it. When I found your Instagram, your confidence was one of the first things I had noticed. I know that's random. Ha. I hope you're having a great day lovely. x

Hello, thank you!

There are a handful of things I am insecure about but my breasts have never been one. I am definitely a very small A cup but I love it! I believe there are pros and cons to having small breasts and to having big breasts but neither one of them really outweighs the other. There are different styles or outfits each one can pull off and I am in love with all boobies, no matter what size.

A while back I was creating dresses for petite girls but I will be opening up a new store aimed at petite girls with small breasts and I will be specializing in “vintage” lingerie for us ladies!

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You're the Tom Hiddleston of Tumblr!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I usually delete ANON posts after a day of being up on my blog to keep with the travel photo theme, but this one is staying up forever hahahaha. Who ever sent me this is hilarious. This is definitely the most flattering compliment one can receive on tumblr. It’s going to be my new sign off. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day! -The Tom Hiddleston of Tumblr