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Faceless Neighbor

For @trueromantic1 thank you so much for the prompt bb ♥ 

Neighbors AU prompt : I work from home and haven’t left in awhile, so you think I’m dead inside (with Emma being the one who works from home and Killian hasn’t seen her) ~800 words

“Emma Swan.”

The new label on the letterbox next to his is the most classical piece of paper : no personal handwriting, typed words on a white blank space instead.

“Emma Swan.” he repeats, lets the name curl on his lips, barely a whisper.

Sounds a lot like a challenge to his ears.

He discerns a flash of blond hair one morning as he goes to university.

One flash of gold and she’s gone, a black jogging hugging her sculpted legs, blue earbuds surrounding a face he doesn’t know.

She leaves a trail of cinnamon, vanilla and apple behind her, and he inhales deeply, far more intrigued by his silent neighbor than he would admit it.

He always misses her, whether it be on a weekend where he catches a glimpse of her figure in a yellow bug on the parking lot, whether it be in the middle of the day, McDonald’s famous scent following her and spreading itself in his flat.

When he passes in front of her window on foggy morning, not really awake at all, he’s unable to make out anything inside, a feeling of disappointment following him during the day.

When he still doesn’t see any light in her flat at 10pm, returning from a bar, stars in the night sky as his only companions, the slightest of concern begins to birth in him.

He ignores it at first.

When he hasn’t heard her leave her flat for a week, he thinks it’s only normal for him to check on her.

It’s a sunny sunday, it’s 10am, and he’s in his “rest” clothes.

Gathering all of his bravery, he inhales deeply, naked feet playing with the parketting of bad taste, and he knocks on her door.

“Miss Swan ?” he calls her, his embarrassment palpable.

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