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I'm thinking a lot about Ancestor Night and if you're taking requests for that (I think I saw you reblog a post about it?) I have an early one for you. Dualscar kissing the Condesce's hand would be a really excellent thing (plus more art of either of them is always nice).

Inspired by @thorduna‘s “If this is hell”

He puts the finger into his mouth, and Loki flinches as Thor’s hot, soft lips close around the digit, his tongue wetly laving over the cut. It hurts.

“What are you doing?” he whispers.

Thor just keeps sucking lightly. He is staring Loki down with a hard expression, his blue eyes sparkling in the firelight. The flames dance in the reflection and Loki can’t look away.

Blue, red, blue.

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Hi I've been hearing about your Obnoxious Hero-kun comic. Sadly, I'm on tumblr mobile all the time so I can't find the first chapter >^< I'm so sorry if this bothers you but maybe you could give me a link? Or tell me where I can find it? You don't have to though >~< Sumimasen!! oAo

Hey you, no worries! Here’s a link to my comic and thanks for being interested ; 3 ;

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Hi I just wanted to aks if you knew any Suhoxyou ifc?



The First

Angel with a Shotgun

Game changer Ft. Kai

Butterfly flowers

One week affair

Chasing perfection

Study time killer

Wedding nights 35000 ft off the ground


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Marlene and Dorcas smut, for anon.

There were many things Dorcas could have expected. But falling in love with Marlene McKinnon was most certainly not part of them.

It wasn’t even like they were friends. Marlene hung out with the populars: The Marauders, and Lily Evans, her best friend. Dorcas hung out with Alice and Mary. They were sharing dorms of course, but they hardly ever spoke.

They weren’t even alike. Dorcas was shy. Marlene was the loud and funny girl. She had dark hair. Marlene had blonde, silky hair that glimmered in the sunlight. She was a virgin. Marlene shagged both boys and girls. They were like day and night : one quiet and mysterious, the other bright and radiant.

But day and night had to meet sooner or later.

Indeed, Dorcas found herself glancing at Marlene more often than she should.have. She started blushing everytime Marlene spoke to her, and a shiver always ran down her spine everytime she heard her deep, sassy voice, or everytime Marlene was a little too close to her.

There were eye contacts of course. Sometimes, long lasting eye contacts. Dorcas always watched how Marlene isolated herself to smoke, leaning against a tree under the sunlight and bringing the cigarette to the left corner of her lips, before blowing circles of thick smoke. Indeed, at a certain point, she would shift her lost gaze on Dorcas, and stare back at her. Sometimes, a ghost of a smile would cross her face.

Dorcas never expected that she would end up in the dormitories alone,with Marlene. She didn’t expect that she would point out that she is blushing either. But was she expected the less was Marlene pushing her against a wall and catpuring her lips.

Marlene McKinnon did push her against a wall, holding her wrists tightly in her hands,and kissed her fiercly. She forced her tongue in Dorcas’ mouth as if she knew the way, as if she had dreamed of it a thousand times. Brushing her chest against her prey’s, she let go of one wrist to run a finger down the brunette’s belly, until she reached her skirt. Dorcas moaned as Marlene’s hand drew closer to her clit, wetting her panties in anticipation. But Marlene merely smirked and slid her hand past the other girl’s wet spot to stroke the sensible skin of her inner thigh, before bringing it back up to her panties and brushing an innocent finger over the lacy piece of material. Dorcas moaned louder and gripped Marlene’s hair with her free hand as Marlene pulled her panties aside, exposing her clit to an intense torture as she kept brushing her finger over the pulsating spot. She released Dorcas’ other wrist and ran a hand under shirt to tease her nipple as she finally pushed a finger in. Dorcas panted and begged as the blonde girl bit and suck on her neck, still working on her nipple as she curled her finger inside her and brushed her palm against her clit.

Dorcas came hard around her finger, crying Marlene’s name loudly. When she finally caught her breath, Marlene released her and smirked.

“You’re not as innocent as I thought, Meadowes.” She said huskily, sucking on her finger. She moaned, feeling Dorcas’ taste.

“Your turn, McKinnon.” Dorcas answered hoarsly, her eyes sparkling with lust as she dragged her to her bed.

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Wasted times and broken dreams  
Violent colors so obscene
It’s all I see these days

New fanfiction!

Summary: After the death of her son, Isobel finds comfort in Richard and, as their relationship blossoms, Charles tries to take up his courage to sort things out with Elsie. 

Set after the third season Christmas Special. Charles/Elsie, Richard/Isobel.

Links: ff.net  || archiveofourown