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Hey Kel, is there any way you can do a tutorial on drawing in black and white then changing it to colour? I always see artists talk about doing that to preserve values but I don't understand how to transition from b&w to colour without just recolouring the whole picture. Thank you so much, you're always such a blessing ;w;

HI!! I don’t use that method to color, but it’s basically adding layers (with different coloring modes) on top of your b&w layer to get the final colored drawing. 

THIS IS A VERY QUICK EXAMPLE and you can definitely polish it further than what I did. At the end you can merge everything and paint over it to fix stuff/ brighten colors too. HERE are a couple of tutorials that explain it rly well I think: 1, 2, 3 !! This method is called glazing, so you could try googling that to find out more if you want!! 


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vmin and sope are my top ships and ive been craving for good fics to read~ i was wondering if you know some? (any kind or smut would be ok too)

I know a lot, VMin and YoonSeok are some of my favourite ships out there! Well, let’s see how many fics I can rec until I have to go ;;


tell me we’ll never get used to this by cumulus [rated E, 3k]

game face on by stoplight (orphan_account) [rated E, 8k]

kinky sex makes the world go ‘round by polymaknaes [rated E, 3.8k]

you are my sunshine (my only sunshine) by wowoashley [rated M, 7k]

tonight, we’ll defy the stars (hello my old heart) by fifty-one sunsets (idyleski) [rated G, 22k]

i’m a teepee, i’m a wigwam (calm down, man - you’re two tents) by bazooka [rated E, 9k]

‘til morning comes, let’s tessellate by maxx [rated E, 8k]

to be alone with you by knth [rated E, 10k]

you’re the best (i wanna know about your day) by kaythebest [rated T, 8k]

Of Copper and Tellurium(You’re CuTe) by Crystallurvesft [rated G, 2k]

never shoot to miss by umji [rated T, 14k]

it’s your heart i wanna live (& sleep) in by knth [rated T, 22k]

And then the rest in my small collection right here!


can you trust me? by tvxq [rated T, 3k]

father forgive me (for i have sinned) by sungmin (jeonggukkie) [rated E, 7k]

happy birthday, love of mine by jjks [rated E, 4k]

sometimes i think that i know by shikae (39smooth) [rated T, 1k]

I could breathe easier (once I brought you back in) by sonyeondanbiased (orphan_account) [rated T, 4k]

Home by almostblue (fictionalaspect) [rated E, 1k]

Fated to You (It’s Pretty Great) by infinitizeit [rated T, 2k]

dear me (from ten years ago) by shikae (39smooth) [rated G, 4k]

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi by shikae (39smooth) [rated E, 9k]

Calm by interrupted [rated G, 1k]

placeholder come and take mine by shikae (39smooth) [rated T, 2k]

Comatose by infinitizeit [rated G, 2k]

You Should Let Me Love You by infinitizeit [rated T, 7k]

And all this devotion (I never knew at all) by inkingbrushes [rated T, 8k]

drive to the stars by inkingbrushes [rated T, 13k]

Down For Your Rhythm by taethereal [rated E, 17k]

Okay I had time for more than I thought! Hope you enjoy all these and if you’re done and still want more check out the VMin, and Yoonseok tags but also send us some more asks!

-Admin Nana

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“Zhe Good Doctah Haz Got You”

(This took me, what? Three days? Maybe more? I don’t remember lol but I worked hard and I’m really proud! I hope you enjoy it too.)

**TRIGGER WARNING: talk of self-harm, suicide attempt mention**

It was around midnight when Marvin arrived at Schneeplestein’s bedroom door. He had been having nightmares lately, but this one was particularly bad. The shaken wizard stood, body still trembling as his hand hovered over the door. He wanted to knock so badly, but he couldn’t bring himself to. He just couldn’t. His heart raced and his breathing quickened, the fear of being a bother to his friend in the middle of the night getting the best of him. Slowly, Marvin drew his hand away from the door, and slumped down against the hallway wall, sitting on the floor, knees tucked close to his body. He silently pondered what to do, the sound of his still-hammering heart the only noise accompanying him in the dead of night.

Suddenly, the world around him faded to black, leaving Marvin in a seemingly endless expanse of darkness. He then stood, eyes darting around frantically, trying to make sense of where he was. The four-bedroom house he was familiar with was no longer there, but in its place a dark void, which lacked any form of escape. The wizard began to panic, heart rate picking up again.

“H-Hello…? Is a-anyone t-there?” Marvin called out into the nothingness, not exactly expecting an answer. His blood ran cold when a voice chuckled back.

“W-Who are you?” Marvin gulped, aware of the shakiness of his voice. “S-Show yourself!”

“Heh heh heh…how cute. The so-called “wizard” is trying to be brave.“ The voice spoke back. Marvin didn’t recognize the voice at all. He would have at least expected it to be Anti, if no one else, but…it wasn’t.

"Marvin the Magnificent, huh?” The voice continued. “Don’t know what makes you so "magnificent”, honestly. To tell you the truth, you look a lot more…pathetic, to me.“ Marvin felt a slight twinge of guilt at first, but it quickly turned to anger as he shouted back out into the void.

"I’m NOT pathetic! Who even ARE you?!”

“It doesn’t matter who I am,” the voice responded. “But if you’re THAT curious…” the owner of the voice stepped forward, walking out of the endless darkness and just into Marvin’s line of sight. The owner was a young faceless girl, with blonde pigtails, a blue tank top, and a yellow skirt. Marvin almost recognized her as a girl that he’s entertained at a birthday party once, except…well, she doesn’t have a face. Marvin gulped and stepped back.

“Afraid of a child? Hah!” The girl laughed, though her body didn’t move at all. With each passing second, Marvin became more and more unsettled. His heart nearly stopped when he heard the second voice.

“Y'know, eventually they’ll realize you’re nothing but a fake.” A boy the same height as the girl walked forward, wearing a blue tee-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He, too, was faceless. “You’re just another useless street magician. You’re nothing special. Stop trying to act like you’re "all that”.“

Marvin took another two steps back, beginning to feel nauseous. He took in what the boy said and rubbed his arm self-consciously. He didn’t really know what to say now.

"I-I…” he started, but immediately shut his mouth when he heard whispers in the background. They were faint, but coming closer, gradually growing louder. And soon, he could see them: a horde of faceless children walking out of the darkness, each one speaking it’s own insult. Marvin glanced around in every direction. The children were everywhere, surrounding him, and it seemed like there was a countless number of them. His eyes widened as he began to hear clearly what each child was actually saying.




“S-Stop…” Marvin whimpered quietly, his head lowered and eyes fixated on his feet as he tried not to cry.




“P-Please…please stop…” Marvin pleaded as the voices continued. They were loud now, bouncing around the environment. It was quickly becoming too much for him, and he sunk to his knees and covered his ears. The voices seemed as if they were in his head, and no matter what he did, Marvin couldn’t block them out. His heart was pounding in his chest, his breathing rapid, and he felt nauseous as the world spun, the countless mass of faceless children surrounding him, chanting their insults loudly.






“STOP! STOP IT, PLEASE!” Marvin cried out in agony, tears escaping through tightly shut eyes, streaming down his face, and hands tightly gripping his head as he was overwhelmed by the insults. The voices then stopped at the sound of Marvin’s shout, but something else took their place.

“You know, I’ll never understand why we decided to keep you around.” Marvin’s eyes slowly widened as he removed his head from his hands, looking up towards this new voice. This voice, however, was one he recognized.

“C-Chase…?” Marvin asked, reluctantly. Chase now stood before him, arms crossed. He stared Marvin down hard, almost as if he were disappointed with him.

“Yeah, I agree with him. You’re honestly nothing special. Your "powers” barely even work!“ Another figure now appeared in front of Marvin. Well, more like "hovered” in front of him.

“Jackieboy Man…? You too?” Marvin asked, heartbroken. Jackieboy Man just floated there, wearing the same disappointed expression as Chase.

“He’s right, you know. Neither of us understand vhy you are still here.” Dr. Schneeplestein walked out of the darkness now, arms folded similarly to the other two egos.

“Schneep, I…” Marvin began.

“Ah, ah, ah. Not anozher word. You are vasting my precious time, Marvin.”

Fresh tears stung the magicians eyes as he hung his head in shame. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Marvin was even more taken aback when he saw who it was.


“They never loved you, Marvin.” Jack informed, almost sounding sorry for him. Almost.


“You’re useless. They’d be better off without you. I’m sorry to say this, but it’s true.” Marvin gazed incredulously at Jack, and then back at his friends, his only family, who now all hated him. This realization hit Marvin suddenly, and again he lowered his gaze, beginning to cry.

“I-I’m sorry…I’m sorry I disappointed you guys…I’m so sorry…” Marvin mumbled out apology after apology, sobbing harder and harder between each one.


“I’m so sorry…” Marvin whimpered, not hearing the voice that began to speak to him.

“MARVIN!” The wizard jolted as he suddenly awoke, knees still tucked close to him as he sat in the hallway of his house. A dream. It was all a dream.

“Marvin…? Are you okay, buddy?” Schneeplestein was crouched in front of Marvin, an extremely concerned expression on his face.

If Marvin could sink any further back into the wall, he would.

A horrified look plastered Marvin’s face as he recalled the dream. What if they really felt that way about him?

“S-S-Schneep, I-I’m so s-sorry…I d-d-don’t mean to w-waste your time. I-” Marvin stuttered as be began to hyperventilate, terrified.

“Shhhh…relax, Marvin…” the doctor hushed the panicking magician, trying to get him to calm down. “Zhere’s no need to apologize. You’ve done nozhing wrong.”

A sob escaped Marvin’s mouth and Schneeplestein pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back, letting Marvin cry it out until he was calm enough to talk.

“Zhere, zhere, Marv. Zhe good doctah haz got you.” Schneep reassured him. “Vould you like to talk about it?” Marvin then pulled away, nodding as he wiped his eyes and nose on his shirt sleeves.

“Come,” the doctor then stood, holding his hand out to lift Marvin off the ground. The wizard grabbed Schneep’s hand and pulled himself up, then followed him into his bedroom.

“Sit.” Schneeplestein commanded, pointing to his bed. Marvin sat and watched as the doctor pulled up a chair from his desk and sat in front of him.

“H-How did you know I was out there…?” Marvin asked, sniffing and grabbing the tissue Schneeplestein handed to him, blowing his nose into it.

“I heard you crying out zhere. It vas a tiny noise, but I heard it and vent to check it out. You seemed to have been crying in your sleep.” Schneep responded.

“Ah.” Marvin slowly nodded.

“Before ve get started, I need to do a routine checkup.” The pajama-clad doctor informed Marvin. He reached for his stethoscope, which was sitting on his desk, and put on a pair of rubber gloves that came from a box that sat besides said stethoscope. “Can you remove your shirt, please?”

Marvin’s heart nearly stopped upon hearing those words.

“U-Uh…” the magician stammered.

“Is somezhing wrong?” Schneep asked.

“O-Oh, uh…n-no.”

“Good. Now, let’s get zhis over vith, so I can help you.” Schneep turned around to grab his clipboard and pen.

Marvin’s heart began to race, and he began to feel nauseous as he reluctantly removed his red, long-sleeved shirt. He pulled it over his head, and set it behind him, letting out a shaky breath. Schneep, having gathered his materials, then turned back around to face Marvin.

His eyes widened at what he saw.

Schneep was used to seeing burns and callouses on Marvin’s hands and wrists from practicing magic, and was also used to helping him treat them, but…this was something else. Something way different. Both his arms were laced with cuts, some old and some new, some covered with bandages and some left uncovered. Schneep knew immediately that this wasn’t the work of magic.

“Marvin…vhy didn’t you tell me?!” Schneep exclaimed, worry lining his voice. “I could have helped you! WE could have helped you!”

Marvin swallowed, feeling a lump growing in his throat. He was trying so hard to bite back the tears.

“I-I’m…I’m sorry, I just…I didn’t wanna bother you…” Marvin’s gaze was focused on the ground, unable to look the doctor in the eye. “It’s my problem…I didn’t wanna put that burden on you…”

“Nonsense.” Schneeplestein quickly replied. “Doctors are meant to help you. And if I’m not a doctor, vell, zhen my name isn’t Henrik von Schneeplestein. Vhatever you need, Marvin, you come to me. I’m not just here to heal your physical wounds, but…” Schneep pointed to his head with a smile. “…also zhe ones up here, as vell.”

Marvin sniffed, wiping his eyes. “O-Okay…”

Schneep sighed. “Now, let’s get zhis over vith.” And with that, they got through the normal checkup routine. Once that was done, and Marvin was once again clothed, they could finally get into what was bothering the troubled magician.

“Okay, now zhat zhat’s out of the vay, we can FINALLY get into it.” Schneep said, sounding relieved to start helping his friend with what was bothering him. Marvin just nodded, wondering where he should begin.

“So, Marvin…” Schneep began. “Vhat is it exactly zhat is troubling you?”

Marvin sighed. “Well…as you may have guessed after spotting me crying in my sleep, I’ve been having really bad nightmares lately. I’m not sure if they’re magic-related or not, but they’ve been going on for a few months now, and…” he paused, wondering how he should go about explaining the nightmares. “Uh…I’m not sure how to explain this.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“Zhat’s okay, Marvin. Take your time. I’m here to listen.” Schneeplestein reassured. Marvin nodded.

“Well…” he continued. “The dreams, they’re…well, they’re not all the same, but they have the same theme. Like, for example, the dream I had tonight…” Marvin then went on to explain in detail what happened in his nightmare. Halfway through, he had to pause because he started to cry, and Schneep gave him another hug while he calmed down. Throughout the entire time, though, the doctor listened patiently, writing down key points. Not only did he want Marvin to get better, but wanted to make sure Marvin was safe, before he goes too far and attempts to do what Chase tried in the past.

When Marvin had finished getting his thoughts out, Schneeplestein reviewed the notes he took. Going over them, he had an “aha!” moment. He just might have pieced it all together.

“I zhink I know vhat’s bothering you deep down, Marvin.” the doctor announced.

“Does it sound magic-related?” Marvin asked. “Because I easily could have cursed myself on accident…”

“No, no, no. None of zhose zhings. We both already know zhat you’re afraid of disappointing us, and letting everybody down. But zhe issue is that you’re not dealing vith it, just suppressing it. So, ve’re going to come together and help you.”

“‘We’re’? You mean all of you guys?” Marvin asked, sounding a tad bit worried

“Yes. You need to confront your fears of failure by addressing it directly. Don’t vorry, though, it vill be fine. Chase vent through a similar process, back when…” he paused, remembering the incident. Recollecting his thoughts, he cleared his throat and continued “Vell, you know.”

“I understand.” Marvin nodded.

“Also! You vill be meeting vith me once a veek to work on coping methods for your negative thoughts, as vell as to keep track of your nightmares. Sound good?”

“Yeah, thank you. Really, for all of this.” Marvin said, sounding grateful. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to you sooner. I really wanted to, but…I was just so afraid. I thought I could just deal with it on my own, or at least make a potion or find a spell that would help, but that didn’t work out.”

“It’s okay, Marvin, really. Just remember, vhen you have a problem, I’m vere for you. Don’t take it out on yourself, okay?”

“Okay…I’ll make sure to come to you from now on.” Marvin responded. Schneep then stood, and pulled Marvin into a tight hug. When they separated, they both glanced at Schneep’s alarm clock. 3:00 AM.

“Do you zhink you’ll be able to go back to sleep?” Schneep asked, turning back to Marvin.

“Probably not.” Marvin shrugged. “But I’ll try to figure something out.”

“Do you vant to stay vith me tonight? I…honestly don’t feel safe just leaving you on your own, not right now. You understand, don’t you?” Schneep rubbed the back of his neck. He knew that Marvin would probably be fine but, after what happened with Chase…he was too scared to almost lose another friend, no matter how small the chance of that happening would be. And, if Marvin had another nightmare, a worse one, Schneep wanted to be there for him instead of leaving Marvin to his own devices.

“I understand, Schneep.” Marvin smiled. “I’ll stay with you tonight, if it makes you happy.”

“Zhank you, Marvin.” And with that, the both of them got into bed, with Marvin laying closest to the wall the bed was up against. While Schneep was able to fall asleep quickly, it took Marvin some time before he could fall asleep, as well. He felt comfortable with someone else with him, but he was still worried he’d have another nightmare. After about a half hour, he finally pushed his worry to the back of his mind, and fell into a dreamless slumber.

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 2

Translation of the audio commentary of the BD/DVD vol.2! By Mitsurou Kubo and Kouki Uchiyama, voice actor of Yuri Plisetsky. Unlike the commentary of vol.1, that contained lots of things already appeared in countless interviews, this one has some VERY interesting information that I’m sure everyone wants to know. For example, we finally get to know more about Yurio’s family… There really is a lot of stuff regarding Yurio!

The commentary is only for episode 3. Episode 4 has no commentary. In a way it’s still not a full translation because I didn’t really translate every single line, but I think I translated/summarized basically everything they talked about. Therefore, it’s also really long… As in vol.1, since the format is different from normal interview translations, you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

Since it’s long you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

I saw you post about romantic headcanons for the main 5 tfp cons and it was really good. I was wondering if you could do romantic headcanons for tfp Shockwave, Dreadwing and Predaking pls?

Yeeeay, I’m still alive (you see what i did here lol). And ready to write hc’s!

Yoo, love, sorry that it took so long to do! I just needed to rewatch frickin TFP to remember tha boyz, because Wiki didn’t help me even the slightest, ugh.Somehow this turned out as bot s/o, so, sorryyyy~ But still hope you’ll like it!

Shockwave TFP 

Warnings: not emotionless Shockwave, somehow even kind Shockwave.

  • What is love. (baby don’t hurt me)
  • This is illogical.
  • And absolutely useless.
  • Then why his processor filled with useless thoughts about certain someone. 
  • Oh, he hates it since the beginning. Or, more like, despises. This “feelings” is pointless and unnecessary. Then why..?  Why can’t he NOT think about them? Why can’t he NOT want to talk to them, to interact with them? Why does he feel almost lonely? Why does he feel?
  • He rarely talks to s/o. He just… can’t.This is wrong. He has so much work to do. He doesn’t need distractions.
  • Oh, bby, this is a slow burn. SLOW. BURN. I MEAN IT.
  • But it is a burn. Slow. But burn. This flame inside him burns, even if he tries to either ignore it or extinguish it. It will burn even if it’s cold and small. 
  • But enough about metaphores, let’s get to real talk. Shockwave is not the most affectionate nor the most sensitive. He ignores s/o as much as he can, but then… Then s/o doesn’t give up. And he doesn’t know what to do. He tried to stop all of this nonsense.
  • One day, s/o doesn’t show up in his lab. And the next day. And this is a whole new level, because Shockwave suddenly feels anxious. Where are they? He is the same on the outside, as cliche as it sounds, but on the inside, he is scared and nervous. 
  • He just can’t concentrate and it’s annoying. And now there is too many feelings to just pretend that they don’t exist or to analyze them by himself. 
  • And he is angry and he is scared and he is confused and just doesn’t know what to do. And then he suddenly finds the answer. 
  • This is went too far. He can’t work and this is not right. Without s/o he can’t work. And work is the most important thing to him, work and science. And if he can’t work without you, then he will request for your presence in the lab. Just so he can work properly. And if you want to know how he will do this: he will go to s/o, look at them with his usual coldness and say “Your presence in the laboratory is highly required”. And then he’ll just leave. 
  • And s/o is so confused, because he never talks to them, and, come on, they thought that he hates them for their chatter. But it seems like he needs them? Unbelievable. But delightful, nonetheless. 
  • So, s/o smiles and from now on visit lab every day. Shockwave is pleased. He can work now, and talkativeness of s/o doesn’t disturb him. It’s rather refreshing, to have someone to listen to by his side, who is pleasantly intelligent. 
  • And then something incredible happens. Shockwave answers them. Shockwave starts talking back. And now, now there is so much to talk to. Even if his answers is short and very sustained (i dunno if this is the right word???) this is still actual conversation between the two. This is a progress. 
  • He will never directly show his affection or talk about it, never ever. But I mean it, when I say that he won’t show it directly. But small things, oh, small things. Small comments about your well-being, something about irrationality of late recharging or usefullness of regular medical appointments after battles… Something like this. And he looks at s/o more often. There is no emotions in his optic, but s/o are so used to him, they simply feel his mood. 
  • Like this one time when s/o got really hurt and didn’t go to medics, trying to deal with injury by themselves? He found them and at the sight of energon, oh Primus, in this cold optic s/o could feel his fury. And he truly was furios, because he didn’t tell them anything, but grabbed them by the hand and basically dragged them to med bay. His grip could leave a few dents for sure. S/o felt so guilty for some reason, because they could feel how his hand was trembling and how sharply his vents sucked on air. He was… he was clearly mad and… worried. They almost teared up at the thought. They should’ve been confused, because this is Shockwave and he can’t be worried, they just imagining things. But when after medical treatment he kneeled before them, and this was so surreal, but his optic was off and he looked so… broken. Shockwave. Shockwave without a face, without feelings, Shockwave, who thought that worry was illogical, THE SHOCKWAVE looked incredibly scared and worried, and now relieved. Tears almost fell from s/o’s optics at the sight. Almost, because after a few minutes he stood tall as always and it was as nothing happened. He left without a word and was silent for a next few days, light of his optics dim.
  • And the culmination of this slowest burn ever. The moment of truth. Confession time.
  • So, this was a normal day. Shockwave worked all day, then s/o came by after their work, and they talked for a few hours. Then silence fell, but very comfortable silence. S/o sighed and smiled a little. “You know, Shockwave. I really like coming here. And talking to you.” He silently nods, to show them that he is listening. “And I think I like you as well. Even if it feels like you are cold and even if you are not showing emotions. Even if others thinks that you are intimidating or even sparkless… You care about others. You work not only for the sake of science, but you work to help. You create powerful and scary, but oh so incredible things.” He didn’t respond. Actually, he is frozen, he is silent and frozen, but s/o didn’t notice and kept talking. “You are… You are incredible, you know. I do most of the talking, but, somehow, you are still more sensitive and more compassionate than me, even if you never admit it. I don’t know how this is possible, but… I hope I didn’t just imagine this… you are different with me. And I love it and, actually, every other thing about you. I think I love you.
  • He is still silent and s/o freaks out, because they don’t know why they told him all of this now, and they just try to laugh it off “Oh my, look at my ramblings, this is so… how do you say it? …illogical.”
  • They can’t see his face — or optic, or whatever — and they’re rambling again, and he listens, and he is motionless and it’s almost like his system crashed. Honestly? He feels like this is what happened — his system crashed, and he is overflowed with so many emotions at once, this is even more than before! What should he do??? 
  • “It is illogical…” Oh, s/o’s spark almost breaks when they hear this words. But then they looks at him and now he is a trembling mess and it’s scary, because, what the hell??? “…but I think…” THINK? Since when Shockwave is so unsure about something? His statements always clear and straightforward, and now?! “…that I feel…” no comments “…the same”.
  • For a moment, s/o is confused and shocked, but then they SMILE SO WIDE AND LAUGH. AND OH BOY, IS SHOCKWAVE FLUSTERED???OH PRIMUS.
  • He looks at his s/o, meets their happy gaze and. And Primus save him, his spark went BOOM, because he realizes that he is sooo HELPLESS(YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE, HUH)
  • What the hell now I love him too much, what the actual eff…

Dreadwing TFP

Warnings: SO. MUCH. OOC. I THINK.

  • oK, TOO MANY EMOTIONS. Because, you know, I’m a sucker for Cybertronian twins, I mean, I read all of smstransformers’s hc’s about this (ok maybe not all of them, but). And Dreadwing and Skyquake is canonically a split-sparks, and OUCH.
  • It’s not that slow, but still slow burn. But, you know, this is a pleasantly slow burn. It’s not like Dreadwing ignores his feelings, or despises them, or denies them. No, he just doesn’t rush things. He is very careful and, suddenly, so, so gentle. He is no hurry to love. But if he loves, trust me, he loves to the Cybertron and back. But, um, this won’t work with romantical love. Just continue to read, you’ll understand.
  • This love will start super-cliche. Maybe he and his s/o will bump into each other in the corridors, and s/o is apologising, and he just looks at them and calmly replies that this is his fault (even if it really isn’t). If they fell, he helps them. S/o is surprised by his calm and gentle actions, because, let’s be honest he does look like a guy who will yell at someone just for minor mistake.
  • If someone’s asking you who is real gentlemech - he is. Dreadwing is. Because he is talking very politely every time. If he sees that s/o is upset, he will ask them what’s wrong, but will not push if they won’t talk. 
  • With him silence is never awkward. His presence is always soothing. And conversations very calm and smooth too. 
  • He is such a great listener. And he cares about his s/o, this is obvious, because he always sure to check on them after every battle or something. 
  • Then, he starts walk with his s/o after work. When he can - and he somehow alawys can - he will walk them to their hab-suite. Then he will meet them at morning and walk them to their workplace. S/o will became so used to this, they’ll meet him with small smile every time.
  • Talking about everything. And ok, I’ll repeat myself, HE IS SO PLEASANT TO TALK TO. I MEAN. IT’S COOL. HE IS COOL. He cares about your opinion, he is very patient and even if there is a discussion, it’s never heated. It can be passionate, but he’s lisnetitng to s/o’s opinion, and all of disagreements never leads to a fight or something like this. If something happens, he just nods and tells you something among the lines “I understand, but can’t agree. What about another theme for this conversation?”. SO RESPECTFUL. GOOD MAN.
  • Somehow end up being protective. But still calm (fight me). If this is someone, who gives s/o a hard time, he will be behind their back. Silent. I mean, he is pretty intimidating, so all he needs to do is glare and the one who gives s/o hard time will dissapear. Will shrug it off when s/o thank him - this is what a rightful mech should do.
  • One day, everything changed. They were walking to s/o’s hab-suite, talking, everything the same. Usually he holds his hands behind his back, but not this time. And s/o builds up courage to take his hand, to show him their affection.
  • Everything goes wrong. He notices and stops so suddenly, and he jerked his hand back as if this touch burned him. S/o is confused and hurt. And his faceplate hold something unreadable. There is pain, there is fear, there is sadness and anger and something more. He leaves withouth another word.
  • He won’t talk to them after this. It hurts, it really hurts. Why does this happened? What went wrong? 
  • He is so distant and he… He avoids them. Thay are too scared and confused to ask him, because now everytime he sees them his faceplate shows real pain. 
  • Let’s look at this from his point of view, shall we? He doesn’t know about his feelings, actually. I mean, he knew that he cares about s/o, he knew that he grew fond of them, but this day he suddenly realized how hard he fell. And this wasn’t supposed to happen. This was never supposed to happen. He was never supposed to fell for you, he never supposed to love you so much. Because he lost his brother. His twin. Half of his spark. He is broken now. His main purpose is to avenge Skyquake. He can’t fell in love now, he can’t do this to himself, and more important, he can’t do this to s/o. In the end, he panics. Panics and that’s why he shuts himself out. He can see how much it hurts you, but he feels like he must hurt you so you will hate him and forget about him. Even if he’ll hate himself for it, he will do this. For your sake. Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, to him - it does. 
  • Actually, the main reason why he do this… he knows that now, when his brother is dead, he won’t live long either. He just knows. He can’t let you love him just to lose him. Just to suffer. He knows how this fells. 
  • He is also afraid to love someone now. What if he won’t die, what if he is mistaken. But you two are still in the middle of the war. It feels like now war is easier now, quieter, but he knows that it is not. It’s still war. And you can die. And he can’t lose someone again. He won’t lose someone dear to his spark ever again.
  • Long time without speaking to each other. Long time avoiding each other. Tension grows.
  • This will happen somewhere on the ship, somewhere quiet, at night. They will suddenly meet in the small hall with big glass wall, where you can see starry sky. This time, they are suddenly freezes, looking at each other. Tension grows...
  • He is starting to turn around to go back, but s/o rushes to him and grabs him by the hand. The two are frozen once again. He turns his head, looking at s/o stunned. S/o is trying to say something, but it’s been so long since they were even this close… Tears fell accidentally. And more. And s/o is crying.
  • Dreadwing can’t. He can’t just stand here and watch s/o cry. He gritted his dents and offlined his optics for a moment. And then he took their face in his hands and wiped their tears. He hates himself for being weak. He shouldn’t. But he can’t stand seeing their tears.
  • And then they starts rambling about all of this. They thinks that this is their fault. And Dreadwing listens in horror. They shouldn’t think that this is their fault! They should hate him! Not themselves! 
  • EFFF ME, I’M A WALKING CLICHE, but he silence them with a kiss. Slow and extremely gentle, but not romantic and not heated or passionate, but full of sadness and pain. S/o is trembling, but now they’re clung to him for dear life, like he’ll dissapear if they let him go. And, honestly, he feels the same. They won’t let go. They won’t know how long they will stay there, not caring about any cameras that Soundwave may have even there. They should’ve done this before. Not loving each other was too painful, even with all of the possible endings of this relationship. 
  • After that, they are silent and always seems so sad, but they are unseparatable now. No one can separate them. Even Megatron. Somehow, for now, leader of Decepticons seem to tolerate this. Dreadwing isn’t causing him too much problems with this, so.
  • They know that his may end any time now. And that’s why now they won’t ignore each other. They won’t ignore this feelings. If they’re destined to burn - they will burn together.
  • You know how this will end. You know. If you want - you can imagine happy ending. Everything will be alright, war will be over, and they will live. They will start all over again, together. Now stop here. 
  • Because you know how this story ends. He will die. Because of Megatron. And they will either live with this pain or end things too. And, honestly, I think it’ll be the latter. They will probably seek revenge. And they will die. Just like Dreadwing. They both will die because they needed to avenge the ones they loved. 
  • But who knows, on the other side… they can meet again.

Predaking TFP

  • OH HELL YES. If you want to know how it would feel to be treated like a royalty - you need Predaking.
  • Calls s/o My Lady/My Lord/how to make this neutral from the very first meeting.
  • You can fight me, but dis boy is naive af. S/o should very carefully talk to him, because sometimes he understands some things too literally…
  • He is curious about everything. What the eff, Predaking, you are supposed to be intimidating and scary, stop being cute and ask so many questions. Ok, don’t stop.
  • P R O T E C T I V E. I MEAN IT. Growls at anyone who dares to mess with his s/o. Later, he growls at anyone who comes near them. And don’t even ask me what will happen if someone hurt them or if they get hurt. He will be furious
  • At first, he is not very gentle. Not because he wants to hurt them, just because he shows affection with touches and often misunderstands the amount of strength he puts in touches. But once there is a dent on s/o’s arm or shoulder, he immediately regrets not thinking about this, apologies and learns how to be more careful. Gentlest mech alive from now on.
  • S/o’s presence makes him more determined and confident. Even if he doesn’t show it, he is actually has a lot of doubts about everything that happening to him. His s/o helping him with this. He feels like he must be the King he is for them, because they are his lady/lord/stilldunno.
  • If s/o can work with a huge dragon around them and let’s be honest, even if they can’t he will wrap himself around them and sleep for a few hours. He is tired boy, actually, even if it doesn’t seems like he is.
  • The next step in nicknames is Princess/Prince/STILLDUNNO.
  • NUZZLES. He is a predacon after all, so his behavior is animalistic. That’s why there is not a lot of kisses or hands holding, but there is a lot - A LOT - of nuzzles. Mostly he nuzzle his face in their neck of shoulder.
  • PDA? Who cares? I mean, he is a KING. If someone have problems with him showing affection, say it in his face. Just know that this won’t end well.
  • I think that since he is old, he will know that he should call all of this courting. But since he is also in a new world, he is resurrected, that means that he is a little bit awkward with this. I mean, he tries to do it properly, but some of the rules are so strict, and won’t let him show enough affection, so… He is a little bit awkward, yep.
  • I mean, teach him how to bring gifts, because. They’re not even official yet, and he is already bring them something super fancy.I mean it. I don’t know where he finds all of this stuff that he brings his s/o, but there is too many gifts. Stop him, please, gently and soft, but stop. He needs to slow down.
  • One of things that he do despite all of rules of classical courting - TEASES. Honestly, he is such a tease, because he adores his s/o face when they are flustered. And he is extremely happy if they can be playful with him just like he is with them. 
  • They became official before s/o could say anything. Not that they mind. Especially now, when Predaking calls them My Queen/King.
  • Takes his s/o on a flights. 
  • I can’t think about something sad with him, because. This is Predaking. There won’t be anything sad, because he will destroy anyone who dares to harm their relationship. And he is effing strong, so.
  • Ok, there are few problems - he is stubborn to no end and he is very possesive, which means that he will easily get jealous. Just. This may be irritating, but s/o must try to be patient and explain him if they are uncomfortable, because. This is a part of his nature.
  • Love confession will be random. When he nuzzles in dragon form, sometimes he nuzzles somewhere in the belly zone, and it tickles, and he is purring, and s/o laughs and “Oh Primus, I love you too, but stop!” is purely accidental. He actually stops and s/o gets scared, because maybe this is not what this means, maybe they messed everything up. But Predaking transforms and he is SMILING. And this is important, because real smiles - the one that he doesn’t hide - is rare. And he is smiling, then gets on one knee, take their hands… And now s/o understands what’s happening and BLUSHING. And he chuckles and kisses both of their hands. “My Queen/King, you are truly the love of my life as well.”
  • Oh, fight me, I can’t write something dramatical enough for him.


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Honestly kind of mad at chertiz for what they did to saeran in the end

*Spoilers for the V route*

You know, i never even imagined that. ever. maybe in a bad end yes, but a good one ¿? aahh, but it was the V route  and he was one of the antagonist ¿? so…

i just wish saeyoung could have saved him. like…DOES HE EVEN KNOW HIS BROTHER DIED???????? i dont know if you remember but during the route he says he doesnt drink or smoke and then at the party he’s like save me a portion of the drink and i was like WAIT. DOES HE KNOW? WHY IS HE DRINKING NOW? so yeah.

I still have hope we’ll get a route for him, maybe that’s why they are making us suffer lol. This is like secret ending one all over for me :(

thank you.

so today i reached 1k followers. that’s absolutely insane. when i started this account like, half a year ago, i seriously never thought i’d get so many followers. but apparently i did, and here i am, trying to come up with a cheesy thank you post.

no but really guys, thank you so much. thank you for one day deciding to follow me and thank you for liking my content enough to stick around. i am so fucking grateful for all of you!

i’m now gonna mention some very special people and it’s probably gonna get cheesy so be warned

@wilford-jpg: where do i fucking start oh my god. things have gone so fucking fast for us and soon we’ll be seeing mark together and that’s insane. i’m like still processing it, lmao. i’m so glad we started talking and, let me tell you this, you’re one of the three people i’m comfortable enough around to send my ugly snapchat selfies to. i hope that says enough lol 😂♥

@mint-bees: i followed you for your amazing art and i got so much more. we might not speak much but i enjoy seeing you around on my dash!! and i still haven’t watched a new kids movie, by the way. i should probably do that soon, lol 😂

@fluffy-jack: and again, i wouldn’t know where to start. rey, you’re such an amazing person and please know and always remember that i love you and i’m so happy we’re mutuals and friends ♥♥

also a huge thank you to the people i’m about to mention. i see you guys in my notifications the most out of all my followers and i love you guys to bits!! @ghostlyemmy @mustachiomadness @belgianeyes @thehelpfulvillager @snarkyowl @bleeding-salamander @glitch-bitch-mcgee @thatonereallycrazyfangirl @izninidzen @wholesome-pasta @alex-second-best @cosmogyralcollective

and here’s some other really cool people that i love with all my heart and you guys should definitely go check them out!!!

@markired @egogrumps @lum1natrix @cinnamon-grump @artist-in-space @martziplier98 @intplier @quinn-and-kin @wilfiplier @wiishuswarriors

i’m gonna say it one more time: thank you guys so much. i love you ♥

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Loved drunk Emily!!! Could you write a follow-up where they have morning sex???

A lot of people have asked for a part 2 so here we are!! This can be read as a stand alone also but part 1 can be found here. I didn’t know how graphic u wanted this so it’s still implied rather than described but if u want a proper smut scene just let me know lol xx hope you enjoy!! 

The whole room was spinning. As she pried open her eyes Emily found it hard to remember where she even was, and what it felt like for her head not to be banging.

“Good morning!” She heard Ali call, but couldn’t place where it was coming from, and cringed as the sound infiltrated her head even more. “oops, sorry was that too loud?” Ali teased as she came up next to Emily with a cold flannel and a cup of coffee.

“Please stop talking” Emily whispered as she threw the duvet back over herself, covering her whole head to block out any noise.

“No no no” Ali reprimanded her, tearing back the cover “you need to get up, babe, we’ve got a doctors appointment in a few hours” Emily sighed, keeping her eyes tightly shut. Ali chuckled, pressing the cold compress to her forehead, making her twitch a little at the contact.

“Can I have just one more hour” She pleaded, her eyes finally opening as she took the coffee that Ali had placed on the side. She took a sip, grimacing at the bitter taste, and left it neglected on the table. Ali smirked, bending down to kiss her lightly on the nose.

“You were a mess last night” she reminded her, humour sparkling in her eyes. Emily chuckled, forcing herself  to sit up straight so that she could silence Ali with a deep kiss, passion suddenly infusing within her. “what are you doing?” Ali asked as she pulled away. Emily frowned, unsure of the look of confusion that had suddenly crossed the blondes face.

“I’m sorry am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend in the morning?” Ali tilted her head with a smirk, pushing her back down onto the bed.

“No” she said bluntly “we talked about this last night. No sex for a week” She took a sip of her tea as Emily felt her heart sink to her feet, her mouth dropping open as she flew back up to stare at Alison, for that moment forgetting all about her insufferable headache.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Ali giggled, throwing her head back at the look of horror that clouded Emily’s face.

“No sex for a week. Your punishment for telling the girls about every detail of our sex life you could think of” She shrugged, wrapping her dressing gown tighter around herself as if to prove a point.

“I was intoxicated!” Emily argued, scrambling out of the duvet to move herself closer to Ali, reaching out her hand to gently touch her cheek, which Ali promptly swatted away, the smirk not leaving her face. When she realised Ali did actually mean what she was saying, she chuckled, clambering out of bed. “there’s no way you’re going to last a week” She challenged, raising an eyebrow “you can barely make it through a girls night without dragging me into the nearest bathroom stall” Ali scoffed.
“Oh, please. Must I remind you of the time we were out for dinner with Hanna and Caleb and they asked us to leave the restaurant because your foot was so far up my leg that the waiter could practically see-” Emily shook her head, unable to wipe the smile off her face at the memory. Ali stood up, walking closer to her and untying her dressing gown so that she stood in nothing but a pair of black lacy underwear. She leaned closer, so that her breath tickled Emily’s neck. It took every ounce of strength Emily had to keep her eyes straight ahead of her and her hands stuck to her side.

“You are unbelievable” Emily whispered through her clenched jaw.
“I know” Ali said with a grin. Emily gulped, finding it increasingly more difficult to keep her eyes glued to Alison’s, the tension that floated between the pair of them becoming increasingly tangible.

“I know you wanna kiss me” Emily breathed back, as Ali arched her eyebrow disbelievingly. She shook her head, turning away from Emily and walking towards the door.

“Don’t you need your beauty sleep, sweetie?” She said playfully, her hair like a dazzling stream of gold stretching down her back.

“Suddenly I’m not so tired” Emily mumbled back, tilting her head so that her eyes could wander over Alison’s radiant form. Ali shook her head with a soft laugh as she moved out of the room, humming some unrecognisable tune as she wandered down the hallway, still practically bare. Emily bit her lip, debating whether to run after her until she could no longer say no, or call her bluff and act completely indifferent. She decided a mixture of the two would be the best way forward. She grabbed the vapo rub from the medicine cabinet with a new found need to win pumping through her, before tucking herself under the duvet once again. She nestled down into the bed, calling Ali back into the room.

“Em, I said no” She said as she entered, her smug expression suddenly faltering as she sees the apparent weakened state Emily had found herself in. Her eyes flickered to the rub in her hand and she rolled her eyes.
“You complete amateur” she teased as she strutted over, taking the small pot from her and sitting gracefully on the edge of the bed “that’s the oldest trick in the book” Emily shrugged.
“I really don’t feel so good” She reiterated, elements of the previous night suddenly flashing back to her.

“Maybe drinking your own body weight in tequila and whiskey wasn’t the best idea then” Ali pointed out “lift” she said, motioning to Emilys strappy black top.
“You don’t wanna do that bit for me?” She asked with a pout. Ali rolled her eyes again.

“I’d love to but it’s not nice to take advantage of sick people” she reasoned as Emily lifted up her shirt. Alison gulped as she basked in the gracefulness of Emily’s actions, steadying her breath as she did her best to resist temptation. A glint appeared in the browns of Emily’s eye, and she couldn’t help but smirk as she looked at the overwhelmingly seductive smile that plastered her face. From the pot she smeared the thick liquid over her fingers, and Emily shivered as her soft, warming skin made contact with her chest.

“You know this isn’t going to do anything for your headache, right?” Ali informed her with a grin “it’s just for your chest” Emily nodded.

“Turns out I have a sore throat from all that singing” She told her, her eyes closing as she enjoyed the feel of Ali’s gentle touch on her.

“I recall some screaming at one point” Ali muttered, and Emily refused to reply as her cheeks reddened. For a while they sat in silence as Ali kept tracing her fingers across Emily’s chest, her touch hardening as she wanted to release some of the tension that had clearly been working up for a while now.

“You didn’t tell me you were this stressed, baby” Ali whispered, her tone instantly jumping from teasing to concern “I don’t like it” Emily rolled her eyes, her arm resting above her head.
“I didn’t know I was” she admitted. “whatever you’re doing it feels great” she tried to change the subject “but I guess I already knew how good you are with your fingers” Ali smiled again, looking up through her eyelashes at Em who, she found out, had not stopped staring at her the whole time.

“Just try and get some rest, Em, you need it. It’s our first scan today” Emily sighed heavily.

“I’m resting right now” she pointed out “but I know something that will make me even more relaxed” she proposed with a shrug. Ali sighed, the movement of her hands ceasing as she leaned up to softly touch their lips together.

“You are hungover and horny” She whispered.

“I know. Isn’t it the best combination?” Emily locked their lips together again and this time let her hands wander further down her girlfriends chest, her heart speeding up when she didn’t push them away. “I’ll do the dishes for a month” she tried to bargain with her, causing Alison to squint reluctantly.

“Like I’d let you anywhere near the dishes” She counteracted. Emily sighed, shrugging because she knew Ali had a point.

“I am really sorry” she mumbled into her ear “I shouldn’t have told them all that stuff”  Ali sighed appreciatively.

“I don’t really mind” she clarified “if they know about stuff. God knows we hear everything about them.” Emily frowned.

“So- why were you angry?” She pondered, worried that she had done something else to piss of her girlfriend.

“I wasn’t angry” Ali promised “I just love being the only person who gets to know that side of you” She looked down, embarrassed at her words. “to the rest of the world you’re sweet and innocent Emily Fields. But to me you’re, you know,  Em” Her voice hitched at the last word, catching in her throat. Emily grinned.

“You are so cute” Emily told her, pressing her lips to her jaw. Her head rolled back on her neck as she let her girlfriend pepper her with kisses, biting at her skin as she found it harder to keep her breathes even. Abruptly, Emily climbed on top of her, pushing her back down onto the bed.  

“Come on” she said huskily “lets give them something even better to hear about” Alison smirked as Emily pressed down onto her, laughing to herself  that she thought for even a second that she could go more than a day without this.

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Heyyy, so i wanna stan winner/ikon where do you suggest i start? Cause like theres so many stuff... also what song do you recommend? Hope you dont mind answering. Tq!


i’m so happy you will never regret stanning them i promise!

*first of all you need to know that winner and ikon are like a family they loved and supported each other since day 1 (never listen to the winkon antis)

**and please don’t stan Taehyun it will only hurt you

WIN: Who Is Next (2013) (warning: intense show! you will probably cry on every episode) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)

WINNER TV (2013-2014) (best show 11/10 would recommend URIGA WIIIINER don’t stan Taehyun i said!!!) here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


The Debut Album: 2014 S/S

first watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level *cough*

Here (x) is the playlist of all their debut album’s teasers,,, truly iconic

The MVS: Empty (x) Color Ring (x) Mino’s Solo I’m Him (x) + a link where you can listen to the whole album (x)

And watch their live performances because they’re amazing!  they became the fastest male group to win on a music show by taking first place on M! Countdown during their debut stage (MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

In 2015 they didn’t have a comeback unfortunately but Mino was pretty active because he went to Show Me The Money 4 and he released songs like Okey Dokey featuring Zico (x) and Fear featuring Taeyang (x) (read the lyrics) (Fear  became the show’s most downloaded single with over one million digital sales,,, legends only)

The Comeback: The EXIT MOVEMENT

in 2015 it was announced that the group would be returning from hiatus in 2016, with a ‘comeback series’ with at least 4 project releases: EXIT:E EXIT:X EXIT:I EXIT:T (i don’t want to remember this lie, i cry every night)

watch the teasers because *cough* winner’s teasers are on whole other level, nothing will top winner’s teasers *cough*

WINNER - 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’ TEASER FILM (x) (the most iconic teaser i’ve seen in my whole life i remembered i cried like a bitch that day)

Individual teasers: Mino (x) Taehyun (x) Seunghoon (x) Seungyoon (x) Jinwoo (x) (These teasers are the definiton of art)

The Covers: a number of musical covers of their title tracks were released as promotional teasers featuring Lee hi (x) Taeyang (x) Zion.T (x) Dean (x) AKMU (x) Katie Kim (x) GD (x) EPIK HIGH (x) (truly legendary when will anyone ever)

The MVS: BABY BABY (x) Sentimental (x) Taehyun’s solo I’m Young (x) You can also listen to the whole album here (x

(BEST COMEBACK OF 2016??? but ofc ppl kind of let them flop because ppl don’t appreciate talent smh,,,) a lot of shit happened after that i don’t want to remember it lol, there was no EXIT:E, no comeback, nothing

Taehyun l*ft the group and i still cry about it every night i hope i choke :)

Show Me The Money 3: (2014)

Bobby and B.I competed in the third season of SMTM, B.I was eliminated in the seventh episode while Bobby became the season’s winner (king of rap) listen to their tracks pls: Be I (x) / Go (x) YGGR (x) (warning: you will dab so much that you will break your neck) L4L (x) Bounce (x

MIX AND MATCH (2014) (warning: you will also cry a lot)

here is the link to the first episode (x) you will find the other episodes on the same channel (with eng subs)


(ikon don’t have mv teasers the fuck,,, I still don’t get it either)

My Type (x) Airplane (x) Rhythm Ta (x) Anthem (x) Apology (x) Dumb&Dumber (x) What’s Wrong? (x) #WYD (x) // you can listen to the whole album here (x)

(They slayed the charts with their songs MONSTER ROOKIES INDEED)

Watch their mv makings they are really funny and watch their live performances because their stage presence is no joke!


A hip-hop sub-unit consisting of Mino and Bobby

Bobby released his solo song (FINALLY) it’s called HOLUP! (x) (don’t dab too much you’ll break your neck!)

Mino released another solo song called Body (x) (full offense and not to be too biased but this was the best song of 2016)

After that they released their collab songs: Full House (x) and Hit Me (x)

FULL OFFENSE BUT THIS WAS THE BEST COLLAB OF 2016 BUT PEOPLE LET THEM FLOP ESPECIALLY THE WINKON ANTIS (those who only support winner or only support ikon,,, i don’t get it tbh how can you like ONE group while hating the other especially after knowing ALL WHAT THEY’VE BEEN THROUGH TOGETHER + THEY LITERALLY CONSIDER THEMSELVES AS BROTHERS THE FUCK)

Additional infos:

Winner’s fandom name: INNERCIRCLE (or incle if you want)

IKON’s fandom name: IKONIC

Bobby, B.i and Mino were featured in EPIK HIGH’s song BORN HATER alongside Beenzino, Verbal Jint (the best hip hop collab consisting of only legends of rap) you can watch it here (x) and Taehyun was featured in EPIK HIGH’s song: Spoiler (x) this song is truly a masterpiece just read the lyrics and try not to cry :’)

Bobby was also featured in MASTA WU’s song Come Here feat dok2 (x)

You can also watch winner’s weekly idol episode (i’m still waiting for ikon’s episode, it’s been 84 years)

Love for a thousand more: Jinwoo and Seungyoon’s web drama // link to the first episode (x)


I’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope this will help you! Feel free to ask me anything related to winkon ;))))))


SO my whole conclusion of all of this is that there was actually no order for the scenes from I NEED U, to Run, to Blood sweat & Tears Japanese version. (And Suga is such a liar!!!)

I only came out with one theory or maybe two or maybe three I don’t know. If you would like to read any of them, read on

Keep reading

Rebelcaptain fic: Take me out tonight (6)

Chapter 1 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4 
Chapter 5 

Read on AO3 

Chapter 6: die 

    She woke with a dead arm and a scratchy blanket over her.

    Jyn Erso was used to waking up quickly. From the moment her eyes were open, she would be alert and wary. Being on the run from the Empire didn’t leave many opportunities to relax, so she was always ready at a moment’s notice to run, fight or face whatever else the day might have been throwing at her. But opening her eyes now, she felt warm and groggy. For a second, she couldn’t figure out where she was as she stared at the hard lines of the ship cabin around her.

    Then Cassian’s arm around her tightened.

    He must have taken her jacket off for her and gotten them a blanket at some point, because it was his body she could feel pressed up against her back. His arm looked like it was just casually tossed over her waist, but running a hand down it told Jyn immediately that he was as tense as anything. Even in sleep, they couldn’t completely relax. They would always be on guard, or running from something, never truly free of stress or worry …

    But he was there.

    And she was there.

    Normally they never got more than a day with each other and here they were, still together.

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what's your opinion on the girls/girls/boys vs. mad as rabbits discourse

you cant really choose how people react to a song. I remember i used to play G/G/B in front of my dad in hopes that somehow it would tell him that im not straight lol. Didn’t work. But still, that song had a great influence on me finally fully accepting myself as Not Straight as the idea was still greatly terrifying to me. I know it’s helped others in different ways, everyone’s different. No one has to like it, or accept it as something if they don’t want to, a song is always going to be and mean different things to other people. I’ve heard Brendon say different things about the song over the years when it came out, sometimes little things were changed, sometimes the whole concept behind it was changed, i think what it’s become is something better than some past ideas. Obviously. You can’t force a new song to be something people have already found in a song you don’t like, that’s just the truth of it. As good or bad as that is. I don’t think anyone that likes it is wrong and I don’t think anyone that doesn’t like it is wrong, Brendon’s learned from a lot of things over the years, but no ones a perfect person and he’s still going to learn things as time passes, and I would rather him show support through that knowledge he gains and has gained which for the most part he has been. I like Girls/Girls/Boys, it holds a special place in my heart because I took it how I needed to take it at the time and it helped me.. It still makes my heart ache, and seeing the last show I went to [DOAB tour] lit up with nothing but love while it played definitely made me emotional. If Mad As Rabbits, or any other song for that matter, is that to someone else then so be it.

i don’t know if anybody from the kylux fandom still remembers this #putitonHux2k16 request! LOL! i think… @reserve might have put it out into the universe back then???? i’ll have to find the old post… lol! XDDD anyway… it (and a few other projects) totally broke me last year when i was about half-way done the lineart… oh gawd… so much… details… and i stopped drawing for a month entirely! LOL! LOL! now i’m BACK to KICK IT’S ASS!!!! >:D lol~ (=    w =) it’s still a lot of details, and it’s still taking a long time… but! i hope you will all accept this gift from me when it’s finished! (^   O ^) you were all my first fandom family~ and i could never have accomplished so many things that i’m excited about without you all! thank you so much!!! (O  wO) look forward to it!!! <3 <3 <3 *HUGS!*

Remember when I used to draw quality stuff? Yeah, me neither 

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hi i was wondering if you could rec me some haikyuu fics, but not the really popular ones because ive read most of them already. like 'hidden gems' or something. ive really liked what you recommended in the past so i was wondering if you had some more :D

TUUUH idk which pairing but…if you look through my fic recs tag the most i’ve rec’ed is ushioi and iwaoi. I don’t really read much outside from those pairings LOL but for ones not yet included there I’d say….


  • Bloodied, but Unbowed - Royal AU (they’re both princes), hasn’t been updated for a long time but I’m really hoping it’s not dropped bc I really love it ;___;
  • I Followed Fires - Exiled prince Tooru and ranger Iwaizumi. I WON’T SAY ANY MORE BUT IT’S FRIGGIN GOOD
  • Lanterns Lit - Oikw is a sorcerer who got amnesia and iwa/mattsun/makki are dragon tamers (i think.) IT’S REALLY CUTE
  • Saunter’s omegaverse series!! - I’M REALLY HYPED FOR THIS SERIES you dont even know. If you want you can look through saunter’s tumblr to see drabbles in the OV tag so you can feel my hype. There are spoilers there though!
  • If You Water It, It Will Grow - so adorable!! an AU where people can grow from plants! HOW COOL RIGHT well I don’t wanna give spoilers so you’re gonna have to read it yourself ;^)
  • the other side - FHQ AU that made me really cry
  • Glow of Love - Oikawa is a witch, Iwaizumi is a forest nymph. VERYYY CUTE please give it a shot! It’s one of the most creative concepts I’ve read :’^)
  • Deus ex machina - fencing AU!!
  • i hope you like the stars i stole for you - mega angsty……..i hate and love this fic  i was crying like a baby
  • Food for the Heart - SO ANGSTY AS WELL
  • of odd numbers and intimate regrets - angsty too
  • The Boy Who Waited - i only remember bits and pieces but…theyre the spoiler ones so i won’t say LOL this also made me cry






Some polyships:

  • The Agreement (ushioiiwa) MY FAVE USHIOIIWA!! good smut
  • h(a)unting (bokuakakuro) so nice!! Bokuto and Akaashi are ghost hunters. there’s art too. anyway this is a really cool fic

That’s it for now since I don’t really know what ship you’re looking for. My bookmarks for iwaoi fics is assorted by smut angst and fluff bc there’s so many but…if anyone asks for it im just gonna take a screenshot LOL also i have a lot of unread fics T___^ SERIOUSLY i have like 50+ tabs open of unread fics every night but i keep opening new ones (because i go in the hq tag in ao3 every night) and that’s not including the ones i bookmarked that are unread as well.