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anon request→Sam Adams & being a little shit

What’s the point? So I can watch them write another love letter to the King?

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Just read "you're the only light in my sky" it's very cute and I like how it ended ambiguously but I like to believe there's a happy ending. Also leave the Zelda fandom alone, Link and the shark are cute

I love how this is sweet while also sassing me lsakfjksd I’m sure if I played BOTW I’d be a scaley too it’s just such a PHENOMENON i don’t get it dlskfjsdkfj but !!! thank u for reading my fic! sorry for being a piece of shit who hasn’t written anything in literally months but ilu 

(P.S. there is a happy ending - Lance comes back to that spot the next night and finds Keith there, hand pressed to the glass where they made their constellations. Lance leans down, takes Keith’s face in his hands, and kisses him until Keith falls onto his back and their laughter breaks the moment.)

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Took a shit ton of procrastination to finish this shit 👌🏼
But the again hope you like it ! ! !

21 - Dean Scenario

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Author’s note: I wrote this inpired by Dean’s song  21. It was stuck in my head for a while and this is I cameup with . I hope you guys like it and I was thinking of writing a part 2 to this scenario. Let me know if you guys would want me to write it ^^ Have a great day~ Admin Sunny

Your alarm went off for what seems to be the millionth time that morning. You start looking for your phone that’s lost in between your sheets when you finally found it, you are late once again

“Shit” you say throwing your phone into the bed and rushing to the bathroom. Washing your face, brushing your teeth, and trying to look decent enough. Just a bit of bb cream, mascara, and a colored chapstick. Who were you trying to impress anyway?  

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summary: You weren’t like the the other fans taking Hoseok’s dance class; you weren’t in it for the view. You were in it for the sweat.

request: jinsmixtape - hoseok… private dance lessons (i got you bb) (ps follow her she’s great)

pairing: Hoseok x OC

word count: 1,964 GOOD LORD its so much longer than it was supposed to be

warnings: mentions of sex + sweaty hobi kill me also if any of you try to talk shit about my song choice I will literally fight you


When J-hope announced he would be teaching a dance class during Bangtan’s hiatus, you didn’t think you’d be taking it. It was a long process to audition, the company wanting to make sure it wasn’t full of fans who had no interest in dancing. You had to have some skill built up, since it was an advanced class, and you had to sign a wavier saying you wouldn’t record or film at any of the sessions. Needless to say, out of the hundreds of people who tried out, you didn’t expect to be one of the dancers chosen.

So, standing outside of the BigHit building with a visitor’s pass your hand, your eyes glued to the shiny blue of the glass windows, you were feeling pretty great. You let out a soft thank you, hot breath turning white in the cold air as you adjusted the strap of your bag and headed inside.

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When I heard the song from Greg Cipes I flipped my SHIT so this HAD TO BE DONE ;A;!! WHY IS BB SO SWEET?!??! ;;;;;////;;;; Hope you like it…~ 

The zodiacs at a party
  • Aries: *starts dance circles and pretty much dances the entire time*
  • Taurus: ok becky can you please get your shit together we are at a party rn fuck boys this is our time 2 party ok
  • Gemini: omg thanks for coming 2 my party- ayeeeeeE BITCH WASSUPPPP
  • Cancer: *is on phone the whole time*
  • Leo: haha you got kik? :) just worked out today, want to feel my muscles?
  • Virgo: sure thing bb *feels leo's muscles* wow so strong and manly wow
  • Libra: virgo stop screwing around with fuckboys
  • Scorpio: *sloppily grinds on everyone*
  • Sagittarius: ugh this is so immature i have to go study fUCK SO MUCH TO D0
  • Capricorn: i hope you guys know that the exams are tomorrow haha bye dumb shits *leaves party w/ Sagittarius to study*
  • Aquarius: *does the robot to dubstep* probably is the fucking dj
  • Pisces: *arrives to party looking like fucking beyonce*

H2ODelirious  - GTA Character 

I haven’t fully drawn Del’s gta character soo… 


H2ODelirious Art - 

w/ shitty background 

I’m back! with a goodish working tablet ayyy 

I just realized it is a good size for lock screens and wallpapers what the fhck

But anyway I am tired but if it looks like shit or the shading. Then I’m sorry I was tired as fuck when I made this earlier today. Ah I tried but eh.I tried but! Anyway

I hope you enjoy it and

Stay you and Stay Hella rad and cute :3

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hartwin 18 ? ((Feel better bb text me <3))

This was longer than it should’ve been, but oh well. Thank you for asking, bb. <3 I hope you like it! (even though it’s not that much related to the prompt thing?? oops) (( also, just so you’re notified: eggsylent ))

18. Things you said when you were scared:

(written as if Harry managed to get away from the church before any of that shit went down) 

Eggsy can only remember a little more than a handful of times he’s actually been scared in his lifetime. Two of them were from his childhood, when he was at gymnastic practice and had gotten injured. He had thought the injuries were much worse than they actually were, and in the beginning when they first happened, he was scared shitless. He thought the world was collapsing around him; he didn’t know what to do - other than to be scared. 

The third time he had been scared was years later when he saw his mother with a black eye for the first time. She had just started dating Dean when it happened, and Eggsy didn’t know how to react at that time. Sure, he was pissed off to hell and back, but at the same time, he was terrified. He didn’t want anyone hurting his mother. 

The other times he was scared had happened during his Kingsman training. He wouldn’t admitted it at the time they occurred, but it was clear by the expressions on his face during each training session. Eggsy was scared, but that was okay in his book. He thought training to become a Kingsman would rid him of that feeling. That, however, never happened entirely. 

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