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Hello! I just wanted to suggest some other good old games in the engine. Those are: Miserere, Lisa (the free one), Happy Birthday, Fey, and two actual rpgs, Standstill Girl and Space Funeral. Hope you like them!

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To clarify, our “Oldies, But Goodies” post is meant to feature a collection of older games that were created by Tumblr-based developers/artists only (as denoted by the download links leading to their original posts, with the exception of Wither). While the games you have mentioned are certainly worth a play, our blog generally only focuses on community created games.

We apologize for any confusion!

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[EN] Prince of Stride Audio Drama “Let the Wind Blow”

Hello! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ve finally finished the English translation for this drama CD~ You can view/download the document here.

This drama CD is an audio adaptation of Prince of Stride LN Vol. 1 chapter 01 and the beginning of chapter 02 (which also corresponds to the game’s prologue). As this is an adaptation, some elements and scenes are slightly different from the source. I do hope this can serve its purpose of introducing people to Prince of Stride.

For listening purposes, please refer to this post with a link to the drama CD, from aliasanonyme. I would still like to encourage you to buy the actual thing, if it interests you enough~

As always, please take the translation with a grain of salt (I am still an inexperienced translator who’s doing this because I like to, hehe). Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you see any mistakes in the document; I’ll review it and make the necessary corrections. Thank you very much for your understanding! (^_^)

I finally finished and posted the urban book list onto my blog.

I will now be referring it to as Feisty’s Urban Book Club.

I’m hoping those of you that reads these books or have already read some of them will start to have conversations about these books, y’know, something like an actual book club does.

A few things I want you all to know. Some of these books are only available on amazon kindle. No worries if you don’t actually own an amazon kindle device, you can download the kindle app to your computer/phone/tablet/etc. for free.

Also, if you have a kindle unlimited subscription almost all of these books are free for you to read.

Now I don’t want to limit the list so I am open to suggestions. I don’t like recommending anything I haven’t read myself but I am willing to read anything you all suggest. If you have a book that you think should be on the list please inbox me. 

I’m going to be constantly updating the list because some of the series have books being released in the near future and I have a ton of books on my wishlist that I haven’t read, 80+ to be exact, that I’ll probably be adding to the list. So please check the list periodically to see if there is anything new that you can check out.

I hope you all enjoy. And please inbox me if you read a book and want to discuss it.