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Jon & Sansa | Mourning doves

A new Jonsa video, this time with manips :)) there’s no real AU story, I just really wanted to create some manips with this ship, I really hope you like it :)

Hello my sweets!!!!

I have so many new cosplays accumulated to do photoshoots that you guys can’t even imagine!! 💗

Sadly just when my photographer is back to duty, I have to travel for some personal reasons, but I promise that when I am back I will return with much love and beautiful pictures for you!!!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this wonderful picture of my Medli from Wind Waker !!!! 🐦🍃

I hope you like it, because it was really hard to make these wings !!! Maybe tomorrow will post a video of how I move myself with the wings!! 💖

By the way, my wings are totaly made with E.V.A and some bamboo skewers inside!
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If you have questions about the costume of my Medli, ask here! ^^
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I miss Lana too felt like Honeymoon era was so short hope she makes another music video also love your blog ❤💐

I really want Salvatore video hahaha!! And I need a new photoshoot :/ btw thank you so much :)


NEW VIDEO: “Attempting To Play the Kim Kardashian Game???”

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Even when the world is filled with sorrow
I will keep painting for that better tomorrow

A repaint of my 2009 drawing, Hope and Despair. Some people have mentioned how this new version feels more hopeful than the original. I feel that way too. I’ve been very happy these days, and it feels like everything will be alright again :)

Thank you again to everyone who reached out and supported me when I was feeling down during the beginning of this year. I’ve been working on a lot of different projects, and I’m excited to share with everyone when things are ready!

I’ll also be posting a video tutorial of how this was created by integrating 3D backgrounds in a few days. Stay tuned!

Hello hello !
Some OFF related news !

- I openned a RedBubble page with tees and stuff : 
// LINK / LINK / LINK //
I’ll try to add some new designs time to time, so if you’ve got ideas of pictures you’d like to see, or characters you prefer, don’t hesitate to message me. It’ll maybe help me thinking about what’s coming next. (not off-related things are welcome too, of course). 

- The Dark Lord Saytenn made a little update for the game, adding graphical options, a neutral gender and some bug fixes. Download link is in the video description : // YOUTUBE / YOUTUBE / YOUTUBE //

Hope you’re all fine having a good day !



Hey guys! One of the cartoons us folks over at @studioyotta worked on just got released today! It was a real doozy of a project (just over 9 minutes long), and it’s the first pilot Yotta’s done like…. ever! Check out “Obituary” now! Hope you enjoy!

Septiplierrrrrr….comic… :D

I personaly don’t ship it but WHO CARES! xD
I though it be funny to put Pewds here ( cuz when Mark and Jack played Pewdiebot, Pewdiebot said that he ship em, and he said that to both of them xD) And in the past Pewds did a video where he draws some ships and when he finished them he was saying: THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!!! :D
Well hope you like it  :D

You can see the comic in higher resolution on my deviant art :D



- for my wonderful friend @unicornmish whose birthday was yesterday ♥♥ 


Hey guys! So, do you like the hair, do you not like the hair? Is it what you thought it would be? Let me know in the comments below! I love it, so I’m keeping it this way for a while!

This is the final LA vlog, until next time! I really hope you enjoyed this trip because we had so much fun hanging out with these total BABES. All the youtubers we hung out with made our trip so much fun!

Please give this video a big thumbs up for getting it up for you despite the jet lag! MWAH XXX



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Fun fact: Did anyone else notice we were calling an Uber whilst we were all SAT IN A CAR? We ran out of petrol on the way to Griffith Observatory and then we ran out of signal while we were there and couldn’t call an Uber! Don’t worry guys, we’re home now.


Pokemon Go Cardio Workout for Fat Loss | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 15

NEW VIDEO for anyone who happens to give a F*ck GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Pokemon Go has become the Newest Craze and Tons of Folks are unintentionally becoming Fit from Trying to hatch their eggs and catch New Pokemon. 

But I can give you a few more tips to help you lose a bit more of that Chub while becoming the Very Best Pokemon Master like no one ever was.

 I hope you enjoy and be sure to share with your friends so yall can get fit together




My new video on my Top 10 tips for easy summer weight loss is up on my channel!!! 😍 Since the summertime is when I first lost 30 pounds and kept it off with my One Month Makeover, I’m so excited to share these tips with you all!! 😋 Making small changes like the ones in my video, add up to a big difference 😊 I really hope my video helps you, please comment on YouTube if you try any of the tips!! 💗 Also please make sure to SUBSCRIBE, and THUMBS UP on YouTube if you enjoyed it! 😋 I make 2+ videos a week and the support seriously means so much!! :) SO happy to help you guys ❤️

via (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhc3UEKBP78)

Dresses Alien

@cassandraneko suggested to adapt the alien into a dress. It was an interesting idea so here you have 3 news dresses. They are glowing, learned a new things thanks to Bakie and is video tutorial.

So you have Alpha (green glow), beta (pink glow) and gamma (blue glow). They are availables in 11 colors : 4 from base suit and 7 news.
Pictures of eah colors are on the download page here on Sims Artists

A big thank you to my friend @delis-sims who made the covert and visuals for the dresses. 

Hope you will like them, I like having suggestions so don’t be shy, if I’m capable I like the challenge ;)


My other CC for sims 4 are here


Hello everyone!

I want to start out by saying thank you all so much for your support. I hit a bit of a slump this week as far as my self-esteem, believing in my art, etc. but you have all helped tremendously with your patience and messages. I love you all! Now that I’m back to feeling like myself I finished this drawing video of Frisk and Chara for you and I hope you all like it. Also, I am going on a small vacation for a week so I’m sorry to say there won’t be a new Reminiscence page until I get back.  But thank you all so much for your patience and I hope you will like the page when it comes out! So I hope you enjoy the video and thank you all for the DETERMINATION!

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Remember the The Kids Aren’t Alright audio-graphic I made a while back? If you don’t, then this is a whole new experience, check it out! And let me know what you think in the comments etc etc. For all 3 or 4 of you who remember the original graphic, look at it, I remade it and it’s a video, it moves now! Hope you enjoy it as much as the original, and leave a comment as well, or your like, or subscribe to the channel since I post my JJBA videos there now if you wanna check them out shameless self-promotion but don’t we all love a little attention


My Mentor | Darkswan and EvilQueen

Fanfic will be written by @hunnyfresh

Hope you like this video guys!!!


lucas + maya | volcano [+true maya]

my new video with true maya!! watch it in hd and comment, like, and subscribe!! i hope you like it. i thought the song fit them really well!