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The types as meme songs
  • ISTJ: Never Gonna Give You Up
  • INTJ: We are Number One
  • ISFJ: Hotline Bling
  • ESTJ: Like a Boss
  • ENTP: Trololo
  • ISTP: Running in the 90's
  • INTP: Spooky Scary Skeletons
  • ENTJ: How bad can I be?
  • ESTP: All Star
  • INFP: All around me are familiar faces( Mad World)
  • ENFJ: A cruel angel's thesis ( Evangelion op)
  • ISFP: Nyan cat
  • ESFP: Careless Whisper
  • ESFJ: Seinfeld theme
  • INFJ: Roundabout ( Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Caejose Week 2016
Day 3 - Caesar Lives

I wanted to see you one last time

c-cygnus  asked:

i had to think about it but i'm a sucker for assassin aus so maybe this: ‘My apologies, upon closer inspection it turns out that you are not the person I was hired to kill.’ AU!! and u can let ur creativity flow and choose which one of the boys can be the assassin and all!! take ur time okay!!!! im going to love this already shalkdjflkaj thank u jojo ଘ(੭ु*ˊ꒳​ˋ)੭ु*.°❤

im sorry this took and got so long bc i think i deviated and also i got too carried away 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 but nonetheless i hope u like it bb!!! sorry in advance for any typos etc lmao
jimin’s safety first,
jimin’s safety second,
prince jimin’s image third.

that was the duty of jeon jeongguk, his royal highness’ personal bodyguard. young park jimin, second and final prince to king yoongi, was always carefree, kind hearted. although gullible, too trusting, he grew mildly complacent, given that whatever trouble that he (rarely) got into, jeongguk would fix it.

his brother hoseok was the next in line for the throne, so he had nothing to worry about, except carry himself well, remain the image of a perfect man, a perfect prince charming.

one day he receives a scroll, with a neat cursived font, asking him to meet the sender at a small hut in the isolated forested area- there’s feedback from the villagers down in the rural villages, and they’ve hinted with a tone of desperation in the letter; and so he gets dressed, and departs without telling jeongguk, who’s busy preparing his luncheon.

he goes into the bathroom to freshen up, and spies a whole box of non-prescription coloured contacts. it’s strange, but he doesn’t question it- there are more urgent matters at hand.

jeongguk’s always got that standard suit and tie, slicked back hair, white gloves. he wears that stoic mask for far too long to take it off- it’s now a second nature to him. although sometimes that facade falls, he gets soft, gives in to his young master’s whims.

jimin’s always riling him up, teasing him for his clandestine poker face and emotionless ministrations- be it at cooking, when teaching him how to dance ballroom, dressing him for important occasions. but somehow, prince jimin always gets his way by either whining or pouting or a combination of both. you would’ve though jeongguk would be immune by now, but he’s still awfully soft for this generation’s prince.

jimin’s always stealing his cologne, ordering the servants to get them the same body soap so they smell the same- and jeongguk would usually click his tongue in annoyance, being very sensitive to smell, but jimin… is another entity altogether.

“jeonggukie~” jimin likes to sing, in that adorable lilt of his as he sits at the edge of his bed, kicking his feet in the air.

“yes, young master?” jeongguk will say, padding in with the expensive clack of his heels, only the finest for those the royals have a regard for.

“carry me, i’m small, please~” jimin knows how weak his bodyguard is, the way he averts his eyes and coughs awkwardly into his hand- but the result is always the same, jeongguk piggybacking him around the castle, whipped to the core.

that’s only one of the possible outcomes when jimin whines for jeonggukie~:

the other would be jimin asking for a kiss, flirtatious nature that ran strong in both princes, jimin and hoseok. “please, chu?” jimin would ask coyly, during a meeting, when jeongguk bends to refill his tea, or when they walk side by side when the royals make a public appearance.

jeongguk always waves him off, pulling the most cross face he can, with furrowed brows and eyes slitted. “young master, we’re in public. please stop being a brat and behave,” he will reply, monotonous. but the protective grip around jimin’s waist never leaves.

“nochu!” jimin will whisper-yell, sticking out his tongue as they make their way back into the carriage, a nickname he would rub in jeongguk’s face the rest of the day whenever his wishes were demanded, or at the slip of his tongue.

either way, it was attached with a sort of affectionate fondness, and jeongguk would secretly bask in it.

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@kosakusass‘s tags on this post inspired me to draw Joseph in such an odd outfit.  Sorry, it took a lot longer because of finals studying, but nonetheless I hope you like it~  This one’s dedicated to you!  <33

missspock1701  asked:

Alright Squad Fam. Message me if you don't get what I'm trying to say here cause it's late and I'm not all here. So Josuke and Jotaro with an s/o that has a habit of just spouting these incredible sincere compliments seemingly out of no where. Like they're eating breakfast or watching tv and they turn to them and in the same way you'd say "I just remembered I have to do laundry" they just give the boyz a super sweet compliment on just how much they love them. They'd never know when one's coming!

I LIVE FOR THIS. i literally did this to my boyfriend as he was leaving for work and he squishes my cheeks every time i say something nice to him. -u-

Josuke would absolutely MELT. 
- He and his s/o would be doing homework and during a lull, he notices s/o just kinda. Lookin’ at him.
- They just smile and say, “I can’t believe I’m so lucky to be with someone as sweet as you.”
- THE BOY IS FLOORED. He sputters and blushes, and this isn’t the first time it’s happened either. The two of them were doing dishes one day (Tomoko deserved a day off and she wouldn’t let Josuke leave without doing chores. S/o is always happy to help) and they hit him with a “You are just so beautiful, y’know?” and even Tomoko blushed from the other room.
- He just. Swells with so much emotions!!! He’ll stop what he’s doing and wrap his arms around his s/o. “One day you’re gonna give me a heart attack! I love ya!”

Jotaro had been kinda eh with compliments for a while. He had his fangirls in school but they just??? “Oh you’re so hot! You’re so strong! You’re so!!!” like he was some untouchable. He just wanted to be treated like a person, y’know?
- Well, he and his s/o were watching a documentary (every so often, they can catch him humming the theme from Blue Planet and it’s a fucking treasure) and he’s quietly explaining just how useless mola mola are when
- “Jotaro, I could listen to you talk about the ocean forever. You just light up, I love it so much.” They’re smiling so softly like the angels personally sent this being to Jotaro.
- He chokes for a second. Other than his mother doting on him, he hasn’t really been on the receiving end of this kind of affection. He would definitely cover his face with his hat to hide his blush, or look away if his head were, in the rare instance, bare.
- Jotaro would bring his s/o close and press a gentle kiss to their forehead. “Yare yare… You don’t need to say things like that, but… thank you.” 
- If s/o really gets him by surprise, he’ll blush and even smile a little.

THIS WARMED MY SOUL THANK U FAM I hope it’s what you were looking for! I love this kind of affection towards loved ones and friends, they deserve to know how wonderful they are and so do these fictional angels. Thank you!

anonymous asked:


I am hiding something, but it’s not that.

If anything, I’d see myself as a beacon of… not hope, I guess. Foolish optimism? Something like that. It’ll be here any day, my friend, and when it does, it means that we’ll set a new record for ‘longest wait for a DavidPro JoJo part to be confirmed’.

It feels like sorta building the hype train and getting it onto the tracks, but it’s nowhere near ready to go, and everybody is waiting at the station with their tickets to get on; it’s not arrived at the time it said it would, so people are stuck on the platform having to put up with these accursed delays.

ventoaureorun  asked:

IS THERE STILL SPACE FOR A REQ? if so can I ask for headcanons for Doppio as a dad? (let's say Diavolo doesn't mind this one)


Then let’s pretend Diavolo doesn’t mind and… and just imagine how adorable would Doppio be as a dad. Mostly because he’s got no experience raising kids and accidents can happen. Especially to him, as he’s a little clumsy, but that would create the most cute situations.

He’d totally get offended when his son or daughter ignores him or worse: doesn’t want to listen to him. (If you aren’t good, uncle Diavolo’s gonna come and teach you a lesson!)

It would take a lot of time to leave both of them alone. Kids can create a mess, Doppio can create a mess, and when his s/o is back, all the house is upside down. There are two children in the house.

He’d have a lot of fun going shopping for his kid’s clothes. Money is definitely not a problem so he’s just try on them a lot of cute outfits. Damn, he takes more time than going for clothes for himself, being meticulous with the combinations and all.

After a long, tiring day, he’d just lay there in bed, even shirtless, to get some sleep. But as he listens to his s/o calling him “daddy” accidentally before going to sleep, he thinks he can pull off some energy to have a little fun. But not too loud, that could wake up the little one. Also, they have to wake up early next morning to get back into their routine as parents.

I had a lot of fun with this one! It was kinda fluffy, I hope you like it ;A; 

pan-chan64  asked:

Can I request some headcanons for Joseph taking care of his depressed s/o?

Sure! Sorry for the late reply as well! I know I’m slacking off a bit when it comes to finishing requests, but I hope you like this nonetheless! ☆

Joseph Joestar (P2):

  • If you didn’t tell Joseph about your depression before hand, he would have mistaken your depression as laziness, taking your isolation as you not wanting to bother leaving your house. He’d be frustrated at first, confronting you after having enough of your lack of contact, but he’d be surprised and admittedly confused upon being told you couldn’t help your disorder, and that your apparent “laziness” is only a symptom. Despite how he wouldn’t leave you right then or there, he’d feel as if he’s walking on eggshells for a while, afraid of upsetting you further. You’d need to tell him directly what you need from him, seeing how he wouldn’t know just what to do as to help make you feel better.
  • After talking with friends, family, and maybe you on ways to help and give support, he’d get the hang of it pretty quick, learning a couple of strategies as to show his love without smothering you. He’d sit next to you as you cried, wordlessly holding your hand in his, or he’d take the time to talk with you, still expressing his care.
    • “I’m here for you, y’know? You’re not alone in this, and I wouldn’t just leave you because of this. I’ll always try to find a way to get you feeling better– don’t worry.”
  • He’d encourage you to make visits with your therapist, seeing how he’s not the best when it comes to providing advice. Despite how he may not provide advice, Joseph will still be a very positive presence in your life. He’d crack jokes, use his hamon to preform tricks, and would do anything to snap you out of your negative mood.
  • Unless you tell him otherwise, Joseph will be by your side quite often, becoming your practical roommate if he wasn’t before. From cooking you both meals and helping around with house work, he’ll try to be as helpful to you as possible.
  • As impulsive as he seems, he’ll be thoroughly patient with you. He’ll let you know again and again that no matter how long your treatments will take, or how long your recovery will take, he’ll be by your side, realizing that with such patience comes hope.

- Admin CJ

ventoaureorun  asked:

HELLO!!! mind if I ask for headcanons for Johnny with an outgoing, hyped up, flirty S/O? Like someone that reminds him of his old self but less egoistical? Thank you /////

Hello there! :D

Yes, you can! I hope you like it! :-) This isn’t proofread though, I’m sorry… I hope it’s still okay…^^

  • Johnny sometimes has a hard time catching up with his s/o when they’re showering him in affection, nice words and attention. He is not used to anyone focusing so much on him. That’s why he is sometimes a bit overwhelmed, even if it’s in a positive way.
  • When he is going out with his s/o during the day his s/o often goes ahead of him at first. Johnny stays near a shop or a tree, staying in the cool shade while he watches his s/o for a few moments going from one to another window, watching with wide and curious eyes at the things the little stores offer. Johnny likes to watch them. How excited they get just by walking around and how carefree they enjoy the time spent in the city.
  • His s/o returns just a very few moments later. When they stand before him they lean a bit forward, hands behind their back, a delighted sparkle in their eyes and a playful smile on their face. It makes Johnny blush. Just slightly but it’s there and his s/o notices it of course. A chuckle escapes their lips as they ask him if they could go to a few certain shops together. Johnny can hardly say no to that.
  • Also it amazes him how nice and outgoing his s/o always is towards other people. Always a smile on their face, that same sparkle in their eyes, that maybe even flirty posture. It reminds him a lot of himself before the incident. Just that he never even came close to how nice his s/o now.
  • He loves and appreciates them for the way they pretty much handle everything. That it’s so easy to spark their curiosity, that they enjoy spending time with him so much, that they never seem to lose their smile. There was a time when he was just as outgoing as they are now and he doubts he’ll ever be that way again, but he feels as if his s/o at least pulls him out of that depressed state he used to be in.
  • At times his s/o’s flirty nature tends to spark some jealousy in him. He knows it’s just the way they are and he does not act on it usually, but sometimes he just can’t help it. Maybe his s/o is incredibly flirty and carefree with a person in town once and he just can’t help but pull them into his lap soon after, his arms around their waist and his lips pressed to their cheek or lips and simply holding them close to him for a moment. He knows that his s/o knows why he does that and they assure him there’s nothing to worry about. And Johnny knows that. He isn’t mad at them or anything, they just remind him so much of how he used to be once and being flirty also meant something else in his book. He knows they aren’t like that, he really does, but he still wants to keep them close and yes, their words do reassure him. His s/o doesn’t mind showering him in affection and attention anyway.

anonymous asked:

Hihi! Good luck with the blog! Can I get a HC fluff that can turn nsfw date with Kakyoin that ends with a nightcap at either s/o's or his place? Thank you (° w°) /🌸🐇💕

-By nightcap I hope you meant the urban dictionary definition which is having an alcoholic or hot drink before bed
-Because that’s sure as hell what I assumed
•He doesn’t really like crowds
•Isn’t a fan of loud noises
•Would prefer to go on a date by hiking in a forest preserve and stargazing
•Forest preserves has multiple trails and lots of meadows
•Lilacs and dandelions cover a majority of the meadows
•Let’s you explore the vastness of some meadows while he takes out his sketchbook and draws you with a lavender colored pencil
•Shows you the drawing while you guys are underneath the stars on the hood of his car
•He just wanted to listen to the radio
•Stares at you more than the stars
•Drives you back home at a late hour and carries you inside bridal style as not to disturb your fatigued state
•Makes you chamomile tea to have before bed
•Decides to sleep in the same bed with you because shit you just looked so damn c u t e while you’re in such a sleepy form
•Leaves a bunch of picked lilacs on your dresser along with one dandelion in the center
-Sorry I really wanted to write a cheesy fluff date because this maraschino of a man deserves it
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

anonymous asked:

How would Rohan react when comes home to find his S/O greeting him with a smile ("Welcome back, master" xp) while wearing a maid outfit?

I wrote a scenario for this! I hope you like it ;) It was one of the requests I was dying to answer.

Rohan Kishibe.

It became a routine to receive Rohan being more unpleasant than he can usually be when he’s back from some working trip or a meeting with his editor. But there was something bitter on his voice when he called you to inform he was already going back.”Rough day…”, you thought. And when he had one of those he was difficult to manage. You actually were expecting everything to go well in his meeting so you could celebrate later with a nice dinner or something, but due to the circumstances you’d might make a slight change on your plans for the night.

Hours later, Rohan finally arrives. “I’m home!” he shouts, as he doesn’t finds you on the door as they usually are. He frowned his eyebrows, your keys were still there and that meant you couldn’t have gone outside. But all lights were off and there wasn’t a sign of life in the place. Resigned, he went upstairs and could see the light of the bedroom you both shared, and that made him get more upset than he already was; why in the world would you ignore him when he just arrived? “Hey, I said I-”


He immediately stopped when he saw you, sitting at the edge of the bed, wearing a cute maid outfit he didn’t know you had. The skirt was incredibly short and the high stockings were a plus to the costume, but the best thing for him was that you were on it. “Welcome home, master~” were your exact words when he stepped into the room with a not so innocent smile that told him which were your intentions for that night. He was moving towards you, but still with a strange look on his face.

You noticed how he started to look at your body with a little discretion, but his frown was still there. You opted to stand up and get closer to him. His hands rested, finally, on your hips, moving slowly until they were almost in your ass. “What is the meaning of this?” he whispered to your ear. And when you opened your mouth to talk, one of his thumbs went straight between your lips. You started to suck slightly at it, as he continued talking. “And I don’t mean other than what is the meaning of you getting so close to me without permission. You said I’m your master, huh?” When you saw a sly grin appear in his lips, you knew he was ready to play, too. “Don’t you think you should show more respect to me, the great Rohan Kishibe?” He only let go of you when he started to unbuckle his pants. Instinctively, you got yourself on your knees.

“What a cute maid… I have to be a great master to keep you all eager to my return…” he complimented you as you sucked him off. It looked like the situation was enough to make him hard, as you were feeling on your mouth. From down there, you could see Rohan’s mood have notably improved. Also, from his position, he thought you looked hot as hell.

You actually wouldn’t have minded if he finished inside your mouth, but after some minutes he tugged your hair to separate yourself from him and instructed you to get to the bed, order that you got done quickly. As you started to undress, his voice interrupted your actions. “Hey. Who could say you could take your clothes off?”

And who would’ve guessed Rohan was so into that? In a matter of seconds you were already a mess, screaming his name with pleasure as he shoved his cock raw deep inside you. He had heard his name in your voice like that many times, and you knew he loved it. He loved to be praised, so you were making sure to say how good was he making you feel, how nice he filled you up as his rapid thrusts were making you curl your feet and making you feel each second closer to heaven. Rohan, Rohan, all what was going in your mind was him. He put his hand in your mouth, and before liberating it he requested “Call me master”, quite the kinky mangaka.

And with a “Master!” you came undone at the same time as him. He stays still inside you as his orgasm still makes him pant a little, to finally throw his body on the bed. You followed him doing the same at his side, both of you tired from the little roleplay you did. And you didn’t need to see his face to know he was exhausted, but feeling great.

“…That was good. Let’s do it again sometime.”

thetinylostsoul  asked:

*bust in.* Like I said last night, you and your works are cool. When you get time, can I get some Rohan on a s/o's birthday? It's not my birthday yet. I just love the cute headcanons you do.

Whoa! [Fixes the entrance]

Thank you a lot for the kind words, Soul! I really appreciate it, and I’m sorry for the late reply!

 I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any finished requests. I hope this was worth the wait, and if you need anything changed up or added in, please tell me! Thank you for sending in your request, by the way!

Rohan Kishibe:

  • If you were to have told Rohan’s birthday even months before, whether it was casually brought up in a conversation or not, of course he’ll remember to jot it down somewhere before keeping the date in a safe place. He’ll already have ideas on what to gift you for your birthday, but if you were to mention it only days before, he’ll only get involuntarily angry with you, as he has a limited amount of time to get you the perfect gift.
    • “Tch, I don’t care how little you deem this day to be– even if you don’t deserve it, I’m going to get you a gift whether you like it or not! I can’t say for sure if it’s going to be good or not, seeing how little time you left me to work with, but that’s on you!”
  • When the day arrives, he’ll still be somewhat distant. If you were to arrive at his doorstep, wanting to greet him or to see what he’s up to, he’ll open his front door to a crack before telling you off. As much as you’re offended by this, your disappointment quickly turns into confusion as he opens the door again, only to toss you a flat gift box.
    • “I’m busy, damn it. Oh, and here’s something to keep you satisfied until I call you back.”
  • In the box would either be a gold watch with a green face (similar to the Nixon Cannon Gold & Green watch), or an emrald necklace with a gold chain. Even if you wanted either gift in a different color, he’d want you to wear something that could remind you of him, since he tends to mix in green with his wardrobe a lot. Don’t worry about the price though– because of Rohan’s wealth, a designer watch or luxorious necklace is only worth pocket cash to the mangaka. 
  • If you were to spend your birthday outside, you notice that Rohan’s friends have suddenly taken a liking to you if they hadn’t before, urging you to spend the day with them and to take your mind off of Rohan. With Josuke’s arm hooked around your neck, he’s especially smiley as Koichi tries to fend him off, only to have Okuyasu invade your personal space too. The moment the question “Were you all paid to distract me today or something?” leaves your lips, you can visibly see them all stiffen before they come out with the truth.
    • “Well, I mean… We hope you’re having a good birthday nonetheless!” Koichi would stammer out.
    • “Yeah! Even if we were paid a lot!” Josuke would chime in, with Okuyasu nodding exuberantly behind him.
  • Whether or not you felt bad after that, you’d feel your spirits rise when Rohan calls you by the end of the day. He tells you to come over his house, as his present for you is finally ready. What awaits you is a beautiful, expertly done portrait of your self on a large canvas, along with other present boxes of various sizes stacked up beside it. Along with presents, he also has a decently sized cake for you that tastes like your perferred flavor. After handing you a slice of said cake on a plate, he’ll cross his arms as the corner of his lips lift only slightly upwards in a smile. It’s hard to tell if it’s a genuine smile or he’s only pleased with himself.
    • “I see everything is to your liking? Of course it is. I, Rohan Kishibe, never fail to please. While putting all of this together was a hassle, I’ll indulge you. I hope you had a decent birthday this year, and I’ll make sure to celebrate your birthday with you for years to come.”

Wow, it took me around an hour to get this done! Time flies by when you’re having fun, huh? Again, feel free to tell me if there’s anything wrong with this or not! I hope this was a good read! 

- Admin CJ


Powerpuff Girls Concept Fan Art!!!

With The Powerpuff Girs being remade in 2016, I decided to make my own version of the iconic super trio in honor of CN bringing them back! I hope you guys and gals like what I thought of! You can check out my Powerpuff video on my Youtube here: https://youtu.be/fZAfBpJuVks Thank you!