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tensemi for @yurrikatsuki ▪️ @hqrarepairexchange 💕

I thought about childhood friends reunion or them seeing each other again after graduation! I hope you like it! 💜


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Anon requests:can I request a Jughead Jones imagine where the reader moved from Riverdale a few years ago and comes back while the Jason Blossom death mystery (she knows what happened and all even Ms. Grundy) she and Jughead had a past together (like Jughead and Archie liked her and they were bffs but she liked Jug more) and they still love each other and Jughead sees her at school and it hits him that she’s back but he’s dating Betty and Archie still likes her and it pisses off Jug. The ending’s up to you :)

Could you do a Jughead x reader based on Perfect by Ed Sheeran??

Pairing: Jughead x Betty, Archie x Reader, Jughead x Reader

Description: An old childhood crush returns, and of course, drama ensues.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,208

A/N: wow okay so I totally strayed from the prompts but I’m hoping you like it anyway?? Anyhow, enjoy!

I found a love for me

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Jughead stood in the school hallway by Betty’s locker, talking and laughing with her.  His eyes almost missed a figure walking past him, but at the last second his gaze flickered to a girl striding down the hallway.  He did a double take as he realized who it was.

“(Y/N)?” he muttered under his breath, interrupting his conversation with Betty.

“What?” Betty asked, looking over her shoulder at the girl who just passed by.  “(Y/N)?  Didn’t she used to live around here or something?”

“Yeah,” he answered, breathless. “Yeah, but then she moved.”

“Well, I guess she’s back,” Betty replied, then steered the conversation back to their previous topic. Jughead nodded and responded to everything Betty said, but he couldn’t help but let his mind wander to the girl who returned to Riverdale.

Jughead was not the only member of (Y/N)’s childhood to be shaken by her return; Archie spotted her roaming the hallways later that day.  His heartbeat started to quicken as the feelings for his childhood crush rushed back to him.

“(Y/N)!” he yelled, following her down the hallway.  She turned around at the call of her name, and when she noticed Archie, she broke out into a grin.

“Archie!” she exclaimed, walking towards him.  “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he answered, and they soon fell in step as they began to walk in the same direction.  “How are you?”

“I’m great,” she beamed.

“So you’re back,” he noted, a smile never leaving his face.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded.

“I am,” she replied.  “Just moved back a few days ago, actually.” The conversation lulled for a moment, neither (Y/N) or Archie knowing what to say.  “So how’s Jughead?” she asked, breaking the silence.

“He’s good,” Archie answered. “He’s got a girlfriend now.”  (Y/N) froze.

“Really?” she questioned, painting a smile on her face.  “Who?”

“Do you remember Betty Cooper?” Archie asked, and (Y/N) nodded.  “He’s dating her.”

“Oh wow,” (Y/N) fake laughed. “Honestly, I always thought she had a thing for you.”

“She did,” Archie shrugged, “but I didn’t feel the same.  She moved on to Jughead, I guess.”  The pair fell into a moment of silence again before the ringing of the school bell broke it.

“Well, I have to get to biology,” (Y/N) said, moving away from Archie.  Before she got too far, Archie called out after her.

“Hey, do you wanna catch up sometime?  Like maybe meet at Pop’s tonight?”  

“Yeah,” (Y/N) smiled.  “Yeah, I’d like that.”

That night, when (Y/N) entered Pop’s, the first face she saw was not Archie.  Rather, it was Jughead, who she had not yet seen since she moved back. Scanning the diner to make sure Archie wasn’t waiting for her, (Y/N) walked towards Jughead’s booth.

“Jughead, hey,” she greeted as she approached his table.  He glanced up from his laptop to see (Y/N) standing over him.

“(Y/N),” he said with wide eyes. He slowly closed his laptop lid, then gestured for her to sit.  “You’re back.”

“Yes,” she nodded, “I am.”  Before Jughead could say anything else, the bell on the door jingled, signaling a new customer had entered.  It was Archie.  “Well,” (Y/N) said, standing up, “that’s my cue to leave.  See you around, Jug.”  Jughead tensed at the use of his old nickname, and he watched as (Y/N) walked over to Archie and sat across from him in a booth.  He felt his blood boil every time she laughed at something he said. Constantly, he reminded himself there was nothing to be jealous of, he had a girlfriend.  Somehow, that only made his longing for (Y/N) worse.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N) were in third grade.  It was a hot summer day, filled with sticky popsicle hands, grass tickling the bottom of bare feet, and a bright sun radiating an immense amount of heat.  The children were running around in (Y/N)’s backyard with not a care in the world.  Suddenly, (Y/N) tripped and scraped her knee.  She cried out in pain, causing the boys to turn around in shock.

“(Y/N)!” Jughead exclaimed, both him and Archie running over to her side.

“Are you okay?” Archie asked, examining her knee.

“I’m fine,” she pushed both boys away.  “It’s just a scrape.”  This didn’t relieve the concerned looks from either of the boys’ faces, and (Y/N), looking directly at Jughead, repeated that she was fine.  Jughead reached out a hand and helped her up.

None of the children knew it at the time, but one day Jughead and (Y/N) would reflect on this day and realize that at this moment, something in their relationship changed.  There was a shift from friendship to love, and it all started on the day where (Y/N) scraped her knee.

I will not give you up this time

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

Archie asked (Y/N) to Pop’s again. And again.  And again.  On the fifth visit, Archie confessed his feelings for (Y/N) and asked if they could call these trips to Pop’s dates.  (Y/N), although deep down she knew her heart belonged to someone else, agreed. Neither of them payed any attention to the slamming of the door at the front.  Jughead had stormed out after hearing the exchange.

“We should have a double date,” Archie suggested to Jughead one day during school.  Jughead rolled his eyes, slamming his locker shut.

“Why?” he questioned and began strolling down the hallway.  Archie followed.

“Because I think it’d be fun,” he answered, oblivious to Jughead’s jealousy.  “I mean we were both super close with (Y/N) when we were younger, and it’s not like her and Betty are strangers.  I think it’d be fun.”  He walked off, leaving Jughead alone to his thoughts.

Jughead weighed the pros and cons of going on this double date.  On the one hand, maybe having Betty and (Y/N) together in the same room as him might help set himself straight.  He was sick of feeling guilty every time he was around Betty.  But on the other hand, he was afraid of seeing (Y/N) with Archie.  Sure, he saw them together at Pop’s all the time, but if both of them were sitting in front of him, he would not be able to look away.  He’d be forced to watch as Archie wrapped his arms around (Y/N), and he’d have to see her laughing at all his jokes.  And the worse part would be that as he sat next to Betty, the only thing he’d be thinking about is how he wished to be in Archie’s place.

Finally, Jughead made up his mind and texted Archie his answer:

Yes.  Let’s do the double date.

The night of the double date arrived, and Jughead was second-guessing his decision.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  Or maybe it’ll be fine.  No, this was an awful idea.

They didn’t do anything fancy for the double date; all four of them agreed that Pop’s was the best place to go.  When Jughead arrived at the diner, the only other person there was (Y/N).  He approached the booth and slid into it across from her.

“Hey,” he greeted.  She smiled.

“Hey, Jug,” she responded. Neither of them said anything else, both of them caught up in their own whirlwind of thoughts.  This is how it should be.  This is how they should be.

“This was a mistake,” Jughead finally said, breaking the tension.  He stood up and began to exit.

“What are you doing?” (Y/N) called out after him.  He stopped and spun on his heel, but he didn’t come back to the table.

“Leaving, (Y/N), I’m leaving,” he answered, his voice sharp.  (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“I know that, dumbass, I mean why?”

“Because I can’t do this,” he threw his hands up in the air in frustration.  “I can’t sit across from you and watch you be happy with someone else.” Neither (Y/N) or Jughead noticed that Betty and Archie had just entered the diner.

“Why?  You can’t be happy for me?” (Y/N) demanded, stepping a tiny bit closer to Jughead.  He shook his head.

“No, I can’t,” he replied.  “Not when you’re happy with someone else.”  

“Then who do you want me to be happy with?”

“With me, goddammit!” he shouted. (Y/N) froze.

“With you?” she repeated, quieter. Jughead buried his face in his hands.

“Jesus,” he mumbled into his skin, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Well since you did,” (Y/N) took a couple more steps closer to Jughead, “why don’t you explain yourself?”

“I’m in love with you, okay?” he shouted, throwing arms up.  “Is that what you wanted to hear?  I have been in love with you since the third grade, and then you fucking left.  So I started dating Betty because I thought she made me happy, and dammit she does make me happy.  But then you came back, you just had to come back.  Now Betty, poor Betty, she doesn’t have a clue.  I still love you, (Y/N), but now you’re dating Archie and this is just a big pile of shit.”  (Y/N) stood there motionless, unable to move.

“Since the third grade?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.  Jughead nodded.

“Jughead,” Betty finally gained the courage to speak.  Her voice caught the attention of both Jughead and (Y/N), causing their focus to snap over to the blonde and the ginger standing in the entrance.

“How much of that did you hear?” Jughead groaned.  Betty smiled sadly.

“All of it.”

“You must hate me,” he said, and Betty shook her head.

“No, Juggie, I don’t hate you. But I do think you should’ve told me how you felt.”  She walked up to him, kissed him on the cheek, and then slowly walked backwards. “I’m not going to keep you from the girl you love.”  She sent him one more sad smile before exiting the diner, leaving Jughead, Archie, and (Y/N).

“Jughead,” Archie started, but Jughead held up his hand to stop him.

“No, Archie, this isn’t about me,” Jughead said.  “It’s about (Y/N).”  Both of the boys turned to face (Y/N), and she couldn’t help but recall that time when she scraped her knee.  That time where both of the boys showed concern for her, but she only appreciated it from one of them.

“(Y/N)?” Archie questioned. “It’s okay if you don’t want to… you know.”  She looked at him sadly.

“Archie,” she began, “I love you. I truly, truly do.”  Jughead deflated at this, and he was about to exit the diner when (Y/N) continued.  “But I can’t lead you on like this.  You’ve been one of my best friends since we were little, and I don’t want anything to ruin that.”  She didn’t have to say anything else, because Archie nodded in understanding.  He hugged (Y/N) tight, and they stood embracing each other in the diner, Jughead watching.  They pulled apart and Archie nodded at Jughead before he, too, left the diner.

Jughead and (Y/N) stood facing each other in the oddly vacant diner.

“So…” (Y/N) drawled.  “You love me?”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

Neither of them had any idea of what to say, so they agreed to go home and meet up again tomorrow.  Both (Y/N) and Jughead stayed awake the whole night, wondering what they were going to say to the other the next day.

That fateful day arrived, and (Y/N) walked into Pop’s, immediately spotting Jughead sitting in a booth.  She approached the booth, and as she neared it, Jughead looked up at the sound of her footsteps.  He smiled.

“Sorry, I’m kind of a mess today,” she laughed, gesturing to her disheveled state.  She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of leggings with a small hole in them, and her hair was falling out of its ponytail.

“You look perfect,” he whispered, not intending for her to hear it.  However, he realized he said it too loud when he saw her smile.  She sat down across from him.

“So you love me,” she repeated what he had said yesterday, and Jughead nodded.

“I do,” he replied.  (Y/N) pursed her lips for a moment, her eyebrows furrowed.

“I love you, too,” she finally said, barely above a whisper.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

androidsfighting  asked:

Taakitz date night maybe? <3

This is kinda sloppy, I tried to slap on some colour because I was worried it didn’t read as a sketch but I don’t know if colour helped the cohesion any LOL, I hope you like it anyhow! (I really wanted to draw Taako in a cloche today?!)

Also it only occurred to me after that you might have meant their actual canon date at the chug n squeeze, so if that was the case…. um… I’m sorry… just in case here’s something old old old I drew when the episode first came out forever ago and I hadn’t really worked out how to draw them properly yet??!!!


The last Hogwarts quidditch match that Harry and Draco would ever play was nearing its second hour when everything went to Tartarus.

A badly coordinated move, an absentminded scratch on the back of a head and the not-skilled-enough reflexes of a black haired seeker turned what should have been a glorious ending to eight years of education into the reason Draco Malfoy screamed Harry’s name at the top of his lungs loud enough to scare away some birds seven miles away.

“HARRY!” Without thinking twice Draco propelled himself off his broom to the ground where Harry’s body was heading towards after a heavy collision with a bludger. The crack of the saviour’s skull was possibly even louder than Draco’s piercing cry.

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androidsfighting  asked:

are you still taking taakitz prompts?? maybe.... taakitz wedding? (i adore your art and fic so much!!!)

Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like my stuff!! I wish I had unlimited time to draw and write unlimited versions of taakitz weddings bc just thinking about it makes me cry, but for now we’re gonna have to make do with this one completely inadequate doodle /__\ I hope you like it anyhow!

(The biggest concern - what on earth does Taako wear?? I put him in a simple suit because it’s past my bedtime on a weeknight and dresses are hard and I’m sleepy, but I usually imagine him in a big puffy gown?!!)

Thanks for the request! Please feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll get to them as soon as I can, cuz drawing these two and sharing em with people makes me so happy!

Mischief (Loki story)

PART 1/5

Originally posted by luxury-loki

Summary: The reader is a mischievous girl who tends to do what she wants, regardless of consequences. But after too much mischief, she gets caught and meets the God of Mischief himselff.


A/N: listen my buddy, my friends, I somehow know where I’m going with this, and I also don’t. Anyhow, I hope you will like this first part, I am planning more (if it’s alright). I don’t respect the MCU timeline, so Peter’s included, Bucky’s included, the Ultron debacle never happened, Pietro Maximoff is breathing, and Civil War whom?  

Warnings/content: Nothing to be alarmed off, except maybe mild swearing, it’s a lot Avengers x reader in this part and will turn more Loki x Reader later, with a tad bit of Bucky x reader friendship! 

Word count: ≈ 2676

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Hi, hello. So I made a marichat comic for Miraculous Fluff Month where our two favorite children are angsty and pure. The story goes during an akuma battle Mari had to reveal her identity. Chat blames himself and Mari is now very afraid she put her friends and family in danger which brings her to tears along with teh fact she just had to reveal herself to her partner/best friend. Chat takes her home and the rest is up there. 

I just recently switched computers so sorry if it looks kinda messy, I’m still getting used to it. ALSo I’m sorry there’s kinda no shading.. or backgrounds, whoops. AnYHOW I hope you guys like my addition to the “Please, stay?” prompt ;))

Dog Tags

A lovely anon requested: For your Christmas drabbles, could you write Bucky gifting the reader his old dog tags?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 515

Tags: @coltcas

Masterlist | Christmas Drabbles

A/N: idk how I feel about this one hopefully I did an all right job. Anyhow Bucky is amazing and I hope you like it~

*Y/F/N: your full name

Originally posted by buckaholic


All oxygen has suddenly left your body and your vision becomes blurred by tears as you realize what you hold in your hands.

“Merry Christmas, doll.”

You and Bucky have been together for a while, and especially with everything you’ve been through together— everything he’s been through, and finally having the longest period of peace, you knew this Christmas would be special. It’s not like you were expecting him to propose or anything, but his dog tags; this is beyond anything you would have ever expected.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he says, his voice dropping in volume like he’s telling you a secret; words that are only meant for you to hear. Words that aren’t for anyone else to hear, not even the crackling fire or the howling wind. “I want you to have them.”

“But Bucky, these are the only thing you have left from your old life—”

“I still have old man Steve from my old life,” he chuckles, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. “And you are my new life.”

“Thi-this is your identity—"The tears that prick at the back fo your eyes render your tone unsteady. "This is your name.”

“And I want you to have it.”

He stands from where the two of you were sitting on the couch and leans down to press his lips to your forehead. Everything seems to happen in slow motion, yet still too fast for your brain to fully process as he gently takes the dog tags from your hands and bends down so he stands on one knee.

“Bucky, what are you—”

“I know it’s not a ring, and I still have a lot of work to do on myself, but—” You know that you’re a total cliché as your breath hitches and you cover your mouth, but you don’t care. “Would you, Y/F/N, do me the honor and accept these as a promise to one day marry me?”

There’s a moment; it’s only a few seconds, but to Bucky it feels to last a lifetime as he kneels  before you. His eyes locked on yours, both your breathing is uneven, and doubt starts to creep from a dark corner of his mind, but then he sees the twinkle in your eye right before you proceed to fling yourself at him.

You both end up on the floor, your body lined up perfectly on top of his as you kiss him hard and passionately. His arms are around your waist and squeeze you tighter to him. When you pull back, you’re both left panting and unable to stop the beaming smiles.

One of his hands reaches up to brush the strands of hair from your face, and the other holds up his dog tags. Your focused on the metal tags and take in every detail with the light from the fire reflecting off of them. He carefully pulls the necklace of your head and admires how it dangles from your neck. This feels so much better than sliding a ring around your finger ever could.

Happy birthday my dear @myownparadise96!! Here’s your favourite boy from your favourite era hehe ;D <33


this one is basically just a bit of fluff, really. I’ve been struggling a bit with my writing, and I’m not entirely sure I’m happy with this either. but I hope you enjoy it either way. jack lowden.

Traveling was a huge part of your daily life. Your job, and your partners job, involved lots of traveling, and seeing the world had always been a dream of yours. Of course, when in a relationship with an actor - all of the traveling and different time zones made keeping in touch and seeing one another quite difficult. You guys made it work though. In fact, you had only been seeing him for about five months, nearing the half year mark with only a week to go. 

In this moment, you were sat on a plane, smiling to yourself as you watched the ground come closer and closer as the pilot informed the air hostesses to take their seats for landing through the speakers. It had been two weeks since you last saw Jack, and even though it hadn’t been a long separation - it had felt that way, only hearing his voice and his thick accent through the phone just wasn’t enough. And there was a longing ache settling deep within your chest.

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anonymous asked:

could you make an ap European history masterpost please?

i’ve actually never taken AP Euro, but here are some quick resources for you!

i hope this was helpful! i’m really sorry i couldn’t give you more, i don’t exactly know what the course is like :/  anyhow, i hope you do awesome in that class because you totally deserve it! have an amazing day!!

Day 16 - Matt Bellamy and Miles Kane in DPJHCB


Follow me through
The city of frost-covered angels
I swear I have nothing to prove
I just want to dance in your tangles
To give me some reason to move

Inktober Day 4 

IT’S FINISHED AHHHH (see below for an actual explanation of EVERYTHING)

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Prince!Sebastian x Reader (1)

Originally posted by sadly-not-a-fictional-character

Title: Mean So Much (Part 1)

Pairing: Prince!Sebastian Stan x Reader AU

Word Count: 466

Warnings: nothing…yet ;)

A/N: CAN WE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT GIF FIRST?! HOLY HELLLL!!!! Anyhow, I hope you guys will like this filler while I finish off Littler Red!! xx

Sebastian stood in front of his mirror desperately trying to tie his tie. He was so focused on what he was doing that he was startled when a familiar girl knocked on the frame of his door.

“Oh, y/n, it’s you.” He smiled, showing off his Romanian Prince charm.

“It’s me,” Y/n beamed at the Prince with a bucket of laundry resting on her hip, “Where do you want me to put these, love?” 

Sebastian gestured to the corner of the room, “Just there,” and continued to attempt to fold his tie.

After y/n put the laundry in the corner of the room, she stood watching Sebastian with a hand on her hip and her lips tugging up into a smile.

“You need a hand there, bubs?” She giggled as she made her way to help him.

Her hands were soft when she made contact with Sebastian. It was a miracle that he managed to slow down his heartbeats as it pounded in his chest as y/n expertly tied his tie.

“All done!” She said while smoothing down his suit.

“Thanks, y/n. You’re a doll.” He smiled softly and kissed her nose.

Y/n’s heart fluttered, “No problem Seb. I’m at your service 24/7 - I am one of the castle’s best servants after all.”

“Y/n?” Sebastian asked nervously.


“D-Do I look okay?” He asked his gaze going back to the mirror on his wall.

Y/n started to laugh, “Why would you ask me that? You look more than okay! You look amazing!”

Sebastian chuckled and looked at y/n through the mirror, “Thank you y/n.”

“No worries. I’m your best and only friend. Color me supportive.” She giggled.

Then out of nowhere, he pulled her into a tight hug. Y/n could barely breathe 

“Woah! Calm down tiger!” She smiled as she hugged him back.

He buried his head into the crook of her neck and kissed her shoulder, “What would I do without you, y/n?”

“Well…You’d probably die just to be honest.”

Sebastian laughed heartily and let go of y/n - but not her hands. He brought her hands up to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

“A gentleman like always.” She compliments him.

Anthony knocks on the door - ruining the moment and shouting at y/n, “There you are y/n! I’ve been looking through the whole castle for you! C’mon! Whedon’s gonna kill us if we don’t go on this supply run.“

Y/n nodded at Anthony then patted Sebastian’s shoulders, “Don’t get into any trouble while I’m gone, yeah?”

Sebastian nodded, “I won’t. But do you have to go?“ he pouted, pleading y/n to stay with his puppy dog eyes.

Anthony rolled his eyes, “Yes. She does. Now let’s go!”

“Calm your tits Anthony, I’m coming,” Y/n laughs as she closes Sebastian’s door behind her.

Part 2