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11.02.16 | DAL @ CHI | requested: Patrick Sharp post-game (x)

on being back in Chicago + tribute: It was very special. First class. First class organization. I said many times I enjoyed my ten years here in Chicago. Very proud of what we accomplished on and off the ice, got a lot of good friends there on the other side, was definitely emotional to watch that // It was fun! Fun to be back in the UC. You see a lot of familiar faces around the glass […] // Yeah, it was–that was neat, you know, it was… AJ does a good job putting those videos together, uh, a lot of footage from when I was younger… just kind of makes you think of all the good times over the years. 

I wanted to blow off some steam by quickly doodling. @moinstar‘s human version of @yoralim‘s Echotale AU G!Sans is cute. I apologize if he looks too different ( /)A(\ );;. Is it weird I think a monster-type of Frisk would also suit him as a friend and/or partner?


6 years of My name is Khan

“My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist.”

“There is nothing wrong in being scared just don’t let your fear be so big that it stops you from moving ahead.”

The Sabbatical (or how Emma Swan brought Valentine’s Day back)

Happy Valentine’s Day @literatiruinedme!!

Surprise!!!!! It was me!  Ok, I know you’d prefer this to be posted on Sunday, but as I’m heading to my summer vacation and I am not sure how the connection is going to be on the place I go to (they all say they have wifi and then it sucks), I really wanted to post this so you don’t miss it.

It was awesome getting to know you and I’ve been having so much fun with our exchanges… and I truly hope you like this. I took some of your ideas and run with them, but then my creativity took a life on its own and this happened!

(edited to thank the wonderful @amagicalship for betaing this for me)

FF.net Ao3

The Sabbatical or how Emma Swan brought Valentine’s Day back

Killian Jones abhors his neighbors. He really does. These people clearly have not been properly civilized. There is no other logical reason to explain their constant need for chatting, “borrowing” items (you can’t borrow sugar or coffee, not really) or their distaste in music. There is no other explanation for the little hearts taped on everyone’s door - including his - with the words Let’s all be Valentine’s carefully scribbled on all of them, an extra heart added at the top of the i.

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someone: “i dont agree with ur headcanon… :( everyone in homestuck is white confirmed…white… :( :( :( [character] cant be [race/ethnicity] because that doesnt biologically make sense :( :( :( :( lol…. but ok…”

me: continues to draw whatever the fuck i want tbh