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Voltron Wizard!Au Headcanons

Sooooo, here you have beautiful people, i hope you like them!

- Every wizard have a tattoo. These are very important ‘cause they tell what kind of powers you have (Nature, air, light, fire, water).

- Zarkon is the bad wizard on this story (no shit sherlock) and he can control the darkness. He started being just a simple an good fire wizard, but you know, he messed up and changed his tattoo, creating a new and unique power. Darkness.

- All the fire wizards belong to Zarkon. Shiro was his favourite one, he was going to be the next wizard with darkness powers, but Allura appreared and saved Shiro. In consecuence, Shiro’s right arm has darkness powers, and his left arm has fire powers. The thing is that his tattoo it’s blurring and he is loosing his fire powers.

(like that)

- Allura and Coran are the only ones with light powers and they soooo powerful. Allura has her tattoo and the face and her left leg and Koran on his face and ankle. They are the most protected in the academy and when Allura brought Shiro, he also was protected, ‘cause he was the only fire wizard in the school.

- The entrance of the academy is a big Hollow tree. When you walk inside, you have five rooms. NATURE, AIR, WATER and LIGHT, and then the one that every wizard goes to know more about other wizard powers.

- The Academy forms groups of three, a wizard of each power. In these groups you go to adventures, you made friends and you learn about new things. You know what group of three the academy made? Hunk, Pidge and Lance HOHOHO

- Hunk has his tatto and his left arm, Lance on his right arm and Pidge on her back. Keith has it on the face

- You know, Keith powers are fire, so that means that his leader is Zarkon (OMG) In the continuation of the mini-comic (that i will draw in the future) We can see that the one that is following Keith is Shiro, ‘cause Shiro was his friend, and he wants him to be ok, to be safe. He wants him to leave Galra and come to the academy. But everything is a secret, if Zarkon knows anything of that, he would be so angryyy.

- You might be asking yourselves, but…wtf, how do they form the team if allura, Koran and Shiro are like famous and doesnt talk to students? Well, i cant tell you, cause u will see it in a ini comic in the future ewe

- The rooms of nature, air, water and light are so beautiful. Like each one is different depending on the element. I’m designing them, i will post them one day

-(this is when Keith and Lance are already a pairing) When Keith kisses Lance, he burns him a little, so sometimes Lance uses his water powers to wet him so he cant use his powers gfkjldl (that means he cant burn him)

This are alll the headcanons i have until now! If you have any idea and want to help me i would be soooo happy!!! 


Second and last commission for @vivynek0, this was supposed to be a lineart only… but I couldn’t resist to flat color it so that it looks more complete ;u;

Thank you so much to have ordered those and I really hope you like it ;u;

Art© @little-noko

Neko!Sans© @vivynek0

Scout!Sans© @azraeltree

So Unlike You, part II

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,589

Summary: You meet Baekhyun in a coffee shop and hit it off. You don’t realize who he is until after, and by then it’s too late.

Thank you, to all the great feedback! Feel free to let me know what you think :)

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