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All My Idols Ch 13:Exception To The Rule

A few Months Later

“I said it before and I will say it again: No!”

“Charlie, why are you being so difficult?” GD sighs.

“Because this is a ridiculous conversation, you guys are not getting me an apartment, I am not moving, end of discussion.”

“Chaerin, please talk some sense into her!” Top pipes in this time, looking just as unnerved by this conversation as GD. I look to my favorite unni, looking confident and beautiful in only a pair of ripped jeans in a t-shirt, hoping for her to be on my side like normal. But from the apologetic look she is giving me I know I’m not that lucky today.

“Charlie-ah please listen to them, they are doing this because they want to keep you safe.”

I stand up and start pacing, completely annoyed with this whole situation. After they found out that my apartment had been broken into last week they have been on edge, worried it might be a fan that found out about me. I ignore that idea considering they took my TV and a few other nice appliances that I had left out but nothing with any information about me or even a picture. They have been insisting since last week for me to move into the same apartment building that they all moved into months ago after their break in. The building is owned by YG Ahjusshi so the security is amazing and is never a problem, something they want for me. I wouldn’t mind living there if it wasn’t so far from my work and the rent wasn’t so high.

“Unni, you can’t be serious!” I stomp my foot like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Look here little princess,” Unni snaps but her tone softens as she continues, “I understand you are a string independent girl, I love and admire you for it. But your safety is at risk and that isn’t something I’m okay with. You have every right to say no to this, but please for your own well being please move in. We will all sleep better knowing your home is a safe place for you to go.”

I let out a sigh before finally sitting down in my original spot in between Youngbae and GD on the couch. Youngbae rubs my back soothingly, knowing how much pride I have and my unwillingness to break down. I hate it when they buy things for me, food is one thing but expensive presents are something I never accept so they know not to even try. So for them offer something this big, they must really feel worried and suddenly I feel guilty for making them worry.

“Does it have to be here? This place has to be expensive.” I say giving up.

“Don’t worry about the price, YG will give you a great discount.” Seungri says beaming at me for finally caving.

“What about work? It’s so far away!”

They look at each other awkwardly as Unni just glares at them, “You haven’t asked her that either? Is that why you invited me over? I’m not going to be the one to convince her to do everything.”

“What now?”

Still glaring at them Unni says, “These idiots want you to become a stage hand, the person who wanders around and makes sure all the idols are in place to perform.”

“No, I can’t keep letting you guys do things like this for me! I don’t want to be a bother to any of you.”

“We would never consider you a bother, never.” Youngbae says seriously. “You are one of our closest friends, you do so much for us. You are one of the few people that actually gets less sleep then us and it’s because of us. We have you running all over Korea the least we could do is give you some place to rest that will be your own private place. And if that makes it harder for you to get too work we are just trying to think of a way to solve that problem.”

I sigh but lean over and give him a tight hug, “Thank you for caring so much. I’ll take the apartment, as long as it’s the smallest one they’ve got. And I may take the job after I talk to my boss.”

“Really?” Seungri hops out of his chair.

I nod and suddenly he is on me and without hesitation Youngbae tries his best to pry him off me.

“We already see her everyday, I don’t know why you are freaking out,” GD grumbles while he successfully helps Youngbae throw the youngest away.

Still smiling he says, “It will just be comforting knowing our little Charlie is only a few floors away at most.”

The others consider his words but don’t admit they feel the same. I look to my unni who is staring at the boys with a smile. “You boys are such good princes, just having our little princess near by can make everything better.”

Top scoffs, “Are you saying you feel different?”

“Nope,” She pops her lips on the p, “I’m much happier knowing she is going to be protected by her handsome princes in your guys’ giant castle. I will be with the rest of her knights guarding the outside.” She stands up, still giving me a teasing smile before kissing my head like a mother would. She waves as her heels click their way out the door, leaving me with my princes.

“So when am I going to be moving in?” I say with a yawn as I shift so my head is in GD’s lap and my legs resting on top of Youngbae’s. GD just smiles down at me affectionately and strokes my cheek, letting one of the others answer.

“As soon as possible, I’ll have Noona call a moving company,” Top responds as he pulls out his phone to text Unni.

“What is the schedule for today?” I ask, ever since my run in with Leo all those months ago my schedule was immediately changed so I would regrettably work less and only day shifts with a whiny Bailey but it is much better than seeing that ass again. At least it gives me more time to spend with my oppas now that I only work a few days a week compared to almost every night like before.

“There is another countdown,” Youngbae sighs.

“Oh my god,” I copy his sigh, “Now I see why Unni started using me as bait to make you go, those things are almost every weekend.”

“Tell us about it, we’ve been doing this for years!” Riri groans.

“We should get going though,” GD sighs but doesn’t motion to get up, he seems to focused on playing with my curls. I blink up at him, waiting for him to tell me to move but nothing comes from his mouth. It’s Youngbae who drags me down the couch off of GD’s lap on to his.

“Lead the way,” Youngbae gestures to the door. GD groans as he gets off the couch, Dae, Riri and Top all mumbling as they follow behind him. Youngbae and I are the last up and to the door. Pulling on my tan timberlands I follow the boys down the hall to the elevator.

After being to so many countdowns I have no problem as we sneak through the back door and are lead threw the now very familiar halls to their usual dressing room. Manager unni is already there waiting for us, she gives me a bright smile and a hug.

“You look really cute today!” She steps back and gives my outfit a once over, appreciating my new black ripped jeans. “I already called and made all of the arrangements, you won’t be needing to go back to your old apartment. Give me a day or two to have everything organized in your new one.” Without another word she moves on to the boys, who are giving me an apologetic look. I shrug it away, feeling a bit sad that I can’t say goodbye to my apartment but happy my new one is so close to theirs. “Lottie, I saw Ikon down the hall, they were looking for you.”

I look to my oppas to see if they are okay with it; they smile and nod, knowing they are going to be busy getting ready anyway. With their blessing I wander out of the room in search of my dongseangs. I don’t have to travel far but I don’t find Ikon, instead I smack into Hansol oppa. He realizes it’s me and scoops me up into a hug without another thought.

“Our princess!” He coos as he spins me around. I laugh, drawing in the attention of the rest of the group.

“Aigoo, what are you doing out here?” P-Goon asks with a smile as he pats my head, making me feel like a child.

“No one has snatched you up yet?” B-Joo teases.

“Nope,” I grin at them, “You are the first to find me today.”

Jenissi smirks, “Well aren’t we lucky.”

“When are you guys performing?”

“After three more groups, we would invite you to watch but…” Atom starts as he looks around for any of his members to finish for him.

Brave little Yano steps up, “But we go on after EXO.”

I nod.

My ‘fear’ of EXO has become common knowledge to every idol. Though only a few, Big bang, Ikon, and Lay, thankfully know the real reason. The only people who don’t know about my avoiding them is EXO themselves; that or they just choose to ignore it when I duck into other rooms or behind groups to hide. It has strangely become a thing for everyone to help me avoid them, making walls or distracting them for me to get away.

“We can hang out back stage for a little bit, I can sneak out before they come in,” I suggest, pulling Nakta and Hojoon down the hall with me. The boys don’t argue as we make our way through the building to the side of the stage. We talk for a little while the stage is quietly transitions for another group that is already waiting on the side lines. When the music starts up again the boys lead me forward so we can watch the performance. Seventeen is on and I begin the fan chants with the crowd. Topp Dogg just watches me laughing; Hansol even holds my hand and joins in the chant with me. When their performance is done they come off to the side of the stage. They smile big when they see me, each fighting for a hug.

“Noona,” Channie grins big at me, “Your chant was so loud you made me loss focus.”

“That’s what I’m here for. I noticed you missing a few steps,” I tease.

“You need to stop watching us so much, I don’t like that you can correct me!” He pouts cutely.

Mingyu pops up looking down at me from his massive height but still some how manages to look like a puppy, “Noona, how did I do?”

“You did great but you and Wonwoo need to calm down with the fan service, you’re children, remember that!” I glance over at the older boy who is just grinning like an idiot. “Where is my angel?” I look around the massive crowd of boys, trying to find a child of God himself.

“I’m here Noona,” His perfect voice rings out from behind me. Joshua is smiling down at me, a picture so pretty I’m surprised I don’t cry.

“Omo, you were so cute out there!” He just blushes.

“I thought I was your angel,” Junghan teases with a devilish smirk.

“You are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

He fakes hurt giving me perfect puppy dog eyes that I’ve learned to become resistant to, making him actually frown. I’m distracted by a cute girl pulling on my arm away from the group of boys. Yeri of Red Velvet grins at me, making me giggle and hug her tightly.

“My cute little Yeri!” I coo as I hug her.

“Unni! I feel like I haven’t seen you in for ever!” She steps back still holding my hands.

Joy joins our group, giving me a big smile, “We saw Unni like a week or two ago!”

“Aigoo, does that mean you didn’t miss me?” I tease the girl.

“Of course I missed you Unni!” She gets in between the younger and I to hug me.

“Ya!” Irene calls as her and the last two complete our group. “Are you guys causing trouble for our Princess?” The oldest jokingly scolds.

“No!” The two youngest snap to attention, their eyes wide with innocence.

“Good,” She gives them a once over before looking to me with a big motherly smile, her arms open wide to hug me. “How have you been?”

“Unni, it hasn’t even been two weeks.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

I laugh, “I’ve been good, how about you lovely ladies?”

“We’ve been pretty busy, but that’s what happens when you’re a newer group,” She sighs with a shrug.

“Sorry to ruin this fun moment but we are going to have company in a few minutes,” Seungcheol whispers in my ear. I nod in understanding and it only takes a few seconds for Red Velvet to understand as well, all of the sudden becoming look out as they scan back stage for their sunbaes. Seventeen forms a shield around me, as I wave goodbye to the other groups, escorting me back to the halls. After a few turns I giggle like a school girl at the sight of Himchan walking down the hall mindlessly. I bid a farewell to my amazing escorts to run up and jump on the older man.

Even his yelp is still a deep sound and he reflexively wraps his arms behind himself to catch me, suddenly giving me a piggyback ride. He glares at me over his shoulder for a second before realization sinks in and he grins big.

“My little princess what are you doing giving your oppa a heart attack?” He teases as he continues down the hall with me on his back.

“Sorry Oppa,” I apologize as I wrap my arms around his neck, “I saw the perfect opportunity and I had to take it.”

He chuckles as he turns into their dressing room where he is greeted by a pillow in the face. I’m not surprised to find out it was thrown by an over excited Youngjae. The younger automatically bows to apologize, but Himchan already look ready to kill him. My attention is taken by the giant that approaches me from the side; I drop to the ground to hug the massive boy.

“Oh my goodness my baby is getting so tall!” I coo as I give the tall boy a once over. He smiles down cutely at me, his adorable face giving away his age. “You look thin, have you been eating properly? Youngguk oppa! Why is my baby Zelo so thin?” I snap as I scan the room for the oldest member, who is already approaching us.

“I don’t even get a greeting first?” His deep voice rumbles with a very cute gummy smile. I sigh before giving him a tight hug and a swat on the arm once we separate.

“Why is my baby so skinny? Have you not been feeding him?” I turn to Zelo before the older can answer, “Is he not feeding you enough? I told you to call Noona if you are having any problems, are you hungry now?”

The young boy grabs my cheeks and leans down with a smile on his cute face, “Noona I am fine, thank you.” He pecks the top of my head before letting me go.

“Aigoo,” I swat at him, “I’m not a child.”

They all laugh but Daehyun speaks first, “Aw but your height begs to differ.” He pats my head.

“If you guys are going to be rude I’m going,” I puff as I turn on my heel to head toward the door. Just as I’m about to step out all of BTS comes busting in slamming the door close behind them. “What the hell?”

Jin raises his brow at me, “First off, watch the pretty little mouth of yours.” I snap my mouth close and give a small apologetic bow. “Secondly there was a change in the schedule since one of the EXO members was late. He is heading this way and we were one our way to come find you.”

“Who is it?” I ask undeniably curious, though the anxiety in my chest tells me not even to think about it.

“I think it’s Lay,” Suga answers.

As fast as the anxiety appeared it is gone replaced with butterflies, “Lay oppa?” I say happily.

“Ugh why did you tell her it was him?” Jimin whines as I push passed them to the door.

Suga shrugs, “I forget he’s the exception to her fear.” I don’t hear the rest of the conversation as I speed walk down the hall to find Lay before he finds the rest of his group. As Suga said, Lay is the exception to my ‘fear’, in fact he has kicked almost all of my other favorites in the ass to get closer to the top of my list. I love all of my oppas, unnis, and dongseangs but it would be a lie to say I don’t have favorites. Big bang are on top no without question, followed by Ikon, BTS and Seventeen, after that everyone else is pretty equal.

At the end of the hall I see Lay turning the corner to start walking towards me. His eyes lock with mine and he automatically smiles, his dimples showing strong, making me smile in return. But his smile doesn’t last long, he looks over his shoulder as Suho turns the corner. I stop in my tracks at the sight of the older man, my heart debating on whether is should stop or pound out of my chest. He looks absolutely amazing in neatly ironed slacks and a matching black button up, I mean god damn. Even though I’m comfortable with Lay, him standing there next to Suho looking just as good in about the same outfit I want jump them, there I said it.

“Charlie-ah,” Lay says as he reaches me, I am far to lost in my own slightly dirty thoughts to realize both he and Suho are now in front of me. He puts a hand on my shoulder, rubbing it soothingly.

“Charlie?” Suho repeats cutely. I’m too dumbstruck to say anything right away.

Lay looks from me to Suho debating on whether he should explain both my identity and my sudden statue like behavior, “Charlie, the princess.”

Suho’s eyes go wide and suddenly he takes a step back and bows deeply, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Oh no,” I say finally snapping out of my daze, “No need to be so polite, you’re older I should be the one bowing.” I match his bow.

“Both of you stop,” Lay says as he makes both of us stand up strait. Neither of us could look at each other head on, only able to do small glances, each noticing the others blush. Lay has never looked so amused in his life. “Will you both stop being so awkward?”

“Lay oppa,” I swat at him, “No need to be rude.”

“I’m not being rude little one, we are just kind of rushing so I would like to get all of the awkwardness out of the way so if you ever run into the rest of EXO while I’m not there, there will be someone else to help you out. So,” He pulls Suho and I even closer together, “be friendly.”

If only it was that easy.

“Lay, the princess obviously is uncomfortable with the idea so lets not force her,” Suho sounds upset as he tries to pull away from Lay. I feel guilty at the thought of Suho thinking I don’t like him or something, when it’s the exact opposite.

“I’m not uncomfortable with it Suho oppa,” I say shyly as I grab his arm keeping him from pulling away. He stares at me with wide eyes, an expression that makes me giggle.

“If you are sure, we can become closer,” His awkwardness is so adorable I forget I’m talking to EXO’s leader.

“I would like nothing more,” I can’t help but smile at him. Lay leans down and whispers in my ear.

“If only you could be like this with the rest of EXO, especially a certain hyung,” He leans away with a innocent smirk on his lips.

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Hi could you do a scenario where you're an idol in a popular girl group and you're at an awards show and like all of EXO is like checking you out because you're sitting right in front of them then Baekhyun's the lucky one and you two end up dating in the end? Sorry if it's too much to ask!

“Unnie,” your maknae whispers, poking at your sides. “Y/N-unnie, hey.”

You stop watching the boy group performing on stage to shoot your maknae a dirty look. “What is it, Jiyeon?” you sigh. “I’m trying to watch SEVENTEEN’s choreo, I want to try to learn it.”

“I know, I know, it is very nice, if you get what I mean,” she says with a wink, making you groan. “But there’s something just a little bit nicer that you might want to see.”

You raise an eyebrow, mildly curious. Jiyeon knows that you’ve been psyched about learning the choreo to SEVENTEEN’s new comeback ever since you saw the dance teaser, so what could possibly be nicer than actually seeing it in real life? “What are you talking about?” you ask.

The maknae grins. “I think the EXO-sunbaenims are checking you out, unnie,” she says brightly.

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B.A.P reaction pretty please my favorite unnies? When you both like eachother but are just friends, and you decide to see if he felt the same way by shyly kissing them?

Hi there our favorite dongsaeng~ anything for you! This request is so cuteeee! I hope you like the way it turns out~



You lean over and end up kissing him on the corner of his lips rather than on his cheek and he is so overwhelmed and shocked he makes this face (first part of gif) the turns his head “Don’t look at me right now…” he says with a large smile and blush, his hand up to hide them (second part of gif) - but he soon moves his hand and gives you a gentle kiss to test the waters, both of you blushing and laughing afterward. 

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Your lips barley touched his when he turned is head at the call of his name, but cue overreaction and him playing dead. He sits up not long after with a bright smile and plants a gentle but playful kiss on your lips “I knew you couldn’t resist me!” “Really Himchan, really?”

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook


“Oppa.” you call lightly and he turns to see what you want, when you quickly but softly kiss him on the lips. When neither of you move you chance another kiss, this time putting more pressure before sitting back to where you were to begin with. “Y/N…” he trails off squeezing his face and thinking of how your lips felt on his “I uh…” he starts but simply reaches to pull you in for a proper kiss. 

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When you move to give Youngjae a sweet, soft kiss he is too shocked to react and just stares at you (gif). He is this way for a minute or so, making you nervous, “Did you die?” You ask kind of jokingly “I think so cause that’s only ever happened in my dreams…” He says still making that dumb face “Can we do it again, just to make sure I’m not actually dead?”

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You guys were watching a drama and munching on snacks when you turn his face towards yours and quickly peck his lips, immediately acting like nothing happened and shoving a cookie in your mouth. He stares at you, mouth too full to talk, and chews really quickly -nearly chocking- just to shyly move closer to you and also place a small quick kiss on you lips before following what you did and acting like nothing happened, but both of your blushes and big smiles tell all.

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He saw you scoot closer to him but didn’t think anything of it until your hand was on his arm and you were stretching to leave a shy kiss on his cheeck. He immediately smiles because he likes it of course, but also because you were just so cute about it. When he recovers a little he leans over and kisses your temple, ending with you laying on his shoulder and him happily being your pillow when you fall asleep.

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BTS  Rap Monster 'Dream Catcher'

Anonymous asked: HELP ME SISTER FOR I HAVE SINNED IN MY MIND!!! 🙏🏽 I’m perpetually having Joonie’s feels and I need you to help me deal with my emotional parkour You said it was okay to throw requests at your face so I guess it’s what I’m doing. Now, if it is ok with you, please do an Namjoonie expansion to the nightmare reaction you did a while back. Kamsahamnida unnie 🐣🌹💐💕💕💕💕 Best regards, Ham Girl. 😂

A/N:  O_O  ROFL….okay ‘Anon’. SMH, I can’t believe you signed it “Ham Girl”. I hope you like it my friend. Just be glad I didn’t throw in green tea kitkats and red bean buns. ^^ 

*resume serious writer voice*  

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.


Jerking awake with your heart pounding you realized the sound that woke you was your own scream. Prone to nightmares you were used to having them, but even you had to admit that was a bad one. The kind where the feelings and images keep their claws into you long after it’s over. Thinking that going back to sleep would be difficult you sat up and swung your legs over the edge of the bed.

Behind you the sheets rustled and you felt a hand touch your lower back. Looking over your shoulder you could tell you hadn’t woken Namjoon, he was just reaching for you instinctively in his sleep. Hiking a knee up on the bed you turned to face him. Taking his searching hand in yours you brought it to your lips and kissed the back tenderly. The gesture prompted Joonie to crack open one eye, obviously disoriented.


“Yeah babe, just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.”

Already half way there he nodded and tried to bury his head in the pillow. He grew still and his breathing started to even out. You sighed feeling alone once again even though you still held his hand. It would be nice to have him cuddle you but Namjoon got so little sleep as it was. You’d feel ridiculous if you couldn’t handle this on your own. Sitting there you closed your eyes and vile memories slipped by making your heart beat fast once more. You decided sleep was out of the question for the moment and started to get up. Just as you began to stand a sharp tug on your hand pulled you backwards and you issued a startled yelp.

Not as asleep as you had thought Namjoon pulled your body flush against his. “Mrphlp.”


Slightly more irritated he repeated, “Mrphlp.”

“Joonie, you speak several languages. Pick one.”

There was a long suffering sigh behind you, but as he wrapped his arm around you and threw a leg over yours he enunciated more clearly with his sleep rough voice. “Stay. You’re safe.”

It was a little claustrophobic to be enveloped so completely, but your body knew you were protected and began to relax muscles you hadn’t even realized were tense. Quickly your mind began to follow suit as it knew you were in the safest place you could be.

Lightly stroking his arm you thought about how he may be sleepy now, but in the morning he’d be fully awake and ask you about your dream and listen attentively as you got out every detail. He’d probably analyze it too which may or may not be a good thing depending on if his mood was serious or playful. You loved the man but his Freud impersonation was awful.

A sleepy whisper, barely audible, warmed the back of your neck. “Smtnnekdal.”

Feeling sleep tug at your awareness, you smiled softly as you settled back against your love and whispered, “I love you too, Joonie.”


imaginary korean drama: there is no plan for love

after living through their parents’ awful marriage, two women (who are not only sisters but also best friends) decide never to marry and just live well with each other. after both working hard, one has become a doctor and the other has become a detective. everything is going well for the sisters, until two men come into their lives, threatening the plan they had set out for themselves. the doctor’s life is turned upside down by a patient (who is actually a doctor at another hospital) that she has an immediate connection with, while the detective is challenged by a colleague newly transferred from another city who keeps making the arrests she is about to make. nothing is going to plan. can they let themselves fall in love?

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I just suffered from a really bad breakup so if possible could I have Nohr or Hoshido sibling reactions/hc to someone suddenly breaking Kamui's heart? T-T

Ooohh, I feel like I need to do this asap, sorry if this is too late!! I hope your broken heart heals and you find solace in reading some of our other headcanons! 

  • Marx would storm out of the castle without another word and hunt down whoever dared to hurt his little sibling like that. There is no escaping his anger. The others make him leave Siegfried behind, but he grabs a wooden sword as he leaves anyway. Marx would then track down whoever it was and threaten to beat them to a pulp if they ever decided to show their face to the Nohr royal family ever again. He is the generic overprotective older brother. When he comes home, he instantly pulls Kamui into a hug (which he never does) and tells them they were too good for that piece of crap anyway. 
  • Camilla would be surprisingly wise about everything. He gets really pissed at first, pulling out an axe and getting ready to mow that asshole down, but when Camilla runs into her arms angry and crying, Camilla would comfort them and realize she was being ridiculous. She would immediately wrap her arms around her little Kamui and hold them until their tears subsided, rubbing their back and letting them know everything would be okay because Kamui never deserved a jerk like that shitface anyway. 
  • Leon is worse than Marx. He wouldn’t get physical, oh no. He would plot. And he would execute. Leon would think of the jerk’s family and their business and find ways to ruin them. No one doubts his ability to track down whoever that was, find out what they value the most, and bring about their own pain and hurt in the same way Kamui was hurt. He wouldn’t kill the family, but rather, cause their jobs to become more stressful in a way that they’d take the anger out on the heartbreaker. Kamui would tell him there is no need to do that, and it makes Leon’s heart break to see his older sibling being so rational at a time like this. He’d run over to them and just hug them, rocking back and fourth. 
  • Elise would instantly cross her arms and agree with everything Kamui says about the scumbag. She would then waste no time in getting Kamui their favorite foods and sweets, bring them blankets and cuddle up with them, tell them jokes and funny stories, and keep their mind off of the loser. After a while, Kamui finally grins at one of her bad puns (there is NOHR way you could stay upset over a piece of trash like that), and Elise tells them they look delightful when they smile. 

Again, do not feel so sad over a heartbreak, just keep on moving fourth with your life because you are a wonderful person who is a total Fire Emblem dork and that just makes you such an awesome person alone! I hope you feel better soon, I know you can do it! *insert Shia Labeouf yelling “just do it!”* 

Hate - Sehun Imagine

(A/N: I’m finally getting around to a long scenario!! I thought I’d combine these because they’re pretty similar and it brings my to write list down to 5 after this one, so I can open the requests again sooner! I love this idea, and I hope you guys like it!)

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lost boy - taehyung

a/n: it’s finally posted. the peter pan!taehyung. editing was brutal but i hope you enjoy!

word count: 2.9k 

summary: he lived in youthful bliss and you were grateful to be a part of it. but reality always has a way of creeping back in.

The rain tapped endlessly against the grimy windows, offering itself as a lonely lullaby accompanied with the moonlight streaming into the sheet of glass to illuminate the singular bed of the orphanage.

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I just can’t stand some fans. They act like they know everything about kpop and korean and they say things like, “I wish I was born asian” or “I want to marry a korean.” LOL. Bish please do you even know what asian means? Asians constitutes of Indians, Malays, japanese, chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans and many others. Asians are NOT just East Asians (japanese, chinese and Koreans). You guys say these things when you don’t even know the meaning of asian. And not every korean guy is handsome and perfect and can sing and dance perfectly with an EARGASMIC voice and have six pack abs. There are abusive korean men, ugly korean men, dumb korean men and cheating Korean men. Not all of them are so perfect and angelic like your oppas. And I hope all those fans who dream of marrying your bias will just get a life. The chance of that happening is like 0.000000001%. So nope. Things like these annoy me so much as a Chinese and I hope some fans will just grow up and stop actin like immature fangirls. Fans like you all make the sane ones look bad. As a fourteen year old teenage fan who can actually keep calm when it comes to fanwars and bashing, it makes me feel terrible to see the older unnies grouping us as immature and stupid when the bad apples are the culprits of making us mature teenage ones look dumb. Get a life.

EXO/Big Bang's reaction when they see that you are good with kids

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exo and big bang when they see that you are good with kids


hey there (:

Kris: oh my baby’s going to be the best mommy ever

Xiumin: they love you baby

Luhan: haha (Y/N), you don’t come out of my family plans anymore

Chen: i never saw something this cute

Lay: i think our family plans are fixed

Tao: *walks in the room where you and the children are* hey babe  .. you look good as a mommy

Suho: you look good as a mommy, jagi

D.O/Kyungsoo: i love the sight of you and children

Baekhyun: look jagi your a good eomma and i’m a good appa, right?

Chanyeol: aye .. good job there baby

Kai: *looks from the TV to you and the children* my my .. how cute

Sehun: i just love the way you play with them


G-Dragon: (Y/N) unnie is going to be the best eomma on this world, right?

Taeyang: oh dear why are you so cute around children

T.O.P: hey eomma (Y/N), i didn’t know you love children so much

Daesung: jagiya, i can see you as an eomma for my children

Seungri: jagi? can we make an eomma out of you tonight?

hope you like it (:

Don’t listen to them Jagi...

“Suga scenario where you left in the night ‘cause of fans and he is looking for you? ^^”  Requested by the lovely: @chiiizakura

Hope you like it ^^


You’re relationship with yoongi wasn’t official yet. But you always chose to stay with him, somehow you managed to get into one of their fanmeetings.

It was pretty late because there was a concert right before the meeting, but you still cam to see them. Suga always looked over to you and smiled, waved or even did aegyo, but no one noticed since they always to that to fans who hold cameras. But today you really felt uncomfortable. A couple of days ago someone uploaded a picture of yoongi and you, you guys took a walk during the night. It was a small street, not that busy,.. well at least you thought so.
Someone managed to take a picture of you and suga, whoever it was didn’t really see your face, so it was a picture your back and suga looking at you. And since he held you’re hand they assumed that you’re his girlfriend.

Suga had to clarify it on social media, (he had to say that he is currently not dating anyone) but they still didn’t belive him. But to be Honest the picture spoke for itself, you understood them. Since then there was a lot of hate going on. Not for suga but mostly for his girlfriend. You were glad that Noone was able to see your face, because their reactions scared you. Some fans even asked today.

“I bet she isn’t even that pretty.” “She surely loves him because of his fame” etc.. The fans who were waiting still talked about you. And you heard it… it hurt your feelings, it really did but you tried to not show it.

But after awhile it was too much, you couldn’t hold back your tears. You decided to leave before you really had to cry, but suga still looked at you. He seemed to be confused.

And now you ran, you ran and tried to forget what everyone said about you. You actually thought that you were overreacting but it was to much, to much lies and too much hate at once.
There was a place, you and suga loved to be there, he always bought Ice when it was warmer and walked with you, even if it was just stairs. They brought you down to the seaside, so it was always nice to sit at the last few steps and feeling the sand under your feet, and the sea in front of you.

You sat down, not knowing what to do. The cool sand felt good under your feet, or kind of calmed you down, which helped you clean your thoughts. ‘But what if it goes official and they start hating on him too? I mean it’s his career and you can’t play with that. He already has so much stress going on, and he didn’t feel well lately, he always thinks that he’s not good enough. What if it gets worse?’ You talked to yourself but then suddenly you felt arms wrap around you. At first you were really scared, but then you knew who it was.

“Jagiya why did you leave? It’s late and I was worried..you scared me..” Suga left the fansign? He had to stay for one more hour. “Suga why are you here? Don’t you have to stay?” “Y/N it looked like you were sad, and I don’t like that? Is it because of that one girl?.. Don’t worry about that, I want to go official soon, so that they can see how beautiful you are.” Everytime he says things like that, it makes you realize how much you loved him and you knew he loved you too.

“Well.. it wasn’t just that girl. There were a lot of them, and all of them talked shit about me. Like they say that I’m just dating you because of your fame and stuff like that.… I left because of the heat of the moment, I didn’t want to do or say anything wrong, I’m sorry I made you worry. But why are you here yoongi, you had to stay. And how did you find me yoongi..” “jagi, don’t listen to them I love you more than everything else, and I known that you do so too..and I said that I didn’t feel well, managernim allowed me to go out for 30 minutes, but i had to take the back entrance. Baby, we’re both always here when we feel ba or when we’re just sad.” He was so cute to you, it wasn’t the yoongi everyone saw. “I love you yoongi.” “I love you too jagi, but I think we should go back now.. I don’t have that much time left, and I want to make it official just now. I want everyone to see that you’re my beautiful girlfriend.” You smiled at him, and then he took you by your hand.

Back at the hall one of the workers came up to you. “Yoongi, you missed so much..Are you fine?” He was out of breath, what happened? “Wae? What’s wrong?” “Two girls started to scream around when you left. They were like 'AHH he’s going to see his stupid girlfriend’ etc. We had to send them out, all the other fans stood up for you too. It was amazing you had to be here. But hurry your 30 minutes are almost over.”

Yoongi looked at you, giving you a sincere smile. “See they already love you.”

And then he took you to the stage. Without telling the boys or the PD’s he grabbed a microphone, took a deep breath and then he started talking.
“So guys, this is my jagiya, my beautiful girlfriend all of you guys talked about today.”
You looked at the guys with a confused look, because you thought that he would talk to them first, but they didn’t look shocked at all.
Then next thing you know was a lot of clapping, smiles and laughs from the fans. “She’s sp pretty yoongi-shi” “We’ll always support you and take care of her as armys” that’s what they were screaming and it made you really happy, you smiled from one ear to the other. “Unni, oppa you need to kiss” some of them said, and yoongi gave you an embarrassed and shy smile.
He leaned in and kissed your forehead, and that’s when all of the fans screamed louder than ever. And the boys in the back were giggling like little girls.

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It didn’t turn out like I wanted it but I still hope you liked it ^^

Make sure to leave other requests for BTS and Seventeen ^^Here:http://seventeen-imagines-reactions.tumblr.com/ask (You can also tell me if Y/N is a boy or girl.)

PS: GUYS, i really don’t know why this happens but i mostly write my stuff on my phone, and then save it as a draft, because it’s easier to put in gifs on pc (at least i think like that) but it somehow magically swallows some letters, so please do not mind the missing letters.  ㅠ ㅠ

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Darling have you watched BTS' Sick MV yet? It's fab~

YES OMG LIKE HOLY SHIT SOMEONE GET ME SOME FREAKIN HOLY WATER BECAUSE NAMJOON?? I’ve never been attracted to him physically before but more on his personality BUT FUCK







So the conclusion here is that coordi Unnie slayed everything single one of them and I almost suffered a stroke

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UNNIE! My birthday is tomorrow and can you give me a gif set, jebal? Ara? Okay. When their wife's birthday is coming up and she's due the day on her birthday, and it's twins (boy and girl) that looks like them. KAMSAHAMNIDA!!!!! GOMAWOYO!!

Happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a great day! Idk which group you want, but since its your birthday I’ll do both hehe


Xiumin: “You’ll make a great mom, y/n.”

Luhan: “Haha looks like they inherited my good looks.” *literally can’t stop smiling*

Kris: “They’re so amazing.” *cant hold back the tears* “Happy birthday y/n.”

Suho: *gets really emotional* “I can’t believe I’m a dad.”

Lay: “It’s all happening so soon, I can’t believe it y/n. I’m so happy!”

Baekhyun: “What should we name them? Something cute, right?”

Chen: “He looks just like me yeobo.” *is literally so happy*

Chanyeol: *omg I can’t believe this is happening* “Hi, miny me’s! Welcome to the world!”

D.O: “Look at them yeobo! They even look like me!”

Tao: *can’t contain the feels*

Kai: *in that baby talk voice* “Well hello there. You look just like your daddy!”

Sehun: “It’s actually happening. I’m a dad.” *cant believe it*


Onew: “We’re a family now, y/n.” *trying not to cry*

Key: “Look at how adorable you are!” *cant stop smiling for obvious reasons* “Talk about a birthday present or what.”

Minho: “They’re so……wow.” *speechless*

Taemin: “Look at our beautiful new family y/n.” *happiest guy on the earth*

Jonghyun: *to the twins* ”Hello! Hi! Daddy will always protect you! I love you!”

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Dear Got7 Hyung Line Requests Answerer, how would the boys react to you (their bestfriend on whom they have a crush) asking them how you looked when you're all dressed up for a date with your boyfriend? Thank you~ - Sarang-unnie

Sorry It took me a while to do it unnie. Hope you’ll like it :D



“You look beautiful” Mark smiled softly watching you getting ready for your date.


“Uhm..” He nodded slowly before getting back to playing -or whatever he was doing with his phone.

“Thank you Mark.” You smiled back at him and continued fixing your hair absently. 

The two of you fell into silence, a comfortable one. It had always been this way with Mark. You two didn’t feel the need for words to understand each other.

“So where is he taking you?” You heard him asking.

“Uhm.. I don’t know. He said it’s a surprise.”

“Oh..” You saw him through the mirror nodding “Just don’t be too late okay”

You turned back at him. “I’m not a little a girl anymore Mark. You don’t have to worry. I can take care of myself.” You whined loudly and he laughed amused.

“I know you can” He stood up and patted your head calmly but something in his eyes made you feel uneasy. They were sad and distant and that made your heart ache. You felt like you were missing something important but you didn’t know what.



“Soo how do I look?” 

“Uhm.. I don’t know!” Your bestfriend said, not looking up from his game.

“Oh come on Jaebumie” You went over and stood in front of him, blocking the TV screen. “How do I look” 

“I said I don’t know” He shouted in annoyance and you visibly flinched. Why was he acting that way. What did you do.

Immeditaly regretting what he did, Jaebum stood up and took a deep breath, looking almost defeated.

“Look I’m sorry Y/N-ah I didn’t mean to yell at you like that” He scratched his head “I’m just not feeling good right now. I should probably go and sleep a bit”

“Are you sick? Do you want me to-”

“No don’t bother, I’ll be fine” He firmly cut you off, giving you a smile -a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “You go and have fun.”

You stood puzzled at his sudden change of mood as he headed to the door. But before closing the door he muttered something quietly -so quietly that you almost missed it. 

“By the way. You look absolutely wonderful. He’s the luckiest guy in the world”




“Whaat?” You gasped, surprised at your bestfriend’s answer.

“You asked me if you looked great in that dress and I answered you” He simply replied.

You took another glance into the mirror, you thought you looked fine though. The dress was beautiful and your make up and hair were on point.

“Whatever! I can’t even believe I asked for your opinion. Your have a shitty taste.”

“You wish” He clicked his tongue and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“I’m being serious here Jackson” You groaned, letting yourself fall into the couch next to him .

“I’m serious as well Y/N ! The dress is..” He paused for a moment thinking “Too short..”

“No it’s not” 

“And it’s hella cold outside. I think it will start raining soon” He said, looking serious. “Maybe even a storm is coming” 

You rolled your eyes at him. “Jackson..”

“I really think you should call the bastar- I mean your boyfriend and tell him you’re not coming today.” 

Before you even start to argue he added “We can stay and watch PLL all day, what do you think?”



“How do I look?” You were wearing your new black dress with a stylish silver necklace and matching shoes.

“You look beautiful, Y/N-ah” Your bestfriend replied smiling.

“Are you sure oppa?” You hesitated and looked into his eyes “Isn’t it a bit too much Jinyoungie?“ 

“Not at all. You look absolutely gorgeous,trust me!” He assured you. “Go on now, you’ll be late” He hurried you and kissed your cheek.

“Okay. See you later then"

“Take care of yourself Y/N-ah” You rolled your eyes at him but said nothing. You were used to his overprotective personality.

Jinyoung watched you leave, and waved back at your boyfriend who was waiting for you outside. 

Damn he was really getting better at this and he should be used it by now but why does it still hurt. 

A sad smile crept across his face and he muttered to himself “As long as she’s happy, nothing else matters”

Random Scenario 1.0

Requited Crush

Word Count = 1,683  

Hoseok walks into the door of his apartment, the faint sound of a cliché, ‘only in your dreams’ drama, full of impossible amounts good-looking men, playing background of the living room.

“Y/N-ah,” he says as he walks into the hallway of the apartment. He slips his shoes off of his feet and leaves them like footsteps by the door. “You awake?” he calls.

You don’t answer.

‘It’s almost freaking twelve in the morning! Why in the world would I still be awake?’You wanted to say- no, yell. But then again, you were awake, feeling miserable and exhausted, watching the fictional lives of fictional characters living in a fantastical, fairy tale-like perfect world to help fill the void of the black hole in your heart.

‘So much for “I will never go out on a date with another girl as long as I have my best friend by my side”.’

Instead, you flip the hood of your hoodie over your head, pull the drawstrings tight, and tuck your legs on the inside of your jumper, hoping that he’d understand that you were not in the mood to talk at the moment. You shut your eyes close and pretend that you’d fallen asleep, lulling your head onto the arm of the couch. You didn’t want to speak with him - you couldn’t. Not when he’d finished playing with a girl less than ten minutes ago.

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I have a Vixx reaction to request,if possible :D The girl they likes has a little sister who one day asks them "Do you have a crush on my Unnie?I'd be happy if you marry her!!" Thank youuuu

N & Ken: Would both smile down at your sister and pat her head and tell her that yes, they do like you, but it’s a secret and they can’t tell you~! 

Leo & Ravi: They’d get a bit flustered and wouldn’t know how to answer the kid so they’d just ruffle her hair and sort of look away and hope you didn’t hear her question.

Hongbin: He’d get nervous, maybe accidentally say “How did you know!?” and before he knows it your sister is running off to tell you “Did you know he likes you!” and Hongbin has been exposed.

Hyuk: “You know what, I’d be happy to marry her too, you should help me try and get her hand in marriage! Let’s team up, yeah?

Gif+text: When you tease them ( Jinyoung GOT7, Jaebum, Jackson, Mark)

~ For my lovely Sarang Unnie 

~FROM YOUR GOT7-request answerer xD i like the name 

i’m warning you unnie , please don’t have big expectations ~~ i really suck in writing this kind of things ~~ innocent me LMFAO

anyway i’ve tried my best :3 hope like it ^^

Naughty answers alert! Not really~~

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