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hey!! this is a christmas gift for @bigbadsharkdad for the @homestuck-secret-santa

The Life of Bucky Barnes Schedule

Hi guys ^^

Just a short post to let you know that this year, I’ll post one artwork a day between December 22nd and December 31st (plus one Instagram Story). However, I’m gonna have my in-laws at home between the 22nd and the 27th so I have no idea if I’ll manage to access my computer and to post regularly on Tumblr. (I’ll do my best to post here, though!) so don’t be surprised if the updates are regular on Instagram and a bit irregular on Tumblr. On Instagram, things are easier because I can post from my phone and I’ll have everything ready, text posts + artworks.

Thank you so much for following this account and for all the comments you leave here and on Instagram, I read them all even if I don’t have the time to answer them all like I used to. In addition, because of a strange Instagram security set up, when I leave too many comments in a row, I’m considered a spam bot or whatever and I’m automatically logged off (yes, of my OWN account…). It’s also the reason why I don’t answer to comments as much as before. ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯

Voilà! Enjoy your Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and I hope you’ll love Steve and Bucky’s vacation. ♥

Your Mod - Petite-Madame


TLDR: One art a day between the 22nd and New Year’s Eve. Normal posting on Instagram. Possible delay on Tumblr due to difficulties to access my computer.

It’s December! Yey! :D

Hello everyone, Advance Merry Christmas to all and I hope you guys are doing well and have an awesome day~

I just want to say, Thank you everyone for supporting me, you guys are really awesome. It’s all thanks to you guys that you made me so happy. Reading your messages, your asks and also your tags on the drawing. (Yes I read your tags) It’s all thanks to you guys, you guys always brighten my day, you guys are my inspiration and motivation ;v;

Thank you guys so much, you guys are super awesome~

Advance Merry Christmas to all!

Stay forever awesome everyone!

If you are interested on Commissioning me, My Commission is open and always be open and if I have enough extra money, I might gift myself a Hanzo or Genji shirt or an Overwatch scarf for Christmas :D (I can’t buy the game because of internet speed and I suck at FPS games so yeah…) 


Thank you for reading and I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and new year

Side note:

I’ll work on the 3 overwatch character thing and upload the lineart for you guys to color if you want. For the sake of fun yes? I would really like to see how you guys color, I bet it’s super awesome! :D

Sorry for spamming your dashboards ;-;

context: headcanon that in modern aus levi’s the one with the warmer body temperature ^ ^ and in winter eren keeps getting cold, anyway it’s only like their fifth date and eren was /freezing/ and levi didn’t seem cold at all so he thought maybe he could take his hand but the last minute he chickened out only grazing the back of his palm. levi, of course, figured out what’s going on and just took his hand like it’s nbd without even looking at him that much — cue eren getting flustered 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!! 🎄 🍻 🎄 

[this is a late @ererisecretsanta gift for @freckled-jesus-your-savior i am. so sorry i really hope you at least like itヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿*cries*]


Hey guys! I know this is too late— I apologize and I hope you’d still notice this post I dedicated for all you people I follow :) And because giving a sweet message is too cliché, I’d like to thank you all bitches for spoiling me and for keeping me updated with all your shit ♥ I love your rants, ship wars, stupid fights, corny jokes and all the shit you post and spam on my dash ♥ (no but srsly, no joke— I might say them in a foul language, but in my 3 years here in Tumblr, I learned to accept what you guys really are *though sometimes I get confused when you change your url* and tbh I’m having a lot of fun :) There are a lot of posts that made me laugh, some that made me cry, and some that got me furious.. but what I mean is you may post and express whatever you want, don’t worry about the unfollowers and haters. They don’t know a single fuck about you, they don’t deserve to be noticed and let’s just learn that we can’t please everyone ♥ AND YES, I learned how to accept that not everyone tags their spoilers, I used to be like “OH NO WHY DID YOU FUCKING POST THAT *unfollows with hard feelings*” to “oh yeah? that’s awwwsummm *likes post*” like whatever I don’t even care anymore, this is Tumblr so what’s new lol)

Oh crap I talked too much again, dang! Anyways, I’m happy that I have talked to most of you, and all of you are lovely people I swear ♥ Btw, I apologize if I am not finished with the graphic Christmas presents (requests) yet, I unexpectedly got busy the past few weeks so I hope you would still accept them in the future! :)

If ever you read the whole thing, I want to thank you and I have a favor to ask of you guys… Can you please put in your tags an accomplishment this 2014 that you’re really proud of? It can be a small thing such as “I tidied my room!” or a big thing such as “I went to Japan!” (this is inspired from the YouTuber Hazikinz Semper and I want to know yours as well, if you don’t mind!) It’s something that makes us realize that though things happened so fast, it was still a good year after all, and will make us look forward to the next year :) As for me, this 2014 I overcame my anxiety disorder and I’m really proud of it~! Thank you bbies, I hope you have a good year (fuck yeah 2015 will be hella awesome, look at all dem upcoming anime! ♥)

Hi, hi everyone! I broke 3,000 followers so I figured why not do a small giveaway?

The winner will receive a 25$ Digital Gamestop Gift Card. It’s sent via email just so you know!

You can like once and reblog as many times as you want. Just don’t spam your followers and NO giveaway blogs. I WILL be checking!

You must be following me and this giveaway ends December 25th at 10pm eastern time! Winner will be chosen through a random generator so it’s fair! Nice addition to your Christmas huh?

If you have any questions message me and I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season :)

Once again year is almost over so I decided to celebrate my another well spend year on tumblr by doing follow forever. I also reached 666+ followers lately on here and huge thanks to everyone for following me, like seriously over 600 people that’s insane like woah thank you!!
My year has had it’s ups and downs and you guys always made me smile, you send me nice messages, I met amazing people and you all made my dash better and reblogged funny and cute stuff that made me laugh so now it’s my time to thank you guys by making this follow forever where are all my all time favorite blogs and most important here are my internet friends with their awesome blogs♥

I really wanted to list you all, but I follow over 400 blogs and have over 600 followers so I can’t do it, so if you’re not on this list that doesn’t mean I don’t like your blog okay? You all are wonderful and beautiful people and I hope you’ll have great christmas and new year!

Happy Holidays to everyone and thank you once again♥

My homies

synnlich - Mirly you’re one of my first internet friends I still talk with and I just want to say that I love you soo much you’re always so nice and funny and awesome and you’re still my snapchat friend even tho I spam you way too much sometimes! Your blog is freaking amazing and you listen A7X and watch DW and I just really love you okay you’re amazing ily hon♥

kawaiioncrack - Kiersten I started to talk you like while ago but you’re already one of the most amazing people I’ve met here. You’re just freaking amazing and I love your edits and your blog and you’re just perfect girl and I know I can fangirl about HU with you and that’s just amazing you’re perfect ily♥ 


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