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HI hi.. I love your Sherlolly fics. I think you are a tremendous writer. I wasn't sure if you were excepting any prompts but if you were I was wondering if you could write one for me. Sherlock trying to propose to Molly in various ways but she keeps saying no because she wants him to really think about what he is asking and if it's what he really wants. But if she was to admit it to herself she thinks she's not worthy of him and that's why she keeps telling him know. Thanks in advance!

@mizjoely looked this over, because she is the absolute best! Thanks for the prompt Nonny, hope you like it!! ~Lil~

He knew the first time was a complete disaster, but emotions were high and it just sort of… happened. Blurting out ‘we should get married’ moments after the first time they made love… definitely not good. But after that first (okay, he could admit it) failure, he waited. Sherlock didn’t broach the subject of matrimony again for three long weeks.

Attempt number two went almost as badly, though the fact that they were both clothed did count in his favour, he hoped. She still said no, however. He had been so certain that a walk along the Themes was the perfect romantic setting, perhaps not.

The third time, that was rather embarrassing actually. He had taken a cue from John, escorted her to an expensive restaurant and looked deeply into her eyes just after the champagne had been poured. Molly evidently knew it was coming because she quickly excused herself, saying she was feeling ill, and managed to get a cab before Sherlock could even get his bearings.

Tonight however, during a relaxing evening of take-away and a Hitchcock film, he felt almost confident. It had been two months since the restaurant fiasco and he’d been careful not to bring up anything to spook his oddly commitment-phobic girlfriend. Unfortunately when the mere mention of ‘the possibility of future matrimony’ (he’d carefully chosen his words) caused fear to flash in Molly’s eyes, he was nearly ready to admit defeat… at least for the time being. He kissed her sweetly and told her to get some sleep, she had an early morning after all. He was halfway home when he realised that he’d forgotten his mobile in his rush to leave.

After knocking several times he was starting to get worried, really worried. He’d only been gone thirty minutes. Where could she be? Finally he picked her locks and let himself in. Molly wasn’t in the lounge, the kitchen or her bedroom. He called out for her, but received no answer. Deciding, hoping really, that she might have taken her rubbish to the bins behind her building, Sherlock made his way outside.

He found her in the courtyard chatting with her elderly neighbour, Mrs. Peace. His intention was to make himself known, but when he heard her sniffle then say his name, he halted his movement.

“I don’t understand,” Molly said.

“Well, perhaps if you could talk it out, deary,” the older woman replied. “You told him no, and did you give him a reason?”

“Ah, I’ve told him that I want him to make sure it’s what he really wants.”

“You question his sincerity?”

Molly laughed. “I question his sanity at this point.”


There was a pause and Sherlock could barely breathe waiting for her answer.

“Well, why me?” Molly said in a small voice that sounded nothing like the voice he was used to hearing. “I’m just… his pathologist.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Why is he even with me? I-I’ve tried to understand it, especially after the second time he asked and I said no… again. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, Mrs. Peace, I really have. I’ve never really figured it out.” She paused. “And the thing is, if I don’t know- if he can’t make me understand… how do I know that it’s real?”

“Have you considered asking him?”

“I’m just enjoying being with him… for now.”

“Molly,” the woman gently spoke. “Why on earth would he ask you to marry him, if he didn’t actually want to be with you?”

He heard his girlfriend sob. “I don’t know. Guilt. Duty… Loneliness.”

“Oh, you poor thing.”

Sherlock was completely gobsmacked. This possibility had never crossed his mind. He’d been absolutely certain that Molly’s hesitance was because of him and his inadequacies. He was the one with almost no experience in relationships (and possibly a psychiatric disorder). He was the one who’d hurt her and overlooked her for years. If anyone had reasons to be insecure, it was him, even if he didn’t exactly admit it out loud. This was his doing, and he knew it. He’d not made his feelings clear.

He heard muffled sobs, and frankly he’d had enough- more than enough. He walked around the corner and cleared his throat. “Mrs. Peace, might I speak with Molly alone?”

The pair both turned and looked at him.

The older woman smiled. “Oh, of course.” She gave Molly a kind hug then left the couple alone.

Sherlock studied the most important person in his life very carefully, knowing that now more than ever he had to say the right thing. She had turned to face forward and was drying her eyes. He thought for a moment before taking a seat on the bench next to her.

“Molly, look at me,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Sherlock. But I can’t.”

She was embarrassed, he realised. “Fine,” he said. “I believe there are some things that need to be clarified, Molly Hooper.” He focused on her profile as he said the next words. “Have I not told you that I love you?”

She nodded.

“Yet you don’t believe me?”

She shook her head. “I j-just don’t understand it.”

“Well, then let me make myself perfectly clear. I love you, Molly Louise Hooper, Specialist Registrar, personal saviour of Sherlock Holmes, because you are intelligent and knowledgeable. Because you are gracious and caring. I love you because you are brave and forgiving.” She finally turned to look at him, so he took her sweet, tear-stained face in his hands. “My God Molly, you are so incredibly beautiful.” He kissed both cheeks. “That’s why I want you to be my wife. That’s why I keep asking. And that’s why I won’t stop.”

“Oh, Sherlock,” she cried.

“I’m sorry, this is my fault. I should have been clearer. But I honestly thought that you understood. I thought that asking you to marry me every few weeks was a clear indication of my affection.”

Molly laughed through her tears.

Sherlock shook his head. “If anyone should be worried, Molly, it should be me. I took too long. I hurt you. I let you date a psychopath. I put you in danger.” He closed his eyes at the memory of the worst and best night of his life.

“Please don’t,” she said as she touched his cheek. “That wasn’t your fault.”

His mind raced. He’d tried not to think about the incident over the last few months. But the moment that the wife of a criminal he’d put away for life had barged into the path lab and grabbed the first person she’d seen, who happened to be his pathologist, everything had become quite clear. That may have been the catalyst, but the feelings weren’t something new.

He suddenly realised that Molly was speaking to him. “I’m sorry?”

“Don’t do that. I hate it when you do that,” she said running her fingers through his hair.

He swallowed hard knowing he needed to lay it all out, even if that meant damaging his pride. “I don’t deserve you. I know I don’t,” he said pulling her closer. “But I want you. I always will. Never doubt yourself, Molly. You are everything.” He captured her lips with his in a fierce kiss.

Molly whimpered, digging her nails into his scalp with one hand and tightly gripping his shoulder with the other. Then she abruptly broke the kiss.

“Yes!” she said breathlessly.

What? “Yes?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“You will?” he asked, almost not believing her.

She bit her bottom lip and nodded.

“Finally!” he said with a sigh.

Molly giggled. “Don’t you have something for me?”

He stared at her, a little confused.

“Something you’ve been trying to give me for several months…”

Damnit! “Yes! The ring!” He dug into his breast pocket and produced the small velvet covered box. Then he pulled out the ring that had been in the Holmes’ family for several generations and slipped it onto Molly’s delicate finger. “Perfect.”

Molly smiled up at him. “Yes, it is.”

He looked up at his new fiancé and said, “We should go celebrate.”

“Now you’ve got it. This is the correct order. First the engagement then the celebratory sex. But remember I have to be at work in the morning,” she said as she got up.

Sherlock followed. “Oh, you won’t be going to work tomorrow. I’ll need a least an entire day to show you just how much I love you.”

Hope you liked it!! Thanks for reading. ~Lil~

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If icons requests are still open, Alex Danvers icons would be great!


33 alex danvers + 7 new danvers sisters icons [1x01 to 1x11]
[previous icons following link too, searchable by: episode & color]

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- don’t claim as yours or repost them (no need to credit me anywhere on your blog but, if asked, please give credit)
- ask open for requests

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Please tell us you'll write something in the SYRM verse with Oikawa going into heat again but this time iwaizumi is coherent because it would be interesting to see this take place after the events of the last chapter. (which was brilliant btw and enjoyed the fluff at the end tremendously. beautiful!!) despite their alpha/omega dynamics, how would iwa react? How Would Oikawa react? Now that they are in close proximity. Etc.

Hello nonny! I…actually don’t. I could probably squeeze a scene in somewhere, but I’m not sure I would.

I can tell you one thing for sure: Iwaizumi and Oikawa definitely wouldn’t have heat sex right now in their relationship. The biggest obstacle was hinted at in the conversation Iwaizumi had with Sugawara before he slept over at Oikawa’s last night: Seiji. The two of them can’t have one week of wild sex with their son to care for. It’s also way too early in their relationship or them to feel comfortable to do that. Oikawa definitely wouldn’t want to, and Iwaizumi wouldn’t want to overstep Oikawa’s boundaries (plus he’s fine with any type of intimacy as long as Oikawa is involved).

This is what would probably happen: Oikawa would be holed up his room, probably surrounded by a nest of things that smell like Iwaizumi and Seiji. Iwaizumi would take care of Seiji, do the cooking, and essentially what he did when he looked after Seiji the last time Oikawa asked him to babysit during a heat. But he would also look after Oikawa, check on him periodically, help him change clothes, wipe sweat and other…fluids from Oikawa’s body, make sure Oikawa stayed hydrated, and made sure Oikawa ate too. They’d also cuddle because Oikawa’s omega instincts would need it: now that he has an alpha, his body during heat would crave his touch. Iwaizumi’s alpha instincts would be fine since his need to protect is fulfilled by caring for his son and partner.

Oikawa would occasionally come out and cuddle with Seiji too when his heat wasn’t too intense, and spend time with the two of them before having to go back to his room.

I don’t know if you guys would want to see this scene in the story…? But you can let me know if you do, and I’ll put it somewhere, probably chapter 19.

Thank you for loving the fluff from chapter 17 and sending this message! <3

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hey! I really need to talk to someone so here I am in your inbox :) I recently started university (I'm in semester two) with two of my high school friends at the same uni, though not the same dorm/hall. and ever since I got here, I've had a hard time making close friends. I see people around, I know their names, and there are like 1 or 2 I don't mind hanging around with, but I spend the majority of my socializing time with my 2 high school friends and most nights I spend alone. it's not that I'm

unhappy, it’s just that I’m a little lonely. I just don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, like why can’t I make close friends outside of high school? I want to be less lonely and make more friends, but at the same time I haven’t really clicked with anyone - it’s upsetting, but most of the time I’m content as well? It’s strange. and I can’t really tell anyone close to me because I’m scared they’ll think its kind of pathetic :/ thanks for listening <3

okay nonnie, here’s the thing: i totally understand you. i really do. you know why? because i am the exact same way. i have one friend from high school that i’m really close to, another friend i only see a couple of times a year on holidays, and a few more friends that are more like acquaintances because i see them so rarely. on a good day, i say i have one friend. even now that i’m back at school, i have a couple of classmates i’m sort of close to, in that we chat before and after class, but i don’t really hang out with them or contact them any other time, so they’re not so much friends as just…friendly classmates.

and sometimes it kind of sucks. because most of the time that’s okay, but then other time you just get so goddamn lonely, and you look around at all your classmates who have a bunch of friends and go out all the time and then there’s you who’s sitting by yourself all alone and it just sucks, and you think there must be something wrong with you.

but the truth, nonnie? i don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, or me, or anybody like us. i think that some people are just wired to have a small, close group of friends and no more. some of us just aren’t made for socializing in big groups or dividing our attention between more than one or two friends at a time. that’s just kind of the way we are.

if you want to make friends, go for it. but if you’re okay with having just a couple of close friends, then that’s fine too. there’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s nothing wrong with you for wanting that, nonnie. 

Newt - Keeping Afloat week!

As suggested by this lovely anonion, I’ll be writing about what Minho, Gally and Newt like so much about Ebony this week. Just to clear it up too, Ebony is the name I’ve given to (Y/N) in the other version of this fic: available on AO3. I figured I’ll just let them tell you themselves so here’s Newt! Thanks again nonnie, hope you enjoy!  x 

 What do I like so much about Ebony? Alright.

Well, I didn’t properly meet her for a month or two really. I didn’t believe Alby at first that she was even here. I’d spent most of Greenie day arguing with him - I guess we’re both stubborn, then he comes back in and tells me there’s a girl here. Yeah, sure. I suppose I was being a bit of a slinthead, but I had my reasons. Anyway, I caught a glimpse of her a couple of days later and I realised he was telling the truth. 

It was during her first week. I was laid up in bed and she was doing her trials with Clint, seeing if she was cut out to be a Med-Jack. And I don’t know what was going on or what she was doing but I remember hearing her laugh. It stood out, because I couldn’t remember the last time I’d heard someone laugh. I saw her through the crack in the door too, but I guess she was told not to come into my room - don’t blame them really I probably would have said something I’d regret  I couldn’t get the sound out of my head, kept thinking about it over and over. I don’t get it really, but it changed things.I felt like there was a chance, like I’d found a little bit of hope. ‘Cause if they had sent up a girl, then there must be a reason right? Everything the creators do is for a bloody reason.

Pretty sure I was right too, cause when I finally left that god damn awful hut, she was a runner - and a good one too if Paul was telling the truth. But it was more than that. When I finally got to talk to her I realised it was more than that. Ebby just seems to radiate hope. She wants to believe the best in everything, that anything is possible and it’s contagious. She makes you want things to be better too. And she cares - so much so that you can’t help but care back - she’ll help anyone that she can. Just everything about her draws you in, even when she’s being grumpy, it’s adorable. I don’t even think she realises just how much she does for everyone - how much she’s done for me, just by being herself. 

On my two year anniversary, everything just go to be too much - so I went off on my on. She noticed. Noticed that I wasn’t there and left the bloody party to come and find me. I still feel kind of bad about asking her to kiss me, I don’t think I should have pushed her like that - but it was incredible. To feel so close to her, to just - I think I fell in love with her all over again right there. But I’m trying to give her space, like I said, I don’t want to push her into anything so I kinda told her it wasn’t a big deal. Just like how I made sure I wasn’t around when she fell asleep on me a few months ago - I don’t want to make things awkward or more difficult for her. She smelled like the strawberries she’d been picking all day. 

So to answer your question, I like Ebony so much because she is Ebony. There’s not really any other kind of way to describe her. She gives us - me, hope. 

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What do you label yourself as?

✖┅ “Labels aren’t really my thing. Who needs ‘em, right? If I like a girl, I like a girl. If I like a guy, I like a guy. If I like someone who doesn’t identify as either, I still like them no matter what.” Kuroo shrugged, mostly indifferent about the matter. “I would probably say that I’m bi. Maybe leaning towards pan. I like to keep an open mind, you know?” 

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for the writing thing: 21 please!! (also your writing is amazing <3)

Ahhhhh thank you ‘nonny! I hope you like this! Although I did kind of lose the thread entirely… sorry about that. 

21. collapse

Cillian narrowed his eyes, squinting as the light glimmering off the chandelier’s crystals pulsed through him, perfectly in time with his stomach as it churned and roiled. He gripped at the railing, steadying himself as the noise of the room echoed and swirled around him, the voices of the gathered nobles bleeding together and slurring into a low drone. 

“Your worship?”

The marquis was staring questioningly at him, something too close to concern in his gaze. Or perhaps it was disgust. Cillian couldn’t be entirely sure; besides how his head was pounding it was all much too Orlesian for him to parse. 

He blinked rapidly, willing his eyes to focus as the room swayed beneath him, tossing about as though the brilliantly polished marble floor had become the deck of a ship sailing the Waking Sea. 

As the low drone built into a suffocating roar he was distantly aware that the sudden absence of light and the floor rushing up to greet him should be more worrisome than it was.

“You know Amatus, there are less dramatic ways to escape a boring party.” 

Slowly, he blinked his eyes open, shifting onto his side. The ends of a fire were smoldering in the hearth, shadows and light from the flames flickering and dancing against the wall of his quarters. Dorian sat perched on the edge of the armchair, his back ramrod straight and face pinched despite the forced joking tone to his voice. The book in his hands, Cillian noticed, was upside down and the pages dog-eared, as though they’d been nervously thumbed too many times. 

“What happened?” He asked, voice low. His pillow was cool against his cheek as he turned his face to it. 

Dorian snorted. “You tell me. One moment you were resolutely suffering through another of the marquis’s ghastly hunting tales, the next you were on the ground. You should have told Josephine you weren’t well, it could have been postponed.”

He shrugged, remembering how quickly it had come on. There hadn’t been an opportunity. “Actually I was starting to think I’d been poisoned.”

“Is that supposed to make me feel better? If that’s what you thought then you should have told our spymaster,” Dorian snapped, glaring as they settled into an uneasy silence. 

“Was it an impressive collapse at least?” He joked, reaching out a hand towards the mage. Fingers twisted through his and he smiled, thumb circling the hammered gold rings that adorned Dorian’s fingers. “Worthy of the famed Herald of Andraste? You know Mother Giselle doesn’t think I take the role seriously enough, perhaps this will help? We can… tell them I was overcome with religious fervor and… love for the Maker.”

“It was at that, Amatus,” Dorian laughed softly and squeezed his hand. “But let’s not make it what you’re known for, hmmm?”

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The fact that I stared at this message for good five minutes trying to figure out what the hell you were talking about says a lot. ANYWAY

The sexy video was for a maleo fanfic coming out this valentine’s: Mr. Big Love. 
It’s a collab between me, @maleotic and @shakespearedidnothavecumsh0ts

Hope you gonna like it as much as you like the trailer, nonnie! 

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Draw Bluebear! I'd love to see how it comes out! (I'm on mobile so I don't really know how to attach a reference...)

I drew her and taking a picture right now.. :D Hope you like it nonny

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Oh god, I must divorce the name from Frozen imagery lol. Ok.

Pink lipstick and wild red hair, bold and bright, slashes of crimson and bright orange, red string around a wrist, a sliver moon through a window. Green lights and fast cars, hair whipping in the wind. Reckless abandon, manic pixie dream girl who’s no one’s 3am mistake but someone’s best decision ever made.

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Is there any way you could get Sirius' bio out sooner? I'm a completely different anon then the one before, but I'd love to apply for him. I've been itching to pick him up at a roleplay since he's always closed so quickly. Love the graphics by the way!

Hello nonnie, I hope the day is treating you well!

Like Admin Ashley said, Sirius is set to be released Saturday! Don’t fret about missing your chance though, we won’t be accepting applications until all of our roles are released and we receive applications for at least 8 different characters! So I guess what I’m getting at is that you’ve got plenty of time and we look forward to seeing your app!

Cheers! Admin Sarah


Whoops! Looks like I’ve made a mistake dear anon, Sirius will actually be out tomorrow versus Saturday. I had my dates all messed up and he will be in the bios released tomorrow. We hope that bit of news makes you feel the tiniest better.

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Youngjae jokily telling you that Daehyun is the love of his life and you're just a prop because he's a "playboy" You getting fake upset and he panics?

HEY! Thanks for requesting nonnie I hope you like your scenario. It’s over here

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you're beautiful.

oh my god, thank you, that’s so nice of you to send me a message like this, nonnie !! hope you’ll have a great day !! :)