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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 5)

A/N - I am absolutely loving this JB college AU, what do you guys think? If there’s any other pairing you want me to include more (like Mina and Jinyoung) then let me know! Hope you enjoy~

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“And do you, (Y/N)?” JB’s straightforward question had thrown you off a bit, leaving you rather flustered. You hadn’t at all expected him to confess like that, or even at all. 
“Um, well..” His face sank at your hesitation, taking nerves for a rejection. He nodded and walked away, a disappointed expression on his face. 
“No, wait!” You shouted, grabbing his wrist and pulling him to face you. “Let’s go somewhere no one else will be able to interfere,” you offered as you led him away from the group towards a forested area. 
“If you’re taking me here just to reject me, I’d rather go back to the group.”
“I didn’t take you here to do that.”
“No? Well if you didn’t how come you were hesitating so much to answer me?”
“Because I was flustered! I didn’t expect the guy I like to just come up to me after some other girl has tried to flirt with him and then confess his feelings!”
“You like me?”
“Of course I do, Jaebum. Look at you.” Hearing you call him by his full name made JB smile. The way it sounded coming from your voice warmed him inside. It made his stomach flutter and he couldn’t help but want to hear you say it again and again.

Weeks later and you and JB were in a weird state of not knowing where to take things. You were yet to go on an official date together but had shared many cute and intimate moments. You’d had many ‘dates’ where you would sit in the library together and make notes for an essay plan. Often, you would see JB write little notes or doodles into a notebook. He’d hide it from view and would never let you look inside, only sparking your curiosity and making you want to look inside even more. It wasn’t until one day when JB had left to go to the toilet and had forgotten to put the notebook back into his bag. It was just sat there in the table with a pencil sticking out of it. Knowing you shouldn’t, you tried to resist the temptation but you couldn’t stop yourself from picking up the notebook and opening it to the page he had been writing on. There scrawled on the page were little lines of text. Was it poetry? Or maybe lyrics to a song? Not wanting to get caught, you closed it again and put it back in the same spot, hoping JB wouldn’t suspect anything. The little lines you had read didn’t gain any logical search results when you typed them into your phone. JB was clearly writing something that he didn’t want you to see. Who knows what for. Despite becoming closer to him, JB was still the same mysterious person who you couldn’t quite figure out at the best of times.

After a couple of days, JB asked you out on a proper date, seeming extremely nervous to talk to you even if you were both fairly close. He hadn’t told you where he would be taking you except that you should “dress nicely”. He had teased you a bit, saying he didn’t want you embarrassing him with one of your shirts with an obscure book reference on it. But then immediately reassured you he thought it looked cute, in case you hadn’t picked up on his teasing tone. When JB arrived at your flat to take you out, he looked practically speechless at your appearance.
“Wow, um (Y/N) you look amazing.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, Jaebum. Where are we actually going tonight?”
“Oh, I was going to take you to a little art gallery in town. I’ve been there a few times and thought you might like it there too.”
“Great! I didn’t realise there was an art gallery nearby.”
“It is pretty hidden if you don’t know where to look. Anyway, ready to go?”
“Yep, all ready.”

Spending time with JB at the gallery was amazing. It was better than the classic ‘dinner and a movie’ date since you could admire beautiful pieces of art while talking and getting to know each other. Knowing JB had come here often also gave you an insight to his mind and how he felt. Walking around, he had told you that certain pieces had inspired him deeply. During that time, he had also told you that he wrote music which explained the lyrics you had seen in his notebook. Throughout the night, JB had barely kept his hands off you. The whole time his hand was in yours and he would always be reluctant if he had to let go. This side to JB was entirely new but you liked it. He seemed more vulnerable and soft, rather than the ‘chic’ person he often appeared to be. Jackson would no doubt tease him if he saw JB’s change in demeanor. The thought only made you smile as you could practically envision JB’s blushing face as Jackson pointed out how differently you made him act without even trying.

As the night came to an end, JB dropped you off back at your flat, though neither of you wanted to say goodbye. 
“Jaebum, do you want to come in for a bit? My roommates are all out on some girls’ night and probably won’t be coming home until the early hours of the morning, if at all.”
“Sure. I actually had something that I wanted to show you.” Walking into the flat, you led JB to the living room where he sat beside you on the sofa. He pulled out his phone and some earphones, handing them over to you. 
“I have something I’ve been working on that i want you to hear. You know how I’m always writing in that notebook and I never let you see it? Well, this is the product of that.” Without saying a word, you put the earphones on and let JB press play. The song that played was soft and nothing like what you expected JB to write or listen to but you loved it nonetheless. His lyrics were beautiful and his voice was even better. Once it had finished playing, you immediately took out the earphones and hugged him tightly. 
“Thank you so much, Jaebum. I loved it.”
“I like you a lot, (Y/N) and I know I’m not good at expressing that so I hope you know now from that song.”
“I like you too, Jaebum. And even more so after that amazing song. It’s honestly the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, thank you.” You looked into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back at you and leaned in for a soft kiss that soon escalated. The apartment was empty apart from the two of you and you were definitely going to make the most of it.

The Diabolic

Here’s my contribution to bakushima, I’m sorta proud with how it turned out. I was given the idea to write this fic based off the book The Diabolic but it doesn’t go completely along side the book cause I’ve never read it but either way I’m planning to write more as soon as I can.

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From your fav gen, any characters you like: Who kisses their s/o first on the first date, who asks before kissing them, and who's too shy to initialize a kiss at all the first date????

• Kisses their s/o first on the first day:
o Guzma will probably kiss you first. Like the minute they turn towards him, he’ll give them a quick peck and smirk at their reaction. Though when he’s alone, he’ll touch his lips and have a blissful look on his face.
o Kahili would be holding your hand and right before you two part ways, she’ll cup your cheek and kiss you softly before walking away.
o Mina would kind of look at you with a lazy gaze but there would be a twinkle there. She’ll kiss you and hold your hand. When she pulls away, she’ll smile at you and squeeze your hand.

• Asks before kissing their s/o:
o Lillie would ask. She’ll stutter and won’t make eye contact but she’ll ask and it’s so cute. She’ll be red once she looks at you, she’ll have this determined look. She’ll be so cute, you’ll have to kiss her.
o Olivia would stop you as your walking and ask in a clear voice, “Can we kiss?” and if you say yes, and she’ll smile at you wide and pull in for a kiss.
o Molayne would rub his neck before asking if he could kiss you. He’ll have red dusting his face and look at you through the corners of his eyes. If you say yes, he’ll let out a small laugh and kiss you softly, as if his lips are barely grazing yours.
o Nanu would ask. He won’t look at you but he’ll hold your hand and grip it tight. He’ll whisper if you two and kiss while biting at the corners of his lips. When he looks at you, he’ll feel your lips and he’ll crack a smile.

• Too shy to initialize a kiss:
o Gladion would be so shy. This boy is red and he is stiff and clammy. He would want to kiss you but he can’t voice it out. He’ll probably make a lot of hand motions while making comments about Luvdisc or something. If you do kiss him, he’ll probably pass out. That or when you open your eyes, he’s gone. That boy has run home and will scream into his pillow.

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Please Please Please, give me some Percabeth comfort fluff.

Annabeth dreams. Blueprints made of burnt skin, and ink made of blood, and painfully sharp lines drawn to hurt. It’s a palace, Annabeth knows, and watches as it comes to life around her–her own palace, with empty rooms and cold floors, with a wide open chamber that echoes, and echoes, and echoes. Her footsteps pound like thunder against the coal-stone walls.

Her throne sits underneath a stained glass window. Athena’s mark is emblazoned into the stone, made beautiful and terrible in the glowing panes of glass high above her. “Welcome,” the owl intones, eyes following her as she steps ever forward. “Queen of Tartarus.”

Annabeth sits. The throne burns like fire licking against her bones.

“Your reign begins.”


It burns, it burns, she’s burning, gods, please, make it stop, she’ll do anything, please

“Annabeth. Annabeth, hey, shh. I’m right here. Can you open your eyes?”

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Little bird

Pairing: Mina x Reader

Genre: angst, i think

REQUEST: Mina + princess for anonie

Note: once again something slightly different, enjoy!

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by hallarina

Imagine a bird. 

A small, lovely bird, chirping cheerful tunes all day. The small bird fills you with joy everytime you hear its songs, heart swelling at the thought of not being able to hear them~

“Ow!” A young girl falls on the ground with a thump, rubbing her back as she sits up. With a scowl she looks at the person who ran into her, surprised to see a hand being shoved in her face. 

“I am so sorry. Please excuse me!” Another girl, with hair much longer and darker pleads, frantically trying to help the girl whom she knocked to the ground. Still scowling, the girl accepted the helping hand, finally standing eye to eye with the stranger. She look different, surely not from the village. Perhaps a neighboring one.

“Who are you?” The strange girl opposite her jumps at the harshness, bowing and muttering her name. Others eyes widen, trying to stop the girl from bowing. When she succeeds, she bows instead. Shame filling her up.

“Please excuse my filthy mouth, princess Mina.” She mutters the phrase thaught by her mother, already knowing it like a back of her hand. She expects a response, yet gets none. When she looks back up, a person much taller is towering above them both. 

“Princess! What did I tell you about visiting the village alone! Your father is going to be angered when he finds out!” Mina looks at the ground, quietly muttering an apology to her nanny. The woman sighs and pats her head, then looking at the girl next to her. She recognizes her as the daughter of the old blacksmith and the baker. Sending her a kind smile, she pulls the young princess by hand and together they leave. Though she likes the kid, she can´t help but feel uneasy about her and trouble she may bring. 

Imagine coming to the same tree every day, the bird always sitting in its nest. You sit beneath the flower covered crown of the tree, listening to the birds chirping. However, you´re not the only one~

“Yah! Watch where you´re going!” Small but mighty. That exactly is the description the villagers would give to the young spirit, Y/N. She may not be the tallest, but she´s kind, ambitious and stand behind her every word. Although its´s true her sharp tongue often gets her into trouble, just like this time.

“How dare you use such language towards the princess!” Y/N watches bravely as the guard raises his hand to hit her, the second an impact is about to come she moves to the side. Clutching the bread in her hands, she runs past the princess, remembering her very well. Little does the young royalty know she´ll have this isn´t the last time she sees the energetic and free spirited villager. At just sixteen years old their lives are completely different. And whilst Y/N feels happy where she is, Mina wants nothing more than have a taste of Y/N´s world.

And that´s what she´s determined to do. Find out~

Years go by, small encounters turning into planned meetings. Both Mina and Y/N are growing up, becoming more and more beautiful. While the princess focuses on her studies and etique and poor girl from a village enjoys her freedom, they both hang out, much to everyone´s dismay.

Jumping from one rock to the other, now twenty year old Y/N explores the meadow behind the muddy and smoky village. She sighs in delight, lying down in the light grass, giggling at the tickling sensation on her nose. A sneeze makes her sit up, looking around for anyone who could´ve interrupted her. Her eyes finally find the intruder, a smirk playing at the corner of her lips. The intruder being no other than her best friend. 

“Well, well, well. If it isn´t the one and only, Myoui Mina.” Y/N laughs, walking over to the black haired girl. She rolls her eyes and throws her arms around Y/N´s neck, both of them falling on the ground. They were very well aware of the risks. If Mina´s father found out, she would be damed. He would lock her in her room and only let her go out for her lessons.

“Y/N. I have something to tell you.” Mina grows serious. At the sudden change in Mina´s demeanor, a knot grows in her stomach. She´s terrified as of to what is about to come. When the words spill from princess´ mouth, she doesn´t know how to react. 

She should´ve know better. Better than to fall in love with a royal. 

Now imagine wanting to keep the little bird to yourself. You can´t stand the thought of having to share the joys of its lovely tunes with someone else. Someone, who feels the same when listening. So you catch it, and keep it in a cage. After a few days however, your ears are filled with silence~

“Love, has something happened? You´re not humming your favorite song like you used to.” The prince who´s name is not important in this long lived tale asked, his eyes curiously scanning the slim figure of his fiancé. Princess Mina, as beautiful as every flower in the kingdom sat on a chair near her window, gazing out on the royal court. She blatantly ignored him, her mood low. 

“I see how it is. I´ll leave you alone, you need to rest~

“But I don´t want to marry him!” Though his heart stung upon hearing the sentence, he wasn´t surprised by the revelation. Infact, he knew very well. Mina´s heart was beating for someone else, and he would never be able to get it for himself only. Just day before wedding, there wasn´t much he could do. But he had to try at least. In order to see his loved one happy again. Perhaps it was the known saying that kept him driven to help her, even if it meant horrible punishment.~

Just hours before the wedding, prince struts into Mina´s room, her servants getting the cue to leave. Without much curiosity in her blank eyes, she doesn´t expect much. What he says next leaves her breathless.

“Go. I won´t push you into anything. Go see her. Run away with her. Just go while you still have chance.” Without hesitating, she hugs him thightly for the first time, showing him her gratefulness. Then she leaves, rushing to go into the village and find her. She fails miserably, no sign of her best friend whom she loves with all her heart. With the small flame of hope burning out, she goes to the place well known to both of them. The tree that had a fair share in their memories together, the tree that, just like her, held a special place in her heart.

And there she sits, looking out into the distance, staring at the moon above the forest. Relief fills Mina as she runs towards her, tears spilling out of her eyes. She tells her everything, she pulls her, frantically trying to make her move. And when she finally does, both of them run. They run as fast as they can into the woods, leaving everything behind. In her heart Mina silently thanks the man that made it possible, sending out a prayer for the gods above to protect him. Despite wanting to marry her, and have her all to himself, he let her go. In return getting infinite gratefulness from her.

So you open the cage and watch the bird fly out. Almost immediatly it starts singing again, able to form a smile on your face. And even though your heart hurts, you can´t help but feel happy knowing that what you did was for the best. . Who knows, if its destined you will hear the tune again. A tune inked in your heart, whitch brought joy not only to you, but to everyone else.~

A/n: Here we go, I really hope you liked it everyone. Lots of love – G


Thank you @tetsustetsu for the quality content and for sketch ideas omg

Also thank you for @spaceinvaydr for sending that ask to them

Ily both now have a sketch ♡

Soooo... an oc.


Finally I feel brave enough to do this. I’ve developed her, and have gotten some fantastic help from @utatapyon with her hero costume, and so I believe that it’s finally time for me to share my Boku No Hero Academia oc with y’all. 

you’re going to see both traditional and digital artwork since i’m pretty decent at both types!

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Mina hides behind her secrets and I wither away my soul with pills, and we are 

                                                                                         Just Fine, Thank You.