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Hello, sweeties! Who doesn’t love candles? It is almost impossible not to, with the whole variety there’s on market. Taking this into account, me and Reizel decided to launch an awards together, fully dedicated to some of their fragrances. We are more than happy to announce our “Candle Awards”! We hope you like it :)


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Best overall - Green Tea & Lemon
Best icon - Vanilla Cupcake
Best URL - White Gardenia
Best theme - Pomegranate & Rapsberry
Best Posts - Sea Sal & Kelp
Best colour scheme - Lavender & Honey
Best new discovery - Passion Fruit
Reizel’s fave - Plum Orchid & Dahlia
Vivs’ fave - Watercress & Mint


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virginia being only in 12 issues of one series is obviously important and to bring her back would be to tarnish her - but also.

also come on flashbacks, hallucinations, dream sequences, give me something - like she was IMPORTANT I don’t want to see her be just forgotten about as ‘lol remember when vision broke bad’ or referred to vaguely as ‘viv’s mom who killed herself and also other people’

like just spitballing here:

- the avengers have to go inside vision again bc of some problem or mind control and meet various hallucinations, one of whom is virginia

- viv’s friends actually help her confront her trauma and her fears about being like her mom

- they do that projection thing from their gems and project virginia (or vin tbh) bc I loved that

- she gets mentioned in the same breath as wanda as someone vision loved bc angst

- we see her necklace again - maybe viv wears it or vision keeps it somewhere if she isn’t

- someone mentions vision’s marriage and he points out he’s been married twice thank you and just bc she didn’t matter to the avengers and they’d prefer to forget about that doesn’t mean she didn’t matter to vision

- flashbacks to happy times with her fam like you don’t fight that hard to save something that was always awkward and miserable so there must have been good points right

- viv calls out the avengers for their shit, including essentially murdering her mother and brother and expecting her to trust them?? no

tl;dr: virginia vision was important and she shouldn’t be forgotten or used as an excuse to say technically wanda is viv’s mom - wanda is viv’s egg donor if she’s anything related as opposed to just her friend and dad’s ex-wife

V finds this photo of Sol, what is her response?

(P.s. Sorry for how weird the style is, I don’t have more usual colours with me^^’ but in this Sol is nervously playing with her hair and if you look closely at the neck you’ll see a hint of a scar under the choker.)

(P.s.s. hope you have a lovely day~)

Viv is gonna stare at Sol like this for the rest of the day. 

(Hope you have an amazing day as well, sweetheart!! ♡)