hope you like it too tiff

so i’ve been saying for like 2 months i would draw @giveemhelkid and then tiffany told me to draw winnie the pooh art and then she had a really good picture up of her with a dog filter so yeah i just turned the dog filter into winnie the pooh

You heard that right, my dudes: 100 (presumably) separate people have decided to stick with this loser.

And to celebrate this great phenomenon, I thought I’d do some shoutouts!
But in general, I wanna thank each and every one of you for slamming that follow button. If you didn’t make the list, do not fret: your local garbage (me) may have forgotten, as she is wont to do, and as such, she apologizes profusely in advance. Having said that, I imagine if I ever make the remarkable climb to 200, I’ll do this again, so FEAR NOT: YOUR CHANCES HAVE NOT YET ENDED.

So. Let’s get into this, shall we ? I do believe we shall!

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anonymous asked:

um, hi. i love your art. do you think we could see more of Ellie being super like chivalrous and princess charming-y? that shit kills me.

Hmm I do picture her as the type for sure.

She is my most romantic character.(hope @marshmallowmaurice doesn’t mind I borrow Tiff here.’,:^3c)

Admittedly she also tends to develop romantic feelings too quickly for others.She’s a hopeless romantic.Though not the type to admit to it.

“Bubble bursting anon here again, since people don’t understand how this industry works I will give a quick film distribution/financing 101, because yes, the US and North America are important for the film (and most films for that matter). I also come with insider information on the film so I can be a bit more in depth, and will offer examples. There’s lots of info, it will take about 10 or so asks. Here we go! (1)

When a film is being developed a producer will create a budget and finance plan, the finance plan is key to getting the money necessary to make the film. There’s lots of ways to finance a film but generally the finance plan is comprised of tax credits, government funding or grants or lotteries (depending on the country/region), private equity, presales to TV and/or airlines as well as minimum guarantees (MG) from distributors. (2)

For small budget indie films (and sometimes even huge films) you sometimes see stupid rich people footing the whole bill, this is a huge risk but can pay off if the film is successful. That’s not how most film works so you have to go with the combination of financing indicated above. For some films, presales aren’t necessary however, each region has a max allowed from the government, tax credits etc. So past a certain budget level you have to go to private equity, or investors. (3)

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OQ Prompt: Robin chooses obligation over love and everyone is miserable because of it because everyone is trying to do the right thing. It’s a few weeks later when Robin gets into an accident. He wakes up to a complete different life. One where he chose love over obligation.

Coming Back To You 1/3

Saw this prompt by nephelite (how do you come up with all those ideas i would like to know?) and decided to give it a try. I hope you like it dear!

Big shout out to Tiff (whitebuddah0524) for her amazing editing work, you made this about a 100% better than it was!

Here is the first of three parts (should probably mention that this was written while listening to Lana Del Rey’s version of Once Upon A Dream from which I shamelessly stole the tittle and John Legend’s All of Me. Also it’s my first OQ fic)

part 2



Part 1 : Once Upon A Dream




The regular, and frankly quite annoying sound, is the first thing he becomes aware of as he slowly regains consciousness. His eyelids feel too heavy to be lifted just yet so he tries to focus on what he hears and smells and…why on Earth does his head feel like it’s been trampled over by a dozen very hefty animals? Or like he has been drinking way too much of that awful beverage Friar Tuck calls alcohol, but really doesn’t deserve that name after having tasted what this new world has to offer. His personal favorite has become whiskey, and it isn’t at all because it makes him think of her, no, not at all.

His thoughts are straying in a dangerous direction, a perilous place, so he pulls himself back to the present, reminds himself that he’s trying to figure out why he is lying on a very different bed from the one in which he usually sleeps, why he is nursing the mother of all headaches.




That sound again. It seems to echo a memory of not too long ago. It takes him a few minutes, time to rack his sluggish mind, before he can recall where he heard that noise before. The hospital, the place where they brought Little John as he was turning into a flying beast, the place where they tried to protect Princess Snow White and her child. Now that he thinks about it, it explains the clean smell around him, the bright light he can make out as his eyelids begin cooperating.

He remembers being told that the equipment making this sound is a heart monitor, to record a patient’s heart rate, to be able to intervene if it becomes too slow, too fast or irregular. He had other things to worry about at the time, so he hadn’t paid much attention, but now he is wondering why he would need such a thing.

That’s when he remembers. He had been drinking alone in that shabby place called The Rabbit Hole. Probably too much, or maybe too little if he can still remember it. He was once again trying to convince himself he had made the right choice when Marian came back from the past. Trying to convince himself that breaking the heart of a woman, a woman who had known far too much pain, enough pain to last anyone several lifetimes, was a small price to pay to have his wife back, alive and well. What a load of bullshit that was!

But what could he have done? Marian was his wife, they had made vows to one another and…what is the point of rehashing this now?

He had been in the Rabbit Hole, staggered outside trying to make his way back to his camp, but apparently not paying enough attention to his surroundings. The next thing he knew, he was crossing the street, headlights were blinding him, tires screeching in his ears, and then there was pain, pain like he hadn’t known in a very long time, if ever, and then nothing, darkness all around him.

A car, those contraptions people of this world use as means of transportation, had hit him, and from the few things he had heard, remembers seeing, he is probably very lucky to be alive.

He is finally able to open his eyes, blinks several times as the harsh, white lights greet him. His whole body feels heavy. He can see his left leg is elevated and covered in some kind of boot that leaves his toes free. He tries to move his hand to touch it but he can’t, and looking down, he realises it is because someone is using it as a pillow. Not just any someone either. Even if her face is mostly covered, he’d recognize her hair anywhere. He frowns, wonders if he is imagining it, but the brown tresses appear to be longer than the last time he had seen her. He can’t have been unconscious that long?

He watches her for a while. He has always loved being able to just watch her, committing every feature to memory to feast on when they aren’t together. He has been doing a lot of that lately, with very little new material to go on as they seem to make it their mission to avoid each other. He will take this opportunity to look upon her as long as he can, and try to ignore his guilt knowing there is no way she could be comfortable in that position.

A few moments pass before he questions why she is here at all, not that he isn’t glad, but it doesn’t make sense. He had left her, alone and heartbroken in her office, barely a day after she had told him of a second chance she had let go of all those years ago only to find again, their second chance. He had left her, telling her that no matter his feelings for her, he now had his wife back. A wife he pledged vows to long before he knew what it really meant to love, to have your heart so full it could burst, to be so connected to someone that their pain made you cry and their joy made you weep.

He lets out a shaky breath recalling that moment, the moment he had told her he was choosing Marian. He knew he had to flee her office, knew he had never been able to bear seeing her cry, knew he wasn’t strong enough. If he had seen her tears he would have turned back, taken her in his arms, his vows, his honor be damned, because how could he become part of the list of people to hurt this amazing woman, hurt her so much she no longer felt worthy of love?

They had spent the days, weeks that followed, avoiding each other at all costs. Her family, her friends, they rallied around her, even when she would adamantly say she didn’t need anyone to protect her.

If she is here, does it mean she has forgiven him? Could they work something out so that they could still be in each other’s lives, still see each other without it feeling like his heart is squeezed so tightly in his chest he can’t breathe?

She stirs, and he holds his breath, it seems he will get his answer sooner than he expected. She slowly straightens herself up, her right hand brushing her hair away from her face while her left still holds his in a tight grip. It takes her a moment to notice he is observing her intently.

When she finally does, she smiles widely, her eyes filling with tears, and his name escapes her mouth in a shaky, questioning whisper, as if doubting he is right there in front of her. Her left hand raises from his coming to rest upon his cheek, caressing it slowly as he leans into her palm. A glimmer catches his eye, and he takes her hand to look at it more closely. There, on her ring finger, is a beautiful diamond and emerald band, a band that looks a lot like an engagement ring.

When did that happen?

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It’s about that time! Maybe you know me as one of the idiots behind @parlortrickscomic — but probably not, seeing as it hasn’t really released yet.

I have a few different options this time and my pricing and offerings system has been improved from the last time I opened commissions (and now I’m using Sketchbook Pro for everything except painting, so any sketch commissions I offer will now be considerably cleaner than they were in the past).

What I’m Offering

A full-body, high-resolution painting of a single character. This type of piece takes me about 3 days to complete. If you want more than a simple color background, or more than one character, then consider:

A sepia or grayscale full environment shot. The emphasis here is on the environment, not the characters, but a simple full color background with 1-2 characters is around the same price. Something of this background detail, with multiple characters in full color, would fall in the $80-$100 range (about a week’s worth of work), if you’re amenable.

I’m also offering still-life or portraits of inorganic subjects (want drawings of food? I’m your guy) on the cheap.

And if you want a quick and dirty piece from me, I can do that too. This sort of thing is super flexible, but generally involves either an uncolored sketch or composition, a quickly-colored single figure, etc. The point is that generally $10 buys an hour’s worth of work. Also, if you’re a budding artist and looking for a way to improve your art, I can offer you the PSD or TIFF of your sketch commission under a creative commons to draw over or alter however you like, as long as you credit me if/when you post it anywhere.

I’m working on setting up a Patreon to offer this sort of thing on a regular basis (quick online art lessons, maybe?), but I’ll get to that another time.


Sprites! I’m still pretty new to this, but my pricing for simply animated character sprites ranges from $50-$70, depending on complexity. 

Terms and Conditions

I’m hoping to do this on a semi-ongoing basis (I benefit from making you art, too! It helps me improve so I can make you better art!). It’s a first-come first-served basis, so those who commission me first will get their art done first.

Ping me on Tumblr if you’re interested, and if you commission me we can communicate through Discord or Skype, depending on your preference.


-Complex mechs are a no go. Sorry. 

-No explicit NSFW (for now. I’m considering opening this to 20+ commissioners).

-I retain the right to refuse any commission for any reason. 

hey everyone! I know that I’ve said that I was going to do a follow forever like in January but I’ve been having problems during the year and I’ve been super busy to do one and the free time I had I spent it doing other things (that’s also the reason why I haven’t been on here as much as I was last year) but anyways here it’s my 1989 era follow forever!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚

This year was the best one I’ve ever had in my life. I got to experience so many things I’ve never done before and most of my dreams came true. but I also made so many new friends in real life and on here. and I was finally able to be myself. So if you are included on this I want to thank you for making my year even more better through your amazing edits, your kind words, your sweet messages or just for lighting up my dash everyday. You have no idea the smile you put on my face and how much you mean to me. I hope your 2016 is exactly what you wish it would be. I love you!

+ credits to ash for the amazing edit

+ mutuals are in italics  

|| THE BAES || 

Ashley: oh where do I start? you’ve been there since the very beginning, always trying to cheer me up when I was down. you are one of the sweetest people I know in this world and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you in my life. I’m proud to call you one of my best friends. I share so many memories with you (like our moments fangirling over tay) and I can’t wait to meet you one day. ilysm Ash!  ps. I will always remember that voice message you sent me right before my math exam. it was just so aw :’)

♥ Amy: I’ve been following your blog for sooo long and it’s honestly one of my favorites. since then I’ve seen how lovely (and cool and pretty) you are. I’m still not over the day you followed me back neither the day we started talking. and I hope we can still talk cause you are just so awesome an way too nice! love you.

Javiera: mi negris, my other half, my soulmate… we met the first day of school this year and since then you’ve been my partner on crime. there was never a day that we didn’t sit next to each other or a class project that we didn’t do together. I hope we get to be in the same class next year (otherwise there won’t be any more “heart shaped hands to Greg”) we’ve made so many memories together (and inside jokes) that I will never forget and I’m looking forward to many more with you. I mean, we are the light side and the dark side, the singer and the artist, the angel and the devil… lol ily and heeeey it was enchanting to meet youuu.

Jemma: Jemm, you are one of the strongest people I’ve ever known. you honestly inspire me and I’m so glad we are friends! your snapchats always bring me life. thank you for being such an understanding and caring friend and for bringing me a smile to my face every day. Also your selfies on instagram are just #goals and I hope when we met, we swipe our hairs (since you like curly and thick one and I like straight and thin aka yours lol) ilysm and say hi to Emily for me!

Kenzy: Kenzy! we haven’t talked a lot lately but I just wanted to let you know that you are still in my heart. I hope everything gets better and if you ever need someone I’ll always be here for you. you are one of the nicest people on this world and I can’t believe we almost met each other (I hope we do one day) I love you more than you will ever know. (btw I’m still not over your outfit for the concert it just looks so well on you!) ily xx

Kyra: IDKKKK I know. It’s really mind blowing how close I feel you are to me even tho we’ve been talking for two months. it’s incredible how friendship powers actually work! we’ve created so many inside jokes in a very short time omg. you are like so funny and nice and amazing and understanding and sweet and I could go on and on. our late talks really bring me life (and not sleep) and I hope our friendship grows like my love for you. Ky you are so damn special to me (and that’s the first #fff I’m posting on social media) even tho you haven’t replied back since saturday (but I STILL LOVE YOU MORE)

Romina: everything started the first day of school in algebra class when you asked me who was my favorite singer. and I answered a little bit shy “Taylor Swift” and I will never forget the look on your face when you knew that I was a swiftie too and the biggest hug you gave me afterwards :’). Romi you are one of the craziest girl I ever know and I love you for being who you are. I miss you so much gurl.

Sierra: my big sis :’) aka the greatest person ever. we have become such good friends the past year and a quarter that I really consider you as my sister. You are always so kind to me and you always give me the best advice. I have so many things to say that I could fill like a hundred pages. I hope to meet you one day! Keep doing you. I love you endlessly

Tiffany: cutie pie, YOU are the cutest person I’ve ever known. I’m pretty sure you radiate light like a star cause you are one! honestly when I look at your face i’m just “HOW?!” when we first started talking I realized we had SO many things in common and we still do. thank you for being a wonderful friend and for being there for me since day one. this world needs more Tiffs tbh. I love you cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. and I hope everything turns well on January 8th. love you bubz

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@taylorswift Taylor thank you for being there for me when no one was and for being my inspiration everyday. I’m a better person today thanks to you. I love you to the moon and back and I hope I can meet you one day.