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Headcanons for the chocobros + Nyx and Cor about meeting their future s/o for the first time :)

Thanks for that, it was SO MUCH fun to write! Nyx and Ignis were the hardest, but I hope you will like it nonetheless.
I think I may have read too many Cor stories by @themissimmortal, because he was probably the easiest one to write XD


- The two of you met during one of those balls where everybody hates to go but goes nevertheless because they need to be seen.

- It was a ball in honor of the relations between Lucis and your country.

- As the child of one of your country’s leaders, you were naturally invited.

- Plus you’re about the same age as Noct, and your father thought it would help convince the prince to go.

- Noctis didn’t want to go, of course, he hates this kind of event the most.

- And Ignis made him wear a stupid suit.

- He hates that even more. It makes him feel even more awkward and clumsy.

- He stays in a corner of the ballroom the whole evening, waiting for the time when it won’t be considered rude to leave.

- When he sees you, everything stops around: the music, time, the course of the stars.

- You love this kind of event, so you’re smiling broadly.

- Your smile is what captures Noct’s heart.

- He doesn’t dare approach you.

- Now he feels completely stupid in his damn suit.

- But when you notice him, your smile widens and you walk to him.

- He looks so cute in his suit, even though he doesn’t seem to be aware of it.

- You’re the one who asks him to dance, and even though he looks like he’s about to refuse, his “yes” comes unexpected.

- After that night the two of you become inseparable and you’re even allowed to stay in Lucis, the excuse being you want to better understand the culture of your neighbour ;)


- You’ve just been recruited in the crownsguard.

- You’ve been there for like three days.

- It has always been your dream but you feel so insecure about what you’re worth.

- You literally think you’ve been recruited because your father was in the crownsguard.

- You’re quite good with guns, but you’re not sure it will be enough.

- That day when you start training, you notice the cutest guy you’ve ever seen.

- It looks like it’s his first day, he’s holding his crownsguard uniform in his hands, waiting for orders.

- He looks just as nervous as you, shifting his weight from one foot to the other constantly.

- You notice he’s accompanied by none other than Cor the Immortal.

- How intimidating.

- Prompto’s gaze meets yours suddenly.

- You literally lose your composure, dropping the shield you were learning to use.

- The noise attracts everybody’s attention in the courtyard.

- Prompto feels immediately attracted by you, you seem to have so much in common.

- At lunch break, Prompto comes to sit beside you, giving you the brightest smile ever.

- The two of you quickly bond over your own insecurities, giving the other confidence in their own abilities.


- Gladio is going home after a hard day of training Noctis.

- He’s lost in his thoughts, brooding over the way the prince acts like a brat.

- Even if they have grown fond of each other over the years, sometimes he wishes he didn’t have to become Noct’s shield

- As he passes a dark alleyway, he hears a muffled cry.

- Doesn’t notice at first, then backtracks.

- Finds you behind a trashcan, in the middle of being mugged

- The thief barely makes it alive, before Gladio calls the cops.

- He walks you back home, after making sure you’re not physically hurt.

- Puts you in bed, gets hot chocolate for you, and ends up sleeping on the couch just in case you need anything.

- When you find him on the couch you prepare the perfect breakfast for your knight in shining armor.

- When he gets up and sees you cooking for him in the kitchen, he notices how cute you are.

- You end up spending the whole day together, getting to know each other better.

- And the day after that.

- And the day after.

- You know what I mean.


- That day Ignis arrives to the Citadel, knowing he has to train a new assistant that will take a job among the royal family’s staff.

- This is one of the most boring jobs he has to do, but he does it nevertheless, being a dutiful royal employee.

- Because most of the time the people he trains are as familiar with the royal family’s world as he is, coming from noble families.
So basically he has nothing to teach them and he just shows them around and that’s it.

- But you are different.

- You’re a mere commoner who achieved this position through hard work only.

- On your first day, you’re a mess, you haven’t slept, because you were so nervous.

- Ignis doesn’t like your dishevelled appearance at first.

- He has no idea that it’s not how you usually look.

- On your first day you’re so tense and clumsy, that Ignis soon comes to the conclusion that you’re going to be a total failure at this.

- He finds you crying at lunch break, and realises he’s been too harsh on you.

- He apologizes for his behaviour right away.

- On the second day you arrive properly rested, and more relaxed.

- The two of you start things over, Ignis going more slowly and discovering how hard-working you are.
- That’s the first thing that draws him to you.

- You’re very shy around him, because you’re intimidated by his perfect manners and composure.

- But you soon discover that he also knows to relax from time to time, and the two of you find that you have more in common that you thought at first.


- Nyx has been dragged to the newest nightclub in Insomnia.
- Crowe wanted to have a good time, and Nyx and Libertus couldn’t refuse her.

- Crowe often tells Nyx he needs to relax, and that it’s a good occasion.

- At first Nyx stays at the bar, drinking his beer without really looking around.

- But after a while he finds himself on the dancefloor, really enjoying himself.

- He dances with a few enchanting creatures, not thinking much about it.

- Until he sees you.

- You’re dancing alone, as if in a trance.

- You’re beautiful, and you know it.

- Even though the dancefloor is cramped, there is space around you, as if people didn’t dare to touch you, for fear of interrupting you.

- Nyx sees something magical in your dance.

- Entranced by the way you move, he walks toward you.

- When you notice him, your gaze locks with him and you beckon him to come closer.

- He can’t help but obey, he’s under your spell.

- You dance together, going so far as to share a kiss, overwhelmed by the sensuality of your moves.

- You often love to dance with sexy partners, but it often stops after that, each of you going their separate ways.

- But not this time.

- When  Nyx asks for your number, you don’t know what makes you give it to him.

- You decide that even if he calls you won’t answer, it’s not a good idea.

- Two days later, you find yourself seated in a restaurant with Nyx, still completely bewitched by his eyes, the way he talks, his demaneor.

- He seems to feel the same way, and you end up spending the night talking, sharing your lives with each other.


- That day in the courtyard, Cor is in a bad mood.

- He has to welcome a new assistant who will help him with the training of the new crownsguard recruits.

- Cor knows only a few things about you, and he dislikes what he’s learned.

- You used to work as a bureaucrat in another part of the kingdom.

- But your uncle belongs to the Council, so it’s probably the reason why you got the job.

- He despises you before even seeing you, because there’s no way you will be up to the task with your background.

- When he sees you enter the training courtyard, his first impression is confirmed.

- You look so out of place with your neat and tidy appearance and well groomed hair.

- He can’t help notice that you’re really beautiful, but that doesn’t change what he thinks of you.

- After greeting you as coldly as he can, he proposes to offer a show to the recruits, so you can demonstrate your ‘talents’.

- He puts all the irony of the world in his words.

- You’re a bit offended by his unwelcoming attitude, and try not to show the effect the Immortal has on you.

- Of course, you accept his challenge.

- Little does he know your administrative job was just a cover for a spy job, and that you are well trained.

- You let him come at you, making a show of not knowing how to fight.

- When Cor is confident he’s going to win, you disarm him and knock him to the ground effortlessly.

- Once he’s back on his feet and training is over, Cor has the decency to apologise for misjudging you.

- He’s impressed at your skill.

- After that he warms up toward you and treats you like his equal, and you become the perfect team.

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Ahhhh!! Love your dazatsu art. It's all so pretty!! If you don't mind, I was wondering if you ever have time in the future we could see some dazatsu tickle fluff art. I just think it would be so cute especially in your art style!! If you don't wish to do it, that's fine too.

Ahh thank you…! I’m glad you like my puddly art ahhh *hides face*

And here you go~


Interviews with the Foxes -> Dan, Neil, Matt, Andrew

Happy Belated Birthday Paige @hazylucozade (3.17)

Not-So-Bad Bad Boy

pairing: philip hamilton x reader

word count: 3700 (woah)

warnings: swearing, making out

prompt/request: “Can I have a bad boy/fuck boy Philip Hamilton imagine with the prompts 14 43 92 131 and 219? I love your writing so much!!” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: this one is a lil’ longer than expected, but i hope you guys like it nonetheless! it got to the point where i was too tired of reading it to check for any errors, though, so if ya find any lemme know. enjoy

Philip Hamilton wanted your help.

It was the end of a school day in October, and you were just filing away your books into your locker – the one day a week you didn’t have tutoring – while getting ready to go home. In fact, you had just slammed your locker shut and were slipping the lock through the hole when the boy approached you with a proposition.

“You help me with math and I’ll hook you up with Georges,” he almost begged.

Philip Hamilton was a bad boy… at best. His father was a famous politician (although, in your school, whose dad wasn’t) and he never really tried to be nice to anyone else. Why would he? He had a motorcycle, all the money he could dream of, and talent to find a girlfriend at the beginning of every new month. But, despite his hardened, tough, rude exterior… you knew there was a reason he was like that, and you knew that there was so much more to him than being a dick. This was evident when he was asking you to tutor him – there was a look of weakness you had seen in his eyes that you had never seen in him before.

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Iwaoi + "I just want to go home..."

It’s fine.

Really, it is.

Hajime trusts Tooru. He trusts him with his life, in fact.


Why is this bothering him so much?

He sighs, closing his eyes and forcing himself to look away from where Tooru is, talking to some guy who is definitely standing a little bit too close. Tooru’s had a few glasses of wine now, so he probably isn’t aware of how hard this guy is flirting with him. For as brilliant as he is, Tooru can sometimes be so oblivious.

Or maybe Hajime’s just annoyed, and reading too far into this. Whatever.

Is this guy fucking blind or something? Can he not see that Tooru is his? They don’t have rings or anything, but still - they have spent the entire evening pressed together. Tooru was practically sitting in his lap during dinner, and he finished Hajime’s glass of wine for fuck’s sake-

Tooru laughs, and this guy takes a step closer, putting a hand on Tooru’s forearm. He’s quick to shake it off, mumbling something to this guy, but it’s apparently not enough because they’re still talking.

Hajime’s just about done with this now.

“Uh, hello? Earth to Iwa?” Hajime blinks, and finally notices that Kuroo has just been staring at him while he was lost in thought. They were having a conversation, before, but, well.. “Everything alright?” Kuroo glances between Hajime and Tooru, an amused expression on his face.

What an asshole.

“Don’t act oblivious,” Hajime spits, shaking his head. “Oblivious doesn’t work for you. Not with that shit-eating grin.” He tips back the rest of his glass of wine, finishing it in one go. 

Kuroo hums, still smirking like he knows something Hajime doesn’t. If they weren’t such good of friends, Hajime would have punched him.

Or, maybe because they are, that’s why he does. 

Kuroo laughs into it, rubbing his shoulder. “Just go, before you hurt somebody with that glare.” 

Hajime drops his empty glass on a nearby table. “You guys gonna be okay to get home?” He looks past Kuroo to Bokuto, who is trying to play pool. Trying, and failing, as he’s leaning halfway over the table and constantly jostling the pool balls before he hits. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry, Kei’s coming in an hour. We’ll be fine until then.” Kuroo waves him off, taking a step back. “Now, go, seriously, before I go and do it for you.” Kuroo skulks away, and Hajime brings up a hand to rub at his temples.

He knows it’s stupid, but looking over at Tooru brings up a fresh wave of unpleasant emotions again, and Hajime finds himself walking over. 

Tooru doesn’t see him, at first - he’s turned to his side, from where Hajime approaches - but Hajime clears his throat, and calls his name before he’s even close.


Hajime can’t help but smile at the immediate way that Tooru reacts, at how quickly he turns towards the sound of Hajime’s voice, and smiles. Really smiles. The kind that’s only reserved for Hajime and Hajime alone.

As it should be.

Soon as Hajime’s close enough, Tooru is reaching out for him, lacing their fingers together. He lets out a soft, contented hum - Hajime wants to drag him in close, to hold that, and every part of Tooru, just for him. 

“Hajime?” Tooru whispers, looking confused as Hajime pulls him in close, nosing at his neck. “What’s up?”

Hajime inhales once, deeply. Tooru smells amazing - the cologne he wears is expensive, but Hajime would recognize the scent anywhere. It only reaffirms everything that Hajime is feeling.

“I just want to go home,” he says, lips pressed against Tooru’s neck, his jaw, and then the shell of his ear. He feels Tooru shiver beneath him, and the grip on his hands tightens.

“Okay,” Tooru says, nodding his head quickly. He leans in to press a kiss to the side of Hajime’s face, and then his lips, when Hajime turns to meet him. He tastes sweet. Like strawberries. “Then let’s go.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

I live to let you shine.  
⤿ for @kalluraweek​. happy valentine’s day, everyone!

Okay, so like, a little over a year ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting @kyleehenke. I was feeling very down that day and lost a few friends. However, someone came over to comfort me, and to my surprise it was Kylee. She was an absolute angel that day and I really won’t ever forget it. Ever since then I sort of considered us friends, but this pas year I’ve been way too damn shy to start a conversation again, in fear of being annoying or something.

I want to change that tho, I want to be more confident, because if I wanna be friends I shouldn’t be intimidated!!! So Kylee, since you made my birthday special, I wanted to do something for YOURS :0!!!!

So here you go sweetpea, an outfit design fit for a queen, because that’s what you are, with AND without the memes! You’re an amazing human being, and I’m glad I met you that day, and I’m sorry the prezzie is so late but I hope you like it nonetheless ; u; 

Happy late birthmas! Hope it was a good one!

On Cloud Nine / Jughead Jones

I’m not sure it it’s exactly what you were thinking of…but I hope you like it nonetheless. 

Words: 1280

(Y/N)’s face remains blank.

She waits patiently until the shock and amusement that had overwhelmed her friends passed.

“This is gold,” Reggie manages to say, despite his uncontrollable laughter. 

“Are you serious?” Veronica asks, unable to believe what she had heard. “How is that possible?”

“No one? Ever?” Archie sniggers, continuing the excessive questioning. 

(Y/N) shakes her head, crossing her arms over her chest, “No one,” she confirms. 

“Not even when you-”

“No,” (Y/N) interrupts, not needing to know what the question was.

“I don’t believe you,” Archie declares, leaning back in his seat. “You’re winding us up.”

Reggie, who still hadn’t completely tamed his laughter, threw an arm over (Y/N)’s shoulder. “You are a constant surprise, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). So sweet and innocent,” he sighs. “What are we going to do with you?”

She releases an aggravated groan, unintentionally pressing herself further against the warmth her friend offered. “I don’t see why this is such a big deal.”

Because,” Veronica demands, overly dramatically, “you’re a lip virgin!”

(Y/N) rolls her eyes, not able to comprehend why her friends were concerned about who she’s been kissing-or more accurately, hasn’t been.

“Why is this so hard to believe?” she questions, narrowing her eyes.

“It’s just odd, I guess. I suppose I’ve never really thought about it, I’ve just always assumed. I mean you’re friends with so many guys,” Archie shrugs.

(Y/N)’s glare hardens, “We’ll I’m not you Archie,” she snaps, sliding out of the booth, finally being pushed to her limit. She lets Reggie’s arm fall to his side. “I don’t go around kissing anyone and everyone.” 

“Obviously,” Reggie mutters under his breath. 

Without hesitation, or a second glance at her friends, she rushes towards the exit, the laughter from the table seeming to echo behind her.

(Y/N) accidentally runs into Jughead who was just entering Pop’s. “Hey,” he chuckles, “why the rush?”

She couldn’t answer him, instead she pushes past him and heads in the direction of her home. 

Jughead is left standing at the door to the diner in complete confusion. He slowly enters and looks around, frowning when he sees Archie and the others sitting in a booth laughing.

“Are you guys aware (Y/N) just ran out of here?” he asks as he approaches them, thrusting his thumb in the direction of the door. His words seemed to amuse the trio even more. His frown deepens as they continue. “She looked really upset.”

“We were just joking,” Reggie defends. 

“What did you do?” he demands, addressing all three of them-feeling a sudden rush of defensiveness. 

Archie rolls his eyes, “We were just having a little fun, we didn’t mean to upset her.”

“Well clearly,” Jughead says, “you did. (Y/N) mustn’t have caught on the the joke.”

Veronica was the first to come to a realisation, “Oh no,” she mumbles, “we really didn’t meant to hurt her, Jughead.”

“What did you do?” he asks them again.

Veronica bites her lip, her fingers start scrunching at the napkin in front of her. “We were talking about the worst kisses we’ve had…” she trails off.

“And?” Jughead questions, his forehead furrowing-wondering how his friend could have gotten so upset. 

“It turns out she’s never been kissed before,” Archie answers. While this newly gained knowledge undoubtedly surprised Jughead, he didn’t let that get in the way of what he wanted to say.  

“So you made fun of her? Seriously?” he scoffs. “I thought you were better than that,” he shakes his head before giving them all a pointed look. Reggie and Archie were now the ones frowning. “I can’t believe you would do that,” he says. “Actually,” he continues, “maybe I can.” Jughead makes his way out of the diner and starts to walk to (Y/N)’s house. 

As he moves towards the door he starts to think of what to say. (Y/N) was one of his closest friends and he wanted nothing more than to make her happy again. 

Knocking on the door, Jughead rocks back and forth on his feet. The door eventually opens. (Y/N) stands in front of him, looking the same as she did when she had left the diner-only now her eyes were red and puffy.

Without even having to say anything, (Y/N) takes a step closer to him. Jughead wraps his arms around her while she rests her hands on his waist, scrunching his jumper in her fists. 

“Don’t listen to them,” he tells her quietly. “They were just being jerks.”

“Doesn’t mean they’re not wrong. It’s weird,” she mumbles.

Jughead strokes her hair, “It’s not weird, it’s good to have standards and want to wait. Maybe you just haven’t met anyone you want to be with in that way,” he shrugs. “There’s nothing weirds about that.”

“You think?” she asks, pulling her head away so she could see his face, trying to detect a lie.

He smiles as he looks down at her, “I do.”

They stand there for a while until (Y/N) laughs and finally pulls away. “I’m sorry, I’m probably overreacting.”

“You’re not,” he confirms, trying to assure her.

“Come in,” she insists, wiping at her eyes. 

Jughead nods and follows her in the house, shutting the door behind him. They make themselves comfortable in the lounge room and set up a movie-deciding to try and relax for the rest of the night.

“Thank you,” (Y/N) says sincerely, “for coming by.”

“Anytime,” he shrugs.

(Y/N) could feel her lips tug upwards into another smile. “Really, Jug,” she continues. “You’re always the one who is there for me…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it,” he tells her. “You’re always there for me as well and besides-there’s no place I’d rather be right now,” he says with a small smile, turning around so he was facing her, his arm thrown over the back of the couch.

“I suppose that’s what makes us such a good pair,” she says, unable to stop her eyes from flickering to his lips. 

“I guess so.”

The pair were silent for what felt like an eternity. “Can you do me a favour?” she asks, tilting her head to the side-coming to a decision. 


She rolls her eyes, “Close your eyes.” Jughead’s expression falters, but he complies with her request. “Just stay still,” she murmurs, leaning towards him. Jughead remains motionless, he had a feeling he knew what was going to happen-what he hoped would happen-but stayed silent.

Jughead could feel her breath, almost tickling him as she spoke. “Can I?” 

“Yes,” is all he replies. 

(Y/N)’s lips barely brush his at first, the touch so light and hesitant-unsure if it was okay.

Jughead’s fingers dig into the couch as she tries again-though this time with a slight force and determination. He kisses her back, causing her to freeze momentarily. Soon she seems to wrap her mind around what was happening and moves closer to him.

He rests a hand on the back of her neck and pulls her against him-but doesn’t attempt to deepen the kiss. 

When (Y/N) pulls back, he opens his eyes only to find hers still closed. He uses his fingertips to gently stroke her cheek. “Are you okay?” he asks her.

“Never felt better,” she responds instantaneously, a grin spreading across her face. Jughead couldn’t help but mirror her expression. “Thank you,” she tells him again.

“Why are you thanking me this time?” he asks her softly, tugging gently at a loose lock of hair.

“For making me feel happier than I’ve been in a while. For making my first kiss…something to treasure.”

“Hopefully your second will be able to meet your standards then,” he whispers playfully, pulling her face towards his. 

Come Back to Me

Love is Not Over SERIES - 01 || 02 || 03 || 04 || 05 || 06 || 07

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY:  Jungkook breaks up with you under built up pressure from his family and friends, but shortly afterwards he realizes that this isn’t what his heart wants and he wants you back.


Originally posted by jjks


Jungkook slams his fist into the wall beside him.  It was a mistake. A slip of the tongue. He hadn’t meant any of it; it was all in the heat of the moment – he was just so frustrated - and he couldn’t control his emotions.

“Get out!”

His hands somehow connect with the ceramic flower vase on the table and he flings it at the ground. It shatters into pieces and the flowers lay limp, drowned in the water around them.

“I don’t want to see you anymore, Y/N. We’re done. Done. Did you hear me?”

Jungkook breathes heavily as he stares at you. You’re trembling. “Jungkook, just tell me why… Please, can’t we talk?”

He watches as you step closer to him and try to take his hand. He slaps it away, and even though it hurt to see the pained look on your face, he keeps his hands by his side.

You retract your fingers, and look at him sadly. He just shakes his head. “Just leave, Y/N. I can’t do this anymore.”

He starts to head towards the door, to follow you, to apologize, but he stops. Jungkook knew he had hurt you. But it was just a fight, like any other fight. You would come back like you always did. Yet as he kept on trying to reassure himself, he realized it was different this time.

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"Don't give me that look." + iwaoi (btw i love your writing so much, you have such an elegant way with words ;;;)

“Don’t give me that look.”

Hajime sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples with a hand. He doesn’t want to be leaving-

But he has to.

“You know I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t have to.” Hajime drops his bag by the door of their one-bedroom apartment, stepping back into the familiar warmth of home. Of his and Tooru’s home. They’ve lived here for the past three years, and been together for the past five. 

It’s only been the last six months that Hajime has had to travel for work, and every day feels harder than the last.

Tooru hates when he leaves; Hajime hates leaving.

But he doesn’t have a choice, at this point.

“Come on…” Hajime sighs again, crossing the hallway back to where Tooru is leaning on the kitchen door. He sticks out his bottom lip at Hajime, and his eyes are still red and puffy last night from all the crying he did last night when Hajime was called to inform him they needed him in the city again, when he was supposed to have the weekend at home.

Of the last eight weeks,they’ve barely spent one together

This new job was supposed to bring them good things. Peace. Comfort. Stability.

Instead, it’s tearing them apart.

“Tooru…” Hajime draws in a breath, hands reaching out for Tooru tentatively, as if afraid Tooru won’t be there to meet him.

What an idiot.

“Hajime…” Tooru sniffles, hands finding Hajime’s and pulling him in close. Tooru melts against him, fitting in like the spot belongs to him.

Which, well, it pretty much does.

“I”m sorry,” Hajime whispers, running a hand through Tooru’s hair. He kisses the top of his head, wrapping his free arm around Tooru, feeling his body shudder. “I don’t like this any more than you.”

A sniffle, and Tooru’s hugging him fiercely. “I know. I just… I hate being here alone. It’s… supposed to be our house. I’m-I’m supposed to love it, not… hate it. Everything reminds me of you… smells like you…” He inhales deeply, nose brushing against Hajime’s nape. “I miss you… And you haven’t even left yet…”

Hajime nods, squeezing him tighter. “It’s… not much longer, love. Okay? Just a few more months, and I’ll be able to set up permanently here.” He creates enough distance between them to tilt Tooru’s head back to see his face, leaning in to kiss his forehead, then each of his eyelids. “You’ll wait for me?”

Tooru lifts an arm to feebly wipe away a fresh wave of tears with the back of his hand. “Always.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoyed :) 

Physical Therapy

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader (Y/N), Cara (OFC)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean hurts himself and takes on physical therapy where he meets the Reader.

Warnings: AU, Fluff.

Word Count: 2K-ish

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @dancingalone21‘s challenge- “Lau’s AU Funny Quite Challenge”. My quote is bolded in the fic. I just want to say I am soooo damn sorry for being late on this. I’ve been having a hectic life lately. I’m sorry for the lateness of this fic. I hope you guys like it nonetheless. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Enjoy! *hides face*

**Special thanks to Ree @neversatisfiedgirl for taking the time to beta this for me. You really are a life saver, Ree. Thank you**

Physical Therapy

I didn’t think my life would get so interesting…so fast. I had woken up at approximately 4:30am, thanking the heavens above that it was Friday. It had been a long and stressful week and the weekend couldn’t get here fast enough.

But alas, I was here. And I couldn’t be happier.

The morning went as per usual. I got my Starbucks, drove to work an hour early, so I waited in the parking lot, sipping on my venti Double Chocolate Chip Frap. It was a peaceful morning…until a slightly harsh tap against my window stopped it abruptly.

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Best Big Brother - Dean x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Little bit of angst, the rest is fluff (What a suprise right?)

Word Count: 973

A/N This is for @highonpastries ’ “Pastries 250 Celebration” I’m late I know I’m so sorry but I hope you like it nonetheless. My prompt was “I know it’s off topic but could I have a banana?” It will be bolded in the fic.

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Dean had just spent the better half of the ride back to the bunker lecturing you about the hunt you had just finished. Your father usually did this, if anything happened during a hunt that involved you, and something he didn’t plan on, you could just expect a speech to come your way.

“Now, you know not to pull stupid stunts so I have no idea why you thought that was a good idea,” Dean said pulling into the bunker garage. Dean kept rambling on but you had lost all attention in anything he was saying.

What had happened in all honesty, wasn’t that bad. You had simply… charged a demon who was coming at Dean from behind. He would have gotten hurt or even killed if you hadn’t of done anything so you didn’t understand why Dean was so mad at you. You had tried to defend your actions earlier in the drive but gave up when Dean kept interrupting anything and everything you had to say on the topic.

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Some time (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you please do an imagine where Peter and you become lab partners and shortly afterwards friends and you think he likes you but he doesnt. You tell him but he turns you down. Then at the Honecoming dance you go alone after weeks of not talking and he sees you and suddenly regrets everything. And could the Vulture or someone attack the school and he saves everyone then he shows up at her house in his Spidey costume and tells her and she then turns him down. Im sorry I know its a lot but plz!

A/N: I don’t really like how this turned out, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. It feels nice being back after so many months. All the love xx

Going to prom alone was something you had dreaded since you started high-school; and yet, there you were, standing in the corner and looking at everybody dancing together.
You look at Peter, dancing next to Liz and laughing at whatever she’s saying. Looking at them, you can only think about the day you told Peter you liked him, convinced he would tell you that he liked you too after weeks of -what you had considered intentionally- touching your hands and looking at you during lab hours. He had been surprised when you told him, and you had thought that to be something good. It was not. He turned you down; softly and sweetly, but he turned you down.
You had already bought your prom ticket and dress, so you had no other option than to attend. What would you have told your parents, who so kindly had paid for everything in hopes of seeing you with a date?
You huffed and looked at your watch, deciding it was late enough to go home without your parents thinking anything had gone wrong. You quickly said goodbye to your friends and walked towards the door, not noticing Peter’s gaze on you.
Just as you were about to open the door, a window broke. Everyone began screaming, and when you turned around you saw a man flying across the gym. The Vulture, you thought. You didn’t know what to do. Your eyes quickly scanned the gym trying to find your friends, but there was no luck. Everybody kept running around trying to hide and you were stuck next to the door, people around you trying to open them, but they were locked.
‘’Spider-man,’’ the Vulture said, ‘’I know you are here. If you don’t want me to ruin everything around here and kill everyone, I’d suggest you come out and give me a little bit of a fight.’’
Everybody opened their eyes at the mention of Spider-man being there and heads started to turn. A second later the superhero appeared, hanging on his webs.
‘’Leave everyone out of this,’’ the masked superhero shouted, not getting too close to the Vulture.
His voice sounded familiar, but you noticed that he was trying to make it lower.
‘’This fight is between you and I’’ he said.
After that, both of them started fighting, everyone in the gym looking at them. You heard the police cars approaching the school and saw Spider-man stick the Vulture to the wall with his webs right before the police came in, opening the doors to the gym from outside. You quickly got out, stressed, shocked and scared.
Running home as fast as you could with your high heels on your hands, you changed into your pajamas right as you got into your room. You quickly messaged your friends, trying to make sure everyone was okay, and sighed when you got messages assuring you of their wellbeing. You lie on your bed, looking at the ceiling and finally processing everything that had happened after the shock had worn out. You finally let out a sigh and run your hand through your hair, not knowing how to react at the way the night had turned out.
Your thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking on your window, and you turned your head, furrowing your eyebrows as to who would be there. Much to your surprise, you were faced with Spider-man. You didn’t move, not knowing what to do. He finally motioned for you to open the window, and you guessed there was nothing wrong in doing that, so you did.
‘’Hey’’ he whispered.
You didn’t say anything, narrowing your eyes and waiting for him to say something else. He started taking off his mask and you opened your mouth, wanting to say something but not knowing what. When his mask was finally off, you were faced with Peter. You didn’t move, shocked. It kind of made sense -the voice, the skipping class; yet you still didn’t know what to do.
‘’Aren’t you gonna say anything?’’ he softly asked. You shook your head and waited for him to continue. ‘’I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.’’
You walked to your bed and sat there, still looking at him. He stood in the middle of your room, mask on his hand and looking around, trying to figure out what words to say.
‘’I came because I wanted to apologize’’ he finally said. ‘’I shouldn’t have rejected you. I know realize it was a mistake and I… I actually like you a lot.’’
You looked at him, processing everything.
‘’I…’’ you started. ‘’I don’t know what to say. I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t be with you.’’
He looked surprised and lost, and he opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, not knowing what to say.
‘’You see,’’ you continued, ‘’I have finally accepted that you didn’t like me, and I’m fine with it. I also can’t be with you knowing you are Spider-man. I can’t live worrying about you being okay; I just can’t.’’
He run a hand through his hair and looked at the ground.
‘’Okay’’ he whispered, turning around to live through the window, already putting on his mask.
‘’Peter,’’ you said before he left. He turned around and looked at you, the mask only covering his eyes, ‘’I would like for us to keep talking. Maybe in some time I’ll decide that I’m ready to be with you. Until then, I would like it if you came here whenever you need help with anything. Please.’’
He smiled softly and nodded, finally putting on his mask completely.
‘’I’ll look forward to that day’’ he said before slinging off your window and into the night.

7 minutes in heaven {pt.2}


pairing; jungkook x reader | taehyung x reader
genre; angst,romance
word count; 6.8k
warnings; mild/strong language

[x cr]
A/N; sorry that it has taken me MONTHS to post this second part, i was really struggling with the story line here :( i hope you are able to enjoy it nonetheless, pls like and reblog as it helps me out a lot <3

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