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Cersei smiled the sort of smile she customarily reserved for Jaime.

- George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Not-So-Bad Bad Boy

pairing: philip hamilton x reader

word count: 3700 (woah)

warnings: swearing, making out

prompt/request: “Can I have a bad boy/fuck boy Philip Hamilton imagine with the prompts 14 43 92 131 and 219? I love your writing so much!!” from @cheyenne-dunn-universe

a/n: this one is a lil’ longer than expected, but i hope you guys like it nonetheless! it got to the point where i was too tired of reading it to check for any errors, though, so if ya find any lemme know. enjoy

Philip Hamilton wanted your help.

It was the end of a school day in October, and you were just filing away your books into your locker – the one day a week you didn’t have tutoring – while getting ready to go home. In fact, you had just slammed your locker shut and were slipping the lock through the hole when the boy approached you with a proposition.

“You help me with math and I’ll hook you up with Georges,” he almost begged.

Philip Hamilton was a bad boy… at best. His father was a famous politician (although, in your school, whose dad wasn’t) and he never really tried to be nice to anyone else. Why would he? He had a motorcycle, all the money he could dream of, and talent to find a girlfriend at the beginning of every new month. But, despite his hardened, tough, rude exterior… you knew there was a reason he was like that, and you knew that there was so much more to him than being a dick. This was evident when he was asking you to tutor him – there was a look of weakness you had seen in his eyes that you had never seen in him before.

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@hugesucc-ess hi this is late but hope you like it nonetheless! you asked for the robot pair bein cute with nature so i hope this is ok. happy january!

We are playing house (Peter Parker x Reader) (Almost smut)

Request: Drabble 6 and 41 with Peter Parker? Thanks love☺️

Drabble 6: Stop being so whiny 

Drabble 41: Stop making me horny

Warnings: Almost smut(not really, but almost).

List of drabbles: http://imaginingspiderman.tumblr.com/drabbles

A/N: I don’t know if the expression play house is the correct one??? In Spanish it’d be play moms and dads, so I don’t really know 😅 Hope you like it nonetheless!

‘I don’t like any of my clothes!’ you shout at Peter, who is standing at the other side of the door.
‘[Y/N], you have to be quick. We are supposed to meet your parents at the restaurant in forty minutes’ he answers, waiting for you to get dressed.
‘They are all so ugly! I don’t know what to wear!’ you shout back, annoyed. ‘Come in and help me choose something’ you tell him.
‘Stop being so whiny, you-holy shit’ he says as he sees you in only his underwear. After dating for four months, you still hadn’t had sex, and the furthest you had gone was him taking off your shirt whilst making out. ‘I -are you sure you want me to be here?’ he asks, trying to look at the wall and not you.
‘Come on, Pete, I don’t mind. You had to see me at one point’ you say with a smirk. You walk up to him and wrap your arms around his neck, smiling. ‘Do I really make you that nervous?’
‘[Y/N], now it’s not the time’ he whispers, still trying not to look at you, and trying to ignore the pressure your boobs are making against his chest. He is, after all, a hormonal boy.
‘We still have forty minutes, and the restaurant is a ten minute walk from here’ you whisper softly, before pressing your lips to his neck, making him groan.
Stop making me horny, [Y/N]’ he says, trying to sound serious, but you can tell he is trying not to moan.
‘Oh, come on, Pete, don’t be so serious’ you say, your lips still against his neck, sending vibrations up his skin. You suck for a bit on his neck, trying to mark him, and then move your lips to his jaw, where you give him some more kisses. Quickly, Peter puts an arm around your waist and pins you to the bed, where you wrap your legs around his waist and laugh. He kisses you harshly, and you put a hand on his cheek, noticing some traces of the beard he hasn’t shaved. You moan when his lips touch your soft spot under your ear, and you feel Peter’s smirk against your skin. You tug at his hair and he groans, pressing harder with his lips, making you arch your back. Just as you are about to take off his shirt, the door flies open, and the two of you stop kissing, but you don’t pull apart, considering your legs are wrapped around his waist, and your arms are wrapped around his neck.
‘[Y/N], mom said I have to go with you because she needed to go to the mall before going to the restaurant! What are you playing?’ your little sister says, looking at you and Peter. You see Peter’s cheeks turning red, one of his hands on your waist, the other on your boob.
‘Uh, we are playing house, I guess?’ you say, sounding doubtful.
‘Oh my, can I play?!’
No!’ Peter and your voice say at unison, your cheeks even redder than before. You think they can’t get even redder, but when your sister tells your parents how you didn’t let her play house and she asks if you can’t wear clothes for playing, you discover you were wrong. Your cheeks can get redder; and so do Peter’s.


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 7,227

Genre: Angst

April 12th

Dear Jimin,

It’s been a while. You must be pretty surprised to hear from me, especially considering how much time has passed. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised myself. It’s been almost six years since we last spoke. I never took the time to realize how long it has been since I left. Recalling the past almost seems like I’m talking about another world at this point, so I’ll just focus on what’s currently happening.

Rather than continuing small talk, I’ll just save you the trouble and get straight to the point. I know I haven’t contacted you once after what happened those six years back, so why am I writing to you now?

Well, I’m back in Seoul.

I know those are probably the last words you would ever want to hear from me, but I’m here, at least for a short while. I’m not sure how long I’m planning to stay, since I do have to get back to my responsibilities overseas. I just figured that while I’m back, I should at least try to fix the damage I caused.

It’s honestly taking all of my willpower not to crumple this paper up and forget I ever thought about doing this. I would have never imagined that I would even try reaching out to you again, let alone using such a traditional and outdated method. I know letters are a bit cliché, but I was always told that writing down my thoughts was the best way to get them out. Plus, you know how lousy I am with any form of human interaction, at least when it comes to more sensitive situations.

Not to mention, I can do this all in the comfort of my lovely, 2-star hotel room, so I’d say this is a pretty acceptable form of communication.

Jimin, I don’t expect you to forgive me for what I’ve done, but I hope that you’ll at least hear me out. Needless to say, I have a lot of explaining to do, six years’ worth of thoughts and actions I have yet to go over, so you can expect some more of these letters soon.

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Mass Effect Holiday Special 2016

Dec 23: Snowflakes/snowfall

Snowy mshenko! Let’s all think happy thoughts. They just finished a mission on a snowy planet, no one died, everything turned out ok, and they kiss before boarding the shuttle. All is as it should be.

I’m gonna dedicate this to @geeky-sova because she’s awesome and deserves nice things. Merry Christmas bb, I’m sorry I’m not as talented as you, but I hope you like it nonetheless :3


SOLBY COMIC IS DOOOONNNEE!! (I am bad at making comics man) OMG this took so long, but I wanted to make it so bad! I don’t even know if anyone will get the joke. I just thought it was funny, but then again I am strange lol

I wanted to make something with Sol and thought of this stupid pun. I regretted wanting to color it at first because it took a looooooong time :’D Then lining itself was forever.

Anyway, I hope you like it nonetheless! I recorded the majority of my process, so that will be on my youtube pretty soon! Thank you for reading my short comic of my take on Outertale’s Grillby.

Outertale Sol Grillby Rendered

Outertale Grillby Time-Lapse Video

Solar “Sol” Grillby Character Reference Sheet

fic: it’s not that hard to say

“They’ve both been scared for a good seven years now. No book ever tells you what to do when you’re in that position.”

Or, 2016 told in a series of moments and realisations that have been a long time coming.

Word count: 2k 

Tags: Reality, 2016 in summary, BONCAs, #busgate, general boyfriend-y stuff

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Asagao shane and some asagao flowers! Because I mean, why not, right? 

I posted the rough sketch of this Asagao Shane drawing quite a while back, intending to finish it with traditional media. I DID finish it, but I didn’t like how some of the colors looked in the finished product, so I reworked parts of it digitally anyways.

It’s still something of a hot mess, but I like it nonetheless.

…And, I hope some of you guys like it too! <3

Seventeen: No Matter What

Anonymous asked: hello! can you please write a scenario where you are a trainee at pledis and as a test to see how much you have progressed, you have a solo performance as sort of an “opening” for svt on your bday but because you are so focused and stressed over your performance to impress pledis, you forget it’s your bday but seventeen doesn’t and as a happy bday surprise to you and for your hard work, they dedicate your favourite song to you and invite you back on stage to properly wish you happy bday. thanks!

Summary: There is no one who loves you more than Seventeen does.

-Admin Syrup (I changed it a bit, hope you like it nonetheless! Sorry for the suuuuuuper long wait!)

You replayed the song for what seemed like the fiftieth time for the day, limbs and mind numbed from the ceaseless practicing you had done since the morning. The squeak of your sneakers against the floor, your breath coming out in sharp huffs, and the pounding beat of the music was all that registered in your mind as you observed your form in the practice room mirror. Each movement had to be perfect before you could rest, even though your muscles were screaming at you to stop. You were so focused on the mirror that you hardly noticed someone had entered; you were only dragged back to reality when the music suddenly stopped and it felt like you were doused with cold water.

“How long have you been here?” You didn’t even have to look to confirm that the owner of the deep, rumbling voice was Jeon Wonwoo.

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