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Ahhhh!! Love your dazatsu art. It's all so pretty!! If you don't mind, I was wondering if you ever have time in the future we could see some dazatsu tickle fluff art. I just think it would be so cute especially in your art style!! If you don't wish to do it, that's fine too.

Ahh thank you…! I’m glad you like my puddly art ahhh *hides face*

And here you go~

Coincidence (Jimin x Reader)


Prompt/Ask: Hi could you do a jimin fanfic or something?? Where she has a one night stands with jimin and has feelings for him and in the morning she realise he is her new teacher. Xxxxx

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: language, sex, drinking

Word Count: 4275 (woops)

Authors Note: Some smut for Jimin (my first bias before Jungkook snatched me lmao). I hope you enjoy it and that it was as good as you asked for! I got a bit carried away lol, but I hope you like it nonetheless. Let me know if there are errors, feedback is appreciated, and happy reading! ^^

 - PART 2 -

 - PART 3 -

 - BONUS - 

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What type of things legitimately make Dallas grin or make him feel remotely content/happy?

Things That Make Dallas Winston Happy

- When someone offers him a cigarette even though he didn’t ask.

- He saw one of Ponyboy’s sketches of him and he liked it so much that he pocketed it when no one was looking.

- Mrs. Curtis was his favourite person. She was always so kind to him and used to bake him a loaf of bread whenever she was baking one for her family.

- He was also partial to Mr. Curtis’ Dad Jokes™.

- Dallas loves the rodeo, it makes him feel genuinely proud when he wins a race.

- One time Sodapop laughed so hard that the milk he had been drinking shot out of his nose and Dally still laughs whenever he thinks about it.

- Dally loves to sleep in late.

- As much as he likes being with the gang, he likes to be alone too. He feels he can just relax and doesn’t have to act a certain way or impress anyone.

- A good burger.

- He likes dogs in general but when he sees a pitbull he freaks out internally, he frickin’ loves them. He doesn’t pay heed to their reputation as ‘bad dogs’.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 9  A/B/O ❤️

A/N: Okay this ones gonna be emo to the extremo *bursts into tears* But its a good emo nonetheless! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Swearing. 

Series Masterlist

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Hi everyone! Hope you enjoy this little piece I wrote for Gajeel’s day! I totally didn’t forget about Gajeel’s day *nervous laugh*

Characters: Gajeel Redfox, Pantherlily, Levy McGarden

Pairing: Brotp Gajeel and Lily

Word count: 1.3k (I’m getting better at keeping the stories short)


For a long time, Gajeel never felt like he belonged anywhere. After Metalicana up and left him, Gajeel truly believed there was something wrong with him that made him unable to fit anywhere he went. Unable to feel at home anywhere.

When he joined Phantom Lord, the feeling never left him. The barely legal guild was less home-like than the streets Gajeel haunted or the roofs where he perched on to hunt his next victims. So, when the fairies defeated Porla, Gajeel didn’t feel as lost as when Metalicana left. Phantom Lord had been just a roof above his head that he could easily replace with a rundown garage full of scrap metal to munch on.

Fairy Tail had been different though. Even just being inside the guildhall, the atmosphere felt different. Warm. Welcoming. Even for someone like him who had done terrible things to the fairies. They were odd, Gajeel had decided, for letting him in so easily and even forgiving him for his past sins. Still, Gajeel didn’t let his guard down. This was just another building. Another fleeting structure that could crumble to the ground as easily as the leaves at Fall. No need to feel at home when it was that fragile.

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I live to let you shine.  
⤿ for @kalluraweek​. happy valentine’s day, everyone!


TESTING THE WATERS | PART 1 // Yoongi Series ft. The Bangtan Squad

part 1 ☂ part 2  part 3 ☂ part 4 ☂ part 5 part 6 ☂ part 7part 8 ☂ part 9 part 10 ☂ part 11 ☂ part 12 ☂ part 13 ☂ completed

Ah, another series! Sorry for the mistakes but besides those, I hope you guys like these texts nonetheless. Thank you for reading loves! | bts masterlist

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Iwaoi + "I just want to go home..."

It’s fine.

Really, it is.

Hajime trusts Tooru. He trusts him with his life, in fact.


Why is this bothering him so much?

He sighs, closing his eyes and forcing himself to look away from where Tooru is, talking to some guy who is definitely standing a little bit too close. Tooru’s had a few glasses of wine now, so he probably isn’t aware of how hard this guy is flirting with him. For as brilliant as he is, Tooru can sometimes be so oblivious.

Or maybe Hajime’s just annoyed, and reading too far into this. Whatever.

Is this guy fucking blind or something? Can he not see that Tooru is his? They don’t have rings or anything, but still - they have spent the entire evening pressed together. Tooru was practically sitting in his lap during dinner, and he finished Hajime’s glass of wine for fuck’s sake-

Tooru laughs, and this guy takes a step closer, putting a hand on Tooru’s forearm. He’s quick to shake it off, mumbling something to this guy, but it’s apparently not enough because they’re still talking.

Hajime’s just about done with this now.

“Uh, hello? Earth to Iwa?” Hajime blinks, and finally notices that Kuroo has just been staring at him while he was lost in thought. They were having a conversation, before, but, well.. “Everything alright?” Kuroo glances between Hajime and Tooru, an amused expression on his face.

What an asshole.

“Don’t act oblivious,” Hajime spits, shaking his head. “Oblivious doesn’t work for you. Not with that shit-eating grin.” He tips back the rest of his glass of wine, finishing it in one go. 

Kuroo hums, still smirking like he knows something Hajime doesn’t. If they weren’t such good of friends, Hajime would have punched him.

Or, maybe because they are, that’s why he does. 

Kuroo laughs into it, rubbing his shoulder. “Just go, before you hurt somebody with that glare.” 

Hajime drops his empty glass on a nearby table. “You guys gonna be okay to get home?” He looks past Kuroo to Bokuto, who is trying to play pool. Trying, and failing, as he’s leaning halfway over the table and constantly jostling the pool balls before he hits. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry, Kei’s coming in an hour. We’ll be fine until then.” Kuroo waves him off, taking a step back. “Now, go, seriously, before I go and do it for you.” Kuroo skulks away, and Hajime brings up a hand to rub at his temples.

He knows it’s stupid, but looking over at Tooru brings up a fresh wave of unpleasant emotions again, and Hajime finds himself walking over. 

Tooru doesn’t see him, at first - he’s turned to his side, from where Hajime approaches - but Hajime clears his throat, and calls his name before he’s even close.


Hajime can’t help but smile at the immediate way that Tooru reacts, at how quickly he turns towards the sound of Hajime’s voice, and smiles. Really smiles. The kind that’s only reserved for Hajime and Hajime alone.

As it should be.

Soon as Hajime’s close enough, Tooru is reaching out for him, lacing their fingers together. He lets out a soft, contented hum - Hajime wants to drag him in close, to hold that, and every part of Tooru, just for him. 

“Hajime?” Tooru whispers, looking confused as Hajime pulls him in close, nosing at his neck. “What’s up?”

Hajime inhales once, deeply. Tooru smells amazing - the cologne he wears is expensive, but Hajime would recognize the scent anywhere. It only reaffirms everything that Hajime is feeling.

“I just want to go home,” he says, lips pressed against Tooru’s neck, his jaw, and then the shell of his ear. He feels Tooru shiver beneath him, and the grip on his hands tightens.

“Okay,” Tooru says, nodding his head quickly. He leans in to press a kiss to the side of Hajime’s face, and then his lips, when Hajime turns to meet him. He tastes sweet. Like strawberries. “Then let’s go.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

On Cloud Nine / Jughead Jones

I’m not sure it it’s exactly what you were thinking of…but I hope you like it nonetheless. 

Words: 1280

(Y/N)’s face remains blank.

She waits patiently until the shock and amusement that had overwhelmed her friends passed.

“This is gold,” Reggie manages to say, despite his uncontrollable laughter. 

“Are you serious?” Veronica asks, unable to believe what she had heard. “How is that possible?”

“No one? Ever?” Archie sniggers, continuing the excessive questioning. 

(Y/N) shakes her head, crossing her arms over her chest, “No one,” she confirms. 

“Not even when you-”

“No,” (Y/N) interrupts, not needing to know what the question was.

“I don’t believe you,” Archie declares, leaning back in his seat. “You’re winding us up.”

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BTS reaction:You being half asleep and saying “come closer”to them.

A/N: Long time no see guys, I am sorry again for the long absence. I have been focusing on my entrance exam studying and I kinda broke up with my boyfriend recently.It is a long story, but I doubt you want to hear about it.😅 Anyways here we go with some reactions.Hope you like them and sorry any mistakes made.

Requested by:  @poetryislife0715  (sorry for the really long wait, I hope you like it nonetheless😖 )

Request: “  Can you do a bts reaction when they’re s/o is half asleep and reaches out for them and says “ come closer” and continues to cuddle them closer. 


 He will blush as much as humanly possible and make sure to get as close as he can to you.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Min Yoongi/Suga:

  Yoongi will try his best not to wake you up and get closer to you.Your cuteness will be too much for him, so he will pull out his phone and take a couple of pictures of your sleeping face. “New wallpapers are the best.”he will smile. 

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

Jung Hoseok/J-hope:

Hoseok will have one of his sunshine smiles and pull you closer to his body. “Your wish is my command princess.

Originally posted by yoongbit

Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Namjoon will do it without even thinking at all. He won’t be able to fall asleep fast, so his hand will be moving strands of hair from your face gently, enjoying your cute sleepy face.

Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs

Park Jimin:

 This little mochi will be a bit red, but really happy. He loves when you cling to him like a koala.He will enjoy every singe moment of this.”Well if you say so.

Originally posted by yoonmin

Kim Taehyung/V:

 Tae can be a mix between Hoseok and Jimin. But with Tae he will already be as close as he can, but it will still make him smile widely and feel super happy.

Originally posted by beatriceindre


 Kookie is really strong and his idea of close will change the moment he hears you say that. With his strong hands, Kookie will lift you up gently and place you into his lap. He will lean his body onto the bed and watch you sleep, covered in the blanket like kimbap.

Originally posted by armythreej

Okay, so like, a little over a year ago I had the absolute pleasure of meeting @kyleehenke. I was feeling very down that day and lost a few friends. However, someone came over to comfort me, and to my surprise it was Kylee. She was an absolute angel that day and I really won’t ever forget it. Ever since then I sort of considered us friends, but this pas year I’ve been way too damn shy to start a conversation again, in fear of being annoying or something.

I want to change that tho, I want to be more confident, because if I wanna be friends I shouldn’t be intimidated!!! So Kylee, since you made my birthday special, I wanted to do something for YOURS :0!!!!

So here you go sweetpea, an outfit design fit for a queen, because that’s what you are, with AND without the memes! You’re an amazing human being, and I’m glad I met you that day, and I’m sorry the prezzie is so late but I hope you like it nonetheless ; u; 

Happy late birthmas! Hope it was a good one!

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"Don't give me that look." + iwaoi (btw i love your writing so much, you have such an elegant way with words ;;;)

“Don’t give me that look.”

Hajime sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples with a hand. He doesn’t want to be leaving-

But he has to.

“You know I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t have to.” Hajime drops his bag by the door of their one-bedroom apartment, stepping back into the familiar warmth of home. Of his and Tooru’s home. They’ve lived here for the past three years, and been together for the past five. 

It’s only been the last six months that Hajime has had to travel for work, and every day feels harder than the last.

Tooru hates when he leaves; Hajime hates leaving.

But he doesn’t have a choice, at this point.

“Come on…” Hajime sighs again, crossing the hallway back to where Tooru is leaning on the kitchen door. He sticks out his bottom lip at Hajime, and his eyes are still red and puffy last night from all the crying he did last night when Hajime was called to inform him they needed him in the city again, when he was supposed to have the weekend at home.

Of the last eight weeks,they’ve barely spent one together

This new job was supposed to bring them good things. Peace. Comfort. Stability.

Instead, it’s tearing them apart.

“Tooru…” Hajime draws in a breath, hands reaching out for Tooru tentatively, as if afraid Tooru won’t be there to meet him.

What an idiot.

“Hajime…” Tooru sniffles, hands finding Hajime’s and pulling him in close. Tooru melts against him, fitting in like the spot belongs to him.

Which, well, it pretty much does.

“I”m sorry,” Hajime whispers, running a hand through Tooru’s hair. He kisses the top of his head, wrapping his free arm around Tooru, feeling his body shudder. “I don’t like this any more than you.”

A sniffle, and Tooru’s hugging him fiercely. “I know. I just… I hate being here alone. It’s… supposed to be our house. I’m-I’m supposed to love it, not… hate it. Everything reminds me of you… smells like you…” He inhales deeply, nose brushing against Hajime’s nape. “I miss you… And you haven’t even left yet…”

Hajime nods, squeezing him tighter. “It’s… not much longer, love. Okay? Just a few more months, and I’ll be able to set up permanently here.” He creates enough distance between them to tilt Tooru’s head back to see his face, leaning in to kiss his forehead, then each of his eyelids. “You’ll wait for me?”

Tooru lifts an arm to feebly wipe away a fresh wave of tears with the back of his hand. “Always.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoyed :) 

Come Back to Me

Jungkook || Taehyung || Seokjin || Jimin || Namjoon || Hoseok || Yoongi

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY:  Jungkook breaks up with you under built up pressure from his family and friends, but shortly afterwards he realizes that this isn’t what his heart wants and he wants you back.


Originally posted by jjks


Jungkook slams his fist into the wall beside him.  It was a mistake. A slip of the tongue. He hadn’t meant any of it; it was all in the heat of the moment – he was just so frustrated - and he couldn’t control his emotions.

“Get out!”

His hands somehow connect with the ceramic flower vase on the table and he flings it at the ground. It shatters into pieces and the flowers lay limp, drowned in the water around them.

“I don’t want to see you anymore, Y/N. We’re done. Done. Did you hear me?”

Jungkook breathes heavily as he stares at you. You’re trembling. “Jungkook, just tell me why… Please, can’t we talk?”

He watches as you step closer to him and try to take his hand. He slaps it away, and even though it hurt to see the pained look on your face, he keeps his hands by his side.

You retract your fingers, and look at him sadly. He just shakes his head. “Just leave, Y/N. I can’t do this anymore.”

He starts to head towards the door, to follow you, to apologize, but he stops. Jungkook knew he had hurt you. But it was just a fight, like any other fight. You would come back like you always did. Yet as he kept on trying to reassure himself, he realized it was different this time.

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Congrats on 1.5k!!! I'd love to request a fic inspired by "MY PARENTS WON’T GET OFF MY BACK ABOUT GETTING A SIGNIFICANT OTHER AND THEY’RE HAVING A GET-TOGETHER IN A FEW DAYS PLS PRETEND TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ME. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT I’M HEAD OVER HEELS FOR YOU BUT IT SURE IS A NICE BONUS" because that prompt is literally 👌🏽👌🏽 P.S. I reblogged your post to my sideblog Rxbxlcaptain since I thought my followers there would be more interested :)

ahhhh thank you, Kat! <3 tagging @rxbxlcaptain just to make sure you get your fic!


i’m not gonna blow kisses

wc: 4201; read on ao3

“Do I have to wear a suit?”

Jyn doesn’t bother looking up, attention firmly fixed on her laptop. “Wear whatever the fuck you want. Suit, no suit. Bathing suit. Fursuit, even.”

“Birthday suit?”

She looks up then, snorting ungracefully. “Is that a legitimate option?”

Cassian blows out a breath, picking out two shirts from his open closet. “It’s about to become one if you don’t help me.

She sighs and sets aside her laptop on his bed, where she’s currently perched cross-legged. “Cassian, you’re already doing me the biggest favour by just turning up. You’re choosing to come with me to a party full of self-important old farts and nosey old cats just to get my parents off my back. Do you really think I care what you wear?”

“I think you should,” he mutters as he holds a plain white shirt up against his torso, peering at himself in the mirror fixed to the inside of his closet door. “What’s the point of going to all the trouble of arranging for a fake boyfriend if he’s just going to show up in board shorts and Crocs?”

[read the rest on ao3]