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Percy makes friends at a college party, but her intentions aren’t what he expects.

“Oh, thanks!” Percy smiles as the girl - Cassie? Casey? He thinks it’s Cassie, but the music was so loud when she introduced herself he couldn’t quite hear - hands him a fresh cup. “Just Coke, right?”

“Yeah,” she says, matching his smile with her own. “Though I still don’t get why you’re not drinking.”

He tries to subtly sniff the drink before taking a sip, just to be sure. It smells okay. “Not a fan,” he says by way of explanation, taking a small sip.

Cassie tags a swig from her own cup, gagging slightly as the vodka hits her throat. “Yeah,” she coughs, “I can - ah, I can understand that.”

He laughs, and she laughs too, and when Percy settles back against the wall she comes and stands next to him. 

She nods out at the crowd and says, “So, what do you think of the party?”

“It’s pretty fun,” he says, which is mostly true. He’d prefer to be back in his dorm, snuggled up in bed with Netflix on in the background and Annabeth curled up beside him. But, as far as college parties go, he thinks this one is all right. The music isn’t terrible, at least. “Although, to be honest, I don’t have that much experience with parties so I’m probably not the best judge.”

Cassie turns to him with a knowing look. “I thought you were shy, hanging out by yourself over here with that brooding expression.”

“Brooding?” he says, lips quirking up.

“Well, you’re not brooding now. But you totally were before.”

“I was not brooding.”

“You were.”

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Fic Aesthetic:

YOUR PROTECTOR  (by @sansese )

Pairing: Sergio Agüero/David Silva
Chapter: 32/32
Word count: 30k words

David Silva is the son of a rich CEO. He needs a bodyguard to protect him whenever he goes out. But when Pablo breaks his leg, someone else has to take over the job. Enters Kun Agüero, who now has to serve as a nurse because Silva broke his leg too.

Skins First Gen

Tony Stonem: Aries sun, Virgo moon

Cassie Ainsworth: Cancer sun, Libra moon

Chris Miles: Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon

Sid Jenkins: Libra sun, Capricorn moon

Anwar Kharral: Virgo sun, Taurus moon

Maxxie Oliver: Leo sun, Gemini moon

Michelle Richardson: Sagittarius sun, Aquarius moon

Jal Fazer: Taurus sun, Leo moon

[Second Gen]     [Third Gen]

Connor visits Franny Funbun’s Pizza, and continues to wonder if it’s a sex restaurant.

Excuse the cringe-worthy levels of my writing here lel.

Since I’m here, yo Cake my man, if you see this what’s the deal if Franny Funbun finds out its you’re birthday while dining in her establishment?

Cheers and peace!

“What have I done?

—And now the world is mine!

Yet, this man whispered me his forgiveness.

The beginning of Robin’s death, and Grima’s possession that drove her to slaughter her dearest friend, comrade, and husband, Chrom.

For velxur​ and zefyre​.

Okay, I’m not really satisfied with this one, really I’m not, but this piece had been sitting in my laptops, already 97% finished, for a month or so. It was the lighting that stumped me, especially Robin!Kagome’s hair’s lighting. Doesn’t look right, but what can I do. I went ahead and get it out of the way, because two lovely peeps had been waiting long enough.

I also experimented with textures, might have went a bit overboard, haha. I really do need to experiment with colors though, at later point, but that’s beside the point.

Overall, I like it, but isn’t satisfied with it.

What do you think? I felt I might’ve went overboard, as said previously.

Tools used:
Huion Tablet
Paint Tool Sai

Hours spent:
20+? hours

Chrom, from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Robin, from Fire Emblem: Awakening
Kagome, from InuYasha, as Robin

they say romance is dead.
they look at these teenagers with their newfangled gadgets - these strange glowing screens with their flashing icons and beeping noises - and they say communication was lost in the ether somewhere,
buried among the text messages and rotting beneath the wireless.  
they don’t believe relationships can be meaningful if they don’t happen face to face, meetings in bars and coffeeshops and libraries graduating to restaurant dates and diamond rings and matching cemetery plots.
they prophecize doom from their leather armchairs - those damn teenagers, they’re so entitled and lazy and incapable of real feeling.

and I see this group - this squad - this meeting of minds hearts souls - and I know they are all wrong.
who drives for three hours to see an underbudget college production of rent?  who sleeps six in a room, piled one on top of another like a litter of kittens?  who charges off the stage and into a massive group hug?  
the teenagers of today, that’s who.

in a dark hotel room at one o’clock in the morning, squad tries to tell me how they met.  
the story is long and convoluted, and probably not safe for work.  
I do not quite understand the full complexities of the tale, but the spirit is clear.  
the spirit is laughter, easygoing compassion, watching the sun rise through the window of a denny’s.  the spirit is shouting at dogs, calling anything new and creative a good meme, running through a foreign college campus at midnight drunk on life.
they have a group chat on skype - over a year it’s been going, new messages every day.  the name hasn’t changed from the original: “the group chat of friendly friendliness.”

what do you call a group of seven teenagers who live in seven different towns but talk every day, skype every day, snapchat every day - who care about each other loudly and aggressively - who share the many joys of their lives with each other?
you can’t call them lazy, can’t call them entitled, can’t call them emotionally distant.  
you can call them a squad, or call them a group, or a team.  you can call them a constellation, each star incandescent on its own but together, an impossibly beautiful pattern us mere mortals can only gaze upon in wonder.

they say romance is dead.  I say friendship is more alive than ever.  
my favorite story is the one about a group of people who build a family from shared adventures and ridiculous inside jokes.  because it isn’t just a story - it’s real.  
it’s happening every day.  it’s happening on the internet and in college dorms and behind convention centers.  it’s happening whether you acknowledge it or not.

so why ignore this when you can shout it from the rooftops and the social media sites?  
ready your fingers at the keyboard, stand looking at the night sky, and tell the world:
“my friends are huge nerds, and I love them for it.”


good meme (a poem about squad)


kaistal au - stockholm syndrome (requested)

krystal’s been abducted by her stalker, kai, after his obsession with her got so bad he couldn’t bear to be apart from her, physically and emotionally, so he took her and kept her only for himself. eventually, kai’s hiding place was discovered and krystal was returned home, claiming she had no traumatic experience whatsoever. however, after a while she starts having this strange pull in her chest, like an ache for something or someone and she realizes that not only does she reminisce her time with her kidnapper, but she also kind of misses it.. misses him.

I Love Brew ★ Estrellita & Cassie

(Closed: @cxssie-vill)

Estrellita began to think intensely as Chiron finished his announcement at breakfast and everyone went back to chattering. He just told the entire camp that Estrellita and Cassie from the Demeter cabin were randomly selected to be the first kids forced to present some sort of entertainment at the campfire tomorrow night, and she had no idea what they were going to do. The centaur said that they would serve as the guinea pigs for this idea to get everyone to know each other a little bit more as individuals and not just fighters. If it went well, everyone would be required to do it. 

The teen stood up from the Apollo table and walked to the Demeter, stopping at the head of it. “You ready to do this, Cassie?”