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Langst prompt (or Lanuff whichever way you want to write it, if you want to write it) where Lance has narcolepsy


I found this interesting tbh!!!! 

Growing up Lance found himself constantly tired, no matter how much sleep he got he was always tired. 

Lance found himself falling asleep during the day, even during his normal routine. He couldn’t control them either one moment he’s awake and the next he’s not. 

It also didn’t matter what he was doing, playing a board game with his family? He fell asleep. Playing hide n go seek with his best friend Hunk? He fell asleep. 

No matter what he did he would find himself falling into a paralysing sleep, even when he was awake. 

His muscle would slack, his jaw would fall open and his arms and legs would feel weak. 

He was constantly in a “about to fall asleep/just woke up” state. 


A few months before Lance left for the Garrison he was taken to a doctor and he was diagnosed with narcolepsy. It wasn’t anything bad except that his brain didn’t make enough of the chemical hypocretin, which keeps people awake. Lance was okay with the that, it wasn’t hurting him or anyone else. It just meant he had to take more medicine and try to keep his routine changing. 

Yet he wasn’t okay with the fact that the Garrison almost denied him when he sent in his medical report. Two days after he did a Garrison member came to his house and talked to him about his “issue”. 

Lance and his family assured the Garrison member that Lance would be on top of his game. After hours of pleading and convincing Lance was cleared to go. 


At the Garrison Lance was able to keep himself awake for the most part. Between his medicine and Hunk’s support system he didn’t have much of a problem until he wasn’t on Earth and he didn’t have his meds. 

As time went on with Team Voltron Lance found himself falling asleep more and more. Hunk would usually keep him awake but when it was just Lance or someone else Lance would pass out. 

Of course Lance didn’t mean too it just happened. He felt like he was back on Earth. 

Lance venting to Hunk about his concern that he was bring the team down since he fell asleep inside of Blue while they were heading towards a planet. 

Hunk assured him that, that was not the case and the team just didn’t know what Lance was going though. 

After about a month or so Lance told the team about why he constantly fell asleep. The team understood and the Alteans thought of ways to recreate his medicine. 

Lance grinned at the thought of having his medicine again and was told that he would have them in a week or two. 

In the meantime Lance found himself falling asleep on his team members but when he eventually woke up that person was either reading or sleeping right beside him. Lance could live with this for awhile. 

Sorry this took so long!!!!!

I hope you like it!!!!

Thank you <3 

❝ I love you too, Jungkook. ❞

Plot: You’re an idol and you’re dating Jungkook. You show up at one of his fan sign and he says to everyone that you two are dating. 

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Deciding to go meet your boyfriend during a fan sign didn’t seem to be any more a great idea as at the beginning. The black mask covered your face and fortunately your eyes didn’t reveal much of who you were. Yet the feeling of being perpetually observed didn’t seem to disappear and so the anxiety increased to every minute that passed.  

But you haven’t seen Jungkook for weeks, and if that was the only way to change the situation, you’d be well-born to be discovered.  

“Next time I’ll close you in our room.” Your best friend muttered, as well as the leader of your group and the worst advocate in the world; making you smile amused from underneath the mask.  

“I didn’t ask you to come.. Then we repeated several times that we’re their fans, even if they discovered there I know hey couldn’t see anything strange… ”  

“YOU KNOW? I swear that if I read another article where they ship me and Taehyung I shoot myself. ”  

“What a bad thing Unnie…. In short, Taehyung is an incredible guy. ” You whispered in response, not understanding all that boredom towards that sweet and a little crazy boy. “Then he is also extremely beaut–”  

“But think of your boy!”  

“You Like him! That’s why you’re bored by the articles…. because you’re ashamed to talk to him. ”  

The slap that came soon after on your shoulder only made you entertain more, while patiently expected your turn to go to get the album signed.  

He was as beautiful as always but he seemed particularly cheerful that day, he could even not to bully his hyung and his smile could make you completely melt. It’s been seven months since you started to date and you’ve already figured out you were falling in love with him, but you were too intimidated and scared to confess your feelings. It was your first serious “relationship”, although not yet effective because he didn’t really ask you to be his girlfriend and you were both so young that you were afraid that he could run away in front of your confession.  

“Jungkook-oppa!” “Jungkook, you are beautiful!” “Jungkook I love you!”  

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No Funny Business- William Nylander

Originally posted by wagnerhockey

Ok for as many so-so ones I’ve been turning out I think I really like this one so I hope you guys do too! Anon- I went with a combo of cute in the beginning and then smut! For those of you staying: enjoy! For those skipping: Up next is Andre Burakovsky!

Warning: cussing, smut, smexy time, sex

Anon Request: Showering with William nylander ? Smut or just cute :)


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RE: the post about comments on fics -- how do you feel about bookmarks? I've always been shy about commenting on fic, but i always bookmark a fic i enjoy and leave a kudos if i don't. sometimes i worry about whether the authors pay attention to those things too.

I feel a lot of complicated things about kudos, bookmarks, and commenting, and I’m going to be honest about it, but I want to assure you this is not directed at you personally, it’s just my general thoughts and feelings.

Up front, I can say that authors absolutely pay attention to all forms of reader interaction, from kudos to reblog tags to literally everything. We are starving for any amount of feedback and attention and scrap of praise because they are few and far between these days. Personally, I enjoy/crave all forms of interaction with readers, because it helps me to feel less like I am just shouting words into the Void.

That being said, my feelings on Kudos are that they are basically next to worthless. Literally the only value in a kudos is that if a writer manages to somehow collect enough of them, readers sorting on AO3 by number of kudos might find their fic closer to the top of the list. If that ability to sort was not an option, I think I honestly would rather not receive a kudos at all, because JUST a kudos (again, to me) says “you fic just barely didn’t suck enough that I managed to click 1 button in return.” So like… yeah, I guess I like to receive the notifications that people read my fic, but at the same time wow is it a blow to my self esteem to be reminded people read my fic and that’s all they felt it was worth. 1 click. And the longer the fic is, the more effort I’ve put into it (for instance, 2 years of my life and 200k+ words and a LOT of love), the harder that blow strikes. It feels like having written a 200k word love letter to the fandom and just getting the “X has read your message” notification at the bottom of a text convo. (Kudos have exactly 1 merit; when I receive a notification with 1 person’s name on a bunch of my fics at once, I love that. I love knowing someone liked one fic enough to go and read the rest. That’s… that is nice. That’s when I know a kudos is not just “I read it”).

Bookmarks are slightly better, in that it at least tells me that a reader wants to be able to find the work again, hopefully to reread it. Bookmarks with notations for why the fic was bookmarked or with notations regarding what the reader needs to read to remind themselves which fic it is, are even better. Those things tell me a reader not only wants to find the fic again, but enjoyed it for X reasons. I like that. Some of my favorite bookmarks have been ones where people just added quotes of their favorite lines to the bookmarks, with nothing else added, because that tells me they liked words I wrote. I guarantee you that I go through all the bookmarks on all my fics at least once a month to look for those kinds of bookmarks.

All of that being said… I miss comments. I am not ashamed to admit this- I miss them SO MUCH. I wrote in fandom maybe a good 15 years ago, when ff.net was the big name in fic and their commenting system sucked so much but so many more people left comments without the kudos button cop-out. I remember writing back at the ends of fics because there was no reply feature on comments. I literally formed two lifelong friendships with people who regularly commented on fics I wrote. I formed several other friendships that helped me through some of the most desperately lonely and hard years of my young adulthood, all because people just commented on fics.

And that kind of community is just… so lacking in many fandoms these days. I started writing for a new, small rarepair fandom community not long ago, and I’ve been blown away by how nice folks have been in comments, and I’ve started making friends with regulars again and oh, I cannot express how nice it feels to NOT feel like i’m shouting into the void anymore. I will literally stay here forever and write a million stories for this pairing if people continue to be so kind. And I know a lot of writers can relate to that feeling (because I know a lot of writers, and they tell me so). It doesn’t take a lot for a fandom to take care of its fanfiction writers, and yet… often it’s just not happening. And we notice that, too- we notice when people don’t respond.

So, like. Yeah. This went a lot of directions, I’m sorry, you’re just the first person to ever ask me. To answer you in short, trust me, we notice when you respond to our writing in literally any way, because we are starving for it. If you bookmark things, we definitely notice it.

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Plot: Johnny (NCT 127) accidentally hurts your feelings in an argument and panics when you start crying

Pairing: Johnny x Reader

Words Count: 1,8k+

Genre: Angst

For Anon, I hope you like it cutie! 

- kyu.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

Originally posted by withsuh

‘Want to get some supper?’


‘Wanna watch a movie at my place?’


‘Get coffee?’


No no no was all you were getting from your boyfriend for the past month. The both of you had been together for only six months but it felt as if it was only two. Johnny was someone of your dreams. From his smile to his soft eyes, he was perfect to you. He expressed flaws but that was easily over looked because you honestly started feeling love towards him, but love that was getting hard to express. You knew the relationship with him would be tough considering him being an idol and also living in the dorms, but never in your life did you think it would be this hard.

Standing at the door of the dorms, you took a deep breath before knocking, ‘Coming!’

‘Just breath Y/N…’ You whispered under you breath before the door flung open and you were attacked with a hug.

‘NOONA!’ The person expressed, hugging you tightly and spreading a warmth you hadn’t experienced in a while from someone.

‘Hey Mark.’ You smiled at the younger, ‘I thought you were all going out?’

‘We are,’ He beamed, ‘We are just waiting for Taeil hyung, who is TAKING FOREVER!’

‘I can here you, you brat!’ Said male walked into the hallway, ‘Ah Y/N. How are you doing?’

‘Could be better.’ You knew you couldn’t lie to them.

The boys had become something of your brothers. You yourself was the same age at Johnny so everyone, besides Taeil, was like your little brothers. Even though you knew them for a short time, you loved and cared for every single one. Taeil had also become someone you tended to confide with over the past few months of being in their lives.

‘Well your prince charming is in his room,’ Taeil pointed out before shouting, ‘LET’S GO EVERYONE!’

‘Will you stop screaming?’ Taeyong cheekily responded, ‘We were all waiting for you to begin with.’

‘Yah you punk!’ The elder playfully grabbed him in a headlock before filling out after all the other members, ‘Good luck.’

‘Thank you.’ You smiled, closing the door and walking through the hallways and arriving at your boyfriends bedroom door.

The others went out with some of their fellow lablemates for the evening. Johnny opted to stay back and work on somethings for their comeback. You stood at the doorway and watched him hunch over the table and scribble something passionately on a piece of paper. Leaning against the doorway, you crossed your arms with a soft smile on your face.

‘Having fun there?’ You asked, seeing he got a slight fright but just went back to his business.

‘What you doing here?’ He asked, not even looking back at you.

‘Well I thought I could come see my boyfriend.’ You tried to lighten the mood by walking in and placing your hands on his shoulders.

He instantly tensed up before relaxing under your touch, ‘I am busy, Y/N.’

‘He said for the thousandth time.’ You narrated, turning the chair to face you.

‘What the f-’

‘You are always busy!’

‘Because I am,’ He rolled his eyes, ‘It’s not like I have all the spare time in the world.’

‘I am not asking for your entire day Johnny, but a measly few minutes would be appreciated.’ You looked at him, something sad in your eyes.

‘Well by the looks of it,’ He looked at his watch, ‘It have been about five minutes. There is your few minutes, Y/N. You know the way out. Goodnight Y/N.’

He stood up to get something from his shelf but you held his arm, ‘That isn’t what I meant.’

‘I am just busy Y/N, can you not understand that!’ His voice went louder.

‘I understand that Johnny, but I seem to be having more of a relationship with your voicemail then with you!’ You retaliated, ‘All I ask is for a few moments alone with my boyfriend!’

‘Is it a hug you want?’ He harshly took you in his hold, squeezing tight before releasing you, ‘Or maybe some alone time, because I do not know if you realised this, but we are alone and you are taking my time.’

You looked at the man before you and resembled the person you thought you were falling in love with, but this person was no longer him. He was no longer the happy chappy boy you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, but he was someone different entirely. The day you met him, you had been rushing university and he had bumped into you and caused all your belongings to scatter across the sidewalk. In a state, you apologised and then began to pick everything up but he had bent down and started helping you. That day was the day you met the most beautiful smile in your life.

‘Why are you being like this?’ Your voice was soft, tears threatening to brim.

‘Because I have a job Y/N! Something you are not aware of clearly. I know you don’t understand this but I work!’

‘I do work, Johnny!’

‘A part time job doesn’t count.’ He gritted his teeth.

‘Well what do you expect then!’ You throw your hands up in frustration, ‘I am still a student!’

‘That’s besides the point.’

‘Clearly, because my point is that I want to at least get a bit more time with you!’

‘I AM NOT YOUR FATHER, FOR FUCKSAKE Y/N!’ He screamed, ‘I can not just take off time just so you can be happy and get attention! You knew this from the beginning so why is it that you are having such an issue all of a sudden.’

‘IT ISN’T AN ISSUE!’ The first tear fell, ‘A simple hello would have been perfect.’

‘WELL HELLO!’ His facial structure became stern and strong, ‘Are you happy now?!’

‘Ecstatic.’ The tears now were falling as you took your hand to wipe them away, ‘I am sorry for taking up your time…’

The motion of you wiping your tears suddenly had him snap to realisation, but by then, you had already started walking to the door. You tried your best to hold back your sobs, but they just seemed to continue coming and echo down the long hallway. Slipping your shoes back on, you were about to open the door when all of a sudden you were spun around and hugged tightly. The tears doubled in quantity as you pushed the person away.

‘I am leaving, don’t worry!’ You shouted, ‘I am sorry for being such an inconvenience to you.’

‘Jagiya no-’ He tried to reason

‘Don’t you call me that! You have said what you wanted to and I am happy that you have said what was needed to. This spares me the broken heart.’ You tired to leave but he held your arm, ‘Let go of me! I won’t bother you and make you feel like my father!’

‘I didn’t mean that.’ He pulled you away from the door.

‘Really?’ You scoffed sarcastically, ‘Cause you sure sounded like you fucking did!’

‘I am just stressed Y/N, I honestly didn’t mean to snap at you. I really don’t know what has come over me, and I say this with all the honesty I can muster.’ He held both of your upper arms.

‘So shouting at me was you stress reliever?!’ You sniffed.

‘Yes, I mean no. UGH I DON’T KNOW!’ He said in frustration, ‘Just don’t go, please…’

‘Well why should I stay?’ You asked, pushing his arms away, ‘You clearly don’t want me around.’

‘This is going to sound stupid but during my anger I was fuming but as soon as I saw you crying….I-I panicked. There is something I vowed and that was to never make you cry-’

‘Well you clearly failed at that.’

‘Will you let me finish please!’


The moment you heard him comparing himself to your father, you were ready to run out of the dorms and never look back. Now you stood in front of your escape and with the man, who had you running for the hills, standing somewhat broken before you. He was expressing such apologies that one half had you wanting to reject him and just ending it all together, while the other had you wanting to run into his arms and forgive him.

‘I said I would never make you cry and I did. It was over a stupid things and I blame myself for every bit of this fight. I have been so busy and frustrated because I want to make you proud Y/N…I want to be the boyfriend who has you happy all the time, the boyfriend that you are proud to call yours…..the boyfriend who can provide everything for you.’

‘Johnny…’ The tears started to subside .

‘Please don’t walk away from me…please take a chance on me and I promise I will treat you better. Please Y/N’ He pleaded, his voice breaking as you noticed he was starting to cry. ‘They say perfection has no place in love, but I will do anything you want me to do just so you want leave me…’

Taking a step forward, you pulled him into a hug as he fell to his knees with you in tow. His head was on your neck as you felt him sob. Softly you stroked his hair, as his arms wrapped around you and held you close. Rubbing his back as well, you lifted his head up with both your hands and wiped the tears with your thumbs before he spoke up.

‘I don’t need someone who sees the good in me, I need someone who sees the bad and still wants me….and I hope you will still have me.’ He whispered, eyes closed as you placed a kiss on his forehead, ‘I am so so sorry Y/N.’

‘It’s okay but next time, could you not use me as a stress reliever in that manner? Your voice matched his.

‘Never again.’

‘Can we pretend this never happened?’

He opened his eyes and looked deeply into yours, ‘No, this is a reminder to me. A reminder to be a better boyfriend and love you with every once of my heart.’

‘L-love?’ You repeated.

‘I will say this to you my love, meeting you in this crowded world was the best thing in my life.’ He brushed his lips against yours, ‘I love you so much…’


Originally posted by anyhao

pairing: minhyuk x [y/n]

word count: 1,143

a/n: i’m so sorry if it’s quite short anon ;-; but i hope you like it. i apologize for any grammatical errors and the gif is not mine.


Do you really like Kihyun that much, sweetie?”

You were infuriated by the second he called you with the endearment that he uses when he’s angry. Glancing back at your lover, you saw him staring at you with blankness written all over his face. His dulcet tone was sweet yet behind it was nothing but jealousy and anger. 

“What?” you curtly replied as you tried to focus on the design that you were making for your best friend. “Can you please stop and look at me, sweetie?” Dropping the pen down on the wooden desk, you turn around to meet the burning gaze of Minhyuk.

“Damn it, Minhyuk, can’t you see I’m working?” you barked. Your eyebrows were knitted in anger and frustration. Never have you thought that he was going to be like this after meeting Kihyun. “Is Kihyun more important than me?” The innocent look that he gave you just made your blood boil. He was being possessive. Overly possessive if you may say. 

“Minhyuk,” you heave out a sigh as you rubbed your temples, trying to calm yourself down from lashing out at him. “You always have my attention, but as you can see, I’m busy working.” you made sure to put emphasis on the word working but it seemed that your words just passed through the other ear.

“Is Kihyun more important than me?” he repeated once more, eyes never leaving yours. Clenching your hands into a fist, you let out a groan, “This is stupid… I’m gonna go and get some fresh air.” You lift yourself up from your seat and was about to go out of the door when Minhyuk blocks your way with his body.

“Does this mean that Kihyun’s more important than me, sweetie?” His ears were turning red from holding back his anger. His knuckles turned white from clenching it too hard, and you knew that you won’t be going anywhere until you answer his damned question.

“You know what, Minhyuk, you’re being pathetically possessive.” you barked as you, yourself, have grown frustrated at how he immature and possessive he was. “Look, Kihyun’s my best friend and I’m just helping him out. What’s wrong with that, huh?” 

You could see the frustration written all over in Minhyuk’s face, but what can you do? He was being ludicrous over nothing. “Well, it shouldn’t mean that you have to focus on what he’s asked you to do to the point that you won’t even look at me anymore! And I saw how you looked at him, [y/n], and the way HE looked at you. [y/n], I’m not blind to not see such actions!” He snapped, causing you to scoff at his choice of words.

“It’s my job as a graphic designer to do my client’s request, and for your information, Kihyun and I had only talked to each other and just did a little bit of catching up and how could you even say that? Kihyun and I have been long-term best friends and we only see each other as best. friends.” you gritted your teeth and inched close to him, leaving a centimeter or inch of space between the two. “Why can’t you understand that, huh?” you looked straight into his eyes and only saw the bottled up feelings behind that facade of his.

“But that doesn’t mean–”

“I’m just doing my job, goddammit!” you snapped. The side of his lips quivered, you could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed a huge saliva, and his eyes were starting to glisten. “You know what? I’m out.” you walked past him and proceeded to the door, pulling it open. With one foot out of the room, you were yet to be stopped by Minhyuk, who wrapped his arms around your waist, face buried on your shoulder.


[y/n], don’t go….” his voice was muffled into a whisper, and soon enough your shirt was stained with his tears. Rolling your eyes, you tightened your grip around the door knob and heave out a deep sigh. “I don’t want to lash out on you, Minhyuk. Just let me go before I lose my patience,” you warned, eyes shut tight.

“Let’s just work this out, please.” 

Prying his arms off of your waist, you turned around and faced his tear-stained cheeks, bloodshot eyes, and quivering lips. “If I stay, this problem will just get bigger and bigger.” you stated in a matter of fact, only to see Minhyuk shake his head in disagreement. 

“Give me a reason to stay and have this petty argument work out?” 

The sound of Minhyuk’s sniffling broke your heart but right now, you were too frustrated and tired to give in. “I’ll listen… I’ll hear you out.” Minhyuk’s voice croaked, eyes shifting down to his feet. “Alright.” Closing the door behind you, you took hold of Minhyuk’s hand and brought him back to the living room, sitting both of you down on the couch with both bodies facing each other.

“Babe, listen.” you took hold of his hand and stared deep into his eyes, “Kihyun is just my best friend and you’re my boyfriend, okay? I love you more and you’re as important as Kihyun.” 

“If ever you think that one day I’ll just wander off and fall into his hands, don’t ever think of that because you’re already enough for me. I wouldn’t want any other man but you.” 

Minhyuk felt guilty for accusing you a minute ago. With his eyes darted towards your hands, he couldn’t help but bite onto his lower lip and nod to every word you say. “Minhyuk, look at me.” you call out and watched him as he shakes his head, making you let out a sigh.

Tucking a finger under his chin, you lift it up and searched for his eyes. “I love you, okay? I’m just doing this job to help a friend out.” you mutter while wiping the tears coursing down his cheeks, making you chuckle at how Minhyuk cute he is when he’s bawling his eyes out.

“I’m sorry…” he croaked as he continued to sniffle, “I was just too scared that I might lose you.. especially when I know how long you’ve known Kihyun and how close the two of you are.” 

“It’s okay, babe.” you reassured as you pulled him into a tight hug. “I know it’s hard to not overthink and… be possessive sometimes.” you teased as soon as you pulled away, only to see a pouting Minhyuk.

“So… will you cuddle with me now?” he whimpered as he looked at you with pleading eyes. Shaking your head at how fast Minhyuk can calm down, you smiled at him and said, “No, I have to finish my job since it’s due tonight.” 

“Alright but after you finish it, will you cuddle with me then?”

Hmm, I will.”

Ignis’ Pick-Up Lines

I share with you 39 times Ignis Scientia tried to flirt with Gladiolus Amicitia, plus a poem he came up with himself as a demonstration of love for his man.

The * marked ones are some of my personal favorites, whether it is by themselves or due to the tags they come along with. :)

I would like to thank that anon person who requested “some” Ignis flirting with Gladio texts in response to Gladio’s pick-up lines.
Thanks, anon! I hope you liked even if just some <3

Enjoy some Gladnis comedy/romance! :)

  1. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Sit On the Sugar Supplies)
  2. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Something Missing/Butter)
  3. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Jealous Of Your Books)
  4. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (The Only Way I Like Men/My Coffee)
  5. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Wish I Was That Ice Cream)
  6. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Campfire/Hot Enough)
  7. Ignis’ pick-up line.** (Cook Best in the Morning)
  8. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Your Ass Is Staring)
  9. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Oric’s Culinary Chronicles)
  10. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (If We Were Food)
  11. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (The Painting You’re Pinning)
  12. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Had Me At Preface)
  13. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Hardcover Or Happy?)
  14. Ignis’ pick-up line. (This Cast Iron Last Really Long)
  15. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Like My Brands of Coffee)
  16. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Casual Sex)
  17. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Something Off My Chest)
  18. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Don’t Want Troubles With The Police)
  19. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (What Would Look Great On You)
  20. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Parking Ticket)
  21. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Nice Bookmark, but…)
  22. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (New Eating Promotion)
  23. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Retake My Orientation)
  24. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Blinding Beauty)
  25. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Fast Food)
  26. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (You Prefer Wine to Beer)
  27. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Something Wrong With My Spectacles)
  28. Ignis’ pick-up line.** (Not Enough Room)
  29. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Incarnation of Love)
  30. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Ignis’ Best Recipe)
  31. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Tie Your Shoe)
  32. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Dirty Shirt)
  33. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Something Wrong With My Eyes)
  34. Ignis’ pick-up line.** (You Look Fantastic)  
  35. Ignis’ pick-up line. (From Up Here)
  36. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Swollen Lips)
  37. Ignis’ pick-up line. (Bless You)
  38. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (Under One Condition)
  39. Ignis’ pick-up line.* (I Thought He Was An Artist)
  40. Ignis’ pick-up poem.* (Things I Love of Gladio)

persona 5 wallpapers - requested by anon


Stoick GASPS as if seeing a ghost… and drops his sword with a clatter. Valka stands some twenty paces ahead of him, blocking the path. She lets out an audible SHUDDER upon seeing him. He removes his helmet slowly as Hiccup, Gobber, and Toothless appear at Stoick’s side.

Requested by anonymous!