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Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)

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Could you maaaaybe post a little preview of the blow job story please? ❤️

sneak peak!!! sneak peak sneak peak sneak peak!!!!!!!

Please do a sneak peak !!😭

Omg yes 😍😍

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He walks with her until he can’t go any further. Until she’s got to go through security and board the plane home.

‘Just think about—’

‘Sucking you off in front of your mates, I know, I’ve got a good memory.’ She rolls her eyes taking her suitcase back from him when he’d offered to carry it.

‘Well when you say it like that sounds fuckin filthy.’ He mutters.

‘Isn’t it?’ She smirks. ’S’why you want it so bad isn’t it?’ She pulls out her boarding pass and passport from her handbag to avoid holding up the line behind her.

‘Can’t do much showing off with a blender.’ He admits. She still thinks getting him a blender for his birthday would be a good present, a good present to place in their new home. She probably shouldn’t have told him about it, should have just surprised him with one and that’s it. 

‘You could, you could make one hell of a smoothie.’ She grins.

‘I could I suppose.’ He plays along sarcastically.

‘Can’t say it’d taste as good as you do,’ she inches closer to him. ‘Or how good I do.’ She traces his jawline slowly. ‘You could try.’ She shrugs casually. She’s properly asking for it now and she’s not being fair to him one bit. Because she’s got to get on that plane and he’s gonna be left thinking about filthy things for the rest of the night. 

‘Who keeps letting you talk like that?’ He covers her mouth. ‘Fucking Christ—watch your mouth.’

She can’t answer him with his hand on her mouth but for one, he likes it when she talks like that. Craves it too. He’s just plain bothered now, wants her again but this is the last flight tonight and she will yell at him if he makes her miss this one too.

She shifts her head to line her mouth with his fingertips, he catches on far too late when she wraps her lips around his index and middle. He glares at her, looks at her like she’s actually crazy. He presses his lips together tightly when he realizes that this is nearly what he’s asking from her for his birthday and the picture starts racing through his head. His stomach tightens when she begins sliding her lips across his fingers. Her lips wet, pretty pink gliding across. And he can’t do this right now, in the middle of a busy airport with people walking by them to stand in the line she has to start queuing in soon. He’ll lose it, he’s already bothered and already missing her. 

‘Wanted this didn’t you?’ She whispers. ‘This is what you want from me…’

‘Get on the bloody plane,’ he reluctantly pulls his fingers away and she laughs before he grasps her jaw tightly. ‘Before I never let you leave.’

‘M’going m’going. Just wanted to tell you I love you first.’ She grins wrapping her arms around his neck and he wraps his arms tightly around her waist. ‘Come back to me quickly yeah?’ She buries herself into his neck. ‘Too many episodes of the bakeoff to watch alone, in a house much too big for just me.’

He nods, this bit is always hard. ‘Travel safe.’ He kisses her forehead and his lips linger there because they too, are having a hard time saying goodbye. ‘I’ll see you real soon, not much longer.’ He whispers before kissing her hard then shaking his head trying to avoid getting too sad about this. ‘I love you.’ He whispers. It’s always been like this and it’s going to keep being like this, they try not to get upset.

She finds her seat before reaching for her phone in her bag. ‘You win, like always. Happy early birthday. Don’t say I never gave you anything. Much better than a paper weight and a blender I’d say.’

Harry has already stepped into a late meeting when he gets the message. He grins widely at it, his stomach tightens again but he knows he can’t afford to think about this right now. He’s about to turn over his phone to get back to the meeting when it vibrates again. A blender is on their way to their home, should be delivered tomorrow at noon. He chuckles softly into his hand turning the phone over after sending her a message.

-M’not making you any smoothies.

You have to, m’blowing you in front of your friends. Start practicing your blending.

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I noticed your art on my dash a lot of times, and yes, I had to follow you for it. If its okay, can I ask for Tweek saying "Hello", like in the Kenny animation you made?

Well, that didn’t work… You can do it Tweek! Let’s try again!

That’s better!

This ask is over a year old, I am so sorry @p-aurisan​! You’re the best! ♥


Ship: Wolfstar
Warnings: Angst

One week out

Sirius opened his eyes and sighed at the warmth he was feeling around him. After many years in Azkaban he was so thirsty for what he didn’t get in the prison. He turned around on the pillow and found himself facing Remus who was looking at him with soft eyes that were doubting. Doubting that Sirius was here. After one week he still couldn’t believe the black haired man was lying next to him. He reached out his hand to touch his cheek. Sirius pushed his cheek into Remus’ touch. “Good morning…”, he said and moved a bit closer. It had been a long night because of his nightmares but Remus had comforted him. As soon he had felt his arms around him he could relax. “Good morning. Are you okay?”, Remus asked softly while bending to Sirius to kiss his forehead. “You slept better than the last nights.” Sirius wasn’t really sure if he was okay. But he felt much better since he was here. Of course he did but there still was the feeling that everything was too much. Living in the dark and cold prison listening to the talking and the screams of the inmates day and night made him feel weird now he was having all the comfort and freedom. It would need a long time until he would be able to really feel at home again. But Remus was already giving his best to make him feel good. When Sirius himself was raising his hand to touch Remus as well he felt a sudden weight around his wrist, making him flinch. He grabbed his wrist and sat up. He could still feel the heavy chains around it. His breath fastened for a second before he felt Remus’ arms wrapped around his body and calmed down again. “Thank you…”, he whispered and gave him a tentative smile.
Sirius still couldn’t believe he was finally here. Every second he thought he’d wake up thinking it was just a dream. But it just felt too real to be a dream. Remus close too him felt too good. And he had the smell of forest, tea and chocolate all around him. Whenever he could smell it he instantly felt better.
Slowly Remus pulled back his arms and got out of the bed. “I will make us some hot chocolate. It’ll make you feel better”, he said with a soft smile and left the room making Sirius staying back. The first five days he had been following Remus scared of being left alone. But he now understood he’d come back though he still felt uncomfortable. He pulled the blanket higher while digging his fingers into it. Soon after Remus came back and when Sirius was drinking the hot chocolate he was indeed feeling better.

One month out

While the days were going by Sirius finally could relax when being at home alone. At least during the day while he needed Remus in the night. He couldn’t be without him. The darkness scared him too much. During the full moon he stayed with Remus as well, taking care of him after the transformation as well. He was still used to it after doing that at school. He also didn’t feel that useless anymore. Though the feeling vanished soon after again.
Remus couldn’t leave whenever he wanted because of Sirius’ anxieties of being alone especially when it was dark outside. Sirius wasn’t happy about that. He didn’t want to tie Remus down and though he said it was okay Sirius knew it wasn’t. Not at all. Sometimes it made him aggressive and he started throwing things around. But at least he forgot to be afraid during this times.
As the months went by even that got better and he was okay with being alone in the evening and on better days also during the night. Of course it was always better when Remus was with him and he was having nightmares whenever he was alone. Over all he still felt better compared to some weeks before.
Remus was glad seeing Sirius’ condition getting better. But he still was worried. Sometimes when Sirius reached out for him he cringed, pressing his hands to his body because of no particular reason. Whenever he asked Sirius answered he felt like he would still be wearing the chains and sometimes he just felt a sudden weight around his wrists.
Remus didn’t question it and Sirius was glad he didn’t. He wouldn’t want to talk about it anyway.

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Brandon was never shy about taking what he wanted. I am old now, a dried-up thing, too long a widow, but I still remember the look of my maiden’s blood on his cock the night he claimed me. I think Brandon liked the sight as well. A bloody sword is a beautiful thing, yes. It hurt, but it was a sweet pain. ― The Turncloak, A Dance with Dragons.

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tbh, malec looked more like close co-workers than a sexually active couple. it's not believable. even not-endgame-climon got a more intimate, body close together scene for their first kiss than malec ever had. first time for malec (and alec!) and we got them to talk about it with other people?! not shocking since we never seen them even hold hands. i will not be surprised that spoiler hug and kiss in episode 10 is actually a buddy hug and a peck on the lips. or cut out altogether.

You know, Anon, that’s what kinda bugs me here. I mean I KNEW that we would never get some kind of “morning after scene” in this ep. Not after the framing of the ep from last week. But call me naive but at least I expected hoped for a scene where they would actually talk about this huge step and Magnus’ feelings!

Like… I cannot help it but as much as I enjoyed watching their first scene when Alec came over to tell Magnus about them throwing a party, you could really see and hear that there is still so much that needs to be talked about between them. Magnus like “You’re sure about this?” and Alec replying “Why wouldn’t I be?” Can we please go back to them having at least these real and honest conversations? This was/is pretty much their thing, so please.

So we ended up with nothing. They even cut the scene of Alec and Izzy short because Maryse and Max arrived. And instead we got the Jace and Magnus scene but where Alec had no idea that Magnus wouldn’t do this for anyone. Same for Alec. He kind of protected and stood up for Magnus against Maryse, but again, Magnus didn’t see/hear any word of that. And this actually disappoints me on a certain level.

I don’t need heavy making out (yes, I am still bitter, sue me) and 200 kisses in an episode but please go back to talk things over. Because right now I even doubt that they will ever talk about the cat eyes or Alec’s “attempted suicide”. And that is really annoying me right now. Since conversations were/are their thing!