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Just a little PSA

Um…ok, I’m kinda nervous to post this, and I don’t want to step on toes.

Lately I’ve seen a big push about “horrible box stores” (admittedly not bookstore chains specifically but still) and supporting smaller stores and independents (and booklr seems to love the aesthetic of independent bookstores) - and while that’s great, I wanna say something about box bookstores (or well, bookstore) and independents in the US.

As of this writing (Jan 2017), Barnes & Noble is pretty much the biggest bookstore chain in the US, especially since Borders closed.  Book-a-Million is also around still I think, but…  It’s pretty much just Barnes & Noble.

Please shop at Barnes & Noble. 

Support independent bookstores, of course!  I’m not saying for one moment that you shouldn’t.

Do not buy books from Amazon if you can help it - especially not new.

I say this because…Barnes & Noble, for places like where I live, is the only bookstore around.  Literally for miles.  And I mean for the next 1-3 hours of travel.  We have no independent bookstores.  We have a few, but they close quickly because there just isn’t a sustainable market here for them.

I know if they close I could just order my books online, but…the atmosphere would be gone.  The events.  The book signings.  In a sense, my home-away-from-home.  Libraries are great, of course, but it’s not quite the same, and my library system tends to cater to either the young or the elderly, and not much in between - or so it feels.

Ok…not sure I really…worded things great, but I’m tired and - with the opening of Amazon’s physical bookstores - just a little worried about my store closing like: Waldensbooks, Borders, Books-a-Million, and the independent bookstore a few years ago.

So um….just some food for thought.

OMG I just had a revelation

Both of the two most beautiful and most gay ships in Skam Met in a flipping bathroom!!

What are you playing at Julie???


  • tmi/tda/tid couples: alec lightwood & magnus bane

“Magnus raised his head and looked up and over at Alec; it was a look that made Clary flush and glance away. There was so much love in it, mixed with exasperation and pride and despair.“

to: @dreamywritingdragon, @boxoftinystars, @petuniaevans,(hope you will like it)


Prince Noctis - watercolour painting with process

Another experimental piece, still learning the medium… So, the process photos were taken with my shitty phone camera, so they all came out looking somewhat dark, but the finished version (top) was taken with a decent camera and digitally processed to look more like the original. :) 

National Compliment Day

Didn’t know this was a thing until it was brought to my attention, and I’m all about lifting each other up, so this will be a very long list. I am not even sorry - you are all awesome!

@thethirstisoutthere: You are badass, cool, and funny as hell!

@crossedbeams: You are unapologetically yourself, you are funny, a wizard with words, and a strong, sensible voice in this fandom.

@sunshinetoday: You are funny, encouraging, and I love your positivity!

@your-perfect-opposite: You are a voice of reason in this fandom, which is something I value a lot!

@fistful-of-fandom: You are talented and kindhearted, and one day I’m going to reblog all your x files edits!

@a-january-girl: You are funny, extremely helpful (thank you for tearing my first fic to shreds and putting it back together - I loved it), fantastic at giving advice, kind as hell, and pretty effing talented. You’re humble and you inspire me.  

@startwreck: You are funny, encouraging, kind, and your gifsets are perfect!

@sunflowerseedsandscience: You are an amazing writer, and you are sensible. You are funny, honest, and helpful!

@ohyayaseance: You are kind and clever, and I appreciate your honesty!

@kateyes224: You are helpful, kind, wickedly funny, and soooo talented with words!

@sculderxmully: Well, you already know what I think of you, but you make me laugh every single day without exaggerating, you are wise as hell, you are never judgmental, you are honest, and you are hardworking. You inspire me so much. 

@bogwisdom: You are wonderful! You are badass, brave, honest, and wise! And you’re helpful.

@mulderswaterbed: You are talented - I love your videos, and you are good with words!

@dangerscully: You are so freaking funny, awesome, and you make this fandom infinitely better!

@redheadfrenzy: You are wise, kind, and extremely helpful!

@somekindofseizure: You are wickedly good with words!!

@chileananderson: You are funny, a talented writer, and sensible!

@mldrgrl: Never stop writing, please and thank you.

@therobbinsnest: You are wise, incredibly funny, helpful as hell, encouraging, and it’s inspiring to see how you raise your kids! You inspire me to do better.

@carrie11: You are lovely, helpful, creative, and kind, and I love your positivity!

@scullbagg: I love your wit and honesty! You are lovely.

@contrivedcoincidences6: You are funny and  a talented writer!

@mangokiwitropicalswirl: I love your words!!

@lyndsaybones: You are such a talented writer!

@puzzlingpeace: You are badass, encouraging, honest, and soooo talented at writing!

@edierone: You are kind, helpful, and I really love your words!

@allyinthekeyofx: You are such a talented artist - it’s incredible! 

And I have to mention @cosmic-files-87, @ellivia, @xoxfiles, @huei-ming, @sollagg, @spooky-ufos, @becksndot5, @thegilliantimes, @driftingthroughtheskies, @xfile-cabinetx, @jamofappreciation, @ruru-in-the-stars, @bohoartist, @suncrossed, @notacleverxfileshandle, @stellagibsonsgirl, @katherinebodine, @whatfallsaway, @forever-a-trier, @rosewater7, @zygote-jesus, and @so-called-xfiles! I love your kindness. Kindness is not something I take for granted. It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, and yet there’s always someone who chooses to be cruel, so thank you so much to each and every one of you. This isn’t just a random list to include everyone. I notice you and I appreciate you.

All of you inspire me and make me hopeful.

The Names We Use

I started writing this Kabby fic months ago! Like… just after the finale… but I got stuck and it joined the pile of half done fics I have. 

It’s mostly just head cannons and fluff. I hope you enjoy! 

The Names We Use- Kabby 

Her parents name her Abigail; they found it in a book of baby names that was stored on the ark computers. The book tells them that Abigail has a Hebrew origin and means Father’s Joy. Her family is not religious but her dad immediately loves the name. Even before she is born he is certain that she will be the best thing he’s ever done.

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