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Couple aesthetic Libra female hufflepuff x Scorpio male slytherin.

“I told you. You don’t love someone because of their looks or their clothes or their car. You love them because they sing a song only your heart can understand.”

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(( Ooook! Here it is! “Lullaby for a stormy night” with England and Chibi America,hope you guys like it even if it’s all in this sketchy style! Thanks again to the anon who has suggested me this…^_^ ))

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Arighty! How about the big 3 with a crush that has a singing quirk! You can choose as to what it does!

Sure thing but as it’s 3 characters I’ve done it in dot points, hope you don’t mind…hehe

- Mod Eclipse  🦊🦊🦊


Your quirk is called Siren’s call. Similar to brainwashing but not exactly it. When you sing, your voice calls out to the people (or targeted person) and causes them to sort of zone out, becoming impressionable, allowing you to control them to an extent, though your quirk will break if you don’t sing for at least 3 minutes or if their attention is forced to focus on something. However, if you aren’t trying to use your quirk to control people, it simply draws attention to you, though if you sing too much, you will lose your voice faster than normal.


🥞 When he first hears your voice, the pancake is shook! He loves it instantly!

🥞 Would definitely go straight up to you and voice his opinion, maybe even phase through a fence without quite realising it “Hi there! I couldn’t help but overhear your…why are you screaming? Oh, right, sorry about that! Haha”

🥞 Would offer to take you out once dressed as an apology.

🥞 Tells you cheesy jokes just to hear your laugh, even if you’re singing, as much as he loves your voice, the pancake loves your laugh more!

🥞 When he takes you out on your first date, you can be certain it’ll be a concert or a karaoke bar, some place with music that he knows you’ll enjoy!


🐙 This shy octopus can’t believe his ears when he hears you sing, it stuns him, that’s how much he likes it.

🐙 he’s not sure how he should approach you so he just listens from a distance.

🐙 If Mirio catches him doing so, there’s definitely going to be some encouragement going on without your knowledge.

🐙 When Tamaki is eventually persuaded/forced to approach you, he can’t quite get the words out and will give up to press his head against a wall.

🐙 However, a little nudge from you going over to him and introducing yourself will get you a long way.


When she first hears your voice, she’s absolutely astounded! She had no idea anyone could sing like that.

Prepare to be bombarded with questions from her because this girl likes what she hears and when she finds out it’s your quirk, she wants to know everything!

Will happily listen to you hum or sing for hours on end, it even makes her quiet for the duration of the time, that’s right, she loves your voice that much!

Be prepared because Nejire will most definitely brag about your quirk to a lot of people and will have you prove it if they don’t believe her.

You won’t need your quirk to convince her to have some fun though, just spend some time singing or humming without intent and then try suggesting some fun, she’ll be more than happy to oblige.


Movie Night: ft. an angry teenage son who is done with his sappy gay dads (but still cares)

Sorry for not posting anything for some time! (it’s been weeks), but I’ve been pretty busy with a big move coming up (>_>)… Meanwhile my fanart blog has reached over 3,000 followers and I just want to thank you all for sticking around and sending all the encouraging comments! (It means so much to me ;_;)

 I hope you all enjoy some sloppy drawings of our loveable podium family and their floofy poodle.

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Depression is:

Depression is waking up at 8am but not getting out bed until 6pm
Depression is over eating and/or not eating for a few days
Depression is laughing your head off at 3pm and praying for death at 12am
Depression is not talking to anyone for days on end
Depression is not showering for a week
Depression is losing interest in things you used to care so dearly about
Depression is always having the word “suicide” in your head even when you’re at your happiest

And depression is trying so very hard to just be okay

Depression is holding on. Depression is thinking of something that can just get you through one minute and then thinking of something to get you through the next and the next.

Please don’t give up. We can do this together.


THE BIG SEVEN - Harry Potter series

- This is my HP fancast aesthetic. Yes I know, I messed up Ginny’s name, I’m sorry. In my country her name is spelled like that. I realized that the English one is different too late, just when I posted it. -