They portalled into the loft, bags laden in each hand, Magnus with a soft smile on his face whilst Alec gestured at the bag in Magnus’ hand. Or rather the teddy bear in one of the bags Magnus was currently holding. A teddy bear that was easily half their size and was definitely taller than their guest—rather, his guest, seeing that Alexander still hadn’t moved into the loft yet.

A guest Magnus had insisted on getting the teddy for.

“Seriously Magnus. Why would you get her something so big?”

Magnus ignored the words, his mind working fast at the spells he was planning on casting on said bear.

“Because it’s the perfect size Alexander.” He spun around and caught the half raised eyebrow that Alec leveled on him.

“Seriously? That thing probably weighs more than her.”

“And she will love it. Won’t you sweetheart,” Magnus crooned, causing Alec to turn around as the two of them met Madzie’s cautious eyes. She hung by the door, eyes dark and suspicious as she stared at the pristine white fluffy teddy that Magnus carried.

She looked so much like Alec had when he’d first spotted Magnus heading into the store to pick up the teddy bear, that Magnus found the corners of his mouth tilting up into a smile.

The suspicion still remained in her eyes, but she returned his smile, tentatively.

Magnus spun around and crowed. “See? She loves it.”

Alec snorted. “She’s smiling back at you Magnus.” He gestured at the teddy and smiled. “Not at your gift.”

Magnus rolled his eyes. “But that’s because the gift isn’t ready yet.”

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How Bill turned into a terrorist
  • Bill: aww..!come on Pine Tree! What can I do for you to love me???
  • Dipper: nothing! I won't love even if you explode an entire town!
  • Bill: ...
  • Dipper: What?
  • Bill: then what's about I burn down a whole country?
  • Dipper: What?!?? Bill no!
  • Bill: Bill yes! Just wait here and I'll be back!
  • Dipper: Bill no!!!

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Valentine's Day Kunikidazai?

Omg, I know it’s late but please excuse me Anon! *bows deeply*

Late Kunikidazai Valentine’s day hcs :

-Well to be honest, Dazai was expecting this day to go according to Kunikida’s idealistic way that follows the exact steps of this kind of day the society influenced them to think it has to be that way but…he is in for a surprise.

-The expectation of roses in the morning next to bonbons were replaced by a cup of hot coffee and some papers that came with his pissed blond boyfriend that seem to pretend he doesn’t know what day was today.

-Even if he is in a relationship, Dazai did receive chocolate from other girls, most of them he let on the desk as an open invitation to any of the ADA guys if they wanted to take any.

-It was already afternoon and the work seemed to have no end, and Kunikida’s mood wasn’t getting any better so Dazai decide to go for a smoke outside.

-When he less expected it, someone blindfolded him from behind and the next second he was lifted up and carried like a potatoes sack, he wanted to protest but then the scent of Kunikida’s cologne made him relax a little, and chuckling, he asked him where they are going but the lack of answer was making him sweat nervously. ‘Hope you won’t kill me ‘cause I didn’t finish my work, okay? You know I’m not into that kind of killing, serve me only a plate of suicide *laughs nervously* Come on Kunikida-kunnn ~ I’m sorrrrryyyyy‘

-And he is complaining like this all the way until a smell of roasted potatoes and cotton candy hits him along the noisy crowd.

-Kunikida sighs and praises the Lord that Dazai slept half of the road to the surprise place. He puts down the drowsy brunette and takes away the blindfold, enjoying the surprise that painted his face when he saw all the colorful lights and cheerful sounds around.

”Quite…unidealistic, huh?” he hums.

“It is the opposite Kunikida-kun! It’s perfect!” Dazai turns and jumps in his arms.

”Let’s go drinking and karaoke and….”

-And they did play some arcade games, drink sake, eat roasted potatoes and dango while walking around the fair, they competed at shooting with Kunikida impressing Dazai with his shooting skills winning a lion plush for him.

-Dazai was a little pissed that he lost, but accepted the plush lion and decided to name it Lionida, something he came up with after trying to combine Kunikida’s name with the lion.

-Kunikida seemed so proud of his success, he walks like a peacock and chuckling he encouraged Dazai, saying that next time maybe he will beat him.

“Better luck next time, rookie.“ he grins cocky at the brunette that gave him a bitchface.

“Take care what you are wishing for Kunikida-kun ~” he mutters pissed, and as revenge he pulled Kunikida to on the rollercoaster knowing that he might puke from all those candies he ate before.

-At the end of the date they are both satisfied and ready to go home when a surprise band had a concert near the fair and both go to check it. (okay, I know it’s really surreal but….Kunikida would totally take Dazai to a KOL concert )

-The night ends with both of them dancing on the sweet beat of drums, guitar and rock’n’roll .

-And if Dazai thought that was all he couldn’t be more wrong. Home at their apartment their bed was covered with rose petals. (Yeah, I know, Lay you down on a bed of roses starts playing) from here everything goes to NS/FW. ;)

Some asks

AC/DC - What are your favorite bands?

Aerosmith - What are your favorite songs?

Aretha Franklin - Do you have a favorite jazz song?

Alice Cooper - What is your favorite type of music?

Beach Boys - Have you ever been in a concert?

Black Sabbath - A song that motivates you?

Bob Dylan - Do you know how to play any musical instrument?

Bon Jovi - Your favorite song about love?

The Beatles - Latest song that made you smile?

David Bowie - A song that makes you feel happy?

Eric Clapton - Have you ever been in love with a rock artist?

Creedence Clearwater Revival - What is your favorite instrument?

Deep Purple - Do you prefer bassists or drummers?

The Doors - What is your favorite lyric?

Fleetwood Mac - Female or Male vocalists?

The Grateful Dead - What song are you listening right now?

Guns n’ Roses - What song describes your emotions right now?

Heart - Do you know a song that you want at your wedding? 

Iron Maiden - Do you frequently listen to your songs on shuffle? 

Jimi Hendrix - A song that represents “your aesthetic”

Joan Jett - Who do you think when you listen to your favorite love song?

Janis Joplin - What is your favorite 70s song?

Journey - Do you have any famous crushes? 

The Kinks - What is the last single you downloaded? 

Kiss - What is the perfect song to describe your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? 

Led Zeppelin - Do you like loud guitar solos?

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Do you like instrumental songs? 

Metallica - A song that you think everybody should listen to?

Nirvana - A song that breaks your heart? 

Pink Floyd - Name your top three songs in any language.

Pearl Jam - A song to drive to? 

Queen - A song to dance to?

Bruce Springsteen - A song that you would sing in a karaoke?

The Rolling Stones - Your favorite album?

U2 - A artist/band you’re proud of?

Van Halen - Favorite guitarist?

The Who - Favorite bassist? 

Yes - Favorite drummer?

Dusty Springfield - Do you have a favorite soul song? 

The Supremes - Your favorite girlband? 

Simon and Garfunkel - Your favorite acoustic song?

Derek & The Dominos - Do you prefer a cover more than the original song?

The Mamas and The Papas - What’s the song that have a harmony so good that makes you want to punch something?

Santana - Your favorite artist hairstyle?

Ramones - Do you like punk music?

The Temptations - A song that you liked when you were younger?

Cream - A song that you associate with summer?

The Band - A song that you never get tired of?

Steve Miller Band - A song that need to be played out loud?

Sonny & Cher - A song by an artist with a voice that you love?

Wings - A song that makes you remind of yourself?

@therealjacksepticeye So here’s the story to this

It starts kinda glitchy as Jack begins his battle against Anti. When the melody is playing normally, with some weirdness in the background, it shows that Jack is still in control. For now.

As it goes on, it gets more and more glitchy and creepy as the battle gets harder. But every so often it seems like Anti stops and Jack regains control again. In the bridge (the little potato man section), Anti dies down considerably and Jack thinks he’s won… but time feels like it slowed down as Jack fears Anti’s return… He still doesn’t feel quite normal. The room spins and his head aches. It’s like he isn’t really gone…

SUDDENLY Anti regains even more strength and gets harder than ever to fight against! Eventually Anti gains full control and Jack passes out.

But when he wakes up, he starts returning to normal. The weirdness gradually fades out and the music becomes more and more normal towards the end as Jack becomes fully himself again. Anti is gone this time.

Ǵ̶̜̼̱͚̎̉͠ơ̴̠̙͈̓͐̈ ̷͗͊͜o̸̧̞̝͆̂ṅ̶̗̼̦̖͆͋͠,̷̹͓̟̖̐̽̋ ̵͍̥̐̌̈́ͅJ̴͉̞͑́a̶̢̲͗̒͝ḉ̵̖͕́̇͝ķ̴͎̮̘͠͝

Ý̵̬̟̱̿ö̶̡́͜ͅu̴̡̖̪͎̔ ̶̲̥̟̖̏̇̾̕k̸̠̐n̷̗̳͆ȏ̵̡̇w̶̞̏̏ ̵̱̒y̶͚͗̆ŏ̴̜̱̚u̵̻͐́ ̴̬́͐͘ẃ̴̹̱͈̎ȃ̴̞̱n̴͍̝͂͗t̸͓̃̿̎͛ ̸̡͎̀t̵̺̖̠͍̒͐o̷̡̱͑̈͝ ̴͚̳͕̈́̔̓ḫ̴͑̇e̸͈̥͖̎̒̔̈́a̵̛̯͉̙͑͘͝ŕ̴͓͎̽ ̷̢̨͎͋̃͋i̴̤̞̜̐̿͛t̵͓͛̈̓

P̸̥̯͛̓̂͝l̸̻̯͕͂́͊ą̶̞̠̂̀ỳ̶͕ ̶̨̦͙̑̑͑́ͅi̸̩͔̬͆͊͗̽t̸̙̲̆̃͜

I̶̬̼͎̓͋̒̈́ ̵̪̻̭̬͐̋d̴̛͖͍̞͐̊͐a̶̪̖͑r̷̮͙̿̀͘ë̶̱̥̙̇ ̷͕̍̓͘y̶̖̾̕̚o̵̢̺̺̮͑̐͘͝ủ̴̫̪̝́̀ͅ

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