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BRENDA SONG GIF PACK PART 2 ( 227 ) - This is a gif pack of Asian American actress BRENDA SONG in her role as Angie Cheng in episodes 5 through 13 of CBS’ Pure Genius ( 2016 ). Google says Song is of Hmong and Thai descent. This is my second gif pack of Song. The first contained 63 gifs and can be found here. All gifs were made by me and are intended for roleplay purposes. Do not take credit for them, repost, or post in gif hunts. Please ask for permission first before editing in anyway. Like or reblog if using. Thank you and hope you like ‘em !

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anonymous asked:

Hey.. John. I made you this bracelet! *Hands John a bracelet with rainbow beads on them, with the letters J-O-H-N on them.* I also made this one for Alex, but I can't find him, mind giving it to him for me? *Hands John another bracelet with pink, purple and blue beads, with the letters A-L-E-X on them* I hope you like 'em! <3

John- “T-Thank you so much!”

//John is touched//


Sleight of Hand

They’re still staring each other down when the others shuffle into the room, a collective groan going up at the sight of them at each other’s throats once more.

“So,” Raven starts, conversational, “how do we think Clarke is going to murder Bellamy? Discuss.”

“Knife to the gut?” Miller muses, tapping a finger against his chin. “She’d want to draw it out.”

“She’ll push him off a high-rise.” Monty nods. “Messy, but satisfying.”

“I have it on good authority that she’ll disembowel him with nothing but a spoon and sheer willpower,” Clarke cuts in, dry, “but that’s just me.”

“You know, if you really wanted to get up close and personal with my body, all you had to do was ask.” Bellamy remarks, lips curling into a satisfied smirk when that pulls a scowl out of her.

Notorious criminal prodigy Bellamy Blake has been tasked with a seemingly impossible heist. Luckily enough, he just might have the right crew for it.

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~ Valentine Day Cards from The CarzyBoiz ~

sorry, i rushed it. and yeah i’m late i know, i’m bad at keeping updates..

also thank you for @martziplier98 for helping me out for making these cards (by figuring what they should be saying and all that) so yeah! go check their tumblr out and give em a support! :D

hope you like it! @markiplier @crankgameplays @tyler





Bridge Podcast valentines for you and your special sea monster <3 

Created in collaboration with @pryce-and-carter​, who did the monstrously impressive backgrounds, text, and special effects!


Here comes the most popular mlm ship, ya’ll. Just guys bein’ dudes. Thanks for the request! Hope you like em! 

Ship Sprays №6: Hanzo/McCree “Remember this moment.”

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So It Goes Like This

Summary: Jheselbraum pays a visit to the Pines family.

Warnings; Panic attacks, references to torture and depression.

Word count: 7,884

Requested by the wonderful @embulalia!! I hope you like it, my dude!

Sorry it took like four eons, hell.

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Entering their realm was never anything short of breathtaking. Here the air was quiet and flowed like a slow-moving river; you can feel the currents of nebulas and comets beneath you, or that’s at least what it seemed like. The space was misty with soft pinks and white, like an early rain shower was seeping into the skies, bleeding peonies and roses. The vast sky past the fog was like the infinite stretch of space, but lighter and full of starts that seemed to wink at you as you passed. She has been here before, sure; they were one of her closest companions. Despite her many travels, she was always rendered speechless the instant she came into the Axolotl’s kingdom.

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