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We havent had any headcanons in a while *wink wink nudge nudge*

and a *wink wink nudge nudge* to you too, anon

  • pidge: “when have i ever lied?” hunk: “wh- you literally created a fake identity??”
  • lance refuses to learn the actual definition of quiznak
    • i mean he can pretty much guess it
    • but he’s not allowed to curse at home so quiznak’s perfect because he can just keep pretending he doesn’t know it’s a bad word
    • “you’re still using it incorrectl-” “shut up keith i need plausible deniability”
  • *food network voice* “chef coran has crafted… something”
  • lance, after being slightly inconvenienced: “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” keith: “…didn’t you get blown up that one time?”
  • Shiro the Hero
  • one day lance barges into keith’s room because “that’s it we’re gonna make some hand signals”
    • lance claims they’re doing it because he’s tired of keith not understanding his awesome plans during missions
    • (but lowkey team hand signals are one of his favorite movie tropes)
    • anyway lance and keith are really good at charades now?? good for them
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat who prides myself on my ability to interact with others” [is handed a child] “what the fuck is this”
Worthless Worries

Request: “i’’m in love with your bloggg!! if they’re open, could i request a fluffy newt x reader where the reader is jealous at tina with how close she’s gotten with newt recently and newt finds it adorable? does that make sense?? probably not…”

Word Count: 1,185

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics ​and wonderful encouragement friend @red-roses-and-stories

Newt Scamander almost never felt jealous himself, not since he grew up with the perfect brother that, Newt had to admit, earned every accolade he was given. Jealousy also requires a certain amount of selfishness: an amount Newt rarely possessed. He was often content to celebrate with his loved ones rather than waste energy envying them.

Though he rarely felt it, Newt could still spot a jealous person. He’d found Theseus’s third girlfriend insufferable because of the glares she’d sent Leta when the four had shared supper in the Hogwarts courtyard his third year. Now, though, as he listens to you grumble something about Tina and two tiny wrinkles appear between your eyebrows, he finds it unceasingly amusing and, quite frankly, though he would never admit it to you, rather adorable.

Newt first noticed your irritation at breakfast early one Tuesday morning after telling Tina a joke he’d heard. He’d turned to grab the syrup from near your elbow and saw you scowling at your stack of pancakes.

“Everything all right, love?” He’d murmured, resting a hand on your thigh.

You’d jerked your head up, wiping away the frown and replacing it with a smile he knew was fake. “Everything’s great. Just great.”

He’d raised an eyebrow but not pushed the subject when everyone turned to look at you.

Three days later, on a sunny Friday afternoon, he’d noticed it again in your glare when you’d walked into the living room and seen him and Tina hunched over sketches, talking animatedly with one another.

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Dex/Nursey, 15. Kiss in the rain

There’s thunder on the horizon and Nursey is saying something–he’s always saying something, always talking, always chill–and Will is trying to tune him out. If he could focus on the smell of ozone in the air, of newly budding leaves on the trees, of asphalt and concrete and dirt, maybe he could forget about Nursey beside him going on and on about this girl he met that he thinks is just Will’s type.

If he could just focus on the sound of their shoes against the pavement and the first patter of rain and the cadence of Nursey’s voice instead of the words he’s saying, maybe he could pretend that Nursey knows his type at all.

“I’m not interested.”

“You don’t even–”

Will turns, and that might be his first mistake. He turns. Nursey pulls up short. There are bare inches between them and electricity on the air and Will is not interested, not in the girl or the specific green of Nursey’s eyes or the hint of stubble on Nursey’s jaw or the way the corners of his mouth tip upward like everything’s a joke, like Dex is–

“I’m not interested.”

Nursey frowns. He licks his lips. His tongue is pink. Will’s heart is racing.


Will rolls his eyes. He means to say it doesn’t matter. What comes out, instead, is, “Does it matter?”

Nursey’s eyes slip low, away from Will’s, then back up.


It’s drizzling, the edge of the storm upon them. Will breathes deep through his nose, asks, “On what?”

Nursey shrugs, and Will hates that, the casual roll of his shoulders like this is nothing when he’s looking at Will like it might be everything.

“You,” he says. “It depends on you, Will, and if you want to keep doing this, we–”

He catches Nursey between words, lips parted for whatever was meant to come next. Will stops it. He knows what was supposed to come next and it isn’t what he wants, not really. Nursey has him hooked. Will feels the pull of him, low in his belly, no matter the distance. He’s tired of ignoring it.

Will pulls back, and that might be his second mistake because it gives Nursey the opportunity to beam at him and it is blinding.

“See,” Nursey says, “it does matter.”

Will rolls his eyes, but can’t help smiling back. “Would you shut up,” he says, and leans back in, kisses Nursey as the clouds break open.

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Laurens: Um… Alex-

Alexander: All I’m saying is that we should run this nation independently.

Laurens: Alexander!

Alexander: And what does he tell me? HE TELLS ME TALK LESS SMILE MOR-

*Laurens kisses Alexander*

Laurens: Are you calm now?

Alexander: Yes.