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It’s exciting that George Martin is still writing the books, you know. That we don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting for the audience, for the people making it, for the actors. It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the endgame because you don’t really know what it is.

@xxc-a-t-a-l-y-s-txx replied to your post “repeat after me everyone: poly relationships and ships are not gross…”

Tell that to the Flds Mormon families, that have been criticized for years because of this. Even kicked out of their state. I srsly hate this. Society shames a group or people for their traditions and then do the same thing and try to justify how it’s different. Idk it just seems like that person is not willing to commit to one person so they don’t ever. Imagine if just about every love triangle was this way? How frustrating it would be for the third party.

im not a mormon so im not about to debate about what they may or may not experience and what they have to go through for their religion

but you do NOT come onto MY post promoting the acceptance and support of polyamory and then tell me polyamory “just seems like that person is not willing to commit to one person so they don’t ever” or compare polyamory to love triangles like wtf is even wrong with you re-read my post and please educate yourself about what polyamory is all about

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For the poly ship thing I don't think I can or will ever get over IwaOiHina because man I love IwaOi and I love Hinata and it's just perfect

ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。 friend same, this ship is a combination of sunshine and the Power Couple of Angst and I too will never get over IwaOiHina

  • They each have something they’re obsessed with, Oikawa’s obsession is aliens and space, Iwaizumi’s Godzilla while Hinata is obsessed with dragons. They all love volleyball with every fiber of their mind, body and soul and they each love the excitement the other gets when they’re talking about what they love. Hinata’s gotten really good at physics because of Oikawa talking about aliens and space then explaining astrophysics to Hinata which led Hinata to end up learning about physics more than he expected to. Oikawa makes Hinata and Iwaizumi watch so many crappy alien movies with Hinata making impressed crow noises at the effects because they’re getting decent, Oikawa’ll talk about theories while the movie plays and Iwaizumi will be resting his head on Oikawa’s lap with Hinata smooshed between Iwa’s back and the couch (he’s sitting in between the space??? I’m not sure how to describe this D:) with his legs over Iwa’s waist, Oikawa’ll stroke Iwa’s hair and Hinata will be leaning over to rest his head on Oikawa’s shoulder.

    Iwaizumi and Oikawa have watched so many movies with dragons in them for Hinata, they’ve rewatched How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 over five times but its worth it when you see how excited Hinata gets and how emotionally attached he is to each character, Hinata has memorised most of the wiki information on the dragons in httyd and moved on to researching different mythologies and different types of dragons. Oikawa and Iwaizumi help a lot when Hinata goes off about a certain type of dragon or differences between dragons and how much he wishes he had a dragon if they were real.

    THIS ONE COMMENT led Iwa to be so inspired that he draws. So. Many. DRAGONS. With Hinata in the drawings and OIkawa there and honestly, Iwaizumi’s art is gorgeous and he deserves an award, he gets it when he sees Hinata freeze up and then tackle Iwaizumi to the ground refusing to let him go while he kisses Iwa’s face left and right, Oikawa’s dragged into it and they’re all a blushing, giggling mess on the ground with Hinata having the biggest smile ever than melts Iwa and Oikawa’s hearts.

    LISTEN LISTEN, HINATA AND OIKAWA REINACTING SCENES FROM GODZILLA TO ENTERTAIN IWA. They have so many onsies that Oiks and Hinata wear, Hinata ends up on Oikawa’s shoulders and Oikawa and Hinata make Godzilla noises while Oikawa stomps around the room, going past Iwaizumi before Hinata jumps off Oiks and onto Iwaizumi. CUDDLES ENSUES + EXTREME SMILES AND LAUGHTER.
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa adore Natsu. Honestly whenever she comes over Hinata is happy to see how much Natsu likes Iwa and Oikawa, she’ll often request that Oikawa lift her up to be like a plane or for Iwaizumi to watch a movie with her. Iwaizumi’s brothers already like Oikawa bc childhood friend perks, but when they first met Hinata they were so surprised that Iwa would be dating Hinata as well as Oiks, until Hinata gave them all a crash course on polyamourous relationships with Oikawa in the background giving them glares if they don’t accept their chibi-chan. Oikawa’s older sister adores Hinata (and Natsu but shhh) and the two of them tend to cook together considering Hinata can actually cook, not like Oikawa or Iwaizumi - but tbh, Oikawa can cook basic stuff, but living off rice and ramen is, apparently, not healthy so.

    Natsu one day asking if Iwaizumi can lift her and Hinata up and he does so pretty easily, its funnier because Hinata’s squawking in surprise while Natsu giggles so much and Oikawa takes so many pictures for future blackmailing purposes (Iwaizumi has so many on Oiks and Hinata, its stressful) until Natsu asks if Hinata can lift up Iwaizumi. To which Oikawa was 100000% entranced to find out that Hinata, in fact, can lift up Iwaizumi. Bridal style as well. Iwaizumi did yell out when Hinata carried him and he started to tell Hinata that its bad for his back, Hinata only responds by running while carrying Iwaizumi. Oikawa runs after them hysterical.
  • Oikawa being really good at putting make up on because when he was younger, he would watch loads of make up tutorials and then his sister got into it and then, naturally, Iwaizumi got into it after Oikawa ran over to his house in middle school when the winged liner on both his eyes were totally even. A few years after high school did Iwaizumi start a youtube channel for make up tutorials and designs, in them he has Oikawa and later on Hinata joins and honestly, have you ever seen Hinata try to stay still while Iwa tries to apply make up onto him?? Its a nightmare but its cute watching him be fascinated with everything.

    Oikawa runs a vlog account and talks about volleyball, aliens, Hinata and Iwaizumi, along with loads of discussions on important topics such as the lgbt+ community (he has a series of videos explaining each part of the community with everyone from hq!! to help expand on things), feminism, politics (he makes fun of politics. Its hella amusing) and runs an advice blog that Iwa helps with.

    Hinata doesn’t have his own youtube channel, instead is in so many of Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s that its like he’s part of them anyways, and if there are videos of Hinata as the main focus, its videos that are inspiring or uplifting.   BUT i have to say this, Hinata’s amazing at editing audio and videos and is often the person who edits Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s videos before they post them, depending on who’s video is being edited, that person will cuddle Hinata while he edits. (hinata also gets bribed with food and kisses to edit Oikawa’s videos first and a dragon plushie to edit Iwaizumi’s videos first)
  • Hinata wears most of Iwaizumi’s hoodies because they feel worn out and comfortable and warm, also because they smell like Iwa and it makes Hinata feel calm and happy, Oikawa wears Hinata’s t-shirts because they’re so dorky and the designs on them makes Oiks amused so why not, Iwaizumi wears Oikawa’s sweatpants because they are hella comfy and baggy and (he admits this begrudgingly) the fact that the pant legs are longer means Iwa can slip them over his feet that are pretty much cold 24/7. Iwa likes to bury his feet under either Hinata or Oikawa to warm them up and Oikawa screams and jumps away from the freezing things and refuses to have his butt used as a heating mechanism while Hinata just squeaks and turns until he’s comfortable and so that Iwa’s toes aren’t touching his skin, bc lets be real, Hinata and Oikawa never wear long trousers at home, either skirts, shorts or dresses.

    Also, magenta is very much Oikawa’s colour while grey is very much Hinata’s and blue and black are Iwaizumi’s colour af. just gonna put that out there
  • Lemme just say this, whenever Oikawa feels extremely insecure or anxiety is being extremely shifty, Iwaizumi and Hinata will do anything to make him feel better. Oikawa once ran out of contacts and had to go out to the mall for something really important and so had to go there with his glasses on bc Iwa and Hinata had classes at the time. Oiks hates wearing his glasses, he hates how it feels and how it makes him look and how it shows he’s a mess and it ruins everything he’s trying to build about his image, when he comes back with a new stock of contacts and everything he needed he just sits and overanalyses everything, he saw too many people he knew at uni and they all gave him this confused look, so many people from high school that had strange expressions on when they saw him with glasses and it hurts him inside more than he’ll admit. Hinata knows something is off the second he’s in the apartment because of the atmosphere, it isn’t as lively or energetic with Oikawa bouncing and tackling Hinata with a demand for kisses in order to properly enter their apartment. Hinata notices Oikawa’s glasses are on the ground askew and is immediately worried because he knows Oikawa’s insecurities are horrible when he starts to focus on them and by the way he hasn’t seen Oiks yet, he knew Oikawa was going through a bad moment.

    Hinata would call or text Iwa to bring things that Oikawa love, so much milkbread, incense and headphones while Hinata searches the apartment for an ipod that has instrumental music - especially violin, hella calming audio ones -  and when Iwa comes home they light up the incense, prepare the living room with a bunch of pillows and blankets and get a movie ready and walk into Oikawa’s room, cuddling up to him and kissing him everywhere, Hinata’ll kiss the nape of Oikawa’s neck and the juncture between his neck and shoulder, Iwa’ll nudge Oikawa’s head with his nose and then kiss his temple, when Oikawa looks up and sees Iwa wearing glasses he’s confused, when he turns and sees Hinata wearing glasses as well he’s very very confused.

    The three of them end up back in the living room with Iwa and Hinata making sure Oikawa knows he’s loved and that his insecurities will never drive them away and that his insecurities are 100% valid because they make him worry and Iwa and Hinata’ll try and get Oikawa’s mind off whatever made him upset even without saying actual words. When Oikawa seems to be slightly cheered up theyll bring out the milk bread.

    And just, protect him, protect Oikawa Tooru.

(‐^▽^‐) this ask did not destroy me at all, at all, my feels are totally in check atm, totALly, anyways, I hope you like my attempt!!

send a haikyuu!! poly ship for the game


I lost my mother, my country, my birthright.
Niflheim was the only life left to me.

for my dearest ravus lover, @ravusnoxfleurett.

group therapy au (part two)

read part one here - no further warnings apply i think!

Neil had forgotten about the whole Andrew thing until Wednesday came and Abby was dropping him off at school.

“Have fun with your friend today,” she told him as he grabbed his backpack and prepared to get out of the car.


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aesthetic posters: JON SNOW (game of thrones)

↳ The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them. The Free Folk can’t stop them, the Night’s Watch can’t stop them and all the southern kings can’t stop them! Only together. All of us.

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