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We need more examples of genuinely happy, healthy relationships on TV and in books and films. No more of this bullshit about how real, epic love is painful and impossible or deadly. Love should not break you! Love should make you stronger.                   -Insp (x)

Tease - Enoch O'Connor imagine - request 

request: Omg can you do a teasing Enoch headcanon? Or a slightly dirty one? You don’t have to if you don’t want to of course but I’m just curious 😂


a/n: this is the storyline/thing i thought of so here it goes ehfjhfgu i hope you like it. i tried to make it dirty or whatever you call it, but idk if it worked ://// and i’m going to sleep now bye :) hope you liek disss

“y/n, do you want to play ball with us?” millard called out. i turned around, my skirt whirling around me along with my hair.

“uh… what kind? like football or…?” i ask.

“yeah, like football.” hugh replied. “i mean, if your skirt won’t bother you.”

i paused. my skirt. i shouldn’t play football while wearing a skirt that only reached a little over my mid thigh. but i’m too lazy to go change. i really want to spend time with my semi-new friends.

ugh, let’s just not care and not jump too much. not like anyone ever pays attention to me wearing skirts. i’ll play.

“yes, sure.” i said after thinking through it. “my skirt absolutely won’t be a bother, don’t worry.”

i walked through the garden with hugh and millard and horace - who was supposedly the judge or something. we divided into two teams, but mine needed one more person. since enoch - my grumpy best friend - didn’t want to, i took bronwyn.

enoch sat under a tree while we played, he said he’d help horace with judging (a/n: lol i hate how this sounds but sfhsjdfhsdjf dying) - i didn’t think there would be needed any help.

we played a few rounds, me and bronwyn won three times while hugh and millard won two times. it was fun, playing with them. hugh cheated a few times, but it didn’t change much in the scores. all the while, i was just being a sore loser at football - i couldn’t play at all, i’m horrible at football.

i fell over, tumbled and there were only two times out of a possible infinity of my skirt flying only slightly up. but luckily, nobody saw that from behind, and we only laughed it off with the others. all except for enoch, who held an even more serious look on his face - if that was possible. he was always deadly serious and annoyed.

“i can’t anymore, sorry boys.” i said, holding my stomach as i tried to catch my breath from all the running and kicking.

“please y/n, just one more round!” millard whined, hugh joining after,

“i really can’t.” i said, shaking my head with a tired smile. “i’m going inside to rest a little.” i spoke and turned around to go to the house. after a few steps, i heard enoch say:

“i’ll come, too.” in a rushed voice. i looked around my shoulder and he was already catching up with me. i looked at him with furrowed eyebrows. “i need to talk to you. in my room. alone.” he said, taking my arm in a slightly firm grip.

“okay…” i said.

with enoch holding my arm, we walked into the house and walked up the stairs to his room, which basically was also mine. for i spent the half of my time in there, with him.

enoch pulled me inside, shut the door and pushed me up against it. “what do you think you were doing back there?” he growled with his face so close to mine i could hear his breath on my nose.

i furrowed my eyebrows at his question. “what?”

enoch did his iconic groan and pushed me harder against the door, earning a soft yelp from me. one of his hand was on my hip. what was happening!!

“playing the game, with your skirt flying around.” enoch said. oh, SHIT! “couldn’t take my eyes off of you. and it felt so annoying to just watch you, knowing there were so many more things i could do.”

“w-what things?” i stuttered. he was really giving me major confusion right now, what was he talking about?! “what do you mean? i don’t understand what’s going.”

he chuckled, looking away. after a short moment, his eyes locked with mine again. “how can you be so clueless about your own behaviour? you were teasing me, y/n. and i do not like that.”

“teasing?” i repeated.

“oh, for bird’s sake.” he rolled his eyes.

“uh… what are you going to do about it?” i asked, ignoring his comment. enoch grinned.

his hand traced up my side, giving me ultimate shivers all over my body. this touch felt so surreal, unknown. nobody had ever held me like this. his eyes were intently watching mine as i was looking back into his orbs, waiting for something to happen.

enoch’s eyes diverted from mine when he lowered his head and slowly put his lips on mine. when our lips met, it felt hungry, lustful, dangerous? was he kissing me? is this what kissing felt like? why was he doing this? we’re best friends!

oh, but it felt so wonderful. it was my first time… doing this, i didn’t even know what to do.

enoch pulled back and looked at me watching him. why did he do that?! that felt so… yes!!!

his eyes held regret and disappointment. oh, no, no.

i put my arms around his neck, hesitantly, and pulled him closer before he could go anywhere.

“c-could you… do that… again, please?” i asked quietly. enoch’s facial expression immediately changed and he grinned. instead of answering, he dove down and connected our lips again.

bliss, utter bliss.

i would have never imagined us kissing, but this - i bet - was better than any fantasy.

i gained my courage and finally kissed him back. he smiled into the kiss and pulled me closer by my hips. and then his hand slipped down to my bum, giving it a light squeeze, as if not to scare me off or something. i gasped and it gave the perfect opportunity for him to kiss me deeper - and with tongue.

wow. where did he learn this? how was enoch such a professional? maybe he wasn’t a professional, but to me he absolutely seemed like one.

his lips then disconnected with mine, making a whine come past my lips. but he moved down to my neck to pepper that with kisses. his lips were looking for something and after a few seconds i think he found it. he kissed a spot on my neck and that made me shiver and release a small whine that sounded a little like something else.

“have you any idea what you’re doing to me?” enoch groggily said, looking me into the eyes. i smiled.

what was he doing to me? he was making me feel every type of way, my my…

“can you show me?” i suggested. enoch’s face did an emotional flip and he nodded. his lips then kissed mine again and i kissed back, showing him i felt what he did, whatever it was.

that day totally changed my world.


ok so. i have horrible time management skills. and i totally forgot about the exchange for a while, until like, 5 days before christmas. i thought i’d be able to finish on time, but alas i was not able to. i’m so sos sososoo sorry for this being so late <3 <3 i hope you like it!! Merry (very) late Christmas <3 <3


happy birthday to the brightest person to walk on this planet ♡ #sunshineyoungjaeday

BTS Reaction to you having a lot of broken friendships...

… but you don’t really care about them yet you aren’t heartless. You just know how to let go of “bad” people. Submitted by anon.

A/N: qq i hope ur okay -admin Baepsae


Jin would be confused at first to why your ties have been broken with a lot of people. Breaking the news to him would have him question his own relationship with you for a few moments, but then he will realize that he doesn’t want to be another one of those “friends” to you. He would want to be there for you the way your “friends” weren’t. Knowing this about you would make him try even harder to maintain a good friendship with you.

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Yoongi would understand right away. His mind is open to view things in all sorts of perspectives to attempt to grasp the whole situation. He would view things in your POV and would respect your choices and feelings. None of this would effect your guy’s relationship.

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Hobi would react the same way as Jin: hesitant at first, but then realizing that it’s just who you are and respecting that. He would try his best to understand everything and sure he wouldn’t understand it 100%, but he’d make a huge effort to because you would mean that much to him.

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Namjoon would react the same as Yoongi by viewing things in your perspective and trying to put together all of the little pieces to know why you made the choices you did and why you’re not bothered by losing so many “friends”. Except that Namjoon would say a lot of encouraging things to you and would try to console you, pressing the fact that you do care deep down inside about everyone you lost when really you don’t, so you would kind of just sit there while listening to him.

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Jimin would smile because he wouldn’t be quick to comprehend how serious you are about it and when he finally does, he remains smiling, acting unfazed. He wants to keep his own opinion to himself, good or bad, to avoid risking to offend you or saying something he shouldn’t. He would carry on with a normal conversation until either he decides it’s something to talk about, or if you bring it up again yourself. That’s when he would get serious and attempt to grasp your feelings.

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Honestly, I feel like Taehyung would understand where you’re coming from because I feel like he dealt with a lot of broken friendships in the past as well ( in my opinion of course ). Taehyung would attempt to give you advice while you just disregard it since you truly don’t bat an eye to your old friends. Taehyung would also attempt to make you laugh every here and there to make you feel better, but he would be completely serious about the topic because it is regarding friendship.

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Jungkook wouldn’t be sure what to do. He wouldn’t know how to react or feel about this news. He won’t be sure of a lot, but he’s for sure going to stand by your side and making sure you don’t face something like this again.

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Don’t Forget To Remember Me part 3

A/N: Alright, so this took me wayyy too long to write, but I’m kind of happy with how it turned out, so I hope you liek it! Also!! I’m knee deep in part 4 already, so I hope to have it up by next week, maybe earlier. Again, I was too lazy to find a language, so the foreign language is in italics

Word Count: 3602

Warnings: Violence, abuse, injury

part 2

“I don’t like this.” I whisper.

“Be calm.”

“But we broke into his home.”

“We’ve broken into other homes in the past, this is no different.”

“It is different. He’s the one telling us what to do. What if something goes wrong?”

“We can’t afford to think like that right now.”

The front door opens and closes, instantly putting a stop to our conversation. He casually walks into the kitchen where we’re sitting. He grabs a glass from a cupboard before turning around. When he sees the two of us and my father’s gun on the table, he freezes.

“I’m going to go, Mr. Pierce. Do you need anything before I leave?” An accented female voice calls.

“No. Uh…” He trails off momentarily, just staring at us. “It’s fine.”

“Okay, night-night.” The woman’s voice comes again.

“Goodnight.” The man in front of us says. The door opens and closes again before he moves to the fridge and grabs the milk. “Want some milk?” He offers. I look at dad, but he just keeps staring blankly at Mr. Pierce, so I do the same. “The timetable has moved. Our window is limited. Two targets, level six.”

“Wait, what?” I whisper, my voice just barely loud enough for my father to pick up on.

We silently watch as he pours himself a glass of milk and sits across the table from us. He takes a sip of his milk, regarding us quietly.

“They’ve already cost me Zola. I want confirmed death in ten hours.”

The door opens and closes again, though I don’t think this person was supposed to be here. I tilt my head and listen to the small footfalls of whoever is here.

“Sorry, Mr. Pierce, I… I forgot my phone.” The woman from before is back. She stops dead in her tracks when she sees my father and I.

“Oh, Renata,” He says, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking his head before picking up the gun on the table and turning back to the woman. “I wish you would have knocked.”

He fires off three rounds into the poor woman as she stumbles back to escape. In the end she falls to the floor, dead. I silently reach over and grip my father’s bicep. I hope the mast that covers my face hides the horror etched into my features.

My father and I sit perched on top of the ATV in pursuit of the three people in the little gray compact car. After a short time of careful planning, dad launches himself at the car, landing on the roof. He rips a man from the inside of the car, throwing him into oncoming traffic before shooting through the roof at the people inside. Suddenly the car screeches to a halt, throwing him onto the pavement. He manages to roll before digging his fingers into the asphalt to bring him to a stop. He slowly rises to his feet as the ATV I’m crouched on collides with the little car in front of us. I lurch forward as we make impact and begin shoving the small vehicle towards my dad.

As we get closer he jumps, flipping mid-air, and grabs onto the roof of the car where the windshield meets the roof. Without missing a beat, he rights himself and smashes his and through the windshield, pulling the steering wheel back out with it. He rises from his crouch to dodge the bullet that quickly followed after him. Leaning forward, I offer him a hand, and he takes it, jumping from the roof of the car to the hood of the ATV. We ram the compact car in front of us and all control of it is lost. It runs into the divider and flips. Someone inside grabs up the other two people before shoving the door off of its hinges. Their car continues to roll as two three people huddled against the door slide to a stop. One man rolls away from the rest of the group.

The ATV screeches to a halt and dad jumps off the hood of the vehicle. I drop down from the roof into a crouching stance before rising to my feet. One of the men hands my father a grenade launcher, which he immediately fires at the man with the shield. He goes flying over the side of the bridge before the rest of our men open fire on the other two people who were with the shield man. From what I can hear over the gunfire, there’s been a crash somewhere under the bridge. From there a lot of what happens is a blurr. Someone manages to shoot my father. I lunge forward to asses the damage. He crouches down behind the lip of the bridge and I follow suit. The bullet only managed to crack the glass of his goggles. He pulls them off and nods to me before rising again and aiming a spray of bullets at whoever it was that shot him.

“Leave her.” My father says to the man beside him. “Find him.”

The man nods and walks off before my father and I jump over the side of the bridge. Dad lands on the car below, crushing the roof. I tuck and roll, somersaulting a couple of times before finding my footing and rising to my feet. We quickly move off to the side, my father launching a grenade at a police car, and reloading for another round. As we advance people run in every direction to escape.

I stand in place upon hearing  a voice. It’s female, like the woman in the car. I tilt my head to the side, trying to hear better. Dad must have heard it too because no sooner do I make out the words does the car where the voice was coming from explode. While we’re distracted the redheaded woman from before manages to get the drop on us. With a running start she manages to get up on my father’s shoulders before I can do anything to help. She pulls out a garrote and dad just barely manages get his hand up to block it in time. He flips her off of his shoulders, but she counters by throwing an electrically charged disk at his left arm. It immediately falls limp and useless at his side. While he remedies his situation I take off after the redhead.

“Get out of the way!” She yells to the people she passes.

She looks over her shoulder multiple times, focussed only on me. Her mistake is soon realized when she receives a bullet to the shoulder. I slowly begin to walk towards the car where she’s taking cover when the man with the shield makes an appearance. Both my father and I turn our attention to him. He’s our true target.

He rushes my father, who’s standing on top of a car. Dad moves to punch him, but the man blocks the blow with his shield. The both of them pause, surprised by the others strength and I take the gap in combat to leap over the car. I lean back, lifting myself up with my arms and bringing my knees in tight to my chest before thrusting my feet into the man’s stomach, propelling him away from both of us. He falls backward off the car and rolls to a stop before hiding behind his shield to avoid a short spray of bullets.

After a short bit of gun to shield and hand to hand, my father manages to take the shield from the man. He uses it against him momentarily before throwing it him, missing and lodging it into the van behind him. While the man is distracted, dad takes one of his knives from its sheath and goes at him. I try my best to assist him. Blocking as many punches and stray kicks as I can possibly manage. I manage to keep up with the both of them until the man gets ahold of my right arm, his other hand under my chin. Before I know what’s happening I’m lying on my back and my mask is lying in front of the man who managed to overturn me. My father rolls past me, able to regain his footing much more quickly than I. He helps me to my feet before turning back to the target.

“Bucky?” The man says. His voice triggers something in me and I can’t help but turn around. When I do his eyes widen even further. “(Y/N)…”

“Who the hell is Bucky?” Dad growls.

The second man from the car swoops in and knocks us over. My father quickly rises and pauses for a second before he takes aim. I notice an explosive headed straight towards us and I pull him down before it makes impact. We escape under the cover of the smoke from the explosion.

“It was them.” Steve whispers. “They looked right at me and they didn’t even know me. My own goddaughter didn’t recognize me.”

“How’s that even possible?” Sam asks. “It was like 70 years ago.”

“Zola…” Steve trails off momentarily. “Bucky’s whole unit was captured in 43, Zola experimented on ‘em. Whatever he did, it helped Bucky survive the fall. They must’ve found him.”

“None of that’s your fault. Steve.” Natasha says quietly.

“Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky…”

The mission went badly. Extremely so. That man saying those names, it stirred up something the both of us and it affected dad in the worst way possible. He’s not acting like they want him to. He’s lashing out.

A particularly bad wave of memories hits him and he swipes the tech working on his arm across the room. I get up to go talk to him when I hear voices from outside of the vault.

“Sir, he’s… he’s unstable. Erratic.” One scientist says as Mr. Pierce enters the room along with the team we worked with earlier.

“Mission report.” Pierce says, coming to a stop in front of my dad. “Mission report, now.”

When dad doesn’t answer he slaps him across the face, hard. I gasp quietly, halfway out of my seat when Pierce and a few of the members of the team shoot me a warning glance.

“The man on the bridge…” He trails off, remembering what took place maybe an hour ago. “Who was he?”

“You met him earlier this week on another assignment.” Pierce answers simply.

“I knew him.” Pierce sits down in front of him and I start to panic.

“Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped this century and I need you to do it one more time.” Pierce says, his voice holds a terrifying seriousness. “Society’s at a tipping point between order and chaos. Tomorrow morning we’re gonna give it a push. But if you can’t do your part, I can’t do mine, and Hydra can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.”

“But I knew him.” Dad says, a small sad smile forming on his lips. Something about it makes tears come to my eyes. Pierce turns to one of the scientists in the room.

“Prep him.”

“He’s been out of cryo-freeze too long.”

“Then wipe him and start over.”

“No!” I cry, abruptly rising from my chair near the edge of the room.

“What?” Pierce’s voice is almost a hiss.

“We’re sorry, sir, she’s still young,” One of the scientists apologizes. “Still impulsive. And he is her father.”

“Oh is he?” He asks, rising from his seat and getting really close to me. His nose is much too close for comfort and I pull back instinctively. Instead of just pulling back from him slightly, I end up flattening myself against the wall as best I can.

“Yes, sir.” I manage to get the words out without stuttering. “Please don’t wipe him, sir. It’s not a wise choice in the middle of a mission.”

“And what authority do you have to tell me what to do?”

“None, sir, and, no disrespect, sir, but I’ve seen what happens when he’s wiped in the middle of a long mission. I’ve felt what it’s like to be wiped in the middle of a long mission. It won’t help him get back on track.”

“Too bad your opinion doesn’t count for anything,” He sneers. My posture stiffens and he seems to notice.

“Sir, I-” I look to my father to find him shaking his head slightly. He’ll be wiped, and he doesn’t want to be, but he doesn’t want me to get in trouble for standing up for him. I nod to him before looking back to the man in front of me. “I’m sorry for my conduct, I was out of line.”

“You’re damn right you were.” He says, shoving me down into my chair. “Wipe him.”

Pierce stands there and watches as the clamps close around my dad’s arms to hold him in place. His breaths start to quicken, his chest heaving, and the electrical device moves to settle around his head. Pierce turns on his heel and leaves as the screams start. I can’t stand this part. It kills me to hear him in pain. I pull my knees up to my chest and turn my face away, trying to block out as much as I possibly can, but it doesn’t work.

There are explosions, fire, and asphalt flying everywhere. People screaming and gunfire break through the other loud noises. There are dead bodies strewn across the ground. There’s no time to think, only to react. We have to complete the mission.

My father shoots people down as we walk across the tarmac, clearing a path to our target. He notices a man pull the pin on a grenade, intent on throwing it at us, and shoots him in the neck. The man drops the grenade and I swoop in to grab it. I throw it into a quinjet as it’s doors are closing. The jet blows up and we continue on our way.

Dad blocks bullets with his left arm and I punch and weave my way through anyone standing in our way. At the last person my father plants his foot square in the middle of a mans  of the man’s chest and launches him into the turbine of the nearest quinjet, effectively killing him and disabling the aircraft.

We quickly move on, commandeering a jet from a newly dead pilot. Dad rips the window off of the left side and I climb ini. He follows after me, almost immediately lifting the jet into the air.

We’re already there when the target lands. He’s there with another man, but that is of no consequence.

I rush the target, easily pushing him over the side of the helicarrier.

“Steve!” The man who was with the target yells. He goes to fly off after the man he called ‘Steve’ but dad catches him by one of his wings and quickly pulls him back.

The man suddenly has machine guns in his hands, and I can’t quite figure out where they came from, but there’s no time to speculate. Dad and I dodge the spray of bullets. I duck behind a stack of shipping crates while my father hides himself behind a turret. The man tries to fly away, but my father shoots a grappling hook through one of his wings. Before the man can escape, his punctured wing is ripped from his pack and he’s sent flying over the side of the helicarrier by a deft kick to the chest.

“The target is still on the craft.” I comment, peering over the edge. Dad doesn’t say anything, he just looks to me and nods.

We head down to the lower, glass encased deck, where we know the target is headed. When the man arrives we’re standing between him and his goal.

“People are gonna die, Buck.” The man says. “I can’t let that happen.” I peek out from behind dad’s back to get a better look at him. Something about his uniform shakes me to my very core. A jolt of pain shoots through my skull and I grab onto the railing to stabilize myself. “Please, don’t make me do this.”

Dad and the tar-Steve stare each other down for a moment before Steve throws his shield at dad. My father deflects the disk with his left arm, only for the man to catch it. Dad begins shooting at him with his shotgun, but Steve deflects each bullet. One finally manages to get past his shield and grazes his side. Steve pushes him back with his shield, knocking dad back and hitting me in the head in the process. The blow is hard enough to push me over the edge of the railing and between the pain in my head and the hit I’ve just taken, I can’t grab onto anything and I fall over the edge onto the glass below.

“(Y/N)!” Steve yells.

“FOURTEEN!” Dad roars.

They both try to grab me, but it’s too late. I hit the glass with a harsh thud. My head snaps back, hitting the glass hard. As soon as it does spots form across my vision and soon everything goes black.

When I wake again it’s to the sharp stabbing pain of a jagged piece of metal shoving its way through my abdomen, followed by a significant amount of metal bracings. When the total weight starts to settle on top of me I let out a strangled scream mingled with a sob. I can hear the sounds of hand to hand combat not too far off.

I want to help, but I’m pinned own. I try to shift the beams that are on top of me, but despite all of my strength, I can’t get the leverage I need to shove any of the pile off of me. The wound in my side isn’t helping me in my efforts.

The helicarrier shifts and the metal in  my side shifts along with it, sending a blinding white pain through my body. Something about the pain sends another jolt through my skull like what happened earlier. This time it triggers something and an image flashes across my vision. It’s  the man with the shield, Steve, but smaller. Another image flits by, but this time it’s dad. His hair is short and he’s wearing an old military uniform. He actually looks happy. Then there’s a woman I can’t recognize. Wait, no, her name is Peggy Carter. She’s my mom. Then there’s nothing. I cling to the images like my life depends on it.

“Help!” My words come out in a strangled cry. I can’t tell if either of the men heard me and I try to move the heavy debris and groan in pain and frustration when nothing moves. “Dad? Steve!” I get another flash. Uncle. Godfather. “Uncle Steve!”

As the words leave my mouth I feel a shift in the glass beneath my and the helicarrier loses altitude. I hear the pounding of feet on glass and soon the weight of the debris is being moved from my body. My father slowly comes into view.

“(Y/N),” He sighs. “Are you good to swim?”

“I don’t know.” I say, pulling the piece of metal from my body. “That’s gonna need stitches…”

“It definitely is…” He agrees, reaching down and ripping one of the sleeves from my uniform and tears it into strips. He pushes one strip into the wound and I wince at the feeling. “Sorry, sweetheart, this is gonna hurt.”

“I’ve had worse.” I grunt.

“I know you have.” He ties the other two stripst together and ties the one long strip around my body to keep the wadded up fabric in my wound before pulling me to my feet. “Come on.”

Swimming to shore was a struggle. I left a trail of blood through the water as I swam, the fabric shoved into my body just barely doing it’s job. Dad wasn’t far behind me, dragging steve out of the Potomac.

“Do you think he’ll be alright?” I ask softly.


“Should we call anybody? Maybe 911? You kind of shot him a few times.”

“Someone’ll be by to get him. You need stitches and I need your help with my dislocated shoulder.”

I nod stiffly and try to match his pace as he walks away. I stumble slightly and he immediately catches me with his left arm. He holds me under my armpit, and I sling my right arm around his shoulders to hold myself up. We stumble away, leaving our one link to our past lying unconscious and soaking wet on the shore of the river.

“That’s really you.” I say quietly, my eyes widening.

“I guess so.” Dad says, raising his eyebrows. He turns his head slightly so he can look at me. “You remember him, don’t you.”

“Just a little bit here and there, but it’s all kind of fuzzy.” I explain. “He’s there, and you’re there too. We were happy then.” I feel the corner of my mouth quirk up in a half smile. “There was a woman too. Kind of like my mom, kind of not.”

“Maybe we’ll find her, pay her a visit.”

“Yeah, that would be nice…” I look down at the floor before looking back at him. “But we should probably get out of town. Steve’s bound to be looking for us.”

“Yeah, that’s true.” He nods, zoning out a little. “It’d be nice to finally have some time to ourselves.”

“Where would you want to go?” I ask.

“How about Romania?”

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I want you to win.
people you kind of hope win in the end. for villains who can barely keep their hands to each other; broken bottles, sunglasses and disheveled curls. fanmix for shadymariah.

So I made a fanmix for our best villains. Hope you liek guyz. 

if something’s wrong please tell me, and I’ll probly do nothing about it cause I know nothing about how 8tracks works

*goes back into her trashcan*