hope you have the day you deserve :)

Happy birthday @rahafwabas!!!

Hope you have an awesome day! You’re such a great inspiration and a lovely person, so you totally deserve to enjoy your day <3 I made you this little gift because I really love your OCs, and I would love to see more of them in the future :’3 you have my full support~ Keep being amazing Rahaf!

Oh yeah, here’s a bonus xD

✨fanfic writer appreciation day✨

(it’s still the 21st here)
it takes a lot of courage to share your writing anywhere - especially if it’s fan fiction. a lot of it is discredited and seen as childish writing but, let me tell you, some of the most creative writers/stories i’ve read have been fan fiction. you all deserve to be published and recognized. and i hope this post helps you feel like your work has been recognized.

i love you, thank you for contributing :)

below are some of my favorite fic writer’s (obviously not all of them are on this list, there are a lot more that i’m following. this list could go on forever, i promise):

@spider-boi, @boyfriendtom, @babyparker, @tcmhollnd, @peterspiders, @tomspideyboyholland, @quackmom, @osterfield-haz, @spideyboys, @parkerroos, @ladybeewrites, @spideyyss, @captainswriting, @nedandpeter, @parkerbenjaminpeter, @tom-holla, @tomhstories, @ohparkers, @moonlightholland, @hollamd, @killer-barnes, @suit-lady, @barely-emily, @tomsh0lland, @parkthepeter, @thomas-tom-holland, @thollande, @focused-on-holland, @spideychelle-romanogers, @spideywritings, @tomhollandwritings

like i said, there’s so many more amazing writing blogs, these are just a few. never stop writing, please. you’re all so talented and are some of my favorite people. 💕

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I had a really crappy day. I'm in a ton of pain. I'm really depressed. AND I was rejected by a long time crush. Could I please have some happy Noya to cheer me up?

Oh bb, I am so sorry. I hope your day gets better! Not to be annoying but, if they rejected you they likely don’t deserve you. HEY I LOVE YOU HERE’S SOME NOYA!


Yo Tuesday, what’s good?

Here’s this weeks Tuesday selfie, I haven’t been feeling myself all week but I managed to get out of bed today…only because today I get to see Ed Sheeran and I’m excited for that. 😅😇

I hope y'all have a lovely day and an amazing week! You deserve that. I love you to bits and pieces! 💜

Pls Message me, because I’ll be on the road for 3 hours 🙄😥

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'ELLO! I just wanted to say something simple: You're a big inspiration for me. You've inspired me to try and write, and probably played a part with my recent obsession with doodling. I'm making my own world now... I can't thank you enough. Please, have a wonderful day/night, whenever you read this. And remember that the art that you make is beautiful. Thank you. I hope that you continue to grow in popularity; you deserve it. ALSO YOU'RE INCREDIBLY AWESOME ACK

Good grief anon, that is so incredibly thoughtful, thank you for such a wonderful message today! Good luck with all your stories, and I hope you have a terrific day, too! 

Fic Writers Shoutout

Sadly I was nearly dying from a cold yesterday (still am, but anyway) so I didn’t have time to do something elaborate for Fic Writer Appreciation day. But I don’t want to let the date go by without doing anything, so here’s a shoutout to some of the amazing writers I love - thank you for all your hard work and for making such beautiful content for us to enjoy  ♥

@tartan-llama @xenophonspeaks @lovingnikiforov @fieldofclover @ninannarambling @melowmarsh @letaizawarest @cloversdreams @firecrotchette @bobwrites @zanimez @invisible-as-i-run

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Hey I just wanted to pop by and say that i love your art so much and it makes me so happy when you post stuff. The colors you use are always so pleasant and your art looks so soft and cuddly <3 I just love seeing your art so much. I hope you're having a great day, you sweet human ^-^

A-aww gosh, thank you so much for your lovely message and compliments. I really appreciate it!
It’s very wonderful to hear you enjoy seeing my work :’D 
And thank you a whole bunch, my day has been all right overall. I hope you’re having a fantastic day, you deserve it~ c:

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Happy birthday to someone truly special! I hope your day (and week and month) is golden. You deserve great things, and thank you for being a good and patient friend and RP buddy! <3

Oh my god you didn’t have to send me a message here you silly goose. I love ya, thank you for being such an awesome partner, but before that, a great friend who just cracks me up and can tolerate my shallura obsessions like a champ! <3

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Solar Eclipse, pt. 1

Hey guys! So, I was in a writing mood (and a VERY ler mood..), so I decided to start a little story. This part is just the intro/background (no real action yet), but I’m hoping to turn it into something intense. ;) It’s long as hell, but I hope you enjoy! The next parts should definitely be more exciting. 

This story is F/F. :)

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MY DOOR!!! … well nothing X”)   Thank you my tasty friend ~~ ❤

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Hii this isnt a ask,wcif,request or anything like that I just wanted to tell you that your really awsome,super friendly,really kind and nice and I hope one day we can be friends and I really really really love your blog <3 and I hope your having a good day or night and if not think of things that make you happy! *sends gentle hugs and chocolate chip cookies* <3

This literally made my day yesterday when I read it for the first time and now it’s making me feel so much better again and I just don’t know how to thank you because I don’t deserve this ;-; thank you so much!


“Maybe I failed this time, but… I’m not giving up. I’ll show them I’ve got what it takes to make the hero course, and I’ll become a greater hero than all of you!
| ★ Shinsou Hitoshi ★ | Happy Birthday to my lovely Aseel bby! @genosus (ノ≧∀≦)ノ♪♬


Day 3! An AU

Well I present to you Underfluff, an au where everyone seem like they’re going to kill you but they’re actually just big overcooked cinnamon rolls

sans uses big floof hug……. it’s supereffective


Okumura Rin ★ | The lil cute Exorcist |
Happy Birthday to my lovely Minnie~ ( @okita-senpai ) ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡