hope you have the best birthday my baby


@allesiathehedge told ya I was going to do something for Alphys’ birthday… even tho it’s a week late… Hope you don’t mind >.<’

I tried to use your designs for the characters… but I started doing this before you posted that little comic on Alphys’  birthday, so she has no pretty dress.. sorry ‘bout that..

This comic has, like, the best Papyrus I ever drew… Also, was the first time I drew Asgore, and Toriel (if you don’t count that time I drew Altertale Toriel). Drawing baby poses is so hard for me… I don’t even know why, it just seems like everything I try is unnatural… Hope I got at least 40% good poses in this.

5) You tell him you’re pregnant - REQUESTED - This is it, its happening. You stand outside the bedroom door debating on how to tell Justin the news……..the news that he’s going to be a dad after so long of trying, just as your about to open the bedroom door an amazing idea pops into your head. You walk into the bedroom “Justin I’m just going to the mall, I wont be long” you smile and quickly get changed “okay babe, what you going for?” He asks walking out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, “Lucy wants to meet up for a coffee” you say kissing his cheek, “I wont be long, I’ll pick up food on the way home” you say walking out the bedroom without letting him reply, you get in your car texting your best friend Lucy to meet you at the mall in 15 minuets. And obviously you wont be drinking coffee, caffeine isn’t good for the baby 😉 You arrive at the mall and meet Lucy were you told her you would be “what do I owe this pleasure of my presence” she smiles hugging me “I need your help” I smile “with what?” She asks “well I’m pregnant” I whisper so the few fans that have forced me don’t hear what I just said I quickly cover Lucy’s hand when I notice she’s going to scream in excitement “ssshhh, now you going to help me?” I say and she nods licking my hand “ewww” I mumble wiping it on her “I’m so happy it’s about time, what do you need?” She asks smiling wide “lets walk and talk” I say and we start walking around the mall. “I need you to go into Mother Care and get me a white fluffy blanket, baby bottles, dummy’s, some baby socks and shoes but only cream or white colours along with a new born baby grow and a baby bib” I say handing her my credit card, “I’m going to go into the card shop and get a gift bag and card so I don’t make it to obvious” I smile and she nods. We both head our own ways, I walk into the card shop and start looking. I bump into a few fans while I was looking at the baby cards I had to make up that I was getting a present for my friend who just found out she was pregnant but I didn’t know what to get, so they offered to help in which I agreed. Once I found the perfect gift bad and card I thanked them and told them I’d get Justin to follow them on twitter and insta, I paid for my things and left. 15 minuets later I met up with Lucy and she showed me what she brought along with a few little extras, I was so excited! We went for a coffee but I had a hot chocolate of course. When we finished we headed to my car, we sat there and wrapped the baby things in white tissue paper and place them in the bag, I put the blanket at the bottom along with the sonogram on top wrapped up in tissue paper. I wrote in the card I got it said “Everything happens for a PURPOSE, I cant wait to meet you one day and that day will be the best day of my life as well as the beginning……I hope you will teach me how to play Ice hockey like you, I hope you will teach me how to play Basketball like you, I hope you love me with every thing you have, I hope you sing me to sleep when I wake you up early hours and I hope you love me and my mummy as much as we love you, I can’t wait to meet you in 8 months and 5 days because that day will be the making of me. You’re going to be the best daddy ever! I love you, Baby Bieber x” You re-read the card before putting it in the envelope “its a good thing its his birthday tomorrow, but nothing wrong with a early birthday present” you smile at Lucy “I wish I could see this but I’ve got work” she pouts. We chuck all the rubbish away and I drop Lucy at home so she can get ready for work then I head home, I pull into the drive way and see more cars there, his friends and family must be here but then I remembered we invited them around. I took a deep breath and grabbed the gift bag and headed inside, I shut the dorr behind me and took off my heals, I walked into the kitchen to see everyone stood around drinking “hey y/n want a drink?” Pattie asked me holding up a bottle of wine, “I’m okay thankyou” you smile putting the bag on the side “what’s that babe?” Justin asked coming over and kissing my cheek “oh I bumped into a fan and she gave me this to give to you as an early birthday present” you smiled and he looked in the bag, you said hello to everyone else “why don’t you open it now babe” you say getting some water and Justin nods settling the bag on the counter, he takes out the card first which was good. While he was reading the card he went silent “what does it say?” Scooter asks Justin sniffles and wipes away a tear, no one knew he was even crying “Justin what’s wrong?” His dad asks at this point everyone’s watching him, he looks up at you with tears in his eyes, you just smile an nod “what did you get?” You smile tearing up your self, he places the card down and reaches into the bag pulling out some tissue paper which had the dummies inside, he unwrapped them and as soon as he saw them he sobbed a little. He placed them on the side for everyone to see and almost immediately everyone looked at me but I kept my eyes on him “ I think there’s more” I smile and he unwraps the baby grow, the bottles, the shoes, the baby PJ’s and bibs as well as a rabbit teddy, he pulled out the last bit of tissue paper which had the sonogram and blanket inside, he just stood there looking at the picture for a moment before he walked around and pulled me into a hug. Everyone was just quiet before they all started cheering which made me jump, I laughed kissing Justin knowing he would love me and our baby as much as he could.

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Was there any fic written from kookie carrying yoongi while he was wearing shorts, like how does he control when he touch those smooth legs

Unfortunately there isn’t many fics out there that focus on Yoongi’s legs. (We need more stat!) But there are a number of muscle kink fics. In a few of them they do have Jungkook lifting Yoongi. That’s about as close as I could get :{ Sorry! I tried my best!

Gentle, baby by petiteyoongi
hold me up against the wall by mintyoongee
Just Try It by coffinkicker
Your heart beat in reverse by screaminthedark (brokenbeauty)
You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off of Me by mylittlesunandstars
Push Up by xsxuxgxax
It’s My Birthday by rosiex (Warning for this one. It has mentions of Switching.)


Happy Birthday to my Richie!
You are the only man who’s laugh makes me smile no matter how bad my situation is.
I don’t know if I believe in a heaven or hell, but if it does exist I hope that you are exactly where you want to be. I hope that you know how much all of us love you. I hope you know we’re not just your “fans” or your “groupies”. Richie…I love you, and I care for you. I hope you know what you mean to me, I hope you know that i would have listened…I would have tried to understand you, I would have done the best in my power to keep you happy and to keep you safe. I just wish I would have had the chance to show that to you.
Happy 57th birthday baby, Rest In Peace sweet prince

*looks both ways* *whispering* guess I’ll leave this here.*runs away* There’s a note on top of the drawing.


                Oh well hello @little-noko, I know we never actually talked to each other but I really like your blog and art style. So here’s a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift. Hope you like it. Also sorry for the quality my camera sucks, and it was my first time drawing both Decay and Paper Crane. So hope you like it, it took me a while actually or I would have given it earlier. Also sorry again and 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for being amazing.

P.S Please notice me. BYE : P  

Aaaaaw, I’m so happy that you like my blog and you did a wonderful job to draw both of my babies ! I’ll do my best to keep being amazing even if I don’t know how I actually do that.

But thank you, for everything ;u;

20. Cry Baby

Birthday Party
Fandom: Soy Luna - Lutteo
Song: Cry Baby - The Neighbourhood
For: @proudtobeadepphead

Matteo had never been really unsure about himself, had never suffered from not having enough self-confidence – if anything, he might have always had too much of that – but not because he thought that highly of himself. It was just that his environment had never given him the feeling that he wasn’t enough for anything. His mom had encouraged him in everything right from the beginning; and even though his dad had never understood or encouraged his dreams he had always told him that he was intelligent and good enough to overcome his dear old dad. Later than there were the girls in his class who had practically fainted when he had even so much as looked their way; his teachers telling him that he was at the top of class; and, of course the most important one, his best friend Gaston.

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(Today's my birthday, I'm getting drunk and celebrating whOOO) Imagine being with baby boi Kraglin and cuddling up to him the entire time at your birthday party. The other ravagers are having a great time, some of the Guardians are playing drinking games while baby groot plays with Gamora's hair. Yondu and s/o are going nuts with beer pong. You look up at Kraglin with adoring eyes, not letting go once. "Thanks for organizing the party. You're the best boyfriend a girl could ever hope to have."


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happy birthday, chloe! it's currently 8 am and i have slept for only two hours, but i wish you the best day and i hope you get all you wish for on this lovely day!❤️ -kenzie🌹


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Happy Birthday omg I love u and I wish u the best!! xoxo

AWWW BABIE THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU TONS I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY TODAY! n__n/ you already made my day that much better

The Best Birthday Surprise (Hanbin)

Requested by @jjxeun 

Birthday scenario; w/ hanbin pls! I don’t really have a plot so I guess it’s up to you! Pls and thank you!

Genre: fluff!

Character(s): reader, IKON’s Hanbin and cameo by ikon+Bobby, Yunhyeong’s Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm

Word Count: 1,210

Summary: Hanbin says he can’t come for your birthday because… he has a concert?

Authour’s notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jjxeun YOU LOVELY GIRL <3 Hope you have an amazing one :D I also hope you enjoy this scenario – it’s not the best or longest I’ve written but I tried to make it fluffy for you. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

‘But it’s my birthday! You promised last year that you would be here for my birthday this year!’ you whined through the phone. Hanbin had missed your birthday last year too, because he was too busy practising. He had promised that day that he wouldn’t miss any others, no matter what.

‘I’m sorry, baby, I don’t know what to say. I have a concert and I’m the leader, I can’t miss it. I have to think about my members and the fans as well,’ he replies apologetically.

‘Well MAYBE you should think about your GIRLFRIEND sometimes!’ you yell back and hang up the phone in anger. You sigh and throw yourself on the bed. Your ceiling fan turns slowly in your sight; your heart feels heavier with every ‘whoosh’. Yelling at Hanbin wasn’t something you liked to do. The immense pressure his work put on him was enough, without you piling on more. You knew going in that it wasn’t going to be easy sharing your boyfriend with the rest of the world. Hanbin knew this so he always treated you with gentle kindness and appreciation, and tried to make your every minute together as special as it felt to him. The ceiling fan turns another round. The clock strikes 1am. ‘I should call him back’ nags a voice in the back of your mind. This wasn’t the best way to start your birthday; but then you flash back to last year. You remember how you waited in the snow in front of your favourite café for an hour for him to show up, but he never did. You remember the long walk back home and how your tears fell on melting snow. You remember him knocking on your door in the early am’s the next morning and apologising profusely. You remember you accepting the apology and him promising he would never miss another one. ‘There’s no way I can forgive him now, not yet.’ Your eyelids shut off the world as your drift into an anxious slumber.

‘Y/N! Y/N!’ a shouting male voice drags you into consciousness. ‘Hanbin!’ was all you could think, your eyes fly open and you sit up, hitting the owner of the voice in the head. ‘Ouch, honey, you didn’t have to do that.’ He rubs his forehead with his left hand as he holds out a neatly wrapped present in the other. You smile shyly and take the present. ‘Thanks, Dad’.

‘Happy birthday,’ says your dad, as he kisses you on the forehead, ‘I can’t believe my little girl’s another year older.’ He pretends to tear up, provoking you to give him a playful kick in the leg. He laughs. ‘A birthday breakfast is waiting for you down stairs, don’t take too long!’ He closes the door gently on his way out. You stare at the closed door, then smile. It sucks that Hanbin won’t be here today, but you still had your wonderful family and friends. This day doesn’t have to be so bad.

With this thought you hop out of bed. This bittersweet thought carried you throughout the first half of the day, and soon it was forgotten entirely as you were absorbed in the fun. It’s 4pm in the late afternoon and your two best friends are over at your house for drinks.. As you wash your hands in the bathroom sink, you can see the sun sliding across the horizon like a yolk in a bowl. You make your way back to your room but your footsteps slow down as you hear whispering. It was your friends.

‘like the surprise?’

‘Of course. She’s gonna love us so much for it’

‘I hope it works ou-’

‘Shhh, she’s back!’

You step in the room and close the door behind you. Both of them quickly divert their attention to a random object in your room. You smile to yourself knowingly. If they were going to plan a surprise birthday party for you, they shouldn’t have made it so obvious. You didn’t want to devastate them, though, so you pretend that they haven’t heard anything. The day continues with laughter, reminiscing, and friendly teases about you getting older. Before you knew it, you were alone in the house again – friends gone and parents off to get your birthday cake. You lie on your bed again, white ceiling fan turning slowly but steadily. A ‘bang’ from somewhere in your house makes you drop the Nivea Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm you were holding. You parents had only just left, surely they couldn’t be back. Maybe they had forgotten to take something; dad always forgets things if mum doesn’t remind him. You wait for the creak of the front door opening, but it doesn’t come. You decide to investigate. Your door opens silently and you furtively peak out your room. The hall was empty, subtly lit by small candles you were sure your friends hadn’t left. You inhale. They were those fancy Glasshouse candles, caramel vanilla flavoured. You follow the aisle of burning wax; through the hall; through the kitchen; through the living room; until they stopped abruptly in front of the garage door. Through the bottom crack of the door, you could see lights flashing. ‘If I get killed now, at least I had a good day’ you think to yourself. You open the door.

You’re momentarily blinded by a white light. Is this heaven? A guitar begins to play a soft melody and you hear a raspy voice.

‘Neoneun nae chwihyangjeogyeok nae chwihyangjeogyeok
Malhaji anhado neukkimi wa’

Your eyes adjust to the lighting. It’s Hanbin’s friend, Bobby. This was the first time you had seen him and his charisma put you in awe and shock.

‘Meoributeo balkkeutkkaji da.’ The music stops as he leans down to kiss your hand. You look up to realise that the whole of ikon is standing in your garage. Mics, guitars, fancy suits and all. All of ikon except-… the music starts again.

‘Neoneun nae chwihyangjeogyeok nan neoreul bomyeon.’ A Hanbin dressed normally in berets and flowered shirts walks out from the darkness, dressed in a tailored grey suit. His hair is slicked back to give a Grease Lightning feel.

‘Gajigo sipeoseo andari na,’ he sings without a mic, accompanied only by the soft guitar. He doesn’t break eye contact as he walks towards you. With each step, your head feels light and your heart grows.

‘Jagi jeonkkajido saenggagi na.’ You wait for him to say ‘pow’, but he doesn’t. Instead, he leans in at kisses you. Then he hands you a rose and a small box.

You don’t say anything. You calmly take the box and flower, and put it on the ground next to you. Then you surprise Hanbin by charging at him with an aggressive hug, winding him.

‘I THOUGHT YOU WERE AT A CONCERT!’ you scream in excitement.

‘I AM. I’M AT YOUR CONCERT,’ he screams back, matching your excitement. He never failed to match the mood. ‘The personal ikon concert,’ he gestures at his band mates behind him, before turning back to you, ‘for my beautiful girlfriend’s birthday’. He gives you a deep kiss. You kiss him back and hear the other members groaning. ‘Get a room!’ shouts Bobby. You smile into the kiss. 


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! | August 13th, 1982 ♡

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Happy Birthday, today is also my little boy's birthday too (He's 20). I hope you've had a wonderful and pain-free day. You are such a fabulous artist, I hope somebody made you something (unfortunately I am talentless otherwise I would have done it). Thank you for being here on this sometimes hell site.

No day is pain-free, unfortunately, but I still had a great day. There was PIZZA and CARROT CAKE and PEANUT BUTTER PIE. OMG. The caaaaarbs and suuuugaaaaar. My body didn’t know what was up, lol.

Please wish your “little” boy a happy birthday from some person his mom knows on the internet. :P Cancer (sign) babies are the best!

No one made me anything, but that doesn’t matter, not when so many people, including yourself, took the time to send me such sweet, heartfelt, and funny messages. It truly means so much to me. I feel so loved. Thank you so much. This sometimes hell site helped me meet all of you, so I am grateful. ^_^

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Can you draw a picture of baby with some birthday cake It doesn't have to be colored in But I would appreciate it

is not my best, but i hope you like it :)

Happy Birthday baby boy! I spent all day playin your music. I hope you have have great night and turn tf up! Stay bad and I love you so much. You have turned some of my worst days to my best and have givin out some of the best advice I have seen in my life. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future!
❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕❤💕 All credit to @mafiosoluh I didn’t know this was hers but shout out to her ❤


‘Don’t ever let go of that smile’. Happy Birthday baby bunny!