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GOT7: their kid runs onstage

@sugaspiano honestly fuck you and your love of children but no request shall best me so here you fucking go you fucker i hope you have a nice fucking day you piece of shit


Mark would see the kid running to him out of the corner of his eye and stop whatever he was doing to turn towards it with his arms open wide. His smile would dominate his face as he picked up his kid, kissing it’s head and proudly showing him/her off for a minute or two before carrying them back offstage to you, waving goodbye as he walked back onstage. Through the rest of the performance, he’d be glancing offstage at his kid and smiling fondly 


Jaebum would be a little worried about interrupting the concert, but wouldn’t let that show as he knelt down in front of his kid with a big, adoring smile. He’d have the kid wave at the crowd, posing for some pictures with his proud smile before taking the child’s hand and walking him back offstage. That wouldn’t really work, though, because the kid would run back on as soon as he started walking away, so Jaebum would have to pick him/her up and hand them to you. 


Jinyoung would die. He’d think his kid running out to him, grabbing at his leg until he bent down to their height, was the cutest thing that ever happened to anyone ever. Laughing and smiling, he’d show his kid how to make a heart with his fingers and the two of them would shoot their hearts to the audience for a bit before Jinyoung decided he should really take his kid back to you. He’d hold his/her hand and tell them to wave goodbye to the audience before going back offstage 


In Jackson’s mind, this just became the greatest. performance. ever. He’d freak out when his kid ran onstage, running over to them regardless of what he was supposed to be doing and picking them up, making sure the lights weren’t hurting their eyes as he kissed their cheeks. Probably lets them sit on his shoulders for a while. Putting him/her down, he’d start trying to get them to dance with him to the music, jumping around the stage like a grade-schooler with the world’s biggest smile on his face. He’d definitely ignore the staff telling him to take the kid offstage for as long as possible just so he can play with them a little longer. When the concert ended, he’d be backstage in the blink of an eye


As soon as he saw his child sprinting out to him, Youngjae would bust out laughing, holding his arms out for them to run into. He’d be a little worried that they could get hurt, so he’d hold their hand and lead them around the stage to wave to the fans and interact with the other members. He’d probably try and get the kid to sing along to whatever song was being performed at that second, but would eventually pick him/her up and reluctantly hand them off backstage


BamBam would pick his kid up and spin them around, laughing excitedly, before putting them down. He has definitely taught his kid some dance moves, ok, so when he/she runs onstage, it’s a golden opportunity for them to show off how much they’ve learned. He’d kneel down and whisper something to his kid, a big smile on his face, and when the two looked back out at the cheering audience, they would dab, naturally. 


Yugyeom would run over to his kid as soon as he noticed them onstage, excitedly greeting them with a hug and a kiss on the top of their head. He’d be worried about the lights being hurting their eyes, but when he saw they were ok, he’d show the kid how to make a heart with his/her fingers and would do the same pose, leading to some very cute fan-taken pictures. He’s aware that the concert needs to go on, though, so he would reluctantly show them back offstage, waving goodbye as he ran back to his position. 

a/n: I actually don’t hate sarah i swear

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Hi, I really hope I'm not a bother but, I really love your art, you give me the motivation to keep drawing, I may not be the best, but we all start somewhere, and I hope you be as great as you one day!, I hope you have a wonderful day!

You’re right! Everyone starts somewhere! Here I will show you pictures with my three months ago. Just Three months, but a lot changed? I am also practicing all the time. I’m busy, but I’m trying to draw one by one every day. The hard part is looking for books or materials on Google! 

And I’m cheering you! Actually, I am still ashamed that someone likes my paintings. But those words are helping me to develop. I think you too! Heh KEEP GOING AND HAVE A NICE DAY!!! 

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Heyyyy, sorry for bothering you but i wanted to know if you could make one of those text messages/images with Baekyung, Sehun or Changeol (whatever you choose is fine) of EXO with them like being cute, ugh, sorry, idk how to explain myself, but whatever topic you choose is also perfect, sorry again and thanks!

What a cute request! 💙 I’d love to! I’ll just make one for each member you requested! I hope you like it, have a nice day!



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Hi there! I absolutely love your art and your comic! And you seem an utterly nice person :) I tried to make a thing, hope you like it 😅 Lately I decided to re-read the comic, and I finally understood the meaning of the scene 😍😍

Hope you’re having a nice day, toodles! ~awkward Italian anon 

P.s.: I hate markers. That’s official.


The two walked up to the counter and ordered some french fries.

Gardenia: So, how are you enjoying your job at the hospital so far?

Laila: It’s pretty great, actually. I’m learning so much there. I wish I worked the day shift, though. Then I’d get to see more of you.

Gardenia blushed and hoped Laila didn’t see it. Besides, it probably didn’t mean anything, and Gardenia definitely didn’t want a relationship still, at all, or ever. Definitely not.

Gardenia: Aw, y-yes that would be nice. At least we get to spend some time together now. Hopefully we have some more days off that line up, so we can spend more time together.

Gardenia hoped she didn’t come off too desperate or too presumptuous.

Laila: Yeah, I hope so too.

Gardenia let out a sigh of relief. She needed to quit acting so jumpy and awkward. There was no reason to be nervous.

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I started watching SVTFOE after seeing your posts about it and can I just say thank you for introducing me to such an amazing show like I'm still reeling over the Battle For Mewni and just aaaaaaaaa!!!! Of course I'm also a huge fan of your ML art (gotta love the Love Square) too, but SVTFOE has definitely become my favorite show at the moment. #teamstarco Hope you have a nice day! :)

Good! More people into the fandom!


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I’m loving this show so much and I’m so so proud of it.

This season is gong to be so good I’m excited too!

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Hi, since you're bored I'll try to provide you with a bit of entertainment 🎉 What's your favorite thing about each season? And in which Hogwarts house would be your favourite artist? Hope that'll do, have a nice (not so boring) day! x Oh and I love your blog, that's all

Fall- the smell and the colorful leaves

Winter- Christmas bc it’s just fun af

Spring- The winter is done

Summer- It’s fucking hot as balls and I don’t freeze to death

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LOL I have so many Riverdale questions, if that's ok. Are you worried about B*rchie in season 2? What are your favorite parts about Bughead, or them as individuals? What are you hoping to see overall in season 2?

it’s definitely ok! it’s nice to get riverdale questions. 

i’m not worried about b*rchie, though i mean, i’ll admit i haven’t been super on the interview patrol like i was in the earlier days of ouat, so there may be some information i don’t have? but from what i have seen, that’s been pretty shut down. narratively it doesn’t make sense for where the show left off, so i wouldn’t stress about that. 

for s2, i hope the show explores a lot more of it’s tension with classism. one of my favorite elements of riverdale is the fact that it’s first season really explored the confines/limits of privilege told from the POV of a pretty disadvantaged kid, and the town turning against jughead (ipso facto, the southside) because it was an easy scapegoat. 

the original comics were def born from american obsession with isolationist suburban utopia, so i really like seeing the tv show use that as a jumping off point. i think thus far it’s been on/off with subtlety, but i’d like to see it more overtly.

riverdale, i think, functions best when it plays up it’s aesthetic timelessness, so i’m hoping it turns the dial up on that. from what i’ve seen of filming spoilers, we’ll be seeing more of that, so that’s exciting! 

i also personally am really curious to see where the serpents storyline goes too. i’m hoping it’s going to be complicated! 

as far as bughead, i really like the internal/external presentations of darkness, thematically. but honestly what drew me towards them, beyond being an “opposites attract” trope that explores the way they’re not actually so different, was the conscious decision to have open communication. it’s a really healthy relationship, and one that isn’t often seen, let alone on teen-geared television.

as individuals, i think their family stories are complex and appropriately balanced. and my favorite part of betty is something i’ve spoken to before, so i’ll just repeat: 

characters are most compelling when their greatest strength is also their greatest flaw. betty is defined by a sense of justice that is as powerfully motivating as it is inhibiting to her personal life. 

the season began with betty consciously deciding to not be a passive figure in her own life. she began questioning and confronting for the first time in her life, and so she’s still fresh to it. she doesn’t always understand when fighting for the greater good has a negative impact on the individual, but i think that’s going to be a large part of her character exploration next season.


as far as jughead, i think the search for identity while also grappling with the belief that he has a strong sense of self is really interesting. 

this is kind of the same for betty, but it’s more pronounced for jughead, who sees himself a certain way (who will ever forget the weirdo monologue) while also grappling for identity and a place where he feels accepted/relates to others

but his relationship as well as external forces (like going to southside) force him to question that, and i’m excited to see how that comes to fruition.

i’m really curious to see how his desire to be accepted/knee jerk defense that he has no such thing will play out, now that he’s joining the serpents. 

anyway i’m cutting myself off because this is getting so long. but thanks for asking, this was fun!

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hi prim! im so happy i wanna share it!!!!! so im a high school dropout (im 16) and i just got my GED diploma (high school equivalency) today and i broke up with my ab*sive boyfriend like 3 days ago and things just seem so nice now!!! i really thought i was destined for nothing bc i have depression & anxiety but i think things will be okay :-) n i hope that everyone else goign thru tough times gets good things too! especially u sweet angel!!!!! xx

this is so relieving and refreshing and im so so glad you’re doing better because you absolutely deserve it! i hope everything will fall into place! :,) im happy for you!!! here’s to never giving up and constantly fighting for your betterment! *cheers

Had a last day at animation class today and i finnaly gonna have -a little-semester break from one class and i can have more time for work ,my other studies , maybe sleeping? (Neh..)
Anyway!! We drew some skeltons today! So it made me feel like uploading page 3 of my dear lil AU - Ratiotale
If you know me from deviantart and Amino , you know my Ratio-Sans and he’s lil bird soul 💙
But if you dont know us yet! Its nice to meet you all !!!
And i truely hope youll like them ;0;

Ratiotale page 2 - http://villainy-autumn-blog.tumblr.com/post/163078533524/i-cant-sleepand-i-need-to-wake-up-in-3-hours-for

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Hi! It's been a while since I've ordered from you, but I just wanted to say that I'm still in absolute love with everything that I have ordered! I have a couple products that I ordered two years ago (the elephant chew and the tangle jr) and they both have held up really well! I still use them to this day!!! Anyway I'm just so glad to see that you're still running and successful. Have a nice day :)

Hey! Thank you for taking the time to check in and let me your items have lasted so long. I hope you have a great day too! :)

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Do you have any fanfictions or writers to recommend? I need desperately to read...

(continues)  Oh and by the way I forgot to say, it’s maxwell x mc fanfictions

well hello there anon!

I will give you my top 5 (in no specific order)

Dare by @violetflipflops

Hypotheticals by @zigsexual

Only Tonight by @zigisbisexual

Ask me by @ladyashtonofcordonia 

Encore by @michellenguyens

those are pretty long and very nicely written, I have read them multiple times

also mentioning again @ladyashtonofcordonia, she has posted many Maxwell x MC fics, and all of them are lovely, 

I have written two fanfics (lmao in case you wanna read them lmao)

Mona Lisa & The Balcony (NSFW)

As for ALL the Maxwell x MC fanfictions that have been written you can go to my maxwell fanfic tag;


hope I helped! have a nice day :D

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For the ask meme ! I'm wearing a shirt that says loud and proud in rainbow colors so I'm thinking about Alec and pride 💞💞💞 Matthew said Alec wouldn't ready for pride but I'm gay and if I was out I would IMMEDIATELY go to a damn pride I feel like Alec would too and also with such a proud bi bf 😍 (all I want is proud gay Alec on the show/in general but idk if we'll get it :/) have a gay day!!!

I hope you’re having the gayest day possible, love, in every sense of the word. 💜💜💜

Alec stands in front of the bathroom mirror. Shoulders tense. Hands resting on the sink. Taking it all in. It’s not as though it’s really that much, now that it’s done. It had felt more extensive when he was putting the pieces together. Now, it feels more subdued. Well, maybe not subdued, but certainly less intense. His eyeliner may be thick - metallic gold, shining and sparkling in the light as he angles his face - but that’s the only makeup he’s wearing. Technically there’s also the rainbow flag painted on his cheek, but that’s different. That doesn’t feel like ‘makeup’. There’s glitter in his hair. The spray can had said it was rainbow, but in actual practice, it looks more like a colorful blur. He’s sure the whole rainbow is in there, but it’s all swirled together. Just a glittery mess of colors. He’d been shown dozens of t-shirts for him to choose from, but after several weeks of consideration, he’s picked ‘Loud & Proud’. Altogether, it’s really not that much. But it’s still…

It’s certainly more than he’s used to. Magnus has gotten him some little rainbow flag keepsakes over the past few months, but those are different. They’re more… detached. This is all right here. Right on his body. It’s more noticeable than he’s used to being. It’s not like no one has noticed - he’s fairly sure that stopping his own wedding to kiss Magnus in front of the entire Institute got that point across pretty damn well. People know. Alec knows people know. But this feels different. It’s brighter, in the very literal sense, yeah, but in the metaphorical sense too. It’s… happier. It’s happy. He’s happy.

“Knock, knock.” Magnus sneaks in the doorway, finally pulling Alec away from his own reflection. He’s added the finishing touches to his own outfit and… and it’s slightly more involved than Alec’s. His hair and makeup aren’t necessarily any more intense than usual, but his outfit picks up the slack. A pink shirt, with big text: ‘I’m Not Gay, But My Boyfriend Is’ (just in case Alec’s outfit didn’t already make it clear enough). Purple shorts that are… short. They’re very short. Distractingly short. And blue heels - high enough that Alec doesn’t know how he’s gonna survive an entire day in them. It’s all coordinated, all carefully thought through. Outfit, hair, makeup, nail polish (fingers and toes), jewelry, all of it. He stands next to Alec, faces the mirror with him. And he smiles at their reflections, warm and bright. “Ready?”

Alec doesn’t actively make the decision to smile. But after a few seconds of seeing Magnus look at him like that, well, he can’t really help it. He takes another moment to look himself over. Look Magnus over. Look himself over again, one last time. And he takes Magnus’s hand. “Yeah. Let’s do this.”

-send me a character or pairing, and a prompt, and I’ll write a three-paragraph fic for you!-

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Hey, I hope you're having a nice day! I was wondering if you had any tips for learning a language or really something in general that's not to do with actually sitting down and studying grammar. Things like improving your memory, building motivation, just overall things that will improve your ability to learn and use the knowledge. I thought you'd had handy advice. Thanks!

Someone asked me about memory stuff here. However, if you’re referring to how to memorize vocab here’s a post that includes that. Here’s my answer about how to avoid burnouts. Here you have more tips about how to get that mood for studying. And this post has some tips for motivation

About concentration though, i stopped using pomodoro. I used it at first as self control but now i stopped since i can study at any time. About my motivation, recently i’ve found an actor that motivates me so when i feel lazy i just watch a video with him and i’m good to go and study for a couple of hours. Also, recently i got annoyed and excited when i thought of my languages. I study them more because i want to get better enough and start a new language. I read constantly what other people do and how they study so i get motivated when i discover a new method and i change my routine daily.

If you get easily bored, you’ll need to make a non-schedule. It’s like a to-do list with tasks for your language but you have to change it daily. Guess what, i got bored of that this week and i had to change at what time i study. To remain interested, you need constant change.

I think i covered a lot of stuff with those links and my additional part, if you want to ask something else, i’ll be here for the next 7-8 hours. ^^

We’ve reached 800 followers on this blog! That’s like, 799 more people than I genuinely expected. :D/

Thank you all for tuning in, and for creating beautiful art, fic, meta, jokes, etc. Its your hard work and brilliant imaginations that keep this blog alive, after all. I hope to continue making this blog an enjoyable space not just in the P5 fandom, but for Goro (and Akeshu!) fans as well.

Have a nice day!