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Under Pressure

Summary: After a bad day, Bill makes you an offer you can’t refuse. 

Words: 1733

Paring: Bill Skarsgard x Virgin Reader

Warnings: SMUT. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDER 18. Oral sex (female receiving) unprotected sex (I need to start writing safe sex fics). Swearing. Angst. Self hatred. The reader has has a very bad day. 

This was initially supposed to be a drabble request for @thecircusofsorrows, but instead in turned into a full blown one shot. This is semi-autobiographical; I feel so overwhelmed today and i’m tired of all my self hatred. This was a nice purge. This is highly unbetaed, so I hope you like my stream of consciousness.  

also, i would like to remind everyone again that virginity is a societal construct, and having sex in no way makes you a better or more complete person. Your sexuality in entirely your own. 

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So, I have now made a thing for Buc, after his more substantial role in today’s chapter!

Buc!  You are a masterpiece, you swashbuckler, you!  Here is a drawing for ya! *Hands him the picture, with just a little hesitance….I may be thinking of snatching his hat for a time?*  Hope you enjoy it!  

HAPPY DAYS, there was a new chapter!  Always nice to see those in my inbox! 

“ah, me heartie’s clearly after me heart!  look at this likeness!  ye captured me grandeur– and me ‘lustrious hat as well.  wit’ a gapeseed like this, ye mus’ be a sister o’ the brush.”  He’s grinning wide, his eyelight shifting from your drawing to you.  “an’ i see what yer eyeing, lass.  here.”  He sticks the hat on top of your head and tips it back from your eyes.

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You’re so pretty and I showed your blog to my girlfriend and it gave her a lot of hope. She’s trans and hasn’t been able to start her transition and was really worried that she would never be right. I just want to say thank you for posting about your transition because it really helped her. I love you and have a nice day!💗

This is beautiful

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Hey I just saw your mini animatic and wanted to correct your French if you don't mind 😅 I saw Laf saying "Pardon moi?" but we don't say that. We say "Pardonez moi ?" or just "Pardon ?" I hope it's helpful x3 Have a nice day/night !

AH THANK YOU FOR CATCHING THAT SECRETIVE FRENCH ANON. I’m usually okay with my French but I was rushing and I KNEW it didn’t look how it sounded in my head so THANK YOU I will fix that in the morning. B)

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I heard you're not having a good day, so here is a nice story.I recently had a stretch of bad days, and ended up spending some time in the hospital. My roommate took wonderful care of my cat Bastet while I was gone and was rewarded with lots of snuggles - though brief, as is her habit. When I came home, though, she climbed on my chest, put her head under my chin, and purred like a diesel engine for five straight hours.

That’s nice she’s back with you. I hope you’re doing okay too.

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Melly- Zayn is serving look after look- please give us your commentary on his very own New York Fashion Week- we miss you!!!

So many walks from the door to the car, so many Lewks from the Premiere Hair and Skincare Game Innovator of Our Generation™ - ONE EVERY DAY FOR LIKE THE LAST WEEK WHAT KIND OF RICHES.  Zayn put pants on at unprecedented levels (and you can tell he and Mr. Timsbury* are a lot like me and hate wearing pants on their own time,  since his fly was down today but I RESPECT THAT).  This is pretty much Zayn’s version of an international promotional tour, which means music is coming anyyyyyyyyy minute now.  Since you asked me so nicely and I don’t wanna do any real work, here is a diary of his last 5 days of Lewks.  I’ve pretty much been crying and having heart palpitations for a week now I hope he’s happy*.

January 13:


January 14:

January 15:

January 16:

January 17

*he is

**yes his dick is named Mr. Timsbury he’s very well read and scholarly

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Oohh, could I get domestic marriage headcanons for Asgore?? :D

Marriage & Domestic Asgore/Reader Headcanons:

- Hand-written notes are left for you, everywhere. It’s like a treasure hunt, seeing how many of these you can track down in a day. All of them are stuffed in various (sometimes ridiculous) hiding spots. Your current highest score is over 30. A majority of them were in the study, just small notes like “Hello! I love you.” & “I hope you find this. Have a nice day! }:)

- The marriage itself, while small, was still very fancy. You got gifts from almost everyone in the Underground. & you have yet to go through all of them.

- Your home is decorated in flowers–copious amounts. Lining the rim of the house, hanging from the windows, sitting on nearly every tabletop. It’s like living in a miniature plant nursery.

 I do appreciate people who notice these things and give artists heads up about their art being reposted/sold/claimed as own  and such,but i would not like my art to produce any hate and upset any party . I’m usually not angry when people repost my stuff .AS LONG AS THEY DON’T CLAIM THAT THEY MADE IT  THEMSELVES OR  ARE SELLING my ART TO GAIN SOME KIND OF PROFIT.

to anyone - If you find a sketch of mine on internet and want to post it on your blog,but feel too lazy to find out,or don’t care  who the original artist is,as long as you don’t claim it as your own art and sell it as such -  I hope you’re well and have a nice day!

I appreciate you like my stuff enough to include it on your blog .maybe one day you’ll like someones art so much you’ll actually want to find out more about the artist and see if they have more art to share with you,talk to them and make new friends.

This is just my opinion about my own art being reposted.

Cranberries - LINGER  <3<3<3 :(  </3

Art raffle winners~

Congratulations to the winners, please send me a message with what do you want for your prize :3

Also, thank you for everyone who participated, don’t worry because I’ll do another raffle someday, I hope you all have a nice day/night and thanks for the support, I love you guys~

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How do you have time to run such a nice ask blog? Like, you're a pro hero, and a radio host, and a teacher, and you host events often. How do you find time in the day for yourself??? Do you need some rest Loud Dad??? I hope you are taking care of yourself. -signed, a concerned listener

I just prioritize what needs to get done first!!!!!! I have a set amount of hours I spend on my work as a hero, I do all my grading, I take care of myself, THEN I spend time on the comparatively less necessary things like my radio show, this blog, and other fun things! It works for me because I LOVE MY JOBS AND THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH!!!!! THANKS FOR CHECKING ON ME THOUGH, LISTENER!!!!!! It took a lot of practice to get to this point but I’m good enough at taking care of myself that I can take some of the load off of others, too! I sometimes make meals for my students and my friends! Especially Shouta and Shinsou, they sometimes forget to eat.

Shop updates

First, I just wanna say I hope y’all have been having a good start to the New Year!

Few things in the works….

1. New website! I’ll continue to have Etsy open of course, but I’ll also have an actual website store opening soon. This will be nice because then you don’t have to worry about creating an acct through Etsy just to order, and also I really want to just have my own site! (I’m a web designer by day and it just seems silly to not have something available).

2. Revamped lip balms are coming… the holiday rush + household illnesses over the break kind of put a hold on my original release plans but I’ll get back to this soon.

3. Perfume oils in 5mL and 10mL are back up! This includes roller bottles. No 2mL at this time.

4. New smaller sizes available for my body/linen sprays, lotions, and body butter! Good for if you want to try different scents but don’t need the full 8oz sizes. Sprays have the option of 2.5, 4, or 8 oz sizes. Still in the reusable and ecofriendly (and stylish imho) brushed aluminum spritz bottles. Lotions and body butter will continue to be in recyclable plastic bottles and jars but will now be in both 4 or 8 oz sizes.

5. Valentines/Galentines packs are returning this year! Preorders soon. Will give options for a build your own, or choose from preset packs. Nifty options of massage items like oils, spray, candles, bath bombs etc.

6. On a personal level, I GOT SOME COOL CANDLE GADGETS FOR CHRISTMAS! These help me wick candles faster and also heat up lots of wax at one time without having to double boil on the stove like before. So now I can make around 15 candles in about 2 hours instead of 4-5. I am ecstatic 🙌 I can now focus on me and my little Nugson more in the evenings when I get home from my regular day job~ In other personal news, I’m glad I kept up with my shop related tax stuff throughout the year. I’m already done with my shops taxes! Woo hoo 👌

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You probably get this a lot, but I'm hella jealous of your vibe. Like, you seem really cool, and you're very pretty. Hope you have a nice day!

One of my favorite compliments

17.01 For Korean I’ve learned some vocab with FunEasyLearn, I’ve revised some grammar and I’ve watched a few videos from Quick Korean.

I’ve watched Criminal Minds for French.

I’ve learned some vocab for Danish.

For Italian I’ve watched Totally Spies.

And for Norwegian, Spanish and German I’ve watched “To the beautiful you”

It was a nice day, pretty relaxing. I hope you had/have a nice day!


#48 “Why are you crying?”

48 with blackpink Lisa? Please, only if you want to. I hope both admins are having a good day 💞💝💓💕💗💘💖

YES yes yes yes yes I want to. Lisa is my Blackpink bias, and I’ve been waiting for a Blackpink request! Thank you so much @kpop-trash-in-your-area!

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Lisa x You

By Admin B

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It had been a long day.

Like, the longest day in a while. First of all, your alarm hadn’t gone off, so you’d had to rush to get ready. You hadn’t had time to pick out a nice outfit, so you’d ended up hating what you were wearing. Your hair looked too greasy, you were in a bad mood, and nothing had gone right at work.

To say you were glad to be home was an understatement.

After dropping your purse on the counter, you absently flipped through the mail, not surprised to find there was nothing exciting in the pile.

“Lisa?” you called out, opening a bill and then wishing you hadn’t. “I’m home!”

She didn’t immediately answer you which meant one of two things: she wasn’t home or something was terribly wrong. 

A quick survey of the kitchen ruled out the first option because her purse was in one of the kitchen table chairs, where it always was. So that meant…

“Lisa?” you called out again, putting the mail down and starting your hunt around the house. Kitchen was obviously empty, living room was empty, bathroom was empty… So you finally ended up in your bedroom, your heart skipping when you saw Lisa sitting on your bed, hanging her head and crying.

You rushed to her, crouching on the floor and reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ears. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?

Lisa looked up, sniffling and trying to catch her breath because she was crying so hard.

“Hey, calm down,” you cooed, cradling her cheek and wiping her tears away with your thumb. “What’s going on?”

Apparently you weren’t the only one who’d had a bad day.

“I – I –” she gasped, tears still streaming down her cheeks.

You had her take a few deep breaths, trying to calm her down so she could tell you what happened. She followed your instructions, collecting herself and nodding when you asked if she could speak.

“I dropped my favorite highlighter, and it broke.”

You froze. Had she just said what you thought she’d said?

“I’m sorry?”

“My favorite highlighter,” she repeated, tears starting all over again. “It’s broken!”

You watched as she began sobbing, your eyes searching her sullen, tear-stained face. And then… you broke out laughing.

“Wh-what?” Lisa stammered. “It’s not funny!”

“No, it’s not funny,” you assured her, moving to sit next to her on the bed. You kissed her forehead, chuckling against her skin before pulling her into a tight hug. “I just love you is all. Come on, let’s go to Sephora and buy you a new one.”

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To my understanding, they’re targeting fanders because they perceive us as nice and anticipation that we’ll join in on the niceness sharing. I, for one, am incredibly freaked out by this, but I can see where they were going with it. I hope this helps, Bee. (Ps you’re amazing and beautiful and wonderful and lovely and I hope you have an incredible day today and sweet dreams tonight, ok I’ll shut up now)

You’re so sweet 💜💜💜💜

Hell no! | Chloe Price x Reader Drabble

Of course, you lovely person!! And thank you!!!!! I do try (a lot!) so it’s nice to know some people actually enjoy it :)

 I’m sorry you’re going through hard times, though! Don’ t forget that all of us are here for you (especially me) and that you can hit me up at any time (literally, just message me, I don’t bite :D). 

Hope you enjoy this! I tend to think cute and fluffy are the same thing and, moreover, result in kisses and make-out sessions. Sorry (I’m not sorry!!)…

What’s this about? Chloe and you finally get to the hotel. You two have been on a road trip for days now, and you just arrived at your destination. Well, you’re bored, and you want attention.

Warnings? Tickling, Chloe’s usual cursing. Make-out that escalates, but fades to black before anything other than kisses happens.

“Hey,” You smiled as you hugged the girl from behind, who had been hunched over the laptop for half an hour now.

“Hey,” You could hear the smirk in her voice as looked at you from the corner of her eye “Miss me already?”

“Don’t get so full of yourself.” You faked sternness, tightening your grip on her. “C’mon, we can do that tomorrow.” You motioned to the device.

It had been some exhausting couple of weeks since you two left Oregon. Of course, it had also been fun and full of adventures, but it was relieving to know you had finally arrived at your first destination. Although now Chloe was too excited and already buying tickets for all the attractions you would visit the next day.

“Gimme just five more minutes to- Fuck! There’ll be a Firewalk concert here on Sunday!” She jumped in her seat, her eyes wide with excitement. 

“What? But that’s six days-” You couldn’t finish, because at that moment the girl leaned closer, to the screen, pulling your wrapped arms and, consequently, you along. You gasped in surprise, almost banged your head against the computer, messed up your footing, lost your balance, and, finally, started to fall sideways. This time, it was you brought Chloe along.

The two of you (and the wooden chair) hit the floor with a thud, groans of pain and some (expected) cursing from your girlfriend. You slowly opened your eyes, chuckling as you tried to untangle yourself from her.

“This” Chloe kicked the chair away and sat up on the ground “isn’t funny.”

“Sorry,” You tried to hide your smile, but failed when you turned to her and saw the mess of blue bangs covering her eyes, her beanie almost falling off her head. 

“You’re so brainless,” She said, and you worried for half-second, wondering whether she was actually mad about this, but then she lifted her head, and you spotted the smile on her face.

“Well, you’re priceless.” You blurted out. Chloe raised an eyebrow, rolled her eyes and then proceeded to glare, crossing her arms in mild annoyance.

“Oh, c’mon, you’re not even gonna compliment my pun skills?” You teased, batting your eyelashes at her.

“If you knew how many times I heard that one…” The punk started to stand up.

“Well, you never heard that one from me!” You followed her lead, wobbly getting on your feet. Honestly, you were definitely going to get a laugh from her - you were an amazing Pun-Queen and Chloe was lucky to have you.

“Doesn’t make it any funnier,” She replied, placing the chair once again in front of the laptop. Your eyes widened in alarm. 

“No, no, no, stop with that for tonight!” You edged closer. You had already set up your clothes in the closet and organized the stuff around the hotel room. Your phone was charging, there was nothing to do, and, well, you were bored. 

“C’mon, it’s Firewalk, I just gott- Hell no! Don’t you f-fucking dare!” Chloe slapped your hands away as you started to tickle her sides. 

“You didn’t laugh at my pun!” You said, feigning offense, determined on attacking whatever unguarded spots on the girl’s belly. Soon enough, she was giggling, trying to push you away with her arms and legs. You allowed yourself more three seconds of tickling her and then stepped back, fearing getting hit in the eye or something of the sort.

You got distracted for a second when your eyes traveled to the city lights coming from the window and opened your mouth to comment on it… But was tackled to the bed all of a sudden. Chloe surely did not miss her chance to get back to you… Well, you had it coming.

“Revenge is sweet!” She grinned and let her fingers travel from your neck to your armpits and abdomen. Your cheeks hurt from the laughter as you struggled to kick her away.

“I-” Giggle. Giggle, giggle, giggle.”really-” Punch. Punch, kick, punch, kick “hate you.” 

“That’s awkward, ‘cause I love you.” And suddenly her lips smashed into yours. Your eyes widened in surprise as you slowly calmed down, now out of the threat of being Tickled to Death™. Then, of course, you place your hand behind her head, pulling closer as you passionately retributed the kiss.

The beanie finally fell off, and now your fingers played with her purple-ish blue locks as you held her tighter.  Her touch was a little rougher than yours, but just in the right way. The bullet necklace felt cold against your skin, but your body couldn’t be warmer. At some point, you were forced to break apart and catch your breath, though you didn’t dare move more than a few inches. 

“Damn,” You whispered, smiling, “This is going better than I expected.”

“I can relate,” She smirked, and butterflies tugged in your stomach. It was everything. Her mischievous eyes, the messy hair, the endless teasing, and that attitude. All the little things that got you madly in love with Chloe Price, and you didn’t regret it for a single second.

As soon as you were able to breathe relatively normally again, you took your chance and pushed your girlfriend aside, jumping on her immediately after. She opened her mouth to retort, but now it was your time to shut her up with a smack of lips.

You two smiled, and giggled, and whispered silly remarks at each other. Honestly, it was always amazing to make-out with her, but it was surely refreshing to do it in a proper room after two weeks of doing it leaning against the truck, in the middle of the road, at 3AM. Although that had been one thing checked off your bucket list. And one of your best memories so far.

The next few minutes were spent with you two rolling around, pinning each other to the bed over and over again. The flush was clear on her cheeks, and you were sure your face mirrored that. And, of course, you couldn’t stop grinning. 


“Aw, shit!” You opened your eyes in confusion as Chloe broke apart suddenly. She was still over you, a few inches from your lips, but frowning at something to your right. You glanced at it and chuckled slightly. 

The plant vase had fallen from the nightstand and, while it hadn’t broken, it was likely, from Chloe’s expression, that the dirt inside it had made quite a mess on the carpet. Sure, it would a pain to clean that up in the morning and deal with the hotel staff, but that was a problem for the next day. So you preferred to shake your head slightly and smile in amusement.

“Where’s the fucking light switch?” She snarled, leaning closer to the furniture. She reached out her hand to touch the nightlight switch, pushing some pencils to the floor and a book while she was at it. Another string of curses.

“Chloe, don’t you think you shoul-” Once again, a kiss interrupted you as the bedroom finally became completely dark with a click. Which was good, because your face must have been a tomato by that point.

“I love you, too.” You managed to breath out at a quick break. You could hear her heartbeat. “And I’ll take you to that Firewalk concert.”

A tenth of a second passed, and then you felt her huge smile crash against yours as she kissed you again.  

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