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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you write a JeffxReader? Where the reader is Clay sister (and have a secret crush on Jeff), someday she was going to sleep in Hanna’s house, but for some reason she didn’t stay to sleep and when she go home she find Jeff slepping in her bed. You can choose how it ends. Thank you! :D”

Words: 1.247

A/N: I am happy that I received a Jeff imagine! Although I didn’t want to leave Hannah alone, because I can imagine the reader being on the tapes after because of it. Yup, I am a little bit paranoid. Sorry. Anyways, I hope you like it and I would be grateful if you send other requests!
Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

“Oh my God, you seriously like Jeff Atkins?” Hannah exclaimed excitedly and energetically as she knew the secret you’ve been keeping for years.

“Who wouldn’t like him?” You stated as if it was normal to like Jeff. Well, he was good looking, kind and funny. He had the characteristics you were looking for a boy and you knew that he was the one when you met him.

“Aw, I hope he likes you back.” Hannah honestly said as she played with your (Y/H/C) hair while you both sat on her comfortable double bed. You decided to have a sleepover because it has been awhile since you last spent time together. She was one of your close friends and you loved her presence.

“Well, he’s older than me and I am out of his league.” You shrugged your shoulders as you felt a little bit down for what you’ve just said.

“Oh, cut it off! You are beautiful, intelligent and sweet, it is impossible to not fall in love with you.” Hannah comforted you as she praised you with her sincere words.

“Aw, Hannah.” You looked at her with a wide smile and you hugged her. “Thank you.”

“It was the truth.” She hugged you back as a nice friend she was.

“Talking of these boys,” You started as you broke the hug and she hid her face behind her hands as she already knew the next question. “how are you and my older brother, Clay?” You flashed a smirk and you saw her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God, I knew it.” She laughed, still having her face hidden. “We’re friends, (Y/N). We work at the movie theatre and we talk at school, that’s it.”

“Jesus, Clay never asked you out?” You shook your head for your disappointment because you rooted for them being together. You considered Clay and Hannah as a perfect couple.

“He’s shy.” Hannah shortly answered.

“But it’s not an excuse! I would slap that dork silly, seriously.” You unleashed a long and deep sigh because Hannah seemed disappointed too and her being dismayed was one of the things you wouldn’t want to see. “I’ll talk to him, because I know that he likes you too, a lot!”

“Geez, really?” Hannah smiled widely and you nodded happily as her happiness came back once again.

“You can count on that!” You winked at her and she bit her lower lip. You stared at each other and you both let out some soft giggles for no reason, but it was interrupted as you heard some noise coming from the living room.

There was a discussion happening between Hannah’s parents and you could tell that she felt embarrassed for it. She hated it when they fought and having a friend hearing their complaints wasn’t one of the things that she wanted to happen.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” You worriedly asked and she just shook it off, obviously avoiding herself to ask you some help.

“(Y/N), do you mind if we cancel this sleepover?” She fidgeted with her warm blankets as she was nervous for your possible reaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine for me if you don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I would stay to cheer you up, but I will give you space if you want.” You sympathetically said as you understood her situation.

“I am fine, really.” She assured you. “I will call you if I ever need some help. Thank you.”

“Don’t bother to call me, okay?” You reminded her once again as you got up from her bed. You gathered your things and you put them in your backpack.

“Noted.” She smiled widely at you, not minding her parents anymore. She got up too and you both went outside her room as she led you to the house’s front door. Her parents stopped throwing shit at each other as they saw you going away and you could say that they felt guilty because of it.

“Good night, Hannah.” You sweetly greeted. “Call me or text me, okay? I am always here.”

“I know and I thank you for that.” She hugged you and you responded to it by hugging her back. “Good night.” She then let you go.

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” You said as you unlocked your bike’s chains. You then rode it as you said goodbye to Hannah once again. She watched you as you started to pedal way back home.

During your journey, you thought of Hannah’s family situation and you knew that it wasn’t your business but you wanted to help her. You wanted to help her, because you didn’t want for it to be one of the reasons she would feel sad or disappointed. Her life was already hard and you didn’t want for her to carry another problem on her back.

Once you arrived home, you silently went to your room, not wanting to wake anybody up. You plopped your things on your desk and you let yourself fall on the bed carelessly.

“What the fuck, Clay?!” You heard a deep voice complaining and you were shocked, mostly scared, for a moment. You were afraid to move, but you quickly searched for the lamp that rested on your bedside table and you turned the lights on. “Oh, it’s you (Y/N)!”

“What the hell are you doing in my room, Jeff?” You corrugated your forehead as you wondered why. You liked Jeff, but you knew that you had the right to be furious after what happened.

“Clay said that you were staying at Hannah’s!” Jeff sat up as he covered his shirtless body. “Boys can have sleepover too, duh!”

“Jeez!” You laughed even though you were annoyed. “I am sleeping on the couch downstairs then.”

“No, I am sleeping there. This is your bed and it’s not okay to let a woman sleep uncomfortably.” He ranted as he searched for his shirt and wore it soon after.

“It’s okay, Jeff. Stay here.” You flashed him a smile and you got up from your bed, ready to go out of the room.

“No!” Jeff protested. “We can share! It’s a double bed and I can sleep on one side and you on the other.”

“Hmm?” You raised an eyebrow as you considered his proposal.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If not, I am sleeping on the couch.” He smiled as he scratched his nape.

“Alright, I’ll share my bed with you.” You went back on the bed and you sat on your space. “Only because I don’t want for you to be uncomfortable, okay?”

“Alright, (Y/N).” You could bet that you saw him smirking before you turned the lights off.

“No malice, Jeff!” You slapped his muscular arm and he just let out a laugh. Oh, how much you loved that laughter. “Thank my parents because they taught us that sharing is caring.”

“I’m thanking Lainie and Matt tomorrow, don’t worry.” He jokingly answered and you just giggled because of it. “Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Jeff.” You smiled while you had your eyes closed. You couldn’t believe it, so you had a hard time drifting in your sleep, same for Jeff.

You were happy that you had a chance to share the bed with your ultimate crush and both knew that you would wake up hugging each other, but who cares? You both liked each other, you just had no guts to admit it and this is a great coincidence to show the affection to each other.

Popping the Question

Just a quick one off of Liam helping his best bro, Jaal, prepare to pop the big question.


“Nervous?” Liam grinned at the fidgeting angara who was sitting on the other end of the couch fussing with his rofjin.

Jaal drew in a deep breath, stilled his hands, and exhaled slowly. “I admit,” he confessed, “I am feeling a bit apprehensive.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be.” Liam leaned over from where he sat and punched the other man lightly on the arm. “We’ve gone over this scenario a hundred times. You’re going to be fine. It’ll all work out, you’ll see. You love her, don’t you?”

“Of, of course I do,” Jaal stuttered, looking slightly offended that Liam would even have to ask him such a question. “Have I not made it clear that my very heart beats for her? That I want nothing more than to remain by her side for the rest of my days?”

“Perfectly clear,” Liam chuckled. “And believe me, the feeling is mutual. Ryder lights up like a Christmas tree every time you walk into the room.”

Jaal looked confused, his mouth turning down at the corners. “Christmas…tree?”

“Never mind,” Liam waved off the question. “I’ll explain it to you later. The point is, you have nothing to worry about. She’s as smitten with you as you are with her. With things beginning to settle down with the Kett and the new colonies up and running, it’s time to look toward the future, you know? Make a home. Make a life…preferably one that doesn’t involve being shot at and traipsing around inside of Remnant vaults.”

Jaal nodded, “I suppose…I suppose you are right. I just…I want this moment to be as perfect as she is.”

“And it will be,” the human man assured. “Everything has been arranged just like you wanted it. I saw to it myself.”

Jaal let out a relieved sigh. “You…are a good friend.”

“I try my best. Which reminds me…” Liam leaned over the arm of the couch and dug around inside of a bag, pulling out a small, black box. “Here,” he pressed it into the other man’s hands. “I went ahead and picked this up for you…well…technically for Ryder.”

Jaal’s face lit up. Excited, he cracked open the box. His large, blue eyes drank in the sight of the small jeweled band nestled within. With slightly trembling fingers, he plucked the ring from its velvet confines to examine it closer. He’d come up with the design himself after learning that humans exchanged jewelry with one another as a symbol of their commitment and he’d wanted to give Ryder something as unique as she was. The angara had no such custom but if it was a part of his Darling One’s culture, he wanted to honor it, to show her the depth of his devotion in a way she was familiar with and would understand.

The blue and purple swirled stone he’d had harvested from his home planet of Havarl glittered from within its silvery setting, reminding him of the vastness of space his love had crossed to come into his life. He felt a smile tug at his lips. It was more than he had expected. Flawless. Almost as beautiful as the woman he hoped would soon be wearing it. His heart stuttered happily in his chest at the thought.

“Well?” Liam pressed, “Its good right?”

“Mmm,” Jaal rumbled. “It is perfect.”

“You want to run through it one more time?”

“Yes,” Jaal nodded. He felt slightly more confident with the ring actually in his hands. “If you do not mind.”

“Sure thing. So,” Liam pushed himself up off of the couch to stand. “From the top then. Just take a deep breath, relax, and pretend that I’m Ryder. You’ve got this.”

“Right. I can do that.” Jaal nodded and also rose from his seat and approached the other man. He closed his eyes for a moment, picturing his beloved in his mind and instantly felt more at peace. More centered. He opened his eyes and gingerly took Liam’s hands into his own, imagining his love’s small, soft hands in their place. Yes. He could do this.

“Sara,” the angara began, swiftly taking a knee as Liam had advised him was traditionally custom for one asking their other half for their hand in marriage. “My heart and my soul, I feel as though I have always loved you…”

At that moment, without warning, the door to Liam’s little sanctuary slid open. Gil, the ship’s resident engineer, came striding in. “Hey, just came to invite you two to…poker…tonight…uh…” Gil blinked. The sight of the crisis specialist seemingly being proposed to by their angaran crew mate, ring and all, stunned him silent for a moment. “I can, uh, I can come back later. Sorry, uh, sorry to interrupt…”

Liam and Jaal stared after the man as he turned swiftly on his heel and disappeared back out the way he had come. Liam looked amused. Jaal’s expression, however, ran more along the lines of acute distress.

The human burst out laughing at the angara’s distraught look, “Better get a move on, mate, if you want to keep the element of surprise. With Gil’s mouth, I give it about a half hour before the whole crew knows something is up. You don’t want him blabbing to the Pathfinder.”

“Shit,” came Jaal’s muttered reply as he quickly rose to his feet and straightened himself. Just like that, the nervous fluttering filled his stomach once more.

When I Wake [ch.1]

Genre: Angst / Fluff 

Summary: The day you were proposed to by Kim Taehyung was absolutely unforgettable, but not in a magical, fairy tale type of way. Instead of ending the night with celebratory congratulations, you and Taehyung find yourselves in a car accident that leaves you in a coma. When you wake three years later, you receives news that Taehyung passed away as a result of his injuries. 

After getting over the initial shock of Taehyung’s death, you peacefully carry on with your life, until one day you hear word that Taehyung might not be dead after all. 

You try to find Taehyung to pick up your relationship where it left off, so everything could go back to the way it was. Only life’s not that simple. While trying to rekindle your love with the supposedly dead Taehyung, you have to deal with your arranged fiance and your newly acquainted (and dangerously hot) friend Park Jimin. 

Your life becomes a whole lot more interesting when you wake. 

Word count: ~2.3k 

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So this is my first time writing a kpop ff, and it’s my first time writing a reader insert, AND it’s my first time writing angst so please bear with me~ (it’ll get interesting soon I promise) Also jimin & yoongi are tagged in addition to tae bc they will be part of the story later on!

Taehyung placed his lips on yours; it was the only warmth you’d felt in this winter wonderland. As he pulled away, you could feel every cell in your body yearn for his embrace but reluctantly settled for his hand in yours.

You stood in the middle of the icy Bow Bridge in Central Park. It was where you two first met, three years ago.

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happy (angsty) birthday robert! i have a happier fic in the works but three glasses of wine made for a bit of an angsty drabble set within current canon. i hope you enjoy nonetheless!

thirty one 

robert could count the number of good birthdays he’d had on one hand.

Thirty one.

Robert stood in front of the mirror in their hotel bathroom, pausing in the midst of his morning shave. Aaron had teased that even on holiday, he couldn’t bear to let his scruff grow, but Robert didn’t suit a beard, not the way his husband did, all scruffy dark hair and loving eyes.

Thirty one.

It was his birthday, today. He’d woken up to soft, smiling kisses being pressed against his jawline, his cheek, his nose, Aaron open and loving in the way he only ever was when they were alone, curled around his other, limbs tangled and hearts open.

Aaron had showered him in love, in that gorgeous Aaron-like way of his, honest eyes and soft mumbles about how much he loved Robert, every word making Robert’s heart feel lighter, and somehow heavier at the same time, the reality of what faced them back in Emmerdale weighing heavy on his mind in a way he couldn’t forget, no matter how much he tried to.

Thirty one.

Robert could count on one hand the amount of good birthdays he’d had in his life. He didn’t remember the best ones, he didn’t think - the ones before Andy, before he’d grown up and shown himself as a disappointment, the ones before his mum died, the days when the focus of the Sugden household would be on their eldest son, days when there would be cake, and ice cream, and presents wrapped in cartoon paper.

He remembered the ones where he’d fight with his dad, where he’d make Victoria cry because he didn’t want to look at the drawing she’d done for him, birthdays where he would fight with Andy just because he could.

Birthdays without his mum, sad and quiet and lonely, without her warm heart and open arms and her endless belief that he could do better, be better. 

Birthdays spent alone. 

Birthdays where he’d fight with Chrissie because of something Lawrence did.

His thirtieth, the one birthday he’d hoped would be better, in the midst of something new and beautiful with Aaron, the birthday he’d ended up celebrating with his sister and her husband, eating cake and drinking whiskey alone at the clock struck midnight and signalled the end of a birthday from hell, as Aaron focused on his sister.

It had been silly, to be jealous of a fourteen year old, but Robert had been so jealous of Liv, of the time she’d taken up, bitter over the holiday he’d had to cancel. He’d wanted to spend his birthday with the one person who’d made him feel worth something.

Thirty one.

He’d spent his birthday with Aaron this year. He was spending his birthday with Aaron this year, the sun on their backs and their tropical honeymoon unfolding around him, bright and colourful and somehow always tinged with sadness and regret.

He’d hoped this would be the year he’d look into the mirror and be happy with the man he saw staring back, know that the man looking back was having some well earned celebrations.

That the man looking back would be good.

Thirty one.

Robert made a decision as he felt Aaron’s arms wind around his middle, his sun kissed husband grinning at him as he nattered about some beach Liv wanted to show them that day, about how it was going to look like something out of paradise, and maybe they could take a picnic, Aaron bright and happy and hopeful.

This was going to be the last birthday he’d spent feeling regretful, or sad. Thirty one was a new year, a new age, a new start.

Robert hadn’t always been good, but Aaron, god, Aaron made him want to be so much better - not just because Aaron deserved a better man, because Aaron deserved a good husband - but because Robert deserved to be better version of himself too. 

Thirty one.

“Happy birthday, Mr Dingle,” Aaron said, in that gorgeously soft and loving voice of his.

It wasn’t the happiest birthday he’d ever had, but next year would be different, thirty two would be different. Robert would earn his celebrations next year, earn the trust of the man in his arms and he’d be good, he’d be better. 

Thirty one.

This, this was the start of the best years of his life, and Robert wasn’t going to ruin another birthday for himself, not now, not ever again. He’d remember thirty one for a lot of reasons, for the sea, the sand, the sun kissed man in his arms, and most of all, he’d remember it for the promise he’d made to himself, to be better.

To be the sort of man who could look in the mirror and be proud of who was looking back. 

Guess what i have manged to find a Bendy shimeji desktop buddy! here’s the link  http://www.mediafire.com/file/12jb1z495cqh949/Bendy+Shimeji.zip        it’s by maxxicab.tumblr.com hope you enjoy! :)

Aww! I bet it’s really cute. Unfortunately, my computer’s never had a good time trying to run shimejis, so I don’t I’ll be able to use this for quite some time. ^^; I still appreciate the thought though!

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Nvm I noticed you blocked me XD. Expected tbh. Anyways thank you for the good time that I had on your blog and sorry once again! Hope you have a good time!

I was going to ignore this but…this is like the third message in a row you’ve sent and I know who you are. YOU know who you are and you’re sending messages to another friend of mine on here too, amongst other things… I only blocked you because I don’t feel comfortable with you seeing my fics after you copied one word for word. I think it would be best if we just leave it at that, regardless of if you realised it or not. Please don’t message my blog again, thank you.

Hades of the Underworld// Johnny Imagine AU

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Hello friends! I’m back again with another imagine, but this time it isn’t a discontinued one! Please go easy on me since I’m not very good in writing yet and I just got inspired by the greek mythology moodboards that I did.Especially this one, where the photo is very fitting with the imagine, check it out!  Also, there will be a part 2 to this, I’m not sure when I’ll post it but I hope you guys enjoy this imagine that I made :).

Word count: 1053

Genre: Fantasy, Myth, Slight Angst(?)

Another day, Another soul. Johnny could care less what happened  with these human souls. They could be banished forever and he wouldn’t bat an eye. He had learned his lesson, he’s never opening his heart for  any human, ever.
The memories of what happened is still fresh in his mind like a  wound. How can he forget, how can he forget about the person who purposely broke his heart and left it to mend for himself?

It was a day like any other in the underworld when  Johnny met Y/N. The poor soul was pleading to be brought back to earth.  Normally, Johnny would  shrug it off and have the person dragged away by cerberus, but this was different. There was something about this  girl that he was so interested in, was it their sincerity in wanting to go back, or was it because the girl had a beauty unlike any other?
“From her head to her toes,she’s  perfect,” he thought.

Her hair cascades down her back perfectly and her skin was the most beautiful it had ever been.

“Maybe it was why she was killed” he thought.

He thought that the reason she must have died is because of her beauty. People may have rioted in taking her hand for marriage and she  had been involved in an accident. But that certainly wasn’t the case. Johnny asked Y/N the reason for her death and she said “love”.

Johnny rolled his eyes. In his mind, love is pathetic, worthless, and it leads  you to your downfall. Johnny never understood why people and gods alike fell in love, he thought they were out of their mind! So, why does  Johnny feel this way about the maiden? Why did he suddenly felt as if he  understood her reason? What was the feeling he felt in his heart? Was  it love? He let the girl explain herself more, he wanted to know the story of her life and why love was the reason for her death.

“My family owns a place for entertainment” she explains.

“I worked there as a dancer for years and years, but no man had ever caught my eye quite like my love, Jaehyun” She continued. 

Johnny felt somewhat jealous, what did this Jaehyun do to capture this fine maiden’s heart? 

“At first I was skeptical with him, he was a known man around our  village, a rich one. While I was a mere dancer. He’s beautiful, very  beautiful. He had snow white skin and sandy blonde hair that can make  anyone swoon for him,” she gushes.

“Not to mention his body, it’s as if it was carved by the gods, and on top off that, he’s very nice too. He showered me with gifts and  treated me like a queen, I was the happiest with him!” she exclaimed. 

“But, something went wrong, and it was as if he hated me.” she shyly said, hinting that she didn’t want to continue any further.

But Johnny was persistent, he intended to know all about her.
“Go on” he spoke, 

“I want to know why you died, it’s the only way I can let you out  of this realm” he reasoned.

Y/N was hesitant, but she continued.

“Jaehyun, he changed. ” she says in a low voice. “He started to say rude things and come home drunk”

“Well, did you break things off with him? Ward him off?” Johnny asked.  

“No, I love him, I’d stay with him even if he hurt me, and he did” Y/N said, tearing up as she recalls what happened.

It turns out that Jaehyun allegedly stabbed his lover because of  jealousy. He started accusing her of cheating on him with the people she entertained. Johnny was surprised, if they loved each other, then why  did he doubt her? Was she lying? but a part of him knew that this was the consequence of love. The same love that destroys everything, it   destroys relationships and trust. But she reasoned that she loves him, that he was her world, and that without him, there wouldn’t be a"her", that he’s the bane of her existence.  

Johnny’s heart softened with what the girl said and he felt sympathy. He was actually thinking of giving her another chance to see her lover. But then he remembered that Jaehyun is the reason why  she’s dead. He immediately shook his head to dismiss the thought of her ever going back again.  

“I have made my decision. I will not allow you to go back to your lover.” he decided.

Y/N was heartbroken and shocked by the god’s decision, she thought that she convinced him enough for her to go back.  

“But my lord, please, I need to be with my love again.” She pleads. “I know that you were disheartened by what I said, and I would be too! But I don’t believe that he would be able to do something like  this!” she reasoned.

“And what do you think happened, then? That it was someone else that put the knife in your heart?” Johnny said.  

“Yes, exactly! I believe that he may have been bewitched or  someone cursed him. I know him, my lord. Jaehyun wouldn’t do something like this!” she agreed.

The god rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe her! Why would she  still want to be with someone who hurt her? Why would she dismiss the  fact that he killed her and that she’s only making excuses for  him? Johnny knew that she would only be in trouble once again if he let  her reunite with Jaehyun. He was angry, angry because of her stupidity and  angry that she was so blinded by love.  

“I said no! You really think I would let you out just like that  because you left someone you loved behind? Well get in line, because  you’re not the first human who pleaded to be put back! And I am not  letting you go back! You are staying here with me!” He roared.  

Y/N was shocked, did she hear him say that correctly? Stay with  him? In the underworld? But why? Couldn’t he see that she had unfinished   business? That she needed to talk to Jaehyun one last time? Her mind was flooded with thoughts, but she stayed quiet and only obeyed the   god’s command. She would see Jaehyun again, she had to.  

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I did respond, just not publicly because it's not an argument I feel like having with a random person on the internet who has no real effect on my life and well-being. No one is gonna win so there's no point in fighting. Thanks and have a good night.

I mean you must feel some type of way if you send this in reponse to my teeny comment. I mean you were all over the place with your original response so I was kinda hoping you responded to explain what muslims and black people had to do with feminism. But okay make a public post then get upset when people respond publicly

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hey, i saw you were looking for requests and just wanted to check (i really hope i'm not being too pushy) if you got my request. it was peter parker x genderqueer reader? thanks in advance. p.s. you're writing is amazing and i hope you're having a good day/week/month

I got a non-binary one about him treating you with a respect others at school don’t? That’s been done and is in the queue, if that’s not the request that you’re talking about then feel free to send yours in again xx

I’m doing well! Yesterday, not so much I was struck ill by a migraine for most of the day so I had my head down the toilet, but i’m a lot better today! :) xx

EOA: King of Carnaval highlights

This is one of the episodes I’m sure I will rewatch several times because it is amazing. I had high hopes, very high and yet it didn’t disappoint me. Not at all.

“But you will finally be a king of something.” (I roared laughing. Higgins is a savage cinnamon bun. Kudos for the perfect continuity nod.)

Queen Lucia flashback.

Victor alone is a delicious bastard but him having a daughter who is just as bad is making the duo several levels more amusing and badass. I’m glad they are announced as recurring baddies because they are entertaining. Their jerkassery is stylish unlike king Hector’s and sir Elrod’s.

The running or rather falling beak gag (combined with Higgins can’t see because a hat/a beak is obscuring his vision running gag).

Victor being paintballed. That’s for underestimating the Flores royalty.

Victor was Shuriki’s partner, too?! O.O Holy smokes I did not expect that.

The painting! They have shown the painting! The song! Gotta love watching Esteban dance-dodging all those traps while lamenting over his past.

Esteban with a tender loving smile to Elena: “You look just like your mother.” (Me: weeping tears of joy)

Elena is in denial about Esteban. Hmmm…

Elena and Esteban’s pure genuine teamwork!

Broken Heart

Originally posted by jeffatkinsimagines

The music was blaring loudly from the large speakers in the gym, lights flickering back and forth between different colors of the spectrum, the smell of punch lingered in the air mixed with alcohol that some students had managed to sneak in.

(Y/N) sat on the bleachers with her head down, looking at her short and shiny black heels that were beginning to make her feet ache. Reaching down, she took them off and wiggled her toes for a moment before sighed and leaning back against the bleacher behind her.

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Recently puppy and I had the joy of meeting a leonberger. Have you ever met a leonberger? I enjoy not needing to lean down in anyway to give him a good back scratch. He was gorgeous but feet so BIG. Nails as thick as my LITTLE FINGER. He was awesome. I'm hoping this ask results in leonberger pics for everyone.

I have :) JUST one though! It was a job where I had to pick up dogs from the airport to care for them overnight until they got back on their flight. This dog was so huge they had to construct a wooden crate for her! I have a picture of her somewhere…

She was fun and friendly. 

As a breed, they began as Newfoundland/Saint Bernard mixes, with a dash of Great Pyrenees added later on. They were intended to resemble the lion that was depicted on the town of Leonberg’s coat of arms. 

Leonbergers have been used to guard livestock, pull carts, and save lives! They are a great combination of a guardian breed and a working breed. They’ve only just been recognized as a breed in 2010, but positively impact so many people via search & rescue, and therapy.

They are A+ family dogs, easy going, and get along well with other dogs. But with every giant breed comes a shortened lifespan (~7years), hip dysplasia, cancer, and the fear of bloat.


You’re warmer than anything else in the world, my love
↳ Hᴀᴋʏᴇᴏɴ - Gᴏʟᴅ ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇᴅ ᴍᴏᴏᴅʙᴏᴀʀᴅ ғᴏʀ @1chahakyeon ˖◛⁺⑅♡

Sick of Losing You

Plot: Harry and Y/N lost each other when he found someone else.

Warnings: None aside that it kinda broke my heart.

Playlist to the one shot: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2S-tehb1XqDqkmE4xnz7-SciJy61soVf

Thanks to @interfectorems for being such a good friend, supporter and for requesting this. 
Songs that are mentioned but not on the playlist are “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift & “If You don’t Know” by 5Sos.

Pic of this beauty isn’t mine.

I watched from a far how he held on to her hand, his fingers grasping and squeezing hers gently while his eyes never left her pretty face. He watched her speak with such an intensity in his green eyes, as if he literally saw nothing other than her. His girlfriend. Not me.
I took a deep breath, swallowed the thick lump building in my throat and turned away from the sight.
Exactly three weeks ago, Harry and I had shared a kiss. Our first kiss, which had been exactly how I’d secretly always wished for it to be. Of course it had been. Every time you get to kiss the person you love is special and like fireworks painting colors into the sky.

He’d been talking and listening to me all night, similar to how he now was with her and had at some point reached out to hold my hand, just like he was holding hers in this moment.
When the time felt right, he’d leant in and had captured my lips with his. Needless to say, Harry was a phenomenal kisser. He knew when to press further, when to use how much tongue and was very attentive to how my body responded to his. Whenever I thought about it now, my cheeks tingled with the memory of his hands cupping them gently as he cradled my face to keep me close. He’d been so soft, so perfect. Harry had touched me with a tenderness, I thought it’d break my heart. I remembered wrapping my arms around his neck and feeling like they belonged there, like I was meant to hold him close.
Only that I wasn’t. The girl he was with now only proved how insignificant I was.

I couldn’t help peaking and looking over at him again. Harry’s lips. I knew exactly how they felt when pressed against my own, knew their taste and shape. Their warmth. Harry’s touch was impossible to forget.
I watched him kiss his girlfriend with a mesmerized stare, before moving away and into the kitchen, leaving the small gathering of our friends with a murmured excuse that I needed to get a refill of my drink, when in reality I couldn’t bear seeing the man I loved sharing affectionate kisses with someone else.
But not even the kitchen was a safe area for me. t had been this exact kitchen, the one in Harry’s house, where he’d pulled me aside and told me about her for the first time.

“It’s difficult” I think he said. “It’s my fault that this situation has become so messy.”

Was it silly that I could actually still remember every word he spoke to me? That I’d engraved every pause, every take in of breath he made, deeply into my head?

“Listen, Y/N… You’re important to me. I care about you. Need you, it’s just… There is someone. Someone who could be a chance for a relationship and I really want to give this a go. Give her a go, I mean. You can understand that, right?”

At first it’d felt like none of it was real. Because how could he be serious?
Harry. My best friend, Harry.
Only three days after our magical first kiss, three days full of us talking and flirting and texting constantly, he was telling me that he wanted someone else. Her name was Ira. And though he was seemingly behaving the same way with her he had been with me, we weren’t the same. In fact, she was everything I wasn’t. So when he told me he wanted her and not me, that he was picking her over of me, how come I’d been surprised?

I would never be his first choice, not when there were thousands of others he could choose from. And it was time for my brain to learn to not interpret every kind gesture, time to learn to stop overthinking every word. It was time for my head to accept, that there was no way Harry Styles could possibly want me.

So… I had been understanding. Kind even.
I’d lied and told him that yes, I agreed that our kiss had been a mistake. We shouldn’t have done any of that and instead thought of our friendship first, rather than our impulses. I’d kept a smile on my face throughout the entire talk and even finished the short chat by wishing him good luck with her. Another lie.

My fingers shook and so I set the empty glass of my drink down quickly, worried for a moment that I might otherwise spill the last few drops. I didn’t think much when I reached for the bottle of vodka on the counter. There was no getting through this night if I didn’t have something proper to drink. If only I remembered the recipe….

“Need help?”

My shoulders tensed. It couldn’t be him. Please… anyone, literally anyone, but him.

However when I turned around, Harry was there. He stood tall and beautiful, his short hair soft and wavy. Harry’s compelling eyes held my gaze with such a tender rawness in them, my knees weakened. All my body burned for was to wrap my arms around his shoulders and have him embrace me, have him tell me that everything would be okay again. I felt like I needed it, but knew that this was a wish I would be denied. Harry must have felt it, too. It was in the air around us. It had changed and… buzzed. As if being in each other’s presence made the world halt still for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” Harry chuckled lowly when I didn’t say anything. How could he smile like everything was alright?

And what was it he was apologizing for? Abandoning our friendship? Ruining any hope I’d had to find a partner in him? Shattering my heart? Hardly.

“For scaring you,” Harry elaborated, a sudden hint of guilt in his eyes, almost as if he’d read my thoughts.

“It’s fine, Harry,” I muttered, bearing a false smile, “All good.”

It was hard to look at him. Especially his eyes. They burned a whole into my chest whenever my own orbs found them. They reminded me of the Harry he once was, the one I could always come to and rely on.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked, his head nodding towards the bottle of vodka. His forehead furrowed in a worried expression and I quickly set the container back down.

“I wanted to make myself a drink, but the recipe slipped my mind. I’m not as much of an alcoholic as it must look like.”

“Good to know,” Harry chuckled, then, visibly thinking about it first, took a step forward. “I remember what you like in your favorite drink. Could make you one.”

From how close he was standing, it was easy to notice every detail of his skin. Every curve of his lips, every hair of his barely-there beard. My stomach turned.

“That’d be nice.”

Harry smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

We avoided any touching. I was leant against the counter, he stood with a safe distance between us and only came closer when he needed a different ingredient that happened to be near me. It was awkward and… weird. It didn’t feel like ‘us’. The friends we’d been once seemed to be two completely different people. I knew him and felt he was familiar, but there was a emotional distance between us I knew neither of us could overcome. And still, I was with him and even if we behaved like strangers, being with Harry was nice.

“I think that’s it,” Harry said, breaking the silence. His eyes were set on the pink-orange liquid in my glass, then they drifted to my face. A proud smile pulled at the corners of his mouth.

“You 'think’?” I challenged shyly.

I took the glass from him (cautious not to touch his fingers) and took a sip. It tasted great.

“M'not big of a show off,” Harry grinned, “S'it good?”

I nodded and stirred the colored liquid once more. “Thanks, Harry.”

“You’re welcome, Y/N.” His voice was soft and his gaze shy.

The air around us shifted once more. My eyes teared up. What had happened to us? Harry and I… we used to be the kind of friends who didn’t stopped talking to each other for hours. At first, we’d be loud. We’d laugh and giggle so much eventually both of our tummies hurt. That was when we’d change the subject and speak more quietly, until several hours later our conversations drifted to topics only we were allowed to hear. Then we’d be whispering and sitting closer together, always an eager sparkle in the other’s eyes as we both listened with interest about what was being said.

I quickly turned away and pretended to yawn. My eyes blinked rapidly and I willed them not to cry in front of him. Not because of embarrassment, but because I couldn’t do that to him. I’d given him my okay. I had no right to be mad at him for having found someone else. Harry remained standing close and with his hands in the front pockets of his black jeans.

“I think I should go,” I muttered.

I held my head low and took a deep breath before looking at him briefly. Harry’s eyes held concern and his fingers twitched, as if he longed to reach out for me.

“Y/N, love,” he began lowly, “Do you think we could talk for a bit? S'been a while since I got to see you. Hear your voice. I missed you.”

This time when my eyes met his green orbs, I didn’t look away, even though I could feel the tears forming and coming closer to spilling over. Harry’s whole expression changed. His cheeks paled and his forehead furrowed deeper.

“I miss you, too, Harry,” I admitted, my weak voice barely above a whisper.

“No,” he mumbled, shaking his head slowly, sorrow deeply set in his eyes. His feet stepped closer and his warm hands touched my flushed cheeks before I even had the chance to back away from him. The unexpected closeness caught me off guard and had more tears coming, this time because of how much I hated how uncommon this sort of care from him had become.

Harry embraced me. His head buried itself into my neck and both arms wrapped themselves around my waist so he could lift me up from my feet. “Please no, Y/N, Sweetheart. Don’t cry.”

I couldn’t help it. My heart, the final bit that had been whole still, broke in his caring hands and I was overcome and pulled under a wave of grief. That was what I was doing. I was grieving our friendship and the lost hope I’d had for a relationship with him. And he allowed it. He let me cry against his collarbones without any complaint and instead began to hum quietly, knowing how much his voice always soothed me. Pain shot through my chest. He probably did the same when she was upset.

“I can’t-” I cried, but got cut off by my lungs that burned with need for air.

Harry hushed me, his hold tightening, “Don’t, Y/N. It’s going to be alright.”

I shook my head and loosened the hold I’d taken around his neck. My hands momentarily brushed his soft hair, then I pulled away. Harry hesitated but allowed me to step out of his hold.

“I can’t take it anymore, Harry,” I confessed, my voice breaking halfway through the sentence. I reached up to brush my cheeks with the end of my sleeve and hiccuped. My head felt numb and I knew if I didn’t get out of this kitchen soon, he’d witness a break down I wasn’t comfortable with him seeing.

Harry’s hand reached for my arm. I didn’t fight it when he pulled me closer to him, but avoided his eyes when he leaned down to find my gaze.

“Y/N,” he spoke, his voice rough with emotion, “I promise you, it’ll be alright. M'not leaving, okay? M'not. We’ll figure this out.”

I wanted to scream but all I could was shake my head rapidly. “Figure this out how? What have we become, Harry?”

Another sob wrecked through my chest.

“I don’t know,” he confessed, “But we’re going to find each other again, okay? I promise. Let me say goodbye to the others and then we’ll go for a walk or something. We’ll talk. About everything and nothing at all… Just like we always used to, yeah?”

Used to. So long ago, it seemed.

“Okay,” I whispered, my burning eyes set on my feet. My skin shivered under his warmth and my lips hurt from how much I was bitting them.

I flinched when his mouth pressed a kiss to my head. The skin was left with a burning sensation. “Wait for me here, love.”

Harry’s quick feet carried him out of the kitchen and left me standing by the counter with my heart at the pit of my stomach. I stood up straight and brushed the few remaining tears from my cheeks. My skin tingled and I felt the hint of a smile on my lips, even though my body ached.
Looking back now, I wish I would have stayed put by the counter and had waited for him just like he’d asked me to. I wish I hadn’t been impatient and eager to reunite with Harry, because that eagerness drove me to exit the kitchen shortly after him and turn the corner, allowing me clear view into the living room.
There he stood. His arms around her thin form, his hands in her long hair and his lips kissing hers. All air was knocked right out of me. I could see how his hands gently moved against her neck, bringing her in closer and their bodies flush together. When their lips parted for a moment, I could see how he let his tongue run along his lower lip, as if he wanted to make sure he got all of her taste. And I could see him smile warmly at her, right before he leaned back in to connect their mouths once more. This sight… it burned.
I didn’t wait for him. Because I had been wrong before. My heart wasn’t truly broken until that moment, witnessing the man I loved with my everything, kissing a woman who wasn’t me. And if he wasn’t going to leave me, if he was just going to keep me close and allow my heart to shatter over and over again, then I supposed I would have to be the one to go first.
So that’s what I did. I walked back to the entryway, slid on my jacket, picked up my bag, and left the house. Left, to never come back to Harry Styles.

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Paper Hearts Finale

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook // Reader x Jimin

♡ Length: 6.4k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

1  ♡2  ♡3  4  5  6  7  8 9 ♡10 ♡11 ♡12 ♡13 ♡14 ♡15 ♡Finale

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It’s About Damn Time

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and Reader are working a vampire case. When Dean decides to go in alone, things go a little differently than planned.

Word Count: 5204

Warnings: Swearing. Because I’m a fucking lady. Vampire gore and killing. Being tied up. Smut. Again, lady. Fingering. P in V sex. 

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats 2k Follower Challange. My prompt was “Wanna try that again like you mean it?”, which is bolded in the fic. Beta’d by the ever lovely @wheresthekillswitch. Thanks for helping me make what I had even better! Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

Tags at the bottom. If you want added/removed, let me know!

“Dammit, Dean, answer your phone.” You’re starting to get worried now.

This is the fourth time you’ve called him, and when his voice comes over the line telling you to leave a message, it’s the fourth time you’ve had to swallow down the fear so it doesn’t come through in your voice. “You were supposed to just watch him, Winchester. If you’ve gotten yourself into trouble again, so help me God, you’re going to pay.”

You end the call, tapping your phone against your palm as you try to think. You suck a breath in through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds, then release it. You need to clear your head, figure out your next step. He’s got the Impala, of course, so if you plan on finding the him you’re going to have to borrow a car for a bit. You grab your leather jacket off the chair back, swinging it over your shoulders, shoving your hands through the sleeves as you grab your room key and head for the door. You check your phone one more time before sliding it into your pocket, shutting the door behind you as you scan the parking lot of the motel, eyes squinted to the bright mid-day sun.

There aren’t many cars parked in the poorly paved lot, and the ones that are there aren’t ones you want to trouble yourself with. You jog over to the diner across the street, eyes hopping from one car to the next until you spot a nondescript compact sitting in the back row. Yahtzee.

It’s old enough you shouldn’t have to worry about a security system but still looks like it should get you where you’re going without worrying that it’s going to break down. You walk to the car with purpose, looking for all the world like you own it. You slow as you near, hand automatically reaching out to try the handle. It always amazes you how many people just leave their vehicles unlocked in these small towns. You curl your fingers under the handle and give a tug, and sure enough, the door opens right up. With a smirk, you slide in to hotwire it and get your ass moving.

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🌙 owl boy variation on Techie 🌕

one of the very first people who ever reached out to me on Tumblr ~ and who was kind to me and encouraged my work, was @jathis (-^ ___^-) and i’ve been grateful for that ever since! so i’m sorry i’m a little late in finishing this, but a very happy birthday to you, Jathis!!!