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YOU DON’T KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK! Half of yesterday and all of my morning today! But it came out so good! Planning on working on one with Mark and not Dark, then maybe Wilfred Warfstache next but depends if I’m busy.

Been wanting to draw something for ‘A date with Markiplier’ since I love it, it’s awesome and so well planned out! *w* They all did such an amazing job! And it made my Valentine’s day, besides me and my family doing a small gift giving thing we do, it made up for that school day I had. 

I wanna put this on redbubble, but until then I’ll make a post about it! Hope you guys like it! ^w^


 For wonderful and great people ^-^

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I hope you like it ^-^


Inukag Oneshot

Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome had a weekly routine. They would go somewhere good to have breakfast and spend their day on a private not-a-date. But what if one of them wanted it to be a date?

This is a gift for my precious baby Zoe @vividxdreaming a girl full of light and love.

I love you babe!!!

Also on ff.net and Ao3 if you prefer. 

Inuyasha walked through the streets on his way to Kagome’s home as he did every weekend for the last six months.

Waking up and having a real reason to get out of bed, shower and dress. Taking a shower in the morning when he normally wouldn’t  spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed spending time with his wench.

He made a face as he crossed the street. She wasn’t exactly HIS wench, Kagome was HIS friend. Maybe she was the only friend that he made plans with every week, without asking. It was the only permanent appointment he had, every Sunday early morning. Which for Kagome it meant every Sunday at noon.

The door of her apartment was in front of him, a cute lilac door, the only one that was not the custom dark brown on that floor, and he suspected, the only one of the building. He rang the bell knowing a half ready woman would open the door because it was still half hour to noon.

The door opened and soon after a petite woman poked her head out with a big smile on her face.

“You are here! Welcome to my kingdom,” she declared holding the door open for him to enter.

“Humbled to be allowed here…” he kept the joke going.

She batted her hand dismissively, “As you should be!” Her voice lost the dramatic tone before she continued. “I’m almost ready, just getting dressed and make up!”

“You don’t need make up, Kagome! We’re only going to have breakfast!” He complained but the girl was already in her way to her room.

Before entering her room she turned to him with a pouty face, “but I want to look pretty…” and she closed the door behind her without looking back.

‘For you’ remained unsaid on her part, just as his answer ‘you are always pretty’ was not brought into the conversation.

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The Confession (”The Visit” Pt. 5)

The Visit (Pt. 1)  The Lesson (Pt. 2)  The Quest (Pt. 3)  The Confrontation (Pt. 4)

Ao3 Link

It has been a week. A week since Celaena has spoken to Rowan. They haven’t spoken since the heated argument in the bookstore alley. But she sure as hell has seen the warrior. Everywhere she goes he is not that far behind. Tonight, she was up in the rafters of the Royal Theatre. She had just finished a job. It had been quick and clean, but she needed some time to herself before going back to the Keep. But, there he was, squatting on a beam in the corner. She knew he was there stalking her, because that was the only way to explain his constant eye on her every movement. She was really hoping to enjoy the music. The highs and the lows and the dips each note made, creating a story of its own. But now, she would have to talk to the brooding warrior, if only to find out why he kept following her. Celaena got up from her perch leaving the wondrous music behind, balanced on the beam, and made her way out through the small window, down the building, and onto the street.

She was waiting in the shadows of the theatre when Rowan emerged, hood pulled over his silver hair to cover up his tattoos as much as possible.

“Hello, Prince,” Celaena said. Rowan whipped his head at her, surprise on that harsh face. Apparently, he hadn’t realized that she might figure out that he was following her. She jerked her head for Rowan to follow her down the quiet street.

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First Time

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader and Dean meet at a bar and have a moment.

Word Count: 816

Warnings: Suggestive Content, just good fun :)

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s “Do it Like Dean” challenge. I got the prompt: “You can call me Dean.” I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

There was a first time for everything, right?

At least that’s what I told myself as I walked around the pool table, my eyes transfixed on a pair of green ones. Usually, I wasn’t one to just go for it after a couple of hours of knowing the person, but after a few drinks and a lot of sexual tension while playing pool, I threw all logic out the window.

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All the everyone OC’s I know from the Pixelberry fandom!(and I made for someone too!) I had so much fun drawing them! And somehow I want this to make as a friendship gift (or valentine day gift but i was too late for that sniff) and somehow I want apologized. Really, really apologized if I was being a jerk, awkward and not replies on your chat/ask at the past. Also, please accpect this as a gift of friendship!

.:The first picture, from left to right:.

Tony, @ethanblakes ‘ OC, Reifai, @archie-artblog ‘s OC, Cyan, @grimdarkpixels ‘ OC, Piper, @sarcasticace ‘s OC, Samantha, my OC, @principal-mc ‘s OC (I somehow forgot their name again, sorry!), Aimee, @watermelone-n-chicken ‘s OC, Astra, @7stars ‘ OC.

.:The second picture, from left to right:.

Maus, (his account was gone, I miss him), Ivan, @rottenheartedchild ‘s OC, Amanda, @spacetravels / @jebsplayshss ‘ OC , Aro, @arowanathestudent ‘s OC, Penelope, @pixelberrygardens / @poppygardens ‘ OC.

.:The third picture, from left to right:.

Holly, @hollyashton ‘s OC (I made it for you, I hope you like it!), Molly, @molliartsie / @i-am-a-fandom-hoe ‘s OC, Ming, @robozombiepocalypse ‘s OC (sorry if i made her wrong sniff)

.:The forth picture, from left to right:.

Estella, @xiodorous / @askmaxwarren ‘s OC, Aeon, @aeon-hwuhss ‘ OC, Bunny, @cinnabani ‘s OC.

I hope you guys like it!


Man, my first digital art ! Hah ! First requests are actually done, and i am enjoying the hell out of this ! Not a thing i would ever think to have !

Anyways. The request made by @lynns-art-blog , @kiacii and @xxmileikaivanaxx i am just uploading it right now, from the whole excitment ! :D Hope you like it guys.

First ACTUAL steps on my way to digital drawings…i cant wait for more in the future. Thank you all so much for requesting something from me :)

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Under One Condition - Carl Grimes Imagine

request: Carl x reader where they hate eachother so its sassy and get stuck somewhere, so reader suggests a way to get out. Carl agrees, but if their idea fails Carl gets to do what he wants. Idea fails, carls idea is to make out.

pairings: carl x reader, best friend tara x reader

a/n: this is really stupid and unedited and lame and dumb idk read at your own risk. i didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but i never do lmao… i hope you guys still like this :-) 

word count: 1,655

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers 

You stood against Michonne’s back as Rick forced open the door of an old store with a crowbar. Your knife was drawn, but you didn’t feel the need to get in fighting form. Michonne felt the same way–standing casually with her katana on her back. 

The door swung open with a pop, and Rick drew his gun from his holster, leading your group into the small convenient store. You waited until everyone was in before entering, making sure to leave the door cracked behind you. Tara was waiting for you at the front door when you came inside. 

Tara was your best friend. She had been since she joined your group after the Governor destroyed the prison. You were young, but you had been around the apocalypse for long enough to understand that you weren’t a kid anymore. At least, you didn’t expect to be treated like one. 

Tara and you connected almost instantly. She was a childish adult, and you were a mature child. You two balanced each other out, and you could never be without her for more than a day or two. You two even shared a house when she was with Denise, for you wouldn’t let her live in a house without you. 

“Hey, kids, come help us pack these up!” Rick called happily. Whenever you found a plethora of supplies, Rick would light up like a Christmas tree. You were going to have to give half of it up, of course, but you had to grow accustomed to scavenging for someone who didn’t care if you lived or died. 

As you reached for a bag of food to pack into a box, your hand brushed up against Carl’s. You both rolled your eyes, and you moved your hand to find another bag to begin packing. You and Carl had never really gotten along, to say the least. 

You were lonely when you met Rick’s group, and everyone expected you and Carl to get along great because of your ages. They were right, at first. You and Carl were best friends for the first few years you knew him. He was your best friend, and he was always kind and took care of you. 

Carl changed when you two were around thirteen years old. You grew to dislike him more and more each day. You wouldn’t say you hated him, but he sure as hell seemed to hate you. Whenever you would even try to be civil, he would throw all respect to the curb. 

Tara knew how much he bothered you, but she managed to remain his friend over time. You wouldn’t have minded being his friend, but you were afraid of talking with him about it, to begin with. You would never hear the end of it if he was completely unwilling to be civil with you. 

A crash was heard from outside the store, and everyone turned their heads towards the sound. You tossed the bags of food you were holding into a box and picked it up, preparing to evacuate the store before you were discovered by whatever was outside. 

“No,” Rick said, holding his hand up to you. “Let us get the boxes. Carl and (Y/N), I need you to stay in here with Tara. I’ll drive the car to the front of the store so we can load everything up, then we’re gonna leave. Michonne, grab a box. Tara, watch the kids and make sure nobody gets in here.” 

You and Carl both sighed in sync, giving disapproving looks at Rick. Rick and Michonne were out the door before either of you could complain, though. Tara began packing food and supplies into her backpack, and you and Carl each followed in her lead. 

A second crash sounded from outside the store, and Tara huffed through her teeth. “Alright, guys, stay here. I’ll be right back.” You almost told her to wait, but you hesitated for too long, and she was out the door. You glanced at Carl, who was already looking at you. He turned his head quickly. 

“Why do you hate me?” you asked calmly. “I don’t wanna start a fight or anything. I’m really just curious. Did I do something to you that I don’t remember?” As soon as the words left your mouth, you realized how stupid they sounded. 

“I don’t hate you,” Carl snapped. He walked away from you, but you followed him. “I just don’t think we have to be friends because we’re the same age. That’s all.” 

“Well, yeah. I agree on that, but we used to get along so well! What happened?” Your voice was becoming more and more expressive as you thought about how stupid the rivalry between the two of you was. Carl chuckled and shook his head at the ground. You waited for a response, but he didn’t give you one. 

“What happened?” you repeated, a little quieter than the last time. Carl must have noticed the change of your voice’s tone, for he looked up at you with a confused, yet endearing look on his face. 

Carl shrugged his shoulders. “We grew up.” 

The car could be heard pulling up in front of the store. Carl walked towards the door, leaving you in the back of the store. You heard the door swing open and quickly zipped up your backpack. Before you could stand up straight again, you were pulled further into the back of the store. You stood yourself up quickly, recognizing Carl as the person who was dragging you. 

“Carl, what the hell!” you exclaimed. 

“Shh,” he demanded, still holding you by the upper arm. “A car just pulled up outside, and it wasn’t dad.” 

Your eyes widened as you heard the door swing open. Carl looked around quickly, then pulled you into a room in the back hallway. Just as he shut the door and locked it behind you, the front door could be heard swinging open. Carl wasn’t satisfied with the door being locked, though. 

He scanned the room quickly and grabbed a chair tucked beneath a dusty desk and pushed it beneath the doorknob. You pushed yourself up so you were sitting on the desk. Carl turned around and began walking around the room, searching it for anything useful. 

The room was quiet until you decided to speak up. “Carl?” 

He looked up at you, raising his eyebrows. 

“What did you mean earlier? When you said we grew up, what were you talking about?” Your feet hung off the edge of the desk, swinging back and forth. 

Carl laughed to himself, shaking his head and sliding his hands over his chin. “You got hot.” 

Your eyebrows raised, and you swore you could feel your cheeks flush pink. 

“I got scared when I started thinking about you as… I don’t know. It was different, though. We were always best friends, and something just switched in me, and you were more than just pretty.” 

Your face was probably red at that point, and you couldn’t seem to bring your eyes up from your shoes. You could have sworn that he hated you, but you were apparently far from right. 

“Sorry,” he sighed with a smile. “Didn’t mean to make it weird.” 

“No,” you said, raising your eyebrows. “I just… wasn’t expecting that.” 

The silence that swept over the room made it easy for you and Carl to hear the sound of a shelf falling over from inside the store. You flinched when you realized how close the unknown people were to you. You had never been so alone and so scared before. There was always someone like Rick or Glenn with you to make sure you were safe, but you and Carl were alone that time. 

Your eyes swept over the room once more as you searched for a way to escape the room you were stuck in. You only noticed two possible ways out, and they were both extremely risky. Your first option was to go out the door into the store and try to fight off the people to get to your car. Your second option was to climb out the window, which was only about one foot by two feet big. 

“I wanna get out that window,” you stated. You hopped off the desk and told Carl to help you move it beneath the window to use as a stool. 

“(Y/N), you can’t be serious,” he huffed. “There’s no way we can fit through that tiny window.” 

“Well, we don’t really have any other options,” you said, letting go of the desk and deciding on climbing an old shelf instead. 

“Yeah, we do. We’re just gonna wait this out until Dad brings a group back to get us out. He’s not just gonna leave us here,” Carl argued. You knew he was right, but you didn’t want to wait it out. You wanted to get out of the small room and back to Alexandria. 

“(Y/N), get off the shelf. I’ll help you climb out the damn window,” Carl said, giving in to your idea. 

“Thank you,” you replied. 

“Under one condition,” Carl added. “If this plan of yours doesn’t work out, then I get to kiss you.” 

Your eyes widened, and your face flushed pink once again. “All subtlety out the window, I guess.” 

“You wanna try your window idea or not?” 

If you were being honest, kissing Carl Grimes wasn’t the least appealing thing you would have had to do. You would easily pick that over several activities you had been forced to endure. 

Carl helped you pick up the desk and move it beneath the window. You climbed on top of it, so you were face to face with the small glass frame, and it was clear to you that there was no way in hell you could fit through it. 

“This isn’t going to work.” You turned back to him, and saw the noticeably apparent smirk on his face. 

“You know what that means, right?” 

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Stiles Stilinski
Word Count; 1K
A/N; gosh I love me some Stiles, I hope you guys like it!

You were only human. That’s all Stiles could focus on. You wouldn’t heal like Scott or Malia, and you couldn’t defend yourself like Allison. You were fragile, and small, and scared out of your goddamn mind. But you had put up your hand anyway to fight, because the Alpha pack were a threat and you couldn’t just sit by and watch as your friends risked their lives. The others protested, none more than Stiles, the boy who love you more than life itself, but you went anyway. 

He wished you hadn’t.

‘Mum, help.’ Scott yelled as he carried you into the hospital, the gang hot on his tail. Melissa turned harshly to Scott before calling for help. Doctors pulled you out of his arms and rushed you into the emergency room, your limp body covered in blood and bruises. 

‘Scott what happened?’ she yelled frantically pulling the gang along behind you as you were lowered onto a gurney. 

‘They got her, I don’t know how it happened. It was so fast and they grabbed her and…’ he couldn’t continue though. Not when Stiles’ face came into view. His eyes were bloodshot as he ran along beside the doctors, grasping onto your hand. 

‘Melissa, please get them into the waiting wing, she needs to be treated.’ one of the doctors stated, but Stiles wouldn’t budge, not while you lay there bleeding out in front of him. 

Scott attempted to pull him away, but Stiles would not move. ‘Don’t touch me Scott.’ he screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks as he gripped onto you harder. Each time Scott tried, Stiles would resist. It took both Scott and Isaac to pull him away, kicking and screaming as he tried to get back to you. But before he could get away, the doors shut in front of him. He smashed his fist against them harshly as he cried. Lydia placed a hand on his back comfortingly, but he shrugged it off, turning towards the rest of the group who had scattered around the small waiting area. 

‘Why?’ was all he could manage, barely in a whisper. 

‘She’ll be okay Stiles.’ Allison tried soothingly, but he simply ignored her, turning to face Scott. 

‘Why did you let her go?’ he grew angrier by the second, his mind flashing back to the fight. With Kali and Ennis surrounding you, picking you up off your feet and crashing you back down on the floor, breaking every bone in your body, ripping you apart with their claws while the pack could only stare on, unable to help. Stiles’ fists clamped shut as he charged towards his best friend, shaking uncontrollably. ‘You should have told her no!’ he screamed, ‘you should have kept her safe.’ His face was wet and his voice was hoarse as he took a swing at Scott, who caught his fist in his hand. He kept trying, thrashing against the alpha until he lost all strength, crumbling to the floor. The others stood in shock as Scott bent down, wrapping his harms around Stiles. 

‘I’m sorry.’ he spoke softly. ‘She’ll be okay Stiles, she’ll be okay.’ Stiles cried into his friends shoulder until his eyes went dry, before the two moved to the seats to wait, followed by the others. Hours passed in uncomfortable silence, they waited into the night until their eyes grew lazy. Everyone slept uncomfortably in their chairs, accept for Stiles, whose eyes were glued on the door to the patients area. Eventually, Melissa emerged, looking tired as she cleared her throat, waking up the pack. Stiles jolted up immediately, moving towards her. 

‘She’s okay,’ claimed with a smile, ‘sore, but she’ll heal with time.’ 

‘Can I see her?’ he begged, ‘Please, I need to see her.’ 

‘Only you Stiles, the rest of you kids, go home. See her tomorrow.’ there were a few mumbled complaints as they all filtered out of the hospital, hugging Stiles goodbye as he stood restlessly. After their departure, Melissa led Stiles through the hallways, him quick on her heels. 

‘She’s been asking for you.’ she consoled, stopping at your door and opening it softly. ‘You can stay here, just for tonight. And you don’t tell anyone I let you in okay?’ He nodded abruptly. She patted him on the shoulder and smiled before walking away. Stiles felt a lump in his throat as he walked into your room. His eyes strained as he scanned the darkness. You lay asleep on the bed, covered with tubes poking into your skin, bandages wrapped around your tiny body and bruises littering your skin. His eyes watered as he moved towards you, barely able to breathe. You stirred, opening your eyes weakly. 

‘Stiles?’ you asked searching the dark room. He twitched at the sound of his name, moving quickly to your side, grasping your hand in his.

‘It’s me love, I’m here.’ It hurt him so much seeing you like this. You were the person he loved most in the world, he’d sworn to keep you safe, and he’d let you down. Before he knew it, he was sobbing again. 

‘Shhh.’ you cooed, lifting your other hand and placing it on his cheek, wiping away his tears. 

‘I’m so sorry y/n. I couldn’t save you. I…’ You placed your hand over his lips gently, silently asking him to stop. 

‘Don’t you say that.’ you insisted. ‘This was not your fault. I wanted to help. I got myself in this mess. Don’t you dare blame yourself.’

‘But I do.’ he stammered, trying to control his breathing. ‘I love you and it’s my job to protect you. I failed.’ He rested his forehead on your hand, crying quieter now. ‘I’m not strong like the others. I’m not a hero. I’m just human.’

‘Babe,’ you whispered, ‘you’re my hero.’ You said with a small smile, brushing your hand through his hair. He lifted his head back up, kissing your knuckles gently. He smiled at you, wondering how he could be so lucky to be loved by someone like you. You were an angel, his angel, and he worshiped you.

‘How can I help? What can I do?’ he pleaded, desperate to ease your pain. You simply lifted up your blanket, moving slightly to the side. 

‘Just stay with me.’ you whispered, feeling weak as your arm struggled to stay up. He nodded and climbed in beside you, tucking you gently under his arm as he stroked your hair gently, kissing your forehead. 

‘I love you y/n. I won’t leave you.’ he whispered, lifting your chin up to kiss you. His soft lips caressed your own, easing you as you snuggled closer to him, finally feeling safe again. In his arms, all the horror went away. There was nothing left but you and Stiles. He hummed gently until you fell asleep. He finally felt calm, knowing that you were safe in his arms. It was then he decided he would never let go of you again.

Perfect (Part 2)

Originally posted by prettylittlelarrie

request: Could you maybe make a part 2 of perfect were y/n does find someone and Harry regrets not fighting for her and giving up. Maybe like a happy ending??

i’m so glad people liked “perfect” enough to want a part two, here it is i hope you guys like it x (here’s part one in case you want to read it)

“Raine, stop messing in my flowers!” Gemma called out from the back porch, her and I laughing at how Raine quickly scampered away from the flower bed and started playing with a stick instead.

“I’m sorry, Gem. If he messed them up I’ll get you new ones.” I offered.

She waved me off. “Don’t worry about it, (y/n). I’ve been slacking on taking care of them anyways, so if he did it’s totally fine. They’re probably almost dead anyways.”

We were on Gemma’s back porch, drinking tea and enjoying the unusually nice London weather, watching Raine play in the yard.

“It’s still blows my mind how fast he’s grown,” I shook my head slowly. “I swear I could pick him up, like, a couple weeks ago.”

Gemma chuckled. “That was two months ago, before you came here. Since you’ve been here, he’s been huge.”

I laughed too, then sighed. It got quiet, then Gemma spoke up after a while.

“How long has it been?” She asked me.

“We haven’t talked in months,” I told her. “It’s not like it matters, anyways.”

She looked at me. “Why doesn’t it?”

“Gem, I’ve moved on. I’m with Beau now.” I shrugged.

She sighed. “You told Harry you’d always love him. Loving him includes caring enough to check on him every once in a while.”

“I know, but do you really think it’s fair to Beau for me to always be checking up on my ex? Because I don’t think it is,” I countered.

We were interrupted when we heard someone come into the house. I turned to see Beau walking out towards us.

“Hey, babe,” I smiled as he leaned down kissed me.

“Hey, what are you guys up to?” He asked.

“Just waiting on Michal to come back with lunch.” Gemma answered.

“Ah, gotcha.” He said, sitting in the chair next to me.

I grabbed his hand, interlacing our fingers. “So, how’d the meeting go?”

“It went great,” He grinned. “We start filming the movie in a month.”

“That’s awesome, I’m so happy for you,” I returned his smile.

“Thanks, I can’t wait for you–”

Raine barked, looking at Beau expectingly.

“Ah, looks like Raine wants me to go play,” He chuckled, standing up and kissing my cheek. He ran over and kneeled down in front of Raine, and Raine all but tackled him onto the ground.

I couldn’t help but smile. Beau was so good with Raine, and he was such a sweet guy. We’d been together for almost half a year, and ever since we got together I’ve been very happy. At one point, I felt like Harry was the one for me. But now, I realize that Beau is. With him, I don’t have to worry if he’s going to go get drunk and cheat on me. He rarely drinks, and if he does he’s always with me. He’s open and honest, and he tells me everything he’s thinking. Harry kept things to himself most of the time, so when he had a lot on his mind I could tell, because he wouldn’t open up to me and would avoid talking too much.

I did feel bad about not talking to him in a while, but when you’re in a relationship, keeping tabs on your ex isn’t something you’re supposed to do. So I chose not to.

Gemma and I watched as Beau and Raine ran around the yard, chasing after each other, when I heard a voice I didn’t expect to hear at all.

“Gem?” Harry called from inside the house.

My eyes got wide as I looked at Gemma, her shrugging as if she was saying she didn’t expect him to come. Eventually he came out to the back porch, getting wide eyes as well when he saw me sitting there.

“Oh, (y/n), I didn’t expect to see you here.” He said awkwardly.

I laughed slightly. “Yeah, I could say the same thing to you.”

“Not to be rude or anything, but why are you here?” Gemma questioned.

He shrugged. “Just coming by to visit,”

Beau and Raine ran onto the porch, Raine rubbing his face on Beau’s leg as if to tell him to pet him. Beau obliged.

Harry looked between them and I, a sad look appearing on his face.

“It’s nice to meet you man,” Beau held out his hand to him, “I’m Beau, Beau Mirchoff.”

Harry shook his hand. “Nice to meet you, too. I see you’ve, uh, gotten close to Raine.”

Beau smiled, patting Raine’s head. “Yeah, you become really close in six months.”

Harry smiled at me sadly, messing with his hair. “Wow, six months…”

“Please don’t do this,” I pleaded.

Beau gave us a questioning look. “Did I miss something?”

“No,” I shook my head. “Harry, you told me to find someone better. Why are you acting surprised that I did?”

Harry chuckled sourly. “Ouch,”

I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t mean it as an insult.”

“Right,” He nodded.

“But she wasn’t wrong,” Beau spoke up, catching everyone’s attention.

Harry glared at him. “Excuse me?”

“I mean, technically I am better for (y/n).” Beau said firmly. “I’d never even dream of cheating on her like you did. And, if I remember correctly, she told me I make her the happiest she’s been in a long time, so.”

Harry chuckled smugly. “Really? Well, I made her happy for almost three years. And, quite frankly, I doubt you’ll be together a month or two from now.”

“How the hell would you know?” Beau glared. “I think we’ll be together for a very long time, considering I’m not an insecure, borderline alcoholic like you, who knows he’s not good enough for anyone, especially (y/n).”

“Enough!” I yelled. “Shut the hell up, both of you. Beau, you don’t have to stoop to his level, everyone knows you’re better than him anyway.” I stood up, walking over to hug Gemma. “I’m so sorry, we’ll have to do lunch another time, okay?”

“Alright,” She nodded.

“Beau, Raine, lets go,” I said, about to walk past Harry.

“So, you’re just going to treat me as if we don’t have past?” Harry questioned.

I looked at him. “Yes, Harry, because you insulted my boyfriend and our relationship just because you’re bitter and alone. And our past wasn’t exactly great, so I think you’d prefer me to treat you this way instead of based on that.”

And with that, we left.

Niall, Selena, Beau, and I arrived at Niall’s album release party, walking into the building as cameras flashed in our faces. I sighed in relief as we made it inside, Beau chuckling at me.

“You’ve been famous for how long now?” He teased.

I rolled my eyes. “You know just as well as we do that you never get used to it.”

We followed the bodyguards through the double doors and into the main room, seeing that it was filled to the brim with people already. And the room wasn’t small either. As we made our way through the crowd, people said their hellos to us. Selena, Beau and I stood off to the side of the stage, Niall going up after someone introduced him. Everyone applauded him as he did so, a big smile appearing on his face as he stepped up to the podium.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you for comin’,” Niall spoke into the microphone. “This is a big night for me, as this is when all of my hard work, as well as everyone who helped me’s hard work pays off. I, uh, I put my all into this album and I’m thrilled that everyone gets to finally hear it. This is a big change from what I’m used to. If this was a couple years ago, I’d have three other lads up here with me. Who are all here, by the way.”

Everyone laughed, except for me. My heart dropped knowing that Harry was here. The last time I saw him didn’t end so well, and I didn’t want to run into him and risk ruining Niall’s big night because Harry and Beau might get into another argument.

We would just have to avoid him.

“But tonight, I stand up here on my own. And though it’ll still take some getting used to for me, I think it’s a good thing. I may miss being a part of something that was bigger than just the four or five of us, but now I’m ready to be a part of something bigger than myself. And, to quote a much younger me that had no idea what the next years would have in store, I hope it all works out. Thank you.”

Everyone applauded Niall, many of whom had wiped away a tear or two. I almost cried myself, being so proud of him and how far he had come, and how far he’d go.

He got down from the stage, hugging each of us. “I’m so glad I got to have you guys here with me for this.”

“We are so proud of you, you have no idea.” Selena teared up as she hugged him again.

Niall laughed as he pulled away. “No more cryin’, we’re supposed to be celebratin’.”

We all got drinks, Niall and Selena going off to mingle with people.

“So, what do we do if your ex tries to start shit with us?” Beau asked me.

I exhaled. “He can’t start shit with us if we avoid him.”

“You have a fair point,” He chuckled, kissing my head.

As if on cue, the one person we didn’t want to see walked up to us.

“Hey,” Harry said awkwardly.

“Look, we’re not going to let anything ruin Niall’s night. So just back off, alright?” Beau warned.

Harry put his hands up in defense. “I don’t want tonight to get ruined either. I was just going to ask if I could talk to (y/n). Alone.”

I looked at him in surprise. “Seriously?”

“Do you really think I’m going to let you talk to my girlfriend alone after how things went the last time?” Beau said incredulously. “Absolutely not,”

Harry sighed. “Just hear me out… I just feel an apology is due.”

“More like way overdue,” I muttered.

He gestured to me. “Very true,”

Beau hesitated, then rolled his eyes as he sighed. “Fine, whatever. But I’m keeping an eye on you, you got it?”

Harry put his hands back up. “I got it, mate.”

I followed Harry as he walked to the bar, both of us sitting on stools.

“Like I said, I owe you an apology,” Harry started. “I shouldn’t have started anything with Beau last time, and I’m sorry that I did. I’m also sorry for being bitter and not seeing how much better he is for you than I was. You look so happy with him, and I did tell you to find someone better, so I was out of line for doing what I did. But I couldn’t help but feel jealous and angry… because all I could think of is how you wanted me to fight for you, and I didn’t. And now that you’ve moved on, it’s too late. I’ve lost you, and all I can do is just hope that no one will ever break your heart the way I did. …So, yeah, I apologize. To both of you.”

I sighed. “I accept your apology. But, I also apologize. I shouldn’t have let Beau call you names or have treated you the way I did. I should’ve been checking up on you, not ignoring you and avoiding you. No matter what, I’ll always care about you, so I don’t want there to be any hard feelings between us.”

“It’s fine,” He assured me. “You don’t have to apologize for that, I brought that onto myself. And I don’t blame you for not wanting anything to do with me. Besides, he was right.”

I gave him a confused look. “Right about what?”

“I was a ‘borderline alcoholic’.” He air quoted.

I gasped. “You were not.”

“I was,” He nodded. “I actually went to rehab for a bit after you left, though no one knows about it except my family and now you. I’d been drinking a lot behind your back when we were together, I hid it from you because I was ashamed. I didn’t want you to see just how much I didn’t deserve you, but in the end, I showed my true colors anyways.”

I looked at him for a bit. “I honestly had no idea. I’m so sorry, if I knew I could’ve helped or someth–”

“Forget it,” He waved me off. “You could’ve have helped me, (y/n). I needed a wake up call, so you leaving me was exactly what I needed in a sad, ironic way.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” I trailed off.

He smiled at me. “I’ve actually been sober since a month after you left.”

I smiled back. “That’s great, Harry.”

He nodded, sighing. “You should probably get back to your boyfriend. If I keep you any longer he might think something’s up.”

I laughed. “I never thought I’d ever hear you say that.”

“Neither did I, to be quite honest.” He chuckled. I got up from my stool, and he stayed put. “Tell Raine I said hi, alright?”

I gave him a look. “You know that you can come by and see him anytime, right?”

“I don’t know your address, so.” He said expectingly.

I rolled my eyes at him, causing him to laugh. “I’ll text it to you,”

He gasped dramatically. “You still have my number?”

“Oh, cut the shit,” I smacked his arm playfully.

“Hey, uh, one more thing,” He said.

“Yes?” I urged.

“Promise me you won’t write a song about me? I already have enough of those, as you know.” He smirked.

I groaned jokingly. “Don’t flatter yourself, I’m not writing anything about you.”

“Good,” He nodded.

I walked away, Beau coming up to me and putting his arm around me protectively, kissing my head as he looked at Harry. He just laughed, turning back around to the bar and ordering a water.

if you liked this and have ideas for other imagines feel free to request them, requests are always open x

So a while back myself and @starfleetwitch came up with a few ideas for a fic that I was going to write and the fantastically talented @starfleetwitch was going to draw art for. I’m so pleased (and excited because the art is super incredible) to say it’s finished now and I really hope you guys like it!

Ad Astra (to the stars)

The soft piano music filled the restaurant, quiet chatter added to the mix as Serena followed Bernie to their table. Bernie pulled a chair out for Serena and Serena looked up with a smile and sat down. She gently placed her hand on Bernie’s arm and said thank you.

Sitting opposite from Serena, Bernie reached over and took Serena’s hand into her own.

“Have I mentioned how beautiful you look tonight?” Bernie said, her eyes cast upon the sleek black dress Serena was wearing. It clung to her in all the right places and had a hint of cleavage, which Bernie had trouble finding her words the moment she first laid eyes on Serena and it certainly looked like this was going to be repeated.

“I’m up here.” Serena said and Bernie looked up, a slight blush across her cheeks as she found Serena smirking at her.

“Sorry.” Bernie muttered and Serena shook her head.

“Never be sorry, I quite like being ogled. Only if it’s you doing the ogling of course!” Serena said with an amused expression. They both reached for the menus and before Serena could get to it, Bernie was already holding the wine list in front of Serena, even though Bernie was looking down at the menu, Serena could see the smug smile. After deciding what they wanted to eat and having a healthy discussion of what wine was going to be the best, (With Bernie eventually giving in to Serena’s wishes, she knew fully well not to disagree with Serena when it came to wine.) they ordered the food and waited for the wine to come. Serena glanced over at the man playing the piano and smiled, she always loved coming to this restaurant and she knew Bernie did as well.

This was the fourth time they had come now and each time added a new memory for the both of them. There was empty floor space next to the piano where couples went up to dance, a large decorated window at the back, which gave a view to the beautiful patio area. Bernie followed Serena’s gaze, smiling as she thought back to the first time they danced, how they swayed perfectly in time and the way they held one another, their bodies coming together as one.

“Care to dance Ms Campbell?” Bernie asked and they both shared a smile, knowing that was how Bernie asked the first time.

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Our True Love - Chapter 4

A/N: Here comes the fourth chapter! Thank you again for the likes and reblogs of my previous chapters. I do hope you guys continue to enjoy my stories! If any of you would like me to tag you for the next chapters, please inbox me. Enjoy!

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,771
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

My heart is full of glee.

Richard is going to be my date to this dinner party at the Avengers Headquarters in celebration of its anniversary. After Sharon’s birthday party, we kept in contact, setting time to meet and go out whenever we can. I enjoyed every moment I spent with him.  

Rosaline would often pelt me with questions on how things are with Richard over text. I told her that we are just friends and hanging out with each other. I do like the fact that we share a lot of things in common, but, I was yet ready to fall for another man at this point.

I give myself a spin in the bathroom mirror. I’m finally wearing the silver top navy blue dress I received as a birthday present from my parents. I had it sitting in the closet for years, but now I finally get to wear it.

I curled my hair and braided it into a waterfall braid. It was a miracle that it even looked decent enough. The cherry coloured lipstick I’m wearing is a little nod to Richard’s nickname for me. I hope he keeps his promise to wear that dark green tie to match my nickname for him too.

I hear my phone ring from outside. I rush out and quickly pick it up.

“Hey, Cherry Princess. I’m at your door.” Richard’s voice from the other line calls out to me. I giggle.

“All right, Crocodile Prince. I’m coming.” I slip on my high heels and grab my small handbag. I give myself one more spin before exiting out the door.

“Whoa! Look at you go, girl! Give Falcon a spin!” Sam calls out while holding my hand. I laugh and give myself a twirl around for him.

“You look fine as hell!” He says again before pulling me into a quick hug.

“You look great yourself, birdbrain.” I say. He gives me a spin himself before two thumbs up.

“A man gotta look good for this kind of event. Gotta attract them ladies.” Sam winks at me. I slap his arm playfully.

Richard had given me a small crown of jasmine flowers before we came here. I must say, it added an elegant touch to my outfit. He even keeps a small bunch of jasmine flower in his suit pocket to match. It looked a little out of place with his dark green tie and silver suit, but he still looks breath-taking nonetheless.

“And you, Mr. Crocodile Hunter. You look good too. Even your tie matches your favourite reptile.” Sam shakes Richard’s hand. Richard only lets out a small laugh.

“This will be the norm from now on, huh? I probably shouldn’t have told any of you guys about my love for crocodiles.” He jokes. I wrap an arm around Richard’s.

“Awh, but it’s adorable to see how passionate you are about them.” I say. Richard gives me a loving smile. His gentle green eyes makes my heart flutter. I blush at the sight before looking away.

“Y’all enjoy yourselves. Now I gotta go and find some ladies to hang around. Maybe Wanda and Natasha.” Sam winks at me again before disappearing out. I search through the crowd to find anyone I’d recognize.

At the back of my mind, I hope to see Bucky somewhere. I always loved seeing him in his suits. He looks really good in them. My eyes light up when I see Steve talking to Tony among the crowd.

“Hey, there’s Tony!” I say to Richard. He is also looking for someone in the crowd. He turns his head to look at me before nodding.

“Tony! Steve!” I call their names. Both of them turn to look at me with smiles on their faces.

“Hello there, Stardust. Fancy seeing you here.” Tony says reaching over for a hug. I return it before giving Steve one as well.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” I blush at his comment before smiling.

“Thank you. And you guys look excellent too.” I say. Richard taps on my hand before leaning in to whisper into my ear.

“Y/N, I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.” With that, he disappears out into the crowd. I blink. My eyes follow Richard until I can no longer see him. Tony fixes his tie.

“Yeah, well you saw me like this a lot of the times anyways.” He says.

“And every time you look great, Tony.” I grin. Tony chuckles.

“Where’s Sharon and Pepper?” I ask trying to look next to them.

“They are here, somewhere in the crowd.” Steve says as he turns his head around to find a glimpse of his own wife.

“Gossiping among other women, I bet.” Tony takes a sip on the wine in his hand. Steve chuckles.

“Not every women are like that.” I say. I look through again.

“Have you guys seen Bucky?” I ask.

“Oh yeah. I saw him earlier when I arrived. He’s somewhere around here.” Steve says.

“Right here.” A voice from behind Steve. I turn to look and find Bucky walking towards us. My heart stops when I see him in his black suit and blue tie. He yet again looks very unreal. Like he is from a world within a painting. His metal arm a little too bit for his suit jacket, but seems to fit in snugly anyways.

“Hey, Y/N.” He says to me. I blink my eyes before clearing my throat. I reach in for a hug.

“Bucky! You look amazing.” I say as we hug. The cologne on his suit gives me a sense of familiarity. His wedding. He wore the same one during his wedding ceremony. I smile to myself; how sweet.

“You too, Y/N.” We pull away from the hug. I can smell a bit of his cologne transferred onto my dress.

“Where’s Rosaline?” I ask looking behind him. His blue eyes staying on me.

“She’s with Jane right now. They’re talking.” He says, running his hand through his hair.

“The girls are getting along nicely, aren’t they?” Tony says again. “How are things with Rosy?”

“We’re doing… okay.” Bucky says simply. I glance up at Bucky. There is something wrong with that tone. Even Steve caught that.

“Yo, Mr. Stank!” Rhodey’s voice erupting from the nearby crowd. Tony laughs before shaking his head.

“Excuse me, gentlemen, lady. Have fun tonight, guys.” Tony nods at the three of us before walking over to his friend.

“Is your sleep pattern acting up again, Buck?” Steve asks straight on. Bucky looks at him before letting out a sigh.

“A little. Not a big deal.” He says. He’s not telling the truth.

“You have the nightmares again?” I ask, concerned now. I examine his blue eyes, trying to find the answer in them. Yes, he is. I can see the lines on his face and the exhaustion in his eyes.

“No. I’m fine. Don’t worry about it.” He says, looking away. I let out a sigh before looking over at Steve.

“Well you can ask for more lavender from Steve. He grows them for you, you know?” I say. Bucky chuckles while wrapping an arm around Steve’s neck.

“Yeah. You really shouldn’t have done that, Steve. I’ll manage.” He says giving Steve’s shoulder a squeeze. Bucky mumbles something underneath his breath. I didn’t quite catch what he said. Steve raises an eyebrow.

“Friends look out for each other, you know?” Steve says petting Bucky’s back. I smile at them. They have some kind of sparkle when they are together. Their friendship and brotherhood is really beautiful.

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders. I let out a gasp and turn to look who it was. It was just Richard.

“Sorry, love. I had to see someone real quick.” Richard says pulling me towards him. My heart race and I can feel my face warm up quickly. I place my hands on his arm to pet them gently.

“It’s all right. I was just talking to Bucky and Steve.” I say gesturing towards them. Steve has a smile on his face, but Bucky’s expression was… unreadable.

“Hey Steve. And hey James.” Richard says, shaking their hands but still keeping his left arm wrapped around my shoulders.

“James, have you seen Rosy? I haven’t seen her since last week.”

“She’s over there. You can go and see her by yourself.”

My body tenses. There is some kind of strain in their voices. It makes me really uncomfortable. Richard gives Bucky a smile, but it wasn’t his usual sweet smile. A clouded one.

“I think both of us will go and see her, right, Cherry?” Richard asks looking at me. I blush and nod at him.

“Yeah, I want to see her.” I say genuinely. Bucky lets out a grunt. I raise an eyebrow at his sudden change of attitude.

“Let’s go then. See you later, Steve. And James.” He says. Richard wraps his hand around mine, pulling me away from them into the crowd. I quickly yell out to both of them.

“Steve, Bucky, I’ll see you guys later!”

The last thing I saw was Bucky’s death-like stare at Richard.

We left the event at around midnight. It was very lovely. I haven’t talked to Bucky since we saw each other earlier. I did see him from far though, talking to different people. After we left both of them and found Rosaline, I realize that there is something going on between her and Bucky.

Even though she was beautiful in her little white dress, she isn’t sparkling like before. She lost a bit of her shine and she looks really tired. Richard and Rosaline talked in Russian most of the time, so I didn’t know what is going on. Though, both of them look rather upset at something.

I wait outside by the front entrance. Richard had given me his suit jacket since I was cold. He has gone to get the car to send me home. I check my phone for messages. The crickets are giving me a peaceful feeling.

“It’s a little cold tonight.” Bucky’s voice coming from behind. I turn to look at him.

“Bucky.” I say before nodding. “Yeah. It is.” I pull Richard’s jacket closer to me. Bucky’s eyes drift down to the suit around my body. His expression changes again, but he turns away before I could even read it.

“You’re very beautiful tonight.” Bucky says. My heart race in my chest. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

“Thank you, Bucky.” I say looking at him. He still keeps his head looking away into the small woods in front of the headquarters.

“How are things with… Richard?” He asks, a little strain in his voice. I chuckle.

“They are nice. He’s such a romantic.” I say while putting my phone away. I look up at the sky. It is a cloudy night, not a hint of stars in the sky.

“You are dating him then?” Bucky asks. His voice a little broken. I look at him surprised at the sudden change of tone.

“N—” Honk. Honk. I turn to look at Richard. He exits the car and make his way towards us.

“Let’s go, Cherry Princess.” He says holding his hand out for mine. I look at Bucky one more time before reaching out to accept his hand. But before I could even reach for it, Bucky’s hand grabs mine, pulling me away from Richard.

“I’d like to talk to her for a moment.” Bucky says darkly at Richard. Richard’s brows furrow as he exchanges glances between the both of us. Richard scoffs.

“It is late, James. I need to send her home. You never know what kind of men will come out during the late hours of the night. Men who can’t control themselves from beautiful women regardless of her feelings.” The last sentence came out like a sharp knife. Even Bucky jerked back slightly at the statement. My heart beats against my chest, still feeling Bucky’s grip on my hand.

“Its men like you who she needs to stay away from.” He says as he lets my hand go and pull off Richard’s jacket from me. He tosses it back towards Richard. I look at Bucky surprised.

“Richard, just give us a moment.” I say while looking at him. I grab onto Bucky’s arm before pulling him away a bit far from Richard. I can still see him, but he is not within earshot.

“Bucky, what the hell is going on?” I ask him, feeling a little confused. Bucky lets out an angry sigh.

“Why are you getting involved with the likes of him, Y/N?” He asks. His dark blue eyes staring right into me.

“He’s just a friend, Bucky. We like spending time with each other. But that’s not the issue here. Why are you so cross with Richard?” I ask again.

“Because the thought of him with you is pissing me off.” Bucky answers, his tone of voice getting angrier. I don’t know what he means by that. I shake my head.

“I’m a grown woman. I can take care of myself. My question is why do you dislike him? He’s your brother-in-law for goodness sakes. You shouldn’t treat him like that.” I say getting angry myself now.

“At least find another man to hang out with. Not him!” He shouts angrily. I back away, blinking. His burst of temper scared me. Bucky seems to realize it himself. He turns away running his hands through his hair. I sigh out, reaching over to touch his shoulder.

“Bucky, what’s going on between you and Rosaline?” I ask. He jerks his shoulder away from me. For some reason, that gesture made me feel like as though Bucky just shoved me down to the hard cold ground. And he did regret it. His expression turns into a saddened one when he turns to look at me.

“I… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” He says while turning back to face me. I remain quiet, holding my hands together against my chest. My chest tightens with worry as I continue to search the features on his face.

“Things haven’t been going well with her, isn’t it?” I ask again. A flash of hurt in his eyes. I was right. Something is going on between them. He shakes his head in denial.

“Bucky you can talk to me about it. I’m here for you.” I say, still afraid to reach over and touch him. Just like that, I feel another sense of anger boiling inside of him.

“Before you haven’t, now you suddenly want to? Why have you suddenly start to care again?!” He shouts at me. I take a deep breath, backing away. Tears clouding my vision. I blink it away.

“Bucky, why are you—”

“Save it. Go and have your own fun with Richard. I don’t care.” He says as he turns away to walk back inside the building. I was left alone there, cold, confused, sad and angry all at the same time. This situation all too familiar.

Richard walks over to me. He wraps the suit jacket around me before pulling me into a hug. My heart feels like its breaking again.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Bucky is like that around Rosaline too. His temper spiralling out of control at any single comment.” He says, stroking my hair. Tears spill from my eyes as I bury my face into Richard’s chest.

I know now. Richard dislikes Bucky because of the way he is treating Rosaline. That’s why they were tense with each other. Rosaline lost her shine because she must be tired of dealing with Bucky’s nightmares and temper. This reminds me of the time when I first met Bucky. His temper was similar. Bursts of anger follows right after sleepless nights.

Things improved after nights of me and Steve taking care of him when we lived together in the tower. Bucky just needed the comfort of someone there with him to be able to sleep properly.

With Rosaline in his life, I thought things would improve even better for him. That his nightmares would no longer disturb his sleep since she’s there with him. Despite that, his terrible sleep patterned had returned.

Richard leads me into the car and start making our way towards my home. Even with Richard’s cologne on his suit, I can still smell a hint of Bucky’s cologne on my hands. It must’ve been when I pulled him by his arm.

The smell unwraps the scars in my chest little by little.  

★ ★ ★

A/N: I rewrote this chapter completely. I had another situation in my mind, but I’ll save that for the next chapter instead. I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! Let me know what you think about the story so far and if you like it or not. Thank you very much for reading! 

Next chapter coming soon! 

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Sick Day

I was talking to @just-another-mutant-fangirl last night and they gave me an idea for a btd fic that I just had to write!

Characters: Ren, Strade
Tags: sickfic, rabid ren, animalistic urges
Words: 464
Notes: Short fic focusing on Ren in which he has a rabies-like disease. Feedback appreciated!!

Ren’s fever had spiked. He lay shaking, half naked in his nest of blankets with his eyebrows furrowed.

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ABC Fill in the blank


Tagging: @yoongichii @minsyg @jm-n @jinsforehead @blood-sweat-and-sin @planettaeil @jungchook

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