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I was introduced to Over The Garden Wall in 2015 by Jin, and I loved it. It’s become one of my favorite cartoons.

Never did I imagine that years later, I’d be doing a cover for the official comic by BOOM! Studios. It will be released this September. The solicitation may be found here: http://www.cbr.com/boom-studios-september-2017-solicitations/

This time around, my art is going to be on the main cover! And it feels surreal that the creator, Patrick McHale, saw my work. As a fan of the show, I’m very honored to have been given this chance.

I hope you guys like it <3

My heart, all my love, thoughts and prayers go out to Harry and his family during this terrible time. I have a lot to say about how disrespectful and invasive and awful some fans have been, but I feel like they don’t deserve my time nor any more attention. So this is for Harry, for Anne, for Gemma. May you guys grieve in peace and may you find strength in one another. And this is most importantly for Robin, Rest In Peace ❤️

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 17

Summary: The reader and Jensen fly together back to LA,

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.3k+

Warnings: Angst.

Beta: @waywardlullabies


Note: Hope you guys like this one!!!

Title: For Our Daughter’s Sake


Instead of having your mother fly to San Diego with JJ, Jensen traveled back to Los Angeles with you. Having JJ around wasn’t the smartest idea with all the media that was in San Diego.

It felt weird being next to him for the short flight. There was so much history between the two of you, yet neither could form a non-awkward sentence.

“Do you think we can make this co-parenting work?” Jensen broke the silence.

You looked at him, “I mean… We have to. For JJ.”

Jensen’s eyes lit up at the sound of her name. “Yeah,” he smiled slightly. “I miss her.”

“She really misses you,” you said. “She always says da-da all around.”

He smiled, glad his daughter haven’t forget about him. You guys didn’t talked much the rest of the flight. Once in LA, you two drove straight back to your place.

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It’s All Fun and Games

Hey guys! Fred Weasley is just so wonderful, but all the games might get to be a bit much. I hope you guys like it! 

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader 

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing

Sometimes when it came to being friends with and dating one of the two biggest pranksters at Hogwarts was fun, other times, it caused you a significant amount of grief. Today was one of the less fun days. The twins had decided to play the ‘which on is which’ game with you. Generally, you didn’t have many issues telling them apart despite the fact they were identical. They acted very differently.

“Hey (Y/N)!” George yelled, tossing an arm around your shoulders. 

“Hey, George,” You said, smiling happily. Suddenly, the redhead stopped, looking confused. 

“No, mate, I’m Fred. He’s George,” He said, pointing at the other boy. You sighed. 

“I know you’re not.” George and his twin stood side by side with identical confused faces. You snorted a soft laugh. They exchanged looks before looking back at you with mirrored smirks. 

“Are you sure?” They asked. You nodded as you continued towards the common room. Both of them trailed after you, one on either side; each of them had leaned an arm on your shoulders. Upon reaching the portrait hole, you spit out the password automatically. The Fat Lady gave you a kind smile which you reciprocated, still ignoring the twins at your sides. 

“How exactly can you–” Fred started. 

“be so sure?” George finished. You laughed, setting your bag down by a chair. 

“I just know, guys,” You said, turning back to them. 

“Which one am I?” Fred asked, grinning at you. 

“You are my dearest Fred Weasley,” You said, pecking his lips. A smirk curled on their faces.

“Wrong,” They chirped in sync. 

“I know I’m right,” You said, taking a seat. The twins kneeled in front of you, trying to keep you playing their game. You just watched as they tried harder to make you wrong. 

“How?” They asked. You snorted. 

“The way you carry yourselves is different. Fred, you’re the more outgoing one. You talk first most of the time. You also tend to be the brains behind a plan while your counterpart is the enabler. George, you’re the more sympathetic one and you carry on a joke. Merlin’s beard, you two, I’m dating Fred and I’ve known you for years,” You giggled. They exchanged another look before disappearing into the boys dorms. This was not going to be good.

The stupid game dragged on for weeks with them only becoming more insistent upon one being the other until you began to avoid both of them. That only lasted so long though. You wanted to be able to kiss Fred again. When you finally saw them again, only one approached you as you ate breakfast in the Great Hall. The way he swaggered up to you, you almost thought it was Fred. Almost. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders again. 

“Hello, love,” He said, pulling you close. Raising an eyebrow, you pulled back. 

“What the hell, George?” You mumbled, shoving another bite of eggs into your mouth. 

“I’m Fred. Honestly, you call yourself my girlfriend. You’re as bad as my mother,” He laughed. You unwrapped his arm from you, looking around for your actual boyfriend.

“No, you aren’t. I can tell because my boyfriend kisses me good morning instead of saying it.” The ginger plastered his hand to his chest looking offended as you continued on with your breakfast. Finally, Fred joined you. 

“Maybe you just need to brush your teeth before I kiss you,” George suggested. 

“I have,” You said, calmly. “Hello, Fred.” It was now that you acknowledged the other redhead to your left. One more reason you knew that it was him. Fred always sat on your left. 

“I’m George, mate,” He said. You rolled your eyes. This game was getting annoying. 

“Would you cut it out? I’m getting really sick of having to explain that I know my boyfriend is my boyfriend.” They just laughed. Your eyebrow twitched in annoyance. 

“Come on, babe. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when our own mother can’t tell us apart,” George said, rubbing your arm. You slammed your fork on your plate angrily. 

“I can tell you apart. You two are just being dicks,” You snapped. Once again they laughed into their breakfast. Just then, an evil thought crossed your mind as you took a drink. Smirking into your goblet, you decided that, if they wanted you to play the game, you’d play it. Wiping the look from your face, you placed your goblet back on the table with a sweet smile. 

“Are you finally coming around?” Fred asked. You nodded with the most apologetic expression you could muster. 

“Yeah. I guess I just can’t tell you apart. I’m sorry,” You said, trying to keep the bubbling laugh down. 

 “Everyone makes mistakes,” Fred said, nudging your shoulder with his own. 

“Yeah, (Y/N), just take our word for it next time,” George said. 

“You are completely right, love,” You said, finishing off your breakfast. Standing, you gathered your things for class, but not before you pressed a kiss to George’s cheek. You watched as Fred flushed lightly with anger. 

“Have fun in Potions,” George said. You smiled, hugging your books to your chest. 

“Thanks, Fred. I’ll see you at lunch,” You chirped, turning to Fred with the same smile you always gave his brother. “Bye George.” 

You played their game for about a week and you could see Fred beginning to lose it. You hadn’t gone as far as kissing George on the lips, but you’d given him all the hugs, satisfied sighs, and special smiles that you generally reserved for your boyfriend. There was also the added bonus of seeing George look as uncomfortable as a person could look. You had only lasted about a day without telling Hermione, who was just as amused by the situation. 

“How long do you think it will be before they lose it?” You asked Hermione as you flipped the page in your book. It was just you two in the common room at the moment. 

“I don’t know. I heard them talking earlier and it doesn’t sound like they’re going to give up any time soon,” She replied, looking up from her book. You bit your lip and furrowed your eyebrows. You really wanted your actual boyfriend back. 

“Ugggghhh,” You groaned, “I want Freddie back.” 

“You could always give it up first, you know,” She suggested, knowing full well that losing was not an option for you. You glared lightly at her and she laughed. 

“Don’t even go there,” You giggled. She looked thoughtful for a moment before an evil look crossed her face. That look both terrified and excited you. 

“You could push them into forfeiting,” She said, ominously. You raised an eyebrow. 

“I’m listening.” Hermione leaned with a devilish smile. It only took a few seconds of explaining to reach an understanding. She was telling you to really throw yourself into this. Go as far as Fred would let you go. You ran your fingers through your hair, biting your lip. 

“At the very least, you’d win,” She said. 

“You’re not wrong,” You said, apprehensively. 

“Well, are you going to go through with it?” She asked. You rolled the idea around in your head for a few seconds before making your decision. 

“Yeah. It’s not like it’ll go very far anyway,” You said with a shrug. She laughed, patting you on the shoulder. 

 Fred and George didn’t appear in the common room until a hour or so later, giving you and Hermione a good long time to laugh about your plan. When they walked in, you went silent. Grinning, you waved at Fred, who waved back grumpily. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked. He plopped down on the couch and crossed his arms. 

“Georgie’s just upset because he can’t get himself a girlfriend,” George laughed. You gave a fake pout in Fred’s direction. Glancing at Hermione, she gave you a subtle smile and excused herself to go to bed. 

“Aww, don’t worry. You’ll find someone,” You said, punching him in the arm lightly. He simply gave you a sour look and you moved from his side to George’s lap. 

“(Y/N)?” He asked, reddening slightly. It took everything you had to keep the impending smirk off your face. This was so obviously George. Fred always welcomed you into his lap with a kiss and a good natured joke at his brother’s expense. 

“Yes, love?” You asked, innocently. You batted your eyelashes at him and intertwined your fingers with his.  

“Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to do this in front of my little brother here?” He asked. You giggled sweetly, pressing a kiss to the back of his hand. 

“It hasn’t ever bothered you before.” You snuggled into the younger twin, placing the top of your head just under his chin and turning to look at your actual boyfriend. 

Fred had crossed his arms and locked his fudge colored eyes onto the fireplace with an ugly look on his face. Red was creeping up his neck and turning his ears the same shade as his hair the more friendly you got with George. The thought of beating them at their own game made you continue with your antics. This was also basically a guarantee that they’d never play this game with you again. They still hadn’t broken yet. You shrugged internally. You’d just have to push a little further. 

“You know, George, I think there are plenty of girls out there for you. Maybe try someone from the Quidditch team,” You suggested. Fred glared at you from the corner of his eye. 

“Yeah?” He snapped. You nodded, looking as if nothing were wrong. 

“Definitely. Angelina Johnson likes you, I think.” You felt George jump beneath you. 

“Really?” He asked. You glanced back at him with a fake confused look. 

“Is it really that shocking that she’d like your brother?” You asked. He cleared his throat, settling back into the couch and wrapping a hesitant arm around you. 

“Yeah, considering I got all the good looks,” He taunted, weakly. You fought down your smirk again. You yawned, stretching languidly in a way that always drove Fred insane. George swallowed thickly. Their reaction was incredibly similar. 

“I suppose I’d have to agree with you on that. Well, if you don’t mind Georgie, I think I’m going to steal your brother for the night,” You said, winking at an obviously panicking redhead. Fred’s eyes lit up with hellish flames that you’d never seen before, but he didn’t move. 

“I mind,” He grunted. 

“You had something planned?” You set your eyes on George, tipping your head to the side and leaning into him. This was usually the point in which Fred stopped caring if he’d planned something. 

“W-Well, no, but…” He sputtered. Smirking inwardly, you patted yourself on the back for backing them into this corner. The game would be over soon and you would have your Fred back. 

“Then there should be no reason as to why I can’t have him for tonight.” You pulled the uncomfortable twin to his feet. 

“(Y/N),” Fred said. His tone was blank, but his face was twisted in anger that might not have been apparent if you weren’t looking for it. 

“What, George?” You asked. He flinched as you called him by his brother’s name. He didn’t say anything, so you shrugged and began leading George to the exit. Usually, you and Fred would go spend your night in the Room of Requirement. Fred stood up, hands curling into fists. 

“Just wait a minute! You’re not going anywhere with my bird!” Fred growled, crossing the room in three steps and tearing his brother from you. It was now that you couldn’t contain your laughter. It began to bubble and spill from your lips; starting as minor giggles and reaching a total mess of shrieking laughter that you rarely accomplished without the help of the Weasley twins. Both sets of eyes rested on you like you’d lost your marbles. 

“She set us up,” George said, staring at you in disbelief. 

“You bet I did! Dear lord, you should see the looks on your faces!” You cackled. An identical pair of unamused faces looked down at you a tears cascaded down your cheeks from laughing so hard. 

“You did this on purpose?” They asked. You nodded, beginning to catch your breath. 

“What the hell–” 

“– is wrong with you?” They snapped. You snorted another laugh and wiped droplet from your eye. 

“You guys started it,” You pointed out. They shared a look before George nodded at Fred and left the common room, leaving the two of you alone. 

“Can you actually tell us apart?” He asked, coming closer to you. 

“I can.” You watched him as the anger faded from his face, but not his eyes. Not yet anyway. 

“Then what was the point of acting like you couldn’t?” He yelled. You laughed softly, taking his hand in yours. 

“Punishment,” You stated simply. He blinked at you. “Come on, Freddie. You spent weeks torturing me for your own amusement. It’s really only fair that I have my fun too.” 

“You almost shagged my brother to get back at us?” He asked. You shuddered at the thought. 

“God, no, gross. I was just messing with you guys,” You said. Sighing, he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear with his free hand. 

“This week has been awful,” He grumbled, hugging you close to him. 

“That’s what you get for being a dick,” You laughed. He glanced down at you. 

“Remind me again why the hat didn’t put you in Slytherin.” You patted his cheek, lovingly. 

“Because I knew this really cute redhead who got sorted into Gryffindor and there was no way in hell that I was letting him slip through my fingers,” You said. He held your hips. 

“Who? Me?” He asked, modestly. 

“I was talking about George,” You said. 

“(Y/N),” He said, warningly. You chuckled warmly, pecking his lips once. 

“Only joking, of course it was you.” Smiling, he pulled you up to him so he could give you a proper kiss for the first time in about a month. I’m so glad that I got that stupid game to end, you thought as you fused your lips together. 

“Sorry to interrupt,” George’s voice cut in. You pulled away looking at him. “Does Angelina really–” 

“Yes.” You said. 



BTW July 30th is almost here!
So we start resuming the comic in August woooo!!!

I know some of you are seeing a lot of info posts and fanarts but just want the comic… sorry for the wait! (again, please search the tag “ftcomic” within our blog to find the comic)

We thank you for your support and patience!

And thank you again to all those who have shared such lovely fanart! We appreciate each and every one. We hope we do not sound fake when we thank you guys so many times.. cause we really do mean it. Each and every piece of fanart is unique and wonderful, just like the artist! And of course we are happy if you just enjoy the AU at all.


anonymous asked:

Isak gets high w/ jonas and mentions his ex-crush on jonas casually and jonas is SHOOKTH

hello! i don’t know how this happened, but this ended up very differently to how you prompted it…. i’m sorry? hope you enjoy anyway! (sidenote: sorry that i can’t seem to let go of evilde and pan!mahdi)


“I don’t know, guys,” Magnus says, blowing out smoke. “Maybe I am bisexual. I mean I read somewhere that it usually turns out that sometimes a whole group of friends turns out to be gay, like they find each other by the power of gaydar or something.”

Isak hasn’t taken his head out of his hands for the entire time that Magnus has been talking. He’s even discovered that he can smoke with one hand over his eyes.

“I’m not gay, Mags,” Jonas points out. “Or bi, or pan, or anything.”

“Are you sure, though? I mean, since we’ve been a squad, we’ve had isak come out, and then Mahdi, and now Vilde and Eva. What if we’re all just gay?”

“Listen, Mags,” Mahdi says, sounding ridiculously patient, despite everything Mags is saying. “Just because you’re heartbroken, doesn’t mean you can’t still be straight.”

“But maybe I want to be gay!” he says, sounding a little like a petulant child.

“It’s not a fucking choice, Mags,” Isak sighs at him. “Honestly, what are you trying to achieve?”

“Well, I just-” Magnus stops and looks off into the distance for a moment, deep in thought. “Because I think Penetrator Chris is hot, right? And i thought, you know, maybe that’s just objective, but maybe it’s not! Maybe I actually wanna bang him?”

“No-one wants to bang Penetrator Chris,” says Jonas, bitterly. “Not unless their standards are through the floor.”

“Dude, your ex-girlfriend was banging Penetrator Chris,” says Mahdi. “Don’t be a dickhead.”

Jonas scowls.

A minute passes in silence, and then Mahdi pulls out his phone. “Here,” he says, “I’m gonna google “how to tell if you’re bisexual.” and we can work it out.”

Isak tunes the rest of the conversation out, because honestly? He’s too high to listen to this shit. He vaguely registers Mahdi asking Magnus questions like “do you fantasize about boys and girls?” and “do you watch gay porn?” but he gets lost in his own thoughts until he picks up on another of Mahdi’s questions.

“Have you ever had a crush on one of your guy friends?”

“What?” Magnus exclaims. “That’s a thing?”

“Of course that’s a thing, Magnus,” Isak can’t keep his mouth shut anymore. “Do you think gay people just don’t have crushes on anyone?”

“Well, no,” says Magnus, “but on friends?”

Isak raises an unamused eyebrow at Magnus. “Who else would you have a crush on? Was Vilde not your friend?”

“Well, I mean, I guess, but that’s different, isn’t it?”


“Oh,” Magnus says, and then falls silent for a minute, before his face lights up, and Isak sighs, before he even speaks. “So did you have a crush on one of us?”


“Oh my god, you did! Who was it?”


“Yeah, but,” Mags continues, undeterred. “Before that. Did you have a crush on any of us?”

“I barely knew you before that.”

“You knew Jonas, though.” Ah, shit.

Isak attempts a casual shrug, hoping that Mags is too high to draw any conclusions from this. He isn’t.

“Holy shit! You had a crush on Jonas!”

“Did you?” Jonas asks, looking at Isak strangely, the beginnings of a smile forming on his face.


Mahdi snorts. “Awesome.”

Jonas looks impressed, nodding his head slowly and raising his eyebrows in slight surprise.

“When?” he grins at Isak, who rolls his eyes.

“Like, two years ago, dude.”

“I’m not bothered, Isak,” Jonas says quickly, still grinning. “It’s just unexpected, is all.”

Isak rolls his eyes and looks down at the floor, remembering the mess he made of Eva and Jonas’ relationship and hoping that Jonas won’t push the subject any further. “So Mags, are you bi or not?”

Jonas clears his throat loudly. “Don’t change the subject, Isak. I’m gonna need you to boost my ego more, how long did you have a crush on me?”

Isak clears his throat, embarrassed, and then lifts his phone up. “Oh, would you look at that, my boyfriend who i am in a happy and loving relationship with needs me to go home right now, I’ll see you guys later.”

He can hear the other boys laughter follow him as he leaves.

Jackson Wang - Healing Time With Jackson

Originally posted by markjin

Authors Note: 

First of all, I just wanted to say that if you’re reading this, THANK YOU. The fact that you’re reading my work, and hopefully supporting it, really means the world to me and I am EXTREMLEY grateful! Second of all, I do want to make you aware of the fact that this is a OLD one shot I wrote on AsianFanfics for an IGot7 Secret Santa. It IS uploaded onto AFF, so PLEASE don’t think I’m stealing it. It’s 100% my own and I have the emails with the runners of that project to prove it. 

I also wanted to say that I’m very aware that this one shot kind of sucks. It’s super long and way too detailed, but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless! Please feel free to leave me feedback, whether it be comments or constructive critisism! I love knowing if you guys like something and I’m always down for writing advice!

Thanks again, and happy reading! :)

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Hello, my loves!

It’s been a very long day and I’ve woken from hibernation (my eleven hour nap) to tell you that I love you guys! I’m almost at 750 followers and I’m continuously blown away by you all! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me! I hope I bring you all even a tiny spot of good emotions by being on your dashes!

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The Charade

(gif credit to the creator)

Part Eleven

Master List

Pairing: Misha x OFC / Jensen x OFC
Word Count: 1,686
Warnings: none
A/N: Here’s part eleven of mine and Nicole’s (@iwantthedean) collab! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Let Her Go (Part Two)

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (sort of)

Word Count: 2250

Warnings: ANGSTY AF.

Notes: There is going to be a part three because I am enjoying writing this too much. I hope you guys like it! Also, thank you so, so much for all the love on the first part!! xox

Part One

Reader’s POV:

The two of you rode in silence the entire way back to the bunker, tears falling silently down your cheeks. Sam had wrapped an arm around you the instant you slid into Baby and pulled you close to him, holding you the whole drive. You were glad he wasn’t asking questions; Sam had known you long enough now to know that you would talk when you were ready. He was tense and you could tell by his furrowed brow that he was furious with Mick, even if the two of them were friends. The Winchester’s viewed you as family and no one hurts family and gets away with.

“You okay?” he finally asked as he pulled into the garage, putting the Impala in park and gazing down at you in worry.

All you could do was shake your head; the tears weren’t subsiding and you were too afraid to speak, not trusting your emotions. He gave your shoulder a hard squeeze before pulling away, the two of you making your way into the bunker. Dean was waiting at the bottom of the steps with a generous amount of whiskey in a tumbler. Handing it to you, you gulped the entire thing down in one go, appreciating the burn as it hit your throat. Sighing, you handed him back the glass and he frowned, pulling you in for the tightest of hugs.

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” he said sadly as he let you go, guiding you into one of the chairs around the war room table. “How are you feeling?”

“Like trash, Dean,” you snapped, instantly feeling guilty. “Like I’ve been used and tossed away without a care.” You paused. “I loved him, Dean.” Your bottom lip trembled as you said the words.

Dean wrapped you in his arms once more and you felt Sam stroke your hair gently. God, you were lucky to have them. You weren’t quite sure what kind of situation you’d be in right now, otherwise.

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Never even noticed -Jughead x Reader

Request: can u do a shy girl meets jughead at pops and after a while she is catching feelings and she gains the courage to tell him but he likes betty bUT LATER ON HE REALIZES HE MADE A MISTAKE ;)

A/N: I like this one. I hope you guys enjoy. Thank you for the request. (P.s: this is kinda similar to my last imagine but you guys seemed to enjoy that so hey ho!) ENJOY!

Summary: Y/N confesses her feelings for Jughead and is faced with rejection, however Jughead battles with himself and must decide where his loyalties lie.

Warnings: None (just cheesy af)

Word count: 1'937

It started on a rainy afternoon in September. You strolled into Pop’s diner for the first time, having heard people rave about it on your first day of school. You’d just moved to Riverdale, as your family had been offered a job there. You’d never really been open to change, so moving schools and leaving your friends behind had been hard for you. Your first day had been as you expected, Jock’s whispering about ‘the new girl’ and how they were going to be the first to sleep with her. You just rolled your eyes and moved past them. Now you wished for nothing more than to sit down by yourself and enjoy a milkshake and maybe a bite to eat.

That wish became increasingly less likely as you panned around the diner. Every single booth was occupied. Most looked to have 3 or 4 people on, until you spotted one in the corner. A boy, who you’d recognised as being quite handsome from your first day, alone at the booth, hunched over with his head buried in his laptop as the screen illuminated his face, with a grey beanie perched upon his dark black hair. You decided this was your only option, and despite the fact that he didn’t look particularly friendly, you sauntered over and placed a hand on the back of the seat opposite him. “Do you mind if I sit.” He lifted his head slowly, and a grin found its way into his face as he saw you. “No go for it.” You slid into the booth opposite him and rested your head on your hand and looked at him for a second. “What you working on?” You quizzed. “My Novel, it’s about Jason Blossom, he was-” he begun but didn’t have chance to finish. “Killed this summer. Yeah it’s been the talk of the town and I’ve only been here a day.” You cut in. The boy chuckled and nodded his head in agreement. “I’m Y/N.” you stated, holding your hand out for him to shake. He did so hesitantly, which told you silently that this boy was a stranger to human interaction. “Jughead.” He relied. Your eyebrows knit together in confusion. “I’m sorry what?” You asked, genuinely unsure of what he’d said. “Jughead Jones, that’s my name.” Your eyes widened in shock and you tried not to laugh. “Well really it’s Jughead Jones the iii.” You finally let out a chuckle. “Well it’s nice to meet you Jughead Jones the iii.” You suddenly had an idea. “So what would you recommend I order?” His face lit up, and you could tell already that this was his area of expertise. “Everything. Honestly you must try everything. But if you’re not that hungry I’d say the hamburger and fries with a side of onion rings and a strawberry milkshake.” He said matter of factly, looking somewhat proud of himself. “Wow Jughead Jones the iii, I like you already!”

And from that day onwards, you and Jughead were somewhat inseparable. He introduced you to his friends and you got on well with every single one of them. Jughead had somehow made moving, and leaving your friends behind a positive when before you’d had nothing but narcissistic feelings towards it. You fit in in Riverdale just as much as you had at home, and now Riverdale was your home, but so was Jughead. As the two of you had grown closer, you realised that you felt something more than friendship for him. He was kind, and funny, and intelligent, and thoughtful, and handsome, and adorable, and the list could go on for days. You’d been working up the courage to tell him since you decided you liked him only a week after you first met. However Jughead was a hard person to read. You could never be sure if he felt the same way and it terrified you, but as Veronica always told you 'What’s life without a little fear?’.

It was a Friday evening, and yourself and Jughead were making the short walk home from school. You found a urge of courage within you, and reached your hand out to link with his beside you. He looked over to you and gave you a soft smile. That smile was the kick of bravery that you needed to open up. “Jug can I say something?” He looked at you slightly confused. “You’re saying something now aren’t you?” You rolled your eyes. “You know that’s not what I mean.” His face became more serious and he nodded you on. “We’ve known each other for quite a long time now, and I don’t think I’ve ever known someone the way I feel I know you.” You took a deep breath and continued. “What I’m trying to say is; I feel safe with you Jughead, and I like you. As more than friends, and I was hoping maybe you felt the same way and we could be more than just friends.” When Jughead didn’t say anything for a few seconds; your stomach dropped and you felt a tear roll down your cheek. His face was blank, his expression vacant. “Y/N I-” he paused again. You lowered your head in shame. You hated yourself for ever thinking he could like you back. “Y/N I love you like a sister, but I- I like someone else. I’m so sorry.” He finished and you nodded your head, holding back more tears. It wasn’t his fault he didn’t like you. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. It was just how it was. You knew straight away that the person to who he was referring was Betty, and it hurt like hell, but at least now you knew. “Well I’ll see you around Jughead.” You said, not angrily, you just sounded hurt. And with that you ran off home, ignoring Jughead’s shouts behind you. You wanted to be far away from him right now. Somewhere where you wouldn’t be reminded of the embarrassment you’d just caused yourself. You just wanted to be alone.

Jughead hated himself for hurting you. He made his way home to Archie’s and told Archie what had happened between him and you. Archie patted him on the back and said 'it’s not your fault’ And 'she’ll be fine’. But Jughead could not shake the feeling that he’d messed up. When he and Archie were laying in bed that night, Jughead thought about Betty. He thought about how pretty she was and how kind and caring, but then his mind slowly drifted to you. He thought about your laugh. Your smile. Your eyes. Thought about how your presence could cheer him up in next to no time. How your touch made his heart leap. How you’d been right there under his nose all this time and he’d never even noticed. What Jughead felt for Betty was a crush, but you were a different story. It took this for Jughead to realise he was in love with you. In love with the way you would eat all your fries first and save your burger for last. In love with the way you’d sit with your knees pulled up to your chest in Pop’s and somehow found it comfortable. In love with the way you made him love you, and that he’d never even noticed.

“I’ve made a huge mistake.” Jughead whispered. Archie rolled over and switched on the lamp, illuminating the room. “What?” He asked groggily, rubbing his eyes to wake himself. Jughead didn’t have time to explain however. He shot out of bed, pulling his grey beanie over his head and moving towards the window. “I’ll be back soon, things to do, people to see.” And with that, Jughead began his climb out of the window. Archie’s objections faded into darkness and Jughead ran as fast as his legs could carry him, with only one place on his mind. Your house. He began to lose energy as he finally found himself below your bedroom window. He bent over panting for a few seconds, and spotted the gravel that lay on the ground. He picked up a stone in his hand, and looked up for a second. Your light way off, he hoped you weren’t yet asleep. This conversation really could not wait until morning. He lobbed the stone at the window, not hard enough to break it but hard enough to make an un-ignorable sound.

You lay in bed, wide awake, thinking about the events of the day, still horrified you’d been rejected in such a way, when you were pulled from your thought by the sound of tapping on your window. You leapt up hesitantly and switched your light on, slightly scared of what the sound had been. You inched closer to your window and peered down to see non-other than Jughead Jones stood below your window. You opened it and stuck your head out to speak to him. “Jughead what on earth are you doing?” You whisper-shouted, careful not to wake to wake your parents. “I’m sorry Y/N! I need to speak to you desperately.” And with no confirmation to do so from you, Jughead grappled hold of the vines that lined your house and began to climb up to meet you in your room. “Jug what the hell are you doing! You’re going to fall!” You warned him, but this didn’t stop him. He was determined. After a few wobbles and heart attacks, Jughead slung his legs through the window and was suddenly standing before you.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.” I was wrong. You were still somewhat asleep, so didn’t catch on straight away. “Sorry? About what?” You crossed your arms over your chest in a self defence kind of way. You were still humiliated by your earlier rejection. “I thought I wanted Betty but I don’t. I’ve never wanted Betty as much as I wanted you without ever knowing it.” Butterflies erupted in your stomach, yet you chose to ignore them, unsure of what was going on. “Jughead if you’re just saying this out of pity then-” he shook his head violently and grabbed hold of you by your shoulders softly. “It’s not pity Y/N. You are so perfect. I’m an idiot and I’ve been to blind to see that I’ve been completely in love with you since the moment you asked me for food recommendations!” He exclaimed. A tear rolled down your face, but this time it was a happy tear. “What about Betty?” You asked but Jughead shook his head yet again. “Betty is my friend and yeah she’s beautiful and kind, but she isn’t you.” Your hand slowly moved up to place itself on Jughead’s cheek. He leaned into your touch as if he’d craved it for longer than you could imagine. However you could imagine. You’d wanted this for so long, and now that it was happening, you couldn’t bring yourself to believe it was real. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.” You whispered, and your lips slowly inched closer together. They finally met and fireworks exploded in your stomach. In that moment, no words could ever express your feelings towards this boy. Only actions. So you showed him. You ran your hand through his hair, knocking his beanie from his head to give you better access. You pressed yourself against him, hungry for more, but before the kiss could progress, he pulled away and buried his head into your neck, inhaling your scent. “I’m such an idiot.” He whispered and you chucked. “Yep, sometimes.” You joked, stroking his hair affectionately.

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threehornedsoul  asked:

Do you have a Goodreads where you keep up with all the audiobooks you listen to? I need more good sci-fi and was hoping to draw inspiration from your list. If not, what are you listening to now?

I don’t!

But I’m taking a break and I will pull from my audible -

I’ve listened to pretty much everything by Peter F Hamilton. His work can get very dark, especially The Night’s Dawn trilogy. But I do like that even his good guy characters have serious flaws, or they go from someone you root for to someone you hope is stopped. Or no one is really made out to be a likeable character but the story is captivating. 

I started with the Void Trilogy, which is still my favorite. Though if I had started in order I would have listened to The Commonwealth Saga (which is two books, Pandora’s Star and Judas Unchained) first. They are all in the same universe with some characters crossing over, and events referenced, but I didn’t miss much by starting with the Trilogy. After those, The Chronicles of the Fallers (two books) fit in next. 

A Window into Time is a super short one by him that’s kind of refreshing in it’s own universe. 

The Greg Mandel trilogy and The Great North Road (not connected) are neat sci-fi murder mysteries. 

I just started Fallen Dragon, another standalone book, sounds up to par with the rest so far. 

That’s 16 books all together and about 429 hours of audio, almost 18 solid days of space operas. 

I was going to list more from other authors next but I have to go drill mushrooms now…. if anyone wants to reply or reblog with their own suggestions feel free! My queue is almost empty. 


Yoongi’ text pt. 3 (the end)

This part doesn’t contain angst… But yeah, this is the end. I’m going to link the parts, so you don’t have to scrolling down on my tumblr. I hope you like it. I have another one for jimin so wait for it. IT WILL BE HELLA ANGST. Thank you again. You guys are so nice with me 💖🌜 *fuck me*

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The Seal Lullaby: Chapter 6

Cannot believe I’ve been writing this for six weeks

This one is very, very angsty, so consider this your warning. As always, a huge huge thanks to @minky-for-short @childofdustandashes @oversaturated-ocean @purearcticfire and @lookatvanessasface

I’ve met so many lovely, lovely people through posting and writing this fic and I love you all, @brainypaperbullets @hollywoodx4 @arya-durin-51 and the ever complimentary @kilocurican

I really hope you guys like this

“See? I told you he’d have your eyes.”

“Damn. Thought fate would have given the poor kid a break after he got my nose too.”

“Oh, shut up! It looks so sweet, don’t give the little guy a complex.”

“Yeah well, he’s been saved, he’s got your face. Handsome devil.”

“I’d be slightly more worried about the fact he’s got your appetite. And your sleep schedule. And your blabbermouth.”

“God help us all.”

Alex and Eliza loved to play this game, in the early mornings or late evenings or whatever time they found themselves lying side by side on their bed with little Philip on his back and encircled by his parents’ bodies. The conventions of normal time, words like breakfast and noon and dinner and bedtime, had kind of blurred into meaningless ever since they’d had their baby. To the point where Eliza had found Alex putting a pizza in the oven (he’d been given his kitchen privileges back and was actually turning into a very good cook) at two in the morning and had thought nothing of it. It was kind of fun, actually, to not have any ties to structure or schedule, to just float in their own little bubble, them and their little treasure, beholden to nothing and no one but themselves.

“I don’t quite know where these came from though,” Eliza hummed, gently ruffling Philip’s head of tight, dark brown curls that stuck up after a good night’s sleep and after he’d been doing his favourite activity of rolling around on the floor of his father’s writing room while he worked, and bounced adorably when he got excited or happy or fidgety. Right now, they were fluffed up around his sweet, attentive face as he yawned and fought against his impending nap, to not much avail. But he had his mama and pops right by him, he was warm and smelling all soft and soapy from his recent bath, the room was illuminated with the orange glow that was only ever found in the early evening as day slipped to night. He wasn’t fighting too hard, it was mostly for show.

“I do,” Alex murmured after a few moment’s pause, his eyes fixed on his wife’s fingers gently combing through their baby’s curls in such a gentle and protective gesture.

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Sketch Artist

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(GIF is not mine, credit to owner)

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean x Artist!Reader

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Eileen Leahy (Mentioned)

Warnings: Dean being adorable, ALL THE FLUFF ( seriously guys, you have been warned)

Prompt: “ Hey! I said not to look at those things!”

A/N: I am complete Dean trash, forgive me, also this piece is so cute I almost cried while writing it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do - Ouro

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When Fangirling About K-Pop Around Friends Pt 11
  • (BTS Festa)
  • Me: omg I can't take this anymore
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: J-Hope is planning something
  • Friend: oh, right, Koreans
  • Friend: omg SHUSH we are in public
  • Friend: *covers mouth* I GET IT this hope guy is planning something you don't like
  • Me: but I do like it
  • Friend: but you just said you don't like it
  • Me: how could I not like something the great Jung Hoseok would release?
  • Friend: Jung who? I thought you were talking about some hope guy-
  • Friend: oh my god PLEASE CALM DOWN
  • Me: okay okay
  • Me: I will
  • Friend: good
  • Me: yeah
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Friend: OKAY, that is the last time I hang out with you in public
  • (Masterlist: http://k-popscenxrios.tumblr.com/post/123669134408/funny-scenarios-masterlist?is_related_post=1 )
  • -Admin Jinnie
💙 Professor Daddy 💙

Hey guys! So the other day, I brought up to Khat how I was just thinking about making a playlist for our one and only Professor Daddy (I mean, Remus Lupin but fuck it, Professor Daddy is obviously canon anyway, right?) Whenever I have a crush, I almost always make them a playlist of songs that remind me of them. However, I’ve never really shared a playlist of mine before up until now since Khat encouraged me to do so. For this one, this playlist is based on both the reader’s and Professor Daddy’s perspective, hence the “hers” and “his” sides. It’s a mixture of sweet, romantic, and smutty all rolled up into one. I’ll leave links for the songs from YT in case some people can’t be bothered to search them up on mobile. Hope you guys like it and are able to find inspiration through this playlist. -Sir Patrick Morgan Anon

1. Jessie J- Sexy Silk - https://youtu.be/i8kJbW6hsfo
2. Bjork- Venus as a Boy - https://youtu.be/ZaxUZH0cbhM
3. Lick the Tins- Can’t Help Falling In Love - https://youtu.be/y-__OdJ5b6A
4. Nicole Dollanganger- True Love Cafe - https://youtu.be/4XZUlAz7ib0

5. Dead or Alive- You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - https://youtu.be/HKRQSQ-ATno
6. Hayley Richman- Heart Shaped Box - https://youtu.be/jEZo_3AQZ2Y
7. Righteous Brothers- Unchained Melody - https://youtu.be/adV_q5rpmRE
8. Shep and the Limelites- Daddy’s Home - https://youtu.be/Y8DICjr5jBI


birthday proposal | pt. 1

word count: 741

genre: fluff

reader x kihyun

note: hai guys it has been a month since i have posted a fic (or maybe more than that AHAHAHAHAHAHA), this time its a chaptered fic of kihyun yayyyyy! i hope you guys liked it :) btw SHINE FORVER WAS SO LIT OML IM LITERALLY STREAMING IT WHILE TYPING THIS OUT

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part 1 / part 2


Today is your birthday and you took the day off from work to celebrate the happy occasion with your boyfriend, Kihyun, whom you have been dating for five months. Kihyun has also taken the day off specially for you. 

One morning, the sunlight was streaming through the windows and shined onto you. A fragrant and buttery smell was spreading throughout the whole bedroom. Suddenly, you felt a pat on your arm and it woke you up. It was Kihyun. “Look what’s in front, [y/n]!”, Kihyun told you excitedly, looking forward to your reaction while you tried to wake up, still feeling sleepy. As you tried to sit up on the bed, you could barely open your eyes after waking up from your sleep. However, it came to your surprise when you saw what was in front of you which made you open your eyes fully. 

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I have a theory about Jonah Beck

Okay so this randomly came to me when i was reading @jonahbex RANT and now i just have to say it. So A lot of people talk about Jonah having a bad home life. There’s a study that shows that children date peoole that remind them of there parents, it’s like a subconscious thing, they feel like this human is the person they should date and love cause they love there parents. I think Jonah only dated Amber because she reminds him of his parents. I think Jonah parents are abusive. Also theres like one episode left of Andi Mack I have no hope for the Cyrus gay plot I guess Disney hasnt gotten to that yet, but on the bright side, it shows little boys out there that they can be ‘feminine’ and its okay. So yeah idk please tell me what you guys think.