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After Midnight: Part 1

A Dean x Reader / smut series

Dean Winchester is a hunter, and one of the most attractive men you’ve ever met. Your entire life changes when he and his brother Sam unexpectedly save your life, immediately taking you under their wing. When your ever growing feelings for each other are established, Dean discovers that no man has ever made you orgasm before, and makes it his mission to make you feel good in as many different ways as he possibly can.

A/N: Here is the first part of my new series. It’s going to be a long, and dirty ride. I really hope you guys like it. Please feel free to like, reblog, reply, and send me asks. I thrive off of your response and it makes me want to write even more. I appreciate and love all of you ♥ Let me know what you think!

Word Count: 4,548
(not every part will be this long)

- smut/nsfw.
- language.
- a smidge of violence.
- please do not read if you are under 18. i do not condone any minors reading my work. if i do catch it, i will block you.
- always wear a condom, kiddos!

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You remembered the day like it was yesterday, even though it was now almost 365 days ago. It was the day your life changed forever, for both the good and the bad; the day that Sam and Dean Winchester stumbled into your life.

Working your normal shift at the local diner, you never expected the day would go any different than it normally did. Your life was spent living alone, in a seedy apartment downtown, scraping pennies together just to pay the rent. With no family left to call your own, you couldn’t help but let the misery take over on most days. Half the time, you never even paid attention to the day of the week, let alone the date, considering you worked seven days a week to get by.  Everything was just a whirlwind of crap and more crap, hiding your electric and water bill termination letters under the cushion of your couch, just so you didn’t have to deal with them.

The diner wasn’t a very busy place during the week, but on the weekends it was even worse. In order to be able to pay staff, you were designated to open and close the diner alone on Sundays. This meant that you played waitress, cashier, and cook all in one. Since it wasn’t terribly crowded, it wasn’t that hard, and it meant you didn’t have to split your tips.

That fateful night, a man you’d never seen before moseyed into the diner, and took a seat in the farthest right corner. His face was smudged, as if he’d been rolling in dirt, and his jet black hair was unkempt, with bits of twigs and leaves sticking out of it.  When you approached him to take his order, he smiled at you with rotting teeth; noticing up close his fingernails were just as filthy as the rest of him. The stranger ordered a steak ‘as rare as you can make it’, and winked at you before you walked away. You wanted to gag. The way his eyes started at you as you wrote his order down sent chills down your spine, but you brushed it away and kept moving.

About an hour later, two more men walked into the diner. They were completely different than the stranger in the corner, much taller and cleaner. They were dressed in plaid and blue jeans, with heavy boots on their feet. One was taller than the other, but not by much, with dark brown hair that stopped at his chin in beautiful, natural layers. He was handsome, but the other man was the one who caught your eye, making your heart leap in your chest as he walked towards you. He had the perfect features, with freckles dusting his cheeks and nose. His jaw was strong, and light brown hair stood in spikes atop his head. It was the first time that Dean Winchester gave you butterflies.

“Hi,” he said with a  sinfully charming smile. You felt the heat rise up at the back of your neck, as those stunning green eyes met yours. No man ever looked at you like this, like you existed, let alone someone this painfully attractive. “Can we sit anywhere?”

“Uh, yeah. Anywhere you like is fine. I’ll be over in a minute to take your order,” you somehow managed to say, grabbing some menus from behind the counter and handing them to him.

“No need,” he replied, still smiling. “Just two coffees for me and my brother, please.”

Before your brain could even respond, he was turned around and walking back towards the taller man, who you now knew was his brother. They took a seat in the booth two away from the stranger, and you noticed Mr. Green Eyes was staring directly at him. Quickly getting together their coffees and creamers, you brought them over their table.

“Thank you,” Long Hair said, taking the creamers out of your hands, as you set their coffees down gently on the table. Mr. Green Eyes was still staring at the dirty man in the corner.

“You’re welcome,” you replied. “Sugars are over there, and if you need a refill just yell.”

“What’s your name?” Mr. Green Eyes asked, finally moving his eyes.

You showed him your name tag.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he said, his voice soft while his brother dumped as many sugars in his coffee as possible.

Trying to shake this man, with the impenetrable green eyes and 100 watt smile, you turned quickly and went back to cleaning up the vacant booths. Only an hour until closing time.

The dirty stranger left his money on the table and, of course, didn’t leave a tip. Mr. Green Eyes and Long Hair, the most gorgeous brothers in existence, did in fact leave a quite generous tip, and you couldn’t help but smile. It perked you up, and that was rare. For the next twenty minutes, you cleaned the diner thinking about Mr. Green Eyes in particular, and if you’d ever see him again.

Little did you know, you’d have your wish granted sooner than you realized.

Locking up the diner, you felt the hair at the back of your neck stand up, feeling someone behind you. Quickly turning around, there was no one there. However, the adjacent alley, which always terrified you to begin with, gave you the extreme creeps tonight. Tossing the keys in your purse, you began to walk to short walk home, your heart beating loudly in your chest.

“Hi, beautiful,” a groggy, hoarse voice behind you said, making you spin around so hard your neck cracked. It was the dirty stranger from the diner, and your heart fell into your stomach. You had nothing to protect yourself with.

“Get away from me,” you all but whispered, backing away from the man and preparing to run. With lightning speed he was upon you, fisting your hair in his hand and yanking you towards him.

“You smell good enough to eat, little girl,” he growled, exposing grotesque fangs with stringy drool, growing closer and closer to your face. The smell of his breath could’ve gagged a maggot. It was a rancid odor you’d never forget. His now clawed fingers played over the buttons of your white shirt, running a long scratch down your chest where your heart was beating on the inside.

“Hey!” a familiar voice yelled from behind the creature, firing a warning shot off in the arm. “Leave her alone!”

The monster didn’t let go of you, but turned his body to see who was behind him. A small window between his arm let you see who was speaking. It was the taller brother from the diner, and he was pointing a gun right at the stranger’s chest.

Hunters…” it growled, letting you go with force, dropping you to your knees on the concrete. The wind was knocked out to you. You watched from your knees as the creature was now advancing on the taller brother.

“Run!” he yelled to you, as he shot at the monster, missing his chest and hitting him in the left leg. The creature hissed and dropped to one knee, but got back up immediately to charge at Long Hair again. A punch landed on the taller brother’s face, sending him flying back. You wanted to move, wanted to run, but you didn’t want anything to happen to the man who’d saved your life. The creature was now advancing back at you. Watching Long Hair try to unjam his gun, you started to panic. Suddenly, you felt two strong hands take you under the arms and bring you to your feet with ease. You spun around to defend yourself, halting when you were met by intimidating green eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked in a gruff, out of breath voice. You looked behind him to see a beautiful, black 1967 Chevy Impala parked down the street that wasn’t there before. It must have been how he got here. He was also holding a gun. You tried to answer, but your mouth gaped open and closed like a fish out of water. “Stay here.”

In slow motion, you watched him expertly take the safety off his gun, and fire two shots in the creature’s back, bringing it to the ground. The taller brother raced forward and shot it straight in the chest, right where its heart should be. Finally, the creature was lifeless, blood pouring out of the wound onto the street.

“Sam!” Mr. Green Eyes yelled, running towards his brother. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Dean,” he replied in a huff, dusting the dirt off his jeans. “Go check on her.”

You watched as Dean briskly walked over to where you were standing, your brain in complete shock. Your body couldn’t move on its own, even if you tried.

“Hey, hey,” his voice soothingly said, taking your face in his hands and trying to make you look at him. Your entire body was shaking. “Listen, my name is Dean Winchester, and this is my brother Sam. We’re hunters, and that thing we just killed was a werewolf. Are you okay?”

Blankly you stared at him, trying to process if all of this was just a dream, your mind hallucinating from stress, or a reality. Everything was happening so fast. You could see the panic in Dean’s face, as he motioned for his brother to come closer.

“Do you have anywhere to go?” Sam said, standing behind Dean, his brow furrowed in concern. Still, you couldn’t manage to form a word.

“Alright, look,” Dean said to his brother, his hands leaving your face, leaving you feeling empty. “She’s not okay. We need to take her back to the bunker. She can rest there under our watch, we can explain everything to her, and we can bring her home.”

“I…” you started, tears welling up in your eyes. It was the first word you’d even uttered since this all began. Sam and Dean stared at you, waiting for you to continue. You couldn’t let them down.  “Don’t want to go home. I hate my shitty apartment, I hate my job. Why didn’t you just let that thing kill me?”

“Okay, enough of that,” Dean said, taking you under the knees and lifting you effortlessly in his arms. “You’re coming with us, okay?”

All you could do was nod, as Dean walked you to the Impala. He placed you gently in the back seat, covering you up with a blanket from the trunk. Sam got into the passenger side, but Dean was peering in at you from the door.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Y/N. I won’t let anything else happen to you.”

He remembered your name, and your heart fluttered. You nodded, because it was all you could do. Dean smiled at you and closed the door, getting into the driver’s seat and starting the engine. He looked at you through the mirror, and smiled.

“Shut your eyes,” he said, as Sam turned around to check on you. “We’ll be home in no time.”

And that’s exactly what the bunker has been to you. Home; more of a home than your shitty apartment had ever been. After they explained what they did for a living, everything about monsters and ghosts, you were on the team. Dean never let you actually go out and hunt with them, but you were more than happy to help with research, traveling with them to motels from state to state. They were your family now, and you wouldn’t of had it any other way. Except there was one point that you had never actually brought up, or even addressed, in the entire year that you’d lived in the bunker.

You were madly, deeply, head over heels in love with Dean Winchester.

“Can you please untie my boots?” Dean asked you, sitting on the end of the motel bed. He and Sam had just gotten back from a particular gruesome hunt. “I can’t even bend over to do it myself.”

Sam collapsed on the other bed, not even bothering to take his boots off.

“That bad, huh?” you asked, carefully unlacing his boots, pulling them off and placing them neatly near the door.

“Job’s done, that’s all that matters,” Sam said. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

He shot up from the bed like lightning, making sure he got the bathroom before his brother. Dean sighed heavily.

“He knows you take too long in the shower,” you said with a giggle. “He wasn’t trying to wait.”

“Are you alright?” Dean asked you, getting up to place his large hands on your shoulders, giving them a squeeze. He was always so protective of you, so worried. Since he was touching you now, you knew it would end in flirting. Just like it always did.

“Dean, I’m fine,” you rolled your eyes. “Nothing ever happens to me in a locked motel room. You guys taught me how to defend myself in literally every situation. Stop worrying about me so much, you big softy.”

His gruff laugh filled the room, and your heart melted.

“Did you know today is one year exactly that you guys picked my helpless ass up off the side of the road?”

Dean grabbed a beer out of the mini fridge and sat down on the edge of the bed again. You noticed that he had flecks of blood on his forehead. Standing up, you procured a baby wipe from your duffle bag, and walked over to him.

“Is that so?” he asked, taking a swig of his beer, his eyes never leaving you. That was the thing about Dean; his eyes were so intimidating when they stared at you, as if they were staring directly into your soul. He looked up at you as you began to gently wipe the blood from his forehead, before throwing it into the trash. “Well then I think we should celebrate.”

“Dean, we don’t have to. I know you and Sam are tired, we can just–”

“Sam is gonna pass out as soon as those luscious locks hit the pillow, you know that,” he cut you off, standing up right in front of you. He was so close to you now, you could feel his body heat radiating into you.

“So what are you saying?” you asked sheepishly, feeling your face get hot, trying to busy yourself by stacking papers that were already stacked on the table.

“I think we should celebrate together, in your room. If that’s okay with you? We never get to spend any alone time together. Just me and you…”

You swallowed hard. It had never come to this before. Sure, there was always the flirting and the googly eyes back and forth between you, but you really never had been alone with Dean for longer than a few minutes. The chemistry between you was obviously there, but both of you didn’t want to complicate things. Even though this was something you’d never discussed, it was just silently known that hunters never had relationships. It was too complicated.

“Okay,” your heart agreed, even though your brain told you it wasn’t a good idea.

“Good,” he replied with a smile so wide, the crinkles by his eyes appeared. It was your favorite part of his face. “I’ll meet you in your room in an hour.”

Snapping your laptop shut, you gathered your things and left without saying goodbye, your heart hammering too hard in your chest to even speak.

You spent the next hour showering yourself, actually trying to do your makeup and hair. When the knock on the door came after midnight, you took a deep breath, before opening the door. It was just Dean, right? What could possibly happen? Finally, you opened it, to reveal a fresh showered, incredibly handsome man at the door. He was holding a bottle of Jack Daniels.

“I brought this,” he said, walking in the door and sitting down on the bed. “I figured we would drink to you being with us for a whole year.”

“Sounds good to me,” you replied with a smile.

Dean spun the cap off the bottle and took a deep swig, before offering it to you. You also took a large gulp, which turned into you both passing it back and forth to each other; which then turned into you both being pig drunk playing a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’.

“Okay…” Dean said, his head back against the bed as you both sat on the floor. It was too hard to get up at this point. You both had been very handsy with each other, very affectionate, which often happened when Dean was drunk. You didn’t matter in the slightest. “Never have I ever faked an orgasm?”

With a fuzzy brain and feeble hands, you reached out and took one big gulp from the bottle. Dean’s eyes grew wide.

“W-wait,” he slurred, rubbing his eyes and sitting up straighter. “What kind of men did you sleep with?”

“Shitty ones apparently,” you chuckled, looking him in the eye. You were brave under the whiskey’s influence. “I’ve actually never even had an orgasm. Well, besides from my vibrator…”

Dean choked on the whiskey that he’d just put in his mouth, a trail of it dribbling down his chin.

“Excuse me?”

Your face was getting hot now.

“Well you’re not supposed to lie when you play this game, right? I figured I could tell you in confidence…”

“No, no I mean of course you can,” he exhaled loudly. “But now I just want to show you how good it can feel. How a real man can make you feel. How I can make you feel…”

Dean had scooted closer to you now on the floor, and his hand was on your knee. Your eyes were locked onto each other, and the spark of sexual tension between you could’ve powered the room.

“Is this okay?” he asked, leaning into you and rubbing his rough hand over the top of your thigh. Good God, this was more than okay. It was what you’ve been yearning for, for over a year.

“Yes,” you breathed, his face now inches away from yours as he now hovered over you. You were leaned back on your elbows, his fists planted into the carpet now.

“Can I…”

“C-Can you what, Dean?”

Saying his name out loud, with such a wanton sound, only increased the electricity between you.

Everything…” he said with exasperation, as if it was something he’d been holding in too.

You answered him by making your lips meet, sparks flying throughout your nervous system at the contact. His hands flew up to cup your face, as he deepened the kiss, his tongue dancing with yours. His mouth tasted so sweet, exactly what you’d expected it to taste like; like whiskey, and sweet mint toothpaste.

As softly as his drunken self would allow, he grabbed you by the waist and laid you gently on the bed, settling over top of you again. You let your hands roam everywhere you always wanted to, starting from his shoulders to the small of his back. You could feel the muscles ripple beneath his skin, as his own hands roamed your body.

Fuck,” he groaned, pushing his denim clad erection into your thigh. “You’re so beautiful.”

Your back arched instinctively at the sound of his voice, and you were dying for him to undress you. As if he could read your thoughts, he stripped you of your clothing, tossing it to the side in a heap. Seeing you sprawled completely naked in front of him, he let out a low whistle.

“You have no idea,” he started, tracing a line from between your breast to your belly button, his hands cupping your curves. “How long I’ve been dying to see you like this…”

Reaching up, you tugged at his shirt, then at his belt, desperate to see the treasures that were underneath his own clothes. Even though you were drunk beyond belief, you were coherent enough to know that you both wanted this; needed this.

Watching him strip of his own clothes was the most sinful experience you’d ever witnessed, and one you were sure you could never get tired of. Freckles dusted his shoulders and chest; his shoulders so broad you wanted to scream.

Seeing his cock for the first time made you gasp. You knew he’d be big, considering everything else about him was nothing short of perfect, but you didn’t expect it to be that big.

“Damn,” your drunk brain said, taking it in. Dean chuckled, taking your legs and spreading them gently apart.

“I could say the same for you,” he said, licking his lips as he saw what laid between your legs. His fingers gripped your inner thighs, as he lowered himself to settle right in front of your already soaking wet pussy. “I wonder if you taste as sweet as you look…”

Without anymore words, his lips closed around your clit, sucking it gently into his mouth. You cried out, your hands immediately tugging at his hair. This only encouraged him, as he started to use his tongue, running it from the most sensitive part of your clit, down to lick up the juices you’d left behind.

“You taste even more delicious than I thought you would,” he said, before diving back in, this time inserting a thick finger inside you. You wanted to scream it felt so good, as he expertly used his tongue and fingers to inch you closer and closer to your sweet release. The noises he made as he tasted you were positively sinful, as you watched his perfect, plush lips suck at your clit.

“Dean…” you breathed, feeling the rubber band begin to snap in your stomach. “Fuck, you’re gonna make me—”

“Cum for me, sweetheart,” he groaned, nipping at your inner thigh, as he crooked his finger just right to hit your g-spot. Pops of white light appeared in your vision as you came, hard and fast around his finger. The most devilish smirk played at his lips, as he reached up and popped his finger into your mouth. “You see how good you taste? I don’t know why I waited this long.”

Even though you had just came as hard as you’d ever came before, you wanted more. Reaching between you, you wrapped his hard, thick cock in his hands and pumped it, watching as his eyes slowly closed. You guided it to your entrance, as he helped to thrust himself deep inside you. The perfect sting of him stretching you made your head spin, almost causing your walls to crumble already. He filled you up so well, and the sound of him groan as your walls clasped around him was one of the sexiest sounds you’d ever heard.

For the next couple of minutes, he thrust himself in and out of you, enjoying the feeling of your tightness. Dean worked his hands over your entire body, leaning down every so often to place a small peck to your lips.

“Does it feel good?” he asked, sweat beginning to bead on his forehead; the muscles in his abs beginning to clench.

“It feels incredible, Dean,” you managed to say, feeling the impending wave about to crash down on you. “I want to cum for you. I need to cum for you.”

“Oh please cum, baby,” he groaned, so needy. “I need to feel it.”

It was all he had to say, before you came around him, clawing at his back, leaving red welts. He threw his head back and grabbed your hips, biting his bottom lip as he came inside you. Before he pulled out of you, he kissed you long and hard, brushing the hair off of your own sweaty forehead.

With a soft chuckle, he collapsed next to you, covering his face.

“Oh my God,” he laughed. “I have the spins so fucking bad.”

You laughed next to him, feeling your stomach muscles tighten.

“I guess it wasn’t a good idea to fuck on the first date… drunk.”

Dean laughed again, this time harder, holding his stomach before looking directly at you.

“This wasn’t just a fuck for me, Y/N. I want you to know that.”

“Is that the whiskey talking?”

“No!” he practically yelled, sitting up in the bed. “It’s definitely not. I don’t know what it means exactly, but I do care about you.”

“Well, congratulations,” you said, changing the subject to something more light-hearted. There was no way you could have this conversation drunk. “You’re the first man to ever give me an orgasm.”

He patted himself on the back, emitting a giggle from you.

“I know. And I don’t want it to be the last.”

Your heart skipped a beat, your brain making it self believe that this would only be a one time thing.

“What do you mean?”

Dean took your hand in his, kissing each finger.

“I want to make you cum as many ways as I possibly can.”

Boom, boom, boom, goes your heart…

“How many possible ways is there?”

“Oh, sweetheart,” he said with a grin. “There are many.”

Dean got up from the bed and grabbed one of your notebooks from the table. He brought it back to you and sat down, all the while you continued to admire his god-like naked self.

“I want you and I to write down things we’ve always wanted to try, but never have.”


“Then, we each take a turn and pick a slip of paper. Whatever it says on the paper, we try. Only if it’s something either of us are into. We can always say no, of course.”

You walked over to your duffle bag and pulled out a spare toiletry bag, dumping out its contents.

“Sounds like a great idea to me,” you said, ready for whatever adventure Dean was going to throw at you. “We can put them in here.”

“I think we should keep this from Sam,” Dean said, looking you directly in the eye. “Not that I want to hide this or anything, I just don’t want it to… complicate us.”

“Okay,” you said. “There’s no reason to tell Sam if there isn’t anything going on. It can be our little secret.”

For now…

“Right,” he agreed. “Now get to writing. I have a few ideas that I’ve been fantasizing about trying with you.”

Your heart was beating so fast in your chest, as your mind raced about what may come in the near future. With shaky hands, you wrote down five things, folded them up, and put them in the bag along with Dean’s own five mystery scenarios.

“Awesome,” Dean said, kissing your forehead. “You get the first pick tomorrow night.”

Dean gathered his clothes and put them on, stopping to kiss you hard when he was done. Butterflies danced in your stomach, aching to ask him to stay, but knowing you shouldn’t.

“I should get back in case Sam wakes up,” he whispered, as if Sam could hear him through the walls. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

And with that, he was gone, closing the door silently behind him, leaving you aching and wanting for more.

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Hi everybody! Thanks for following the official Cybird Ikémen Series Tumblr!

We’ve decided to start writing semi-regular staff blog posts here (and on Facebook, basically mirror copies of each other), letting you know things we’re working on, things that happen in our office, and so on! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) We look forward to the chance to connect with you guys a little more :D

A different staff member will write each time, but for now, let me introduce myself!

My name is Jan! My favorite Ikémen Series character is Albert from Midnight Cinderella. He’s tall and awkward and I’m in love with his glasses (°◡°♡) I’m a Libra, my favorite color is purple, and my favorite kind of sushi is California roll. My favorite voice actor is Mamoru Miyano (I love him so much, if I start talking about him I get really emotional…) I’m bad at introducing myself, sorry >_<

This is my desk! I have a lot of Albert stuff… Except for my giant Louis pillow, lol. I like squishing it when I’m having feelings or I’m stressed out >_<

Today I had a meeting for a new story event for Midnight Cinderella, that’s happening after Christmas! I can’t say much about it, but the theme for this one is really cool and new, and I hope you guys like it~ The story is really good, too! (๑>◡<๑) By the way, are you enjoying the Best Match Grab Bag and Starry Wysterian Nights Garden Gacha? I had a lot of fun making the sample avatars for those (*´∇`*) I think the pink and purple in the Best Match logo is so cute! My favorite part is how Sid in the Starry Wysterian Nights banner and the sample girl wearing Sid’s dress in the Best Match banner look like they’re gazing at each other… ❤

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༜  10 fics you should read pt. 2  ༜

The Squishy Fic (9k)

au where harry sends a drunken text, louis calls him squishy, and they go to a wedding 

Howls Like A Beast (You Flower, You Feast) (16k)

France, 1754.
Château de Versailles.

“You don’t love me,” Louis had said, utterly blasé as he callously fractured the heart of a Harry that was just barely eighteen.

“I do,” Harry had insisted pleadingly, green eyes already watering.

Louis had rolled his eyes, exasperated and flippant in the way only beautiful, young boys could be when faced with the affections of a baby prince. He had run his finger down Harry’s cheek then, had forced him to look into his eyes as he delivered the final blow.

“You’ll change your mind once you’ve seen more of the world,” Louis had teased, pressing a brutally delicate kiss onto Harry’s lovely, pure cheek. “Once you’ve been properly defiled.” He had whispered filthily, delighted by the gasp he heard, the frantic pink blush that had rested high on Harry’s cheeks, the power he had felt at knowing he could make the Crown Prince squirm.

Don’t Unplug Me Or Shut Me Down (8k)

Louis is a self-proclaimed nerd who fixes things and Harry seems too perfect to keep breaking as many things as he does. 

Put It All On Me (15k)

“Yeah, yeah, give it to me, that’s it, spread your legs a bit, there you go.”

The camera follows Louis as he does. Maybe if the modelling thing doesn’t work out, he could try the porn industry. Then again, he’s a bit too stocky to be twinky and a bit too twinky to be anything else. He likes that about himself, though. Well, directors and photographers like that about him. He could pull off pretty and edgy, could do GQ in the morning and a perfume commercial in the afternoon. Right now he thinks he could pull off anything, because it’s Harry fucking Styles directing him.

A Love Like War (173k)

Louis Tomlinson is a cliched rock star, he’s got everything except for love. But then he meets Harry Styles; the man that, against all odds, saves him in every way a person can be saved, even when Louis didn’t know he needed saving in the first place.

You are a lovely adjective, no word ever enough (50k)

“I love you, Louis thinks now, feeling the words on the tip of his tongue. Willing them to spill out. But he knows that if he spills these treacherous thoughts out loud, Harry will panic. Maybe he’ll even run away, like he ran away form The Monster.

I love you, Louis wants to tell him anyway. Wants to whisper it into his hair, kiss it onto his cheekbones, breathe it down his throat.

Instead he chews on his nail and says nothing.”

Tug-of-War (63k)

Louis’ husband dies suddenly and he is left with nothing. Well, not really nothing. He has Harry. And a St. Bernard puppy named Link, whom his late husband left behind for him. Louis takes care of Link and Harry takes care of Louis. Everything is okay until suddenly, it isn’t.

Burn (21k)

Louis is plagued by nightmares of being burned at the stake. Every time he closes his eyes he can see the flames, smell the smoke, taste the acrid smell of his own death in his nostrils. There is nothing he fears more than this.

Besides being something other than what he truly is. Which is, to say in the very least, a powerful witch. One of the most powerful in in the world, as far as he knows. His magic can’t even be matched by Liam, who learned quicker than anyone he’s ever met, or Niall, who’s magic fire could burn through a whole village in a mere moment if he wanted to.

When Louis meets Harry however, he realizes that his magic isn’t as strong as he thought. And as he tries to navigate through this magic, and the trials of friendships and lost loves that come along with it, Louis finds that being powerful is more of a plague than he realized. A plague that infects more people than he is comfortable with. 

Dance to the Distortion (96k)

Louis accidentally breaks Harry’s camera lens and in order to get it fixed, they decide to participate in a romantic couples study. The only issue is that they are not actually couple. Well that and the fact they cannot stand each other.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose (112k)

American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers).

Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football.

A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

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Sweet Pea Imagine: reader is SP’s serpent girlfriend & gets jumped by the Ghoulies after Archie snitched at the race

a/n: this is my first fic & a new tumblr. be nice (: & send me requests if u want

You’re sitting on Sweet Pea’s lap at the Whyte Wyrm, watching Fangs play pool with Toni. You glance down at your phone and notice it’s 9:50 PM.

“Shit. I have to be at work in 10 minutes!” You exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing your stuff.

Sweet Pea reaches for your arm as you walk away from him, “When do you get off?”

“3 AM.” You responded.

“I’ll come pick you up when you’re finished.” He offered.

“No,” you shook your head, “you have school tomorrow. You need to sleep.”

Sweet Pea rolled his eyes at that. “Are you sure? I don’t mind.”

“Yes, I’m sure. I’ll see you tomorrow, babe.” You kissed his cheek and went to leave. He grabbed your arm and pulled you back, giving you a passionate kiss. You smiled before pulling away. “Love you, Sweets.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

You walked out of the bar and speed-walked through town to your job as a waitress at a cheap restaurant called Jerry’s. You walked in the back door, exclaiming, “Sorry I’m late!”

The night went by pretty quickly. After closing time, and cleaning dishes, mopping floors, etc.; you grabbed your purse and walked out of the restaurant in the direction of Sweet Pea’s trailer.

The sounds of the night were eerie; in addition to the sound of your feet hitting the ground, you could hear distant yelling, an engine revving nearby, glass shattering. You shivered, partially from the brisk air and partially from fear. You didn’t bring your pocket knife tonight, you were so rushed when you were running late for work it completely slipped your mind.

Picking up your pace, you turn a corner to take a shortcut through an ally. Before you can register what’s happening, there’s three guys grabbing you. Two of them grab each of your arms, holding you in place, while the third guy says, “You Serpents think you can snitch on Ghoulies without retaliation?” proceeding to knee you with all his strength in your gut. You struggled against the guys holding you but they were way stronger than you.

The Ghoulie that had been talking raised his fist and hit your temple so hard that your knees buckled and you fell to the ground. At that point, all three of them started kicking you as you fought to maintain your consciousness.

All of a sudden a voice rang out, “Hey!” I vaguely recognized it as Fang’s voice. The Ghoulies quickly hauled ass out of there, having completed their task.

“Y/N. Y/N!” Fangs’ worried voice sounded distorted to your ears. The last thing you felt before losing consciousness was Fangs lifting you off the ground.


Sweet Pea was half-asleep, some B-list movie playing on TV.

Suddenly, he heard someone knocking fervently at the door of his trailer. “SP! Open up!”

He got up, rubbing his eyes. Looking at the clock, he noticed this was about the time Y/N should be getting off work and coming over. He opened the door to see a terrified Fangs holding an unconscious Y/N.

Sweet Pea’s heart felt like it was going to explode. “I didn’t know what to do man, there was three Ghoulies kicking her when I found them. She passed out as I was taking her here. I know Serpents aren’t supposed to go to the hospital unless they’re dying, but she might have a head injury or something, I don’t know!” Fangs hurried comments barely registered in Sweet Pea’s mind, all he could see was your bruised and bloody face.

“Give her to me.” Fangs placed your body in Sweet Pea’s arms. SP carried you to the couch and laid you down gently. “Get a warm washcloth.” He ordered Fangs.

All the commotion caused you to finally open your eyes, muttering a groggy “what happened?”

“Shh, baby, it’s okay. I’m gonna help you.” SP whispered into your hair as he kissed your head. Fangs came back with the washcloth and handed it to Sweet Pea.

He slowly and carefully wiped the blood off your lips and under your nose. “Where else are you injured?” He asked softly, after your face was clean.

“Um.. I don’t think I’m bleeding anywhere else. But every time I take a breath, it hurts. It feels like my ribs.”

“Fuck. You could have a broken rib or two, it’ll heal on it’s own but it’ll hurt like a bitch.”

“It’s okay. Thank you for taking care of me.” You smiled at Sweet Pea, reveling in the gentleness of his current mood.

“Don’t thank me. I should have been there to pick you up. I hope you realize you’re never walking home from work alone again. I mean that.” SP’s eyes darkened at the thought of something like this happening again. Or something worse.

“Babe, can you tell me what happened?” He asked you. You braced yourself for the anger he was surely soon to feel when you gave him the details.

“Well, I was taking the shortcut through that ally by the Wyrm, and before I could do anything there was these Ghoulies, three of them. They said it was retaliation for the race. I tried to run but they held my arms. One of the guys seemed to be calling the shots. He’s the one who broke my rib when he kneed me, and he got me good in the temple. I fell at some point, I think they were kicking me. I only vaguely remember Fangs showing up and scaring them off.” Before you even finished your last sentence, Sweet Pea was heading for the door.

“Those fucking pieces of shit think they can jump my girlfriend and live? Let’s go find them,” he directed towards Fangs, as he opened the door to his trailer.

“Sweets, wait!” You called after him, stopping him in his tracks. “You don’t even know who it was. Don’t just go attack random Ghoulies and piss them off further, what if these guys decided to do it on their own?”

“Are you seriously defending the Ghoulies after what just happened, Y/N?” Sweet Pea yelled at you.

“The North and South sides are already heading towards civil war. Even more in-fighting between the Serpents and the Ghoulies is the last thing we need.” You argues back.

“So they should just get away with this? Fuck that.” SP looked at your injuries again, reinforcing his anger.

“No, but be smart about it. Talk to Tall Boy before you do anything rash. I can probably identify the guys that did it, they looked our age so I’m sure they go to Southside.” You reasoned.

“Y/N, you ruin all my fun.” SP said in a defeated tone, sitting down next to you on the couch.

“So, you aren’t leaving to go on an anti-Ghoulie rampage?” You asked sarcastically.

“Not if my girl doesn’t want me to.” You smiled and kissed him deeply.

“Whipped much, SP?” Fangs said from the doorway. I had forgotten he was even here.

“Get out of my trailer, Fangs.” Sweet Pea said over his shoulder before kissing my neck and making me giggle.

Fangs made a gagging noise as he closed the door and you called out, “See you tomorrow, Fangs!”

Sweet Pea kissed you once on your neck, then your cheek, then your lips. He backed away a few inches and looked into your eyes. “If you hadn’t been okay…”

You interrupted him, “but I am.” He gave you a look.

“I’m serious. If you weren’t okay, heads would roll.” His tone was dead serious. I didn’t want to think about what could’ve happened either. You kissed him on his lips, and then got up off the couch.

“C’mon Pea, let’s go to bed.” You said, holding his hand as you both finally laid down and fell asleep.

Normal Teenagers

Prompt: “Get behind me, right now- get behind me!” 
Request: protective!steve x reader
Pairing: Steve x reader
Warnings: swearing, fighting 
A/N: I’ve been up for hours and this just came to me! Hope you guys enjoy:) 

Tags under the cut! Like what you read, I highly encourage you to leave a comment, or send me feedback HERE

Demidogs were everywhere, yipping and snapping their jaws at both you and Steve- still trying your best to keep the kids out of danger. Smoke swirled around your ankles and you found yourself wondering how the hell you’d gotten into this situation? A year ago you were just a normal teenager- cramming for finals and going to football games with your friends. 

Well, it was safe to say those days were over, as you stood there with a rusting shovel raised above your head, protecting a group of middle schoolers from mythical creatures. 

The plan had always been fucked, and you definitely should have thought further ahead before chomping so harshly at the bit. In the beginning, all you guys needed to do was find Dart- the strangely friendly demidog loyal only to Dustin. But then, when dozens had shown up instead of just the one, everything had changed. 

You and Steve stood in the middle of a clearing, weapons in hand, protecting Mike, Lucas, Dustin and a girl named Max who were sitting in a trailer to your left. At first, you didn’t see the pack as it hurdled towards you- all you heard was a rumbling in the distance. But then, along with a heavy layer of smoke, you saw them. 

It was horrifying. 

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Bad Match Part 15

Series Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3.8k(+)

Warnings: angst, swearing, fluffy, jealous, self-loathing.

A/N: Here we are again!  I had a lot of fun writing this one, I hope you guys like it. Come talk to me about it, please, it’s the best part of writing.

Series Masterlist

Part 1/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16 (coming soon).


“I’ll make you accept the truth, Y/N. I know, for some twisted reason, your mind doesn’t let you see how things really are, but I’ll show you.” He never took his worshiping eyes from yours while he said the words that you were fighting to not believe.

“Bucky…” you whispered. What he was saying and his gaze became too much and you finally averted your eyes to the floor, struggling to get some air.

You were incapable of taking a step back and your arms slowly dropped to your sides when he cupped your chin between his thumb and index finger, lifting your head to look back at him, leaning even closer to you.

“You’re my mission, doll. The most important one to me. So, no, I don’t plan on abandoning it.”

Part 15

His face kept getting closer and closer and closer…

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Sweet Pea x reader | Safe🌹 Part 3

• Sweet Pea finds a girl alone in the streets. She doesn’t remember anything, not even her name. He takes her home and promises her that he’ll protect her. They both try to find out what happened to her •

Part one : https://riverdalespolaroids.tumblr.com/post/167670348451/sweet-pea-x-reader-safe-part1-the-reader-finds

Part two: https://riverdalespolaroids.tumblr.com/post/167698323196/sweet-pea-x-reader-safe-part-2-sweet-pea


Sweet Pea was waiting for me outside his trailer. He had to fix something on his motorcycle and I was watching him through the small window. He asked me if I wanted to meet his friend tonight. Apparently this boy can maybe help us find clues about what happened to me. I still didn’t remember a thing. I tried to but I couldn’t. I looked down at my new flowy dress and smiled. It was the first time I felt pretty since SP found me. I looked through the window again and blushed. He had removed his black t-shirt. I took a deep breath and opened the door. As I walked out, he looked up and smirked.

“Wow.. You look beautiful.” He said, putting his shirt back on.

“You think so?” I blushed, walking up to him.

He smiled and took my hand, twirling me around.

“Of course I do. The northsiders better not stare at you because I won’t like that.” He said, putting on his leather jacket.

“The northsiders? Who are they?”

“C’mon, i’ll tell you all about it as I show you around town.” He smirked, handing me his motorcycle helmet.

“Did you fix it? I might have a helmet but i still don’t want us to crash.” I joked.

“It’s just as good as new, you’ll have to trust me on that Rosie.”

Hearing my new nickname made me smile. I don’t think I would be able to feel that way with my real name, the one I didn’t remember. It’s like it was a new me, and I liked that person.

“If there’s one person I trust right now it’s you Sweets.” I said.

“Did you you just call me Sweets?” He asked.

“I did.. I’m sorry I’ll stop.” I said, looking down, hoping he wouldn’t get mad at me.

“Don’t. I kinda like it. But only you can call me that.. and not in public please.” He said, siting in front of me and starting his bike.

We drove through the whole town. He explained to me that there was a northside and a southside and that we belonged in the south. He looked like he really hated the northside. He showed me each and every part of the town. When we passed the southside high school, something clicked in my mind.

“So that’s my school. I don’t really like going there but..” and then I stopped him.

“I know this place..” I said, confused.

“What? You do?” He asked, excited that my memory was coming back slowly.

“I’ve been here before..” I said.

“Do you want to get in? Maybe it’ll come back even more..” he said.

I nodded and he got up. He gave me his hand and i felt my heart tighten. He smiled to me, showing me that everything was okay. It was a saturday so the school was completely empty. We walked in the halls silently. When we walked in front of the library, i gasped. It came back. It’s like a movie scene was playing in my head.

//flashback// As I walked out of the library, my favorite books in my hands, I bumped into a tall figure. I dropped all my books and the boy spoke up, only to stop as he saw me. “Watch where you’re going..” He looked into my eyes and spoke up again. “Oh.. i’m hum.. i’m sorry. Here let me help you.” He said, kneeling next to me, picking up my books. “Thank you.” I said. He gave them to me and the bell rang. I left for my class. Little did I know, the boy watched me leave until I turned the corner. //

I came back to reality and I was on siting on the ground, Sweet Pea next to me, asking me if I was okay.

“I remember.” I said.

“You remember everything? It all came back?” He asked.

“No I just saw a bit of it. And.. Y-You were there.” I said, looking into his eyes. The same ones i saw in my memory.

“I was there? How? We’ve already met?” He asked, confused.

I told him everything about it. He also remembered this moment. It was the first thing that I remembered and yet he was still there with me.

“That was you? But how come I never saw you again? It was about 3 years ago..”

“I don’t know.. Can you hug me please.. I’m scared.” I said, feeling like everything was upside down. He took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. We spent a few minutes like that, talking about this moment.

“You remembered me?” I asked.

“Yeah.. I just didn’t realise that it was you. It’s been so long. I’m still sorry that I bumped into you though!” He joked, bringing back my smile. “Do you still want to go to Pop’s? I can understand if you don’t want to.. you’ve already been through enough today.”

“No it’s okay.. I’m alright I just needed a hug that’s all..” I said.

“C’mon, a good milkshake will make you feel better.”

I saw the lights of the diner from far. It was pretty late so the parking lot was almost empty. We entered and it smelled like burgers and fries. I smilled. It feels like I hadn’t had a burger in forever. We sat face to face in a booth next to the window.

“Are you more of a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry girl?” He asked me.

I giggled and he smiled. “Strawberry!” I said.

“Well that’s great because i’m a strawberry kind of guy.” He smirked. “But don’t tell my friends that.. I don’t look so badass drinking a pink milkshake.” He laughed.

“I saw the framed picture in your room.. Are those your friends?” I asked.

“Yeah, a few of them.” He said.

I didn’t ask more because he looked like he didn’t want to talk about it. The little bell behind us rang and we both turned around. A boy with even more bruises than Sp walked in. He had a cut on his eyebrow and another one on his lip. He walked towards us and Sp stood up. I noticed that the boy was also wearing a leather jacket with a serpent behind it.. weird.. It must be trendy around here.

“What do you want?” The guy asked, dryly.

“Calm down.. I need your help.” Sweet Pea said. They didn’t really looked like friends. “Rosie, this is my friend Jughead. Jug, this Rosie.”


I loved writing this part of the serie!! I hope you enjoyed it😊 Please leave me some feedback, i’d love to know what you guys think of it!! Thank you for reading:)

Mystery Snore-er

So, here’s a wee ficlet for you guys. I’m still in the middle of trying to graduate, so I don’t really have time to dedicate to my ongoing series at the moment. It’s killing me as much as it’s killing you, I promise. But I can do wee blurbs like this one. Huge thanks to @diversemediums for helping me out when I got stuck. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Inspired by actual events…

A loud snore woke Claire. Grumbling, she nudged Jamie and got him to roll over. When the awful noise persisted, she nudged him harder. It was unlike him to snore so loudly. Glancing to the end of the bed, Claire wondered if the cat was responsible for the new sound of Jamie’s. Perhaps he had an allergy to the wee ball of fur he’d brought home for her. Finally, though she nearly pushed him from the bed, the racket stopped. Settling back down, Claire fell back to sleep.

She got up a little before sunrise, leaving Jamie still asleep in their room upstairs. If she worked quickly, she might get a decent breakfast cooked before he came down. The wood creaked above her as she started putting the food out on plates. Jamie rubbed his eyes and sat down on the bench, staring up at her.

“Good morning, darling,” she said, pouring him a cup of chicory coffee. “Did you sleep all right?”

He groaned.

“I’ve slept better.”

Her brows went up.


“Aye. I fell asleep wrapped around ye, holding yer briest in my hand. And woke up this morning wi’ my arse hangin’ half off the bed!”

Claire pursed her lips, trying to hide a smile, and folded her arms over her chest.

“Well someone decided to saw a bunch of logs while I was trying to sleep, so I had to do something.”

Jamie blinked.

“I’m no’ pickin’ up what yer putting down, Sassenach.”

Claire choked on her tea. She waved weakly at him when he started to get up.

Where on earth did you learn that? Oh goodness, I think I’ve inhaled half my cup.”

“Brianna,” he said, a fond smile on his lips. “Better to join the daft talk than fight it, Sassenach. And speaking o’ daft… I dinna snore. You, on the other hand…”

With the handkerchief Jamie handed her, she wiped her mouth.

“I do not snore.”

“And how would ye ken? Ye only snore in yer sleep, aye?”

“Well, yes, but-”

Jamie poured her another cup of tea and grinned at her.

“Then ye canna ken if ye snore or no.”

“That’s… Well fine, you’ve got a point there. But you’ve never complained about my snoring in the past.”

He took the cup from her hand and placed it on the table, turning to pull her close.

“There are few things about ye I’d complain about, a nighean.”

“Oh?” she asked, moving her hands to his shoulders.

“Aye,” he replied, smirking. “The majority of those involving your uncanny knack of getting yourself into all manner of mischief.”

He laughed as she swatted his ear, then held her wrists against his heart.

“Arse,” she said mildly.

Still chuckling quietly, he leaned down and kissed her. In the quiet of the morning, a soft sound echoed down the hall. Claire pulled back and looked up at Jamie, brows lifting in question. He shook his head and they followed the noise until they found the source.

Claire leaned against Jamie and watched Adso’s little furry body move as he breathed. He was curled up in a tight ball on top of a basket filled with strips of clean cloth. As they stood silently, he breathed in again and Claire nearly gasped.

“Roosevelt Christ! That snoring was the damned cat?!”

Jamie started laughing.

“So it would seem, Sassenach!”

Yes, No, Maybe: chapter 3 (touken fanfic au)

Summary: Human AU. Touka has everything she could possibly need: she’s engaged to her charming fiancé, Haise, and enjoys a remotely happy life inside Tokyo. But her world turns upside down once her heart rekindles dead flames towards the cold and dangerous Kaneki, Haise’s younger brother. BlackReaper/Touka.

Rating: M // Words: 12,801 words 😱  // Warnings: SMUT. Toxic relationships. Infidelity topics. Ugly words. Angst. Some chair kicking and abusive/disturbing scenes from Kaneki’s mother.

Chapter summary: Touka and Kaneki spend some charity time together under unexpected circumstances. Haise and Touka have a fight.

A/N: Honestly, I was feeling a little worried about making this chapter this long, but the truth is that (apart from having everything planned for this one..) I don’t know when I’m going to update the next chapter. I’ll be working on a touken baby fanfic that I hope I can post soon and then I have to write Longing for Sex, so I’m afraid we won’t have a YNM chapter in a while. The next chapter for this one is going to be very, VERY important since it’ll be a flashback during their teenage years, and it will reveal the “high school” incident that they’re constantly mentioning & that is super important for their relationship. So I rather leave you guys with a long chapter to compensate the waiting for the next update. As always, any comments in the tags, or in my asbox, is deeply appreciated as well as reblogs, likes, any type of feedback, especially now due to the shitty best stuff first update 😭 so if you liked it, please let me know 🙏 till next time! 

Preview Ch3: Dead Cigarettes on the Floor.

“You know why,” she speaks slowly, pronouncing every word with ease so that stupid brain of his can process them and actually remember them. She won’t say it again. “Don’t act like you care.”

She looks away, resuming her bad habits, the cig getting smaller and smaller in her fingers. It’s too late for that, her heart whispers.

“You’re right,” he responds, throwing his cigarette to the ground to take another from his pocket, using his lighter to turn it on. “I don’t care.”

Touka stops breathing. She wasn’t expecting a different answer, however, it still hurts her that he’s so indifferent to everything.

It hurts.

[ AO3 / FF.net ]

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When Jungkook pranks you with really shitty pick up lines

A/N: okay so um…I’m not sure how to feel about this one but guys feedback is amazing please tell me what you liked, didn’t like, what you want. It’s all very useful please help me out💕


A/N: First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted! Steve ended up being the winner, but I promise I’ll write for Billy very soon! Okay this fic took a different turn than I originally imagined. I don’t really know how to feel about this one, the beginning is kind of choppy. But I hope you guys like it!

Summary: Steve breaks up with reader, but little does he know, the reader is about to make is life hell.
Pairing: Reader x Steve Harrington.
Fandom: Stranger Things.
Warnings: Drinking, Angst??, Heartbreak
Word Count: 896.

You’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round throwin’ that dirt all on my name’ Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d call you up You’ve been going round, going round, going round every party in L.A. ‘Cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d be at one, oh

 As I was getting ready for Corrina’s party Steve’s words were on a loop in my head. I just don’t think we should be together anymore. Trust me, it’s not you, it’s me. Now I know what you may be thinking, ‘you just got dumped why are you already going out?’ and I’ll be the first person to tell you that I am in no way shape or form ready to see Steve, but I have to. Let me elaborate; the night he left my house a single man I did cry, I did yell and I did throw things. But it’s what happened later that night that changed my point of view on my situation. That night as I cleared my entire room of anything and everything that reminded me of him, I had the idea to make him regret ever losing me, as I assume every girl that gets dumped does. I dwelled on it for a while as I cleaned. It wasn’t that bad of an idea, but if I was actually going to do this, I needed to plan it precisely. Every outfit, every dance and every word needed to be rehearsed to the point of perfection. I’ll admit, it was going to be a lot of work, I’d have to go to all our old spots, all the parties and act as if it wasn’t killing me inside to see him. If he thought he was going to replace me he has another thing coming–I’m gonna to make his head spin.      

 I know that dress is karma, perfume regret. You got me thinking ‘bout when you were mine. And now I’m all up on ya, what you expect? But you’re not coming home with me tonight. You just want attention, you don’t want my heart. Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new. Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start. You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you

  I walked into Corinna’s house with my head held high. I knew I looked good, I was wearing the dress that Steve got me for our first anniversary. A cute little red number that made my legs look amazing and left very little to the imagination. My eyes scanned the room looking for that familiar mop of brown hair when I noticed it bopping around with Nancy Wheeler. God, I need a drink.

After my 2nd cup I felt a hell of a lot better–I was ready. As I danced my way to the front I caught few eyes one of them being Steve’s. Unbeknownst to be, he slowly made his way over. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing” he said looking me up and down, “Dancing Stevie, it is a party after all” I said with a smirk before grabbing his hand. I heard him mutter a few choice words, but he didn’t resist. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and his hands on my waist, it worked. I had one more thing to do before I could leave though. Before he could register what was happening, my lips were on his. “God you’re beautiful” he mumbled as his hands tangled in my hair, I took that as my cue before taking a step back and winking as I walked away—the look on his face was priceless. The walk to my car was cut short when I heard yelling behind me. I recognized that tone of voice—he was pissed. “SO THAT’S IT HUH? YOU WALK IN HERE IN THAT DRESS, YOU KISS ME, THEN YOU JUST PICK UP AND LEAVE LIKE I MEANT NOTHING TO YOU! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME Y/N? ATTENTION? FOR ME TO APOLOGIZE?” he yelled angrily, but he wasn’t done. “Shit, I’m sorry okay? I don’t even know why I ended things. I– I need you now more than ever. I tried to get over you but I cant. You’re my first thought when I wake up and my last memory before I fall asleep. I’m so sorry y/n” I could hear his voice crack as he finished. I slowly turned around and gave him a small smile, “It’s a little too late for that. And those feeling you’re having? Feels like shit doesn’t it Harrington?” Realization hit him hard, and he was at a loss for words. I turned back around and kept walking to my car, the smile never leaving my face.

 What are you doin’ to me, what are you doin’, huh? (What are you doin’?) What are you doin’ to me, what are you doin’, huh? (What are you doin’?) What are you doin’ to me, what are you doin’, huh? (What are you doin’?) What are you doin’ to me, what are you doin’, huh?

Christmas Cookies!

Hi guys,

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*allergy and dietary info: wheat flour, eggs, butter, almonds, traces of: anise, allspice, cilantro and well, the sugary stuff you put on top :) *

kang daniel soulmate! au

summary: in which “kang euigeon” is the strange name of your soulmate imprinted on your arm 

length: 1.8k

a/n: so lol i am basing this off me at kcon australia bc i was pretty lucky to get a hi touch with them and then i thought omg this can be a soulmate au idea so here it is!! i wrote this a while ago and it was in my drafts hope you guys like it!! 

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y/n y/l/n: your first name and your last name 

  • so soulmates huh
  • how the soulmate system worked was that when you reached 15
  • the name of your soulmate would appear as a tattoo on your arm
  • and when the two of you met
  • it would be a moment where you both just knew you had found each other
  • and then the tattoo would disappear
  • when you were young you were never one for fairytales or believed in a prince charming
  • but it was only when your older sister found her soulmate that you began to be excited too
  • your sister had found her soulmate the day she turned 15
  • bc her soulmate was the guy she had been crushing on at school and he had been crushing on her too
  • the rule was that soulmates could get together only when they were both 15
  • if the rule was broken then the two people were not allowed to be together
  • so the boy knew your sister was his soulmate but he kept it a secret for a few months and surprised your sister on valentines day which was her birthday
  • and you found their love story so romantic
  • that you couldn’t help but anticipate meeting and finding out who your soulmate was
  • maybe it was your crush? or the cute senior that got on and off at the same bus stop as you?
  • needless to say you were excited
  • and even started a countdown on your calendar for the day you would turn 15
  • and when you did
  • the strangest name appeared on your arm
  • kang euigeon
  • ……
  • did i mention that you live in australia and not korea lol
  • so wtf a foreign name had appeared on your arm and you were panicking
  • you could barely pronounce that name properly
  • yes you were korean but most of the people around you weren’t
  • and the koreans you knew all had english names so
  • at first you thought oh it’s probably someone’s korean name
  • so you asked every single korean guy in your school there were only a few for their korean names
  • and it was embarrassing because some you’d never talked to and when you explained to them why you were asking they thought you were even weirder
  • you even messaged random koreans that went to primary school with you and asked your parents to ask their friends if they knew a kang euigeon
  • and ofc they didn’t
  • bc it was such a strange name
  • and as time went by everyone could see you become discouraged about the whole soulmate thing bc before you used to be the one to talk about it the most
  • and you would tell the story of how your sister met her soulmate to everyone you met in the hopes that your story would be just as romantic
  • most of your friends also found their soulmates and they had normal names like “mark tuan” or “jackson wang”
  • you started to really think maybe you were destined to be alone or that your soulmate was someone living in the countryside of korea that you’d probably never meet
  • your friends encouraged you that your soulmate would surely come along one day and that it would be like magic but honestly you weren’t convinced at all
  • and like that five years went by and you were 20
  • meanwhile in korea a trainee named kang daniel glanced at his arm with the name y/n y/l/n imprinted
  • he liked the fact that your name was unique and not a typical korean name
  • he liked the idea that his soulmate was a korean possibly living in a foreign country
  • he couldn’t wait to meet her and learn about the culture there and learn even more english
  • growing up daniel always had a dream and that was to stand on stage and now he was about to enter the auditions for produce 101 with the mmo boys
  • with that same dream, he thought it would help in finding his soulmate too
  • back to you in australia
  • you were busy with life
  • and because of the whole disappointing soulmate thing you started to become a fan of kpop
  • and well produce 101 was airing but you weren’t one for survival shows and heartbreak
  • one day you and your friends were chilling at your place
  • when produce 101 happened to be airing your friends all wanted to watch it so you all ended up watching it
  • you were glued on hwang minhyun tbh having been a nue’st fan
  • you and your friends all completely forgot about your soulmate who was probably in korea
  • most of the trainees had korean names that weren’t kang euigeon 
  • as the show went on you started liking kang daniel too
  • and you were so so happy that he had gotten first place
  • and then months later it was announced that wanna one would be coming to kcon in australia
  • you and your friends all decided to go
  • and when collecting your tickets and audience passes you and your friends all gathered in a circle to scratch the hi touch passes together
  • and when you guys scratched the cards only you out of all your friends had gotten the hi touch for wanna one
  • and like only 200 out of the 20000 people at the concert got the wanna one hi touch so thats like 1% chance 
  • you were over the moon and couldn’t believe your luck
  • you told yourself even though you weren’t lucky with soulmates at least you were lucky enough to meet wanna one ppl at kcon were selling their hi touches for like 500 omg
  • one of your friends had gotten audience pass for wanna one so she promised to film you
  • meanwhile daniel was backstage waiting for the hi touch begin
  • honestly all of wanna one had met their soulmates and he was the last one
  • wanna one all knew about his possible foreign soulmate and they had this special feeling that daniel would definitely met her at kcon
  • and daniel wanted to believe that but he didn’t want to have his hopes too high
  • as for you you were now in the audience waiting for wanna one
  • kevin woo my bae came out and everyone cheered
  • then finallyyyyy wanna one came out and you screamed in happiness
  • you were quite short and you weren’t in the front row so you couldn’t see well even though you were standing on your tippy toes
  • daniel was also scanning the crowd hoping to make eye contact with someone that could be his soulmate
  • but because of your height he obviously couldn’t spot you
  • daniel turned to jinyoung next to him and shook his head sadly and jinyoung patted his back in assurance
  • daniel didn’t want to show his disappointment to the fans so he put on a smile and continued with the fanservice
  • then hi touch finally happened
  • you were near the end bc you were hoping to have more time with the members lol guys that sadly doesn’t work
  • as you approached each member you could feel your heart beating wildly as wanna one were smiling down at you and saying thank you sweetly esp seongwoo omg my heart
  • when you reached daniel
  • the moment you made eye contact with him and when your hands met
  • you literally felt your heart burst
  • it was an indescribable feeling
  • but you didn’t think much of it bc you thought your heart was bursting because you’d met your bias
  • you were fangirling so much lol
  • daniel also felt something but the hi touch was happening too fast and he thought he was just excited at meeting his overseas fans 
  • anyways it was only when it was almost the end of the hi touch session that you rolled your sleeves up and realised the kang euigeon tattoo was no longer there
  • you freaked out as you tried to comprehend what that meant
  • and then it snapped
  • your soulmate was here
  • you gasped in shock
  • you glanced around and there were only a few fanboys but when you asked them they weren’t a kang euigeon
  • you completely forgot about wanna one and focused on finding your soulmate
  • you even mustered the courage to lean across the barrier and ask the young korean looking photographer at the event for his name and it was embarrassing
  • you even looked at the name tags of every single security guard and staff member but there were no “kangs”
  • kevin woo: ok it’s time to say goodbye to wanna one
  • then you remembered you were here for wanna one
  • you looked up at them one by one to appreciate their beauty once more  before they exited and repeated their names in your head
  • lai guanlin, ong seongwoo, park jihoon, lee daehwi, bae jinyoung, kang daniel, yoon jisung -
  • daniel’s surname was kang
  • but no way would his real name be kang euigeon right???
  • you stared at him not knowing what to think as he exited the stage and you brushed off the thought that he could be your soulmate quickly as that was just ridiculous
  • backstage the staff handed wanna one drink bottles and daniel rolled up his sleeves due to the sweat 
  • as jisung leaned over to grab a bottle he noticed that daniel’s arm had no words imprinted on them
  • “omg daniel your tattoo isn’t there??” exclaimed jisung
  • daniel looked at his arm and there was nothing
  • “i thought you didn’t find your soulmate” said jinyoung
  • “but she must be here bc daniel hyung’s tattoo is gone” said woojin
  • “omg daniel she must have been at the hi touch” said daehwi excitedly
  • daniel suddenly remembered how he felt his beat a lot more than sual when he hi fived a fan 
  • but he couldn’t remember what she looked like 
  • then everything made sense in daniel’s head and he got to work
  • lol and as you were exiting the venue you were disappointed that you had missed your soulmate even though you two had been at the same place at the same time
  • and you thought it was impossible that daniel was your soulmate
  • suddenly a staff member made an announcement: hello everyone we have an emergency here if your name is y/n y/l/n please stay behind as there is an emergency
  • you stood frozen as that was your name
  • you went back in and told the security it was your name and they told you to wait
  • when there was no one else left in the venue you felt scared all of a sudden for being alone
  • was it a family emergency that you were to learn off? was something bad going to happen? or was it your soulmate..?
  • too many thoughts were running in your head and you were getting confused that you felt like you had a headache
  • then you felt a tap on your shoulder
  • you turned around and met eyes with the most gorgeous pair of eyes you’d seen
  • you’d made eye contact with them for 0.00001 seconds previously but this time you could look for as long as you wanted
  • the guy was smiling back as his eyes crinkling up in an eyesmile forming crescents 
  • he continued to smile at you while you stared back in shock not believing the situation
  • tears started to form in your eyes as you weren’t sure that you could believe what was happening
  • “aye kiddo i finally found you, don’t cry” he reached forward and wiped your tears while laughing at you
  • “i’m kang euigeon” said daniel and then he stretched out his arms as if asking you to embrace him
  • you went into his arms and you never felt so warm before
  • soulmates did exist
  • and your meeting with your soulmate was more beautiful than your sister’s, more beautiful than anyone else’s

asdgsajhxg omg idk it felt ranty lol please let me know if you liked it or not :) 

moments stolen from a ticking clock

Pairings: Julian/MC

Summary: In the early years of the red plague, Julian Devorak is a doctor on the Lazaret treating an ill and worsening magician. He likes her far too much for his own good. (AU following the theory that the apprentice had the red plague at one point and died)

Words: 2492

CW: terminal illness

A/N: i’m a fanfic babbu and i’m real rusty with prose but i hope you guys like it!

She was the most blithely demanding person Julian Devorak had ever met.

Without the red in the whites of her eyes he never would have thought she was ill: Kate was all warmth and willpower and wit. The red plague had made her pale and gaunt, had carved out dark hollows under her eyes, had made her crop her hair short because she couldn’t maintain it otherwise, but she was—present in a way many of his patients weren’t. She didn’t spend her days in a resigned haze, waiting either for a cure or for death, nor did she drape herself dramatically over furniture and wail over her fate (he would come to appreciate this much more when treating Count Lucio).

That wasn’t to say there weren’t difficult days, where she’d stare at the ceiling without speaking, or snatch away his leech bottle and smash it on the floor, or burst into tears seemingly for no reason at all. Kate was young and dying and furious about it. Rightfully. But she was determined to wring every ounce of life from what time she had left, and of course that drew him to her like a moth to a flame. Julian had learned by now that he’d take every opportunity he could to break his own heart. Falling for someone he couldn’t save was just the latest in a long line of mistakes his heart had made (and would continue to make) without consulting his brain in the slightest.

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Smart (Single Father!Yoongi)

Plot: Single father!Yoongi and college student!reader’s relationship

Part: One

Word Count: 750

A/N: so here’s part two! I hope you guys will like the series, I’ve decided on a tutor!reader route bc I got some shit planned with that but the link for this is single father!Yoongi (all of the father related posts are here but single father!yoon specifically is here)

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He raised her “on his own,” for two years. He had an amazing amount of help and support from his friends, all of them being so patient with him. For the first six months, he hadn’t spent a single night alone, at least one of the boys always spending the night to help with his daughter’s midnight tantrums. She slept a lot more than Yoongi had anticipated but apparently, it was just a newborn thing. Everyday, she did something new, gave him a new reason to love her. The day she discovered she had fingers was one of his personal favorites because he was sure he would never be able to forget the shocked look on her face before said fingers were immediately shoved into her mouth.

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Fate Through Text Part 16. Now we know bits and pieces of what Jason did to you. The guys have your back though. Sorry it took me so long. I’ve been busy with school. I hope you guys like this one.

theotherpuppet  asked:

but the motion sickness will be so worth it when you catch a fish and all the guys smile and congratulate you for a job well done. Here's hoping you don;t actually catch too many monsters or this is going to turn into a survival horror game REAL QUICK.

Tbh I’m going to be the one catching boots or a discarded soda can… If that’s possible hahahaha. At least I can throw up in both of those things.

I did catch a giant sea bass with my Bugs Bunny fishing rod at the end of a Florida fishing pier when I was like 9! It was honestly probably the biggest plot twist of my entire life to this day, since absolutely no one– not the adults, and especially not me– was expecting my cheap-ass Walmart fishing line and dead cricket on a hook to catch anything, let alone A GIANT FUCKING FISH OH MY GOD I WAS SCREAMING IN ABJECT TERROR

God, memories of that trip are rushing back… my mom’s boyfriend at the time bought LITTLE TINY FROGS to use as bait… I was so mortified that I released them all into the water. He was so mad at me!!! But I was proud of myself… a true Friend To All Frogs even at the tender age of 9…

BTS Mafia reaction to you being kidnapped and tortured

Kim Seokjin/Jin

When Jin first heard you were kidnapped he freaked out. He had all his guys out looking for you because he needed you home. Finally five days later one of his guys found you. Jin and his gang went out to where you were. He found you in the stone cold basement. He couldn’t function. He couldn’t breathe. He dropped to his knees seeing you bloody, cut up and unconscious. He felt like everything was his fault. He pulled your unconscious body to him. He seen the cuts and bruises all over your body and broke down crying. You were his princess, his everything and he let this happen.

“I promised you I would always protect you, why didn’t I do that now?”

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Min Yoongi/Suga

When Suga heard you were kidnapped he breathed every mafia in his vicinity. Finally two days later he heard of your whereabouts and went to it with his men. He busted the door down and ransacked the house till he found you in a bedroom. You had duct tape of your mouth and tied up to a chair. Your head was slumped down and body was bloody and bruised. He seen a guy it you in the stomach and he freaked out. He ran to you and laid you down feeling an upset feeling run through his body. He couldn’t stand seeing you in this position at all.

“I’m so sorry this happened but I swear on my life you will never get taken from me again.”

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope

J-Hope knew you were missing two hours into you being gone. He sent all his men out to find you while he grabbed all his weapons. When one came back with word of your whereabouts, he finished grabbing his weapons an headed out alone. This was personal and he can’t have his men see him like this. When he pulled up to the house he busted down the door to see them throwing you around, hitting you, cutting you, and pulling your hair. He couldn’t stand it and shot the ceiling. You ran to him and collapsed in his arms. No one hurts his baby and gets away with it.

“You think you can hurt Y/N without a consequence? You’re funny.”

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Kim Namjoon/RM

RM thought you went out to the store before you noticed it doesn’t take five hours to get groceries. He sent out all his men on a hunt to find you. They knew how badly this could end if they didn’t find you. It took them two days to find you and RM went with them. They pulled into the house and got out. He found you chained up, bleeding, and bruised. He unchained you and you slowly opened your eyes. You were barely conscious and was bleeding severely. He hands you off to his right hand man and makes them leave. He’s about to teach this people a lesson.

“So you think you’re slick to kidnap and torture my Y/N? Well you’re about to wish you were never born.”

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Park Jimin/Jimin

Jimin was an emotional wreck when he found out a rival mafia took you. He couldn’t think straight an sent everyone out looking while he locked himself in his office. Four days later his right hand man found you in an abandoned building. They rushed to you and seen you laying on the ground crying while men beat you, cut you, kicked you, and stabbed you. Jimin had enough and had his men deal with the guys torturing you as he ran to you. You were crying into his shoulder as he held you. He felt everything was his fault and he couldn’t stand it. He never let you leave his side again.

“I promise you, you will be safe from now on. Never will you go through this again.”

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Kim Taehyung/V

V was very mad when he found out you were missing. He went and looked for you himself not wanting help. But his men wouldn’t listen and came with him. He found you seven hours later and in his rivals house. He busted into the house and what see seen he couldn’t stand it and he felt like it was a crime someone should pay for. You were unconscious, bleeding, bruised, and had rope on your hands. He untied your hands holding you close. He couldn’t believe someone could do something this vicious to someone so sweet. He holds you and decides he will let his men take care of this.

“I’m taking her home, show no mercy and deal with these idiots.”

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Jeon Jungkook/Jungkook

Jungkook was upset about the fact someone stole you from him. He was just about to wait around for news and decided him and his men would go looking now. Twenty three hours later they find you being beaten up in the front yard of this house. Jungkook gets out shooting up the place and grabbing your figure. You were tied up, bleeding, and bruised. He untied you while his men took over taking care of the men. You started sobbing into his hug as he picked you up. He calmed you down and listened to your cries about what happened. He made sure you were safe and sat you in the car before getting in the car and driving away.

“No one messes with my baby ever you’re getting your own gun.”

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AMAs with Namjoon

Type: Imagine and Fluff

Notes: Same set up as the Yoongi one just with what Namjoon would do. Super cute just an imagine to suit all your needs. Ya’ll know I love my babe Namjoon so I hope you guys like this one. I’m hoping to get the rest of these done tomorrow even though it’s a school night. I should be doing my essay but, fuck it.

Yoongi - Jimin -  Taehyung - Jungkook - Jin - Hoseok

“You ready to go?” You call out from the hotel room. You walk out of the bathroom where the men and women styling Namjoon begin to pack their supplies and move on to the next member.

He turns around looking up to you from his chair.. He smiles at you and looks you up and down, eyeing the tight-fitting outfit. He stands up and hurries to wrap his arms around you, “You look beautiful, babe.”

You stand there kissing in the now empty room. You smile and place your hand on his cheek and put your foreheads together. You laugh, “You ready to lead your group into the AMAs?”

He kisses your forehead, ”Of course, and I’m ready to take this beautiful woman I’m holding with me.”

You laugh and poke his dimple before leaning back in for a kiss. You smile as he picks you up and sits you on the bed with you in his lap. You laugh and push him off sighing, “Namjoon… We have to leave now.”

He lets out a groan before getting back up. You stand up and grab his arm pulling him towards the door. He gives you a bit of a struggle before letting you take him out the hotel room. He turns you around when you shut the door, ”Tonight?”

“Tonight,” you say knowing what was going to go down after the AMAs.

Getting there you were surrounded by security, paparazzi, and fans. You smile when you hear the fans shouting Namjoon’s name, you wanting to shout with them. You were proud of how hard your man had worked. He holds you as you all walk to the red carpet. “You excited?”

He looks at you and smiles and nods. You can tell he is and you smile. You hear the fans calling out to all of them, some even waving to you. You smile at them, how they all were so happy to see the boys.

You smile as you walk with Namjoon’s arms wrapped around you. Before you know it pictures and videos are being taken and interviewers are asking to interview the group. You give Namjoon a knowing look and mouth a good luck before kissing him and following a bodyguard away from the camera and standing near the boys watching the interview. You watch the boys answer the questions the interviewer throws at them and smile thinking of how far they’ve come. You smile when you hear Namjoon speak in English and help the boys with their own.

“So have you guys brought anyone here today?” The interviewer says.

Namjoon turns towards the boys and hurries to translate. You hope that he won’t say anything about you. But of course, Namjoon hurries to answer the question, the usual patient man frantic to show the people who you are. “(Y/N)!”

He ushers you over to the group and you sigh. As soon as you get close enough for him to touch he hurries to kiss your head and wrap you back into his arms. You blush at his gesture.

“Namjoon…” You say sighing as he smiles and proudly takes you to the interviewer.

He speaks to the interviewer saying, “This is the love of my life, (Y/N).”

You smile and greet the interviewer. Namjoon goes on with the interview but now keeps you by his side making sure to not let you go. You laugh as he keeps his hands tightly on you waist as the interviewer wraps up with a finishing question and good luck. He kisses your cheek as he takes you towards the building where the awards were taking place. “Oh god,” you say blushing at the incident.

“God you are so beautiful,” he says into your ear from behind you, “I mean you were just standing there. Yet you still looked so damn beautiful!”

You smile and blush, he kisses your neck letting out a laugh. You walk into the building and he makes sure to get you to your seat. You smile when he sits close to you and rubs your leg.

You and Namjoon are having fun dancing and talking about the performances of the new stars you were hearing. He makes you laugh when he lip syncs to the songs you both know and acting like he’s serenading you. You were happy to spend time with the boys and get to be here with your man. You were mostly excited for everyone’s reactions to their performance. You met stars for the first time and had conversations with some very happy fans.

Namjoon turns to you and rubs your thigh to get your attention. You look at him confused at his nervousness, “It’s time to go.”

“Good luck, you’ll be amazing. Now go show them who Kim Namjoon is,” you smile and give him a long kiss. He smiles and runs backstage.

You sit nervous waiting for the host to announce when the boys were coming out. It feels like only a short time when the host appears and announces BTS will be out shortly. You hear the fans cheering and you can’t help but let out a scream as well. It takes only a few minutes before the Chainsmokers come out and you know what’s about to happen. You sit on the edge of your seat as they talk about the group and you hear the fans screaming as they say, “Please welcome, BTS!”

You don’t take another second before jumping up and cheering as loud as possible. You watch as the boys perform, catching Namjoon’s eye multiple times. Every time he looks toward you he smirks and you cheer louder. The camera men take a shot of you cheering and singing along to the song as you mouth an ‘I love you’ to Namjoon. He smiles and gives his all to his lines and dance moves. Everytime you hear him you scream louder, yelling his name. Before you know it, it feels as though the performance ended too quickly. You turn around to see the people standing and cheering for BTS. You watch the boys as they humbly thank the audience and Namjoon mouths an I love you to you. You smile up to him and shed a tear when you look around and see the people cheering them on. You know, they made it.

It only takes a few minutes for them to come back to their seats where people who see them cheer them on and congratulate them. You smile, standing up you jump into Namjoon’s arms letting out a squeal. He looks at you and teases, “Are you proud of me?”

You laugh, “Of course.”

“Then let’s go.”

“What about the after party?”

“You’re the after party,” he says and you laugh at his eagerness. It was going to be a fun night.

Back To The Start

Pairing: Pete Dunne x OC (Kenyada)

Word Count: Something over 1.1k

Summary: Kenyada met Pete during a summer holiday when she was in her teens. Her family went to the UK and stayed with friends. It was the best 4 weeks of her teenage life but then life happened, they lost touch - until they meet again.

A/N: This is a winner fic request for @kenyadakblalock. I have never written this side of Pete before and I hope you like it.

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

“Have you ever been in love?” Kenyada’s friend asked her, as she was crying her eyes out. 

Kenyada tried to cheer her friend up from a heart break she just suffered. She never liked that guy anyway and she hoped that her friend will one day see that she’s much better off without him. However, when her friend asked her that question, it make her think long and hard about it. 

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