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REQUEST: Everyone forgets Bucky’s birthday and he (internally) is really bummed about it. But actually the reader has thrown him a surprise party (with the help of Tony Stark’s wallet) and everyone attends and it ends with an unhealthy load of fluff.

this is super late and not as great as my original one. I hope you guys still like it!

“Okay, everyone knows the plan! I need everyone back here for seven for the surprise party.” You smiled at your group of friends that were all gathered in front of you. Natasha, Tony, Thor, Wanda, Sam, Clint, Bruce and Steve were all more than happy to help you with your boyfriend’s birthday party.

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idk why i’m doing this except im bored and haven’t done smth like this for a while so i’m going to do aesthetic blog rates or asoiaf or hp ones!! i spent a fair bit of time making these as unique as possible. hope you guys enjoy! <3


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hey guys! so this week’s video is focused on the overwhelming crippling fear of the vastness of the universe and the inevitably of death…u know, fun relatable content. hope you enjoy and as always if you like/comment/subscribe i hope you have a great day!!

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okay so my grandparents had to put down one of their dogs today, and i loved that pupper with all of my heart. so in other words i am emotionally wrecked™ and really need some comfort and extreme fluff fics and have scoured the blog for some, can you give me some pointers or anything you've read lately? i just need to get something else on my mind :^/ thank you guys in advance n i love y'all 💕

Oh my gosh I’m sorry that sounds like an emotionally exhausting day. I hope these fics help you out

It’s No Coincidence by IsabellaJack

The kids immediately scream, “Trick-or-Treat” before they see who opens the door.

The strange resident looks between the two kids, then at the adults, and his eyes widen in horror.

“It’s October already?”

Okay, Bucky thinks. This guy is probably high.

Let In the Sun by PR Zed (przed) 

The thing was, even in the middle of a war, things weren’t always a raging shitstorm. The Howlies weren’t always on the frontlines or, worse, behind them. They didn’t always have Hydra attacking them with weapons straight out of a Buck Rogers serial. There weren’t always Nazi panzer divisions threatening to flank their position.

There were calm days, restful days. There were days like this…

Two golden days in the long friendship of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Love and Cherish by wearing_tearing 

“This is the best idea.” Steve grins, lap overrun by eager wiggly puppies, hands busy trying to pet all six of them at the same time.

“They tend to happen every once in a while,” Bucky teases, quickly getting distracted by a wet tongue lapping at his cheek and a cold nose trying to burrow under his shirt.

Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Steve is a wedding photographer in need of an assistant. Bucky is unemployed and in need of a job. Sam and Natasha, in what turns out to be a successful attempt to solve both problems, arrange an introduction.

In a moment of frustrated brilliance, Bucky sets Steve on the path to incredible popularity and the two of them–and their relationship–on the path to complete obliviousness.

Cuddling A Nightmare

Fic Request: 

“I am so supper sorry I know u have a ton of requests and u did something kinda like this in bitter p.02 but can u pls do one were anti wakes the reader up from a nightmare and just snuggles and cuddles cause I have been having nighmares that won’t leave me alone? thank you o very much!”

*Screams* ANOTHER ANTI FIC! Woohoo! 
Hope you guys enjoy! 

Originally posted by doctor2110

His hand made you jerk into reality. You gasped, tearing away from Anti as you clawed at the phantoms that followed you from your nightmare. 
“Whoa,” Anti said, “Easy, it’s just me.” 
You shivered, suddenly cold. You felt the goose-bumps on your skin as you rubbed your arms, trying to get some warmth into them. 
“S-Sorry,”  You muttered, gazing around the room. “Bad..Bad dream.” 
“I could tell,” Anti said, irritation biting at his words. “I could hear you down the hall.” 
You winced, “Sorry. They’re getting worse.” 
Anti hummed, watching you with a slight glow in his eyes. The light from his gaze illuminated the room, scattering the shadows that started to mock the edges of your imagination. You sighed, finally calming. 
“Thanks for waking me, Anti,” You said with a small smile. “This is the third time you’ve done this.” 
“Don’t mention it,” Anti said, “But with this third restless night, I’m staying in here.” 
“Huh?” You replied. “You..You don’t have to.” 
“I know,” Anti said, gathering the messy blankets and throwing them over you. “But I can’t be bothered walking back to my room, now.” 
“Fine, but if you’re sleeping in here, we’re cuddling!” You snapped jokingly. 
“Deal,” Anti replied. His answer took you off guard, but you settled back into the blanket and snuggled against his side. 
Anti slept on his back, cradling you against him with one arm and the other resting over his chest. 
He was so much warmer than you were. He made a noise when you nestled against him. 
“Jeez, you’re freezing!” He exclaimed. 
“No turning back now!” You told him, hugging his side. “You’re committed to this.”
Anti grumbled and laid his head on your pillows.
With your head resting on his shoulder, you could faintly hear his irregular heart-beat. His breaths were slow and deep, a slight whistle slipping from his nose when he exhaled. 
He was already asleep. 
You closed your eyes, trying to sooth yourself into a slumber. But you found that sleep wasn’t ready to have you yet. 
You tossed gently, rolling so your back was against Anti’s side. You tried to find a comfortable spot, but no matter how you positioned your legs, they felt wrong. 

You sighed softly, trying not to wake the sleeping entity beside you. 
After another careful roll, you settled in the same position a few turns ago. With your back squashed against  Anti and your head on his forearm. 
It would have to do.
You felt Anti move behind you, he rolled against you, his right arm draping over your waist and pulling you flush against his chest. 
His face buried itself into your hair, his whiskery chin tickling your neck as he nuzzled you. 
“If you don’t stop moving, I’m gonna wrap you up in this blanket and make you into a burrito.” Anti mumbled drowsily into your hair.
You smiled a little and stirred in his arms, enough to make yourself comfortable again. He made a quiet growling sound and tightened his embrace around your middle. 
“I’m comfortable now,” You notified him. You were answered with a sleepy hum and a little less restraint on your stomach.
You closed your eyes, concentrating on the warm breath that washed over your cheeks. You found yourself slowly drifting off, but deep sleep played at the edges of your consciousness.
Mocking you. 
A pleasant sensation opened your eyes again, to find Anti’s hand caressing your upturned palm. He drew circles on the smooth skin, running his fingertips long the lengths of your fingers and then grazing his thumb over your wrist. 
You closed your eyes again as he continued the pattern. 
He started drawing designs on your arm, the tips of his fingers fluttering over the skin. His legs tangled with yours, somehow drawing you closer as you started to fall back into the nightmare. 
“I’m here,” He whispered into your ear. “Those creatures in your mind are no match for me. Sleep now, and I’ll keep them away.” 
He watched your face relax, slacken with sleep as the shadows in your head dispersed into empty sleep. 
He settled back into the pillow, maintaining the same movements with his fingers until he too fell into sleep.

The One Next Door: Part 6

A/N: I FINALLY UPDATED THIS ONE!!! I can’t believe it tbh but it was really fun! Yeah this one shall continue!!! :D Hope you guys like it!

Originally posted by younas

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

As you stared at her, she marched over to you, having to pull her purse back onto her shoulder as she walked. Stepping back a bit, you grew worried being alone outside with her. There were still people walking by but no one was going to notice anything.

“You!” she exclaimed, obviously angry with you. “I need you to tell me the truth here,” she sniffled. Her eyes were red and puffy and you already knew why.

“What? I barely know you,” you mumbled, feeling intimidated by her.

“Just let me talk,” she sighed. “I’ve seen you around the apartment. Have you been sleeping around with Yoongi?” she asked you as if she wanted you to say yes and admit things that weren’t true.

“No! I’m your neighbor,” you scoffed, taken aback by her question.

“Don’t lie! There’s no way I’m the guilty one here,” she let out a sob as her eyes welled up with tears.

“What? What happened to you two?” you asked with actual concern behind your voice.

“Like you don’t know,” she rolled her eyes. “He speaks to you more than he ever spoke to me,” she sniffled.

“We spoke but we aren’t that close,” you tried to explain yourself. “I promise you that nothing happened. There shouldn’t be a problem,” you insisted.

“Well, there is. The fact that he seems so innocent is the problem,” she spoke more to herself then to you. Letting a frustrated groan out, she ran her fingers through her hair. Grabbing at her left hand, she snatched your wrist, putting something small in your hand. “Give this to him. I’m not giving up on him but he wanted it.”

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Stuck - A Riverdale Imagine

Betty x Reader

A/N: i loved this request ❤️ sorry it’s more of a drabble, i hope you like it anyway. and thank you guys for 600 followers!!

Requested by: anonymous
“Can you do anything with Betty x reader where Betty is the responsible down-to-earth one and the reader is the goofy one. Maybe with 73?”

73. “I’m stuck! Help me!”

Warnings: getting stuck in a locker- so claustrophobia?

Word Count: 560


Nobody really understood Y/N and Betty’s relationship. They were complete opposites, and yet they were perfect for each other. Betty was always calm cool and collected, while Y/N was sprightly and brazen and constantly bouncing with positivity. Neither of the girls were really able to wrap their heads around it either, but that didn’t matter. Anyone could see they were made for each other.

One day, while Betty was waiting for Y/N to finish up at her locker, Y/N suddenly stopped, like she had had a revelation.

“Oh! I forgot!” she gasped. She began setting all of her belongings down on the floor, and Betty looked at her quizzically.

“What are you doing?” she asks hesitantly.

“I made a bet with Kevin,” she tells her girlfriend. “He said that I wouldn’t be able to fit inside my locker. I said I’d prove him wrong.”

Betty laughs at the ridiculous story. “I’m not sure that’s-”

“Shh,” Y/N cuts her off, walking over to place a kiss on her cheek. “It’ll be fine. It’ll be great! It’s gonna be super fun,” she rambles, more to herself than Betty. That’s another thing Betty loves about her- no matter what the situation is- whether it’s serious or ridiculous or grim- she’s always looking for the positives.

Betty watches with a smile as her zany girlfriend climbs inside the locker with ease. “Ha! I told Kevin I could do it. Now shut the door.”

“What?” Betty laughs.

“It doesn’t count if you can’t shut the door,” she says in a “duh” tone.

“How will you get out?” Betty asks, still smiling.

“Ehh, I’m sure it can’t be too hard,” Y/N responds, shrugging it off.

All Betty can do is shake her head as she closes the locker door, entrapping her girlfriend inside. “Yes!” she hears her shout. Betty is overwhelmed with a fit of giggles- after all, what other possible reaction could a person have in this situation?

“Alright, now I just have to…”

Betty’s laughter doesn’t stop as she hears Y/N struggling to find a way out of the locker.

*** “I’m stuck! Help me!” *** Y/N shouts, laughing.

Betty takes a deep breath as an attempt to stop the laughing. “Hang on, I just need a second,” she says with a smile, entering the combination into the lock. Once she’s finished, the door swings open, and a disheveled looking Y/N steps out.

“You saved me!” she squeals, engulfing Betty in a tight hug. She pulls away and presses a kiss to Betty’s lips; she tastes like strawberries and mint. Betty notices that Y/N still tastes like the cinnamon gum she’s always chewing, this time with a a hint of chocolate (her favorite candy.) The two girls laugh, relishing in the ridiculous moment.

And then Y/N says, “Now I just have to do it again tomorrow so I can show Kevin.”

Whatever I Please

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Words: 2,420

Request: by Anon!  “Can you write one about tony Starks daughter and she’s in a rocky relationship with a guy. She finally wants to call it quits with him but he stalks her and won’t let up. One day he kidnaps her but she hit the emergency button on her phone. Before they get too far Tony stops them in his suit?” 

Warning: Stalker themes, the boyfriend has an abusive behavior. 

A/N: I was actually rather surprised to get this request, but it was really fun to try to write! I’ve never written Tony before, but I hope you like it nonnie!, please let me know! I’m putting my tag list on this one as well, sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged in this fic, xx 

Feedback is as always greatly appreciated. 

“Y/N, girl. You really need to break it off with Martin,”

You took a deep breath and looked at your friend who was frowning, a deep concern lingering in her eyes.

“I know, it’s just. We’ve been together for so long and even though we have our downs it’s not like it isn’t good either,” you argued back, Ava looked back at you disapprovingly and sighed deeply.

“Does the good outweigh the bad?” she asked and you opened your mouth to answer her, but nothing came out. Because the truth was, the good didn’t outweigh the bad, it was the other way around and it had been like that for too long now.

“Listen, no matter what you guys have been through, he is an asshole, especially for what he did at Cameron’s the other day, he has no right to fucking raise his h-”

“Yes, yes I know,” you let out a sigh, sitting down on your couch beside Ava. You knew the next question that would come from her so you beat her to it.

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Jakob Chychrun - Bad Races

Anon: Can I request Jakob chychrun where you meet the team and wags and play for the Boston pride? Thanks :)

Author’s note: GUYS I love Jakob okay. One of the perks of living in AZ is getting to see him, he’s such a small bean. Hope you like this, I couldn’t figure out how to end this so I kinda ran with it, but I still think it’s cute!

Warning/s: None that I know of

Word count: 786

Song suggestion: Over & Over - Smallpools

Originally posted by ryanhartman

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Originally posted by beatriceindre

Tale As Old As Time - Sarah737, Vixenfur - 終わりのセラフ | Owari no Seraph | Seraph of the End - Chapter 10| Archive of Our Own
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By Organization for Transformative Works

i hope you guys like surprises because BOY, DO WE GOT A SURPRISE FOR U IN THIS CHAPTER ;))))) let’s just say you’ll be feeling a lil spoilt pfffft hopefully haha 


Crowley meets up with the wardens of the insane asylum to discuss his “concerns” for Guren’s mental health. Meanwhile, the perfect romantic night is set up by the servants for Yuu and Mikaela. Absolutely stunned by each other, the two get swept away in their emotions, forgetting the world around them for a passionate night together.

collab with @vixenfur

I'll see you in the morning time.

(Hope you guys like this fic. Writing this two can be addictive, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off. The draft was huge, and I still hope I can write this in Jyn’s POV. 
Cassian and Jyn share his bed, and he is happy, but terrified at the same time. She leaves every morning and he wants her to stay. So he stops thinking.)

It’s almost morning. Cassian knows that soon she will wake up, carefully put on her boots and leave without making a sound. She probably forgets that he is a spy. He is already awake. He knows from day one that she goes away before the sun starts rising. Still, he pretends not to notice how cold and empty his little bunk is without her.

When Jyn entered in his quarters the first night, eyes red and puffy, Cassian didn’t hesitate in letting her into his bed. Her frightened look told him only one thing: nightmares. He had those too, so he knew what it was like to be haunted by distorted memories during the night.

Cassian only hesitated when she got close. Too close. Dangerously close. Jyn was laying in the opposite edge of the bunk, with her back to him. Should he turn to the opposite side? Should he just not move at all? Or hold her close and say “It’s all right, I’m here”? The last option seemed more tempting. But it was also the most difficult. What if she gets even more scared and runs off?, he thought.

Cassian stopped thinking and wrapped his arm around her waist, his hand resting softly on her stomach. It felt warm. It felt right. But reality kicked in and he started thinking again.

What have you done? She’s is going to leave and feel even worse than she already does…

To his surprise, she adjusted her position and closed the gap still existing between them. Cassian held a sigh of relief and contentment e hoped Jyn would not notice how frantically his heart was beating.

It’s been this way for weeks. She sleeps quietly in his arms and leaves before dawn. But today is going to be different.

Jyn is waking up, she just stretched both her legs under the covers and slightly turned her head. She carefully grabbed Cassian’s wrist to break free from his embrace. But he stopped thinking again. He pulls her closer, tightens his grip around her waist and when she tries to escape, he whispers “Please don’t go.”

Cassian can feel the tension on her entire body, he caught her out of guard. “Stay”, he says, almost a pleading.

Jyn is standing still, and the seconds feel like forever. She is still grabbing his wrist. “Okay, I’ll stay”, she finally says and he feels her shoulders relax. This time, Cassian does not hide the sigh of relief and contentment. She curls up in him and dozes off a few minutes later.

Cassian doesn’t know what he likes the most: the fire in Jyn’s eyes when she’s awake, or the serenity of her expression when she’s asleep.

“Top That! I Dare Ya”

First challenge. Woohoo. We have been discussing it for a while and we thought it would be fun to start challenges. Also, we hope that it could encourage some people to start writing and give them confidence to start posting their work. You don’t have to be a Juice lover either. We will be coming up with more soon.

Earlier, @juiceboxxortiz and I challenged @codenamekaraortiz to write a one shot based off of this gif:

Originally posted by lolsthecat

Link : “Like I Don’t” 

We thought it we would challenge the rest of SAMPERV and fic writers to top it. We are looking for Angry!Juice x Reader//OFC//OC smut. Any scenario, any gender. Don’t be shy. You can anonymously submit them to me too if you wish. 
Just make sure you tag myself, @juiceboxxortiz and @codenamekaraortiz .. Deadline will be 12pm (AU) on 31st March. I hope you guys join in. 

First Nine


Other Members




Rough Patch

Request: Prompts - 1 (Just tell me you don’t love me anymore) 4 (I’ll see you later I guess) and 10 (I’m here)

Word count: 2068

Warnings: Kind of sad, fighting, crying, stalking and one little punch, but I made it a happy ending if that helps :)

A/N: Well, I hope you guys all like it! If  you have any requests that aren’t prompts, hit me up! I’ll do pretty much any - x - thing y’all want! Much love and happy reading!

Lately your boyfriend had been spending less time with you, and more time in the Blue and Gold with Betty, you were fine with it until he started forgetting, cancelling or leaving mid-date to go see Betty because there was a “new lead”, that all just made you angry, not jealous. You got jealous when you went to surprise him one night after he cancelled a dinner date at Pops, you brought some fries and two cheeseburgers, one for him and one for Betty, knowing that they probably hadn’t eaten that day due to being so caught up in the case. You walked up to the door ready to give them their food, but what you saw, that is what made you jealous. Jughead had his arm around Betty’s waist, rubbing her back softly. This upset you because a few nights ago when Jughead stayed at yours you begged him to rub your back, but he said no, stating he hated it.

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vanessa-found-a-boy  asked:

13. “I lost our baby.” With Sonny? Currently in the hospital and I need feels and feel like this fits

Oh I’m sorry sweety! Hope you’re okay! Hope this helps. Warning: mentions of infant death and gun violence. I cried writing this one too. 

“Alright I’ll see you guys Monday!” You closed up the bakery a half hour early. You had a 4D sonogram appointment today and you were supposed to find out the gender today. You and Sonny originally wanted to wait but changed your mind.

You got off the elevator at the precinct and started walking in his direction. 

“There she is. The love of my life. The cream in my cannoli. The woman who is carrying my child. Mrs. Y/N Carisi.” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in for a kiss and then nuzzled his nose against yours. You giggled and pulled back.

“I could get used to that greeting. You’re in a good mood.”

“Well of course I am. We get to see our sweet boy today.”

“What if it’s a girl?”

“It’s a boy. Did you forget? I am the baby whisperer.”

You laughed at him and leaned back against his desk. “So did you catch the guy? The one they’ve been looking for all week?”

“We did. Matter of fact they’re bringing him out right now. Do me a favor doll, and stand behind me.”

“Oh Sonny, how many times do I have to tell you? You can’t always–”

Before you could finish the sentence, the perp spoke up. “Hey that your wife?”

“Keep your mouth shut.”

“Keep my mouth shut? What are ya gonna do? Add on another life sentence?”

“Get him out of here.” The two officers escorting him out each grabbed an arm and started to drag him out. Before anyone could register what was happening, he tore away from the officers and wrestled a gun away from them. He was heading straight for you. Sonny shoved you out of the way just as the perp fired. He got off one shot before Rollins emptied her clip and took him out.

“Nice, shot Rollins.”

“Sonny..” He turned and saw you on the floor. Blood starring to come from between your legs. “Sonny I..”

“Somebody call a bus.” He went down and scooped you up, carrying you down to the ambulance.

“Sonny, I’m sorry! I should’ve listened to you. It was stupid. You shoved me out of the way and I was fine. But then I went to go run towards Liv’s office like you told me and I tripped and landed on my stomach. This is my fault. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Shhh everything is going to be fine.” He grabbed your hand and held it tight. “You and our boy are going to be fine. You hear me doll? You’re gonna be fi–” Just then you went limp and your heart rate spiked. One of the paramedics started looking and they found the other source of blood. The bullet had hit your thigh, just shy of your pelvis.

“Come on doll, stay with me. Stay with me.”

They unloaded you at the hospital and took you in for surgery. “How far along is your wife sir?”

“She’s uh.. she’s 29 weeks. We were supposed to get the 4D sonogram today.”

Alright we’re going to go in and try and keep her and the baby alive. But she’s lost a lot of blood. The paramedics also said she landed on her stomach. But we’re going to do everything in our power.”

“Do what you gotta do.”

The squad came in behind him. “She caught a bullet to the leg and she landed hard on her stomach.”

“I’m sure, she’s gonna be fine. Y/N’s a fighter.”

“Mr. Carisi?”

“That’s me. Is she okay? Is the baby okay?” He moved forward and the rest of the squad stood.

“Your wife is fine. She’ll need some physical therapy with her leg but she’s fine. The baby.. I’m sorry sir. But with the fall and the loss of blood. We did everything we could but it was too much for him. We lost the baby.”

“But we were supposed to get the 4D sonogram today. Did you say him?”

“Yes sir. It was a boy.”

“We were supposed to get the 4D sonogram today.” His eyes moved frantically around the room.

“I am so sorry sir. Is there someone you can call?”

“We were supposed to get the 4D sonogram today.” He could feel the sting behind his eyes.

“We got him doc.” Fin, Rollins and Liv stepped forward. Fin went to put his hand on Carisi’s shoulder and he collapsed to the ground putting his face in his hands and sobbing loudly. 

He walked into your room and immediately saw the tears streaming down your face. “I.. I lost him. I lost our baby. I lost him they said. Like he was my damn keys or something.” You choked out and he went to you and crawled into the bed with you. “Isn’t that the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?” You stared up at him. “Sonny, I’m sorry! This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.” You cried louder than you ever had into his chest and gasped for air.

“Y/N this was not your fault. This was not at all your fault. You do not get to blame yourself for this.” He held you tight, tears dripping down his face. He tried to fight them. But there was no point.

“I want to bury him. I want to bury him. I don’t want them to just throw him out. I need to.”

“I think that’s okay. We can bury him at the family plot.”

“I want to name him. I don’t want him to be known as baby doe.”

“Whatever you want Y/N. Did you have anything in mind?” He held you tight and rubbed his hand up and down your arm. “Patrick. Patrick Anthony. After your grandfather and my father.”

“I think that sounds perfect. Patrick Anthony Carisi.”

“Oh Sonny. He’s gone. Our baby is gone. I’m so sorry. We were supposed to… We were supposed to… I should have listened. I’m so sorry Sonny.” He held you and rocked you back and forth.

“It’s gonna be okay doll. It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay. We’re gonna be okay.” He said it for you and he said it for him as he held you tight and you both cried together.