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Do you think that’s Magnus’ hand on Alec’s waist in the last gif?

(We know that’s where he likes to put them, but wanted to check with you guys because I could very well just be seeing things. xD Looks like I may be seeing finger-tips or something, and yes I know I was analyzing this scene way too closely to find out where Magnus’ hands were, as I was kind of hopeful one would come up to Alec’s neck.)


here they are!! ☺️ there are two more of each of the sw chocolates but they didn’t fit in the pic lol. they took three hours and i’m highkey dying (my back literally hurts from hunching over them lmao) but i’m really happy and i hope he will be too! the details from those molds are AWESOME, like if you zoom you can see the grate over vader’s mouth and stuff. obv i still have to fill out the card (both sides and prob the back bc we’re ridiculous like that), but i totally win at valentine’s day! :P 



Happy Halloween! I don’t usually get to go all-out for Halloween. But this year, largely thanks to my Patreon suppoters,  I was able to work in a bunch of fun doodles and make it as part of the Ask ARA blog! I took suggestions, switched some around, read comments, etc. from all over my galleries, friends and IMs. I’m really happy with all of these, and hope you guys like em!

Patreon folks will get em in their slightly-bigger sizes, but I may upload them solo each later too.

Until Dawn Halloween Headcanons

A/N: With Halloween coming up I thought I’d do some headcanons in relation to how they’d wanna spend Halloween with them. So yeah, hope you enjoy x

Ashley: She wasn’t a huge fan of Halloween – too many jump scares for her liking – but she loved telling ghost stories around the fire with you. Oddly enough it was because she wasn’t a huge fan of the scary that she was able to make them terrifyingly creepy, and you always reminded her of this.

‘Ash, I worry about your head when you’re able to come up with stuff like that,’ you said, giving a significant shiver.

She chuckled slightly. ‘You guys need to stop telling me your fears over the year and I’ll stop putting ‘em in for you,’ she said, smirking.

Beth Washington: She loved Halloween – and you were sure it was a Washington thing. She really enjoyed it when the two of you carved pumpkins together. She wasn’t very good at it, but she did like finding random candles to put in them and make them look all the eerier.

‘How about a nice red one for the vampire’s body?’ she asked, picking up the candle and examining it with a slight frown.

You tilted your head as she put it in. ‘It looks great as his cape!’ you said excitedly, lighting the candle to give it the full effect.

Chris: He really liked Halloween, he loved the idea of the two of you watching a horror film, snacks all laid out on the table. He especially liked it if you got scared – which he knew sounded bad – but it was because you nestled yourself against his chest, looking to him for protection despite his own fear.

‘Ah!’ you yelped, instantly crashing your head against his chest and putting your hands firmly over your ears.

‘Hey, sshh, it’s all right,’ he soothed, wrapping an arm around you and giving you a slight squeeze.

Emily: She quite liked Halloween, but she really enjoyed the dressing up part of it all. She loved it when the two of you got ready for Halloween parties together, helping each other sort out the perfect costume and making sure that the makeup was as spooky as you could get it.

‘How do I look?’ she asked, practically giving you a catwalk as she left her room, your own dragon makeup only half done.

‘Em, you look beautiful…’ you said, but hastily corrected yourself at her raised eyebrow, ‘I mean, utterly terrifying.’ You winked at her though, grinning.

Hannah Washington: She really enjoyed the parties and the party games that you got to play together. Despite everything she always partnered with you for the Mummy game – making sure that you had her glasses tucked safely in your pocket before the timing started.

‘You sure you don’t wanna be the Mummy this year?’ she asked you, handing her glasses over as someone sorted the music.

You shook your head. ‘I really don’t feel like having toilet paper wrapped around my angel wings, cheers,’ you said, smirking at her though.

Jess: She loved going to the local fair with you, checking out all the little sideshows they had on for Halloween. She went on all the rides with you, the ghost train that was so cheesy you both just laughed and the sounds of the machines working rather than the terrible horror sounds.

‘Is that meant to be a zombie?’ she asked, peering over the edge of the cart to try and look at the animatronic rushing towards you.

‘It’s moving too fast, isn’t it?’ you asked, basically leaning over her to have a look yourself.

Josh Washington: He loved Halloween, and one of his favourite ways to spend it was going to the theme park with you. He liked playing the games with you, but he liked it best when you held his hand because one of the actors wandering the park veered too close to you, trying to make you jump.

‘Why’d they have to be so good at their jobs?’ you moaned, gripping his hand and keeping your attention trained on the werewolf coming your way.

‘Because it wouldn’t be as entertaining if they weren’t?’ he tried, giving your hand a comforting little squeeze though.

Matt: He was kind of indifferent to Halloween, but he loved it when you came to his house to help with his little sister’s Halloween party. He really enjoyed seeing your eyes light up as the six year olds told you their most horrific stories – like when they weren’t allowed to do colouring!

‘Thanks again for all the help,’ he said, pulling you into a light hug while you were helping him tidy up the confetti from the living room.

‘Don’t mention it,’ you assured him, resting your head against his chest. ‘I wouldn’t wanna spend my Halloween any other way.’

Mike Monroe: He quite liked Halloween, and he always made sure that the two of you ended up in one of the haunted houses that had started popping up around the place. He always allowed you to tuck yourself under his arm to try and protect you from the actors who were trying to scare you.

‘You need to be confident,’ he told you as you hugged him again, one of the actors leering close to you, their contacts an ominous black.

‘They need to stop picking on the scared people,’ you said, feeling Mike jump though as someone put their hand on his shoulder.

Sam: She enjoyed Halloween, especially when the two of you went to the corn mazes. She liked the fact that the two of you had to think about how to get to the promise of sweets at the end, avoiding the tricks that were dotted around some of the dead ends before the other teams.

‘C’mon,’ you said, dragging Sam around one of the corners and coming face to face with a row of corn. ‘I could’ve sworn it was this way…’

‘It’s all right,’ said Sam, taking charge now. ‘We’ve just gotta… um… where was the moon when we started?’ she asked, just as a cloud drifted by.

Narusaku’s Family 永遠に』The Dreamers(๑✧∀✧๑)

“There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true. You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists, well without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground” - Cameron Tucker

(つω⊂* )◞ p/s ; I’m a Dreamer dreams of Narusaku and always be.
Hurt and pain, stronger than one, I still trying to dream about ‘em in reality. Or maybe I cannot… This is My Dreams Narusaku Family

Oh! yes, forget to say that Naruto wanna show his homemade cakes. And looks like Shinachiku cannot wait for it… hehe!

Anyway, Hope you guys enjoy with it! :)