hope you guys learned your lesson


I’m usually not one for long posts but this has been an awfully good year for me. Yes, it’s had it low points but the good of this year definitely out weighs the bad. I got to live in the mountains this summer. Meet and make friends with people all over the world that I’m still in contact with and have plans set up to visit them soon. I fell in love. Had my first heartbreak and found love again. I got to travel with someone that means the world to me and fall in love even more. My company turned 1 this year! I went vegan and have never been so happy in my entire life. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to let things happen naturally. What’s meant to be will be and you just have to go with the flow and enjoy life. Each person I met this year taught me a lesson and for that I’m thankful. I’m so excited for this next year. Traveling more, loving more, being more selfish with my time, reading more, writing more, and living more in the moment. Hope everyone has a fun New Years Eve! Stay safe ☺️ P.S. what was your guys favorite moment/memory of 2016?? 

A Lesson Learned {Luke Hemmings Smut}

REEQUESTED: no i was just bored :3

HELLO BEEBS!!! i am v v v proud of this one shot, it took me a few weeks to churn out but im happy w the end result!! i rlly hope u guys like this; if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated! also, here is my masterlist!! enjoy :-)


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FanFic: The Fall of Friar

A/N: TRIGGER WARNINGS- Alcoholism, Physical, Mental & Emotional Abuse.

As the child of an alcoholic and someone who has struggled with alcohol in my past, I can tell you without a doubt that it can absolutely destroy people. The effects can have life-long, devastating consequences. Many of you have heard me say that I have “books” & not just chapters of my life that I don’t like to talk about. This is one of them. This chapter has been painful yet cathartic for me to write. While Lucas and his friends are fictional, the premise of their friendship is not. I have 2 “sisters” that have been with me through it all and that are still a major part of my life. I can honestly say that I doubt I would be who I am today without them.

A/N2: As always, I appreciate your patience with the delay in posting this, Focused and the Rucas 365 series.

The next chapter will be Lucas making amends with The Matthews. 

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Totally unplanned jeans wetting

Or better said the public surprises of a very full bladder. Or blame the beer. I don’t post much here on tumblr, but this is quite a recent thing that happened, being of the most intense desperations I have ever experienced, especially as it was completely unintentional. Anyways, let me know what you think.

So, I just got back after doing some traveling around Europe and I brought a few gifts for friends. I met one of them two days ago in town to give her the chocolates I brought over. We met in town at around 8 o'clock and went for some pizza. It definitely wasn’t a date but I haven’t had so much fun and also quality conversation in a long while. Everything normal, until we went to this great pub that has a selection of locally-produced beer. People usually buy it in fours, as they come from bright yellow (regular lager colour), to reddish, brown and full black, and my friend felt compelled to buy me one of those in exchange for her chocolates. That was exactly two lovely litres of liquid. Yum!

We stayed there for around 2-3 hours, in which I peed twice. I finished all my beer, which was absolutely great, and we had to leave as the place was closing. I must admit that I have skipped going to the loo before leaving, even though I was already filling up again after my last toilet trip. She joked about the fact that I went twice in the span of half an hour and I decided to not give her any more reasons to make fun of my bladder size, of which I am actually proud.

There were no buses at that time, so I walked her back to her place which was a decent 20 minutes away from town centre. After dropping her off and making a huge effort not asking her if I can use her toilet real quick, I turned back towards town centre. (To go home I had to go through town centre once again and head in the opposite direction.) That was good, as I was already feeling my bladder really bad and I was planning to go use the toilet at McDonald’s in town before carrying on with my journey. I really wasn’t in the mood for a hold and even with my big bladder, two litres of beer is definitely not a joke.

I got to McDonald’s quite quickly, but as you can probably guess from the title, I didn’t get to use the loo there, as the bouncer locked it after someone puked all over it. Great. At 1 o'clock at night everything else is already closed apart of that stupid McDonald’s. Even KFC closed at 12… I soon realised there were no other toilets I could use apart of my own, which was 30+ minutes away.

But I’m a big boy, I got home nearly losing it in my boxers many times before, so this wasn’t really an unusual situation. I decided it might be a good idea to actually take a taxi back home at this point. I was filling up way too quickly and a taxi would’ve been my best bet to make it home in comfortable time. After losing almost 10 precious minutes trying to stop a taxi, I realised that I just need to start heading home on foot. I really couldn’t afford losing more time as my bladder was already aching. It was a huge surprise to me to be that desperate, that quick. I guess it must’ve been the alcohol in the beers I had, along with the fact that I drank a huge amount of liquid in a short time span. I couldn’t sit still and, biting my lip, I decided to start walking as fast as I can.

What happened next is right out any of one of those cheesy Bound2Burst movies, because two police officers stopped me in the street. I was quite anxious to be honest, not knowing how long they’ll keep me there or what they want. I could honestly picture myself slowly soaking my jeans in front of them as I casually answer all their questions. Fortunately enough, they just asked if I saw anybody running in the opposite direction, as there was a pretty messy fight a few minutes before. I finished with them and carried on with my desperate walk.

I was so, so desperate! I was literally bursting. You can’t imagine how embarrassing it can be for a guy to get that desperate… My bladder felt like a rock bopping up and down in my lower abdomen and it was really uncomfortable to walk fast. I eventually had to slow down and walk with my right hand in my pocket, secretly but strongly pinching my cock to help with the desperation. There were many people on the streets, as everybody was heading home at that time, so I couldn’t really do anything more obvious.

The people also made the idea of simply wetting behind a tree or a car impossible. In addition, as some of you might already know, I have a policy for not peeing in the street. I just hold it. For me, it’s either a toilet or a pair of jeans. I was getting closer to home when it started to become more obvious that it might be impossible to get back dry though. It’s a truly unique feeling, and everybody into omorashi knows it well enough, where the voice in your head just tells you “Jean, you will not make it. You know you will wet yourself soon…”.

Strangely enough, I felt it like a challenge this time. On another occasion I would’ve simply let it go in my pants. I love the feeling of a soaked pair of jeans and the incredible desperation I was going through would have definitely led to a very, very big and satisfying wet mess. But no, I decided that I am a big boy and that I can hold it until I get home. I took it as a challenge, but had to undo my belt… I really wanted to prove I can hold it for as long as I want and that I am in charge and decide when my bladder empties its content and when it doesn’t.

I was close now. Also, there were less people on the street so I made the most of it by getting a good front grip on my crotch. I was incredibly horny at this point and had to deal with a huge and noticeable bulge in my jeans too. A long, desperate and horny walk.  When the powerful waves of desperation started hitting I had to walk even slower to not lose it. Moreover, I had to stop every 100 feet, cross my legs and regain my composure for a few moments. A cold sweat was a final warning signal to what will soon follow if I don’t get to a toilet in time.

Then I spurted. Yes, I SPURTED! The first time in my life that I actually spurt; I usually just explode all at once. It was such a strange, alien feeling to be able to stop the flow after a few drops hit my boxer-briefs. Although I wasn’t dry anymore, there still was a chance of getting home with a pair of dry jeans. And I was wearing my favourite pair of shoes, which I definitely didn’t want to soak in waves of warm urine.

The last 5 minutes of my walk were full of ever increasing spurts which, sliding my hand inside my jeans, I found have left my underwear dripping wet. There was a noticeable wet patch on my blue jeans already, but I could see my house.

That was the longest walk ever. With 10 feet to my front door, I could already feel the huge relief and hear the pee splash in the porcelain toilet bowl. Soon!

But I lost it. I completely lost it and started peeing full force as I was frantically searching my pockets for the front door key. I just couldn’t stop peeing. I couldn’t. I was gripping my cock so hard through the wet material of my jeans it hurt, but to no avail. Pee was jetting out of my throbbing cock and I couldn’t even slow the stream down. And it was so loud! It was hissing, I could here it as the stream was going through my boxers and was hitting my jeans. It had to be almost two minutes of continuous peeing followed by a lovely hissing sound. I almost finished peeing when I realised I was still standing with my legs double-crossed, still trying to stop the flow.

What mess have a I made?! I was standing in a 2 feet - wide puddle. My shoes were full of pee and all squishy. I also apparently came in my boxers in the process. I eventually got in the house and when I got in the bathroom, I emptied all the pee out of my shoes (once again, just like in a cheesy B2B movie :P) and admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t make it home in time, dry, or that I have lost my own personal challenge. It didn’t matter. The relief was absolutely incredible and this has to be one of my best wettings ever. And the best relief feelings too!

It was real, big, messy, unplanned. It was perfect! My white ankle socks were completely soaked and almost transparent and my red boxer-briefs were almost entirely wet, it was actually hard for me to find a dry patch on them. The jeans had a lovely wet pattern on both the front and their back.

Something else that I’ve never done before now is that I actually kept my wet boxers on and slept in them. In the morning, they were nice and dry and I decided to pee in them once again in the shower.

This was absolutely incredible!

Guys, this is pretty much it and I do hope you enjoyed it. Two lessons are to be learnt from this experience:

1. You cannot walk faster than your bladder can fill up.

2. You can actually piss yourself on your front door step.

I thought that is just something dramatic that they like to show in videos, that you wet yourself seconds and feet away from relief, but this experience taught me the exact opposite. Pretty weird way to learn a lesson if you ask me…

it’s sad when relationships fall apart. it’s sad, it’s really sad. i hate seeing two people who once loved each other walk by each other like nothing ever happened. i hate seeing their old pictures erased from their facebook walls and i hate how they don’t know the stuff about the other anymore. like what music they listen to or what their favourite subject at school is now. it’s like what was the point if it was going to end?

but i think that’s life. or at least, that’s what i’ve learned. i think you meet people and for a time, they are the love of your life. romantically or otherwise. you love the shit out of them. yet even those relationships are susceptible to falling apart sometimes. and that happens. and it sucks and it hurts, but it happens.

so to the me in 2017… i hope you meet a lot of new people or old people become your new favourite people and that you have the time of your life with them. they’re not all going to stick around, but that doesn’t mean that time is worthless.

i hope you never let someone harden yourself to the point where you shut yourself off from people, but i hope you learn your lessons. i hope you find the ability to move on from the past even though that’s your biggest struggle. i hope you can let go. i really do. please. let go.

—  // lily rose.
Confession Room (Part 9)

(Part 10)

Mark and Rena reached the front step of the company when Rena snatched his jacket from above them then threw it at him. “Don’t you dare play nice,” she gritted.

If Mark didn’t look closely at her eyes, he would’ve missed the redness in them and never guessed she was crying. “It’s raining.” He twirled it above them again, but she resisted.

“Is it true? Is it true that you and Y/N f*cked in that disgusting room you led me into?!” She screamed at him without holding back.

Mark rested his hands on his hips, looking out to the rain from the little cover they shared on the step. He couldn’t maintain any eye contact out of shame, frustration, and hurt. “Was it you who recorded?”

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Bully (Chanyeol)~ [Part 1]

I walked down the halls of the crowded hallway. Alone, with no one besides me. I was friendless…No one wanted to become friends with me because they thought I was the weird girl, the too smart to hang with. The typical nerd.

What they don’t know is that I feed myself. I live alone. My parents died in a fire when I was 13. My aunts and uncles never wanted to accept me into their families because I was, apparently, annoying. Therefore, I had lived alone for about 4-5 years.

It’s my last year in high school now, thank goodness. I can’t wait to leave this place they call hellhole. I mean I would’ve enjoyed the past 4 years, if it wasn’t for the name calling and a bully. His name was Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. A tall, handsome, deep voice, straight teeth, nice smile, big eared, guy. He (mainly), along with his friends, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun is the starters of my torment.

Even though they’ve bullied me for years, yes, they went to the same school as me since kindergarten, I was never one to fight back. It only started when I wanted a snack because I forgot to bring my own, so the teacher made Chanyeol share his food. I didn’t take much, but to him, I “obviously” took his favorite animal cracker. I didn’t know the tiger one was his favorite!

Anyway, I made it to my locker to open it just in time for him to slam it shut, nearly snapping on my fingers. I jumped a little at the sudden slam
“Aw, you’re acting innocent…After 12 years of this, you’re still getting shocked?” Chanyeol asked with a scowl on his face
“Or are you just faking it?” Jongin, or known as ‘Kai’ questioned
“Who taught you to act? Your parents?” Baekhyun asked…Oh no…
“They’re somewhere…” I answered, not wanting to inform them too much information
“Somewhere as in where?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my head down, staying silent. They started chuckling darkly.
“What, cat got your tongue?” Sehun asked. Still silent. They hissed
“Just give us our homework, Short Fool.” Chanyeol demanded as they all held out their hands. I hurried to get their individual homework
“Don’t you have any friends?” Kai asked. I nodded
“Who is it? Your action figures?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my mouth shut…I don’t even have action figures…But I do have one friend. His name’s Kris, or I like to call him Yifan. He’s the only person I consider even close to me. I would trust him with my life. He goes to my school but we don’t see each other that much except lunch. But he knows about these 4 and he hates them with all his guts.

“Well, since we won’t have homework today. Go to the gym later, maybe the fat on you will come off.” Sehun said as they started to walk away
“And look for your parents while you’re at it.” Chanyeol finished as the 4 walked away laughing at themselves for their ingeniousness.
By now, the hallway have cleared up and tears were starting to flow. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and do what I had to do. The typical teenage girl cutting herself. There was an amount of scars on my arms and cuts that were starting to heal. And just now, new ones. I washed the blade and hid it in a clean crack in the wall. Then I washed my arm and made it to class, pulling down my sleeves on the way.
“Miss ____? Why are you late?” professor asked
“I woke up late this morning..” I lied.
“No, we saw her this morning, right guys? Yeah, we stopped to talk to her.” Chanyeol asked, looking at his 3 friends as they smirked at me, challenging me to think of another lie. Professor crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Alright, I tripped over my own feet in the hallway and had to go to the nurse. She said I’d be okay.” I lied again. You see, after being late most of the time because of these guys, you kind of learn to lie on the spot. Professor nodded at me, unsure if he should believe me or not. That was my cue to go sit down. I slightly tripped over Kai’s foot but saved my face from being injured.
The lesson droned on and on and on until the bell rang. I made sure I packed up as slowly as I can so I can be the last out. Not a good idea, I met the 4 guys on the way.
“Your lie was pretty good…Just hope you have one after you don’t show up for the rest of our classes.” Chanyeol smirked as he and Kai picked me up by my arms and then brought me to a secluded place in the halls since everyone was at lunch. Not only do these guys emotionally harm me, they do it physically as well. Punches, kicks, jabs, slaps, etc, etc….After that day, I didn’t show up to classes anymore and went straight home. When I came home, my head was throbbing and pounding. I tried my best to wipe off blood from my mouth and nose before I blacked out.


After the little fun that we had with ____ we 4 went to our next class after lunch. The teacher did a role call
“Chanyeol?” she asked
“Here.” I lazily said
“____?” she looked around when no one answered
“Is ____ here?” she asked again. Everyone looked around and started whispering to themselves.

The guys and I was, too, confused on why she didn’t show up. She wouldn’t miss a class for anything (like the nerd that she is). But she didn’t show up to this class….or the rest of the day. We even had a project due today and she didn’t show up (maybe it was the fact that we destroyed her project yesterday and the teacher said it was too late to make a new design.) Now I was starting to worry….Wait what? Me? Park Chanyeol? Worry? Ha! Funny.

The 4 of us left school and saw an ambulance rushing somewhere along with a police car. I raised my eyebrow. Strange…rarely anyone got hurt here..Oh wait…it can’t be because of ____ right? I mean…It could be…but it can’t be…she’s taken our attacked loads of times…Oh my god, we’re going to jail.
It seems like the other 3 were thinking of the same thing because their face matched mine.

“Guys, that can’t be for ____…right?” Baekhyun asked.
“I want to believe it’s not..” Kai answered. For some reason, we all started to follow the ambulance car to the house. It was a cute small place actually. All of a sudden, we were stopped by the police as paramedics rushed into the home and started shouting for the things they needed. Soon enough, they rushed back out with someone, a girl specifically, on a gurney.

I took a look and my heart stopped. My stomach churned and I felt like my lunch will come back up. It was her…____…She was the girl on the gurney. Her face had started to bruise badly and she seemed unconscious. Following the paramedics, was a guy that’s as tall as me. Kris. Everyone knows him around the school, he wasn’t hard to miss. He was the 'Mr. Don'tMessWith.’ I know, that seems like our title but we’re the Cool ones in the school, the ones people (girls) would die to hang out with.

But what was Kris doing in her house? Are they friends? Are they dating? The thought of the two dating got my heart beating rapidly with anger and I don’t even know why. Kris was going to join the paramedics in the cart but his eyes landed on us. He stopped and told the guy something before they nodded. He stepped out of the car to let them drive ____ to the hospital.

Kris stormed up to us four with a deadly gaze. You can see the fire in his eyes.

“You. Four. Motherfuckers.” he said slowly. His anger was hard not to miss.
“What happened to ____?” Sehun asked.
“What happened? Do you happen to know the people who have been beating her up? Huh? I know you guys know EXACTLY what happened to her. Don’t play stupid, I know it was you guys.” he growled. My heart sank.
“You guys are real idiots. You wanna know what happened? I just came to visit her 15 minutes ago because I KNOW what she’s been through. You know what I saw when I walked through that door? Her on the floor with blood coming out from her fucking head. Not only that but her wrists. Did you guys know that? Do you guys know what she did to herself because of you?” she asked, his voice getting more and more scary by the minute

“I just want to ask one thing of you guys. Just stay the fuck away from her. Don’t breathe near her, don’t look at her. Don’t lay one goddamn finger on her, don’t even think about visiting her in the hospital because I won’t hesitate to fucking attack you all..Let this be a warning.” he sneered at us before walking to his car and driving to the hospital.

Meanwhile, all of us were staring at each other in horror.

“We’re going to go to jail, hyung!” Sehun smacked my arm.
“I don’t want to go to jail!” he added
“What the fuck did we do?” Baekhyun asked horrified
“It’s all your fault!” Kai pointed his finger at me
“Mine?! What the hell?! You guys beat her up as well!” I argued
“If you just let her have that goddamn tiger graham cracker, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” Baekhyun groaned out. We all kept silent.
“You do know that we’re going to visit her, right?” I asked. They all sighed and nodded, hanging their head in shame.

Well, when we entered the hospital, we asked for her name immediately. She lady asked for our names and then declined our admission when we told her. She said that some really tall guy came in and told her to do that. It was probably Kris. We sort of argued a little but then stopped when Kris came down from the elevator.

“What did I tell you? Don’t visit her. I’m sure even if she was awake, you 4 would be the last people she’d want to meet.” he snarled.
“Now leave before I call security.” he warned. We quickly left the hospital…

It’s now been a month since ____ has been in the hospital. The news went around quickly, even among the teachers. So, about 2 week after she was in the hospital, Sehun and Kai sent her loads of mail before they told me they had to transfer schools. Baekhyun also sent mail, but it wasn’t as much as the other two, it was much longer. And he had to move away to a private school. Now, I’m friendless. This must be how ____ felt..It was rumored, that she was going to be going to school again today.

So for some reason, I woke up extra early this morning, ate breakfast, got dressed and basically ran to school searching for that familiar face. I glanced at her locker, to which she wasn’t there. I sighed and took a lazy walk to my locker before the office door opened, stopping me from walking. The person almost opened the door to slam my face

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” I boomed
“I-I’m so sorry!” her voice apologized. My heart fluttered a little. I looked down to see her. ____. Looking healthy. Her face has small purplish bruises. That was the first time I’ve heard her yell, and it was an apology to me! When I was suppose to be the one apologizing! What’s wrong with her? She looked up and her eyes widened as she backed up and looked around.

“Oh, Sehun and Kai transferred and Baekhyun moved to a private school.” I filled her in on the things she missed. She made an “Oh..” face as she kept backing up.
“S-so…um…are you feeling okay?” I sheepishly asked. Her eyes flared but she stayed silent. I took the time to notice her features. And the fact that she had a ton of books and papers in her arms made her look cuter.
“Do you need help with those?” I asked, hoping the answer was a yes. She quickly shook her head
“I-I’m good, thanks.” she mumbled before turning and hurrying away. By now, students have noticed her and started whispering again
“Shut up about her!” I yelled and it was silent once again. I want to do something to gain her forgiveness…but what?


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My Idol: Part Five

My Idol
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - 
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18

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anonymous asked:

Did you learn Korean online or did you take a class for it? If you learnt it online, can you recommend some sites for me?

hello! yes i did learn korean online & of course i would love to share my tips with you :-)

first of all, i’ve started watching A LOT of korean dramas (they help a lot), and through the dramas i automatically learnt the basics (hello, goodbye, thank you, etc). i would also say that korean songs could help, but not as much as the dramas.

next i decided to learn the korean alphabets/characters “hangul”, i’ve learnt it through youtube from a channel called BusyAtomDotCom, the guy teaches hangul very clearly. here’s the first video you should watch for learning hangul http://youtu.be/djB05a4ntQ4 you can find the rest of the lessons in his channel.

also, if possible, i’d recommend that you text/talk to a native korean around you in order to practice the language, it will help you a lot as they could fix your mistakes and help you.

hope this helped, good luck!

Escaping fate part 4

Hope you guys like it! :)

Spencer x Reader

Previous parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Description: You and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson that you both need to learn from in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Word count: 1,760

Song: Bloodstream by Stateless

Warnings: violence and blood.

Ancient lovers never forget the echo of each others hearts. An ocean of lifetimes may pass but still, in the end, your heart will guide you home. ~Unknown

You heard a commotion outside your chamber. It was the day before your wedding and you were dreading it. Your only hope was that Spencer would return soon and take you away from here like he promised so long ago.

He was off at war and had asked you to wait for him. But no thanks to your father you became engaged to another. Your father had become greedy as his popularity rose because of your brother, who had jumped through the ranks of the Roman military with Spencer. He now thought that he could marry you off to the highest bidder.

He played them all against each other, to get the most money he could off of you. It made you sick. When your father had finally picked a man, a date was set and you hadn’t known what to do. There was no escape. But now Spencer was back.

“I want to marry your daughter, if my money isn’t good enough then I challenge the man you think is better than me to a duel. If I lose you can have all my money and I’ll let her marry him.” You heard a familiar voice say with anger.

You walked further into the house where you had heard the voices, and saw him. Your heart leapt in your chest. You were about to run to him when your father began to speak.

“It’s not that I don’t want your money son, it’s just that I’ve made deals and plans. She has been promised to another for weeks, I can’t just break my agreements.”

You rolled your eyes at this. He didn’t care about agreements, he had no honor. He wouldn’t accept Spencer’s proposal because the guy you were supposed to marry, was even higher up in the Roman military, and far richer. He just happened to be your brother and Spencer’s general.

You could tell that Spencer was getting more furious by the second. “Fine if that’s the way you want it, then I’ll challenge him. I vow that tomorrow I will be the one marrying y/n.”

You heard some shuffling of footsteps followed by Spencer striding right past you and storming outside. You ran after him knowing exactly where he was going.

“Spencer wait. Don’t do this. I heard what you said, and I won’t let you risk your life for me. It’s not worth it.” You yelled after him trying to keep up with his long strides as he continued to walk away from you.

“So what? You get to be gone for however long you want, then show up out of the blue and ignore me.” You shouted at him exasperated.

That got his attention. His fists closed and his shoulders tightened as he spun to look at you. ”I’m doing this for you y/n. I love you and I won’t let you marry him. We both know that I can beat him I am better than anyone with a sword. I’ve done before and always come away the winner. It’ll be easy.” He approached you until he could lean down and whisper in your ear. “This has to be done. It’s the only way we can be together.”

“No. We can run away. We can leave and never look back. There is nothing here for me anymore.” You said laying your head on his chest and grabbing his arms that wrapped around your waist.

He sighed. “You know we can’t do that. I have a duty to my Emperor. I have responsibilities. Plus I need to be able to take care of you. I can’t do that if we’re on the run.” He said listing off reasons one by one brining your happiness down. “Then there’s the matter of your brother. We can’t leave him. He’ll need us more than ever now that he’s becoming a father.”

You gasped and looked up at him “Really?” You asked excitedly

He nodded his head and smiled down at you. “We can’t leave y/n. I’ll do this really fast, and then I’m taking you away from here. We can start our lives together.” He said leaning down pressing a light kiss to your forehead.

“I’m just worried. I don’t feel good about this Spencer. I feel like something bad is going to happen and I won’t be able to stop it.” You said pulling out of his embrace and staring into his eyes so he knew how serious you were.

He shook his head and rubbed your shoulders. “There is nothing to worry about. There is no one above me with a blade. Everyone knows it. We might even get lucky. Maybe he won’t even accept the challenge, and give you up willingly.”

You laughed “I don’t think we will get that luck. But you are right. You are the best and if I didn’t think you could handle it I wouldn’t let you do this. But I’ll only let you go if you take me with you.”

You could see him open his mouth to fight against it you, but seeing the scared and serious expression on your face shut it and nodded. He took your hand and made your way to were the soldiers were being stationed in town for the wedding. When you had arrived he paused and turned to look at you.

“I need you to stay hidden. I don’t trust him. If he sees you there then he might use his guards to take you away.”

You wanted to deny that but you knew that he was right. “Okay I’ll stay. But please.” You whispered bringing his head down to you “Please come back to me.”

“Always.” He answered pressing his lips to yours in fierce kiss then turning and walking inside.  

You stared after him for a moment and then followed after. You made sure to stick to the shadows. There was no way that you were going to stay out there, while Spencer was in a dangerous situation fighting for you.

There was a commotion coming from the middle of the room. You strained your ears to hear what was happening, from where you were standing hidden in the corner. Nearly jumped out of your skin when a voice boomed “You what? He laughed at Spencer “You want to challenge me, your commanding officer over a lowly slave.”

Spencer didn’t shrink away from him. Instead he squared his shoulders and made his voice louder. “Yes. The father has already agreed to the challenge. Now, are we going to do this the easy way, or the hard way?”

“I guess the hard way.” The other man responded pulling his sword from his sheath and jumping down from the dais attacking Spencer at full force.

He barely had enough time to pull out his own blade, before the blows began to rain down on him. But he wasn’t the best for nothing. He blocked them all whirling the sword around and throwing jabs in as well. The clanking of steel against steel echoed throughout the room.

Your heart was racing the entire time watching them fight. That same bad feeling from before was still rolling around inside you. You pushed it away and focus back on the fight. That’s when Spencer started getting the upper hand. A shout ran through the building as Spencer’s blade sliced through his opponent’s leg.

You clapped along with the crowd. Spencer was going to win. All he had to do was finish it. The blood coming from the leg pretty much guaranteed it. Spencer brought the blade back and thrust it towards the heart of the, now kneeling, man.

The sword just about reached him when the other man kicked his legs out and threw Spencer off balance. It all happened so fast. The man got up off his knees and brought his own sword down and rammed it straight through Spencer’s chest.

You stood there in shock.  You didn’t believe what had just happened. Then it all came crashing down around you. You screamed at the top of your lungs as you pushed through the crowd making your way towards him. By the time you reached him your shrieks had turned into sobs and you fell to your knees next to him. You shook his shoulders.

“Wake up Spencer!” You yelled. “Wake up now! You promised that you would come back.”

But he didn’t move. He was gone. Someone grabbed you by your waist and lifted you off of Spencer. You clawed and kicked fighting against them wanting to stay with him. You couldn’t leave him like that, alone. But more arms came and restrained you carrying away from him.

You opened your eyes to a bright light that blinded you. You began to panic trying to take deep breaths and call out for Spencer but something was covering your face. You struggled to look around turning your head away from the light and lifting your head, but someone pushed you back down.

You fought against the hands that kept pushing you down. You were so lost. You couldn’t tell whether this was real or whether it was still part of the dream. Both seemed plausible at the moment. Then a sharp pain shot through your arm. You cried out and moved away only for more hands to hold you down.

You started to become dizzy and your eyes fluttered open and closed. You guessed that what they had done to you was some kinds of drug. So you weren’t exactly sure if you actually heard a commotion coming from behind you, but you were too weak to lift your head and see what was happening.

“What are you doing to her? You’re going to hurt her!” A voice called out.

You struggled to place the voice as the chaos continued around you.

“Y/n I’m okay. It was just a dream.” He called out again. That’s when you realized it was Spencer. “Calm down. Don’t fight against them.”

You sighed in relief and listened to him. You let your shoulders drop, and you stopped fighting against the arms holding you down.  He was okay, he was alive, and that was all that mattered to you at the moment. You trusted him knowing that he wouldn’t tell you to stop fighting if it wasn’t okay.

Your breathing began to steady and whatever they had stuck you with, was starting to set in. You started to fall in and out of consciousness. The last thing you remember was someone taking your hand, and then everything going black.

i feel like people think im being a bitch about su just to be a bitch

and to some degree, i am. its nice to have an outlet that doesnt really hurt anyone. its nice that i can always count on su to disappoint me so i always have something to complain about

but this is my passion for su turned sour. if youve known me for more than a year, youd know i was fucking obsessed with su. this show was my bread and butter, my be-all end-all for animation and storytelling as a whole. everything about me revolved around this show. to some degree, thats still true.

but ever since the sardonyx arc and how poorly it was handled ive been growing more and more weary. i had such high hopes for bismuth. i fucking loved the idea of an unapologetic black-coded butch-coded character that was a good guy. but they fucking shelved her as soon as she debuted. she was nothing more than a lesson to learn for steven. and that disgusted me. after that i found valid criticisms going as far back as coach steven. the obvious favoritism. the pacing issues. and i got bitter.

if you like su, good for you. im not saying you cant or shouldnt, or that youre a bad person for it. im just hurt. i expected too much of this show and time and time again it disappoints me. so excuse me for my salt
  • Astrid: As repayment for stealing a kill that belonged to the Dark Brotherhood, you must execute one of these three hostages.
  • The Dragonborn: ...
  • The Dragonborn: So my punishment for killing someone that you wanted to kill is... to kill another person?
  • The Dragonborn: I mean, you guys LIKE killing, right? This is like saying, "You stole that sweet roll so therefore you have to take another sweet roll. I hope learned your lesson."
  • Astrid: ... You might have a point.
  • The Dragonborn: I mean -
  • Fultheim the Fearless: I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS!
  • The Dragonborn: Give me a minute I'll be right back okay.
  • *Fultheim the Fearless gets an axe to the face*
  • The Dragonborn: Anyway this entire plan didn't make a lot of sense but I'm happy to join up.
  • Astrid: Welcome aboard.
Escaping fate part 3

Hope you all like it and, as always, please let me know what you think. 

Spencer x Reader

Previous parts: Part 1 Part 2

Description: You and Spencer have lived many lives, loosing and finding each other, making choices that ultimately lead to it ending in some tragic accident. Now present day, you meet at the B.A.U and your past lives come to you in dreams, each teaching you a different lesson that you both need to learn from in order to save the other, and escape your tragic fate.

Word count: 1,631

Song: Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian ft Lupe Fiasco 

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, cursing, and violence. 

I seem to have loved you, in numberless forms, numberless times, in life after life, in age after age forever. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

You stared at him for a moment and then looked away. You didn’t know what to say to him. The way his voice broke when he told you that he couldn’t watch you die again, hurt you more than you thought it would. How were you supposed to respond to something like that? Luckily for you, he spoke up before you had to figure it out.

“Look I know that it’s a lot to take in. I haven’t even come to terms with all of it myself. Can we just forget about what I just said for a little while, so we can enjoy our evening?” He asked reaching out and squeezing your hand.

You didn’t think you would ever be able to get this conversation out of your head.  But you did want to learn more about Spencer. Especially if what he was saying was true. So you squeezed back and nodded your head. He smiled at you then jumped out of the car and ran around to open your door. You laughed and accepted the hand he held out then followed him into the restaurant.

You talked about anything and everything, except for what happened in the car. You could tell that he was smart. Working with him earlier had shed light on that aspect of him. But what you hadn’t expected was how open he was being with you.

From talking with others of the team earlier, you learned that Spencer often had a hard time opening up to new people.  But he told you about his friend Gideon, about his mom being in the hospital, and even about an old girl-friend of his who passed away, Maeve. You could tell that it was so hard for him to say any of it out loud, but he got through it. So you thought that it was only fair for you to open up too.

You told him things you had never told anyone before, and it felt good. It felt right somehow. You couldn’t explain it but you wanted him to know everything about you and you wanted to know everything about him. It was an uncontrollable need, a craving if you will.

You told him about how your parents had pretty much ignored you all your life, often leaving you in the care of nannies.  How you got into trouble when you were younger. How you joined the F.B.I. You even told him about your own ex, Ian, and the pain that he caused you.

Other than the serious conversations, you enjoyed your evening. Spencer was so smart, and funnier than you thought he would be. You were lost in conversation with him when there was a light tap on your shoulder.  You pulled your attention away, to glance up at the man standing behind you.

“Hey y/n. It’s been a while. You look great.” He said.

Your shoulders tensed when you looked up and met the eyes of your ex-boyfriend, Ian. You got a whiff of alcohol when he spoke and his appearance was more rugged than you remembered. He was wearing a dark gray hoodie and some worn out denim jeans that barely came to his ankles. He had a beard now and his dark glassy green eyes held surprise, anger, and jealousy.

Spencer cleared his throat. Making you turn back to look at him. “Uh Spencer this is my ex Ian. I told you about him earlier. We dated a long time ago in college.” You said introducing them.

Spencer’s eyes were blazing and his voice was hard when he stood up and shook the other man’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Ian responded rocking back and forth on his feet as Spencer settled back down into his chair. “Actually y/n would you mind if I talked to you for a minute.” He asked looking pointedly at Spencer “Alone.”

Spencer shook his head when you looked at him but you knew that he wouldn’t go away unless you went with him, plus you were stronger now than you were back then. You knew that he couldn’t hurt you anymore, plus you really wanted to get back to the conversation you were having with Spencer.

You nodded your head. Ian smiled and headed through a door that you knew lead outside.

“I’ll back in a minuet Spencer.” You said getting up from your chair to follow him.

Spencer’s hand shot out and grabbed your arm. “You can’t be serious y/n. I’m not going to sit here while you go talk to him, especially after what you just told me.”

“He can’t hurt me anymore Spencer. I won’t let him. If it will make you feel better I’ll take this knife.” You said holding up a steak knife from the table” and  if I’m not back in five minutes you can come out and get me. I just want to get this over with. He won’t leave us alone unless I go talk to him.

He sighed and let go of your arm “Okay. Just be careful. I don’t like the look in his eye.”

You leaned down and kissed his cheek, thankful that he trusted you enough to deal with this by yourself. It felt so good all you wanted to do was stay. But you just wanted to deal with your ex now. So you quickly pulled away from Spencer, and followed after Ian being sure not to look back.

Once you were outside you found Ian pacing back and forth rubbing the back of his neck. When he saw you he stopped pacing and slowly began to walk towards you. “Who’s that guy y/n? I thought you said that we were on a break. You said that we could get back together eventually. So why are you dating another guy. You’re supposed to be mine?” he asked his voice becoming hard with rage.

You crossed your arms over your chest, keeping the knife hidden, and backed away from him “That was a long time ago. We moved on. I thought you were happy, I heard you got a new girlfriend.”

“She isn’t you y/n. No one can ever replace you. I waited for you. I searched for you and now you’re here with him.”  

You continued to back away from him cringing away from the crazy look in his eye until your back was against the wall. That’s when it occurred to you that this is exactly what happened in the dream. Your pulse was racing as you started to scream out only for him to cover your mouth with his hand. You took the knife out and tried to cut him but he grabbed a hold of your hand and squeezed until he heard bones pop and your grip on the knife loosened.

You kicked out with your legs and managed to kick his shin but his hold on you didn’t waver. He threw you back against the wall. Your head whipped back and connected with the wall causing you to become dazed.

He was holding you against the wall whispering things in your ear that you couldn’t hear. You felt dizzy and your mind began to drift in and out of consciousness. By the time you started to become oriented again you heard someone yell your name.

You knew what was coming. The dream flashed through your mind. That’s when Ian was torn away from you by Spencer.  Everything was occurring in slow motion.  It was all happening again, but it didn’t even look like Spencer registered the similarity.

You saw Spencer, a few feet away from Ian, begin to run towards him. The knife you had earlier was clenched in Ian’s hand as he faced off against Spencer. Why wasn’t Spencer doing anything different? You asked yourself. He knew how this could end. But he was still running towards him. You knew one thing for sure this was going to end differently.

You took off after Spencer trying to think of a new plan or get his attention. But his soul focus was on Ian. You began to doubt whether or not you could change fate, you knew you couldn’t watch Spencer die. But just as you were about to throw yourself in front of Spencer, an idea came to you.

You pushed Spencer out of the way and fell to your knees so the knife skimmed across your head while you kicked your legs out in front of you, slide tackling Ian to the ground.

You rolled, landing hard on the ground. Your breathing was labored and pain shot through your entire body, especially your head. You struggled to sit up and see where Ian was. But he wasn’t on the ground anywhere. Looking up you saw him running away. Everything in you was telling you to run after him but your injuries kept you hunched over on the ground.

“Y/n are you okay. Oh God I can’t believe this is happening again. “Spencer asked getting up off the ground from where he had fallen and running over to you.

“I’m fine Spencer. Just make sure that ass hole doesn’t get away.” You yelled at him, while pushing him in the direction Ian had ran in.

He hesitated for a moment and then sighed. “Okay. Stay there I’ll come back for you.” He said pressing his mouth to yours in a fierce kiss.

You kissed him back with that same desperate passion, then he was gone. You tried to stand up and run after them, but you swayed on your feet. Your head was spinning and your vision was starting to blur. You stumbled forward until your knees gave out and you hit the ground. That’s when everything went black.

                                                                                                                  Next Part

All of us have our own learning styles. Learning style is the way on how you absorb knowledge the best when studying. This topic was discussed to us in our Personal Development class and I thought I could share this topic to you guys as well.


Visual learners usually learn by reading or seeing pictures. They can understand and remember things by sight. As a visual learner, it’s a fact that they are neat and clean. They often close their eyes to visualize or remember something and they will find something to watch when they feel boredom. They might have difficulties when it comes to spoken directions or oral communicating and may be easily distracted with sounds around them. They are attracted to colors.

Tips for Visual Learners.

If you know already that you are a visual learner, these tips can help you.

  • Sit near in front of the classroom.
  • Use flashcards when reviewing or to learn new words.
  • Try to visualize things that you hear or things that are read to you.
  • Write down keywords, ideas, and instructions
  • Draw pictures or diagrams to help explain new concepts.
  • Avoid distractions during study time. (Set aside your gadgets.)

Me as a visual learner, I agree to almost everything that was discussed to us by our professor. I hate studying using laptops or computers because I get the chance to browse other applications which is the reason why I can’t finish some tasks immediately. I also hate sounds or musics when I’m studying because I get easily distracted.  If you’re one of those visual learners who don’t get distracted to music when studying and prefers to listen to some music, just continue it if that will help you to remember the knowledge more.


Auditory learners learn from the things they get to listen or hear. They usually understand and remember things they have heard. They also store information by the way it sounds and have an easier time understanding spoken instructions than written ones. They may probably hum or talk to themselves if they feel boredom. People may think that these type of learners do not pay attention even though they may be hearing and understanding everything being said.

Tips for Auditory Learners. 

If you know already that you are an auditory learner, these tips can help you.

  • Sit where you can hear.
  • Use flashcards to learn new words. Read them out loud.
  • Read stories, directions and assignments out loud.
  • Record yourself spelling words and then listen to it after.
  • Have test questions read to you out loud.
  • Study new material by reading it out loud.

If you can notice, these tips for auditory learners require loud voice because it is what they need. They learn the best when they can hear it loudly and clearly. Auditory learners will surely enjoy reviewing if there’s a music playing next to them.


Tactile learners are the ones who learn by touching and doing. They understand and remember things through physical movement.  They are hands-on learners who prefer to touch, move, build, or draw what they learn and tend to learn better when some type of activity is involved. They need to be active and take frequent breaks. They also often speak with hand gestures and may have difficulty in sitting still. They like to take things apart and put things together. They tend to find reasons move around when they become bored. They may be very well coordinated and have good athlete ability. Lastly, they often communicate by touching and they appreciate physically expressed forms of encouragement such as a pat at the back.

Tips for Tactile Learners. 

Same goes for every tactile learners out there. If you already know that you are a tactile learner, these tips can help you.

  • Participate in activities that involve touching, building, moving, or drawing.
  • Do lots of hands-on activities like completing art projects, taking walks, or acting out stories.
  • It’s alright to chew a gum, walk around, or rock in a chair while reading or studying.
  • Use flashcards and arrange them in groups to show relationships between ideas.
  • Trace words with your fingers to learn spelling.
  • Take frequent breaks during reading or studying periods.
  • It’s alright to tap a pencil, shake your foot, or hold on to something while learning.
  • Use a computer to reinforce learning through the sense of touch.

If you’re a tactile learner, it really requires you to move for you to be able to understand well the knowledge. I think that those tactile learners are the ones who are very restless and can’t stay still. If that’s the way for those tactile learners out there, just continue.

I hope this post helped you to determined what your learning style is. I decided to make this post for you guys to know what type of learner you are and some tips that will surely help you a lot. I just want to add that I knew that I was a visual learner because my professor gave us some questions first then she discussed the learning styles after that. I just want to give credits to our Personal Development professor who discussed this lesson. Without my professor, I won’t be able to make this post and share it with you guys. If you guys won’t mind, please reblog this post and put what type of learner you are. Happy studying! xoxo, Aqua.

Dear L*caya shippers,

I hope all your best friends fall for the guy your in love with. I hope everyone in your class thinks they make a better couple. I hope you feel the pain Riley Mathews has felt and feels when she see’s them begin to be a couple after she has stepped back for their happiness. I hope you try to move on and distract yourself with a boy that you have no interest in, I hope this makes you feel as lousy as it makes her feel. I hope your as good as a person as she is to put your bestfriend’s feelings before your own.

You sure are overlooking the pain Riley is in for the sake of your ship. Go ahead and say “it’s life things like this happens, she’ll learn a lesson” and I hope you apply this in your own life when the one you love is walking holding her hand, not yours.

P.s thanks for the (negative)feedback, but I’m a little to busy living my life and spending the holidays with my family to get back to you guys.

*Requested* Imagine going drinking with Nik, getting into a fist fight with a guy who was forching himself on a woman

Word count: 455

Your name: submit What is this?

It is a cold night in the streets of New Orleans, you and Klaus are on your way to your favorite bar. You are really bored and also, you both want to go out of the house for tonight. You sit down in your favorite booth, ordering Bourbon.

You were in the middle of talking, as you notice a guy practically forcing himself on a woman, which is clearly not interested.

Y/N: “Nik, look at that pathetic guy over there.”

He looks over to him, gritting his teeth in annoyance.

Klaus: “Y/N, what do you say about teaching him a lesson?”

Y/N: “Perfect.”

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Valentine’s Day Countdown: Day 7 (Jin)

I hope you guys are enjoying the Valentine’s Day Countdowns so far! <3

-Admin Kat

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SITS - Reaction to you changing

SITS(guys) X Mc

Well you being the songwriter and becoming a screen writer one day,was a very hard thing to keep up at.

But being the only Beta and surrounded by 6 Alpha’s is also hard to maintain. Which means you barely get any privacy for once, so it mostly means that the guys will walk into your room while your doing something

But today, you made sure that all the guys were at work. It was your day off, so you of all people would be in your room half naked while talking to your closest friends on the your Ipad.

But old sneaky Kyohei took it too the next level,with the help from Nagito. Kyohei had installed camera’s in the house,they were used to watch Little Yamada. But they installed one in your room by accident ,but Nagito stopped Kyohei from telling you.

(The camera in your room,is like sitting on top of your draw,angled in a way they could see you)


For 2 weeks

“Wow,I thought she was cute. But that tattoo is killer.” Kyohei admired you

Let’s say that Kyohei and Nagito were in the recording room,watching your every move

You were in your room,they watched as you peeled off the oversized t-shirt and left the blue yoga pants you had on. You jumped on your bed as your had on a purple lacy bra and had your Ipad on your lap.

You wanted to facetime one of your bestiest friends

“But look at her body,no wonder she looks great in all the clothes she wears.” Nagito stared at your skinny and petite body, you never noticed

As they both kept staring at you, they felt another presence then just themselves. But pushed it away. They knew Takashi was asleep,or that’s what they thought….

“You know she does look good in lingerie.” Takashi said behind them

Both Nagito and Kyohei turned around as Kyohei closed the laptop they watched you on. And Nagito removed his headphones.

“How much did you see.” Nagito questioned Takashi

“Me? What about you,both off you are drooling over her….” Takashi paused as he thought of a good word to describe this.

But unfortunately, your half nakedness flew around his head instead of music notes. He blushed as he moved away from the two ‘perverts’. And left the recording room,

“Let’s pray that he doesn’t tell her.” Kyohei told Nagito

“Yeah agreed.” Nagito agreed

“You know she does look nice in yoga pants”

“Why you perv’s watching orange-breath for”

They turned,both turned as they were greeted by the sadistic prince and your quiet cat. Both stared at the screen and stared at the two perv’s watching from the laptop

“I always wanted to see ‘Mc’ slightly naked.” Kota muttered

“Not you too.” Iori complained

“Oh c'mon Iori,I know you want to see.” Kyohei gave him his signature smirk

All the attention was on him,Iori lowered his head as a blush crept to his cheeks. He was silent,but muttered…

“Just a little,can’t be killed at 29.” He muttered

Kyohei took that as a yes,as the four of them continued looking at the screen. Now you were in your underwear. With your Ipad still on your lap.

It was finally Ryo’s turn to witness this, Ryo came into the recording room. Unaware of what they were looking at. He walked forward as he looked at the footage of your half naked form.

“She’d going to murder you all.” He told him

They all tried to run out the recording room, but Ryo grabbed Kota and Nagito by the collar and threw them back in. Ryo ran out as he locked the door to the recording room. They four of them started banging on the door, praying that Ryo wouldn’t tell

“I’m going to tell her!.“ Ryo shouted

“I thought we were bros!.” Kyohei shouted

“You double-crosser!!.” Iori complained

“He just put us under the bus!!!.” Kota muttered

“ ‘Mc’ will never forgive us.” Nagito said quietly

Kyohei moved from the door as he looked at the laptop,he saw Ryo in your room

“Hey! Look at this.” He called the rest over to the laptop,as they crowd around it

They saw him in your room,you were now wearing a sweater and short pants. You got up as you gave Ryo a hug and he left your bedroom.

When Ryo closed the door to your, you got up and picked up the camera that was on top of the draw. You looked at it, then turned it off

“That’s not good.” Kyohei mumbled


It was morning and you were helping Ryo with making breakfast for the whole Revance band

As you and Ryo were talking, Kyohei and Nagito were sitting on the couch and Iori and Kota were sitting by the counter listening to you and Ryo’s conversation

Ryo kept mentioning that you should join him on watching on of Shakespeare’s plays. So you happily accepted.

As you poured a cup of orange juice for Iori, you smacked the back of his head with the back of your hand.

“Oww! What was that for!.” He rubbed

“You know why”.

Kota turned his head away as he laughed quietly,but you still saw

“Hey! You get one too.“ You smacked the back of his head as well

Kota whimpered as he rubbed the spot you hit

As you looked at the couch,both Nagito and Kyohei were both invested by the Tv,that the didn’t see you coming by the couch.

You raised both yours hands and smacked the back of there heads. They both yelped as they rubbed the back of their heads.

“Who else needs a smack for ‘perving’ on me.” You had your hands on your hips

“Takashi needs one for commenting on your lingerie.” Kyohei muttered,to Nagito but you still heard

“Thank for your honesty, Captain Kyo.” They watched as you ran off to Takashi’s room

They all looked at Kyohei to blame for, he just hid his face in embarrassment

Then it startled them,when you screamed

“TAKASHI !!!!.”


“You will learn, suffer!!!!.” You yelled at him

You walked out of his room with a proud smile on your face

“Ok I hope you all learned your lesso,anyway I’m going out with Ryo. So you all have to behave.” You ordered them,

They all nodded their heads,while Ryo looked at this in amusement,you walked off to your room.

“ I hope you all learned your lesson for seeing my girlfriend change.” Ryo stated

“Girlfriend!!!!.” They shouted

“She’s very sexy on the outside but feisty in the inside,that’s why I love her. She puts you guys in your place.” Ryo laughed

Ryo stopped laughing asTakashi stormed up in the kitchen, with his sweater messed up and the lyrics he was working on,ripped to shred’s.

“Ok whoever snitched on me will be given extra hours with me.” Takashi said sternly

The members pointed to Kyohei,he gave them a horrified look for exposing him. He just sulked into the couch.