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~Pokemon Silver Code Giveaway~

Okie dokie. So I really wanted both the Ho-oh theme and the Johto cast theme. As they were only obtainable for NA by two different means I have found myself with a code for Silver I have no plans on using so here’s a give away for it for those who may not have the ability to get the game.

I wanna share the love for my favorite gen and games.


1.)Must be following me here @flareon

2.) Only reblogs count but you may like for reference.

3.) Giveaway ends Oct.1.2017 11:59 CST

4.) This code is only for North American Systems and is the English version.


One digital download code for Pokemon Silver on the 3ds/2ds.

Hope you guys enjoy the chance and good luck!!

Boy, can I tell you a terrible thing?

Part 1 (you are here)

A spin-off of the lovely and talented @realisticallycynical​‘s In the rough which, as it happens, was based off of my Royalty AU.

Victor and Yuuri don’t get their happily ever after.

Not right away, at least.

It starts off on a deceptively normal day.

Yuuri is out on the training grounds, practicing his swordsmanship against one of the prince’s guards, Otabek Altin.

They’ve been sparring, nonstop, for the past half hour and have worked up a good sweat. A decent crowd has gathered around them, hooting and cheering for their favourite. The support is split pretty eveny, something that still surprises Yuuri to this day, how easily he was able to fit in with this group, how readily they accepted him as one of their own.

But then, just as Yuuri dodges an attack, he feels something snap, and he freezes short as his long, waist-length hair falls free of its usual tight knot at the base of his skull.

“Wait-” he gasps, panicking as he dodges back out of the path of Otabek’s sword.

Otabek doesn’t seem to hear him. Or if he does, he doesn’t seem to care.

Yuuri scrambles back, lifting his sword to block, but without watching where he’s going, it’s inevitable that he trips and goes crashing to the ground.

Otabek’s eyes widen, but it’s too late for him to stop his swing. Yuuri ducks his head to protect it, and as he crashes to the ground, he hears the telltale snip of a blade cutting through hair.

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Dance - Woojin Au

- Admin Xion

Originally posted by park-woojinbnm

genre: fluff
member: park woojin
word count: 5787
requested: yes

requested by: anon

HI can i request a Woojin scenario where in you were a contestant in lets say produce 101 season 3 and he was one of the guests or something like that? I hope it doesn’t sound too complicated..ㅠㅠ Thank you! 


- LIKE IVE ALWAYS IMAGINED MNET CREATING A MIXED GENDER KPOP GROUP LIKE KARD but then end produce 101 cause continuing shit for too long gets boring at one point-
- anyWAYS
- getting straight to the point, you and woojin were secretly dating
- and so far, you guys have been shipped since it was released that you two were ‘best friends’
- lets keep in mind this news came out when you were already a contestant on produce 101
- and yes- wannaone still exist during this time bUT LETS NOT GET TO THE FEELS
- ever since you were a contestant on produce 101, it’s been a bit more difficult to communicate to woojin
- especially since you both dont wanna blow each others cover about the relationship
- and yes, in this produce 101 season 2, mnet is trying to create a 2 gender kpop group so there’s a lot of quote on quote “couple” dances and shit but y'all are all like friends so nothing really hits
- gets a bit jealous
- but you dont know that cause you’re working your ass off
- one of your missions was to create choreo for the song “i need it” by johnny balik and it’s a good ass song
- there were 6 people on your team
- you and this guy (lets call him yeojeon) were the team leaders
- you were extremely proud of the choero you guys had down so far because it matched the jazzies of the song
- there were a lot of moves where it depended on a lot of trust but you all managed to do them just by practicing a lot
- and the fact that you guys let the lower ranks have a bit more center time warmed your heart a bit
- btw you’re current rank is 4
- exhausted as always, as you were practicing with your team, suddenly the door opens as all of your heads turn
- a familiar silhouette walks through the door with a childish gummy smile across his face because he was lowkey but highkey excited to see you
- just seeing you itself brings him so much joy and happiness
- and same for you
- everyone began dying in a good way¿
- some of the girls on your team (as in the 2 girls) stood up as their legs tREMbled and greeted him
- who wouldnt die to park woojin walking through a door tbfh
- and you were shocked as heck
- you wanted to run to that door and just hUg HIM cause he havent seen him in such a long time
- but you couldnt
- so you just did the same and greeted him warmly
- you were on the verge of just doing it
- just running up to his and wrapping your arms around his neck as he would usually burden you with a thousand kisses all over
- but you slightly clenched your fist and held back
- “annyeonghaseyo, all i wanna do woojin’s wannaone-immida!” he announced as he did the hand motion to go along with it
- “i’ll be helping your team go with the choero,” he announces as your team dies again bUT WHO WOULDNT
- “y/n, don’t you know woojin already?” one of your teammates asked as you softly nodded and laughed a bit
- “y/n and i have been friends for 3 years now,” woojin says all giddy as your team oOooS and ur like dyING on the inside
- “wITH THAT ASIDE, lets see this choero,” woojin spoke as he grabbed a chair and sat at the front
- wanting to laugh so hard, you got into formation as you quickly died out your smile
- dance dance dance
- cheoro woosh wowww
- and you can tell woojin was getting a tINY BIT JEALOUS HAH
- by tiny i mean a lot
- after you guys finished the choero woojin clapped happily as he seemed to be impress with all your efforts
- “wAHHH I COULD’VE NEVER PULLED THAT OFF-” woojin exclaimed
- you team softly clapped and thanked him
- “there are some spots that i noticed that could be better but it was overall extremely good !” woojin adds on as you guys hAD TO THANK HIM again
- looking at you, you rose an eyebrow
- “yeojeon, right? you were doing really good but i did notice your tiny slip up with the fingers up the stomach motion,” (lol that sounds kinky but okay) woojin spoke
- yeojeon chuckled slightly as he nodded
- woojin then approached you as he turned you around to face him
- “it’s supposed to be like this-” he spoke as his index and middle finger on both hands crawled up your stomach as you could feel your cheeks burning
- the girls were yelling in the back by the way
- woojin snuck a wink as you were able to catch that and rolled your eyes because you knew he was teasing you for having such close contact to another boy that wasnt him
- softly laughing woojin then proceeded to help out with other moves as you all followed trying to improve to the best of your ability
- woojin then had to leave which made you a bit sad but you could tell woojin was even more sad that he couldnt hug you and kiss you again
- your team then practiced for a bit more then was heading back to the dorms when suddenly in the corner, someone grabs your wrist
- looking at who it was, in which was woojin ofc
- woojin then hugs you warmly and tightly as he kisses your head
- you snake your arms around his waist and hug him tightly as well
- “i-it’s just a dance right?” woojin asks
- you laughed warmly as you nodded
- “of course it is, i’ll still love you more,” you claimed
- “he’s attractive so dONT TRY to caTch fEELinGS,” he says as he tightens his hug even more to the point where you cant breath
- you laugh and pouted as you kiss him on the lips and holding that kiss for a good minute or so
- “dontgo,” you mumbled as you then proceed to place your head on his chest
- “i dont wanna go either,” he says
- “then just say here and live in the pool for 3 more months,” you jokingly spoke as woojin laughed
- “it’s only 3 months. before you know it, you’ll be in (insert group name here) and back at my place too,” he speaks confidently
- you nod as woojin deeply sighs releasing from the hug and gives you a forehead kiss before going off

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I hope this isn't a burdon, but can I get fluffy headcannons for Junkrat? 💖

Naaaaaah you cool. Onto the request!

  • The one guy in all the Overwatch cast that will fucking charge at a door and break it in half if it meant greeting you “OH! OHHHH!!!! Y/N’S HOME!!! WELCOME HOME Y/N!!” when you are screaming on the porch in abject terror he trips on his own foot and falls on his face, which then makes you laugh until you fall over yourself
  • The kind of person that fails in every respect of doing “proper” s/o things such as buying you flowers or courting you politely- he basically runs up to you like “Say how’s about a good fuck or two? :D??????” honestly Mako was pretty shocked you didn’t just kill him then and there
  • Are you shorter than him? He will throw you. Everywhere. On his shoulder, under his arm, onto his lap, onto the couch. Also will pretend he is literally stealing you even when you’re talking to someone like, “Boring conversation anyway!”
  • Are you taller than him? He will still try. Sometimes it works, sometimes he’s like “HNNNNNNNGGGHHH!! HNNNGGGHH!!!” trying to hoist you and probably fucks up and wrecks his back- his poor spine is so messed up as it is XD
  • It also doesn’t matter what height or weight you are- he WILL piggyback you. EVERYWHERE IF HE COULD! He also makes car or rocketship noises- it can vary depending on how he feels through the week. “ROCKET SHIP Y/N!!!! NNNYYOOMMMM” “BrrrRRRRUUUMMMMMM DDDDDDDRRRRUMMMMMM BRUMMMM”
  • Also expect to hang out with Roadie a lot too :P But given that you’re Junkrat’s S/O, it’s probably not surprising you and Roadie get along swimmingly and are probably both the level-headed balances in comparison to Jamison XD
  • He will forget things, like dates, a lot. Like a lot a lot.
  • “It’s your birthday?! What? What?! WHAT?!” He’ll go into a real flurry and start running around in circles, hoping to make a gift for you quickly and when you mention he doesn’t have to he’s like “QUIET NOW Y/N I’VE GOT A MAKE A GIFT FOR YOU LICKETY-SPLIT” please calm down bb u poor boy
  • Junkrat has 2 settings: 100% BALLS TO THE WALLS ENERGY ALL DAY to completely comatose tired. There is absolutely no in-between.
  • His version of a date is to blow up something, but if he’s pursuing revenge for you- like committing epic theft or property damage to someone that hurt you- hoh boy that’s his fav
  • He will legit start barking at anyone that tries to hit on you like “rrrrRUFF RAUGH RAUUUGH! Mine! Mine! Mine! My Y/N!!! *holding you stupid tight*”
  • His preferred method of sleeping is being a starfish with you or holding you with his limbs wrapped around you like a clingy lil monkey- but he’s not little because he’s 6 fucking foot 6 and it’s like being eaten by a boa constrictor
  • If you’re depressed he will literally implode like you are only allowed to be happy around him???????? He’ll basically bother Roadie like nonstop I’m not gonna lie. Just grab on him like, “What? Y/N’s not happy!? We gotta DOOOOO something!!! *repeatedly shakes Roadhog until the latter removes him from his body*”
  • Is the person that wants to show you!!! So many!!! Of the things!!!!! “Look Y/N!” “What’s that?” “It’s a- oh come on now you know what that is.” “…A fuse?” “*lights match* Yuh-huh!” The giggles he lets out when he gets to see how excited you are about something as dumb as Extremely Dangerous Fireworks is truly moving tbh
  • 98% of the gifts he gives are made. How sweet!
  • The other 2% are stolen.

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Reset: CH1 (Cor x Fem!OC Soulmate AU)

A.N: Chapter One is finally done! I am so excited about sharing this with you! This chapter is more about the whole set-up of the journey ahead- a lot of brotherly banter between Regis, Clarus and Cor. Some mentions of Maya Singh- but you guys get to meet her in her entirety in Chapter Two :D Hope you like it!

Tagging some pals: @alicemoonwonderland​, @cupnoodle-queen​, @asendion-art​, @atlerion​, @sonsoflucis, @nifwrites, @louisvuittontrashbags, @hypaalicious, @stunninglyignis, @chocobruh-art and @fieryfantasy <3

Chapter One: The Summoning

Cor walked through the numerous and seemingly endless halls of the Citadel, a small frown on his face. At the ripe age of thirty, Cor was already the Marshal of the Crownsguard. As Marshal, he was the go to man for maximum clearance security operations ordered by the King of Lucis. Cor took a deep breath through his nose and exhaled out of his mouth quietly, clenching his fists open and shut as he walked in long strides towards the Throne Room.

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anonymous asked:

your writing is so good!! good luck on the blog! fake dating is like. my heroin, dr2 boys fake dating their s/o and realizing they have feelings for them after a pretend kiss?

I had a bit trouble with this one so I hope you guys enjoy it

Hajime Hinata

  • He only agreed to this to help you get rid of this creeper who was following you around
  • Unfortunately even after a few fake dates he was still around
  • “Hey Hajime I think I know how to scare this creep away.”
  • He turned towards you only to have you lean in close, your hand on his cheek bringing him closer
  • Oh god.. his heart was pounding and he couldn’t help the blush that come across his face
  • “There I think that scared them.” You leaned away from him (making him feel a bit sad?) with a small smile
  • He was to flustered to say anything as you walked away satisfied
  • Oh no… oh this was bad
  • What was he to do now that he realized he’s fallen for you
  • You only say this relation as fake after all

Nagito Komeada

  • It was probably his fault that you two had to fake date in the first place
  • (Probably because of his luck)
  • And he constantly apologized yo you for putting you in this situation
  • (You shouldn’t be force to act this way with scum like him)
  • And then you two were put in a situation where you were forced to kiss (or at least seem like you were kissing)
  • He muttered an apology as you lean in close  to give the illusion of a kiss
  • Oh wow… he never notice how cute you looked with your face flushed and leaning in like that
  • (Your lips looked really soft too)
  • He unconsciously leaned in as you pulled away from him
  • “There I think that convinced them..” You muttered as you looked away
  • You started to walk away before you looked back at him where he stood in place, a shocked look on his face
  • “Are you coming or what?”
  • He nodded slowly and started to follow you
  • So this is what love felt like huh?

Gundham Tanaka

  • Both of you had no idea how this situation came to be but you both had to pretend to be in a relationship for a short while
  • It seemed to be going okay
  • But then the dreaded fake kiss had to happen
  • He was blushing darkly and refused
  • So you sighed and yanked him down to your level and…
  • Kissed his cheek
  • (But it did look like you kissed him on the lips)
  • “Was that so hard?” You asked annoyed
  • Meanwhile he just stood there a hand placed on where you kissed
  • This was not good for him at all

Kazuichi Souda

  • Both of you pretended to date after Sonia and Gundham got together
  • He had a crush on her while you had a crush on Gundham
  • And you used this ‘relationship’ in order to spy on them
  • “Shit! Their looking this way!” He exclaimed, panicking
  • “Wait I have an idea! Follow my lead!” You ordered as you leaned in to his face
  • Oh boy you were really close there..
  • He gulped and leaned in to meet you, unconsciously closing his eyes
  • He could feel his heart pounding loudly in his chest
  • (He sure hope you couldn’t here it)
  • But before you two could kiss you stood up
  • “Damnit they left… Ugh!” You said frustrated as you stomped your foot on the ground
  • “I’m leaving… I doubt we could follow them any farther.. since we didn’t even see were they went..” You muttered as you walked away defeated
  • You left him there still frozen in thought
  • Oh fuck
  • Oh fucked he liked you
  • And you like Gundham
  • Fuuuuuuuuck

Nekomaru Nidai

  • So it turns out he got tickets for a famous athletes of his game
  • And you were a huge fan of this athlete and wanted to go
  • However… the athlete request he bring his significant other
  • So you two pretended to date
  • You were so happy and excited to watch and he was cheering his athlete on at every moment
  • (Literally you two were so loud)
  • And then…
  • The kiss cam played on showed you two
  • You both blushed and looked away from each other as the crowd cheered you two on
  • Then you plucked up enough courage to lean in and give him a fake kiss
  • (The audience went wild)
  • You leaned away embarrassed and tried your best to pay attention to the game
  • Meanwhile he was too distracted by his fast beating heart
  • This was bad

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

  • It was his fault you were dragged into this
  • He lied about having a significant other to his clan and well they wanted to meet them
  • He couldn’t ask Peko… so that left you his closest friend
  • He apologizes for asking you for this and promises to make you it up to you
  • So you two pretend to be together as you have a dinner at his family’s place
  • However it seems that they don’t seem to really buy it that much..
  • You had a brillant idea how to convince them
  • And so you leaned in and made it seem like you gave him a kiss
  • And they seem to buy it
  • And the night goes on as you enjoy the dinner
  • Meanwhile Fuyuhiko has a permanent blush on his face that doesn’t leave
  • Oh fuck this was really bad for him wasn’t it

Teruteru Hanamura

  • So it turned out he told his mama so much about you that she thought you two were dating
  • He couldn’t break her heart and tell her you weren’t
  • So he begged you for to pretend to date him for a while
  • (Like literally begged on his hands and knees)
  • And you agreed since he was your close friend
  • So you guys went on a bunch of pretend dates and made sure to take pictures for his mother
  • All went fine until she wanted pictures of you two kissing
  • You sighed but agreed to pose for a picture
  • You both blushed as you leaned in and make it look like you two were kissing
  • (How would he never noticed how nice smelling your hair was?)
  • You immediately backed away as soon as the picture was taken
  • He couldn’t help but blush after the picture was taken and watched you leave
  • Welp… now he had to figure out how to woooh you

Ultimate Impostor

  • The situation was awkward for both of you
  • You both were blushing all the time on your fake dates
  • Things were going okay until you two had to fake kiss
  • Both of you were panicking internally
  • “Follow my lead.” He muttered to you and leaned in
  • You gulped and leaned in to meet him
  • And he made sure to make it look real while not kissing you at the same time
  • He pretended to be fine while internally he was screaming
  • All this time he had a crush on you
  • Fuuuuck


DYWM (DO YOU WANT ME?) — ’ i just wanna feel you nearer. not gonna pray that bit closer. ’ / spencer’s got a thing for derek’s new girlfriend. it feels as awful as it sounds. ( 2.6k words )

NOTES — soft baby season one spencer is most definitely the inspiration for this here imagine. i’m only a few episodes into the second season, but i already know i’ll never get over season one. anyway, i hope you guys enjoy. as always, my ask is open for any feedback or requests! p.s. y/n/n stands for your nickname.

SNIPPET — “First thing you need to learn about me and Derek,” Y/N pauses, drags her fingertips down the length of his arms, burns holes through his tux with her touch, and guides his extremities to the same dip in her waist her boyfriend was gripping moments ago, “we aren’t the jealous type.”

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Eeeyyyyy part 4 😎 we getting into it now.

Yeah I’ve got no idea what that was but I hope you’re enjoying this! I’m gonna be honest when i started this I had no plan for it and I thought no one would ever even see it but you guys are just the best ilysm ❤👌❤

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | My art tag

A few things…

So happy with the participation with fluff day so far! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

A few notes:

  • With my busy schedule my NEW content will start hitting the inter webs at 9 pm Central/Standard and run until I run out of chiz.
  • A HUGE shout out to my boo @supernatural-jackles who has managed to get her new content out WAY before me through out the day. There is no one I’d rather co-host this day with.
  • FLUFF DAY EXTENDS TO TOMORROW! - I’m going to be reading the stuff from today and reblogging that. I won’t get to everything but I hope to get to A LOT!

Finally, you guys are awesome! Bless you!!!



companionjones  asked:

Headcannons on how Jack Kelly falls in love with female reader?

Omg yes! I hope you like these! (I love your icon btw. Thomas Sanders is the best!)

WC: 571

Warning: Actually a significant amount of swearing (I mean, it’s no Connor Murphy but it’s close), Flipping Crutchie off, that’s it, I think

Tags: @ok-ladies-lets-get-in-formation

Sorry if Jack is OOC. I tried to keep him in character, though!

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anonymous asked:

You said you wanted opinions on your BC? I believe that you've been fair. I don't see any reason to believe otherwise. That being said, I do think it's predictable and obvious at this point who will win. I've seen other BCs turn out this same way so I in now way think you've had a hand in making it that way. But it makes me feel bad for the other contestants and makes it not as exciting because we all already know how it will end. I hope this doesn't sound negative! I do really enjoy your blog:)

I get what you mean nonners, and I don’t take it as negative :) I’ve had a little think though, now that I’m calmer, and tbh with only two rounds to go, I don’t really see the point of calling it early. For one thing, then I definitely wouldn’t be giving the other guys a chance to catch up. For another, I feel I have a responsibility to my friends that sent me their amazing sims to use them for what they were given to me for.

I feel bad for the other contestants, but more than that, I feel worse for the people that made those contestants. But I think I would be doing them a disservice to end it early, more than I would be if I continue despite an apparent inevitable win. If the creators of the contestants disagree with that, then I would take that more into consideration since it’s their sims we’re talking about, but in the meantime, I intend to go ahead mostly as planned.

I do apologise to anyone that gets bored of it, though. I understand it may be anticlimactic, but I’d rather be fair than anything else. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m not listening to your advice. I think I just have to do what I think is right.

Gone, But Not Forgotten (Modern Royalty AU)

Oh look another modern royalty AU, which seems to be a theme with me lately. Although this is just a one shot that came to me when I was stuck on a plane for a few hours. Hope you guys like it! 

Summary: Princess Emma needs to get out of Misthaven. Really she needs to stop being a Princess. She’s always wanted to be normal, so for now she’s running away. She’s running away from a lot of things. 




This wasn’t the first time Emma ran away; not even close to the first time actually. It’s not that she hates her home or even her parents. She loves them dearly. They just hold such high expectations for her, expectations she’s not sure she can live up to. All she wants is a normal life and she can’t have that when she lives in a palace with guards. She can’t live in a apartment that overlooks the river and have friends over. So she’s running away not forever just for a couple months to clear her head get her priorities straight. She’s running away to get over him. She’s running away for a lot of reasons.  

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Imagine Namjoon Taking Care of You After Surgery

Here you go, guys!! I hope you enjoy have a wonderful day!

-Admi Lex

Let’s get one thing clear, you hated surgeries. You hated basically entrusting your life to people who were virtually strangers. So it’s fair to say that you weren’t in the happiest of moods when after Namjoon drove you to the hospital with stomach pains or when your doctors had told you needed surgery to remove your appendix. Namjoon was currently trying to be your voice of reason.

“These are trained professionals. They know what they’re doing and they won’t let you die.”

“Says the man not going in the operating room tomorrow morning.” You replied pettily, you even threw in a pout, just to show how annoyed you were with the situation.

You were the type of person that hated to have any weakness or perceived weaknesses. So, it took a lot of you to be able to wake up Namjoon clutching your waist and told him that you were in a lot of pain. You two both got to the hospital really late and you had through a series of tests.

Finally, you were hopped up on pain meds and in a private room. Just when you were about to doze off from your exhaustion and the pain meds, you saw Namjoon get up and walked towards you.

“Hey, sleepy. Before you’re completely out, I want to let you know that I’m gonna head back to the house real quick and grab clothes, and any other things we might need.”  He was voice was gentle as not to really wake you up.

“Hmm, okay.” You really must have been tired because he hadn’t even stood up before you were out like a light again.

Your surgery was scheduled for the next morning and your belly was filled with the fluttering wings of butterflies, but not the good kind. Your only solace was the fact the Namjoon was there when you woke up in slight pain.

“Hey, glad you woke up. Your surgery is in two hours and the doctor should be here in any moment.” Namjoon kissed your forehead as you pouted.

Next thing you know, the doctor was briefing you on what was going to happen during and after your surgery.  Suddenly, nurses come in and prep you to go to the OR and during this whole process Namjoon is being sweet as can be. You couldn’t even be annoyed at all the nurses and doctors telling you what to do. Before you got carted away, Namjoon came over from his seat in the corner of the room and delicately kissed you on the forehead. For only your ears to hear, “I’ll be here, when you get back. Okay?”



“JOOonie, doooon’t kidnap me. It’s illegal! You’ll go to jail!!!” Namjoon was desperately trying to set you in the passenger seat without pulling on your stitches.

“C’mon, please work with me here… Easy… Okay, now sit back. There we go.”

Finally, after a solid 20 minutes of Namjoon trying to convince that he wasn’t kidnapping you, but actually trying to take you home. He quickly ran to the driver’s side before you could figure out how to unbuckle yourself.

Luckily for Namjoon, you had knocked out the second he started up the car. You were still so under the effects of the drugs that Namjoon had to carry you in. Waking up, you felt the urge to pee very badly. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you were about sit up when two hands landed on your shoulder preventing from you moving.

“Nuh uh, you are staying in the bed until I  can be sure your stitches are healed enough. I’ll be damned if you end up getting an infection. ”  He scolded as he pulled closer to him.

“But I have to pee and you have to go to work,” I said trying to pry his large hands off of me.

“I’ll help you to the bathroom, but I’m not going in until this afternoon, so you are stuck with me all day.

“Let me get that.”


“Shh, don’t worry about it. If you need anything, just ask me.”

You were going insane. He wasn’t letting you do anything for yourself. It was sweet at first, now it is just kind of annoyance. It would be one thing if it was doctor’s orders for me not to move, but it’s not. I can do literally anything that I could before the surgery, I just have to be a little more careful. Luckily he was going to work now, where you would have time to breathe a little.

He hadn’t even been gone for two hours when you heard a ringing from another room. Your cellphone. Just the caller id, you saw Namjoon. You sighed and answered.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hey, how are you feeling? You don’t need anything, do you? Do you need me to pick up anything on my way ho-”

“Namjoon, I am okay. I know you are taking care of me and I love you so much for it. And don’t take this the wrong way, but stop babying me.” You let your frustration seep through your voice.

“… You’re right. It’s just I don’t like you in pain. I don’t like you recovering like this. I like you completely healthy.”

“…I do want you to pick up a pizza on the way home though.” You smiled and sat back down on the couch.

You heard him chuckle before he spoke, “Sure thing, baby. Love you.”

“Love you.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

this is my chance

hey guys! i’ve been meaning to post this all week but i kept getting sidetracked. this is the second part of the superheroes au, and i think chapters will start going up on fridays, unless i say otherwise for some reason. anyway, here’s chapter two, and  i hope you guys like it! - mod rose 💜

part one is here!

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Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.

To whoever made the prompt list:

Fight me in the WalMart parking lot at 12:30 this is so sad and also making this comic sucked out my remaining will to live

Claudia and Stiles, June 1998.

Here’s another sneak peek for the final chappy of Home, which I’m aiming to post in June (60 drawings + Lupus = Julie needs extra time) but now it’s 42 paintings down, 18 to go!! Thanks for your unending patience ♥


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