hope you guys enjoy this one more then the previous


Aaaay it’s those redesign things from forever ago! I’ll be honest it was a bit tough getting back to these, but I’m glad I did; I forgot how much I love drawing this style! Anyway, these are just a few where I wanted to draw the character again/try my hand at redesigning them again. Definitely like this Jasper design much more than my previous one, and the other came out nice too! 

I did shading in Rose Quartz’s because the original screenshot did, but I kinda surprisingly really like the shading. Might do that for future ones, but for now, I hope you guys enjoy these!

And one last note; please don’t repost! Reblogs are a-ok but please don’t take my stuff and repost it here/put it up on other websites (yes, even with links to my blog). Thanks for understanding!

Can’t Quit You (Attention Pt. 2) ~Theo Raeken Smut~

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(A/N: Alright my beautiful lovelies. I know you guys have been waiting an eternity for this one, but I finally did it. I finally finished it! Months later, I know. I deeply apologize for that. I apologize a thousand times. But like writers block was a huge one for this one. However, I got inspiration after this new season premiere and just seeing how much of a smol changed bean Theo has become I thought to just add that on here. So here’s Attention’s second part, titled differently because I got the inspiration from yet another song. Cashmere Cat - Quit (Feat. Ariana Grande). Also, I’m so sorry for any overlooked mistakes. I know this one probably sucks compared to my first one, but it’s been a while since I’ve been able to write properly. Life has been keeping me busy, but anyways, enough about me, I hope you guys enjoy!)

Dedicated to: @steph-oliveira and my many gorgeous followers that have been wanting more Theo Raeken smut. I know it may not be as great as the previous one, but at least there’s a happy ending

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14 Days- Part Six

(Reader x Pietro Maximoff)

Word Count: 2176

Summary: The reader’s best friend, Wanda, goes on a two week mission and leaves a list of things to do for the reader. Tasks 5 and 6.

Warnings: none

A/N: this is a fun one! I hope you guys are enjoying this series. only a few more parts to go <3 happy reading!

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Down the Rabbit Hole (pt. 13)

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(I’ve really enjoyed this story a lot, and it’s a shame that it ended up getting forgotten along the way because of school starting back. I hope that you guys have had fun reading it, and there might be one more part after this one so it isn’t over. I’d just like to note before you read this part that I’ve had this ending planned out for over a month now, not just in light of recent events. So… don’t hate me, cutie pies.)

From behind the Red King, four others step forward into the entryway. Amy notes that Oliver, the yellow guard that helped her and Host to escape, is not among them, and her heart flutters with worry. Anti is there, decked in black and with a sword in hand. The other three androids fall into line, unarmed but ready to fight.

Wilford, Bim, and the Host all come to stand alongside Amy, and as they face off, Amy is painfully aware that they are outmatched. She doesn’t fancy herself a sword-fighter, but the blade rings with an energy like it’s biting at the bits to taste blood. In fact, Amy isn’t sure if she’ll be the one doing the fighting at all.

“Well, let’s begin, shall we?” Dark snaps his fingers, and the Googles race forward with stunning speed. Bim crouches down, hands splayed out on the marble floors, and when he stands, bringing his hands up, the floor moves with him as if he’s shaking out a rug. He flicks it swiftly, sending all three Googles falling upwards and back. Wilford suspends them there in the air with curling fingers, and makes them dance about like marionettes on strings.

Anti surges towards Wilford, ready to strike, but the Host mutters a few soft words, over and over until they become a great, bellowing shout. “Antisepticeye stops dead, unable to move.” The narration slows the glitch but cannot stop him. He skitters from left to right, unable to reach Wilford, but still animate. He reappears beside the Host, and with a slash of his sword, nearly takes off his right arm. The Host curses with practice and falls away from the glitch as Wilford strains to keep his attention on the Googles.

Amy leaps to the rescue, the sword coming alive in her hands. It nearly jumps out of her grasp as it plunges through Anti’s shoulder, and the glitch arches in pain with a deafening screech. His eyes flick to Dark, begging for aid, but the King stands back among the rubble and watches with cold, unforgiving eyes. Amy draws back the sword with a splatter of ichor as the demon falls on his face. He glitches angrily, trying to get up, but the pain in his shoulder is nearly unbearable. His wound hisses and smolders as if there truly is something more to this blade.

Wilford stumbles under the weight of the droids and is forced, finally to drop them from the air. Blue is the first to recover, knocking Wilford to the floor and pinning him down. Warfstache struggles for air and claws at Google’s arm. “Where’s Ollie?” Will manages.

Blue’s face changes immediately, crumbling into something full of both rage and sadness. “As if you care.”

“He killed him,” Wilford gasps, “didn’t he? And you’re still fighting for him?”

Blue presses down on Wilford’s windpipe, finally silencing him. “Not all of us had the luxury of running away into the Wood to hide and await a savior! You left us that day!”

Wilford mouths the words, “I had to.” But even for him, it’s not enough.

Amy tries to reach Wilford, to knock Blue off of him, but Red and Green are there to stop her. Red swings his foot around and nearly takes off Amy’s head, but she manages to duck just in time as Green sweeps her feet out from under her. The sword clatters away from her hand, and Amy screeches, grabbing after it.

The Host turns towards Google and begins whispering softly, clutching his bleeding arm and staggering to stay on his feet. As Green and Red pin her, Amy finally hears him say, “Oliver lives on in his brothers. He is not gone, only changed. It is up to the Googles how they will honor the memory of him.”

Somehow his words, though whispered, resound throughout the entire hall, and even Dark seems stunned as Google draws back his hand. Wilford gasps for breath, turning on his side and coughing and hacking to fill his lungs. The Host sags forward, but Green is there to catch him in an instant.

“What are you doing?” Dark roars. “Finish them off!”

Red helps Amy to her feet and shakes his head. “We refuse to serve you any longer. Oliver died so we could all be free of you, and we won’t squander that.”

At that moment, Bim, the sword in hand, sneaks up behind Dark, but the King is acutely aware of the other figment’s presence. And at the last moment, he whirls around, his sword piercing through Bim’s chest as Amy’s scream pierces the air. Dark and Bim come face to face for a moment as the Red King grins savagely. “So much for your heroic moment.”

Dark pulls back his sword, and Bim crumples.


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 11 (END)

Start from the beginning of The Beginning here!

Previous <—–> Chapter One!


I hope you guys enjoyed what was essentially the prologue :) I’m really excited about what I have planned :3 Expect an announcement in the next day or so about how I’m gonna go about the next part/first chapter of the comic.

Also, thanks SO MUCH for everyone’s patience with me for this update! Like I said before, I wanted to make sure the panels look exactly the way I want them to. You guys deserve only the best!

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belong to @loverofpiggies!

8:37 am // Peter Parker

Prompt: Part two for 2:12 am!! The morning after Spider-man Peter climbs through your window, badly bruised, you both wake up and decide where to take your relationship.


A/N: sorry this took so long, but hope you guys enjoy! this one is just a little short imagine to finish up the previous, sorry about that. but don’t forget to send in requests so i can write some more ٩(◕‿◕)۶

tags: @quackson-klaxon @colbyspenial

word count: 395 :( 

once again, i apologize for the length. just tying together the previous

You woke to a start when you felt an arm tighten around your waist. You quickly sat up and looked around. The clock read 8:37 am. You kept looking until your eyes landed on the sleeping manboy next to you. 

“Peter!” You yelled jumping out of bed. He sat up and groaned. He rubbed his eyes, then focused on you. You hesitated to speak again as your eyes fell upon his face. Your eyes rested on the nasty bruise on his jaw. It was all sorts of shades of blue and purple with hues of yellow. 

“I’m okay,” he spoke up, noticing your staring. “Honestly, I can’t even feel it,” he lied. You sat back down on the bed and placed your hand on his jaw carefully, as to not put pressure on the bruise.

“Why do you do this to yourself, Pete?” You asked as tears gathered in your eyes. You blinked trying to force them away, but they slipped out. Peters hands shot out to both sides of your head and wiped away your tears with his thumbs.

“Hey, don’t cry, princess. It’s okay. I’m okay,” He whispered pulling you onto his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and bury your face in his chest. You guys stayed in each others’ embraces for a while, before you pulled away.

“Is this why you’ve been ditching me?” You asked, clearing your throat. Peter shamefully nodded.

“Whenever we make plans I truly want to go, but when something goes wrong I can’t just ignore it. I can’t. And I’ve been wanting to tell you, I’m not supposed to tell people and I didn’t want to disappoint Mr. Stark,” Peter rambled on, as he was nervous. You sighed.

“Peter, I get it, but I want this to work between us. And I love you, you know I do, but I miss you so much, Pete. I just want to see you more..” You trailed off not knowing what else to say. You hoped you had made your point without being rude.

“I’ll make more time. I promise I will. And I love you so much,” He replied pulling me in for a hug.

“Will you stay today?” You asked shyly.

“Of course, princess” He replied kissing your forehead.

You both spent the day enjoying each others company, watching Star Wars, and eating Thai food ;)

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 20.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Alone Time with Simon

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15. - Part 16. - Part 17. - Part 18. - Part 19.

Character(s): Simon and Reader (cameo with Negan’s wives)
Negan leaves the Sanctuary for “business” and leaves his right-hand man, Simon, in charge until he gets back.
Word Count: 2,756
Warning: Fluff with Simon and sexual tension! 
Author’s Note: I know my schedule says I post updates to this story on Sundays, but I couldn’t wait! I wanted to post this so I could get this show on the road ;-) Woot! Guys, we made it to the twentieth chapter! I can’t believe it! Like I said in the previous part, there have been many who requested more one-on-one with the Reader, so now it’s Simon’s turn! I hope you enjoy this because things will pick up soon. And they will pick up fast. Thank you for reading! 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms)

The following morning, you were woken up by the sounds of shuffling in your room. You fluttered your eyes open to see Negan getting dressed, his back to you as he buckled his belt to his pants. You smiled, climbing out of bed and quietly tiptoed towards him. Slowly, your arms wrapped around him from behind and you placed a light kiss on the back of his shoulder.

“Morning,” you whispered.

He turned around, looking down at your bare body first before looking into your eyes. Negan pecked your lips and smiled, grabbing his leather jacket and slipping it on. “I didn’t want to wake you. I was going to leave you a note.”

“It’s okay. Where are you going?”

“I’ve got to go to Alexandria. Those fuckers still don’t understand who the hell is in charge, so I’m going to send them a friendly reminder of who fucking runs it,” he grinned.

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Beauty and The Beast: Chapter 8

Author’s Note: Okay, so at least this isn’t coming out months later… Whoops. But with summer coming up, I’ve been working more, so I haven’t had the time to come on. And if you guys are up for this, please let me know what ya thought, cause it’s still very hard to get this out here when I think no one likes it. BUT I do really hope you all enjoy this chapter.

Also, this tugged at my heart a bit, ow.

Gif Credit: @nocturnal—mistress 

Previous Chapter

Word Count: 2,433

Bucky opens his mouth to respond but quickly closes it when found at a loss for words. You roll your eyes, knowing you won and he is giving up with the argument.

“Just please hold still Bucky, it might sting a bit…” You move the rag towards the wound once more, you feel his body jolt slightly from the stinging. Continuing your actions, you move to press the rag on another part of the gash. “I, I am sorry though for looking at your journal…”

You could feel Bucky’s eyes on you, you didn’t dare look up at him, there was just too much more to say to him.

“They, those pigs what we sadly call men…” You could feel your heart beating slightly faster when thinking of them, “I just,” you pause for a second before finally looking up at him, “thank you for saving me, Bucky.”

His face was stoic but his eyes showed every emotion he felt, mainly the mere shock of you thanking him had shown itself.

“Anytime, Y/N.”  

It’s been weeks now ever since that incident at the gas station, since you last stepped foot in his room, and ever since then, Bucky has become more soft spoken towards you.

You thought he was making progress before the ‘wolves’. Yet now you can clearly see the difference with him. May that he doesn’t smile, the look in his eyes tells you that he is now not as haunted.

‘Although he still looks pretty spooked to me… God progress doesn’t have to be drastic, get it together,Y/N.’

You shake your head to rid yourself any thoughts of him, or the progress he was making. There was a goal you wanted to accomplish that evening before Bucky came back from his walk in the forest. The new hobby of his allowed you time for yourself and frankly you didn’t mind him being gone. You knew you weren’t going to go anywhere, for the safety of yourself and your father.

It was a risk thinking about your father. How you’ve missed him; the way he’d cook your favorite dinners, how he would sing awfully to your favorite songs, and even when he’d make impromptu trips to anywhere and everywhere. You missed him dearly… but you were learning to enjoy the life you were living with Bucky.

‘If that doesn’t scream Stockholm Syndrome, I don’t know what does.’

A small chuckle leaves your lips, as much as you didn’t want to believe it, you really were starting to enjoy your utterly fucked up situation you were in. Bucky was hilarious when he didn’t even mean to be, sometimes you would forget he is suppose to be an ex-assassin for an evil organization. More so he seemed like the cute old guy who was always marveled at those ‘fancy gadgets’ the younglings played with this day and age.

More chuckles left your lips as you remembered the first time when he encountered one of the infamous gadgets of the new age.

It was beginning to get colder as the days passed by, you remember asking Bucky what day it was, he said something along the lines of late September to early October.

He and yourself traveled to town, set on getting some new clothes for the upcoming seasonal change. Along with the clothes, you convinced Bucky to get some autumnal foods from George and Ann.

“You promised, Bucky.” You walked side by side with him as the two of you made your way to George and Ann’s store.

Bucky scoffed, “I know I promised, it doesn’t mean we have to go there every time we go into town to get supplies.”

A grin made its way onto your face, you knew for a fact he didn’t mind visiting the old couple. He just loved to gripe about it and make it seem that he actually did mind going.

“Come on, I heard from Ann a while ago that she made peach cobbler from the last bit of fresh peaches in the area!” You tried to wiggle your eyebrows at him before he scoffed under his breath, choosing to ignore you.

He takes the lead and walks to the door, putting on the act once more of being the perfect boyfriend.

“Thank you, babe.” You chuckle when seeing his scowl return to his face when hearing you call him that. Before he could retort back with a snide comment, the two of you see the lovely couple emerge from the back room, arms full of boxes yet faces brimmed with smiles. “Good afternoon, George, Ann!”

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I Want You To Stay (Part 2) - Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by anon to make a part 2 of the previous one sooo here it is! :)

I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: Cute? lol Idk, Part 1
Word count: 1144

(not my gif)


I was running deeper and deeper into the woods, scared of the thought that I might trip, the woods coming to an end or more importantly, getting caught.

As usual I was going to do my morning jog routine but then something came up and I had to postpone it.  I was not skipping another day (again) so I decided to jog even though it was dark as hell outside and the woods was, well, not a safe place to be at, at all! Knowing that I still went and now I´m running for my life. Someone is following me, I don´t know who but someone else is here, as I started to run faster the person or thing started to go faster. All I could hope for was to shake it off and run home.

I ran faster and faster, capable of tripping at any moment when I heard a loud growl from behind. Now knowing that whatever it was, it was not a human.

My legs couldn´t keep up anymore, my body was exhausted, I was exhausted! My legs started to move slower and slower as the thing got closer and closer. I tried to look behind my shoulder to see if it was in sight when I stumbled on something and tripped over in my four. When I looked up I saw it, it was the beast. Immediately I tried to get up on my feet but the pain that shot through my ankle was too much as I failed and fell down again, now sitting on my bum. I felt a hard smack on my face as I flew backwards and hit a tree. As I repeatedly kept trying to get on my feet the beast hits me.

Just when I feel like I can´t take it anymore and my eyes starts to give up too, I feel two familiar hands taking my face in their hands.

“Y/N!” Theo shouts, trying to get my attention.

“W- What are you doing here? You´ll get hurt.” I managed to say.

“I don´t care, I´ll heal. You on the other hand won’t.” He looked back to see why the beast wasn’t doing anything and to his surprise, no one was there.

Normal POV

Theo picked you up from the ground and carried you in bridal style all the way back to your house. You had passed out in his arms.
When he got to your place he laid you down on the bed and started to clean your wounds carefully, not wanting to cause you any pain or wake you up. Thankfully the wounds wasn´t anything serious.

“How did you find me?” You asked as you peeked through one eye.

“I- I don´t know. I just did…” He mumbled as he looked away, trying to avoid having any kind of eye contact with you.

“Theo, were you following me?” Your eyes were wide open as you asked that question, still mad and hurt about what had happened earlier this week.

“I just wanted to keep you safe. I wanted to protect you.” He began as he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair frustrated.

“I came here to talk to you but nobody was home so I started to look for you when I caught your scent and when I got to the woods… Nothing felt right. I knew something was wrong.” He continued to say as his voice got darker and he started to sound mad.

“Theo…” You said gentle and sweet.

“No! No! This is my fault! I was supposed to protect you!” He shouted.

You reached out your hand to grab his wrist and pulled him closer to the bed as you patted on the empty space with the other hand. He looked at the bed then at you as he sighed and sat down next to you.

“You saved my life. Thank you.” You whispered while looking down at your hands.

Theo looked at you shocked, not believing what you just said. He was about to say something, disagree with you but you hushed him.

“Could you help me get out of this clothes?” You asked shyly and he nodded.

Your clothes were a hot mess, they were ripped and dirty. Theo gently pulled your shirt off, exposing your upper body but you had your bra on and it wasn´t anything he hadn´t seen earlier anyways. He was about to go and grab a shirt for you when he suddenly hesitated and took off his own shirt and gave it to you as you slipped it on. You took off your pants, leaving you in your underwear and Theo’s shirt as you got under the covers and made yourself comfortable.
Theo looked at you, not wanting to leave you but he knew you didn´t want him in your life anymore so he turned his back against you and started to walk towards the door.

“Y/N?” He said as he turned around to face you.

“Hmm?” You hummed as response.

“I love you. I´m sorry.” Your heart beat started to race as your mind was driving you insane.

What is he doing to you? Why do you still love him when he´s a bad guy? You hopelessly thought to yourself. You got up from the bed, fighting the pain you were feeling and walked towards Theo. You placed a hand on his cheek while a tear escaped your eye.

“I know.” You barley whispered but he heard you loud and clear.

He took you in his arms and hugged you tightly but still carefully against his bare chest. You couldn´t help but rest your head on his warm chest and taking in every moment of this.

“I can´t live without you Y/N…” He whispered against you hair, sending you shivers down your spine.

He pulled away from the hug and gently put his hands on you both your cheeks as he lifts your head up and leans in for a kiss. He kisses you with passion but still gentle, afraid that you might break. And you don´t hold back as you kiss back in an instant when you realize what´s going on. No matter how hard you tried to avoid it or deny it, you loved him. You are both madly in love with each other and you know he would change for you, he would do anything for you.  

“I still hate you…” You mumble when you broke the kiss, both knowing that it´s a lie.

“You should.” He replies as your forehead rests against his forehead.

A smile appears on your face even though you try to hold it back. He kisses your forehead before simply carrying you in bridal style, then walks over to the bed and lays you down carefully as you whisper ‘I love you too’ before falling in deep sleep.

More Ways Than One

“She saved him." 
"In more ways than one." 

She found him on the street, battered, bruised and left for dead. She should’ve left him too, after all the chaos, strife, pain and suffering he caused, but she couldn’t bring herself to. She looks after him because he can’t look after himself, even though she knows it’s wrong, and he gives it all up for her. 

 Will include: 

  •  Death 
  • Gore 
  • Anger 
  • Violence 
  • Sex 
  • Injuries 
  • Jealousy 

Part One (Coming Soon) 

 This is on hold until I finish up some of my previous series’ but I hope you guys all enjoy the prologue and tell me what you think!

Animals - Part V

Read previous chapters here

A/N: So, not gonna lie, not entirely pleased with how I’m ending this. I don’t want it to end.  Maybe there will be another chapter. Who knows?  Writer’s block really got the best of me on this one. I hope you guys enjoy it all the same.

warnings: angst, fluff (kinda?), and smut…wow, you guys get all 3 this time!

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Our True Love - Chapter 14

A/N: Okay! So close. One more chapter after this, then a bonus chapter! We are closing up this series. But I have a feeling I might write a sequel to this series. I don’t know. What do you guys think? Would you like me to? Let me know! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this chapter. The longest in the series!  (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

Previous Chapter(s): Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Sweet, angst and smooch (huehue still)
Word count: 5,540
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

I lay in bed while staring up at the ceiling. I am so exhausted.

The sun peeks out from between the curtains of my window. I turn on my phone to see the time. I see messages from my co-workers on my screen popping up, asking me where I was. I sigh out. I have three days off, man. I just came back from a business trip.

They must have brought in new files then if they are that desperate for me. I weakly get up from the bed feeling my head spinning painfully. I sniff in. My nose is blocked. Great. It was a fever after all. I felt it coming last night.

I must’ve caught them over the trip. It was probably caused by the exhaustion. I barely got any sleep last night because of what happened too.

My mind plays back the memory when Bucky and I kissed. It was so passionate and slow. I never felt anything like it before. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I enjoyed every second of it. But it was wrong. So wrong.

I brush my fingers weakly over my lips, still remembering the way his lips moved on mine. How gentle it was. How quick it was. How passionate it was. It is as though Bucky had left a print of his lips against mine.

I hear the buzzing of my apartment doorbell. My head throbs at the noise. I didn’t want to get up, but it buzz once again after 30 seconds. I rub my temples before forcing myself out of the bed. The doorbell continues to buzz again. I’m going to punch the face of whoever it was.

“I’m coming! Geez.” I say while approaching the door and coughing out. I open the door, keeping the sliding on my door intact. Bucky’s figure stands outside of the door. My heart drops. Why didn’t I check the peephole first just now?

“Y/N.” He says.

I close the door back, but his metal arm got in the way. I bite my lower lip, leaning myself against the door. I don’t want to face him right now. Not when my head is throbbing like crazy.

“Y/N, open the door, please.” He pleads to me. I close my eyes, trying so hard not to think about the kiss.

“What do you want?” I ask him.

“I want to see you.” He says quietly. “Please.”

I sigh out. I can’t argue with him even if I wanted to. My head is spinning. He can even just bust the door down without hesitating if he wanted to.

“Remove your arm.” I say. When he did, I close the door back and remove the slider. After Bucky enters, I lean against the door to support myself as I lock the door. He looks over at me with concern in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asks. I wave him off while wobbling my way to the kitchen.

“Yeah, a little fever.” I say. My vision blurs a little. I lean on the counter to catch my breath. I suddenly feel hands wrapping around my arm.

“You have a high fever, Y/N. Let’s get you to bed.” He says, feeling the temperature of my body. I shake my head.

“No no. I’m fi—” I let out a cough from the itch in my throat. He sighs and without a word, swoops me up in one motion. I gasp. He carries me towards my bedroom.

“Bucky! Bucky put me down!” I try to yell out, but my coughs kept getting in the way. He lays me down in my bed gently before putting the covers over me. He places his flesh hand over my forehead.

“About 103. That is quite high, Y/N.” He says before disappearing out the door. I hear him opening several cabinets in the bathroom followed by running water. He comes back with a small damp towel. He places it over my forehead, pressing his wet hands against my neck.

“Why didn’t you tell me you have a fever?” He asks worriedly.

You showed up unannounced after kissing me last night and you expect me to tell you that I have a damn fever the next morning, thinking that I have no guilt whatsoever? How are you here and not with your wife? Then I’m still pissed at you for keeping me in the dark for over a month. Suddenly, when I try to talk to you, you tell me to go home. After that you…

I rant inside my own mind, but my voice isn’t anywhere to be found.

“I’ll be back. Get some rest.” He says.

I don’t know what to make of this. He doesn’t act like anything had happened last night between us. Did he forget about the kiss? As he disappears out the door, I close my eyes. There’s a little hint of lavender scent in the room.

• • •


I hear his voice calling out for me. I flutter my eyes open to find Bucky back. What time is it? I can smell something that is quite nice too.

He supports my back to help me sit up. I rest myself against the headboard of my bed with a pillow on my back. Oh the splitting headache. Is this what Bucky felt during those times he gets them?

“Eat then drink this medicine.” I look at the bowl of porridge on a tray. Bucky places it on my lap carefully. I raise an eyebrow before looking at him.

“Did you make this?” I ask him.

He blushes a little before running his finger through his hair. There were little stains on his shirt. I manage a weak smile. That’s very sweet of him to cook for me. But, I can only imagine what kind of mess he left in that kitchen.

“I tried. I looked it up.” He says. I take the first sip of the porridge. A little too salty, but good nonetheless. I nod, liking the taste. He breathes out a sigh of relief. I take another spoon of the porridge, forcing the food down my itching throat. I wasn’t in the mood to eat, but Bucky didn’t leave until I was done.

“Oh yeah…” I say to him. He looks up at me.

“What did you need to see me for?” I ask, looking at him. He gives me a warm smile. I was surprised to see it.

“Later. Right now you aren’t well. You should get all the rest you need.” He says lovingly while running his hand down my hair.

I nod slowly agreeing him. Whatever he does need to discuss might give me another splitting headache anyways. But that tone. That tone was too sweet for me to process. It did made my heart flutter, but, why is he being so sweet to me?

After he gives me the medicine, he lays me back down on the bed. Before I knew it, I dozed off once again.

• • •

I had a rather odd dream.

I don’t know what time it was, but it felt as though it was getting dark. My arm is hanging off the bed. No, not hanging. Someone was holding it. Holding my hand in theirs. I feel something rough brushing over the palm of my hands. My thumb twitches a little at the sensation. Then I feel something warm and soft against my palm. It feels so familiar.

I don’t know what that was, but it made me feel so peaceful, so loved.

• • •

I woke up to the sound of a yell. It sounded like it came from the living room. I look at the time on my phone: Half past 2 in the morning. Damn. How long was I asleep? My strength had returned a little from the meal Bucky gave earlier. I force myself from the bed when I hear the yell again. It was a yell I’m all too familiar with.

My body shivers as soon as I step outside of my room. It is freezing cold in this house. I walk into the dark living room. Bucky is sleeping on my couch. No pillow, no blanket. How is he not cold? I look closer. I can see sweat dripping from his forehead. His shirt was practically soaked from all the sweat.

Bucky groans and tosses on the couch again. His sweat soaking into the cushions. He grips onto the fabric of the couch before letting out another painful yell. I lean down quickly and shake him awake.

“Bucky, wake up!” I call out weakly.

His eyelids flew open and his eyes were dilated again. He grabs my hand quickly before pinning me down tightly onto the couch. Ow. My head spins and I felt the contents of my stomach threatening to spill out.

“Y/N!” He yells out letting me go. I take a deep breath, calming myself down. That knocked the wind out of me since I was still a little sick. He leans over the couch a little, placing a hand on his forehead.

“Which dream was it?” I ask looking at him, still lying down on the couch. My eyeballs feel like they are spinning around so much. I take another deep breath and feel a little better. His gaze finds mine, but he says nothing.  

“I’m so sorry…” Out of nowhere, he picks me up, holding me against his chest with my head resting on his shoulder. My heart races. I can feel his cheek pressing against the top of my head. I froze. I couldn’t move if I wanted to.

“I’m so sorry.” He repeats as he takes me back to my room. I didn’t even answer. I just closed my eyes and leaned into him. It feels nice to be close to him like this again. He lays me back down before wetting the towel in the bowl of water.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” He says, still feeling guilty. I shake my head. He wrings the towel and fold it wide enough to cover my forehead.

“It’s ok, Bucky.” I say weakly.

“Get some sleep.” He says, brushing the wet strands of hair away from my forehead with his metal hand before putting the towel on it. Despite the nature of it, it felt gentle and warm against my skin. As he is about to leave, I grab onto his hand. He looks at me surprised.

“Sleep here.” I say simply with my eyes closed.

I don’t know what made me say that, but all I know is I don’t want him to sleep alone out there. Nor do I want to sleep alone in here. I can feel his eyes on me as his hand wraps around mine in return. He moves to sit down on the floor, still holding my hand.


I pat to the space next to me. There’s more than enough space on my bed for him to sleep on. Even though my eyes were closed, I can feel the intensity of his stare towards me.

“Are you sure?” He asks with a gentle voice. His flesh hand gently brushes over my hair. I nod slowly, feeling myself drifting off a little. The bed shifts under his weight as he lays down next to me. His hand never losing that grip it had on my own hand.

I don’t know what happened after that. All I know is that I woke up the next morning to Bucky’s bare chest right in front of me. His arms are coiled around me while my arms were around him. He had nuzzled his face into the crown of my head. My heart beats fast at the sight before I quickly pull myself away from him. I sit on my bed to watch him still sleeping. His sweat soaked shirt thrown onto the floor.

I feel a lot better than yesterday. The headache is gone, but the sniffs and itchy throat are still there. I watch him shift around in the bed, sleeping rather peacefully. I cover my face in my hands as I press my back into the wall.

“Again, Y/N? With another woman’s husband? Are you serious?” I whisper to myself. Cursing at the fact that I am taking advantage of Bucky’s kindness.

I run my fingers through my greasy hair. I must look like a mess. I look back at his topless body. I blush at the sight of his chest. My eyes trail down to his pecs then back up to his metal arm. He’s so beautiful…

My breath caught in my throat. Wait, w…we didn’t do anything did we? Why was his shirt on the floor? I was still fully dressed, so that must mean we did nothing, right? But why was he half naked when it is snowing outside? Is he not cold? I am and I’m fully dressed.

I glance up to his face. His eyes are open and staring right into me.

“B…Bucky.” I say nervously and embarrassed. I hope he didn’t catch my wandering eyes just now. Bucky brushes through his hair with his fingers as he yawns.

“How are you feeling?” He asks, reaching over and holding his fingers against my neck to feel the warmth of it. My heart beats rapidly against my chest at the sensation of his skin against mine.

Just two nights ago, he had kissed that very same spot.

“A lot better. Thank you.” I answer.

“I’m sorry to trouble you.” He sits up while keeping his eyes on me.

“Next time tell me when you get sick.” He says seriously as he sits up on the bed in front of me. I blink confused. Seriously, I got it overnight, how was I supposed to tell you if you showed up first thing in the morning? Besides, how can you think I’m able to even face you after kissing you when I know you’re married?

“I can manage on my own. I’ll be fine.” I say. A brief hit of dejavu. Didn’t Bucky say what I just said that night as well? His eyes shift around in mine before he sighs out, irritated.

He tilts my face up with his metal hand before pressing his lips against mine. I widen my eyes and pull myself away, banging my head against the wall. Ach, back to the head spinning. What on Earth is he doing? I couldn’t even properly process what just happened.

“That sounded painful.” He says while rubbing the sore spot where I hit my head. I push him away from me, nearly knocking him off the bed.

“Why are you doing this?” I ask straightforward, looking at him. Tears clouding my eyes. I don’t want this. I don’t want him ruling over my emotions again. His expression doesn’t change; still that same concerned but caring face.

“Y/N, I—”

“You have a wife of your own. You can’t do this.” I say to him, reminding him of his marital status.

My feelings are mixed. Angry at him for kissing me. Happy that he finally did. Confused that he even did it. Angry at him because of what he said to me before. Happy that he is here with me. Angry at him for cheating on his wife. Confused if he even cares about his marriage. Hate that I am feeling sick. Just, everything.  

“This is wrong, Bucky. You can’t do this to Rosaline. I know your marriage isn’t that well, but that doesn’t mean you need to find someone else. You can still make it work.” I say, hurt at the fact that I may just be used by Bucky because of his loneliness. Bucky keeps his eyes fixed on me. Not saying anything.

“I want you to be happy. I know you love Rosaline and it could still work. She is very beautiful and kind and just the perfect one for you. Okay?” I say. I wait for him to say something, but he only responds by brushing the back of his fingers against my cheek. My heart flutters at the sensation of his skin against mine.

I take my pillow and press it against his bare chest to keep him away from me. He’s playing around with my emotions again. This is only hurting me more. He’s making it difficult for me to help him out with his marriage.

“Do you hear me, Bucky?? Don’t you want that happiness that you’ve always talked about?” I ask him. Nothing but silence from him. I couldn’t read the emotion on his face. A few moments of silence pass us.

“Are you done?” He asks. I blink several times, surprised at the response. He lets out a small sigh before lifting his metal hand up. The machine within his arm whirs as he spreads his fingers open. I look at it; there is no ring on his finger. I gasp.

“Bucky, wha—”

“Let me explain this time.” He says. I bite my lower lip, concern written all over my face. He takes my hand in his, rubbing his thumb over it. What kind of explanation he has for that missing ring, I’ll listen.

“Rosaline and I have divorced.” My heart drops. My face must have too but he put his metal hand up to keep me quiet.

“We have been talking about it. We were emotional and lost in memories of the past. We rushed into marriage without thinking. Unfortunately, her return also triggered new nightmares from when she was around. It was too much for me. For us.” He continues, looking down at my hand. Okay, that explains the worsening sleep pattern.  

“After that night I came over here, Rosaline decided to properly give me the help I need. But she also asked that we go through with divorce.” He says looking up at me. So, he does remember that night after all. I watch his eyes, trying to find any hint of sorrow in them.

“I agreed.” He adds. I open my mouth to protest but he cuts me off.

“She’s a psychologist after all. She knows that my heart doesn’t belong to her. And she also realizes that hers doesn’t belong to me either.”

“But, Bucky. Why? I thought you were really in love.” I say sadly. I was sad that Bucky’s one chance at happiness had slipped through his fingers.

“I wasn’t. We weren’t. We were desperate. You know that.” He says, eyes lingering around in mine. I look down, feeling a little sad that this was the aftermath of their marriage.

“Bucky… I’m so sorry.” I say genuinely. He shakes his head.

“So as we went through the divorce, she helped me out to seek the help of a specialist. The specialist put me through a treatment. It did helped me a lot. My memories improved. I started remembering more of other people that were in my life. My actual life. Not the life of Winter Soldier before. Though, his does still appear in my dreams.”

I watch him. I can see the joy in his expression. But I was still upset that they have divorced. Bucky had a chance to build a family with her, but it’s gone now. Though, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. By the fact that he just lost that chance of having his own family. What didn’t he fight for her? Fight to keep their marriage going?

“But the problem was, my memories of you were still hazy. Remember that time in the park?” He asks while continuing to hold my hand. That pulled me out of my own thoughts. I nod slowly.

“My memories of you were confused with memories of Rosaline. I mixed them up myself and thought that it was Rosaline. So I asked her about it those dreams. She said, with a smile, that it was you, not her. She hears me call your name out in my sleep.” My heart races again in my chest.

“He calls out your name in his sleep. I hear them.”

Steve said the exact same thing the other night. Bucky gives me his smile. The sweet smile I had seen him give Rosaline during their wedding. How am I supposed to feel right now after hearing that? Really, what am I supposed to feel right now?? I’m so confused. I’ll just listen to his explanation first.

“After that, I focused more in getting the treatment for my mind. The specialist brought me over to Canada for about a month to continue with my treatment. I had only returned last week.” My eyes widen. The anger I caged within me finally bursting free again. I pull the pillow away from him, raising it before hitting him with it as hard as I could.  

“What?? You were in Canada and you didn’t tell me?? You left me in the dark for over a month without telling me that you were out for a treatment. Then come back and telling me to ‘go home’?!” I shout at him as I hit him hard with my pillow. Nope, I still didn’t forget the terrible things he said to me a couple of nights ago.

“Then you tell me to go home when I see you! How could you?? If you think I was going to forgive you so damn easily, you’re wrong! Do you know how hurt I was??” He shields himself a moment, letting me let my anger out on him as I hit him over and over again with the pillow. Fresh tears spilling out from my eyes.

“Let me explain.” He grabs the pillow and pulls me towards him with it.

My face inches away from his. The memory of our kiss flashes through my eyes again. I pull myself away from him and letting my back press into the wall. I cross my arms over my chest. I watch him, interested in listening to his excuse. I can still feel that burning anger in my chest.

“During my stay in Canada, I realized how horrible I had been to you. Memories of our fights, my jealousy and my outbursts. I was embarrassed. So embarrassed that I prepared myself for your rejection when I get home. I saw your messages and missed calls but I didn’t dare to pick it up. So I… pushed you away.”

I raise an eyebrow. That is the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard.

“But when I heard that you and Steve were in Canada, I had to see you. I didn’t approach you though. I was still burdened with that guilt, but I’ve never felt so alive when I saw you again.” He says quietly. It clicked. The man I saw once during our visit. He was that man.

“You were the creepy guy??” I yell at him. He blinks before furrowing his brows.

“Creepy? I wasn’t being creepy.” He answers a little irritated. I clench my fist.

“Yes, you were! Standing from far to watch me. Then staring me down at the lobby. You were the one walking in that hallway that night, weren’t you??” I yell at him again. He sighs out.

“The first two I can understand. That one in the hallway I was going to see Steve, but you beat me to it. I was flying home that night and wanted to see him. I’m sorry.” He says with a little laugh. That got me quiet.

How am I supposed to feel? Angry? Sad? Why watch me from far like a stalker? If he ignored me for a month, then why did he want to see me if he doesn’t plan on saying anything to me? If he is pushing me away, why see me in the first place?

“Anyways, I stayed over at Tony’s when I got back and been thinking about what to do to make it up to you, but didn’t know how. I felt ashamed. When I came over yesterday, I was yet ready to face you. That’s why I reacted the way I did. I let my ego take over this time, clouding my memories of you.”

“So instead of talking to me about it, you decided that it is best that you just continue to push me away and not deal with it at all?” I say a little angry. He ignores that anger in my tone.

“After you remind me of our memories together, I was overwhelmed with them. Memories after memories. Feelings come flooding through my chest. It was so much and so sudden that I lost it. I couldn’t let you slip through my fingers again.” I blink. His eyes shift up to mine as his fingers laced around mine.

“Steve came and talked to me that night after you left. He whacked me on the head once for kissing you before encouraging me to make things right with you yesterday.” Bucky pulls my face close to his.

“But when I saw you got sick, I felt guilty. I decided to take care of you first before explaining everything to you.” He brushes his metal hand through my hair, holding on the ends of it gently. I remain quiet. What should I even say?

“He told me to not let things be anymore. To let it out instead of keeping everything hidden from you.” He chuckles. It made my heart jump hearing that. It was so gentle and sweet.

“Steve knew all along that my heart was with another. All this time the real love I’ve been feeling was for the one right in front of me that I had turned a blind eye to because of my unreliable memory. And he reminded me of her.” He continues.

My heart skips a beat and I widen my eyes. Wait, does that mean…?

“I kept my feelings in before because of how she always seem to like it being on her own. I didn’t want to lose that comfort I have with her. I was afraid that if I tell her how I felt, I might lose her.” My heart aches.

“Bucky, I—” He moves his hand down to mine, making sure that my eyes were locked tight in his gaze.

I didn’t realize that’s how Bucky had seen me. Is it because I always kept my own feelings hidden too? Kept my problems to myself and not sharing them with anyone? Have those traits of me the cause for Bucky to push his own feelings away just so he won’t lose me? I feel like such an idiot.

“But now, after all these time, I can’t keep it in anymore. I saw with my own eyes of what true love can do. And I don’t plan on losing her ever again.” His eyes locked in tight with mine. His hand runs through my hair once before he pulls me into for another kiss. Soft and quick. I freeze against his lips.

“Steve reminded me the things she had done for me. He reminded me of our conversations we would have about her in secret. The nights when I would always come to her instead of him for comfort. The times when I get jealous just watching her talk with other men than myself. The moments I would have with her that shows how much I really love her only to be taken away by her respect for my marriage.”

I couldn’t breathe.

“Her love had brought life back into my heart when I thought the ice had frozen it over. The love that caressed me when I wake up panting. The love’s gentle voice that soothed out my troubled heart. The warm glass of honey milk love would give to put me into a blissful sleep. The sincerity of love to keep me happy. The open heart love have to listen to my dreadful past…”

My head feels heavy.

He lifts my hand up to kiss the palm of it down to my wrist. My voice is stuck in my throat. My chest tightens. My stomach flutters.

“…and love’s hands that caringly held mine when I needed the comfort of knowing I was no longer alone.” I look at him.

I can feel my lips quivering at his words. My heart racing in my chest at the way his lips move against my skin.  

“The love that has never stopped even after I betrayed her. The love that is still willing to accept me even after I had been blind towards her. The love that I continue to rip apart without realizing, but still remains standing strong. The unconditional love that still wants my happiness instead of her own.”

“Bucky… stop, I…” I choke on my voice, but he silences me by kissing my lips tenderly. I hesitate for a moment, but return the kiss nonetheless. The other night’s kiss was passionate, but this one was filled with love. So warm, soft and kind. He pulls away from the kiss, eyes staring deep into mine.

“You are ‘her’, Y/N. The one who I truly love…” He says against my lips. Tears spill from my eyes as I pull back to look at him.

“I love you, Y/N.” He says it again.

My breath caught in my throat. I instantly feel the world coming to a stop. My voice is nowhere to be found and my mind is completely blank. I can feel myself melting down into the sheets. I couldn’t feel my heart beating anymore. Am I hearing that right?

He smiles at me, watching my blank reaction to his statement. I really didn’t know how to react. The pain, anger and sadness I felt before completely disappeared from within me.

“I’m sorry. I know it is all so sudden for you, but, I need to make that clear with you.” He places a soft kiss on my forehead. I lean myself against him, suddenly feeling tired from it all. My mind remains empty.

He holds me tightly against him, burying his face in my hair. I take a deep breath, trying to get my thoughts back so I can respond to him. But what kind of response is appropriate at this time? After he said all of those? Should I apologize for being angry at him all these time? Should I stay angry at him for not being straightforward? Should I—

“I love you too, Bucky…” I answer without finishing my own thought.

It was what I was feeling. The love beating inside of my chest was real. The one I had tried so hard to forget. All those time I had fought to keep our friendship alive weren’t in vain after all. I never expected him to return my feelings. Being friends with him was good enough.

But now that he finally returned my feelings, why should I push it away? My conservative nature had intimidated Bucky enough to keep his feelings quiet. My humbleness and quiet nature had been the reason why I choose not to tell him my own feelings. We were both idiots in this case.

I can feel Bucky’s body stiffens just before he buries his face into my shoulder. I let out a laugh. Bucky pulls himself away from me to look at me. I was crying and laughing at the same time. To think that all of these heartbreaks, all of these fights and all of these problems would have easily been avoided if either of us had the guts to tell the other how we feel in the first place.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” He asks worriedly. Of course. From sweet and loving to crazy laughing. I wipe my tears away before shoving him playfully.

“It took you four years, one marriage, a thousand fights and one fever to make you realize of what true love is?” I ask teasingly, knowing well enough that it isn’t true.

“You’re 104, for goodness sakes. I thought you’d know better.”

He manages a smile, holding my hands in his again. I squeeze it gently, the same way I would to remind him of his no longer present loneliness.

“No matter how long you live, it takes the right time and person to show you what true love really means. Some never find them either. I’m just lucky enough to live this long to see it with my own eyes. And to feel it as well.”

I run my thumb above his gently.

“Not true. You know true love with Steve as well.” He raises an eyebrow.

“Of course. But our bond is brotherhood. Different kind of love.” I smile at him before kissing his cheeks.

“Yes, it is. But you are lucky to see true love twice.” I say smiling.

He pulls me up into his embrace, holding me tightly against him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, feeling the love beating inside my heart. A love that had shattered so many times yet remains within no matter what. A love that I never thought would be returned but now that it finally did, it felt more wonderful than what I could have ever imagined.

A love that sparked over a warm glass of milk and honey.

★ ★ ★

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Cold Hands - Chapter 5 (Trixya) - Star

Trixya Victorian AU in which the more time Katya and Trixie spend together, the more they connect.

Hi! Thank you so much for the kind messages on the last chapter, it’s great knowing that you guys are excited to find out where this goes! I hope you guys enjoy! As always, feedback is appreciated!:)

This chapter is a bit longer than the previous ones (and also features a low-key/very low-key smut (????) scene.

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Rowaelin Gym AU Part 4

Sorry guys!! I meant to post on Friday I really did but everything in my life seemed to happen all at once in the past few days. But it’s here now and I hope you enjoy!!

Previous Part

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After their previous… encounter, as Aelin liked to think of it, her and Rowan’s relationship improved. Meaning they went from strictly using “brute” or “brat” to incorporating one another’s last names in there occasionally. And they were far more polite. Only getting into arguments when the other was being a real pain instead of if they breathed too loudly. But seeing Whitethorn at the local health food store in work clothes was too weird.

His white button down looked like it had started out nicely ironed but now it was wrinkled with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, exposing tan muscular forearms that Aelin certainly did not notice. His tie was loosened and his hair was rumpled. While Aelin hadn’t ever thought of what Whitethorn did she’d never have guessed the man was a suit. She realized she’d been standing at the start of the aisle for too long. He’d notice her soon. Just because she didn’t hate him anymore didn’t mean she wanted to talk to the guy. Right when Aelin was about to leave he looked up and made eye contact with her.

Crap. Spotted. Well there’s no escaping it now, might as well get what she came here for. She supposed she shouldn’t be shocked he was here. Aelin was picking up some protein powder and Whitethorn definitely took his protein seriously. Chin held high and walking with purpose Aelin stood next to him to look over the selection. Honestly she had been thinking about changing it up but now she wanted to get in and get out so maybe she should stick with what she always got.

The silence was growing awkward. Clearly neither of them knew what to say but both of them thought they should say something. Aelin took the dive.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

Original. At least he replied. “I’m doing alright. Hoping for the weekend to come a little faster though.”

Oh great, small talk. “I know what you mean. Rough day at work?”

He snorted rotating the powder container in his hand. “That’s an understatement. My boss has me working on overdrive every day.”

Aelin didn’t really know how to respond. If she were to say yeah I hear you then the conversation trails off, getting blander and blander. But she also doesn’t really want to get into this. In that moment she wishes for something, anything, to swoop in and change the subject. Seconds later Aelin realizes how dumb she was for setting herself up like that.

Crap. Yeah, it’s him and he’s with another woman too. Damn it, why couldn’t she have been the one to move on first? Aelin faces everything head on but right then all she could think was hide. Without really considering what she was doing Aelin grabbed Whitethorn’s arms and turned him towards her, ducking in front of his body so Chaol couldn’t see her. Peering over his shoulder she realized he’s still coming. As fast as she could Aelin clambered out of the heels she was wearing. Immediately she went from having eye contact with the brute’s chin to his chest. Jesus he was tall but at least he was finally putting it to use.

“What the-“

“Listen,” Aelin cut him off, “I don’t have time to explain. But if you hide me right now I will buy your groceries.”

“I don’t want your money.”

Desperately she stood on her toes to check over his shoulder only to find the happy couple getting closer. “Then what do you want?”

“How about you owe me one?”

Aelin didn’t like that one bit. But she didn’t exactly see another way out. “Fine but if it ends up being some ridiculous favor-“

“Oh, like using you as a body shield in the middle of the grocery store?”

For the first time since this whole situation began Aelin looked up to meet his eyes and gave him a death glare. Why did the brute have to be so damn tall? Her head just kept tipping back.

When she heard the sound of laughter growing nearer she stepped closer to Whitethorn in a last ditch effort to hide herself. God did they have to stop right there?


Fuck. Well she can’t avoid this now. “Chaol? Hi, how have you been?”

She steps around the giant in front of her to see that her ex is still ruggedly handsome as ever. Damn him. Aelin took some pleasure in the fact that she was dressed up for work so she didn’t look so bad herself. Except that she’s bare foot but that’s beside the point.

“I’ve been good.” He swept his eyes over her. She could see when he noted her missing shoes. Wisely, he chose to ignore them. “How are you? How’s Nehemia?”

Aelin glanced over to the scars on his cheek. They were faded but still there. It took most of her will power not to start screaming in the middle of the store. She never let herself think about the actual reason they had broken up. Whenever she thought about it she told herself it was because he was her trainer and it was inappropriate. But that huge fight had been the end of them. Slowly they had made their peace but whenever Aelin recalled everything that had gone down she saw red.

Tightly she said, “I’m good, and Nehemia’s fully recovered.”

“Good, I’m glad.” He did look relieved. It didn’t change what happened but at least he had some decency.

When the silence drew longer Aelin interrupted it saying, “Sorry, how rude of me, I don’t think we’ve met,” she held out her hand to the beautiful inky haired woman Chaol was with, “I’m Aelin.”

She took it and said, “Oh, Aelin. Yes, Chaol has told me about you. I’m Nesryn.”

Great. The look on her face, what she said, the way she said it. Nesryn definitely knew everything. In detail. Aelin smiled at Chaol. Even after everything and even though it still hurt, she was happy he found someone.

“And who’s this?” Nesryn asked gesturing behind Aelin.

For a second she blanked. Who was she talking about? Then she remembered. “This is… Rowan.”

Whitethorn’s first name sounded foreign on her tongue.

She certainly wasn’t going to explain who he was, they could come to their own conclusions. Whitethorn stuck out his hand to the two of them. “It’s nice to meet you. Chaol. Nesryn.”

When the two men shook it was like witnessing a dominance battle in slow-motion. It couldn’t have lasted more than five seconds but it felt like a good five minutes. They had white knuckle grips and their hard stares were locked, brown to green. Nesryn and Aelin shared a long suffering look. Oh, she liked her.

“Well,” Aelin said a little sharply to interrupt the two men and their pissing match, “I’d hate to keep you from your shopping. It was nice to see you again, Chaol.”

It took a few seconds before the two released hands and a few more before Chaol broke eye contact to look over at Aelin. Softly he said, “It was nice to see you too.”

Before she knew what was happening he had stepped towards her and she was wrapped in a loose, platonic embrace. Hesitantly she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. Even though the contact was brief Aelin realized how much she missed someone holding her just to hold her. Their problems were never about the physical aspects of the relationship. She was a hugger and he gave some of the best she ever had, warm and solid. As much as she didn’t want to admit it he still felt safe to her. When they pulled away the smile she gave him was genuine.

Even though their break up had been ugly Aelin respected and cared for him.

Aelin grabbed a box of powder, swiped her shoes off the floor, and walked off with Whitethorn trailing her. As soon as they were out of eye and ear shot she smacked his shoulder.

“What was that for?”

“That territorial male bullshit.”

His brows flicked up as if to innocently say, I have no idea what you mean. Aelin sent a side eye that said, nice try I can see you know. They walked over to the check-out line and stood side by side. In silence. She couldn’t take it. She had to say something.

“Why did you stay with me back there?”

Whitethorn glanced over to her. Then away. “You owe me one. Remember?”

Aelin’s lifted eye brow said, that’s not what I meant. “You looked… uncomfortable to say the least. And you’re not an annoying brat all the time so I thought maybe… you needed someone.”

Determined not to make this a sappy moment Aelin quipped, “I better call the news, the Rowan Whitethorn just gave me a compliment.”

He snorted. “Your standards must be low if that’s news worthy.”

“Oh no we’re going by your standards here.”

The small twitch of his plush lips seemed to say, is that so?

“Just buy your shit you insufferable bastard.” Aelin grumbled pushing him forward in line.

“Whatever you say, princess.”

A Dark Corner to Hide

Word Count: 1.3k

Genre: Fluff

Character: Chen/Jongdae + Reader

Summary: Jongdae had to clean the theater but he didn’t know what to do with the crying girl in the back.

A/N: So! I know this is a  short one shot but it was a request and I hope you guys enjoy. If this story gets good feedback it is possible that I will continue it if you guys so desire. ^^

It wasn’t the most glamorous job, but it still paid more than his previous job. As a university student he needed all the money he could get so he was constantly searching for a higher paying job. He found the theater about a half a year ago and he was surprised by the wages they offered their employees. The theater was privately owned and super high class, the entrance way looked like you were walking into a theater to see an opera or something. The theaters themselves were state of the art and completely upgraded to the newest stuff. Of course there were only two theaters though.

He worked the snack bar, what little snacks they did have were super expensive though and not many people cared to buy them. The most people would buy is popcorn and drinks so of course they didn’t bother to stock up on other snacks much. His job was pretty chill and he was able to spend most of his time on the phone until he heard the distant echoes of feet.

Right now though he was put on clean up duty, he had told his boss that he was going to clock out soon and they had asked if he could fill in for Baekhyun, who had to go home early and clean. He agreed, knowing all he had to do was sweep a bit and he would be home free. His bed awaited after all.

He grabbed the broom and the dust pan and headed towards the first theater, opening the door and putting out the cleaning sign before heading up the long hallway that lead to the auditorium. When he got there though he froze in his spot, his eyes scanning the dimly lit theater in search for the noise.

His eyes landed on a girl up in the back corner, she was crying hysterically and her body was hunched over. Her shoulders shook with her sobs and her hands cupped her face as she cried. What was he supposed to do? He needed to clean the theater but obviously this person needed some time alone. Was she drunk? That could be very possible but he didn’t think most people came drunk to watch a chick flick. He knew for sure that the movie didn’t make her cry either, because it wasn’t even a sad movie.

He looked around the theater once more and glanced down the hallway to see if another worker was coming up. No one was there. Good. He carefully set the broom and dustpan against the wall and wiped his hands on his jeans, carefully making his way up to the back.

There was no intent to scare her but she nearly jumped out of her skin when he slowly put a hand on her back. He pulled away immediately seeing the look that ghosted over her features. Obviously she would be afraid it was some creep or something so he didn’t really find it that offending.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just checking to see if you were ok.” Her eyes flitted down his body and then along the theater, her sobs subsiding a little bit due to the fear. She must have come to the conclusion that the movie was long over and she was now intruding because the embarrassment was clear on her face.

“I’m… I’m ok.” She was trying to catch her breath now and her hands came up to wipe at her cheeks. She was beautiful to him even though she had just been ugly crying for who knows how long. Her eyes sparkled with her tears but he found himself getting lost in them completely.

“I’m Jongdae.” He sat down next to her, sitting at the edge of the chair so he could still face her and talk to her. “I work at the snack bar here.” It was getting pretty awkward and he was hoping he could dance around what he was about to say. Probably deliver it more smoothly but there was no hope of that when she didn’t respond.

“I’ll tell you what. You can take as long as you want in here. Let it all out. The theater isn’t going to be used the rest of the night anyways.” He stood up again and gave her a small smile. He wanted her to be ok, not just tell him she was ok. “I’ll wait outside.” He turned then and made his way down the stairs, grabbing his broom and dust pan on his way out.

“Nice going Jongdae. Way to be smooth man. Is there any way for you to make things even more awkward?” He tossed the broom and dust pan against the wall as he mumbled to himself, leaning back and closing his eyes. Why did it have to be him that had to deal with the cute crying girl? Baekhyun would of handled it so much better than that. Regardless she must have been thankful that he didn’t kick her out right?

He stood there and pondered his thoughts for a while, staying true to his word and letting her spend as much time as she needed. The sound of the door opening pulled him out of his thoughts and he stood up straight. Turning to greet her he saw clearly now how bad she had been crying and he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to this girl.

“Thank you. For giving me some time.” She kept her face turned away from him but he could still see it.

“Sure thing.” He stopped talking and watched as she wiped at her cheek again, turning to walk away. “Wait.” He reached out and grabbed her wrist, some weird demon must have been possessing his body because his mind was screaming at him and telling him he was an idiot.

He moved and made his way in front of her so he didn’t seem rude by pulling her back, stopping her was enough right? He didn’t know what he was thinking but his body called out and he had to do it. He reached forward and gently cupped her red cheeks, the rough sleeve of her jacket leaving red marks all over her face.

“You should have used tissues.” She stood completely frozen and stared at him with wide eyes as his thumb brushed over her cheeks. He wiped the tears away from her cheeks and smiled at her. “Your jacket left marks all over your pretty face.”

She stood there speechless. He thought he was speechless as well but words had spilled from his mouth regardless. His brain must have given up on trying to be rational with the rest of his body by now cause he was acting really boldly.

“Jongdae right?” Her voice was still hoarse from her crying but something about her had changed, she didn’t seem hopeless anymore and she held herself up a little taller. He nodded in response. “Thank you… for everything.” She smiled then and it was one of the most radiant smiles he had ever seen. It changed her face completely and made his breath get caught in his throat.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled back and dropped his hands to his side. “I hope your night gets better. Your smile is far too pretty to keep hidden.” She smiled again but this time shyly, her eyes falling towards the floor.

“It already has. Thank you again Jongdae, I’ll see you around?” Was it just him or had he imagined her speaking in a hopeful tone?

“I’ll be here.” He stepped aside and watched as she made her way through the lobby, her body turning once to wave goodbye to him before she left through the glass door, her hair being swept by the brisk wind.

Child’s Play | Introductions 2

Money, Power, Weapons. To me, It’s all child’s play if we’re gonna be honest…

What happens when you meet these 3 groups of boys:



Last but never least, MX.

*This is a multi-fandom series (MX, G7 & BTS)*

Author’s Note: Thank you guys for all the love and support on my last two series I hope you guys enjoy this one as well!

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JB Imagine - Drunk

You and Jaebum had decided to go out for a few drinks just to hang out. It had been a while since the two of you hung out properly since you and your boyfriend had split up and you were excited to have a night out with Jaebum. You had been friends for years and were very close but had never considered getting together. It would be too weird since you’re practically siblings. You had gotten dressed into your favourite dress that really complimented your figure and had put on some heels. Once you were ready, you and Jaebum got a taxi to the bar.

It was filled with dancing bodies, each had a drink in hand and you couldn’t wait to let your hair down tonight. The two of you walked up to the bar and ordered your drinks before sitting down at a small table by the dancefloor.
“It’s nice to be out on a Saturday night, rather than being curled up on a sofa,” you commented, taking a sip of your drink.
“Yeah, I’m glad you dragged me out tonight, (Y/N),” Jaebum responded while looking around the bar.
“Tonight I’m just going to live and do whatever the hell I want. And that includes getting a little drunk.”
“Good job we’ve got that taxi booked for tonight. Else I’d be carrying you back home.” Jaebum chuckled at you, knowing how the night would end.
“I’m not going to get THAT drunk, Jaebum.”

                   the next morning

“Ugh, my head…” you groaned as you opened your eyes, looking at the ceiling. You brought a head to massage your forehead, hoping to dull the pounding feeling. Giving up on reducing your headache, you rolled over in the bed only to be met by Jaebum, whose chest was bare.
“Jaebum! Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?!” You quickly sat up, while checking that you were still wearing clothes. Thankfully, you were dressed in your regular nightclothes: an oversized shirt and shorts.
“I’m not naked,” he said, looking up from his phone.
“Well why are you in my bed? And what happened last night?”
“I’m in your bed because you got blackout drunk and I wanted to make sure you didn’t puke on yourself in the middle of the night,” he reached over to the bedside table and handed you a glass of water with some medicine. “Here, take these pills. They should help with the headache.”
“Thank you, Jae,” you replied as you took the pills and drank all of the water.
“Y’know I distinctly remember you saying that you wouldn’t drink that much,” he said, teasing you for your behaviour the previous night.
“Oh shut up, Im Jaebum.”
“There is one more thing, (Y/N).”
“We had sex.” You spat out the water in your mouth, “WHAT?!”
“Yeah, and you’re pretty loud.”
“Oh my god, I can’t believe this.”
“What do you mean, good?”
“Because I’m joking. Do you really think I’d do that when you’re nearly passing out from being drunk?” He said, laughing at you falling for the joke.

A/N - Hope you guys enjoyed this one! Continue sending in your requests!

He Grabbed Her In His Arms & Thats All She Ever Needed

“He grabbed her in his arms and that’s all she ever needed.”

Sharna’s phone buzzed signaling she had a text but she decided to ignore it. Tonight was about her, her puppies, and whatever ridiculous movie she could find on Netflix. Her phone buzzed three more times before she groaned and reached for the stupid device.

“This better be good, you’re interrupting my…oh.” She said with a smile. The first one was a picture of her Shai bug in the last set of pajamas she had bought him with a caption that read, “I love my Aunt Sharna and miss her cuddles.” She quickly texted Peta back to set up a date to see her favorite nephew. It had been about a week since she had seen the little munchkin.

She then moved on to check the other three texts, which were from Noah. She smiled happily realizing just how much she missed her old partner. There had never been anything sexual or romantic there for them since he was getting engaged to Jamie however it was just easy and comfortable. She could have used some of that easy and comfortable this season.

‘So what’s my favorite red head up to tonight?’
‘Ignoring me I see.’
'Fine, fine, I see how I rank on your list, Miss Burgess.’

She giggled slightly as Daisy came and curled up on her hip. She was going to text him back but decided that hearing his voice would be more therapeutic. She dialed his number hoping she had missed her window of opportunity.

“Ohhhh now she answers.” He answered on the second ring.

“Hey you.” She said softly as her fingers trailed through Daisy’s hair. Duke came and curled against her belly jealous that he was missing the cuddle fest.

“Hey, you okay?” He said immediately catching the off tone in her voice.

“I…yeah. Just tired. Exhausted honestly. Mentally. Not physically.”

“Babe.” He pressed.

“I’m okay Noah. I promise. Now what are you up to?”

“Well, I’m actually in LA. I had some meetings today and some tomorrow. I was going to see if you wanted some company if you weren’t busy. But since you’re probably just relaxing, it’s…”

“No! I want to see you.” She interrupted him and with much more intensity than she intended. “Sorry, I just, when I seen your texts I realized how much I missed you. I’m not very fancy since I was just planning on puppy cuddles and Netflix but I would love your company. And I’m sure you have a room but my guest room is yours if you’d like.”

“Pizza?” He asked.

“Olives and chicken?”

“Always. I’ll be there in 15. Pick a movie babe. We’ll just continue your relaxation night.”

“See you soon.” She said with a small grin as she hung up. She pulled Duke and Daisy up a little closer to her and snuggled them in.

“Mister Noah is coming to visit him. He was one of my partners like Bon….that guy we don’t really like huh? Noah, however, he was a sweetheart. He was in the army and he lost his one arm and leg but you’d never know it. He’s never backed down and he always puts up a good valid fight. And even when he was frustrated, he never took it out on me. I promise, not all of mommy’s partners are like the mean guy.” She said as she closed her eyes for a few moments and just took in her babies.

She meant to get up and get something ready but the 15 minutes must have passed quicker than she expected. There was a knock on the door and both puppies immediately jumped off her lap and headed for the door.

“Hi.” She said with a smile as she let the man she suddenly missed more than anything in.

“Hi yourself. You look comfy.” He said with a grin looking down at her sweats and tank. He put the pizza on the counter before bending down to pet the puppies.

“Hey, I warned you I wasn’t fancy. You could have declined. And now this is Duke, and this is Daisy. My babies. Babies, this is mister Noah.” Sharna said bending down with him as both dogs rejoiced in finding another human that would love them up.

“Don’t tell anyone but they are cuter in person than on your stories.” He said with a grin.

“Secrets safe with me, well as long as you’re okay with the fact that I’m picking Beauty & the Beast.” She said standing up and going to grab plates and cups.

“Ugh, if you must.”

“Need I remind you, you’re crashing my evening.”

“I can go, pizza and all.”

“Oh no, you’re here. You stay.”

“We taking the pizza in? Like usual?”

“Yup, drink?” She said opening the fridge. He chose some type of flavored water and then headed into the living room to set up the pizza. During their season, once a week they would to a movie night at Sharna’s. They’d have pizza and movies and just enjoy the time together. Once the season ended, they squeezed in the tradition whenever they could which ended up being once a year.

“I have a question.” He said once they were settled in the living room, both with a dog begging next to them. She was getting ready to start the movie but he wanted to talk a bit first.

“Noahhh.” She whined. She knew if he asked and got her to start talking she’d cave. While normally she didn’t mind getting things off her chest she just wanted to push the season of hell behind her.

“What? Your season was hell. I know it. I just, I need to know you’re okay.” He said reaching across the couch and resting his hand onto hers.

“It’s over. And I’m thankful for that. I didn’t realize he hated me as much as he did. And I stood up for him. And now to think about it, I don’t even know if what I stuck up for was smart. I just, I felt horrible but I wanted it to be over.”

“I don’t blame you.”

“He’d get frustrated and get so angry. I’ve dealt with something like that before but never like this. I mean I feel like it comes with the territory. We get stuck and frustrated and anger comes out. But this was different.”

“Sharna, he never hurt you did he?” Noah said suddenly becoming very protective.

“Not physically. Emotionally…now that’s different.” She said pulling her hand away from his to catch a tear that was lingering in her eye.

“You know his words were lies.” He said shuffling closer.

“I know, I just, ugh, this is why I didn’t want to talk about this. I hate it. I know they weren’t but I can’t shake them from my head. The ignorance and rude things.” She said dropping her head into her hands as she tried to block out all of Bonner’s memories.

“I’m sorry Shar.” Noah’s voice said and suddenly it sounded like he was much closer than before. She picked her head up to look at him for a second. When she did, their eyes locked and he held his arm out to her. She hesitated just looking at him, not sure if she should give into that desire with him. He made the decision for her as He grabbed her in his arms and that’s all she ever needed.

“I’m sorry.” She said as she held tight to him as tears and frustrations of the season seemed to fall out of her. She hated that the little time she got with him was going to be taken over by this.

“Shush. I got you. You wanted relaxing and that’s what you’ll get. And if you want to talk more we can do that too.” He said tipping back onto the couch bringing her with him. He found the remote and pressed play on the movie, the sound of Disney filling the room.

“All those practices, when he would lose his cool and yell about his neck. All I could think about was you and how I wished you were back with me. And it was us all over again.” She murmured into him.

“Well for right now, it is. It’s us. For tonight anyways.” He said as he pressed his lips to her head. He felt her shudder once more and debated pausing the movie however she seemed to settle further into him and relax slightly. He let the movie continue as his fingers stroked her back gently, letting her relax and catch back up with herself as she put this previous season to rest.


**The end. I hope you love it! I definitely enjoyed the shortness. And it was all done on my phone so excuse any typos. I proofed twice but they always slip by.
***Thank you all for the prompts! You’re more than welcome to keep them coming! I’ll do them as I can and in times when I need short things to write.
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