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yoongi; maybe, maybe, maybe (1/2)

❝maybe you’re right, you think. you’re fucking right, yoongi says.
►5394 words // scenario, vampire!yoongi, (½) 
/this is more of a backstory to how they met ; w ; (i hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i did writing)

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Sugar on the Asphalt: Forty-Five
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One more chapter to go, guys! I’m not ready to let these characters go! But I hope you all enjoyed this! I’d love to hear what you think! <3

Rated M for mature content.

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the woman in me (needs the butter pecan ice cream in you); October 5, 2013

Catherine had an early Saturday morning dance class, so I picked up scones and coffees before heading to Harry’s for breakfast. With a colicky newborn taking up most of my days, we hadn’t gotten to spend much time together that wasn’t with the kids. I had a rare couple hours to myself, and I figured that he’d appreciate the company, even if it was at 9:00 AM on his day off.

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A/N: OKAY. SO, I had crazy muse for this one. I wanted to get this out now since it’s basically Day 3 & I wouldn’t be able to later. But, it’s basically a part two to my previous one-shot & I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for those who helped me decide to go along with it!

        “Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long.”

If he could move to New York, he would.

After spending almost every single day with Riley, it wouldn’t be a difficult decision to make and the fact that his grandfather was already here, only made it all the better. He was falling for her– fast. The more time they spent together, the more he wanted her to be his. It’s been a week and a half since he stepped foot into the city and Christmas was only two days away. 

He wanted to believe that she likes him the way he does but considering she was Riley Matthews, the prettiest brunette he’d ever laid his eyes on who just happened to have a heart of gold– it was safe to say she was way way out of his league. But, life was all about taking risks and he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t make a move. 

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More Random Swimming Facts

So, listening to QI’s podcast again, “No Such Thing as a Fish”, I learned that there’s another stroke (one we don’t hear about in Free!) that actually rivals the freestyle stroke in terms of speed.

It’s called the Fish Kick stroke. Most of it is swimming underwater and moving hips side to side in a way that resembles a fish. 

So, can you imagine. Haru and Rin at the Olympics, like:

But wait! It looks like a type of underwater swimming was done in the Olympics once before.

Basically, you got a point for every meter you swam underwater and a point for every second you were underwater.

There was just one problem. And it’s the reason it got cancelled from the Olympics.

There was a “Lack of Spectator Appeal”.

:’D I hope you guys enjoy these random little facts! I plan to draw a few more, because I really think they’re interesting and fun to relate to the Free! boys. 

I hope you enjoyed this installment! Below are other facts I’ve drawn for:

Wetter Water

The body’s strongest muscle

Sugar on the Asphalt: Forty-Two
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Only four more to go after this one! Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think! <3

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two hearts one lemon cupcake; august 28, 2013

Harry was twenty minutes late, which was fine because I still wasn’t ready. I’d been replaying our conversation from last night over and over again, trying to figure out where exactly we were going.

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Ghastly Truth Ch. 4

Hey guys. Thanks for hanging in there with this story, even after Halloween. There’ll be at least one more part, maybe two. I hope you enjoy it.

My thanks to @slitherouter and @madfatty for thier continued encouragement and support and fixing. :) 

I made a playlist that I’ve been listening to while writing this. Would anyone be interested in experiencing this aurally? Let me know and I can put it up on spotify.

Previous Chapters:    one    two  three  

The dolor in the room is palpable. It’s a sort of helplessness, a pungent, sharp-edged anxiety that he’d felt pouring out from under the door when he’d stood paralyzed in the hallway, not quite willing to face what lay inside. The fear is cloying, viscous, pinballing from person to person and building to fill the room like smoke rising. It reminds him of nothing so much as those hospital waiting rooms from when Nan first got sick, when the room itself seemed to encourage the panic, like it was sucking it into the walls to make a barrier against the outside world, against hope.

There’s a girl in the corner of the room, sniffling as she mutters frantically into her cell phone. She doesn’t remove her glasses as she rubs at her eyes, and they lift beneath her knuckles. He thinks of Archie, longs for his best mate, to be wrapped in Archie’s spindly limbs. A ginger kid mutters under his breath as he clicks through something on the laptop on the table in front of him.  Randy stares out the window with his arms crossed, back to the room, unmoving.

It’s like somebody died. He laughs dryly in his head. Somebody did, if there’s a ghost.

Rae is sitting beside the director on a small couch, hunched over herself, hollow-eyed and pale. She wears a gray university sweatshirt and wrinkled jeans. She looks younger, reduced somehow. She looks scared.

He sits on the coffee table in front of her, bends over his knees. Rae shifts so that her hands are before her, like she expects him to take them. He stares down at them for a moment, until it’s too late to pick them up and make it seem casual.

“Finn…” She says, and he looks up to find her mouth working and eyebrows drawn. “I don’t, I don’t know what to say.”

“Show me the video.” He offers, turning his body towards the tech guys still frowning at their monitors. He doesn’t know what to say, what to do. He’s got no frame of reference for what to do when you find out your house is haunted.

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Hi guys! I hope you enjoy part 4! only one more part to go! thank you for all the likes/reblogs/messages/comments on previous parts! 

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Chloes dress  Izzy Rae, I’m crap with descriptions so here they are. and the masks are here Chloe Izzy Rae (but no feathers)

Take Two Part 4

The next day the only thought occupying Rae’s mind was Damien, she knew he would be leaving in a few weeks, so it would either be break up or try the long distance thing. Rae thought it would be best to just end things with him, she knew the long distance would never last, but mainly needed to end it because it wasn’t fair to Damien, to keep him as a boyfriend when she held strong feelings for his brother, even though she knew her and Finn were only ever just going to be friends. She decided that she would talk to Damien one of the days following the party and hoped that they could part amicably and be friends, because even though she came to turns with not liking him romantically, she liked him as a friend, he was a good laugh.

Rae, Chloe and Izzy had a nice relaxing day at the spa being pampered, they were talking nonstop about the masquerade party.

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Complexes- Chapter 23

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Sorry for taking a week to get this out! You guys know why though. But anyway, enjoy!!!

“Did you see that?” I asked Vic quickly. My eyes darted around the area in front of me, squinting desperately in the hopes of seeing the mystery person.

“Yeah.” Vic said, much more calmly than I was reacting.

“Did you see who it was?” I asked.

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Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate ~Kou Mukami [Dark 06-10 + Epilogue]~

I’m back with more spam! (。-ω-)ノ

Today it’s the story part turn… and I took a bit more time to write this one, so it’s much longer than the previous post (more details, more useless info, who knows… I kind of did the previous one in a hurry). I hope you guys enjoy it!

Also, as I said yesterday. There are SPOILERS under the cut. Read at your own risk.

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Helloo! I am really sorry for not posting new part yesterday,but I am here now and I really hope you all enjoy new part <3 

Read previous parts:
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 9

Since that day Jungkook didn’t mess up..You had fights,but always around something stupid,nothing serious.
One month you have been together with Jungkook..It was so crazy to you..You recived a lot of hate and people started not to hang out with you because you are with him..A bad guy.But not just that..Jungkook changed lately.There are no more laughs,kisses or hugs…You just get his text or call to meet him late at night.
That started to worry you,but whenever you talk about that problem he would get angry at you and yell at you.

You met rest of Jungkook’s and Jimin’s friends..Suga,J-Hope,Rap Monster,Jin and V.
“Come” Jimin called you 
“Where?” you asked
“To my place..I need to tell you something” Jimin said and you said you will come right away.

You took your jacket and walked to Jimin’s place.You walk inside of his room and Jimin was sitting on his bed.
“Hey..What’s up?” you smiled,but Jimin wasn’t smiling
“Jimin? What’s wrong?” you asked sitting next to him
“I..I just..” Jimin coudln’t say it

Next thing you know Jungkook jumps out of his closet and you scream so loud.
Jimin and him were laughing so hard.
“We got you” Jimin winks
“I hate both of you” you shout feeling like your heart is going to explode

Jungkook stared at you..You just look at him and look away.Jungkook kind of was confused why did you looked away,but he just sighs.
“Anyway……..SUMMER! School ends tomorrow!!!!!” Jimin starts to waved his hands in the air how happy he is
“YAAAAY!” you laughed
Jungkook kept being serious because he couldn’t not think about the way you looked at him with no feelings.
“Y/N..My boys,Jungkook and you are going to beach house and we’ll stay there” Jimin smiled
“What?” you were little bit confused
“I don’t think…-” 
“Jimin you already know she always has something to do..So don’t even say that to her” Jungkook looked at you and said coldly
“What are you talking about?” Jimin laughed being confused
“Aren’t you guys supposed to be happy because you are going together?” he added
“What is your problem?” you asked looking at Jungkook
“You are my problem” Jungkook said
“What did I do to you?” You raise your eyebrow at him
Jungkook just sighs and looks away
“Umm guys..Come on don’t fight now..Tomorrow we are going to the beach house-” Jimin felt awkward being between you two
“Shut up for a second! What did I do?!” you look at Jimin and then stood up and look at Jungkook
“Everything!” he shouts at you
“Fuck you” you shout back and shut the Jimin’s bedroom door and rush outside

Jimin stayed quiet..
“Aren’t you going to go after her?” he asked looking at Jungkook
“Is it worth it anymore?  We go on and on..One day we’re together,one not..I’m sick of it.. Even this relationship lasted for a month,but it didn’t feel like a relationship at all..I don’t…” Jungkook stopped to talk
Jimin knew what he wanted to say..
“You don’t care” Jimin finished for him and Jungkook slowly nodded his head
“How long have you been acting cold towards her?” 
“For few weeks now…I just started to get bored of the relationship..Everyday same thing..” Jungkook looked at a wall while talking
“So really did use her on the end” Jimin sighs and gets up
“I need to break up with her..” Jungook looked up at Jimin
“She has been trough a lot…Don’t do that and I know..I KNOW Jungkook! You will want her back” Jimin points at Jungkook
“Right now..All I feel for her..Is..Nothing” Jungkook looked at Jimin and put his hand on his chest
Jimin didn’t want you to get hurt..He was mad at Jungkook for being that way towards you all the time..But he knew what Jungkook decides,he’ll do it.
“I’ll see you tomorrow” Jungkook taps his back and walks away

Jungkook walked home thinking how will he break up with you..
Should he be nice or cold as always.
He didn’t want to hurt you so much,but he has to do it since he doesn’t like or love you anymore.
“I know..I KNOW Jungkook! You will want her back” Jimin’s words kept going trough his mind

He stopped to walk and kept looking at the ground.Rain started to fall..But he didn’t mind.
“I don’t care about her” Jungkook said
“I can’t remember any good things with Y/N..All of them are dark..Just fighting,crying,saying sorry” 
Jungkook said to himself and kept walking
“I don’t care” one more time he said to himself

You were at home in your room..Thinking what have you done wrong.Why he has been acting like that for a while now.Cold.
But you didn’t cry because of him..Because you knew this “relationship” was nothing..In the beggining was perfect,he was happy around you and then everything started to fall apart..You guys didn’t fight,but he kept going away from you,not talking to you for hours,he stopped to smile,hug,kiss you..It felt horrible..All of that was tearing you apart.

You look trough the window and it was raining.
“Perfect for this shitty day” you said rolling your eyes
Your phone starts to ring,Jungkook..But you didn’t want to pick up..You need a day off from him and his acting.

Later Suga and Jimin asked you to go with them to eat some pizza.
You were laughing with them..
“School is over ha kids?” Suga jokes
“Yeah,tomorrow is the last day!” you smiled
“Are you going to the beach house with us?” Suga asked you smiling
“I will go…But when exactly we are going?” you asked looking at both of them
“Tomorrow is this party at my friends house…So day after the party” Jimin explains
“Oh…Okay” you smiled

Looking at JImin,you felt something..Like that he knew something,but he’s not telling you that.
“Where are the rest of the boys?” you asked taking a bite of your pizza
“Oh they are home…They were to lazy to come” Suga rolled his eyes smiling

Tomorrow morning you woke up and got dressed up quickly because you were a little late to school.
“It’s last day Y/N..Be happy!” you said to yourself

When you camed to school,first person you spot is Jungkook with Jimin.
You looked down and walked inside of the school..
Maya and you were at her locker,because she needed to fix her hair and makeup.
You were laughing with her and you felt eyes on you.
As you scan the hall,you see Jungkook looking at you.
Both of you stared at each other..Jungkook sighs and turns around.

“Stay safe!!!!” your teacher yells as the bell rings for the end of school
“WE WILL!” you all yell and rush outside

You were crowded with so many people,and Jungkook takes your hand and pulls you with him.You both stayed quiet all the way to the park where he has pulled you the first time.
Jungkook turns towards you.
“I have been thinking a lot” he looks at you
“I need to tell you something” 
“What Jungkook?” you asked
You thought he would apologize for what happened yesterday
“I..I’m breaking up with you” Jungkook looked at you
Your heart breaks..You start to tear up
“W-what?” you asked laughing
“I don’t care about you anymore” he was honest 
That broke you even more..You got serious..Jungkook just looked at you and walked pass you and goes away…
You stay frozen and cry your eyes out.Even that you knew this would happen,but still you were hurt.

You took a deep breath and wipe off the tears realising that Jungkook isn’t worth crying for.

Later Jimin was at your place to calm you down..You felt better..
“You knew he was going to do that?” you looked at Jimin and he just nodded his head
“I didn’t want to-”
“I know you didn’t want to hurt me Jimin” you smiled and hugged him
“Now get ready and let’s forget about everything and PARTY!” Jimin shouts and you smiled and got ready

Jimin and you arrived at the party..There was a lot of people not that much as the last party you’ve been to.

Right away you guys started to dance and sing..You forgot about Jungkook until you saw him already flirting with a girl in the corner
“He already found someone new!” you shouted to Jimin
He knew you were getting angry and jealous
“Y/N calm down!” Jimin held your hands you move them away and go to the bar and get some drinks and take few shots..
You looked around and Jungkook was still with that girl..You got so mad..
“He’s still talking to her!” you shout to Jimin again
“I need to make him jealous!” you shout again

Jimin just stared at you saying all of those things.
You put your amrs around Jimin’s neck 
“Kiss me” you smiled 
“Y/N..I can’t do that-” you cut him off by pressing your lips on his

Jimin and you start to make out..His hand was holding your neck and your hands were still around shoulders.
Jungkook at that moment turned around and saw Jimin and you making out.
He didn’t believe his eyes,right away he left the girl and camed towards you two.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” Jungkook pulled you guys apart 
Jimin and you looke dat each other..Jungkook started to punch Jimin in his face.
“Jungkook STOP!” You shouted but he didn’t care at all

Jimin punches and pushes Jungkook hard away from him
“Fucking stop it!” he yelled at Jungkook
“How fucking could you do that!” Jungkook yelled at Jimin

Everyone was staring at you three.
“Calm down!” Jimin said wiping off his blood on his face
“You kissed her! How can I fucking calm down!” 
“I kissed him!” you shouted at Jungkook and he shuts up and just walked outside

You knew what you have done,but you actually enjoy kissing Jimin for the first time.Jungkook was going to make out with that girl anyway.
You didn’t want to see that,so you had to kiss Jimin.

Now you have fucked up things.

All Of Me Chapter 6

Hello! Sorry this one is so late but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless! 

New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Hartbig. Not real. SFW. 1925 words. Previous chapters. Inspired by All Of Me by Ally Rhodes

As always let me know what you guys think and guess who has Hannah.

The sleep will do you good Mamrie had said little did she know I would be plagued by nightmares every time I closed my eyes. All I see is Hannah being hurt. The pain in her face makes me wish I was dead. Nope, no more sleeping.  Not until she is home.


The night had been long and uncomfortable for Hannah, the woman had moved her onto a bed but kept her hands tied up, she awoke with a stiff neck and incredibly sore arms from all the struggling. Today, she decided, she would try and persuade her captor to take off the ropes. She supposed it wouldn’t be too difficult given the circumstances of this terrible kidnapping.

It had been a restless night, of course, all Hannah could think about was about how worried Grace must be and how she probably would never guess who had her captive.

Today could have been an amazing day. Hannah would have taken Grace back to the spot they had visited on the first night, the night Grace told her how she felt, this time it would be a lot more romantic, they would sit by the water hand in hand and talk about everything they hadn’t had the chance to yet. Grace would throw stones into the water and count how many times they bounced, Hannah would laugh as they bounced once and pitifully fell before getting up and showing her girlfriend how to do it properly.

Girlfriend, Hannah? Really?

She decided, yes, Grace was her girlfriend, even if they hadn’t talked everything through and didn’t know what happened next. They both wanted to be together, so why should they be denied it? This though, the thought of being with Grace, growing old with Grace, is what would get Hannah through this, it would give her the strength to fight past whatever was going to happen and get home to Grace.

‘Good morning,’ the woman’s voice came from the corner of the room.

‘Let me out of here,’ Hannah said ‘or at least untie me!’

‘I would love to, baby, but how do I know I can trust you?’

‘We have known each other for years, you know you can trust me. I promise I won’t try anything,’

‘Maybe later. First I’ll get you breakfast,’

The woman turned on a light in the corner of the room and for the first time Hannah can see her, confirming what she already knew. It was her. Grace would never guess. No one would know. Fuck.

Hannah remembers how huge the house was, how she had gotten lost going to the bathroom the first time she had visited, and was suddenly disheartened. If there were some way for her to get out of this room, the room that looks exactly like her own at home she was beginning to notice, she would almost certainly get lost trying to find an escape. She was trapped.

The woman returned after around 15 minutes, by Hannah’s calculations, with a tray of what looked like French toast and a glass of Orange juice.  The smell filled the room instantly and reminded Hannah she hadn’t eaten since the picnic with Grace, she was incredibly hungry, but there was no way she was eating this. If she was capable of kidnapping Hannah who knows what she would make her eat, right?

‘I don’t want the food. Please, please, just untie me. I’ll do anything,’


‘You know I would always do anything for you,’

‘If I untie you you have to promise me you will not try and run away. You have to promise to stay with me…’

‘No. I would rather stay tied up! Grace will find me. You said she spoke to you already. She will figure it out. Grace… Grace will get me out of here,’

The woman slammed down the food, turned off the light and stormed out of the room in a few short seconds cursing under her breath as she did, leaving Hannah in the dark once more. Alone. Thinking of Grace.


By 8am the morning after it happened Mamrie has decided it was time to call in the professionals. Grace’s house is home to at least 6 policemen and woman and their equipment making it hard to breath and even harder to think. They have taken down Grace’s story, heard Mamrie’s tale of events and have also visited Hannah’s home to look for any clues. There are dogs in the driveway trying to pick up Hannah’s scent, the only thing they have to go on in Grace’s place is the blankets they had slept in that night and the sweats she had worn. The police won’t give them much information because ‘they are not family’ despite the fact Mamrie has advised them at least 7 times that she and Grace are Hannah’s family and are the closest thing she has in LA. Her sisters have been called though and are on their way,

‘Hopefully they will be able to get some information’ Mamrie had whispered to Grace as she handed her a cup of coffee.

‘Mamrie, I don’t know how much longer I can do this. She has to come home,’

‘I know, Gracie. She’ll be home soon.’

‘What if she doesn’t? What if whoever did this hurts her?’

‘That’s not going to happen. We will find her.’

The internet has gone nuts since the news broke, other YouTubers have been calling Grace since the break of dawn looking for news and asking how they can help. Grace can’t speak to most of them, it’s too difficult to pretend they were ‘just friends’ anymore. Not seeing a friend for less than 24 hours does not make you feel like your heart has been ripped from your chest and is being trampled on. They were not just friends. They never would be. Hannah had to come home so they could talk about it. Hannah had to come home and never leave again.

Sarah arrives at Grace’s around midday with an address for this ‘Lisa Gellar’. The three of them decide that they should go to check it out before giving the police this information. They are in too much of a hurry to find Hannah to wait for them to check out what might possibly be a clue but could also be a huge coincidence. Grace believed in her heart of hearts that this woman had something to do with Hannah’s disappearance, she believed there was no way it was a coincidence that Hannah received this message on the day she went missing, she believed it was a clue and they had to follow up on it.

The address was about an hour’s drive from the city. Grace hadn’t slept and was completely unable to drive so they decided to take Sarah’s car for the journey.

When they arrived at the address it was an incredible Colonial house which looked completely breathtaking.

‘Wow, this girl did well for herself,’ Mamrie joked ‘Shame she’s a psycho, I think we’d get along great, she has great taste,’

Sarah giggled along with Mamrie and Grace gave them both a look which could only be described as contempt.

‘Oh come on, Grace we were just kidding. Look we might find Hannah right now.’ Sarah said.

There was no answer at the front door. The house looked lifeless except for a light in one room on the second floor.

After a few minutes of incessant knocking and yelling Grace takes out Hannah’s cell and dials the number.

‘Listen I told you already-‘ Lisa answered.

‘We are at the front door. Let us inside or I swear to god I will knock down the door,’

‘What? Why are you there? I told you I couldn’t meet you today. Anyway, I am not at home.’

Before Grace can try to make any more empty threats Mamrie snatched the phone out of her hand and politely tells Lisa they would wait for her. Lisa agrees to meet them at a bar about 6 miles from where they are now and they head of after bickering about how they can’t really trust this stranger, after all they know nothing about her except her name. Which may not even be her name.

The woman is tall and thin with beautifully wavy red hair. Too tall for Hannah is Grace’s first thought. The woman had to be at least 4 inches taller than she was at 5’9, making her around a foot taller than Hannah. But she was stunning. There was something about being in her presence that made Grace feel completely inferior.

‘Lisa?’ Sarah asks as they approach her.

‘That’s me. And you are Sarah?’ Lisa shakes hands with the tall blonde before offering Grace and Mamrie her hand.

‘Yes I am. This is Grace and Mamrie. As you know we are looking for Hannah. She still has not shown up and you were the last person to contact her. You left a troubling message, I believe, which has led us to you.’

‘I… I haven’t heard from Hannah. Like I told you yesterday we haven’t spoken in a few months. Things ended kind of badly with us.’

‘What happened?’ Mamrie asks.

‘It’s a long story. Basically when we were in college Hannah and I were kind of a thing. It was pretty serious at the time but I wasn’t ready to come out- I didn’t even consider myself as gay- and Hannah didn’t understand. Things kind of went downhill from there. Anyway, I called her about a year later to tell her I was ready and we went on a couple of dates. It ended pretty quickly when I realized I wasn’t gay. We stayed in contact, though. A few months ago I met a girl and we started dating, it was nothing serious and I guess it was just me experimenting again ‘cause that didn’t work out either. I haven’t heard from her since.’

‘But you said you weren’t gay?’ Grace speaks for the first time.

‘I… I am straight. I guess I wanted to be gay – I wanted Hannah – but it just didn’t work. But I wanted to try again. Hannah always said that if I ever decided I wanted to try again she would be there but now she’s with you…’

‘Me?’ Grace asks, stunned ‘How… How did you know about us? Were you stalking us?’

‘Oh please. It is so obvious! I watch you both on YouTube. It is impossible not to see it. You know the way she looks at you? She used to look at me like that. She’ll get tired of you. She’ll come back to me.’

‘Where is she? Where is my Hannah? Tell me where you have her!’

Mamrie could swear it was a different person speaking, she had never saw Grace so angry. Grace was always the quiet and reserved friend who was scared in social situations and didn’t like talking to new people but she was yelling now and looked like she may hit the woman at a moment’s notice. It was nice – in a weird sort of way – to see Grace so passionate about something.

The woman simply laughs in Grace’s face.

‘I told you, I have not heard from Hannah in months. But I will. Before you do.’

It takes all of Mamrie’s strength to pull Grace away from Lisa and back to the car. Sarah immediately starts driving back to the house.

‘We have to get there before she does,’ she says. 

Today, like any other day

Skimmons Childhood Friends AU. Skye and Jemma have been friends since they were 5 years old. Skye couldn’t help but feel that maybe, she likes her friend a bit more than that. Between her painful hangover and raging hormones, it’s hard to keep her feelings in check when Jemma is being perfect.

Word count: 14k+
A/N: hey guys! so this is going to be one of the longest fics I’ve ever written to completion. It started as a basic “domestic/lounging prompt” and it sort of devolved into something a lot deeper. For all of you skimmons fans and my friend schfiftytwo I hope you enjoy this story about how best friends struggle with their feelings and move towards lovers. Previous stories that don’t necessary need to be read but can be referenced to are: Blissfully Unawareand No One Else But You

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So yeah, I wrote another one!

Right after I posted the first drabble I got excited about the idea of writing these short fics kind of chronicling Hook and Emma’s relationship through the summer. I already have ideas for quite a few, featuring basically every character (especially Charming, naturally) and ranging from angsty to fluffy to funny…I only most definitely cannot do smut, but I’m open to collaborations if anyone’s interested. I got more than 20 notes so far for the first one, which may not seem much but is honestly way more than I was expecting, so that was quite an encouragement. I hope you guys enjoy this one, which is written from Hook’s point of view.

Part 1 is here, also on ff.net and ao3.


As soon as he sees Emma’s expression turn to panic at Regina’s scolding, Killian freezes. If he knows two things in life, it’s Emma and guilt, so with apologies to madam mayor about the part he’s aware he plays in all this, all he can think about at this moment is how he absolutely cannot let his Swan succumb to guilt and pull away again; how her instincts will tell her that she can’t let herself be happy when she feels she wronged someone else so terribly and no. Just no. Not after everything they’ve been through.

He knows firsthand that at this point nothing anyone says will make her feel better, so he simply follows her out of the diner and touches her arm in the most comforting way he can. It’s only when she leans into him and lets herself be held that he notices he’d been holding his breath. At least she’s not pushing him away. That’s something. Actually, it’s Emma - it's everything.

They stand still for a few moments, just feeling the warmth and belonging of being in each other’s arms. It isn’t until a very drunk Leroy comes roaring out, followed by a few of his worried brothers, that he comes to and starts moving in the direction of her parents’ loft, never taking his arms off her. She softly puts a hand on his chest to stop him, takes his hand and guides him back where they came from, though instead of re-entering the diner they walk to the entrance to the b & b in the back of the building.

Killian is equal parts confused, curious and, truth be told, amused as Emma stands in front of the door to his room, waiting for him to get his key. He shouldn’t, he knows he shouldn’t, he doesn’t want to ruin whatever this is, but he can’t help his smirk and eyebrow raise. Dammit.

“Hmmmm…should I assume to have random bar wench trying to get inside my room right now?”

“Oh you wish, buddy”, she says with a roaring laugh that fills his entire being with joy. He could get used to that. “I’ve just come back from days of wearing corsets and running around in the woods and being arrested…I need rest, and that overcrowded small apartment with the added bonus of a newborn baby just isn’t exactly the best place for me to get it.” At that, her confident and flirty demeanor gave way to a small, unsure smile. “Is that okay?”

“Of course”, he responded with a bright grin of his own. “I’ll be right beside you on the floor if you need me.”

“What? No! This is a king size bed, what the hell, Killian! Just…don’t get any ideas…yet.”

This time, her raised eyebrows meet his, and he has a hearty laugh as the two remove their boots and coats. “I mean I know it will be close to impossible since you and I both know that that bar wench was many things, but definitely not random”, she added in a mock-offended tone, “but try!”

“Right you are, Swan” was all he could say before taking her lips with his, kissing her much like he did only a few minutes before - lovingly yet intensely. When they part, she looks into his eyes like she’s mustering the courage to say something, but no sound leaves her mouth. Just this small gesture means the world to him, which he lets her know with a soft “I know”. Everything will be easy and come naturally in time. They have their entire lives in front of them. “Now what do you say we go get that rest you’ve been craving, huh?”

Nodding, she gets on the bed and he follows. She presses her back against his chest and places his arm around her waist. “There”, she whispers. “Good night, Killian.”

“Good night, love”, he answers with his face buried on the hair covering the curve of her neck.

They both doze off quickly and have the best, most calm night of sleep either of them had in years.