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I Want You To Stay (Part 2) - Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested by anon to make a part 2 of the previous one sooo here it is! :)

I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Note: Cute? lol Idk, Part 1
Word count: 1144

(not my gif)


I was running deeper and deeper into the woods, scared of the thought that I might trip, the woods coming to an end or more importantly, getting caught.

As usual I was going to do my morning jog routine but then something came up and I had to postpone it.  I was not skipping another day (again) so I decided to jog even though it was dark as hell outside and the woods was, well, not a safe place to be at, at all! Knowing that I still went and now I´m running for my life. Someone is following me, I don´t know who but someone else is here, as I started to run faster the person or thing started to go faster. All I could hope for was to shake it off and run home.

I ran faster and faster, capable of tripping at any moment when I heard a loud growl from behind. Now knowing that whatever it was, it was not a human.

My legs couldn´t keep up anymore, my body was exhausted, I was exhausted! My legs started to move slower and slower as the thing got closer and closer. I tried to look behind my shoulder to see if it was in sight when I stumbled on something and tripped over in my four. When I looked up I saw it, it was the beast. Immediately I tried to get up on my feet but the pain that shot through my ankle was too much as I failed and fell down again, now sitting on my bum. I felt a hard smack on my face as I flew backwards and hit a tree. As I repeatedly kept trying to get on my feet the beast hits me.

Just when I feel like I can´t take it anymore and my eyes starts to give up too, I feel two familiar hands taking my face in their hands.

“Y/N!” Theo shouts, trying to get my attention.

“W- What are you doing here? You´ll get hurt.” I managed to say.

“I don´t care, I´ll heal. You on the other hand won’t.” He looked back to see why the beast wasn’t doing anything and to his surprise, no one was there.

Normal POV

Theo picked you up from the ground and carried you in bridal style all the way back to your house. You had passed out in his arms.
When he got to your place he laid you down on the bed and started to clean your wounds carefully, not wanting to cause you any pain or wake you up. Thankfully the wounds wasn´t anything serious.

“How did you find me?” You asked as you peeked through one eye.

“I- I don´t know. I just did…” He mumbled as he looked away, trying to avoid having any kind of eye contact with you.

“Theo, were you following me?” Your eyes were wide open as you asked that question, still mad and hurt about what had happened earlier this week.

“I just wanted to keep you safe. I wanted to protect you.” He began as he stood up and ran his fingers through his hair frustrated.

“I came here to talk to you but nobody was home so I started to look for you when I caught your scent and when I got to the woods… Nothing felt right. I knew something was wrong.” He continued to say as his voice got darker and he started to sound mad.

“Theo…” You said gentle and sweet.

“No! No! This is my fault! I was supposed to protect you!” He shouted.

You reached out your hand to grab his wrist and pulled him closer to the bed as you patted on the empty space with the other hand. He looked at the bed then at you as he sighed and sat down next to you.

“You saved my life. Thank you.” You whispered while looking down at your hands.

Theo looked at you shocked, not believing what you just said. He was about to say something, disagree with you but you hushed him.

“Could you help me get out of this clothes?” You asked shyly and he nodded.

Your clothes were a hot mess, they were ripped and dirty. Theo gently pulled your shirt off, exposing your upper body but you had your bra on and it wasn´t anything he hadn´t seen earlier anyways. He was about to go and grab a shirt for you when he suddenly hesitated and took off his own shirt and gave it to you as you slipped it on. You took off your pants, leaving you in your underwear and Theo’s shirt as you got under the covers and made yourself comfortable.
Theo looked at you, not wanting to leave you but he knew you didn´t want him in your life anymore so he turned his back against you and started to walk towards the door.

“Y/N?” He said as he turned around to face you.

“Hmm?” You hummed as response.

“I love you. I´m sorry.” Your heart beat started to race as your mind was driving you insane.

What is he doing to you? Why do you still love him when he´s a bad guy? You hopelessly thought to yourself. You got up from the bed, fighting the pain you were feeling and walked towards Theo. You placed a hand on his cheek while a tear escaped your eye.

“I know.” You barley whispered but he heard you loud and clear.

He took you in his arms and hugged you tightly but still carefully against his bare chest. You couldn´t help but rest your head on his warm chest and taking in every moment of this.

“I can´t live without you Y/N…” He whispered against you hair, sending you shivers down your spine.

He pulled away from the hug and gently put his hands on you both your cheeks as he lifts your head up and leans in for a kiss. He kisses you with passion but still gentle, afraid that you might break. And you don´t hold back as you kiss back in an instant when you realize what´s going on. No matter how hard you tried to avoid it or deny it, you loved him. You are both madly in love with each other and you know he would change for you, he would do anything for you.  

“I still hate you…” You mumble when you broke the kiss, both knowing that it´s a lie.

“You should.” He replies as your forehead rests against his forehead.

A smile appears on your face even though you try to hold it back. He kisses your forehead before simply carrying you in bridal style, then walks over to the bed and lays you down carefully as you whisper ‘I love you too’ before falling in deep sleep.

yoongi; maybe, maybe, maybe (1/2)

❝maybe you’re right, you think. you’re fucking right, yoongi says.
►5394 words // scenario, vampire!yoongi, (½) 
/this is more of a backstory to how they met ; w ; (i hope you guys enjoy reading as much as i did writing)

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A/N: OKAY. SO, I had crazy muse for this one. I wanted to get this out now since it’s basically Day 3 & I wouldn’t be able to later. But, it’s basically a part two to my previous one-shot & I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for those who helped me decide to go along with it!

        “Your lips look so soft. I could kiss them all day long.”

If he could move to New York, he would.

After spending almost every single day with Riley, it wouldn’t be a difficult decision to make and the fact that his grandfather was already here, only made it all the better. He was falling for her– fast. The more time they spent together, the more he wanted her to be his. It’s been a week and a half since he stepped foot into the city and Christmas was only two days away. 

He wanted to believe that she likes him the way he does but considering she was Riley Matthews, the prettiest brunette he’d ever laid his eyes on who just happened to have a heart of gold– it was safe to say she was way way out of his league. But, life was all about taking risks and he knew he’d regret it if he didn’t make a move. 

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Wake Up Call (Part 4) - Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers

Previous Part: (Part 1) + (Part 2) + (Part 3)


N/A: I planned this would be the final part, but I just can’t. I start writing and then there are more ideas in my head! But I’d like to know if you guys are enjoying it and if you want more or just prefer the end already. Okay, I hope you guys like it!

You closed your eyes and slightly raised your face, feeling the sun warm your skin and tear you a sigh of satisfaction. You still couldn’t believe you were there in one of the beaches of Santa Barbara, catching the sun peacefully knowing that Bucky was in the house a few meters away watching you. It would be totally bizarre behavior if you hadn’t made sure that his behavior was because of the bikini that you were using thanks to Natasha that had put the bag for you. You put your sunglasses and rose from the sand, stretching before picking up your things and head toward the house. You’ve been there for two weeks already, for a moment Bucky managed to really take your thoughts from New York and the problems, but then you woken up after a nightmare and nothing seemed right now. You tried to ignore your reflection in the mirror, trying to ignore the red images, your dirty hands… You tried again pretend that you were not a monster.

“I swear that I’ll break the teeth of those funny surfers.“ Bucky received you frowning slightly, picking up your things and putting on the table of the room and then pulling you gently by the waist. You chuckled, shaking your head amused of his behavior but didn’t deny when he leaned over to kiss your lips briefly. "You woke up today before me… Are you alright, doll?”

“I’m fine, James. So, what we gonna do today?” you kissed his jaw before releasing yourself from his arms, walking toward the room to take a shower and put on some clean clothes.

“Well, Bruce let slip to Tony that we’re here and now we’ll go to a Stark’s private island.” Bucky followed you, with his hands in the pockets of his jeans and leaning on the doorframe while watching your movements closely.

“Why does that not surprise me? At least now you can go to the beach with me." you sighed, letting your dress and lingerie on the bed and then going to the bathroom, discarding your bikini carelessly on the floor.

“I don’t have swimwear.”

“Even better.”

Meanwhile in New York

“It’s been two weeks! Why didn’t she give me any notice?” Steve grunted angry, beating heavily his fist on the kitchen table, making the rest of the group jump in the chair in surprise.

“Come on, capsicle, you ignored her all this time! Do you really think you have any right?” Tony muttered sleepily supporting his head in one hand while the other held the huge coffee mug. "And it’s still 8 am, please, be quiet.”

“You know something!” the super soldier pointed his finger at his friends accusingly, but only had a wave of grunts in response.

“We know the same thing as you, Rogers! “Natasha rolled her eyes, finishing her coffee and with her expression blank she stared at Steve. ”(Y/N) left with Bucky, she needed the support of someone to improve. You couldn’t be that someone. Now deal with it.“

The kitchen went silent, Steve for a moment contorted his face in pain before getting serious, but Natasha just raised an eyebrow before getting up and leaving the place, followed by the rest of the group one by one and leaving the super soldier alone.

"I think you were very cruel to him, Nat.” Clint muttered rather perplexed by the attitude of his girlfriend, he knew that she and Steve had a strong friendship.

“He needs to know that not everything is about him.” Bruce chimed in, taking a deep breath to keep himself calm.

“Steve is being a jerk, Clint, he left (Y / N) suffering!” Natasha sighed wearily. “And we know that he and Bucky are really the only ones who can help her.”

(Part 5)

Today, like any other day

Skimmons Childhood Friends AU. Skye and Jemma have been friends since they were 5 years old. Skye couldn’t help but feel that maybe, she likes her friend a bit more than that. Between her painful hangover and raging hormones, it’s hard to keep her feelings in check when Jemma is being perfect.

Word count: 14k+
A/N: hey guys! so this is going to be one of the longest fics I’ve ever written to completion. It started as a basic “domestic/lounging prompt” and it sort of devolved into something a lot deeper. For all of you skimmons fans and my friend schfiftytwo I hope you enjoy this story about how best friends struggle with their feelings and move towards lovers. Previous stories that don’t necessary need to be read but can be referenced to are: Blissfully Unawareand No One Else But You

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More Random Swimming Facts

So, listening to QI’s podcast again, “No Such Thing as a Fish”, I learned that there’s another stroke (one we don’t hear about in Free!) that actually rivals the freestyle stroke in terms of speed.

It’s called the Fish Kick stroke. Most of it is swimming underwater and moving hips side to side in a way that resembles a fish. 

So, can you imagine. Haru and Rin at the Olympics, like:

But wait! It looks like a type of underwater swimming was done in the Olympics once before.

Basically, you got a point for every meter you swam underwater and a point for every second you were underwater.

There was just one problem. And it’s the reason it got cancelled from the Olympics.

There was a “Lack of Spectator Appeal”.

:’D I hope you guys enjoy these random little facts! I plan to draw a few more, because I really think they’re interesting and fun to relate to the Free! boys. 

I hope you enjoyed this installment! Below are other facts I’ve drawn for:

Wetter Water

The body’s strongest muscle

Helloo! I am really sorry for not posting new part yesterday,but I am here now and I really hope you all enjoy new part <3 

Read previous parts:
Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

“Bad boy stole my heart” Jungkook story - Part 9

Since that day Jungkook didn’t mess up..You had fights,but always around something stupid,nothing serious.
One month you have been together with Jungkook..It was so crazy to you..You recived a lot of hate and people started not to hang out with you because you are with him..A bad guy.But not just that..Jungkook changed lately.There are no more laughs,kisses or hugs…You just get his text or call to meet him late at night.
That started to worry you,but whenever you talk about that problem he would get angry at you and yell at you.

You met rest of Jungkook’s and Jimin’s friends..Suga,J-Hope,Rap Monster,Jin and V.
“Come” Jimin called you 
“Where?” you asked
“To my place..I need to tell you something” Jimin said and you said you will come right away.

You took your jacket and walked to Jimin’s place.You walk inside of his room and Jimin was sitting on his bed.
“Hey..What’s up?” you smiled,but Jimin wasn’t smiling
“Jimin? What’s wrong?” you asked sitting next to him
“I..I just..” Jimin coudln’t say it

Next thing you know Jungkook jumps out of his closet and you scream so loud.
Jimin and him were laughing so hard.
“We got you” Jimin winks
“I hate both of you” you shout feeling like your heart is going to explode

Jungkook stared at you..You just look at him and look away.Jungkook kind of was confused why did you looked away,but he just sighs.
“Anyway……..SUMMER! School ends tomorrow!!!!!” Jimin starts to waved his hands in the air how happy he is
“YAAAAY!” you laughed
Jungkook kept being serious because he couldn’t not think about the way you looked at him with no feelings.
“Y/N..My boys,Jungkook and you are going to beach house and we’ll stay there” Jimin smiled
“What?” you were little bit confused
“I don’t think…-” 
“Jimin you already know she always has something to do..So don’t even say that to her” Jungkook looked at you and said coldly
“What are you talking about?” Jimin laughed being confused
“Aren’t you guys supposed to be happy because you are going together?” he added
“What is your problem?” you asked looking at Jungkook
“You are my problem” Jungkook said
“What did I do to you?” You raise your eyebrow at him
Jungkook just sighs and looks away
“Umm guys..Come on don’t fight now..Tomorrow we are going to the beach house-” Jimin felt awkward being between you two
“Shut up for a second! What did I do?!” you look at Jimin and then stood up and look at Jungkook
“Everything!” he shouts at you
“Fuck you” you shout back and shut the Jimin’s bedroom door and rush outside

Jimin stayed quiet..
“Aren’t you going to go after her?” he asked looking at Jungkook
“Is it worth it anymore?  We go on and on..One day we’re together,one not..I’m sick of it.. Even this relationship lasted for a month,but it didn’t feel like a relationship at all..I don’t…” Jungkook stopped to talk
Jimin knew what he wanted to say..
“You don’t care” Jimin finished for him and Jungkook slowly nodded his head
“How long have you been acting cold towards her?” 
“For few weeks now…I just started to get bored of the relationship..Everyday same thing..” Jungkook looked at a wall while talking
“So really did use her on the end” Jimin sighs and gets up
“I need to break up with her..” Jungook looked up at Jimin
“She has been trough a lot…Don’t do that and I know..I KNOW Jungkook! You will want her back” Jimin points at Jungkook
“Right now..All I feel for her..Is..Nothing” Jungkook looked at Jimin and put his hand on his chest
Jimin didn’t want you to get hurt..He was mad at Jungkook for being that way towards you all the time..But he knew what Jungkook decides,he’ll do it.
“I’ll see you tomorrow” Jungkook taps his back and walks away

Jungkook walked home thinking how will he break up with you..
Should he be nice or cold as always.
He didn’t want to hurt you so much,but he has to do it since he doesn’t like or love you anymore.
“I know..I KNOW Jungkook! You will want her back” Jimin’s words kept going trough his mind

He stopped to walk and kept looking at the ground.Rain started to fall..But he didn’t mind.
“I don’t care about her” Jungkook said
“I can’t remember any good things with Y/N..All of them are dark..Just fighting,crying,saying sorry” 
Jungkook said to himself and kept walking
“I don’t care” one more time he said to himself

You were at home in your room..Thinking what have you done wrong.Why he has been acting like that for a while now.Cold.
But you didn’t cry because of him..Because you knew this “relationship” was nothing..In the beggining was perfect,he was happy around you and then everything started to fall apart..You guys didn’t fight,but he kept going away from you,not talking to you for hours,he stopped to smile,hug,kiss you..It felt horrible..All of that was tearing you apart.

You look trough the window and it was raining.
“Perfect for this shitty day” you said rolling your eyes
Your phone starts to ring,Jungkook..But you didn’t want to pick up..You need a day off from him and his acting.

Later Suga and Jimin asked you to go with them to eat some pizza.
You were laughing with them..
“School is over ha kids?” Suga jokes
“Yeah,tomorrow is the last day!” you smiled
“Are you going to the beach house with us?” Suga asked you smiling
“I will go…But when exactly we are going?” you asked looking at both of them
“Tomorrow is this party at my friends house…So day after the party” Jimin explains
“Oh…Okay” you smiled

Looking at JImin,you felt something..Like that he knew something,but he’s not telling you that.
“Where are the rest of the boys?” you asked taking a bite of your pizza
“Oh they are home…They were to lazy to come” Suga rolled his eyes smiling

Tomorrow morning you woke up and got dressed up quickly because you were a little late to school.
“It’s last day Y/N..Be happy!” you said to yourself

When you camed to school,first person you spot is Jungkook with Jimin.
You looked down and walked inside of the school..
Maya and you were at her locker,because she needed to fix her hair and makeup.
You were laughing with her and you felt eyes on you.
As you scan the hall,you see Jungkook looking at you.
Both of you stared at each other..Jungkook sighs and turns around.

“Stay safe!!!!” your teacher yells as the bell rings for the end of school
“WE WILL!” you all yell and rush outside

You were crowded with so many people,and Jungkook takes your hand and pulls you with him.You both stayed quiet all the way to the park where he has pulled you the first time.
Jungkook turns towards you.
“I have been thinking a lot” he looks at you
“I need to tell you something” 
“What Jungkook?” you asked
You thought he would apologize for what happened yesterday
“I..I’m breaking up with you” Jungkook looked at you
Your heart breaks..You start to tear up
“W-what?” you asked laughing
“I don’t care about you anymore” he was honest 
That broke you even more..You got serious..Jungkook just looked at you and walked pass you and goes away…
You stay frozen and cry your eyes out.Even that you knew this would happen,but still you were hurt.

You took a deep breath and wipe off the tears realising that Jungkook isn’t worth crying for.

Later Jimin was at your place to calm you down..You felt better..
“You knew he was going to do that?” you looked at Jimin and he just nodded his head
“I didn’t want to-”
“I know you didn’t want to hurt me Jimin” you smiled and hugged him
“Now get ready and let’s forget about everything and PARTY!” Jimin shouts and you smiled and got ready

Jimin and you arrived at the party..There was a lot of people not that much as the last party you’ve been to.

Right away you guys started to dance and sing..You forgot about Jungkook until you saw him already flirting with a girl in the corner
“He already found someone new!” you shouted to Jimin
He knew you were getting angry and jealous
“Y/N calm down!” Jimin held your hands you move them away and go to the bar and get some drinks and take few shots..
You looked around and Jungkook was still with that girl..You got so mad..
“He’s still talking to her!” you shout to Jimin again
“I need to make him jealous!” you shout again

Jimin just stared at you saying all of those things.
You put your amrs around Jimin’s neck 
“Kiss me” you smiled 
“Y/N..I can’t do that-” you cut him off by pressing your lips on his

Jimin and you start to make out..His hand was holding your neck and your hands were still around shoulders.
Jungkook at that moment turned around and saw Jimin and you making out.
He didn’t believe his eyes,right away he left the girl and camed towards you two.
“What the fuck are you doing?!” Jungkook pulled you guys apart 
Jimin and you looke dat each other..Jungkook started to punch Jimin in his face.
“Jungkook STOP!” You shouted but he didn’t care at all

Jimin punches and pushes Jungkook hard away from him
“Fucking stop it!” he yelled at Jungkook
“How fucking could you do that!” Jungkook yelled at Jimin

Everyone was staring at you three.
“Calm down!” Jimin said wiping off his blood on his face
“You kissed her! How can I fucking calm down!” 
“I kissed him!” you shouted at Jungkook and he shuts up and just walked outside

You knew what you have done,but you actually enjoy kissing Jimin for the first time.Jungkook was going to make out with that girl anyway.
You didn’t want to see that,so you had to kiss Jimin.

Now you have fucked up things.

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate ~Kou Mukami [Dark 06-10 + Epilogue]~

I’m back with more spam! (。-ω-)ノ

Today it’s the story part turn… and I took a bit more time to write this one, so it’s much longer than the previous post (more details, more useless info, who knows… I kind of did the previous one in a hurry). I hope you guys enjoy it!

Also, as I said yesterday. There are SPOILERS under the cut. Read at your own risk.

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Complexes- Chapter 23

Previous chapters
Sorry for taking a week to get this out! You guys know why though. But anyway, enjoy!!!

“Did you see that?” I asked Vic quickly. My eyes darted around the area in front of me, squinting desperately in the hopes of seeing the mystery person.

“Yeah.” Vic said, much more calmly than I was reacting.

“Did you see who it was?” I asked.

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This is a sort of continuation of my previous Reylo video but is also more related to the movie. If the previous video was about Kylo’s dark obsession, in this one, we see Kylo Ren look back on his past actions as he is torn apart by his feelings for Rey, and his desperation to have her love him back. But alas, after the events of the first movie, that will not be…yet.

Expect angst. I’m quite proud of how I made this video. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Ghastly Truth Ch. 4

Hey guys. Thanks for hanging in there with this story, even after Halloween. There’ll be at least one more part, maybe two. I hope you enjoy it.

My thanks to @slitherouter and @madfatty for thier continued encouragement and support and fixing. :) 

I made a playlist that I’ve been listening to while writing this. Would anyone be interested in experiencing this aurally? Let me know and I can put it up on spotify.

Previous Chapters:    one    two  three  

The dolor in the room is palpable. It’s a sort of helplessness, a pungent, sharp-edged anxiety that he’d felt pouring out from under the door when he’d stood paralyzed in the hallway, not quite willing to face what lay inside. The fear is cloying, viscous, pinballing from person to person and building to fill the room like smoke rising. It reminds him of nothing so much as those hospital waiting rooms from when Nan first got sick, when the room itself seemed to encourage the panic, like it was sucking it into the walls to make a barrier against the outside world, against hope.

There’s a girl in the corner of the room, sniffling as she mutters frantically into her cell phone. She doesn’t remove her glasses as she rubs at her eyes, and they lift beneath her knuckles. He thinks of Archie, longs for his best mate, to be wrapped in Archie’s spindly limbs. A ginger kid mutters under his breath as he clicks through something on the laptop on the table in front of him.  Randy stares out the window with his arms crossed, back to the room, unmoving.

It’s like somebody died. He laughs dryly in his head. Somebody did, if there’s a ghost.

Rae is sitting beside the director on a small couch, hunched over herself, hollow-eyed and pale. She wears a gray university sweatshirt and wrinkled jeans. She looks younger, reduced somehow. She looks scared.

He sits on the coffee table in front of her, bends over his knees. Rae shifts so that her hands are before her, like she expects him to take them. He stares down at them for a moment, until it’s too late to pick them up and make it seem casual.

“Finn…” She says, and he looks up to find her mouth working and eyebrows drawn. “I don’t, I don’t know what to say.”

“Show me the video.” He offers, turning his body towards the tech guys still frowning at their monitors. He doesn’t know what to say, what to do. He’s got no frame of reference for what to do when you find out your house is haunted.

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