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Hot Chocolate

warnings: possible second hand embarrassment 

words: 1,201

pairing: peter parker x reader

request: ok ok how about an au where the reader works at a restaurant or something and peter comes in there a lot JUST TO SEE HER

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Damn Fine Police Work

Context: In a dark heresy campaign, my Iron Hands techmarine had just shot off the sword arm of an enemy officer charging me with a chainsword. I then crushed his other hand so he couldn’t fight back and dangled him upside down by the foot with my servo arm, attempting to interrogate him for information. At this point the officer is bleeding profusely out of both arms and what little blood is left in him is rushing to his head. My character is heavily augmented with cybernetics and takes a large penalty on any ‘charisma’ based interactions with anyone who is not.

Me (ooc): “I want to ask this guy about enemy troop locations in the area so we have an idea of what we’re up against.”

*critically fails the intimidation check*

DM: “You begin screaming incoherently while shaking him up an down with your servo arm. The mental strain he goes through trying to understand your nonsense while hanging upside down gives him a brain aneurysm and he dies on the spot.”

Me: “Apothecary! I require your skills to revive this important fleshling!”

Blood Angel Apothecary (successfully using his bone drill to perform complex brain surgery): “Don’t you die on me, human! I must kill you myself! The emperor demands it!”

DM: “The officer regains consciousness with the apothecary’s drill still lodged in his skull and immediately begins screaming in pain and fear.”

Me: “Cease your whimpering, scum! Tell us what we want to know!”

*fails another intimidation check*

DM: “The officer, not even knowing what it is you want from him, abandons all hope and begins begging for death. He promptly runs out of blood and dies. Again. No amount of “first aid” can bring him back.

Me (gently poking his corpse to see if he’s still alive): “Hmm…Perhaps I was not frightening enough. I will take this into consideration for future interrogations." 

Our Squad’s Devastator (who has a notably higher ‘charisma’ than everyone else and just watched the whole ordeal unfold): "Hey guys? Not to rain on your torture parade or anything, but uhh… I think I should handle the prisoners from now on.”

The apothecary and I disagreed.

Toxic (One Shot)

A/N: Happy Bisexual Pride Day, guys! I’m super sorry for the lateness of this hehe. I’m going to post a fic for each individual day this month, starting with this one and I’m excited as heck. :D I hope you guys like it! *throws glitter into air*. 🌈 ❤️ (The fic was inspired by this song, by the way ;)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader x Natasha Romanoff

Warnings: M/F/F. Bisexual!Reader. Sex (Obviously lol). Daddy kink. Natasha is the perfect mistress! Bucky is the ultimate daddy ;) Threesomes. There’s a sex gif as well so beware lol. 

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Hand-raised pigeon in need of a forever loving house!
In  Southern California. 

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As many of you know, I’m from Mexico and I can’t help a lot, so you guys are y hope, if you are interested please write to me and I’ll put you in contact with the rehabber.

@tinysaurus-rex I’m sorry for bothering you, but could you please share this if it’s not asking too much? and, do you know anyone else that could help spread the word?

Hatred (Part 2)

So many people were requesting a part 2 I decided to start that right away! Hope you all like it!

Part 1: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157668611423/hatred

Part 3: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157992846283/hatred-part-3

Masterlist: https://beronica-josie.tumblr.com/post/157919516668/masterlist

Summary: After what happened at Betty’s party, you decided you needed to talk to Jughead. At first he doesn’t want to discuss it, but later he invited you to the drive-in to talk about it. Things get a bit heated just before someone finds out.


It’d been days since your and Jughead’s make out session and you were still reeling from it. You wanted to see him so badly, but you didn’t think it was a great idea. You saw Jughead in the hall on Tuesday, but he refused to even look your way. You had to do something to get his attention.

On Thursday, you saw him and Betty talking after school. This was your opportunity. You rushed over to them, smiling at Betty. “Hey Betty, do you want to hang out and study for the history test tonight?”

Jughead glanced over at you. He knew he had to keep up the act, but he wanted an excuse to see you again. “Actually, Betty, I was going to ask if you wanted to go to Pop’s with me after school?” Jughead said, his voice rigid.

Betty never liked to let anyone down, but this could be a problem. “Um, how about we all just study for the test together at Pop’s?” She smiled brightly, hoping it would encourage you and Jughead. “Can you guys handle that?”

You glanced at Jughead quickly, before looking back to Betty and smiling sweetly. “I think we can get along for a little bit.” Jughead nodded, looking away. This could be great, or it could be a huge mistake.


You and Betty have your last period together, so you headed over to Pop’s together. You both sat down in a booth and pulled out your history notes. Jughead showed up a few minutes later, and sat next to Betty across from you.

“Okay, so let’s quiz each other.” Betty suggested. She looked at you first. “[Y/N], who was the fourth president of the United States?”

“It was one of the James’s… Monroe?” You guessed hopefully. Memorization was always hard for you.

“Madison, stupid.” Jughead said flatly, rolling his eyes at you. You looked at him, annoyed. Why was he being a jerk again?

“Be nice, Jughead.” Betty warned him. “Okay, this one is for you. What party did Jefferson belong to?”

He thought for a few seconds. “The Anti-Federalist party?”

“Actually, they were called the Democratic-Republicans.” Betty told him.

If Jughead was going to be a jerk, you would, too. “That was so obvious.” You stated.

“You two need to be nice or I’m going to leave.” Betty threatened. You couldn’t let her leave yet. You hadn’t gotten to talk to Jughead yet.

The questions continued for quite some time. You continued to get questions wrong because you couldn’t really focus on history with all of the questions about Jughead floating around in your head. Eventually, Betty excused herself to go to the bathroom. This was your chance.

“What’s your problem?” You whisper-hissed at Jughead. “Why are you being an asshole again?”

“Nothing’s changed. We’re continuing like we always have.” He crossed his arms across his chest. His eyes gave nothing away.

You looked at him, incredulous. “So that didn’t mean anything for you? You’re the one who started it!” You glanced around to make sure nobody was listening.

He sighed. “Just let it go, [Y/N]. It’s a bad idea to let things escalate.”

“Why? What are you afraid of happening? Betty would be super excited about it! Nobody would care!”

“It’s more complicated than that. Just let it go.”

“Fine, but here’s my number in case you change your mind.” You hissed. You quickly scribbled your number on a napkin before throwing it at him. “I’m leaving. Tell Betty I felt sick and went home.” You quickly gathered your things and walked out.

What was Jughead talking about? How could this be so complicated? He was the one who told you not to worry so much about what others thought, but he was too scared to let anyone know something happened between you two? Whatever. Screw him.


The next day went by uneventful. Jughead had put you in a bad mood, so everything was getting on your nerves.

“How do you think you did on that test?” Betty asked you after school. “I think that study session really helped. We should do that more often.”

You sighed. “I’m pretty sure I flunked it. I’m not sure why-” you knew exactly why- “but I felt really distracted. Maybe I’m getting-” before you could finish your sentence, your phone beeped, indicating you had gotten a message. “Sorry, Betty. I should probably take this. My mom probably wants me to pick up something from Pop’s for dinner.”

“No problem. I’ll text you later.” She said before leaving.

You checked your phone. It was a message from an unsaved number. “Meet me at the drive in” it read. Was this Jughead? You desperately hoped so.

You rushed home to change. You changed into a shirt that hung a bit low and swiped a bit of your favorite lipstick on. You were going to show him what he was missing.

As you walked through the entrance of the drive in, you heard someone call your name. You turned, seeing Jughead with his head poking out of the door of the projection booth. You walked over and he let you in.

You stood awkwardly near the door while Jughead leaned against the opposite wall.

He eyed you up and down. “Why are you dressed like that?” He laughed.

You crossed your arms over your chest. “This is how I usually dress.” You tried to keep a straight face.

“I don’t think it is. You came prepared to seduce me, didn’t you?” He laughed again.

All the color drained from your face. Why was he being so mean? “No!” You weren’t going to let him laugh at you anymore. “Why did you even tell me to come here?” You asked, annoyed.

He sighed. “I wanted to apologize for being so mean to you at Pop’s the other day.”

“Damn right, you should apologize.”

“It’s just…” he sighed again, looking away from you. “I don’t understand why. You’re the most annoying person I’ve ever met.” You rolled your eyes at him. He looks back at you before adding, “But I like you.”

“That’s it? You invited me over here to tell me the reason you kissed me was because you liked me? Even though you actually hate me?” This boy was so confusing.

“No. Yes. I’m not sure.” You could see he was conflicted.

“Why did you even kiss me if you thought you hated me?” You asked.

“You looked so pretty. And you were so closed to me. I just couldn’t really stop myself.” He refused to look you in the eye. You walked closer to him. You placed a hand on each of his cheeks, forcing him to look you in the eyes. Before you could stop yourself, you connects your lips with his.

He quickly unfolded his arms and placed one on each side your waist, pulling you closer to him. You could feel the same hunger on his lips as you felt that night in the closet. You moved your hands so you could dig your fingers into his soft, dark hair.

After a few minutes you pulled away. Your lips ghosted over his jawline up to his ear. “I bet you like the way I’m dressed now.” You whispered. You could feel him smile against your neck. Your lips travelled down to his neck where you lightly placed kiss after kiss. He let out a soft sigh when your lips passed over a certain spot near his ear.

Before you could do anything, Jughead pulled your face back to his. His eyes were dark. He moved his hands to cup your cheeks and crashed his lips onto yours. His kiss was rougher than before. You sighed, enjoying the feeling of his body so close to yours.

All of a sudden there was a sound at the door. It opened and a figure came in calling for Jughead. You quickly broke away from him, turning towards the door. It was Betty. You moved a few feet away from him as fast as possible, but you knew that she had probably seen you.

“Ok wow.” Betty said, shocked. You looked over at Jughead. His eyes were wide with shock. Your lipstick was smeared across his face and parts of his neck. If he looked like that, you could only imagine how messy it was on your own face.

You turned bright red. This couldn’t be happening. “Uh, I need to go.” You said before practically running out of the door, pushing a still shocked Betty.


Guys, so I helped design this puppy kyung (퍼피큥) some time ago and now it’s open for prepayment.

If you want to buy it you can check their twitter acc here >> https://twitter.com/b_0506_doll 💕

You can check the ongoing Group Orders in their twitter’s RT. I am not the one who handle the acc so if you have question about doll production you can ask the acc owner.

I made this post since the Corgi Cape is only available for prepayment buyers so I hope no one will miss the Corgi Cape (if you interested to buy one) ㅠㅠ

Thank you so much for reading this! 🙇‍♀️ 💕

anonymous asked:

if this makes you uncomfy pls ignore me and i apologize in advance, but it's a situation hitting rly close to home right now and i could use some chocobro support so, i was wondering if i could ask for how the chocobros would handle it if their s/o was being harassed by an awful ex? not in person but by texts, email, rumors etc. just being super mean and all-around gross. ;-;

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that, anon! That is definitely not okay and I’d be calling someone to go beat them up asap. If that’s not an option, then block them on everything you can! Nobody deserves harassment. I hope the chocobros can cheer you up a bit for the time being.

Sending all our love & support~


Absolutely none of the guys will take this matter lightly. Though some of them may not show it as much as the others— they will be livid. Make no mistake when I say that they will be your literal knight in shining armor. Nobody messes with their s/o, no matter who they are— or used to be.


You’ve been trying to keep it from him— downplaying the entire situation. The texts, the calls, the emails, all of them you open but delete, checking over your shoulder every time Noctis may be around. The last thing he needs is to be bothered with this nonsense when he’s got princely-business to attend to. After all, the two of you are fresh into your relationship and you certainly don’t want to bring your old dirty laundry into the mix.

However, the ruse isn’t kept up forever. The prince may be lazy, but he’s no fool. He catches you the first evening you decide to stay the night at his apartment. It was supposed to be a momentous thing— a mile stone, if you will— and it had been… until your phone started going off while you were in his bathroom brushing your teeth.

You don’t hear it over the water, but you do hear Noctis say something about a call coming in. Thinking that it’s your overzealous best friend hitting you up for deets on the prince’s preference of underwear, you tell him to answer it— chuckling to yourself when you picture your friend’s reaction.

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BTS REACTIONS: Them receiving a cute message from you expressing your love.

JIN would be totally giddy. He’d message you back and express how much he’s been waiting to hear that. Then for the rest of the day he’d be telling the other members how much he loves you and how he thinks you are the one. He’d never shut up about you.

Originally posted by cyyphr

RAP MONSTER would be glued to his phone more than usual. He’d respond by asking you follow up questions, just to know how serious you are. He’d be anticipating every response. He feels the same way, but would want to know that you’re serious before coming clean about how he feels.

Originally posted by park-jimizzle

SUGA would secretly be super happy, but he’d try to respond calmly and unfazed. Deep down he is a romantic at heart and appreciates that you shared this with him, but he’d be too scared to tell you how he feels. He’d need you to prove your love.

Originally posted by kuromel

JHOPE wouldn’t even think twice before responding. The moment you sent your message was the moment you opened the door to J-LOVE. He’d express how he felt and the proceed to be super cute with you. I’d be like you’ve been together for years.

Originally posted by hobipd

JIMIN would tease you and make you explain it in 101 way before he gives his answer. Not only because he loves messing with you, but because he’s stalling to decide how to express himself. He’d just sneakily slide them in you guys conversation. He wouldn’t want to make it into a big deal, just let it be known and continue to act the same (for now)…with a few benefits.

Originally posted by xafsa

V much like J-hope would not waste anytime to start the cute messages and silly pet names. He’d even give you guys matching couple phone cases. Overall, he’d handle it well. He has felt this way for a while and was just waiting to see if you felt the same.

Originally posted by jjks

JUNGKOOK would probably wait a day or two before responding. Even though you can clearly see that he saw your message, he’d still just ignore it for a bit. He’d be asking all the members and his other friends for advice. After getting a lot of different opinions, he’d just go with his gut…and spill it. I’d be awkward for a bit, but after a while you guys would get closer.

Originally posted by darkfrinda

I experimented a bit with the filters Tumblr has and I absolutely love this red one - I just think it adds something romantic (what do you think? :) )

 I just wanted to post this again, to cheer you guys up a bit (mostly myself, because I can’t handle this lol)

 I hope the quality is better 

 No reposting pls

Original artwork on my blog (come check it out if you want! ;) )

2 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,687 
sorry it’s shorter than usual

warnings: swearing, violence, blood, choking (not in a sexy way) & talk of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome 

Originally posted by dangerously-jamless

masterlist | ask | prev | next

Two hours, they’d been gone. Two hours, that you’d been left all alone. Most people in your situation would think about leaving, about running away. Not you. Something in your blood told you to stay put. What kind of Stockholm Syndrome was this madness?
Jungkook had let you have full roam of the house, an interesting concept considering only hours beforehand you were their prisoner. Their werewolf prisoner. Even after 120 minutes alone with your thoughts, your mind couldn’t process that you weren’t you any more, that you weren’t human any more. Distracting yourself from the unanswered questions you managed to take a good look at your surroundings. The house itself resembled something from a TV show, the walls were decorated with eccentric wallpaper prints and there wasn’t a spec of dust to be seen in the entire building.

Walking into the brightly coloured lounge area you jumped out of your skin and a piercing scream almost escaped your lips when a man you didn’t recognise stood in the doorway. He looked down at you in surprise, though he didn’t budge an inch. There was no denying he was handsome, apparently a running theme in this household, dark chocolate hair adorned his soft features, his eyes were large and feline like, hiding beneath thick eyelashes and an abundance of negativity.

Who the fuck are you?” He spat as he clasped his hand around your neck, slamming your back into the nearest wall.

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Steve Rogers #1

You sat between Steve’s legs, your back pressed up against his chest, listening to the other Avengers talking about Thor’s hammer. Steve played with the strands of your hair, causing you to start falling asleep. You grab his hand, kissing the back of it. You look at him to find that he is already looking at you with a smile on his face, he wraps both arms around you and kisses your forehead. You still had no idea how you became so lucky to end up with Captain America as your boyfriend. You had been dating for 3 years, he had asked you out soon after you had defeated Loki and of course you had said yes. You had joined The Avengers because of your powers, you were able to control elements, with the move of your hands you could create fireballs, ice things over, control water, lift the earth up and create blasts of air that sometimes were strong enough to knock Hulk over.

“You okay Doll?” Steve asks.

“I’m fine. I was just thinking, that’s all.”


“Us and this.”

You hold out your hand and create a tiny fireball, that hovers just over your palm.

“It’s a magic trick.” Clint says pointing to Thor’s hammer.

Your fireball quickly disappears as you move your hand to rest on Steve’s arm.

“I love you and your amazing powers. Especially when I can just hand you my beer and you can instantly make it cold.”

You giggle at Steve’s comment and snuggle more into him and carry on listening to Clint and Thor talking about the hammer.

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Partners in Crime-Loki One shot

                                                    Loki x Reader

“ I cant believe I let you rope me into thing.” you whisper harshly . Loki rolls his eyes at you , then directs his attention back to your targets.

“  You said yes before I even got a chance to tell you whats going to happen ! i didn’t need to rope you in you fool. It’s too late to back out now, you’re guilty by associate dear.” he says with a wicked grin.  Loki barged into your room 20 minutes ago claiming he had a fun idea to screw with the team.  You didn’t even need to hear the plan, you just automatically agreed to help.

 The two of you are hiding around the corner , watching as the rest of the team watches F.RI.E.N.D.S. in the Tv room. 

“ Here we go  .” He says deviously , he pushes his hand forward creating a flash of yellow throughout the room . You shield your eyes from the brightnessby hiding behind the God of Mischief .

“ Did it work?” you ask quietly , you peek over his shoulder at the team . They look unaffected by whatever he just did .

“ You’re losing your touch , KoKo.” you tease .

“ How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that ?!”

You send him wink before heading to the TV room to join your friends. Loki comes in after you , taking a empty seat next to you .  You both observe the team , seeing if his plan worked but it clearly didn’t. what a bust. 

Originally posted by crazyintheeast

 Your woken the next morning by a shrill scream , your body kicked into gear as you grab your gun from your bedside table and bolt into the hallway . You follow the chorus of yells through the tower until you end up in the kitchen . You raise your gun when you see the kitchen containing a group of people you don’t recognize.

“ Y/n its us !” A man with Red hair booms .You feel like he looks so familiar , but cant place your finger on why . 

Loki snickers from behind you ,   making realization kick in . You take in the appearances of the others ; your theory is proven correct when your eyes land on the beautiful girl with long brown hair, light blue eyes , and a metal arm .

 You lower your gun as you burst out laughing.

“ Oh my God, this is beautiful!"   Loki is smirking at you , watching as you nearly fall over laughing .

Originally posted by lilpieceofmyworld

” This isn't  funny Y/n! Turn us back now!“ Sam says, his voice was high pitched, and he placed his hands on his waist .

” I don’t know, I’m kinda digging this. “ Tony Says as he looks down his own shirts, ” Boobs whenever I want.“

 The team lets out a mix of gags, complaints and threats to you and Loki  .

” Youll be normal in 24 hours .“ Loki calmly tells them . He grabs your hand , tugging you towards the exit.

” Better hope you guys don’t get your periods within the day!“  you shout over your shoulder.

You hear numerous whines, and some laughter from others.  You turn to Loki with a smile as he pulls you in the elevator.

” You know they are going to want revenge right?“ you ask

” I think I can handle them darling. “ he says, placing his arm around your waist, and a kiss to your cheek .

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

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You took your time - Jeff Atkins (part 1 ?)

Originally posted by sadiaxxstylesxxstiles

Pairing: Jeff atikins x Reader

Word count: 1295

Enjoy xxx

It was already your second week at your new school. Your dad moved here so you had to move with him and leave all your friends behind. You weren’t really sad about leaving them. You were friends with them because they were the most bearable people not because you had much in common with them. You once had a boyfriend, after him chasing you for 5 months and you growing feelings you decided to give it a try. Maybe for once believe in love. Love was something you gave up on since you were 5 or something like that. Your parents were the worst couple ever, you had to face their horrible and enormous fights every night and caught your mom cheating on your dad on top of all that. When you were 12 they decided to divorce. You never really saw a good and healthy relationship so you thought something like that didn’t exist but you decided to give it a try. But when you forget your English notebook and you walked back in class your believe in love disappeared forever. He was hooking up with some cheerleader. Your parents, but also your stupid ass ex-boyfriend, gave you some serious trust issues. You became more the type of girl to do some innocent flirting, it was easier than let your heart get broken again.

On your first day you made one friend, his name was Clay. He had to show you around the school, he was shy at the beginning but after you made some sarcastic jokes about how great school was he started to melt a little and he laughed with you. From that day you spend all your free time with him. Clay was such an honest and caring person, he almost made your question your trust issues. He helped you with school work because you were a little behind, he always sat with you during lunch and when you were lost in the huge building for the 100th time he always helped you find you way. With a clay by your side school seemed bearable.  With Clay you dared to open up again, even tho the friendship was pure platonic he made you trust someone again. You told him everything about how broken you were, how you skipped school for 2 weeks when you found out and how you became so cold.

It was a Tuesday when you were lost again so you decided to call Clay.

“Hey y/n, what’s up?”

“I’m standing at a door with art on it, how do I get outside?”

“You’re lost, again?”

“I’m so sorry  Clay! But this school is like a huge maze.”

“To the left, to the left, straight ahead and at the end again to the left.

“Clay is it really 2 times to the left or do you just like to quote Beyoncé?”

“Just follow what I said.” He said while laughing.

“Oh and y/n I still have your history book, I’m at the library, can you come pick it up?”

“Clay, Where is the library?”

“When you’re outside at your right y/n.” he said with a little sigh.

“On my way babyyyyy!”

“Don’t call me that!”

“I do want I want babyyyy.” You said while laughing with a slightly frustrated Clay.

The library wasn’t really your thing, you didn’t have to put much effort in school. It seemed like when you read or heard something it got stuck in your head forever. Which was a gift since it gave you extra time to focus on volleyball.

When you entered you saw Clay sitting at a table in the back with another boy, he had brown hair and a very good looking face. He had broad shoulders and mesmerising eyes. A good subject to make some trouble with, you thought by yourself.

“Well hello there Clay, who’s your handsome friend here?” you said while winking at the other guy.

“Seriously y/n, we’re studying. I’ll need your book for another ten minutes, is that okay? And his name is Jeff by the way.”

You sat next to Clay and opened your biology book you had with you. You weren’t really going to concentrate. You started with putting your pen between your teeth while throwing some serious flirtatious looks at Jeff. You also licked you lips a couple times while looking him straight in the eye and getting books from the shelf in front of him, in this way he had a nice view on your butt. As hard as he tried to focus on what Clay was saying his glance always came back to you. You heard Clay say they were finished for today, while you were writing down a last note.

You took your book and handed a small note to Jeff.

“You should call me, if you like.” You said with a wink before walking out the library.

When Jeff opened it, it had your number on it.

“Damn Clay that new friend of yours is hot. She’s totally into me, don’t you think?” Jeff said while staring at your number.

“I’ve seen her flirt with a couple guys. Don’t get your hopes up to high. She told me what she’s been through, she’s trouble Jeff. Not that I don’t like her she’s fun and nice to hang with but I don’t think you can handle such a beautiful nightmare.”

“I think you’re underestimating me Clay.”

“No I’m not, I know you’re good with girls but this girl has been through a lot Jeff. She’s got some trust issues you can’t make them disappear with one of your cheesy pick up lines.”

“Cheesy? Dude, Hannah liked it. Instead of judging my pick up lines you should thank me for having a girlfriend right now.”


You were home alone because your dad went on a date with someone he met at a coffee bar a couple days ago. You were making dinner when suddenly your phone rang.

“Hey y/n, it’s Jeff.”

“Well hello Jeff, you took your time on calling me didn’t you?”

“I wanted to call you earlier but I had some homework to do. What are you doing?”

“Cooking my dinner, I’m home alone. Do you feel like joining me maybe?” you asked on a flirtatious tone.

“If you don’t mind I would love too.” Jeff said.

10 minutes after the phone call the doorbell rang and a very handsome Jeff Atkins stood at your door. He was wearing a nice blue t-shirt and black jeans. The shirt made his shoulders look even wider.

“Come in, dinner is ready. I hope your hungry cause I’m really bad at..”

Suddenly Jeff pined you against the wall.

“You better be sure I’m hungry, but not for the food.” Jeff was with you in this flirting game, you hoped. You wouldn’t want anything more than take him with you upstairs. You got to admit the flirting from earlier turned you on a little but you wouldn’t want Jeff to get attached.

“So you want to do this hunh?” you asked while scanning him from head to toe.

“Is that even a question?”

“Well Jeff before all this you got to know I don’t do attachments or anything that even comes close to relationships.” You said while caressing his abs and stopping right above his belt.

“I don’t need attachment to make you go wild babygirl. We can do this sporadically if you’re into that.” He said while he winked at you.

And with that you were sold for Jeff Atkins. You grabbed him by his shirt and dragged him upstairs. Once entering your room  you pushed him onto your bed and started to undress very slowly not breaking any eye contact.

“I’m going to make you feel good Atkins, really good”

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading!

Kenna Rhys of Stormholt

I love Kenna. Because she has this strong will that I wish I had. I mean, you can see the way she handle those sad moments when her loved ones died in front of her own eyes. She never let it break down her spirit to reach her goal. If I were in her place, I don’t think I can’t handle it. I’ll totally freaked out because yeah, suddenly your mom’s dead, and you have to face the cold blooded Nevrakis people, then the person that was like a father to you was killed by Helene, then your bodyguard also died in the hands of a witch, and you have this gazillion of people that you have to take care of. Man, I’ll totally gone nuts!

I don’t know how Kenna can handle all of that without having a mental breakdown. Gosh, next chapter she will face the Iron Empire 😱! Please! I hope Kenna’s team will win and nobody’s dead! PLEASE DONT TAKE KENNA, DOM VAL RAYDAN ANNELYSE WHITLOCK OR ANYBODY ELSE’S LIVES ANYMORE!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASSSEEE!!!

Ok, better stop till here. If not this post will be longer and I don’t think you guys will read it.. haha. Well, my sister gave the idea to draw Kenna first. Gimme some thumbs up if you guys like it.

See yall in the next post.😘

Covering Up Mistakes

Hey, Lovelies, this has been in my computer files for awhile now, and since the blog is going through changes that have given me a bit more creative freedom I decided to post it, so please give it a chance. Hopefully, you all enjoy and thank you!

Word Count: 3073

The parlor was calm today as you sat in the back sketching yet another piece of art you would soon permanently ink onto someone’s skin. It was a simple enough design evolving a stormy sky with a single lighting bolt that would travel down the customer’s spine. The client, John you thought his name was but could not be sure sat impatiently beside you breathing over your shoulder as he awaited the final design.

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Forbidden Dancer

Pairing: Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) / Reader

Genre: Fluff (for now)

Words: 2.7k

Summary: You were a new trainee for an upcoming new girl group for BigHit Entertainment.

A/N: This is my first short story so hopefully it doesn’t suck

Part 2 | Masterlist

You were one of twelve girls competing for a new six member girl group, the only thing was you were the worst dancer. When you audition, your voice was what won them over and lucky enough you didn’t have to show any dancing abilities.

While learning the steps you were all over the place. It was like you were dancing with two left feet. You just couldn’t get the steps right. The dance steps weren’t all that easy either, the theme for the group was a lot more edgy then most girl groups.

It was the day of the first round of elimination, meaning three girls will be cut lose….and judging by your moves, you didn’t stand a chance.

As you were waiting for the judges with the rest of the girls, you felt like your stomach was going to explode. You never felt more nervous in your entire life. You were picturing the steps as best as you could, as you still had a few seconds to spare.

“Hello ladies.” The judges made their way to their seats. “We just wanted to thank you all for your hard work this week and good luck to you.”

“Also we thought it would be fair to have some fresh talent in the company to help us with a decision.” The other judge spoke up.

Just then the rest of the girls excitement snapped your attention to the familiar faces walking through the studio doors.


‘For fucks sake’ not only are you going to embarrass yourself in front of the company, you are going to embarrass yourself in front of your idols.

“So J-hope, Jimin, and Jungkook will help us make a final decision on who will make it to the next round.” One of the judges announced. So you figured they are picking girls with more of a dancing ability first.

Great! The dancing line of BTS will send me home.’

The rest of the boys took seats to the side just to watch the process.

“Positions ready!”

Here’s to the end of your dream…

As predicted you did horrible, you even tripped over your own feet, bumping into the girl in front of you. Not only that you saw the boys smirk as you did so.

“All right girls.” That was the signal for you to stand at attention waiting for the names to be called.

“We will announce the ladies that will go forth to the next round…”

One…two…three….as each name was being called and not yours, felt disappointing but deep down you knew you weren’t good enough. Four….five….six….seven….

“Y/N Y/L/N…” What?! Was I dreaming. You had to be.

The girl next to you nudged you so you could step forward. You looked up relieved you were called and couldn’t help but notice a big smile looking your way. J-Hope. THE Jung Hoseok was smiling at you, almost like he was proud, like he could see right through you, that you wanted this more then anything.

After the rest of the names were called, you couldn’t help but feel crushed at the ones that weren’t. This past week of training, you bonded with everyone. It was hard to see them go, but unfortunately this was a competition so you knew things will get competitive sooner or later.

“Okay ladies…we are going to split you up into three different groups. And each group will have J-hope, Jimin, or Jungkook as your mentor. They will teach you a routine that they created for you to perform for us for your next round.”

Here you were standing in a studio with two other girls, which you can tell you were the worst dancers out of the other six because your mentor was J-Hope, the dance leader in BTS.

As he was showing you the first eight count you couldn’t stay focused. He was just so good looking that you couldn’t help but stare.

“You got it?” He asked.

“No.” You simply said, which made him laugh.

“That’s okay, I’ll show you again.” He said, only looking at you. You looked down blushing from your embarrassment.

For the next half hour, he basically showed you guys the whole routine multiple times, at least for you.

“Okay good, from the top.”

As you were trying your best with the routine, one of the moves had you landing on your ankle the wrong way. As soon as you hit the ground, J-Hope was at your side immediately.

“Are you okay?” He asked politely.

“Yeah, never better.” You tried to hide the pain away.

“Okay….that’s enough of practice, go get some rest.” He said looking at the other girls.

“Do you need me to take you-”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” You cut him off.

J-hope just arched his eyebrows at you. “Really I’m fine, I just twisted it.”

He grabbed under your arms helping you get to your feet. He put his arm around your waist as he led you to the door. The gentle touch had your stomach ache with butterflies.

As J-hope got you back to your dorm, he immediately went in the hunt for an ice pack and some aspirin.

“Her- hey what’s wrong?” J-Hope sat down next to you.

“It’s nothing.” You wiped your eyes.

“Okay, but whenever you want to talk I’m here.” He sweetly smiled at you.

“I’m just…..pathetic…I don’t even know why I left home for this.” You said lifting your swollen ankle.

“How am I going to make it when I can’t even dance, what’s the point.” You continued. “I’m surprised I even got through the first round.”

“We voted you through.” Jhope proudly stated.

You looked at him stunned. “Why? It’s clear the other girls were better then me.”

“We saw your first solo audition…you deserve to be here.” You shook your head to disagree.

“You were there?” You blushed.

“The thing that stood out the most with your audition was that you know how to perform…the way you sing with so much passion and emotion is breathtaking…and Yoongi agrees with me.” Really? Suga?

“I don’t understand…all the other girls here can sing and dance.”

“That doesn’t matter….not all idols can dance.” He raised one eyebrow making you laugh.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He smiled at you.

“Thank you.”

“And you have nothing to worry about I’ll help you with your dancing….before and after you kick all these other girls asses.”

When you got to the dance studio the next day, your ankle was a lot better. It was still very sore so you had to make do with an ankle brace for now.

“Good job….we’re gonna own this competition.” Hoseok shouted making the other girls giggle. “Day off tomorrow you guys deserve it.” Then they left with just J-hope and you alone.

“Do you wanna continue, just the two of us?” He smirked at your response.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Referring to your slight limp.

“No worries, I got this.”

Your ankle actually wasn’t giving you problems, it was your lack of dance skills.

“It’s okay try again.”

The dance move was some kind of complicated hip thrust, which you were too stiff to get right.

“You need to losen up a bit more.” He laughed.

“I can’t.” You pouted.

“Here.” Hoseok came up right behind you, he grabbed your hips and slowly guided you through the dance step.

He was close enough you could feel his breathing on your neck.

“Can you show me again?” You blushed.

As told he leaned into you, swaying your hips along with his.

“You got it?” He whispered into your right ear.

You slightly turned your head, you felt the blood rush up to your face, just from the way he was looking at you. As you saw him leaning in, a voice interrupted.

“My eyes!” You heard a voice that sounded familiar.

“What’s going on?” You both jumped away from each other. You saw Jimin and Jungkook at the door.

“I suck at dancing.” You nervously said.

You heard the boys slightly giggle.

“I’m just giving (Y/N) extra help, because she sucks.” J-hope laughed.

“Hey!” You pushed Hoseok. “You didn’t have to agree.” You laughed at each other.

“Okay sure.” Jungkook teased.

“We’re going out to eat, want to join us?” Jimin asked looking at you.

“Me?” He laughed as he confirmed yes. “That’s okay, I should be resting my ankle.”

“Okay…..we’ll see ya later.” They started to leave. “Hobi you coming?”

“I’ll catchup…I want to make sure (Y/N) gets home safely.”

“Thank you.” You and J-hope stood outside your dorm. “Do you mind helping me tomorrow?”

“Of course.” He smiled.

Your excitement got the best of you as you jumped into his arms giving him a hug.

You backed away. “I’m so sorry.”

He just smiled and pulled you back into a comforting hug.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” You blushed.

You couldn’t help but stare as he walked down the hallway. He looked back at you with a shy smile.

'Oh god.’ You felt the butterflies in your stomach.

You got dressed to go to the studio, so you can practice but you couldn’t help but feel a little nervous to see Hoseok again.

“Hey where are you going?” Your roommate Soo Young asked.

“I need more practice so I begged J-hope to help me on his day off.” You exaggerated a little to not draw suspicion. Not that there should be anyway, she was training with Jungkook.

“Okay see you later I guess.”

“You got it?”

“Hello?” Oh no. You were caught staring again.

“Sorry…what?” Hoseok laughed.

“Please stay focused.” He smiled causing you to blush.

“I’m sorry.” You looked down to hide your embarrassment.

“I’ll make you a deal, do the whole routine without me…once…we’ll go get something to eat.”

Your eyes grew wide, you knew you didn’t have it all down yet.

“It’s fine…I believe in you.” He smiled. “Ready?”

The song was only one minute, you had to have it by now.

As you did the moves, you were a little hesitant at first, but J-hope nodded in approval.

“Okay, you got most of it….just a few things here and there we need to fix.” You nodded.

“You ready to go?”

As J-hope walked you out, he called for a taxi.

When the taxi arrived he opened the door for you.

“Where are we going, the dorms are that way?” You asked confused.

“I made a deal.”

“But I sucked”

“Trust me it was pretty good.” He giggled at your choice of words.

You stepped into the cab, trusting Hoseok. When you got to your destination, J-hope reached into his bag and grabbed a hat and face mask.

“Just in case.” You could see him smile through his eyes. He opened the door and grabbed your hand so you could follow. It looked like a corner cafe.

“This place has the best kimchi.”

“Hey smiley.” An older lady at the counter greeted. “The usual?” The lady looked at Hoseok, then turned to you. He nodded, basically ordered for you as well.

J-hope grabbed your hand and led you farther into the back of the restaurant.

As you sat down you couldn’t help but admire the beauty before you. The positive aroma that lingered off J-hope was refreshing. These past few weeks were like dark storm clouds that shadowed over your existence and J-hope was the sunshine that lit up your path.

“You know, you really didn’t have to take me out.” You said nervously.

“I wanted to.” He smiled as he took off his face mask. You couldn’t help but blush.

“I appreciate everything you have done for me but what if I don’t get through…I mean the oth-”

J-hope grabbed your hand from across the table. “Don’t put yourself down like that, you’re more amazing then you think.” He looked at you serious, with a hint of sadness.

You felt your eyes get a little watery, but no tears. “Why are you so nice to me?”

Hoseok just smirked. “Because I like you.” He said it like it was obvious. “I know you like me too from all the blushing that you do.”

He was right and of course you were blushing again. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Why are you covering your face?” He asked.

You put your head down on the table to hide your face even more.

“Don’t be embarrassed, it’s cute.”

“Here you go….hope you enjoy.” You put your head back up as the older lady placed the kimchi in front of you.

You both thanked the sweet lady as she returned to her counter. You saw J-hope smiling into his food.

As you and Hoseok was walking up to your doorstep, you couldn’t help but feel down that the night was over.

“So I’ll see you tomorrow then, thanks for dinner.” You said as you leaned on your door.

“It’s no problem.” He smiled at you.

You slightly turned around and started to head in. You noticed it was dark inside. 'Where was your roommate?’

JHope was slowly walking backwards saying good bye, but almost like he didn’t want to leave. “Okay goodbye.” He laughed nervously.

“Wait.” You started to walk inside but Hoseok interrupted you.

The next thing to happen was almost like a dream, the farthest from reality, at least for you.

J-hope walked right up to you gently grabbing your neck and next thing you know his lips were engaged with yours. The sensation made your whole body go into shock, the tingling feeling from your lips, down your spine.

But before you could respond he slightly pulled away leaving his forehead gently resting on your own. You could feel the heavy breathing warm up the small space between you.

You closed up the small space, kissing him desperately. Hoseok leaned more into the kiss as he backed you up into the wall.

You could feel him smile into the kiss. Hoseok gently reached around your lower back pulling your hips together. Just as the kiss got deeper with both of your lips in sync, you heard a faint gasp.

“What is going on?” You both turned in shock from the mystery behind the voice. Soo Young. Your confusion settled in as she looked like she just saw her boyfriend cheating on her.

“Nothing….I was just leaving.” J-hope tried to escape the awkward encounter. His smile did not make you feel any better as your roommate looked at you annoyed.

“Okay I’ll see tomorrow (Y/N).” J-hope walked past your roommate. You saw him make a face behind her back that made you almost burst out with laughter.

You just turned and walked into your room.

“Now I see.” Soo Young’s voice followed you.


“Using J-hope for your own personal game.” She crossed her arms.

“What are you talking about?” You were generally confused. You never seen your roommate act this way, she’s always been sweet.

“It’s clear that you don’t have what it takes but here you are….seducing someone who can clearly have a say in your career.”

“That’s not true!” You argued.

“Then why are you having private tutoring?”

“Because J-hope is trying to help me, with his own free will.” You snapped.

“You know what, say what you want, I’m working just as hard as everyone else.” You didn’t want to fight with her, you’re just wasting your breath.

“Yeah by cheating.” The look on her face was pure hatred.

“Why are you acting this way? If you’re so sure that you’re better then me, then you have nothing to worry about.”

“I am….and I don’t have to act like a slut neither.” Then she went to her side of the room not caring for a respond.

You could feel the tears fall as you walked into the bathroom. Your first thought was that you didn’t want to stay here, you didn’t want to even sleep in the same room with her. Don’t show no sign of weakness; act like it doesn’t bother you, that would only make her feel better in the end. You were here to fight and that’s what you’re going to do.

“Don’t even bother telling J-hope that I was harassing you just so you could get me kicked out….I’ll tell the company first about your little schemes…..just wait until they find out.”

You just rolled your eyes but deep down you were panicking. You have to tell Hoseok, as soon as you see him tomorrow.

What are you going to do?


Masterlist | Part 2

BTS Reaction to: You Having Bad Anxiety

Jin: Hates the fact that his loved one is going through this. What’s even worse is that there’s no way he can “cure” your anxiety. He can do nothing when you’re feeling your worst and he feels so small because of this. “I wish I could make everything better.”

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Suga: Although internally, he’s concerned, he’s more of a tough love guy on the outside. He’ll tell you, “There’s nothing to be anxious for! Give anxiety the middle finger and tell it who’s boss.”

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J-Hope: Looks after you as best he can, playing with your hair, fixing your jacket, trying to talk you down. “What’s so scary about ringing the bank? You just tell them you need help and I’m sure a very friendly person will help you out ~”

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If that doesn’t work, he’ll resort to humour. “Do you want me to scare away your anxiety? I’m big and tough - I’ll handle it for you!” He wishes it were possible, to take on your anxiety and ease your distress. If it were, he would do it in a heartbeat. He never worries for himself as much as he does others, especially you.

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Rap Monster: Rationally talks you through your anxiety. “Nothing bad is going to happen to you. I know you’re anxious but please, just try to overcome it. I’ll be here if you need me.”

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Jimin: He feels everything that you feel so it affects him deeply when you’re anxious, as if he’s going through it too. He will try to help you through it, but if you’re really not able that day, then that’s cool, don’t feel bad! “Let’s go for a walk!” he’ll suggest, holding your hand tightly as you walk.

If you want to talk then he’ll listen but if you just want the calming silence then he’ll say nothing, using gentle touches and longing gazes to convey his support.

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V: Can sense when your anxiety is rising and grows so concerned. “Do you want to leave?” He’ll remove you from the situation, take you outside or to somewhere more private so you can breathe. He’ll also cuddle you, patting your hair and whispering soothing words in that deep voice for as long as it takes until you feel better.

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Jungkook: “I - I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do. Do you want a hug? Uh, some ice cream? I don’t … What should I do? I’m sorry.” Feels guilty that he can’t make your anxiety disappear in the blink of an eye. He’s good at so many things but this is the one thing our Golden Maknae can’t do.

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anonymous asked:

Can I prompt you to make a scenario where Mc uses the taser saeyoung gave ( from the valentines dlc), you can choose if it's angst or fluff either way I love your writing so I won't mind. I hope you have a great day! And thanks so much for all the amazing things you wrote, they really help me after a long tiring day.

right as I posted this I finally figured out what you were requesting omg im so sorry I thought you meant using it on Saeyoung. MC is still using it tho, so..      -Green



-you were getting so frustrated guys u couldn’t handle it anymore

-Saeyoung kept trying to scare you as much as possible. Jumping out of hallways, grabbing your ankle from under the bed and trying to legit p u l l  you under, making all the lights in the bunker go out, anything he could

-you were getting so antsy and just waiting for his next attack , you were so tense

-you had the taser with you pretty much all the time, just in a pocket like it was the most casual thing in the world

-It was later in the evening when he did it again

-you were unsuspecting but still tense, when all the sudden someone grabbed you while you were passing a linen closet and dragged you inside

-you PANICKED and totally forgot it was only you and Saeyoung in the bunker so you just,, 

-did a 180 and tazed that fucker right in the ribs

-and then suddenly U BOTH WERE SCREAMING BC

- “OMG ____ OWWW WHYyYyy”


-you felt SO bad you immediately dropped down to your knees next to him and started to sob bc did you just murder your boyfriend????? oh g o d 

-luckily it was barely a taze and he was fine, just a little ,, s h o ck e d 

-heuheuh lol

-afterwards he promised to stop the scares and you two cuddled all day after that because you were still scared that you accidentally hurt ur baby

-Saeyoung secretly loves it and is glad bc he’s a slut for attention from you and now you won’t stop kissing him every 2 minutes so he feels FInE 

-the best way a plan could fail, he thinks

Tmnt time line in ryhme

In in the year 1984

came comic book heros like never before 

teenage mutant ninja turtles by eastmen and laird 

but for the turtles popularity the two men where not prepared 

In 1987  to 1988 

something happend that was really great 

For that was the year of first turtle cartoon series season

it was a big hit and for good reason

1990 was the year 

the turtles where first braught to theater 

as you probable know 

the movie made dow

So the exectuctives did choose 

tmnt 1991: the secret of the ooze 

the sequal was fair

but i wish it stopped there 

cause Tmnt 3 1993

is something that you cannot unsee

meanwhile the turtles series in 1994 

something went wrong for sure 

the art style looked real crude

they fought this weird bug dude 

the art style flipped 

and the writers tripped 

and shredder was barely around

so its likely it was going in the ground

theres no way you can defend

thats where the 80s turtles series ends 

1996 is where we go over seas 

and we have a turtle reboot made by the japanese 

on paper the idea looks swell

but in reality these two things dont mix well

IN 1997 a live action turtles series was made 

sounds good but its a facade 

for you realise soon 

its silllier than the cartoon 

Venus de milo the one the creators call a mistake 

repitiles dont breast feeds so there probable fake 

1998 things go from strange to stranger 

when the turtles go to space with the power rangers 

and that was the last we saw of the franchise 

until it attracter a pair of 4kids eyes 

Than came turtles 2003 

good for you good for me 

the fandom loved it and loved how it went 

as it focused more time on character developement 

the turtles where outrageous 

the fandom was contagious 


never looked better

but it happend as we feard 

2006 things started to get to get weird 

suddenly the turtles are in the future 

splinter gets stuck in a competer 

theres a whole bunch of shredders running around 

 ans theme song with truly evil sound 

2007 theres a film called tmnt 

didnt work out well you see 

the film was made for the 2003 turtles fans

 so the fans of the 80s couldnt under stand 

it made fans of the orginal furios 

and it took itself too seriuos 

the turtles forever in 2009

It went over well and fine 

a crossover of diffrent turtle adaptations 

but sadly the 80s turtles didnt get the best representation 

still to turtles fans thought it was real fun 

thats when people thought it was the end of the turtle run 

for years the franchise had been gatherd dust of the shelf 

that was until nick rebooted it in 2012

and it was definatly worth the wait 

because the show turned out great 

great balance of comedy drama and action 

and the fandom had a great reaction

2014 then the next tmnt movie was invested 

tmnt fans where interested 

you can tell they where probable disapointed 

when found out the which director was appointed 

yes it was micheal bay 

the hack with the nack as they say 

no he only worked on aq few parts 

but you can tell its his by the  farts 

the fandom wasnt found of the turtle designs 

the actor choises made writers look out of there minds 

its a real agitater 

the only good scenes was in the elavator

2016 came out of the shadows 

wasnt exacly by pros 

but the probs are the same i think we already know 

no lets go back to the nicalodean show 

2017  here we reach the final nick turtles season 

i have to admit its pretty pleasing 

the turtle went though space and time 

and they have stopped lots of crime

brotherly love and forgiven mistakes 

gloriuos battles and painfulll heartbreacks 

but theres no need to pretend 

the tmnt 2012 is coming to an end 

But thats no the end of our turtle teen

theres a reboot planned for 2018 

will it be bad? will it be great ?

i dont know well have to wait 

(( hey guys i really enjoyed making this , and i hope you enjoyed reading it if you didnt sorry, if i just talked any junk about an adaptation you liked please know this was a joke, if i got anything wrong let me know too im a big girl i can handle it, okay bye  love you …………..think i need a drink of water ))