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Did some printing test on old printer paper to ensure my printer was still functional!  (As shown on picture, later today I’ll do some printing on actual sticker paper and not old-kinda grabbed humidity paper haha;;).

This kirby drawing I made a while back got quite a lot of notes, so I decided to turn it into a sticker. The colors are a lot more vibrant in person, but the combined lack of light and crappy phone camera don’t do it a whole lot of justice. They’ll most likely pop out even better on the real paper, so I’m excited to see!

Right You Are

Title: Right You Are

Word Count: 2,154

Warnings: teenage pregnancy, underage drinking, implied smut, probably swearing idk.

Summary: The Reader is the teenage half-sister to the Winchesters. She finds out that she’s pregnant with a fellow, young hunter’s baby. Oh, my.

Pairing: [Sam/Dean x Reader Sibling Relationship]

Author’s Note: Holy wow I’ve posted a lot this weekend. This is the second post today! Hope you guys enjoyed it… I put it together in like an hour or so, so it’s probably not my best. And sorry for the crappy title. I’m bad at coming up with ‘em. Request things!

              You stared forward blankly at your two brothers arguing over which movie to watch while feasting on popcorn and booze. Their playful dispute was merely background noise to what was trudging through your mind. It was an unknown fact to your brothers that you were pregnant. Never in your right mind would you have thought that you would become pregnant during your line of work, especially with your immature age.

              Normally, you would jump right into the disagreement with your own flare and opinions on what you three should watch, but not tonight. Normally, you would beg Dean to allow you to have a beer alongside them, but not tonight. Normally, you would chortle if the movie you had chosen was a comedy or cry silently if it was a tragedy, but not tonight. Tonight, your mind was focused on the fact that you had a small, living being inside of you this very instant. You weren’t exactly sure how far along you were, but the only time you were ever with someone was about four months back.

              A few months ago, you and your brothers went on a hunt and had met up with an older man and their son who was around your age by the name of Jeffrey. Jeffrey was a decent looking boy, his figure standing at a tall height of about 5 feet 10 inches. He had taken an interest in you when you three met up in a local diner of their hometown where strange killings were happening. Jeffrey’s father, Neil, was an old friend of John’s and requested the help of the three of you on the job.

              While Sam, Dean, and Neil went out for a drink in celebration afterwards, you and Jeffrey were left alone in your motel room without the three’s knowledge. They had believed that you were alone in the motel room working on online schooling, whereas Jeffrey returned home. But Jeffrey decided to stay with you. The two of you chatted away, discussing previous hunts and family stories while tapping into Dean’s beer collection in the cooler. As some would say, one thing led to another and the next thing you realized was that your clothes were on the floor and Jeffrey was planting rough kissing along your exposed abdomen.

              You shook the memory from your mind, noting the stares that Dean and Sam were giving you with cocked heads and raised eyebrows. You mimicked their expression. “What?”

              “Are you alright tonight? You seem a little… out of it,” Dean expressed, bringing the rim of his glass of whiskey to his lips, taking a small sip before setting it back down on the coffee table.

              “No, no, I’m fine,” you hurriedly answered, slapping your hands on your knees as you stood from your position. “I… I think I’m gonna turn in, though. You guys enjoy yourself.” You pivoted around on your heels, quickly walking away from the living room, exhaling slowly. You turned down the corridor towards your bedroom, but their voices seemed to force yourself to halt.

              Your brothers talked in low voices, but their words were easy to understand. You pressed your back against the wall, eavesdropping on their conversation.

              “Does she seem a little… not herself tonight?” Dean questioned his brother, the sound of him setting his glass down onto the table echoing through the room. You had only guessed that Sam had nodded at his brother’s question, for Dean was the next to speak again. “I hate saying this… but does it look like she’s gained a little weight?”

              Your hand flew to your abdomen, feeling the slight bump that began to form. You pursed your lips tightly together, mentally cursing yourself for not wearing baggier clothes ever since you found out. You took the test only a few days ago, but it had taken you quite a day or so to finally let the news sink into your brain. You were go to be a mother.

              “I don’t know, man. Maybe she’s depressed,” Sam suggested. “The job gets to you one day…”

              “Maybe,” Dean agreed. “I’m gonna go check on her, okay?”

              Before you were able to hear Sam’s response, you bolted towards your room, opening the door as silently as you could and quickly flopping down onto the bed, scurrying under the covers. You mentally cursed yourself when you realized that you were still dressed in your jeans and had left the light on.

              You heard heavy footsteps echo through the hallway before the sounds stop, you guessing that Dean was at your door. Dean rapped his knuckles softly on the open door. You opened one eye, shifting your body to lay flat on your back. “Oh, hi,” you spoke casually, sitting your body up into an upright position. You leaned your back against the headboard, your covers slipping down your body to reveal your outfit from today.

              “I see you were eager to get into bed. You forgot to turn your light off and change,” Dean commented, stepping fully into your bedroom and sitting on the edge of your bed. “Is there something going on?”

              “No, nothing at all!”

              “Stop lying to me.”

              “I’m not lying to you.”

              “Yes you are. Remember, we lie professionally. I can pick a liar out from the crowd so easily, Y/N. Now, what’s up?”

              You sighed quietly, plopping your arms in your lap in defeat, averting your eyes away from his gaze.

              “Well now I know something’s up. C’mon, Y/N, you can tell me.”

              “You’ll get mad,” you mumbled, looking down into your lap, beginning to twiddle your fingers.

              “No, I won’t.”

              “You don’t know that for sure.”

              “Well neither do you,” he defended, arching his eyebrow. “C’mon, kiddo. What’s up?” He scooted his body up closer to you, pressing a gentle hand on your kneecap for support.

              You withdrew a long string of air, hesitantly directing your attention back at him. “I made a mistake.”

              “We all do, Y/N,” Dean spoke softly. His tone of voice seemed to calm your nerves slightly.

              You attempted to swallow the large lump that was forming within your throat, but failed. Tears began to prick your vision. “I’m sorry, Dean.”

              “For what? Y/N, you’re starting to scare me.”

              A boost of courage coursed through your veins. It was now or never. “I’m pregnant.”

              Dean’s eyes widened, his mouth forming into an ‘o’ shape. Conflicted emotions crossed his facial features. First, denial. Then, shock. Angst. And for the finale, anger. Frustration. Dean abruptly stood from his previous position, staring at you for a brief moment before stalking out of the room. You leaned your head back on the headboard in defeat, a few struggling tears sliding down your cheeks. Dean stomped back into your room only a few seconds after, his hands on his hips and lip pouting into an angry expression. “What were you thinking, Y/N?! You’re 17!”            

              “I was actually 16 at the time,” you muttered, glancing down into your lap as guilt rushed through your body. You knew this would be how he reacted. You knew he would be upset. You knew they both would be.

              “Son of a bitch!” Dean shouted, throwing his arms up in the air as he began to pace about your quarters. He shook his head out of anger, his bottom lip tugging between his teeth. After a few moments of pacing, Sam walked into the room to see what the commotion was. Before he was able to ask what was wrong, Dean opened his mouth to speak. “Who’s the father?”

              “Whoa, what?” Sam asked, his brows furrowed and attention darting between you and Dean.

              “Who’s the father?!” Dean demanded again, taking a step towards you.

              You hadn’t meant to, but your initial reaction was to flinch away from his words. You knew Dean would never harm you, but the tone of his voice frightened you for some reason. You had never heard him this way. Whenever he was pissed at you before, you knew that everything would be alright. This time, you weren’t sure.

              Dean noted the way you turned away from him, his behavior phasing from anger to slight guilt. He stared at you for a few beats before pivoting around on his heal and stalking out of the room.

              Sam’s attention stayed on you, his shoulders hanging low and an expression of disbelief sketched on his face. When you thought he was going to follow Dean, he surprised you. He stepped forward to your aid, sitting on the spot where Dean once sat asking what was wrong. He leaned his head back against the headboard, reaching his arm out towards you and reeling you into his side. You rested your head against his broad shoulder, staring forward at the dresser against the back wall.

              “When you’re ready to talk about it, I’ll be ready to listen.”

              You merely nodded your head, fluttering your eyelids shut for a second before looking back up at him. “Jeffrey.”

              Sam inhaled deliberately. He closed his eyes, slowly nodding his head. “Does he know?”

              “No,” you replied simply, looking up at your older brother. “I just found out a few days ago, anyways.”

              “Are you going to tell him?”

              You pursed your lips together, debating on how to answer. You weren’t sure whether or not to tell Jeffrey if you were with child. You knew how hard it was to maintain relationships in your lifestyle. It would be near impossible to raise a child together when he lived four states over.

              “I don’t think so,” you finally answered.

              “You’re not going to be alone in this. You know that, right?” Sam asked you, looking down at you.

              “You promise?”

              A soft smile played on his lips, lifting your spirits up slightly. “Of course, Y/N. Dean and I would never leave you in a time of need, alright?”

              You nodded your head, though you didn’t really believe his words fully. You knew Dean meant well, you really did. You were just fearful that he wouldn’t be able to forgive you for this…


              To your surprise, you fell asleep in Sam’s arms that night. He had stayed in your room far past then what you thought he would, telling you some stories from his college days that he hadn’t reflected on in a great while. Sam was still there when you woke up, his sleeping figure looking peaceful. You wiggled out of his grasp in hopes of not waking him, smiling at him before leaving your bedroom.

              You traipsed down the long corridor and into the kitchen. You saw Dean sitting at the kitchen counter with a mug of coffee and a newspaper in his hands. He didn’t look up from his readings when you walked in and you were partially grateful. You walked over to the fridge, opening it and grabbing the container of orange juice. You shut it with a bump of your shoulder, setting the juice down on the counter and walking to a cabinet to retrieve a glass. You heard the papers shuffle, Dean’s throat clearing in the process.

              You knew that this conversation was going to happen one way or the other. Soon or later. You just had wished for it to be later. You pivoted around on your heel, stalking to the counter and setting the glass down. You looked up at Dean and poured yourself a glass of the juice. You propped your elbows on the counter and leaned your weight on them, raising an eyebrow and waiting for him to say something.

              “Look, Y/N… I know I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. I’m sorry if I scared you.” His apology was sincere and you could sense his guilt within his tone of voice.

              But you weren’t sure how to reply. Thanks? It’s okay? I’m still mad at you? You gripped down the cup, bringing it to you lips and taking a small sip and setting it back down on the counter.

              Dean sighed, setting the paper down onto the surface and standing from his seat, walking over to you. He placed a firm yet gentle hand on your shoulder, bending down slightly to look into your eyes. “I know how I acted was insensitive. It’s just… this lifestyle. It’s gonna be really difficult to raise a child into it. And you’re so young…”

              “I know,” you spoke. “I know it’ll be hard. I know I made a mistake. But Sam told me you two would help me through it all… so it gives me hope that we can pull it off. I know I’m young. I know our lifestyle sucks. I know our lives or damned to a short lifespan. But we can make it work. We always find a way, right?”

              Dean smiled halfheartedly at you before nodding his head in agreement. “Right you are.” And with his words, he pressed a firm kiss on your temple.    


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7/21 : Meta Misha Cas
“R O T F L M A O.”

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test drive; jongkey; 5134 words; NC-17

this is a collab between me and the lovely kpop-drop-and-roll/chaegjang based off an au where i posted on here in which jonghyun is a used car salesman and key is a college student looking for a car. hopefully everything flows together well considering we each had different parts to write but all in all i’m rather proud of this and i hope you enjoy it!

Business was slow today and his fingers and throat itched for some kind of release that didn’t include rubbing his hands back and forth and running his mouth about how good that crappy twenty-year-old sedan was.

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