hope you enjoyed the few i had!


Pairing: J-Hope X reader
Genre: Fluff that turns to Angst
Word count: 1,017
Summary: Even the sun can be taken by darkness, so what do you do when your sunshine isn’t who they usually are?


So I tried my hand at a bit more angst, it does start kinda fluffy, but I tried! I hope you all enjoy!
~Mod Phoenix


‘I can’t believe I can finally go to one of their performances at music bank!’ You thought to yourself excitedly. You had been dating Hoseok for about a month and he finally asked if you wanted to come to a filming. You quickly accepted and now you stood backstage, able to watch your boys from the side as well as the monitor before you.

The boys were still getting prepped, so you waited where it was less crowded. After a few minutes you felt arms wrap around you followed with a sing-songy voice, “Hey there, Y/N! I was looking for you.”

You turned around to see your boyfriend, his arms still around you. “Well, here I am!” You replied with a smile.

“Yeah, are you ready for your first performance? We go on in ten minutes.”

“Definitely! You guys are going to kill it, I’m sure!” You exclaimed, “I know you’ll do great.”

He smiled down at you, “You’re adorable when you’re excited.”

“Why wouldn’t I be excited? I get to see my sunshiny boy perform live rather than watching a prerecorded performance!”

He grinned from ear to ear as he stared on you fondly with his dark eyes, “I’m glad you could come.” Before you could reply the other members made their way over, each of them greeting you happily.

“Hey, Y/N! You made it!” Namjoon yelled happily, ruffling your hair.

“Of course I did, I wouldn’t miss this for anything!” You responded, almost jumping with excitement.

Soon enough the boys were teasing you and Hobi, you jokingly acted angry at the jokes and lightly smacked them. Jimin taunted you more than the others, he ran when you glared at him and you quickly chased after him. When you got back there was only a minute left until they had to perform and they were to take their places.

“Good luck, Hobi,” you beamed as you planted a kiss on his cheek, causing the others to tease or pretend to be sick.

Hoseok didn’t pay any attention to them and smiled, “Thanks, we have to go, but I’ll see you after the performance!” The boys quickly made their way to their positions and were ready to roll.

They were performing Blood, Sweat, and Tears and they had done this dance a million times. Your excitement grew as the lights turned to them and the music started, the vocals, the dance, everything was amazing. The performance was seemingly flawless, until the second chorus. When Hobi jumped he landed wrong, causing him to stumble and almost fall. Your heart dropped, but he soon was back into the choreo so you thought it was a good save. The rest of the stage went as planned and after it was over the boys made their way backstage.

Hoseok walked past you with his eyes trained on the ground, not even sparing you a glance. He trailed the members and looked like his mind was somewhere else.

“Hoseok!” You called as you followed him, he picked up his pace. Soon he was at a brisk walk and you tried to catch up, “Hobi! Wait up!”

He sighed and stopped, turning to you with a dark expression, “What?”

You were taken aback by this uncharacteristic reaction, “Umm, you guys did great out there. I just wanted to say you did a good job and-”

He chuckled and stated coldly, “It wasn’t a good performance, it was probably the worst one yet. So don’t even try.”

You weren’t sure how to react, “Why was it the worst? I thought you did well.”

“Oh yeah, because stumbling and almost falling is always a part of a great performance,” He scoffed with a shake of his head.

“You had a good save though! Come on, sunshine, you did good!” You pleaded.

“No I didn’t, I made a fool of myself and the rest of the guys. Now please just stop trying to make it sound good.” He turned and walked off, but you still persisted.

“Please just talk to me, mistakes happen okay? It happens to everyone at some point, sunshine!” You kept saying the nickname you had for him even before you had started dating.

“Stop it, please,” He called behind him flatly as he picked up his pace, he rounded a corner only to find it was a dead end hall. He groaned and turned to face you, with a sigh of frustration he explained, “Look, I know what happened up there. It was more than just a little mistake, I almost fell! I ruined that performance, not just for me, but for the group as a whole. I don’t care that ‘mistakes happen’, I’m supposed to be the dancer. So stop trying to play it off as if I had just missed a step or used the wrong arm, okay?” His voice was cold, he was beating himself up over this performance and angry. He didn’t want you to push him or else he might take it out on you.

You were oblivious to the fact that he wanted you to go away and continued trying to reason with him, “You didn’t ruin the performance! Just because you are supposed to be the dancer doesn’t mean you have to be perfect all the time. What happened to the sunshiny boy I wished good luck earlier?”

That was his last straw as he closed the distance between you two and snapped, “I’m not always going to be a ball of sunshine, got it? I’m human, just like everyone else, so I have other emotions. You can’t expect me to always be a blissful, happy go lucky person. That’s just unrealistic and if you really thought I was only that sunshiny person, think again. I have emotions too, and I thought I could express them, but apparently I can’t without you asking where the 'real me’ went.” Without letting you answer he pushed past you and walked away.

You were left alone, stunned and eyes stinging with tears. You slowly made your way out of the building, not knowing what to do.

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Stronger Together - Sanvers Packing Fantasy

Prompt from Maggie295: So amazing. Do we get to know what fantasy Alex had Maggie packing again to fulfill? [In response to Chapter 11 http://archiveofourown.org/works/10724550/chapters/24114969]

Also prompt from Tumblr: just some more sanvers strap-on smut lol. I liked the drag king Maggie smut, how Maggie was packing and Alex found out maybe you can implement that again (: [Refers to Chapters 1-3 of Stronger Together]

Hope you both enjoy!

Chapter Text

A few weeks after the drag show, Alex blurted out, “Would you do that again?”

“Do what?” Maggie laughed, knowing Alex would work her way up to whatever it was she wanted to ask.

Blushing, Alex realized that her question really only made sense if Maggie knew everything that was going on in her head up until that point. “Uh, right. Well, you know how you dressed in drag a few weeks ago?”

“Mhm,” Maggie nodded. “Do you want me to put the outfit back on?”

“Not, um, not the full outfit necessarily.”

“So which part of it do you want?”

“The part we had fun with,” Alex mumbled, her cheeks tinged with pink.

“See, I think we had fun with all of it.”

“Maggie,” Alex whined.

“I think it would be hot if you said it, Alex.”

Taking a deep breath and looking slightly above Maggie’s head, Alex rushed out, “I want you to go out packing again.” …(Continued on AO3)

Change Your Mind

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 3,638

Summary: Negan’s twin sister, Cherie Ann, has been in a secret realtionship with Dwight for the past few weeks; how will he react when he finds out?

Warnings: None.

Written For: @cherieann-2001 - Thank you for the request! This was my first ever request and I had a blast writing it. :D

Note: Dwight and Sherry may be slightly OOC; I’ve never written for them, so I’m not too sure how I did. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this!

Tagging: @cherieann-2001, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added/removed? Send me an ask! :D

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We had so much fun with this last time, and you all asked for a new installment, so a few of my friends and I try our best once again to give voices and personalities to YOUR drawings and original characters! This is always such a good time, and I hope you enjoy it, too!!


Star Boys ⭐ soooo… i disappeared for a few days (O   v O);; and THIS is why! (=   w =) i had a tiny revolution inside myself and this is what i made out of it. a product of artists block and k-pop music. i’m going to make a longer post about this piece, with some WIP shots and more of my thoughts in the next day or two, so if that’s your jam~ look forward to it! (^    w ^) else~ i really hope you all enjoy this one! i really poured my heart into it! <3

EDIT: process work has now been posted >here< (o    w o) <3

{Final Chapter: PART 30} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; N/A.

“And in the end, he had everything he had only ever hoped of having; her, only her - for the rest of time.”

Warning: Although this chapter doesn’t have an M rating, there are some scenes of slight mature/sexual content.

This is the final chapter to this series! If you would like to read my author’s note, I have placed it at the end of this post after the chapter for those who wish to see it~ Thank you, and I hope you enjoy IWSY’s final chapter ^^

{Part 1} // {Part 29} {Final Chapter: Part 30}

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You Have No Idea

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the Reader go to school together, however once Peter shows up at Stark tower, the Reader is curious as to why he is there.

Word Count: 1,930

Warnings: language, fluff, adorableness, talk of powers, annoying Tony, shy reader (bc I’m trash). (Err, that’s it?)

A/N: To the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! I sort of changed it up a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind. The length of this, I apologize, holy shit. I could not find a way to end this. *Also, the Reader’s powers are based on the character Catiana (in case you are wondering!) Please let me know what you guys think of it, I’d love some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Walking into school, you held tightly to your backpack and moved swiftly through the crowd, avoiding an “accidental” bump in with anyone that came unexpectedly.

Since you had a few minutes before your first class, you went to your locker and replaced the books in your backpack with the ones you needed today for classes.

Rolling your eyes and groaning as you picked up your heavy Algebra book, you stuffed it roughly into your backpack.

It’s not that you hated math, it’s just you weren’t that great at it, which definitely bothered you since you were in a class full of legit geniuses.

Not only did that class give you anxiety with being called on or not understanding anything, but it was also because there was one nerd who always caught your attention. The one that should probably be in college level math rather than Algebra in some high school. The one who looked so soft and cuddly. The one with the never ending collection of sweaters.

The one named, Peter Parker.

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Unexpected Guests: Page 8

First / Previous / Next (Coming Soon!)

Goodbye Sans, it was nice knowing you.

Anyway, for all my long-time followers, thank you for all your patience–I hope the wait was worth it~! And for the many newcomers, welcome and enjoy the ride, we’re only just getting started. ;D


Summary: Nat does everything in her power to finally get you and Bucky together. 

Warnings: This is pretty much all smut: unprotected sex (please use protection), thigh riding, oral (m receiving), praise kink (kinda?). i think that’s it, let me know if you find anything else

Words: 3.4k

A/N: I finally wrote something! I have a few more pieces in the works now too. Sorry I haven’t been writing as much, but I am trying to work on that. Hope you enjoy. Send me requests here. 


Originally posted by musicfixyou

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG0QONjQCxI)

It’s finally done!!! This is a little something I’ve been working on for the past two-ish weeks. I wanted to have it done in time for the blog’s anniversary but I’m just a tad late. This also ties in with the 10k+ follower surprise I had wanted to do months ago, so it’s just as well ^^;

I wanted to offer a small thank you for everyone’s support and patience with me and this comic. I know I say I’m always jazzed about what I have in store with this story and I know I can rarely talk about it or give details…but there are a few things I can let ya’ll have a sneak peek at. I didn’t even get to all the ones I had wanted to include! Just so you care share in the same excitement as me, hopefully!

One last thing: certain events/updates/even chapters have to happen before some of the previews can occur. And some have to wait in a long line of other things to be started, or finish. We’ll get there when we get there - and I’m confident it’ll be worth the wait <3

I hope you enjoy!

I’m crediting whoever needs to be credited under the cut (or after this sentence, for mobile readers). I’d suggest watching the preview first in case of spoilers!

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anonymous asked:

dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - Part 2

A/N: Sorry on such a long wait for this imagine. I hope that it was worth it though. Enjoy my lovelies:)

The final bell rings, signalling the end of class and also the end of the school day. You start packing up your things with shaky hands, your nerves getting the best of you. It’s Friday today. Which means it’s the beginning of the weekend. This also means that you will be going to Zach’s house, staying there for the next couple of days.

You have been able to stay calm and collected the next few days after he had asked you to sleep over at his house for the weekend, but right now you can’t help but start to feel really antsy. 

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I Own You

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 2508

Warnings: Angst;  rough, unprotected sex; fluffy ending

A/N: I had a mighty need to write some angry, rough Loki… So here you go. I hope you enjoy! 

Originally posted by luvn-loki

A dull headache was the first thing that woke you up. You blinked few times to clear your sight and look at the empty side next to you.

Turning around you noticed that the sheets were a pure mess and then you noticed that it was 2 p.m.

“Ah, great!” you groaned and then pulled to covers to the side.

You were naked and probably got awfully drunk last night.

Then it hit you. You had a fight with the god of mischief before you let tequila possess you.

 You laid back in the bed and tried to remember something more from last night, but you got nada. All you could still feel was the strong smell of the steaming alcohol off your skin.

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Bubble Bath with Negan

For Ash’s 2k writing challenge! As you can probably guess by the title, I chose the bubble bath prompt. I hope you all enjoy reading it, and let me know what you think! Also, I’m not sure why on some, the “keep reading” thing isn’t visible. So if you can’t see it, just go to my blog. The full post is there. 😉

Summary: Negan has been stressed out lately, so you decide to give him a night of relaxation… ;)

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Swearing, Unprotected Sex.

Characters: Negan & You

Words: 1977

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Living at the sanctuary was usually great. Most everyone here got along pretty well, with the exception of a few ungrateful workers. As one of Negan’s wives, you had no right to complain. Life was pretty much as great as it could be, given the circumstances. Negan and the Saviors had found you in the woods one day, half out of your mind and very sick. They brought you back, gave you a place to stay, food, medicine, and well, exactly what it’s called. They gave you a sanctuary.

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Friends With Benfits

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Warnings: holy lord, a lot of sin.

Words: 3627

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’ve written that’s actually one of Dyl’s characters, and I love Stuart so I picked him. I got the idea from my best bb Caitlin. Thanks to @dumbass-stilinski for reading it over, proofreading, and lurking around when I was writing it last night. Hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines


I’ve known Stuart for literally most of my life and ever since he’s left for college we haven’t had the chance to meet up and see each other. A lot of people don’t really know this, but Stuart was ultimately the one who took my virginity. A few days after that night, we couldn’t stand being away from each other, and managed to find our way into his bed again. That night, he made me cum so many times that I lost count. They way his hands, lips, and tongue felt on my warm skin it easily became addictive, especially that wonderful cock of his. For not having sex that many times he really knows what he’s doing and I’m loving it, so much that he’s ruined it for other guys. After so many times that we had fucked we decided to become friends with benefits, none of us declared the whole “no strings attached” rule, because I’ve honestly had a crush on him since we were kids, I just don’t know how he feels about me. It’s been about four or five months since me and Stuart have fucked and I’m going through major withdrawals.

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here we go again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this is based off of this hc that I read! So go read that first!! Anyways, hope you enjoy this little snippet!!

Shiro had sent out Lance and Keith to scavenge the Galra ship because apparently, “You both work great together,” and “It will be an easy task.” And of course, Lance wasn’t about to object with him. So, Keith and him, entered the Galra ship expecting no ambushes. How was he to know that the Galra had a trick up their sleeves?

“Why is it so quiet?” Lance whispered.


“I mean aren’t we supposed to be fighting at least a few Galra?”

“Lance! Just be quiet. I’m trying to concentrate,” Keith grumbled.

Lance wasn’t feeling it. This ship gave him the creeps. And every turn they took caused his danger-alarm to go off. He had tried to tell Keith that they should go back and maybe come back with the whole crew, but that damn beautiful stubborn idiot would not listen. So here they were, turning yet again at another seemingly empty hall.

“I think that we should-” Lance stopped.

“Holy quiznack.” Keith whispered as he took in the sight before them. There, at the end of the hall, were about two dozen Galra soldiers fully armed with their weapons pointing at them.

“Lance?” Keith managed to squeak out.

“Yeah?” Lance quietly replied.


Both paladins took off sprinting as the Galra began firing. They had managed to put a good distance between them and the Galra when Lance was hit by a bright purple laser. The shot pierced through his body and he fell limp onto the floor. (Lance could’ve sworn he passed out for a few seconds there.)

Instantly, Keith was there looking for any signs of blood or cuts. There were none.

“Dammit Lance! This is not the time to be tripping!” Keith barked. Lance whimpered.

“Come on, stand up! We need to get away quickly. This is no time to be joking.” Keith hissed as he pulled Lance onto his feet, unknowingly making Lance’s pain increase as he was dragged forward.

Lance had to admit that it was not Keith’s fault for treating him like that. There was no visible wounds or blood that would show how truly hurt he was. But damn was he trying  his hardest to fight the pain and keep up with Keith.

His vision began to get blurry and his breathing became uneven. He didn’t know how long he could keep running.

“Keith…” he gasped. “Lets hide, please.“ 

"Good idea.” Keith quickly replied as he opened a door and led Lance inside.

The room was dark and Lance couldn’t make out anything. He was trying to find the wall when a sharp pain went through his lungs and he fell down gasping for air. This time Keith made no move towards.  

It took him a few minutes to control his breathing and once he did Lance murmured, "Keith, I think I’m dying.“

And All This Devotion (1/1)

Happy Valentine’s Day, @once-upon-a-captain-swan!

Hi, dollface! I’m your CSSV and had so much fun writing this for you. I’ve enjoyed our little chats over the last few weeks and I hope you enjoy the story. I tried to put as many little touches of you in it as I could. 




The knock came at 2:05. It was tentative, barely pulling Killian out of a dreamless sleep and for a moment, he thought he’d imagined it. Fuzzy-brained, he was a second away from chalking it up to a rattling pipe or noise from the street when another knock came, this one more insistent. 

Tossing the covers off and cursing as he kicked his feet free from the tangled sheet, he padded through the living room, throwing the deadbolt and dramatically pulling the door open, ready to give his untimely visitor hell while wearing nothing more than a pair of boxer briefs and a scowl.

The piss and vinegar was short-lived when his eyes fell onto the figure standing in the hallway. 

Her face was red and blotchy with strands of blonde hair sticking to tear tracks. A cheap diaper bag, stretched to the limits and overflowing, was slung over her shoulder, one of those infant car seats designed for carrying at her feet, the baby inside asleep. 

Chin lifting just enough to convey some measure of pride, her eyes wouldn’t rise enough meet his. When she spoke it was to the dog tags resting on his chest.

“We didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey~ I love your blog so much! Can I request Yoosung, Saeyoung, and Saeran reacting to another member locking them in a closet with MC because they just want them to get together already? You can make it as romantic as you want(ie: maybe some heated smooching;););)) Seriously, you guys are so sweet and funny. Your blog makes my day😭❤👏

Haha, no one’s ever called us funny before. Thank you! Hope you enjoy these~


  • Saeran had been watching Yoosung mope around at the RFA party
  • The blond had been saying he was going to confess to you for awhile
  • But he had literally talked to you three times and said nothing
  • Saeran was sick of it
  • “Hey Chipmunk, are you going to grow a backbone or what?”
  • “No, no! I’ll do it tonight. I know I will!”
  • Saeran knew better, but he decided to help the boy a bit
  • So he told Yoosung to go get his coat from the coat closet…and he told you the same a few moments later
  • He sneaked behind the both of you when  you arrived and pushed you inside and locked the door
  • You start trying to find a way out, but Yoosung is getting flustered because he knows what Saeran did
  • You give up and lean your back against the wall
  • Yoosung is suddenly very aware of how close you are and he can already feel his face growing hot
  • You ask him if he’s okay, and he says he’s fine, but he’s super jittery
  • It’s very hard to keep your distance in a small space, so he ends up backing away from you and slamming his head into the hanging rack
  • He winces in pain and you instinctively bring your hand to the offending area
  • “Oh, no! Are you okay?”
  • He doesn’t respond, too distracted that you are only inches from your face
  • Gathering all the courage he can, he leans forward and pecks your lips
  • It’s like a shock of electricity jolts through you
  • He’s a blushing  mess even though it was only a few seconds of contact….but you could fix that
  • Cupping his face, you bring him down for another kiss, this one longer and more passionate
  • Just before things could get really heated, Saeran opened the door to check on you guys
  • He just throws his hands in the air, “Finally!”
  • You and Yoosung exchange sheepish glances before returning to the party hand in hand


  • The RFA was celebrating another milestone for Jaehee’s cafe, so they gathered there after closing to spend some quality time with her
  • Zen catches you and Saeyoung in a quiet moment
  • You had separated from the group to catch your breath, and Saeyoung had joined you
  • Zen watched as you two just talked quietly, and he saw Saeyoung look at you with that quiet admiration
  • He could tell you two liked each other, but neither one of you had bothered making a move so far….but maybe he could give you a little push
  • He asks if you two could find a supposedly secret surprise for Jaehee out of one of the small storage closet
  • You two go inside to search for it, and Zen quietly closes the door behind you and locks it
  • By the time you both realize it was a lie, you find the door locked and you two trapped in the cramped space
  • Saeyoung thinks it would be funny to tease you, so he tries to get really close to your face
  • You back up against the wall, and he casually leans his hand on the wall behind you thinking he has you super flustered
  • “We’re in a tiny space…alone…in dim lighting. What should we do?”
  • You decide to play along a bit and look up so your noses bump together
  • Your hand had gone to his chest to push him back, but then you noticed something
  • “Saeyoung, why’s your heart beating so fast?”
  • Suddenly he’s the flustered one, and his eyes can’t stop flitting down your lips
  • You’re also very aware of his warm breath fanning across your lips as he drew even closer
  • His breath hitches when your lips graze against each other, then before you know it, he captures your mouth with his and takes control
  • You were dazed when Saeyoung abruptly pulls away some time later
  • His hair is a mess and there’s still a little bit of your lipstick smudged on the edge of his mouth
  • But he just shoots you a smile, “Are you hungry? We should get some food.”
  • He crouches down and picks the lock so the door swings open
  • “Why didn’t you think about that before!”
  • “Sorry, it’s hard to think when I’m in a small space with you,” he mutters before rushing away, his face red
  • You blink a few times before going after him, “Are we not going to talk about what just happened? Saeyoung!”
  • Poor guy just needed some time to process things


  • Saeyoung was in physical pain watching Saeran pine after you
  • He could see he was head over heels for you, but he would never confess because of the guilt he harbored from his past
  • More than that, Saeran had been distancing himself from you
  • But Saeyoung had faith in his own efforts…and also the strong power of small spaces
  • He just grabs you and Saeran by your arms, drags you to the closet, and pushes you in
  • Neither of you say anything while this is happening because you’ve gotten accustomed to his shenanigans
  • Saeran waves his hand dismissively before trying to pick the lock…only to realize someone stole his tool from his pocket
  • When he turned to try to find another thing he could use, he found the closet completely empty except for the two of you
  • Saeyoung had planned well
  • Saeran started banging on the door, demanding to be let out
  • But you stop him, “Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you anyway.”
  • He’s already nervous being so close to you, but he calms down and agrees to listen
  • “I know you’ve been avoiding me,” you say. “I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel uncomfortable somehow, and if you need space it’s fine. Or…is it because there’s something wrong with me? Either way, I’ll back off if you want, I just want to–”
  • At this point, he grabs your face and kisses you full on the mouth
  • It takes you a moment to register when he pulls away
  • His words are jumbled and mixed as he stammers out a confession, and it doesn’t help that you’re kissing him at nearly every sentence
  • But somehow you understand and you can’t even express your happiness
  • After awhile, the fire dies down
  • He tangles his fingers with yours and your foreheads are pressed together
  • You exchange a few soft, delicate kisses before Saeyoung comes back to get you
  • The older twin is happy to see you two together, but makes a run for it before Saeran kills him
  • Saeran doesn’t go after him though
  • He turns to you and squeezes your hand gently, “Come on. I’ll take you home.”  

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Red (Negan x Female)

Summary: Her boyfriend hates when she wears lipstick, but Negan doesn’t mind a little red…

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 3,081

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing

Author’s Note: Ohhhh boyyyy. So I wrote this for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s new writing challenge. I know it’s not due for a while, but I’ve had the idea in my head for weeks and wanted to get it out while it’s fresh. I hope you guys enjoy!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

Big thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader and giving me such wonderful feedback. You’re the best.

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Can I Boop Your Nose?

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: being crazy? Dean being roofied haha

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining’s 2k celebration challenge!!! My word that I picked was ‘Crazed’…I hope that all of you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! :D (*Unbeta’d so any and all mistakes are mine! aka it might be total shit lol)

Dean never thought you’d ever go behind his back like you had a few nights ago. Here he was sitting in a chair, in the mental hospital, in the same room Sam was occupying but now it housed you instead. Dean watched as you sat on the bed, picking up imaginary flowers around you and then proceeded to hand them over to him. Cas told him that you would and have been reacting differently than Sam had. You still see Lucifer here and there, he bothers you at night and whispers lies in your ear. Other than that, it’s almost like your mind is this innocent psychotic child.  

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