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:( The Jig is Up Guys

Hello everyone! 

We here at DashCon2017 apologize profusely for the blatant lies we told about how we would be hosting our convention at McCormick Place in Chicago. We will not actually be hosting it at McCormick Place in Chicago. This is also why we have deleted the original post announcing where we were at.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by this point, DashCon2017 does not actually exist. We will still be updating this blog as the time approaches the date we originally set up for our pretend convention, since we have put a surprising amount of effort into planning some of ruses we would be pulling to make this look more legit. However, there will not be any convention taking place at any convention center. At this point, feel free to meme it up in the comments, since that was part of the original goal for those who figured out we were fake after we posted the pictures we had planned. 

Anyways, we here at DashCon2017, hope that you enjoy today, and look forward to more updates as they happen! (we also wouldn’t mind some shilling as a parody account, because we DID put in a ridiculous amount of work on some of the updates we have planned)



P.S. There will be a ballpit, and it will be the original… pee free for your convenience ;)

Fun and Games

Warnings - None as far as my innocent eyes are aware of.

Pairing - Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary - Jughead and the reader have always been such great friends, but what happens when Jughead sees the real y/n for who they really are?

A/N - Hi beautiful people, I decided why not add in another Jughead imagine since it’s starting to become very popular! But anyway, I hope you enjoy this imagine and please do request some of your personal imagine ideas or ships. Love you all! 

Originally posted by lodges-veronica

“Okay, remember, no parties, & nothing we wouldn’t approve of.” My mother said, putting on her black cardigan and my Father waiting outside in the light snow, I wouldn’t say anything because my usual schedule is everything my Mother doesn’t approve of, so I just hugged her, exchanged the usual ‘I love you’s’ and closed the door. I leant my head back onto the wood until I could hear a car depart from the place it was parked, and I let out a deep sigh of relief before rushing my hands through my tangled hair. It wasn’t often my parents left for a whole school week, but because of this, I would allow my best friend, Jughead, to crash until my parents returned; and, well, the term best friend followed me around like a virus, only because I really, really liked him. It wasn’t just his edgy style, it was his intelligence and humility, and might I say humbleness to the world around him. He was kind once you got to know him, even though he was considered the ‘odd kid’ he was nicer than many of the guys in the school, now that, I don’t see as odd. I straightened my back, and started walking over through the hallway into the kitchen, inhaling the fresh scent of air freshener and led myself over to the kitchen counter, in which I sat on, and turned on the tv. I decided that I needed a drink, and went over to my parent’s alcohol cupboard to see if there was anything, and there was. My parents weren’t alcoholics but they endured in the satisfactory taste sensation that it gave them. I would agree with that very much. One glass, two glasses, three glasses of fine red wine later and life became a blur. I am a light weight, always will be; it really came as no surprise to me because I was a small person, and honestly I wish that burden wasn’t with me. Especially now, because I could hear a knock on my kitchen window; I slid over the kitchen bench to see Juggie smiling at me, pointing fro me to open the windows so he could climb in. I jumped down, almost falling flat on my face, but I still continued on my short journey to the window.

“Hello, you look a little-” Jughead said as he was climbing through the window, but I stopped him, saying “Oh I know *hic*” i hiccuped before giggling like a little girl with candy. “Time for some water,” he said raising an eyebrow and looking through the cupboards to find a glass, seeing one and then filling it with water water & passing it over to me. I put it down though, looking up; “You’re no fun Juggie!” I hiccuped again and continued to giggle “Y/n, your drunk, let me take you to bed.” He said, concerned this time, but I continued my drunk rampage. “You’ll have to come and get me first!” I yelled, running down to the lounge room and laughing, hearing his footsteps down the hallway, his lean figure resting against the wall. “Y/n, come here, I have a secret to tell you.” he said suspiciously, smirking lightly; so, being a drunk and stupid person, I came closer and closer. This was until he picked me up over his shoulder and started walking up to my bedroom. “Hey! get me down from here!” I hiccuped again, giggling like usual after it, so Jughead responded quickly. “You need to get some rest before you start going absolutely crazy.” he got to my bed, laying me down softly before taking off my shoes. “Hey, I’m usually shy, you should like drunk me!” I smiled and giggled, looking up to my sealing as he threw my shoes to the side of my room. “But I like you for you, and I would rather you be shy than exactly like Cheryl when she is in one of her ‘Good Moods’” He laughed lightly, coming over to sit beside me, so I took his hands and started playing with them. “You have nice hands, they’re really warm.” I put them up to my face, turning to the side and laying onto them. “You need some sleep.” He said, looking down. “ But will you stay with me?” I question, giving his hands back to him and looking curiously around his facial features before he sighed. “Okay.” He rolled his eyes and smiled at my obliviousness. He put his head down softly onto the pillow next to me, looking down slightly. I just curled up next to him, putting my head and hand on his chest, tracing out lines. “I really like-like you.” I said almost falling asleep. He just smiled and leaned down & kissed my forehead, before allowing us both to fall asleep peacefully.

I woke up with a splitting headache, groaning and trying to find the body next to me, but nothing was there. I walked over to my wardrobe and found yoga pants with a red long sleeved crop top, and then I started to walk downstairs, rubbing my eyes and yawning. To my not so surprise, Jughead was in the kitchen making coffee and breakfast, and I had never been so happy to see aspirin in my life. He looked up “Hey,” “Morning…” I yawned. “Do you remember anything from last night?” “I don’t want to, so I’m not going to try.” “Okay, well just a quick hint, you kind of said, well I quote, ‘I really like-like you.’” “Oh dear god, don’t tell anybody, wait, did I just? Ok look I like you, and you just either do or you don’t, but that is all up to how you see me as a person and-” “The feeling is mutual.” He smiled, walking over to hug me, and I felt every warm fluffy firework you were magically supposed to feel, cliche right? “Well at least I didn’t embarrass myself completely.” I laughed against his chest. He pulled away, “You were so wasted.” he laughed. “Hey, stop mocking me!” but at this point, we both couldn’t help but laugh.


❀𝓑𝓒𝓑𝓢❀ Best Of Me ✊ Sakura Harunoᴹᴱᴾ ⬧ THIRDanniversary

Yet another year with you, guys, and we’re happy to present you our gift for this amazing day (。◕‿‿◕。)♥ This time we did something small, but I hope you enjoy it anyways, since the song is just so perfect for Sakura and she really always gives the BEST of her whatever she’s doing! HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY TO OUR STUDIO ♥

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Prompt(s): WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy, Passion, the act of stroking one’s hair

[Third-Person Omniscient PoV, DING DING DING COMPLETELY NSFW!]

(The original prompt as it was sent to me was this: She brushes/plays with Jeff’s hair which turns into hot, soft, passionate sex.)

Number two on the prompt list I received. Laughed at myself a lot while writing this because I think I’m still pretty green at constructing sexually explicit narratives. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Cheers!


“Loues fire heates water, water cooles not loue.”

She read the last line with elation. She closed her book and lifted her head to the black and white images of marching soldiers; Jeff was watching a documentary about warfare, his head on her lap, one hand raised above and was stroking the side of her thigh. She set the book down gently on the floor beside the sofa so her hands were free to brush his hair.

“Hey baby”, he murmured, eyes still on the TV. She continued to brush his hair with her fingers, occasionally trailing on his forehead and temples. Jeff’s eyes were fluttering like he was fighting sleep.

Suddenly, Jeff switched the TV off and turned his whole body so his face was buried on her stomach.  She could feel him planting soft kisses there, while his hand slowly crept under her shirt. He reached a breast and squeezed it lightly. He lifted his eyes and smiled mischievously, pleased by the knowledge that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She gazed back with an amused expression.

“What?” she teased, still stroking his hair.

Jeff lowered himself to the floor, parting her legs in the process so he could put himself between them. His hands were lifting her shirt all the way up as he continued to kiss and lick at her torso. She gasped as she felt the warmth of his breath, and the sensation of his tongue gliding on her skin. She raised her arms so Jeff could undress her completely. He continued to trail his tongue on her body, reaching her breasts and popping a nipple in his mouth. His hands roamed where there was skin to touch. She let her head fall back on the sofa, moaning quietly as Jeff caressed her. He was kissing on her neck now, and finally connecting with his mouth on hers. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as they kissed; his tongue sliding inside, as she felt her wetness starting to leak.

Jeff pulled away slightly, fumbling with her shorts. He hastily pulled everything off of her and dove right back for a kiss, as his hands played with her breasts. He lowered his kisses to her neck again, to her collarbones, and lower still until he reached her mound. She was breathing heavily now, with soft moans escaping her lips. He looked straight at her and saw her eyes ablaze with uncontrolled want; she was anticipating his mouth on the wet, pulsating slit between her thighs.

Jeff obliged, giving her hard licks that sent her reeling back on the couch, a foot planted on his shoulder and pushing him away slightly. He smirked and continued his pursuit, licking slowly, his tongue twirling on her bud. He picked up the pace which elicited loud moans from her; her hands caressing his nape and head. He kept at it as he stole glances at her face; eyes closed, brows furrowed in pleasure, biting her lips as he hit the right spots. He ran a hand on her thigh, while the other squeezed her breasts. He pulled away to remove his shirt, as he felt her hands unzipping him to remove the rest of his clothing. He pushed her right back to the couch with another fiery, hungry kiss, his fingers soaked in her wetness. He pushed a finger in, making her cry out against his mouth.

“That feel good babe? I love it when you’re wet for me”, he whispered, making her moan even louder.

Jeff removed his hand between her thighs and started grinding his erection on her. She kept trying to pull her lips away to moan but he kept her under a heavy kiss, his tongue completely in control of her mouth. Her eyes flew open as she lowered herself on the floor, forcing Jeff to sit on the couch. She grabbed his shaft and immediately started licking the head. Jeff groaned softly, his head falling back as he put his hands on the side of her head. She took him in her mouth slowly, head bobbing up and down as Jeff watched, face contorting in ecstasy.

“Yeah baby, like that. Suck my cock– put it all in your mouth” Jeff panted, his grip on her head tightening. She continued to work him; licking and stroking, making sucking sounds that made Jeff thrust himself in her mouth. When he couldn’t take anymore, he lifted her up on his lap, with her hand guiding his shaft into her entrance. The sight of her grinding was sending him into a frenzy.

“Fuck me babe, fuck me slow”, he moaned, as he watched her bounce on top of him, her face turned to the ceiling as she moaned. She looked back at him as she continued pumping; Jeff’s expression was nothing but pure arousal. His eyes zealous at seeing his length entering her, mouth open and breathing heavily. She grounded hard once as she looked at him, making Jeff’s eyes roll back and his fingers digging in her breasts, now moaning with abandon.

“I’ll fuck you to oblivion Jeffrey. God, I’ll fuck you”, she managed to say in between her moans. She grabbed his hands as she continued to ride him, feeling her climax build up. She moved faster now, the couch creaking louder as her weight slammed against Jeff. She moved her grip to the couch for support as she pounded, while Jeff took her waist and was now thrusting underneath as he felt her building on her end.

“I’m close baby, I’m coming, I’m coming–”. She was trying not to scream.

“Yeah, come for me baby. I wanna feel you come on my cock– that’s it, harder, come for me–” Jeff breathed as the pleasure built rapidly.

She arched her back as she exploded, screaming his name. Jeff felt his orgasm peak as her walls contracted on his shaft, making him thrust harder underneath. He wrapped his hands around her waist as she wrapped hers around his shoulders, riding out her orgasm.

“Fuck yeah baby, you come hard on me like that– I’m here babe, I’m coming, I’m coming– oh, oh, yeah–  oh”, Jeff squeezed her body so tight it started to hurt as he came, slamming her continually on his length, head buried on her shoulders as he bit on it to stifle his moans.

“Come baby– come inside me.” She grounded deep as he was riding his climax, making him whimper and scratch at her. They finished; breathing heavily against each other’s shoulders. Their thighs were a complete, sticky mess, dripping on the couch.

Jeff sought her mouth and kissed her tenderly, a hand on her cheek while the other rubbed her back. She pushed him down with her weight, wanting only to kiss him forever.

Jeff pulled away, a smirk on his face.

“Will you really fuck me to oblivion? Or was that just a heat-of-the-moment thing?”

“We’ve been doing it for years. Jeez, don’t be ridiculous,” she answered, laughing slightly as she disentangled herself from his embrace. She picked up her clothes from the floor and started to walk away from him.

“How about more public sex?” Jeff quipped, trailing behind her as she headed toward the bedroom.

“Don’t push it, Nero”, she said, looking back over her shoulder, a brow raised in amusement.

“Come on!” Jeff jokingly complained, throwing himself on the bed while muttering about the pros of having sex in public while she searched their drawers for fresh clothing. She turned and eyed him from the bathroom doorway, a resigned look on her face. No matter how many times she’s seen Jeff naked before, the effect was still the same every time. She could feel her desire rising, again.

“…it’s not like we’re going to let ourselves be arrested, you know”, he continued to argue, staring at the ceiling and gesturing with his hand.

“Nope”, she countered, mirth evident on her features. Jeff looked at her, pouting exaggeratedly. His expression changed into surprise, as a wide grin spread on his face, catching the fire in her eyes. He started to raise himself up.

“But tell you what, I’d do you in the shower– or maybe you could do me? When was the last time we fucked against the wall?”, she said, her form disappearing within the bathroom.

“What do you say?” she added amidst the sound of running water.

Jeff whistled and hopped off the bed, blood starting to boil at the thought of her hips grinding on him, and followed inside.


From here on, I..! From here on..! Y'hear me?! I’m gonna… beat you all! I’m going to become the number one!! Enjoy your win. It’ll never happen again! Dammit!!!”
Happy Birthday to my angry hot hero | Bakugou Katsuki | 04.20 ♡ ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

スタジオ生出演、羽生に聞く by hana02015

Rudimentary Japanese translation of some interesting points from Yuzu’s recent interview because it’s quite comprehensive and I’m not sure if someone’s subbing it~~ (note: my Japanese is far from perfect so corrections are welcome- this is more of the ‘gist’ of the conversation and not word for word)

  • Said his season began with injury so he was essentially starting from behind the line, but also because of the hard times, he was able to grow
  • Re: Worlds - announcer praised his perfect FS and Yuzu said it was to the point where people were asking if he failed the short on purpose to trigger his fighting spirit lol but he admits that he probably wouldn’t have skated the FS with that sort of spirit if he had done well at the short so he needs to keep improving
  • Re: WTT Yuzu said doesn’t usually get the chance to watch other people’s performances from close by. Seeing the ladies skate so cleanly, he realised that the high level of this era of competition, where even the smallest mistake will cause you to drop in the rankings. In the Mens, it’s not simply that you have to jump quads, you also can’t miss. He said that was very instructive and he learned a lot
  • Re: New Quad Era’ and the 4A. Yuzu said he’s tried it during practice in the off-season but it’s difficult – says it’s a special jump (due to the entry method) with high risk and so he has to consider risk of injuries etc. when practising it
  • TV station made a hologram/projection of Yuzu landing a 4A. Yuzu: ‘whoaa this is cool, I want to jump with it’
  • They say he has to jump 17cm higher than for the 3A. Yuzu: ‘huh, it sounds quite high but it’s…kind of really just my hair isn’t it?’ He’d also need to land 1.1m further than 3A and rotate 10% faster. Yuzu fairly unfazed: ‘Looking at it now, I feel like I…can probably jump that?’ and thanks them because he feels like he can visualise it now, thanks to the hologram lol
  • Yuzu’s old (first?) skating teacher was all like: ‘I feel like conversation about quints is coming closer’ lololol
  • Yuzu doesn’t feel particularly unnerved/scared that the sQuad are younger than him. Said he knew Shoma since very young and though Shoma is a kouhai, after fighting through the competitions together, he also sees Shoma as a nakama ( ; u ; )
  • more discourse on quads: Yuzu says what helps you land the quads is not really young age/experience but ‘sense’ for the jumps
    • The next part was hard for me to understand since I didn’t pick up on all the words but I think the gist of it is that successful jumping comes down to each individual and if you have the instinct for it, a ‘challenger’ can come from anywhere
    • 最終的はそれぞれの個人の体((退学に合わせたもの)))??? idk guys soz lmao
  • They were like ‘can you…land the lutz in practice? should we put a circle or triangle?’ and yuzu laughed and was like ‘t-triangle….’, implying his Lutz isn’t perfect yet 
  • ‘It’s a hard jump but it’s fun! Since the season is finally over and we’re finally free from competitions, I wanted to try it.’
  • Says he’s not going to put the Lutz in the Olympic program - says having a lot of quad varieties does not mean you can win
  • they talked a bit about the 3/11 earthquake and Yuzu said bc he had the experience of losing his home-rink and still remembers the hard times that followed, he’s always quite happy and grateful to be able to practice in a rink
  • Has absolutely no plan for Pyeongchang at the moment LMAO
  • first plan for off season………wants to improve a lot of skating skills (#typical), esp 4Lz and the 3Lz because 3Lz went a bit weird (bc he’s practising 4Lz?) lmaooo
  • Goal for next season: ‘Towards perfection’ - 理想の先へ (literally: towards the ideal destination but he implies he means ‘beyond’ the ideal). He’d characterise this season (with the Loop) as a season of getting closer towards the ideal. Next season he wants to surpass the current ‘ideal’ he has. People say you shouldn’t have limits but Yuzu thinks it’s good to have limits, but if you set your own limits, you should set them higher than you’re able to achieve right now (I think? I’m not entirely confident I’m hearing it right)

in which draco is insecure about more than his kisses and their love is like the sea reflecting the sky.

Happy drarryversary to ME!!! it’s been one year of me drawing and loving these boys…I wanted to draw a comic. It’s pretty careless and senseless but I wanted to get my feelings down so that’s what I did!!! i hope you enjoy reading it anyway! these boys will forever be in my heart  ♡

Dog Days Are Over

Summary: You were already having a bad day, and then in walks Mr. Perfect and his best friend’s puppy. Oh, and he needs you to hurry because he’s got a blind date tonight, and he’s really nervous.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,993

Author’s Note: Do you know how long this has been in my drafts? Anyways, here’s more fluff. Sorry I’ve been the Ebeneezer Scrooge of fluff, but I can’t help it that I’m a cynical, angsty bitch who likes to make people suffer.

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

There were certain rules to being a veterinary technician.

Number one, waterproof mascara and eyeliner always! When the customer cries, you cry. Number two, carry a lint roller on you at all times; it’s best to get the pocket-sized one, because Mr. Twinkles sheds a lot! Number three, iron your scrubs! And it’s probably best to keep an extra pair in your car, because Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell likes to pee on people.

Even though you knew these rules by heart, and you followed them every single day of your work-life, today was an exception. It was just one of those days that absolutely nothing- no matter how hard you tried- was going right. You were covered in fluffy cat hairs, Mrs. Comier’s Jack Russell peed on your leg twice, and you had run out of waterproof mascara; so when Mr. Langley brought in his thirteen year old Labrador to put her down, he cried, and so you cried, and in the end you looked like the raccoon that liked to sneak into the office dumpsters at closing.

Today just wasn’t your day.

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keith: hunk is right

hunk, immediately pulling keith down into a kiss: man i love hearing that