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hello! I was wondering if you had any tags or reasons on why people hate Ben Winston? I don't know if it's like common or not but I couldnt stand him ever since that 40 minute 1d interview... and he's buds with James cordon so I'm not sure if he's like an actual jackass or if it was just that one time... thank you!!! :-)

Hi! so yeah, it’s definitely common for people to loathe ben winston (and with good reason).

1) the four livestream is really only the tip of the iceberg but it really turned a lot of people off because it showed him very clearly siding with simon/OT over the boys. 

louis in particular was so uncomfortable and tense throughout it. and of course we can’t forget that bullshit 2.0 came like the day after the livestream because louis wouldn’t let ben winston bully him into giving another larry denial. @louis_ homophobic tweets to jenn selby were his punishment for not playing along on camera.

oh yeah and ben also mocked fans and trashed people who write fic. it’s pretty  much just 40 minutes of nastiness:

2) he’s TERRIBLE at his job. all of his videos post-stroy of my life suck. 

he’s lazy and doesn’t bother actually putting any effort into anything. in fact, he straight up plagiarized another band’s music video and copied it for ‘you and i’.

he throws other people under the bus for his own mistakes (blaming gabe turner for the ending of the history video rather than acknowledging that he too was responsible for the final cut.)

3) he’s an asshole to fans who dare to ask for diversity in videos. in ‘night changes’, all the hands of the girls going on dates with the boys were white and when people asked for better racial representation he basically told them to stop complaining and ‘use their imagination’ to pretend they’re white (???)

4) he’s tweeted some really nasty misogynistic things during the last fifa world cup about how ‘wives and kids shouldn’t be on the pitch’ to celebrate with their husbands when their team wins because football shouldn’t be ‘soft’ and there’s no place for them there.

5) during mitam promo on james corden’s show/carpool karaoke he was a total dick to fans who asked why he’d unnecessarily cut extra footage of the boys going through the mcdonalds drive-thru (he’s always a condescending dick to fans).

6) he always chooses to back the official company line over his friendship with the boys (there was this awkward incident where he retweeted a richard lawson vanity fair article with a casual larry mention in it and then backtracked like a moron when antis/hets pointed it out (richard shaded him though which was great).

so yeah tl;dr it’s not just a one time thing. he’s an actual jackass.

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Hi, i just wanted to let you know that i love your art of your tiefling character, Kiru! Shes so cute and i love your art style. I also wanted to let you know that she was the inspiration for an NPC in my friend's campaign that im playing in. Shes an NPC ruler of House Sietta, and shes adorable and a favorite of all the players. I just wanted to let you know that your art really inspired the character to be who she is and I just wanted to let you know and also to thank you!

Kiru needs to recover for years after hearing feedback this sweet and unexpected.

But so do I!?? Seriously, this is so cool and sweet and AAaa!?

I’m so glad you shared this and I had to read this like 10 times just to make sure I read it right, ha ha! THANK YOU, I wish you and your pals happy gaming and exciting adventures!


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Hux has been in a loveless marriage with someone high up in the First Order since he was in his early 20s, it was purely political and arranged by his father. Hux meets his new co commander Kylo and eventually starts an affair with him

[Admiral NICOL, 03:07]: My Destroyer will be crossing paths with yours in two standard days. I’ll be coming on board to see you.

[General HUX, 03:08]: As you wish.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:08]: You will be ready for me.

[General HUX, 03:09]: Of course.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:11]: I expect your wedding band to have not left your finger since my last visit.

[General HUX, 03:12]: It has not.

[Admiral NICOL, 03:13]: Good. Have there been any major changes since my last visit?

“Who are you messaging?”

Hux is sitting back against the headboard of his grand bed, and looks up from his datapad and back down to where Kylo lies beside him, eyes blinking open slowly from his sleep.

“Nicol,” Hux answers with a sneer, reaching to brush Kylo’s hair from his eyes. “He’s coming to visit in a few days.”

Kylo groans. Underneath the covers, he slides his arm around Hux’s waist, leaning in closer to kiss Hux’s hip, pressing his open mouth against his pale skin and sucking gently.

“He can’t find out about us,” Hux says, eyes locked on the way Kylo’s lips look divine against his skin. “We’ll have to stay away from each other.”

“Can’t do that,” Kylo murmurs. “I have to be with you. You’re not his to command.”

It’s as though the golden ring around Hux’s finger tightens at Kylo’s taunting words. Hux looks down at it as Kylo shifts next to him, sitting up beside him.

“He’s my husband, Ren. I have to–”

Hux’s sentence melts away into Kylo’s mouth, consumed by his kiss, every one of his thoughts shifting away from his husband and to Kylo Ren; the one Hux wishes he was betrothed to.

“He’s not your husband, Hux,” Kylo says, shaking his head. “You see him once a year where he comes on board, has sex with you, threatens to contact your father about your lack of progress since his last visit, then leaves. A husband is supposed to kiss you good morning, bring you flowers, hug you when you’re down, hug you when you’re happy, fight anyone who brings harm to you, stay with you regardless of differences. So, forgive me for refusing to leave your side once that idiot is on board.”

Hux blinks, amazed and enamoured; feelings that have never once graced his heart in the years he’s been married to Admiral Nicol.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux says, reaching up to cup Kylo’s cheek. “You sound as though you’re plotting treason against my husband. ”

Kylo smiles, eyes locked with Hux’s, a sparkle in his dark eyes that Hux has never seen before. But he’s distracted suddenly by Kylo’s hand smoothing along his own, gliding up his fingers with the gentlest touch that Hux has ever felt. There’s a soft grip around his ring, pulling it away from him until it’s completely off and cast aside, tossed into the darkness that surrounds Hux’s bed.

Kylo says nothing, though neither does Hux. Instead, Hux picks up his data pad, finding his messaging application still open, Nicol’s question still unanswered. With a smirk on his lips, Hux begins typing.

[General HUX, 03:31]: Yes, sir. I’m afraid quite a lot has changed in your absence. But I’m sure we will discuss things upon your arrival to my ship. Let us hope that your journey is a safe one. Best wishes, dear husband, and long live the First Order.

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Ok but imagine: Robert texting Damien super obscure crytid facts and Damien sending Robert pictures of Victorian weapons. Alway at like 2 am.

YOU KNOW THIS TOTALLY HAPPENS. 100% Whole paragraphs sent back and forth at 2 am 

Also like… Damien writing letters to Robert during the daytime and Robert saves all of them and hides them somewhere safe……… 

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In regards to your Starblaster crew headcanons, do you think they played DnD at least once? Also, after a while, Lucretia wasn't the only one keeping journals. Taako and Lup have a shared book on all the shared recipes they learned and liked from each world. Merle has a book on plant observations. Magnus has one filled with dogs. Barry's started out as just scientific observation but then he started doodling pics of Lup in the margins, hearts and all. Lucretia scrapbooks. Capn Port book of wine.

Oh absolutely. Absolutely. They all pick a different class (I like to think Magnus definitely went with the Rogue class because he thinks it’s really cool), and they go on a traditional D&D campaign, with the outrageous names and everything. Merle seduces a guard to get them into the fortress and everyone is suffering. Taako gets himself caught in a trap and Lup won’t help him, so he acts wounded and betrayed and hoards the snacks at their end of the table. I would say either Barry or Davenport would be DM but I’m really leaning towards Barry; one of the final puzzles is incredibly complicated and scientific so Lup is the only one who can solve it. It’s also a trap. Lup is betrayed and pelting Barry with snack-projectiles while Taako is dying of laughter. Magnus and Davenport both go charging into the final battle - Magnus is killed immediately. Davenport vows revenge and is killed immediately after. Lucretia rolls a nat 20 and talks the villain into pursuing a different career path. Barry is distraught, he had so much planned for the final conflict…


And this with the books?? I love it so much?? I mean the rest would have to keep some kind of record, it doesn’t seem likely that Lucretia would have survived every cycle so the rest would have to fill in the blanks (though she may have written their stories of the previous year once she was back). 

The twins definitely keep recipe books but I think they’d probably each keep their own (and it’s funny that you would bring it up because it’s a detail I worked into the fic I’m working on right now). They go out and find recipes together and work on perfecting them together, so they know most of each other’s recipes. But their tastes are not exactly the same, so the final result is often just a little bit different depending on which book the recipe is in. Plus there are a few recipes that are just theirs, because what cook doesn’t like to have a specialty that only they can make for their family? The margins of both books are filled with notes about where the recipe came from, the person who taught them, the restaurant’s appearance, the people they met there, the experiences they had in that kitchen. The context is an integral part of every dish, a part of cooking that’s always been important to both of them. They could map the path of their lives in the kitchens they’ve learned in together.

I agree about Merle’s plant observations. It looks like a field researcher’s journal, with sketches and pressed flowers and plants from countless worlds. Some are from gardens and have sketches of the people who tended them, some are from meadows with a photograph of the grinning children who showed him the way there. There are sketches of the landscape, the view from outside of the Starblaster’s window, and Lucretia loves those the best because she’s better at people than she is at the scenery; she tries to paint those sketches from Merle’s journal anyway when she has the time. Some sections contain more people than plants; those parts are when Merle went with Lucretia to collect stories.

Magnus’s animal handling skill didn’t come from nothing; his own notes are about the animals he encounters (especially the dogs) and how each of them prefer to be treated. There are sentences scratched out where Magnus discovered that no, even though a particular animal is small and fuzzy, it doesn’t always enjoy being carried around. There are the general notes, but there are also the specific ones; most dogs on one world like to swim but the old dog by the flower shop of the town they landed near doesn’t even like to be rained on. There’s a whole herd of unapproachable wild horses on another world, but one, a little spotted horse, who liked to play and race. Some animals are not comparable to the ones on other worlds, and Magnus keeps very detailed notes about those. The specific notes are treated with the same importance as the general notes. Eventually, after a few pages about large jellyfish, there are pages filled up with scribbles when Magnus let Fisher have a turn with the book; those are Magnus’s favorite pages.

Barry’s notebooks are filled with complicated scientific formulas, occasionally devolving into less coherent formulas and then very vague doodles that might be science as the night grew later. Eventually it’s not just Barry’s handwriting but Lup’s too, scratching things out and correcting things or adding notes to his where he missed something. The entire plan for splitting the light of creation is laid out in those notebooks eventually, but before that are doodles of Lup when she isn’t looking - not the best, artistically, but sometimes with little hearts added later when Lup spotted them. Between the formulas are late-night notes as the two of them got distracted from their research in favor of conversations about the future.

Lucretia only paints one portrait of all of them, but she sketches them all the time and takes pictures when a camera is available. Most of these moments happen while her family isn’t looking, so Lucretia’s scrapbook is the most accurate picture of what life is like among the IPRE. There are game nights, pranks, and private moments. She has pictures of Taako and Lup at work in the kitchen, flowing around each other seamlessly. There are pictures of Lup and Barry practically asleep at the table with notebooks and scraps of paper spread out around them. There’s a picture of Magnus buried under a pile of dogs, and one of Merle looking closely at a flower bud. There’s a picture of Davenport staring out of the window of the Starblaster, looking peaceful for once. There’s a picture of Lup in Taako’s room, clutching his pillow and staring at nothing. There’s a picture of Merle wrapping a bandage around Magnus’s arm. There’s a picture of Taako teaching Barry to swim. And there’s one picture of Lucretia, surrounded by the rest of them after her year alone, added by Merle. 

Davenport has a record of the best wines of every world; it’s a hobby he had before the mission, and it’s one thing he gets to keep after everything goes off the rails. A lot like the recipe books, many of the entries include notes about the places and the people around the different selections; most of the bottles were tasted back home on the Starblaster, though, and so a lot of the stories written between his records are about his crew. There are stories about the big moments and the small moments that are equally important. There is, of course, an abundance of exasperation - Magnus really needs to stop fighting bears, and Davenport would pay good money if they could go a whole year without something exploding, Lup. But more than anything else, the stories are filled with so much love. This is not what Davenport envisioned his crew to be, but nothing about this is what Davenport envisioned it to be. This strange mix of people with their strange ways have become his family, and as it happened they were exactly the people he needed.

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For me at least, Arya playing the Game of Faces with Sansa this whole time is better than Arya just being a psycho because it gives Arya's horrible cruelty a point. It also means Arya isn't a spectacular moron to think Sansa wanted Joffery to kill Ned and Sansa wasn't a hostage everyday she was in King's Landing after.

I can see why people are fond of this theory. It attributes Arya the cleverness we know she is capable of, which is fair. It would be clever writing. However, I wish Arya could’ve channeled that cleverness on someone that wasn’t a family member- Littlefinger, for instance. I would’ve loved to see her play the game of faces with him. Imagine how much more engaging the scene would’ve been if there had been a duel of wits between Arya and Littlefinger.

But because she decided to be cruel to Sansa, that theory doesn’t comfort me as much as it has comforted others. If anything, I think it makes Arya appear even more remorseless and cruel for attacking Sansa psychologically- it comes off as a more deliberate cruelty. To add, it is too reminiscent of the type of mind games Sansa has suffered from before, where threats were thrown her way and she had to keep guessing about which ones were actually dangerous and which ones weren’t, leaving her in a constant state of fear. To have her go back to that after she finally started to feel safe has been painful for me to watch. 

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Hey! Violet & Eddie are soo cute! Can't wait to see more of their story! Just wondering, WCIF Violet's shirt + hair? Thanks! c:

Heya, thank you! I’m excited to see where their legacy goes too! :3 

You can find her hair here! Can’t find her shirt for the life of me though. 

And no problem! I’ll edit this post when I get the link to her top! ❤

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what are the dimensions you use for all your different types of edits? and can you please add links to examples just so i know what you are talking about? they are all so amazingly pretty! thank you!!

hey, emma, sure thing!!

— for a character poster like this, I use 300 x 400 pixels
— for a character poster like this, I use 300 x 450 pixels
— for moodboards, I use 200 x 200 pixels
— for 3 pics stacked over top (also using the glimmer gif) like this and this, I use 500 x 281 pixels
— for gifs stacked over top like this, I use 500 x 245 pixels

tysm emma for your kind words :”) I hope this helps!! ily xx

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(1) Dear Drew, here I am, 4 years older than you, reading your response about Peter Pan and growing up and I'm silently crying my heart out in the middle of Berlin after-work hour. I feel you.You and that anon and everyone out there feeling lost in adulthood. All my friends are married and have children and I'm almost 31, single af, finishing my master's degree and close to start off a new life ... again. It's the third time by now. To me Peter Pan has always been a story about how you need both

(2) Wendy and Peter, to become a whole. Growing up is exhausting and wanting to go back to the playground and sit on the swings is no option because that’s life. But forgetting that the playground and the swings exist is even worse. It’s ok to struggle. You have to keep in mind that it’s not a good sign to be able to fully adapt into our crazy irrational world. Keep those childish struggles, the wondering, the wandering, the questioning, the odd “I’m kinda lost” feeling.

(3) It’s a sign you’re still very much alive. Never forget or let go your Wendy and your Peter. Struggle your way through life with both of them and you will find something most people nowadays fail to discover because they give up on one of them at one point: yourself.

Wow, this is so perfectly phrased. You’re absolutely right.

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I am living for your bamf!Magnus stories. Magnus setting Azazel's mansion ablaze and having a showdown with Asmodeus, shooting guns and driving fast cars with his husband at his side... that's everything I need out of life. Magnus taking on the Princes of Hell is so good, especially with your writing style that just drips with such rich imagery. It's such great content.

this is such a nice message, thank you so much

i love writing this kind of stuff and i will always take prompts for this kind of thing because it’s really fun. i’m particularly enjoying taking azazel and asmodeus into different contexts. the two of them being crime lords, the two of them being princes of hell set to a similar but slightly different world

i love writing bamf magnus and malec being ride or die husbands

if anyone is wondering we’re talking about this fic and this fic

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mina mina mina hi so I just wanted to share that in my little bits of spare time I've been replaying ME (it's been... kinda a while?) and not only is it making emotional (leaving earth theme my heart) but I have so many ideas of pjo mass effect au sketches and they are tugging at my brain and I want to live in this AU forever just, you know, so you know and thanks for sharing this AU with me you're amazing

it is my favorite AU of all the AUs, and I’m so, so happy that it is you I share it with, there couldn’t be anybody else that makes my heart so happy ♥

I mean sad, too, speaking of Leaving Earth, ‘cause like, Annabeth and Chiron on the Citadel, long after he makes her a Spectre, long, long after he starts to believe in her, long after she comes back to life and finds him (and I swear they hug, I swear it, she was dead and he had to hear it from somebody who heard it from somebody, and the Normandy was his ship and he should’ve been there), but, okay–Annabeth and Chiron on the Citadel as the Reapers swarm and the stars fall to fire around them, and she turns, and her gun is pointed at his chest, and she–she pulls the trigger–

–you did good, child. you did good. i’m proud of you–

BYE I’m making myself sad

But also the good stuff? Like Annabeth’s Hoodie™ and her undercut and the white-silver of her hair that matches the white-silver of her eyes after her resurrection, and maybe the butterflies in Percy’s chest when he sees her coming over that bottleneck on Omega, disbelief and worry and hope. And the way she headbutt(ed?) Clarisse that one time, a little drunk on victory and sheer, desperate, bloody, thresher maw terror; and the way she headbutt(ed???) Leo that one time, forehead-to-helmet, gentle, careful, relieved that he was okay, but still enough to rock him back on his heels, because what was he thinking, tossing her a live explosive?

And the other good stuff–like the quiet calm of Jason’s presence in the armory, cleaning weapons, polishing armor, talking through the terrible, off-book, tits-up way their latest ground mission went. Decompressing in the med bay with Piper, laying in the bed next to her, cracking jokes, the both of them bandaged and healing, chagrined while Will works at their bedsides on his datapad in a resigned silence. RACH, testing her limits, following Annabeth’s lead, holding her hand; RACH with a blue hairbrush, stepping into Annabeth’s quarters, “I’ve read that this is what friends do? Groom one another’s hair?”

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Hi, I was wondering what is Jungkook's Korean age? I know his American age is 18, so is his Korean age 19? Or is it 20? Because I at first thought it was 19, but some ppl told me it was 20, and I don't really get why it's 20(because I thought Korean age is an added year to American age unless you're born late January or early February.. But isn't Jungkook's bday September?) I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just confused lol

No worries! It really is very confusing. In Korea, one’s age is counted from the moment one is conceived. So that’s 9 months before one is actually born. 100 days (roughly 3 months) after one’s birth, one celebrates ‘dol’, which completes the first year of one’s life (9 months + 100 days roughly= 12 months). So give them an extra year to the difference between their birth year (1997) and current year (2016). That’s 19+1=20. Jungkook is 20 in Korean age. 

Although individual birthdays are still celebrated with loved ones, Koreans collectively recognize that they turn a year older on New Year’s Day, or ‘seol-nal’. People with early birthdays, as you mentioned, are treated as equals by those who were born the previous year. It’s the inverse way that in America or elsewhere, we put October to December birthdays into the grade below their year when they start school. 

Hope this helps!

-Admin Ju  

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hi i'm so sorry if this is annoying or if you've been asked this before but i've been dying to know and too scared to ask people, but how do you get your screenshots to look so clear? mine are so tiny and grainy. i've tried googling to no avail. you don't have to answer this if it's a bother i have just been trying forever and i can't get it to look good. thank u so much

omg it’s no problem!! so i use the website http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ upload my picture and pick these options: style: artwork, noise reduction: highest, and upscaling: 2x and then convert

and that’s it! it’s super easy. a lot of other people also use photoshop but i don’t have that so….i dont lmao

i originally got this info from cedarsprout’s guide to editing photos which also has info on how to edit in photoshop if you have that

hope this helps!

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So I just thought of something for your same college AU. What if the guys don't allow label makers in the dorm or anything in that nature because Kuroo writes that everything belongs to him. The one thing that banned them was that Kuroo put a label on all of Daichi's pants at the butt area and they wouldn't come off.

DAICHI EVENTUALLY RUNS OUT OF PANTS AND IS FURIOUS (and has to call Suga for help for how to remove labels from fabric)

(…which does little good, as Kuroo keeps sticking them back on without Daichi noticing)

savannxh-b  asked:

hello ms alice! just seen your ask about printing heartstopper (which i love, by the way). i worked directly with a printer for graffiti so i have some limited experience with this. if you're set on going with printninja this won't be helpful, but i printed with CPI books - they have in-house distribution team and fulfill my orders for me for only the cost of shipping + VAT (i sound like an advertisement but bear with me). that’s part of the reason i ended up going with them ultimately, (c)

as i couldn’t find ANYWHERE that provided order fulfillment for the kind of scale/costs i was working with. i’m not sure if they’d be able to handle to rewards for the kickstarter as well, but it’s worth asking - they’re a lovely bunch, and they make a mean, high-quality book as well. ALSO, with graffiti, i ended up doing preorders instead of a kickstarter (but they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive). the preorders allowed me to get a big ol’ sum of cash on hand early to print the books ©

with, and i was able to predict demand as well, which was extremely helpful. this is completely unsolicited advice!! wonderful!! but i was in the EXACT same spot - i didn’t know anybody who had ever done anything like that before and i ended up just sort of making things up as i went along, but it went splendidly. if you need any help with anything do let me know.

Hi there Sav!! Thanks so much for this - I actually think you might be one of the only people I know of who has self-published completely independently? Apart from webcomic creators, I guess, and I don’t know anyone else based in the UK who’s done it! Anyway, these guys sound exactly like the sort of thing I need (and it would definitely be helpful if I could find someone in the UK - I love what PrintNinja do but I’m definitely open to other options, I’m only thinking of them as I’ve bought several graphic novels printed by them!) Plus I just googled CPI books.. and it looks like they have a factory about half an hour away from where I live?! That would definitely be handy… I’m definitely gonna look into these guys and see if they have any experience printing graphic novels, particularly if they can handle distribution as well, and CHEAPLY (as i think that’s my main concern right now!!)

Pre-orders is another thing I am definitely considering, but with the printing costs of a nearly 300-page graphic novel, I think I might need a full shiny Kickstarter campaign to get enough attention to actually raise the money I need… but ANYWAY there’s lots to think about and this is really useful info, thank you so much!! I’ll definitely shoot you a message if I think of anything else I might need to know!

lasenbyphoenix  asked:

Regarding the KGB, it's not like marvel got it right either - in The Winter Soldier Natasha's birthdate was labeled as 1984 or 1985, but she says later that she traded working from the KGB for Hydra by joining Shield... The fact is, the KGB is simply better known as the Russians covert agency even now it's not around. I've only heard of the FSB from watching Spooks. That anon was pretty stuck up if they think everyone knows that. Label your bar guy whatever you like.

Thank you for more info! I know very little about the spy world, but now I’m really intrigued (and need to add Spooks to my watch list)

FSB Wiki page (for those wanting to ride “The More You Know” train)

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Could you write a fic based of "I've ordered takeout every night this week and you always end up being the delivery person?" With kylo? I really enjoy your writing don't give up hope :)

Hi anon, thank you so much for this request! I really enjoyed writing it, as I’ve been considerably stressed from the hurricane and this really helped me get my mind off it for a while. I would have finished and published this sooner, but like I mentioned, there’s the hurricane that I’ve had to worry about so sorry about that! But again, thank you so much for sending this in and thank you so much for the compliment :)

Golden Opportunity | Masterlist

It was your sixth consecutive morning of waking up feeling absolutely miserable. You rolled over in bed, groaning, and peeled your eyes open to look at your clock. Great, you slept in late again. It was already almost one o’clock.

Stumbling out of bed, you shuffled over to your bathroom to wash your face in hopes that it would make you feel a little better. It really hadn’t any of the other days, but what was the harm in hoping that would change? Besides, being sick was no excuse to stop taking care of yourself. In fact, it was just another reason to.

But in your mind, taking care of yourself was very close to treating yourself whenever you could, so that’s why you’d been ordering from your favorite Chinese takeout restaurant every night. You’d been getting their wonton soup, good comfort food for a sick person but also very tasty. That night was no different. After a couple hours surrounded by blankets and tissues watching home renovation shows, you picked up the phone and placed your order.

Keep reading

joysweeper  asked:

A family member brought home a betta suddenly, and apparently I'm responsible for his care. I love bettas and want to care for him properly, but the number of options for tanks and filters and heaters and food and decorations is dizzying! Most of the "betta starter kits" I've seen I'm suspicious of. Are there any you know about that are actually good?

Aggh that’s so frustrating, I’m sorry this got dropped in your lap! But congrats on the new betta – I’m sure he’s going to be very happy living with you. ^-^

I don’t really recommend betta starter kits. Most of them are crap and a waste of money. Here’s what you’ll actually need:

1. A glass or acrylic tank, 3 gallons and up. Personally I like plain 5-10 gallon tanks that you can buy from any pet store because they are relatively inexpensive and perfect sizes for bettas. But any tank 3 gallons or larger works!

2. A heater. This is crucial, which is why bettas don’t live very long for most people. They just don’t know bettas are tropical fish and need warm water to survive! Heaters are just one of those things that you really get what you pay for. I suggest purchasing one at the midway point, like $15-30 USD. Submersible and shatter-resistant are ideal.

3. A filter. The type is totally up to you, but I usually recommend hang-on-back filters or sponge filters. Good HOB filters include ones with adjustable flow rate. I particularly like Aquaclear Fluval. Bettas can’t handle strong water currents, and those with especially long fins may get trapped in them. Very sad. Alternatively, if you have enough space in the tank, I recommend sponge filters. They are HELLA cheap and do an excellent job providing mechanical and biological filtration. They sit at the bottom of the tank in the water and shoot up a small stream of bubbles. You’ll also need an air pump to use a sponge filter, though.

4. Water conditioner. CRUCIAL. You’ll need a water conditioner to remove heavy metals and other toxins from your tap water each time you change the water in the tank or add more. Chlorine is especially dangerous for fish, which is added to drinking water to make it safe for people to drink.

5. Betta food. Protein is important for maintaining a healthy betta. They are carnivores and a protein should be the first ingredient on the list, not wheat/fillers/other plant matter. I strongly prefer pellets over flakes.

6. Decorations. A bored betta is a destructive betta. Some bettas when they are anxious or bored will nip their own fins, leading to infection and other problems. Decorations give them a place to hide when they are frightened, things to explore and prevent boredom, and taller decorations can provide a nice resting spot by the surface of the water, which older or long-finned bettas may appreciate. It doesn’t really matter which decorations you choose, as long as there are no sharp edges, toxic paints, or holes small enough for a betta to get stuck in. A good rule of thumb is to run a pair of stockings over the decoration and file down any rough spots that snag.

Other optional (but nice to have) supplies include:

7. A light. As long as your betta isn’t sitting in the dark all the time, you don’t necessarily need one specifically for the tank, but it provides them with a nice sun-like feel and it makes them easier to view. Win-win. Just make sure to turn it off at night – bettas need to sleep, too!

8. Treats. Frozen/thawed bloodworms make excellent junk food for bettas. Just make sure you don’t feed them bloodworms too often, or they’ll get fat and bloated. It’s expensive to have frozen stuff shipped to you, so look for them in stores instead.

9. Aquarium salt. Always good to have on hand. Can be used to treat/prevent numerous diseases in bettas and other fish.

10. A small mirror. This is just for laughs. Hold up the mirror for a few minutes at a time and enjoy the show. Just don’t do it for too long or too often, or else your betta may stress himself out.

Here’s a little shopping list on Amazon for you, so you can see what I mean!

1. http://www.amazon.com/Deep-Blue-Professional-ADB11005-5-5-Gallon/dp/B00BUG02E2/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1447041800&sr=8-4&keywords=glass+aquarium

2. http://www.amazon.com/EHEIM-Jager-Aquarium-Thermostat-Heater/dp/B003SNU1I2/ref=sr_1_7?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447041910&sr=1-7&keywords=aquarium+heater&refinements=p_n_feature_keywords_two_browse-bin%3A7043860011

3. http://www.amazon.com/AquaClear-50-Power-Filter-Listed/dp/B000260FUM/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447041966&sr=1-1&keywords=fluval+aquaclear


http://www.amazon.com/XY-380-Aquarium-Biochemical-Sponge-Filter/dp/B0051XIN78/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042001&sr=1-2&keywords=sponge+filter  /  http://www.amazon.com/Tetra-77851-Whisper-Pump-10-Gallon/dp/B0009YJ4N6/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042057&sr=1-1&keywords=air+pump

4. http://www.amazon.com/API-Stress-Water-Conditioner-16-Ounce/dp/B000255MZG/ref=sr_1_3?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042087&sr=1-3&keywords=aquarium+water+conditioner

5. http://www.amazon.com/Omega-One-Betta-Buffet-Pellets/dp/B0040BJBC8/ref=sr_1_14?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042145&sr=1-14&keywords=betta+food

6. http://www.amazon.com/Marina-Decor-Polyresin-Cave-Small/dp/B002LTQ9WG/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042286&sr=1-2&keywords=aquarium+cave

7. http://www.amazon.com/Aluminium-Aquarium-Flexible-Touchable-Inductive/dp/B00W9ZL4MW/ref=sr_1_3?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042338&sr=1-3&keywords=aquarium+light

8. http://www.amazon.com/San-Francisco-Bay-Bloodworms-Freshwater/dp/B004HIFWTK/ref=sr_1_8?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042376&sr=1-8&keywords=frozen+bloodworms

9. http://www.amazon.com/API-106C-Aquarium-Salt-65-Ounce/dp/B0010P0ZJK/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042464&sr=1-1&keywords=aquarium+salt

10. http://www.amazon.com/Zoo-Med-Floating-Exercise-Mirror/dp/B0027IXGU4/ref=sr_1_1?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1447042491&sr=1-1&keywords=betta+mirror

GOOD LUCK! I know it may seem expensive, but most of these items are one-time purchases. And you can find better deals online/in stores, I didn’t really bargain hunt or anything.

anonymous asked:

Question. How did you originally gain the confidence to start publishing your art? I've been trying to get back into drawing, but I'm having a hard time building up the confidence to even try, much less post anything. (I keep crying when I see my old art or try to draw new art because my friend, who is a freaking fantastic artist, insulted my work every chance she got) I admire your work very much, and I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Hi nonnie. 

I think your friend has no right to insult your work, especially if she’s an artist herself…she’s supposed to be your friend??? I’m sorry you had to deal with that. 

I’m lucky in the fact that I never had a doubt whether to publish my art or not, it wasn’t an issue for me. Since I was a child I always drew things and gave them to people, I’d never heard of drawing solely for oneself, so naturally a lot of people got to see my bad art! (I now regret)

 Having someone bring your confidence down over your art is definitely an impediment, I mean even now I get super bummed when someone criticises my work and I get art blocked because of it. 

My advice to you is keep trying. Even the best artists started by drawing badly, and most of us have hidden from the world for a while to give ourselves time and healing in order to improve. 

Even if you have to draw in secret, just draw! Publishing something you poured your heart and soul into is scary, and you don’t really have to pressure yourself into doing it if you don’t want to. And if you do want to post your stuff, try not to over-think it! Just post it and have it done with, then you can start working on your next piece :D

“― you giant, stubborn, righteous idiot.”

the glorious hug scene from chapter 8 of @dracze​’s fanfic half way across. my mind went to a line from tkj that goes something like “he’s afraid of falling” and it makes my heart feel heavy