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hi, can i ask you your opinion on louis' team? i see a lot of people writing up long posts saying they aren't doing anything for louis but i don't agree? your thoughts?

Hi anon! Oh man, you just want me to lose followers, huh? Yeah, I…don’t agree with a lot of my mutuals’ thoughts about his promo.

I think it’s clear his team doesn’t have the money to buy shit for him like Someone Else, but I also think he’s had a decent mix of interview venues and the like. I think his magazine articles and shoots have been great.

I think choosing to do a collab has limited his ability to perform the song, and I don’t know who that was on, but Liam made the same choice. So I don’t automatically view that as a bad thing.

I also seem to recall that just last week Niall was on at least one radio show without it being tweeted about beforehand. Niall fans (Lovers? What the fuck are they/we called?) didn’t freak out.

I think there’s stuff they could have done better, but I don’t think it’s this dire thing others do.

Speaking more broadly, I do think that there is a lot of frustration, especially among Larries who think/”know” Louis and Harry are together, for a few reasons. (I’m not sure which/many of my mutuals would put themselves in that camp, so this is more about the fandom in general.) In no order:
- Harry’s whole promo rollout was so, so different. And I think even if people don’t want to talk about it, it’s hard to see two people you believe to be in a couple would be happy with such different rollouts.
- I think of lot of us thought babygate would be over by now, and since it’s not, a lot of people are highly confused and frustrated by that. I think that’s where a lot of complaining about how he’s being asked “personal” questions come from.
- I think a lot of the subversive seeming hints Louis was giving before are gone, and I think it can be hard to consider reasons for why they may have ended, so the easiest thing to do is blame his team.
- I think Larries are really, really good at analyzing things and theorizing, and that is continuing in Louis’ promo.

Having said all of that, the nice thing is that I have found this side of the fandom can disagree with each other (even mutuals!) without resorting to name calling or being told we’re not real fans. (I hope to God it stays that way, too.)

And hey, my mutuals could be right! If I change my mind on it, I’ll admit it, just like I have about other things.

Anyhow, that’s my unpopular opinion!

Saphael Fanfic Rec 2.0

A Saphael Fest.

More writing goodies from amazing writers.

As always, if you know any of the authors and tag them, that would be very much appreciated

A Daisy instead of a glass shoe by @soft-saphael

Tumblr prompt: runaway prince!simon and commoner!rapahel

Two weeks from his coronation and three from his wedding to Princess Isabelle of Idris, the Prince of New York found himself on a park bench in Brooklyn. His face buried in the palms of his hand as his phone continued to ring.
Deep breaths. Deep breathes. Deep- the phone is laying in pieces on the concrete walkway in shattered fragments.

“You’re a little far from the palace” A slightly accented voice said, from out of the corner of his eyes Simon saw black leather.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh I’m sorry your highness, I apologize for not bowing” The boy snorted.

“Please, just leave me alone” Simon huffed tiredly.

A First Date (Kind of. Almost.) by SnogboxesAndChips

Simon is always looking for excuses to be near Raphael. When he finally finds a suitable excuse, he walks in on Raphael doing something that Simon would have never thought Raphael would do. He was cooking.

And every road you take (will always lead you home) by @woodenhallslikecaskets

For Raphael’s 55th birthday Magnus gifts him a portal that leads to 1956.

Brooklyn, NY 1956: he meets a beautiful boy by the name of Simon Lewis. They’ve never met before but Raphael feels like he could love him. They could fall in love.

Break of the light by @makehomesofhumans

Simon’s eyes sparked to life as he was being dangled over the edge of a building. He sighed, because that was just his luck.

But who would love a monster, anyway? By @spendeonswithyou

As he learns later, loving Simon hurts. It’s making his dead heart want to beat again, destroying the remaining bits and pieces of his soul.

Or the Soulmate AU in which you can feel your soulmate’s pain.

Customer Satisfaction by kuro1neko2kun

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Darling, you’re all I need by @anjawritingsx

Simon and Raphael are happy together, that is until Simon forgets their 8th year anniversary.
Raphael is left heartbroken and Magnus and Alec try to pick up the pieces.

Does that mean you’ve a really bad crush on me too? By milleniumlint

Simon wants Raphael to understand he has feelings for him but he’s not so obvious like he thinks he is.

Dreaming of You (endlessly) by Nubian_Reese

Corazón—His heart. He loves Simon so much it hurts. His beauty, his optimism, it’s a sea of good and Raphael does nothing but dive right in. And he is not ashamed, because Simon is a gift. God’s gift, and sometimes Raphael can’t believe what they have together is real, but when Simon leans down and kisses him, hands running through each other’s hair skimming down backs, and gripping hips, Raphael lives in every sense and knows that this is real.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

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sunday, 3am

“Gently,” she stressed.

Sitting on the sink-counter, she looked washed-out in the harsh fluorescent light of their bathroom, a little spatter of blood staining the shoulder of her light blue scrubs, her skin a wintery kind of pale and her freckles fading as though they’d been one of God’s afterthoughts. Her braid rested tattered and ripped down her spine, long red strands falling in front of the bruises on her cheek, and as he carded her hair back behind her ear, she flinched involuntarily, her shaky hands stilling on her lap, her breath hitching.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, the bag of ice in his hand hovering before her, his brain buzzing in the overtired way he used to feel accustomed to. If his circadian rhythms were reliable, then he and his body estimated that three in the morning, maybe half past, had come and gone. A long time ago, she’d told him that keeping lights on from the nighttime hours of ten-to-ten harmed the brain’s ability to produce melatonin, but he figured that light would be the least of their worries tonight.

Softly, she met his gaze, then looked back down at her lap.

“Sorry,” she said, wincing at the word. “I’m just…I’m still a little shaken up.”

He nodded, then gingerly brought the ice to her cheek, and though she recoiled at first, luckily she eased against his touch, let out a deep, exhausted breath.

“Is there any bleeding?” she asked, her voice muffled by the ice.

“None at all,” he said.

She swallowed, said, “The nurse there seemed like she was doing a great job of cleaning it.”

“And you’re absolutely sure you’re not concussed?” he asked as he leaned against the sink, the house around them so still and silent that it made the winter beyond them feel heavier and thicker than it already was. 

Looking up at him, she delicately pressed her lips together, said, “Had the nurse check. No headache or dizziness. I’m fine, Mulder.”

“Okay,” he said, nodding to himself. 

Though she avoided late shifts and preferred not to work on Saturdays, she’d been on a Saturday evening to Sunday morning emergency room shift, eight pm to eight pm, but a one am call let him know that a drunk patient, a punch to the face, and some police involvement meant that she would be coming home early. The last time he, in her words, went caveman left them both embarrassed and uncomfortable, but now, he wished he could’ve been there, could’ve watched over her and had her back so that some drunkard would’ve never decked her behind a modesty curtain, wouldn’t have had a chance to let her head thud against a sterile linoleum floor before punching her again. Though he wanted to think of this protectiveness as more than an ancient biological imperative, though he wished he didn’t find himself at fault for something so clearly irrelevant to his existence, he still brought Duane Barry and Phillip Padgett and all of the other men who had wronged her to mind, wondered once more if he could’ve done more. While at the Bureau, he could’ve argued that he was her partner, that it was of the utmost importance for them to watch each other’s backs, but now, he could hardly merit the wish.

And had he been there, he probably would’ve been decked too, only he would’ve cried about it instead of stoically driving home afterward like she did. Sometimes, he figured, the universe chose to punch the ones who could take it, not the ones who couldn’t.

“You’re never working a night shift again,” he said, hoping to elicit a laugh or at least a pained smile; thankfully, she reached toward him, wrapped her fingers in his open hand, kept her eyes down but let him know that she was present and receptive anyway. 

“I sure hope not,” she said, “but if they ever want me to, I’m sure that citing this incident will make them change their minds.”

Softly, he laughed, and though he figured it would hurt her to smile, the purplish and red smears of bruises on her cheeks keeping her from moving her face too much, she still quirked her lip, the movement minute but visible. 

“Did you have any Advil before you got home?” he asked.

“I had one before I left the hospital.” 

“Do you think you’ll be able to sleep?”

She sucked her lips in again, met his gaze, so he nodded in understanding. He figured neither or them would be getting much sleep tonight.

“Well,” he said, his voice turning theatrical, “I can offer some warm milk-”

“No hot liquids,” she said quickly. “Have to keep the swelling down.”

“Okay,” he said, off-put. There went his ideas for chamomile tea and maybe a warm bath in order to calm her down. “Then, cold water.”


He squeezed her hand.

“What are you looking for, then?” he asked. “My mind goes numb after midnight.”

Taking a deep breath, she said, “A movie, something mindless. Just until we feel we could fall asleep.”

So she shed her blood-smeared scrubs and opted for pajamas and thick socks; while she migrated to the couch, held the ice against her more bluish cheek, he rifled through their bookshelf, found Sleepless in Seattle and liked the irony it provided, so he popped the tape in, the lights off in their living room, the fish tank fluorescent and bubbling in the background, the winter winds shifting the shutters on their fixer-upper farmhouse. He sat on her less-bruised side, and as she spread a shared blanket over their laps, he fast-forwarded coming attractions of many years ago, her two hands wrapping around his free one. While the movie began, he tuned Meg Ryan out and kept his eyes on her instead, tried to survey her body for telltale signs of stress. 

She’d told him long ago that she felt anxiety not in her mind but in her limbs, in her joints; while her thoughts told her to push forward, her body cringed and faded, her demise coming not from her will but from her physical breakdown, so he’d tried to be a constant for her, had kept track of her hours and made sure that, even when she seemed so determined to finish just one more stack of paperwork, she would go home for a good night’s rest instead. From those many times, he knew what to look for: raised shoulders, shaky hands, huffed breaths, glasses pushed up far more often than one would expect. However, tonight shifted that response because her breakdown had come from a patient, not from herself, so while she took shallow breaths during the movie, he traced his thumb against the back of her hand, let her lean into him with her face angled so that his shoulder and her bruises never quite made contact. As four am ticked past, he realized that he’d never watched this movie in full, but because he’d distracted himself during the first half of the film, he hadn’t a clue where the plot went.

“Scully?” he whispered, almost wincing at how his voice interrupted the special, rural silence around them. 

When she didn’t shift, he craned his neck, and though he should’ve been able to tell through her long, languid breaths against his chest, he only noticed that she’d fallen asleep when he looked down and saw her closed eyes. Reaching for the remote, he turned the television off, and with deft, gentle motions, he managed to lift her up without waking her - after all, she could sleep anywhere, from passenger’s seats of cheap rental cars to bleach-ridden motel beds to his old leather couch back before he’d been able to offer her a bed instead - and carried her upstairs though his aging joints protested with each step. 

Thankful that he’d left the bed unmade after she’d called, he managed to slip her beneath the overturned sheets on his side of the bed, tucked her in before he climbed in on the other still-made side. Out here, the nights were dark save for the endless lines of unobstructed stars in the sky, so he kept their bedroom’s blinds up, soft light falling over her bruising face, the rise and fall of her chest shifting the duvet while she slept. Her pillow smelled like that lavender shampoo she liked, and though the stuffing was too thick for him, he found that he could still relax into it, their respective alarm clocks off for now, her bedside book-stack dwindling as his seemed only to grow larger, her reading glasses askew and the closet door left open in a way that would’ve scared him as a child. 

And he presented himself with two lonely options: either he could work out hundreds of different scenarios that left her unscathed and him some kind of half-assed hero, or he could watch her soft breaths until their cadence lulled him to sleep. For once, he picked the second option and drifted off before morning began to creep through the windows.


- Rough day?
- Rough year.

This is so, so good.

I mean, in a really terrible, punch-you-in-the-gut kind of way, but still.

I just love the specter of Ziva’s presence continuing to haunt Tony. Not that I wish that pain on anyone, fictional or otherwise, but again, I like that it acknowledges the show’s history and Tony’s emotional history, and the Star of David in his desk is a constant reminder of what could have been and should have been. Because it shows us that yes, this did happen, and this is still important, and this person may not be here but she’s still here, and it’s really difficult to deal with that on a daily basis. 

Because Tony could have moved that necklace to a safer spot, or buried it deep inside his apartment and avoided it, but he chose to leave it in his desk drawer, where he’d see it constantly and be reminded constantly of her. Because he doesn’t want to forget, and in many ways, he probably doesn’t want to move on even though he knows he should, because she is it and he knows it and it’s really painful to admit that that is probably never going to happen. Abby’s right, he can’t keep living in this limbo, because he’s going to end up as alone and emotionally crippled as Gibbs, and while they all may love Boss, they must know that that’s no way to live, either.

But now that he’s been confronted with his past yet again via Zoe, he’s starting to question what it is he’s doing now. Because now he’s reunited with someone he also has a different kind of history with, and it’s comfortable and familiar and feels nice, and it may be time to admit that the time has come to give up on one dream in order to pursue another kind of dream. One where an old friend comes back to town and is there. (It’s probably no accident that all the talk of Ziva leaving and never coming back parallels Zoe returning to his life in DC and offering to stay the night simply to catch up. One door closes, another opens, etc.) And it’s a testament to Tony’s growth that he opens up to Zoe so easily, and starts to tell her things he obviously hasn’t been able to tell anyone else in his circle this year. 

But again, Tony is being allowed to feel the pain of Ziva’s loss, and the loss of what might have had, and everything that goes with that. It took them so long to get to where they were and they nearly lost each other a dozen times and a dozen different ways, that it must have been so hard to think that this time was it. Hell, he went to the ends of the earth to find her more than once and they still survived. An El-Al flight away probably seems like the least likely way to end it so terminally.

“Tony, I didn’t know where you went. One day, we were patrolling River Drive, and the next… You were just gone. You just up and left. Not a phone call, not a single word…

“You needed to find your own way. I never faulted you for that. But I deserve better.”

Okay, so who are we talking about here?

Yes, this is about how Tony and Zoe left things when he left Philly (btw did we know he’d worked in Philly before Baltimore?), but this is totally about what happened in PPF, too.

Because the gist of PPF is that Ziva had to find her own way, too. That she needed to heal herself before she could move on from her own trauma, because she’s never been afforded that luxury. And event though it broke his heart, Tony respected that and that is why he got on that plane a year ago. He probably knew it was a mistake as much as she did, but she said she needed to do this, and he had no choice but to respect her choice. But that doesn’t negate the fact that as far as we know, they’ve had no contact in a year, and at a certain point, he has has to read the writing on the wall. And he deserves better than to be strung along. Which is not to say that he is being strung along, but he can’t keep living in this limbo where he puts his life on hold because he holds onto the dubious hope that she’s going to change her mind and come back. He has to let himself move forward, because he owes it to himself to find happiness, which he never will if he keeps waiting for her.

Zoe may have uttered that line, but it could have easily been said by Tony in any hypothetical reunion with Ziva, too.

I’m not ready to move on, and neither is Tony. But sometimes you have to move on regardless of what you want. And Tony does deserve to be happy, and this clearly isn’t it. So maybe it’s time to try a different reality. He’s a work in progress, after all. 

Help this show has broken me.

Post-It Love / Jaewon

I adored this idea; though, it could have become a lot longer. Anyway, I couldn’t let this idea slip away, so I had to write it up immediately. 
And, since I intend to slay Missy as much as possible while I’m back for my short break, this is, of course, for slaying purposes. Since I’m so evil; isn’t that right, @an-exotic-writer​? ;)

Post-It Love / Jaewon

It had been a long time since Jaewon had been home. He was so busy trying to promote, trying to get his name out there, that there were days, weeks, and months even that he didn’t come home. You missed him, but aside from that, you had plenty on your plate to distract yourself. The company you had finally been hired to after years of interning was sending you on a trip to America for a few meetings that you were required to sit in on. It didn’t bother you, until you got a call from Jaewon.

The phone rang on the table, buzzing against the hard wood and you were scrambling around, making sure everything was set for you to leave. The ringing had almost stopped by the time you had answered, knowing you were keeping him waiting.

You cupped your phone so tenderly against your ear, begging to hear his voice as you muttered his name. He sighed, “God, I missed your voice,” he replied to you, melting your heart in an instant. The sound of his voice after what felt like forever—in reality was about twelve days—had your knees weak and you slumped to the couch, taking a seat you hadn’t been able to for at least the entire day. “How are you doing? It’s been so long, I’m so sorry,” he continued, clearly apologetic even in his voice.

“Don’t worry about it; I know how much this means to you. I’m just glad I finally get to talk to you,” you replied to him, “I’m doing well, though. The company has me on a flight out to California in a couple of hours; you know how busy I get now that I’ve finally been hired on,” you laughed.  You couldn’t see it, but Jaewon’s face visibly fell, and for good reason, too.

“That’s great, baby! I’m happy for you!” he exclaimed, but you could tell it was forced.

“You don’t sound too thrilled about it. I know it will put us farther away from each other; the only difference now will be the time zones,” you replied, but you knew it was something deeper than that.

He sighed, loudly. “I know. I just was so excited to see you… I called to tell you that I’m on my way home today. I’ve missed you so much,” he uttered, his voice becoming weak.

Your heart sank. Like, dropped out of your ribcage and may as well have fallen out of your rear, sank. “Jaewon…” you muttered, cupping the phone tighter for a different reason now. Your heart hurt, and you could feel his heart hurt, too. You’d spent so much time away from him, you thought you were numb to the feeling; but the idea of him coming back home was enough to rekindle all of the feelings on those lonely nights, the empty days, the times you searched for his hands, his eyes, his body in the bed next to you.

“It’s okay, please don’t be sad, okay?” he asked of you. He hated it when you cried and he could just feel it coming now. He knew you were wiping them away from your face, having fallen unsuspectingly. “I know it’s hard, and I know exactly what you feel. It’s been so long, we both thought we’d be okay. Honestly, I know it would be this way whether or not you were going to be there when I got home, anyway,” he said, trying to comfort you, but it wasn’t doing a very good job.

“I’ll only be gone four days. I’ll be back before you know it; it will be like I was never even gone,” you said.

“That’s right; we’ve survived longer apart. I just… can’t wait to see you. I’ll miss you, I already do. Be safe, please. Let me know when you get there. I’m sure you’ll have a phone, right?” He was becoming frantic with his questioning, the reality of how far you were going to be and how dangerous the journey was finally setting in. Another sigh left his lips as he hoisted his heavy bag into the van that was going to be taking him back to your city. “I love you, baby. I know you have to go, but, I just wanted you to know.”

You smiled, but still wiped the silent tears away. “Be safe coming home, okay?”

“I will, have a safe flight.”



“I love you.”


Jaewon sighed for the nth time as he pulled out the key to the small house the two of you shared. He jammed it in the slot, one bag falling off his shoulder as he dragged a suitcase big enough to fit himself in it behind him. He turned the key, tumbling the lock before turning the handle to push the door open.  The lights were off and he frowned at the emptiness. It had been three hours since he’d gotten off the phone with you, so he knew that your plane had barely taken off and it would be a long, long wait before he would hear from you.

He pulled the door shut behind him, reaching over to flick the light to the main room on when he felt his fingers slide over a piece of paper. He pushed the switch to illuminate the room so he could determine what was there.

It was a post-it note, your handwriting flowing across it with a short little message.

“To the man that lights up my heart,” he read out loud as a grin spread across his face, “I know you must be hungry, and too tired to cook for yourself. There’s your favorite take out in the fridge; I didn’t want I to go bad before you got home.” His smile grew as he looked up to the ceiling until he pushed his stuff off to the side. He ambled to the kitchen and pulled open the fridge, and sure enough, a take-out container with another post-it stuck to it.

“It’s not a home-cooked meal like I know you love, but I hope it will do in my absence. When you’re all done here, there’s a treat for you in the freezer,” the note read. He stuck the post-it to the freezer, the neon pink paper sure to get his attention when he returned to throw his container. But for now, he heated up his meal, starving after such a long trip home.

He took his food and plopped down on the couch, reaching for the remote which, of course, held another note. “Don’t think I don’t know you’re sitting on the couch with your food. I love you, Jae, but if there’s a mess on the couch, there’ll be hell to pay. Emoticon and everything. You really are the cutest, aren’t you?” he asked himself, shaking his head after finishing the note. He flicked on the TV to eat his dinner. As much as he missed you, it was nice to be back in his own home with his own space and privacy.

Dinner was short-lived, practically inhaled, as Jaewon was starving. He rubbed his satisfied tummy, bringing his trash back into the kitchen before spying that pink note again. He pulled open the freezer door and there in front, a container with another post-it. He didn’t bother read it at first, it was a container her recognized and his excitement was becoming too much. “You mail-ordered gelato my beautiful, beautiful girl; I don’t deserve you,” he dramatized, holding the container in his hand.

He pulled the note up, which had been clutched in his other hand, to his face to read it. “Black cherry amaretto, your favorite; do you love me, or do you love me?” He smiled, “You know I love you.” He turned around, ripping the lid off the container and digging for a spoon in the drawer to his left to delve it into the creamy dessert, only to bring a huge spoonful into his mouth. His shoulders slumped, head lolling back with such a delightful sigh. He acted as though he’d be deprived of righted essentials, but he just loved it that much, and it’s not like he got it very often since you both had to special order it.

Another big bite later and he put the lid back on, “I’ll be back for you,” he said, stuffing the gelato back into the freezer. He moseyed to his bags to drag them into the laundry room, flipping open the top on his suitcase to begin loading them into the washing machine. He opened the cabinet for soap—he was surprised to see there wasn’t a note in there. You knew him so well, he had thought you put a note everywhere you knew he’d go. Regardless, he threw all his darks into the wash with some soap, but he wouldn’t start it yet. He was in dire need of a nice, long, hot shower.

Upon entering the bathroom, Jaewon was surprised to see not a post-it, but a note written in rouge lip stick on the mirror. “The towels and sheets are fresh to ensure you a lovely night’s sleep. Have a wonderful shower; think of me. Winky face. You even kissed the mirror. But I wish it was me you were kissing,” he said, biting his lip as he thought of you, thought of your lips which he had begged to have for so long now. “You’re a bad girl, knowing you’d get me all riled up just to get in the shower. You’re lucky you’re not here!” he called, turning towards the door of the bathroom which led into the bedroom. If anyone saw him, they’d think he was crazy, but he knew it didn’t matter. If you could hear him, you would.

His thick thermal flopped to the floor, pants and underwear following with the clink of his belt on the tile. The shower water came on and it was a matter of a few moments before the water was warm and he was stepping into it, immediately running a hand through his instantly drenched hair. The warmth soothed him, relaxed his overworked muscles but all he could seem to think about was you—seemed to be the only thing on his mind for the longest time.

The water coursed down his body, putting him in no mood to do anything but just stand there until the hot water ran out. But he knew he couldn’t do that; he had clothes to wash, his body, too. After lathering his hair and rinsing that, he reached for the soap, but dodged it, and opted for your body wash instead. He lathered the loofa with it, feeling the exfoliating beads in between his fingers. It was a brilliant plan—he could never admit to you that he liked your soap better, absolutely adoring the way the sugar and beads felt on his skin, but he would also smell like you falling asleep, and that’s what he begged for the most, knowing you had washed your scent off the sheets earlier today.

He cleaned himself up, eyes lightly closed, the scrub against his skin to die for. “God, what I wouldn’t give for your hands right now,” he commented, taking a break from the soap to try and massage his own neck and shoulder. He was tense, no doubt about that, even in the steaming water. He’d had enough and shut it off, stepping out to grab a fresh towel and dry himself off. He wandered back into the laundry room to start his wash, close the door, and shut off all the other lights, making sure the front door was locked as well.

Jaewon was tired, exhausted, happy to be home, but missing you. Back into the bedroom he went, over to his side of the bed to flick on the lamp and set his phone down. A pink note atop something he was sure he wouldn’t see, but happy that he did see on the bedside table. “I’m not there to work those knots out properly, but I figured you could use this. Always looking out for you,” he read, setting the note aside to pick up your massaging neck pillow. It was your favorite thing ever that Jaewon had gotten you. You put it on every night for an hour before going to bed to relieve the tension and it worked wonders for you.

“Yes, you really, really do,” he commented, pulling the pillow around the back of his neck and pressed the small power button to get the balls rolling, pressing surprisingly deep into his neck. With his body relaxing under the mechanics of the pillow, he almost stumbled over to the dresser, forgetting momentarily how to walk, to retrieve some underwear.

He opened the drawer—another note; the last one for the night.

“Goodnight my sweet prince. Sleep well through the night and late into the morning. I miss you already and I’ll call you as soon as I land. Just remember, I love you.”

He took the note over to his bedside table, sticking it to the lampshade so he could look at it every night before falling asleep as he pulled back the sheets of the bed, crawling in to lay slightly propped up as the pillow continued its massaging magic. Jaewon flipped the TV on, getting lost in the white noise, already falling asleep. He shook his head, knowing he wasn’t going to make it long, especially as the bed began to warm up. He placed the massaging pillow back down on the table and snuggled deeper into the mattress, pulling the covers up over his shoulder.  

He closed his eyes, “Goodnight, my princess,” he whispered, clutching the sheets close to where you should be laying. He was asleep before he knew it, forgetting to shut the TV off, letting the white noise lull him into deep slumber.

a-radioactive-platypus  asked:

Hi there! I hope you don't mind, but I have a question (hopefully it's not a stupid one) about your last post (the pride day one). Namely, I was wondering if you had some common examples of homophobia within the church and ways that we can begin to combat that and become more accepting in a way that is consistent with church teachings. I hope that this is ok. Thank you and God bless!

Hi! Thank you so much for asking.

For some background, I grew up with Traditional Catholics. I usually only went to Masses in Latin and was taught the details and doctrines of our Faith since I was about six years old. So, my experience with Church-based homophobia may be different than others. Some may not experience it all, some have maybe experienced it to a more intense degree.

Here are some common examples of homophobia I see in the Church. They go in a basic order of bad to not so bad, but the numbers aren’t super exact or rigid. 

1. Talking about LGBT people as if they are a theory/concept or that they are outsiders.

This is common especially when it comes to priests or teachers of the Faith. Like, LGBT people are always assumed to not be part of the Parish, classroom, or in the community in any way. They are “heathens” people who are “slaves to the modern world,” but they aren’t in any way, shape, or form near us or are us. 

To be honest, that’s incredibly harmful. Like, I’ve only heard “nasty” and “unfortunate” rumors of sermons (probably by a visiting Jesuit or something) that preached about “”””gay people being….[dare I say susan] welcome””””” 

I’ve actually NEVER experienced any of those horrid “novus ordo” rumor sermons, but if one of my lovely FSSP priests wants to give one, I would be both shocked and I’d make sure that they get put up for beatification once they go to heaven. But, for now, all I hear is either instruction or condemnation. I rarely hear affirming of our humanities or any acknowledgment that some of us are sitting right there in the pews listening and internalizing every word that the priest is saying.

2. Insulting, shaming, and condemning gay people and gay religious

Nobody dare say this doesn’t happen because IT FUCKING DOES. I’ve heard (Catholic) people say gay people are going to hell, I’ve heard (Catholic) people use gay people as merely the butt of their jokes, I’ve heard (Catholic) people call gay priests and religious “a disease that eats the Church.” And honestly THAT HAS GOT TO FUCKING STOP. This isn’t the 60′s. It’s not longer acceptable to be a dick to gay people, for a good reason. Because it’s not decent.

And if you’re going to be a dick to the gay lay (lmao rhyme) people than you better not, for the love of God (literally), talk shit about gay priests or religious. I will fight you even if it kills me. I don’t care if you *personally* think they’re nasty or some other homophobic sentiment. Lesbian nuns are the brides of Christ and gay priests stand in the person Christ. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous to the homophobes, but gay religious are actually very common because guess what? That’s a vocation they can do and many times are called to.

3. No desire to welcome them in the Church

Ugh. This one gets me. Because it’s like a casual conversation topic.

“Susan, did you hear about St. Holy’s in Large City, State? Yeah, they’re accepting gay people now. :(:(:(”

“Oh Karen, that’s really sad :(”

(im not kidding, this was a legit conversation i heard).

First of all, ask yourselves, why do you not want gay people to come to Church with you? What are you so afraid of? Gay people are just people who like the same-sex. Why does that make you want to exclude them from Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle?

4. False Assumptions

I wish I didn’t see this as often as I did.

It’s like every straight priest and lay person automatically knows the beliefs, level of devotion, desires, and thoughts of ALL gay people throughout ALL time in ALL places. Stop. Only God knows that. You don’t. STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS.

Not every gay person is an amoral, flamboyant, sex-crazed, godless heathen (some are, but that doesn’t even matter?? you should love them anyway?). Most gay people are just…people? Like? We all have their own quirks and some fit into stereo-types and some don’t? Like, we aren’t all cookie cutter people…

We have dreams, passions, beliefs, morals, and voices. Why don’t you listen to us and try to be friends with us, instead of actively making yourselves enemies to “avoid scandal” or some equally heinous excuse not to love us.

5. Comparing gay people to the murder of innocent children

Nobody talks about this problem which is why I brought it up. Do you ever read those articles/entire books commenting about how post-modern society is full of paganism and fuckery and Fatima’s coming back to get us? Well, some of that’s true, but here’s what always pisses me off about them: gay people and abortion are always put in that same post-modern immorality circle, in the same degree of horribleness, and they are even sometimes linked.

Okay, I understand that logic, but that is literally the most biggest pile of paganism and fuckery that I’ve seen. NO. Having gay sex is NOT the same as killing an unborn child in the womb. How far is your head up your ass for you to have to realize that, while both wrong, one is clearly far worse?

(on a side note: ppl, especially ppl who hate the Vatican II, like blaming it for all of this “gay acceptance.” but that’s garbage b/c if the Vatican II never happened we wouldn’t even give too much shit about gay marriage because we’d be focusing more on gregorian chants and growing in our communities [a.k.a. the emperor didn’t give a shit, he was off somewhere doing poetry])

6. Near-constant instructing, condemning, and patronizing

Gay people can understand theology. Most gay Catholics are acutely aware of the Church’s teaching on gay people because, hey, it affects them. And if they choose not to follow that teaching then they know damn well what they are doing in the sense that no “apologetics” will get them to change their mind. I know apologetics didn’t change mine.

So, in short, most of us are really tired of hearing again and again and again what the Church teaches about gay people. We’ve heard it, we know it, and some of use will choose to follow it. Unless someone legit does not understand the teaching, there’s no need to explain it. You’re not being “more loving” or loving in “the real way” if you tell a gay person that God doesn’t affirm gay relationships. You just look like you have a nasty religious superiority complex. Even if you don’t, that’s what it appears to look like.

7. Enforcing the closet

Honestly, this one’s not going away anytime soon, but we need to be free from the closet. I HATE that I can’t come out to anyone in my religious community because I fear alienation, I fear shame, I fear ridicule, I fear for my physical and mental well-being. And I’m FOLLOWING Church teachings. I naively thought that if I only followed Church teaching again, I wouldn’t feel like an outsider at my Church.

But I do, I really do. And this closet is one we enforce. We encourage gay people to shut up about themselves. We remind them that they are not welcome in Catholicism, we remind them that they are only here to be tokens for our theological debates, we remind them that they are part of our horrible world, we label our gay priests and religious as traitors, we find gay people to be inherently unfortunate, and the list goes on and on.

I want to feel like I am safe enough to be lesbian at my Church, in my family, and in my overall community. But that can’t happen unless the Church militant changes their opinions and assumptions on gay people.

8. Not properly educating your self on Church teaching

Unfortunately, I HAVE SEEN THIS. People don’t understand the difference between homosexuality and homosexual acts.

-Homosexuality is an passive state. It’s beyond our control. It is not sinful.

-Homosexual acts are actions. They are within our control. They are sinful.

Treat your gay brothers and lesbian sisters with compassion and sensitivity.

Those are the Church teachings on Gay People. Know them.

9. Not being able to distinguish between having disorder and being disordered

This one speaks for itself. The person is not disordered. Stop treating them as if they aren’t your equal because you perceive they are disordered rather than they have a disorder. 

10. The mindset that Gay People cannot achieve holiness through being gay

Celibacy is a sacrifice and sometimes a suffering (many times a suffering). But when we unite those sufferings with Jesus on the Cross, we draw such a multitude of graces for us and for others. And yes those sufferings are because we are gay.

Being gay can be a means of holiness. Being gay can bring you to heaven.

11. The Mindset that Gay People are inherently unfortunate

speaks for itself.

12. SSA Terminology (and terminology use in general)

This one’s lower on the list because not everyone thinks it’s homophobic and I can see why but I have a few personal problems with it. 

a. it isolates people identifying with the LGBT+ labels from the Catholic community

b. it isolates LGBT+ Catholics from a common history of oppression and existence they share with the LGBT community

c. it strips the meaning of monosexual labels like Lesbian and Gay which have been used to describe an exclusive attraction to the same-sex. Simply saying “ssa” implied that they are open to heterosexual relationships. And they’re not; lesbians especially have had lots of trauma and issues relating to their exclusive attraction to women and having no attraction to men..

d. it sounds objective. it sounds like a disease. many gay people do not like being called “homosexual” because it objectifies and medicalizes them*. I feel the same way with SSA

*please stop calling us “homosexuals.” gay person/gay people, lgbt/lgbt people are preferable. (homosexual person is okay, but “gay” or “lgbt” is preferable). the problem with “homosexual” is that so many times that word has been used to objectify and dehumanize us. this is the label related to the theory of gay as a mental illness and it’s been used to do horrible things to us. we prefer not to have it be used for us.**

**of course i CANNOT speak for all LGBT people when it comes to labels. this is just what i’ve notices from the majority, please ask if you are unsure.

13. Boycotting gay things, even subtle gay things

Once again, minor pet peeve of mine. But, do ya’ll remember the Beauty and the Beast thing? Where a minor villain was *subtly implied* to be gay more as a joke than a serious thing? Yeah, and everyone acted like it was a hell-sent pagan movie from the depths of Hollywood despair? 

Yeah, that was really fucking rude. Everyone was really fucking rude. The director was really fucking rude to that in the first place tbh.

I think this is a broader Christian thing, but Catholics are Christians as the old saying goes.

14. Misunderstanding the concept of Gay Pride

More minor complaints. First of all, you can totally think gay pride is perverted garbage, there’s a lot of trash in gay pride because half the people in the Pride parades don’t understand what they actually were/meant for.

But to be fair, too many people think that gay pride (self-acceptance) = pride as in the sin. Nope. Unless you want to call National Pride (patriotism) a sin, gay pride isn’t the sin you’re thinking of.

Theoretically, you could call gay pride a form of heresy because you’re showing support for something the Church condemns. But to me, gay pride has always been about self-acceptance, acceptance in society, and gaining our rights as equal citizens.

one song, many meanings

so, in light of a plethora of posts about rey’s spotify playlist, i decided to do some song hunting of my own, and boy howdy did i find some interesting shit. i don’t know if there’s been an “analysis” so to say about Compass by Zella Day, but you better believe i’m about to go in depth on this. buckle up, buttercups, because i’m about to blow your reylo minds.

i really wanted just to pick out little bits from the song that seemed very reylo, but the WHOLE FUCKING THING SHOUTS, EXUDES REYLO. so first, i’ll put the whole thing here and then analyze/point out some awesome things:

“We can build a tree house in the pine trees
We can keep our secrets buried underneath
Wildflowers crash between your fingers
Clinging to the wild things that raised us

Compass points you home,
Calling out from the east
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
If we make it out alive from the depths of the sea
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
Where you are, I will be
Miles high, in the deep
Where you are, I will be
Anywhere, in between

Take me to the garden of your ecstasy
Make myself a headband from your fallen leaves
Woven in the fabric of your tapestry
Cover me in honeysuckle memories

Compass points you home,
Calling out from the east
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
If we make it out alive from the depths of the sea
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
Where you are, I will be
Miles high, in the deep
Where you are, I will be
Anywhere, in between

I will take the pieces, put them back together
Even when the grass isn’t green enough
Taking all the branches, build ourselves a mansion
Love you in the way that you needed love

Where you are, I will be
Where you are, I will be
Miles high, in the deep
Where you are, I will be
Anywhere, in between”


first things first, i’ll cover the chorus:

“Compass points you home,
Calling out from the east
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
If we make it out alive from the depths of the sea
Compass points you anywhere
Closer to me
Where you are, I will be
Miles high, in the deep
Where you are, I will be
Anywhere, in between”

BITCH. THIS SHIT SCREAMS REYLO. the star wars franchise/lucasfilm is not slick. some of you may have seen my post on the disney store marketing rey & kylo next to each other (also, the whole establishing a hero/villain relationship thing in marketing could be argued for this, but my tiny brain comprehends this as “REYLO”), but now they’re #exposing themselves through rey’s playlist. (an analysis for kylo/ben’s coming soon)

“compass points you anywhere, closer to me”: this part reminds me of this post. they’re turning towards each other, getting closer to each other, both physically and emotionally.

“where you are, i will be, anywhere, in between/miles high, in the deep.”:  from the time they meet on takodana to their final scene together on starkiller base, they are either fighting each other, breathing heavily together, trying to find the other, or witnessing the other do something to/with someone else. i also interpret this line as a hint to their newly formed force bond (”anywhere” “miles high, in the deep”).

“if we make it out alive from the depths of the sea”: this might be a little bit of a stretch—hell, it is a stretch, but i’m not afraid to make it. all i have to say is: the depths of their tumultuous minds, along with their tragic pasts they so often dwell on. also, it reminded me of this: 

Originally posted by kylotrash

“at night, desperate to sleep, you imagine an ocean.”

next is verse one:

“We can build a tree house in the pine trees
We can keep our secrets buried underneath
Wildflowers crash between your fingers
Clinging to the wild things that raised us”

“we can keep our secrets buried”: either it’s a case of skinny love or this line is talking about the interrogation scene when rey waltzes her ass into kylo/ben’s mind and they both had some hearty secrets revealed. god, i just love an honest, open romance.

“wildflowers crash between your fingers”: it’s supposed to be deep and personal, but i just see:

Originally posted by jeanifurr

however, i do also like to think of the wildflowers as rey’s mind, and i think of kylo’s gloved hand reaching out as the edge of her mind crashes against his fingertips.

“clinging to the wild things that raised us”: in rey’s case, i interpret this as her insistence on returning to jakku with the hope of her family finding her, and as it is on rey’s playlist, that’s probably what it’s supposed to mean. but looking at it from of ben/kylo’s pov, this refers to his parents, who really weren’t fit for parenting and lived their lives separate from his, and he clung to them until he realized how they neglected him. as a third perspective, i find that it makes sense to think about it in terms of the Force, which is so strong within the both of them, and which they (at least ben for sure) clung to for comfort since childhood. soon they/ll be clinging to each other , but,, tha’ts not importan,t right nnow…

here comes verse two:

“Take me to the garden of your ecstasy
Make myself a headband from your fallen leaves
Woven in the fabric of your tapestry
Cover me in honeysuckle memories”

“take me to the garden of your ecstasy”: the…garden. a garden,, the garden of your,,,..ecstasy..? the ecstasy garden. it’s either the SmutHut in disguise or they’re trying to figure out each other’s happy place, which could very well be inside of the smuthut. “good luck figuring out which one it is!” shouts the creator of rey’s spotify playlist. fuckin jerkface.

“make myself a headband from your fallen leaves”: this is a really sweet line & i love it because it gives me this image of rey sitting beside an emotional, confessing ben as he begs to be forgiven and panics about the first order, and her gently putting her hand atop his, brushing the hair out of his eyes and wiping a stray tear from his cheek before whispering tearfully yet reassuringly, “your mess is mine.” are you crying too?


finally, my loves, is my favorite part of the song: the final verse.

“I will take the pieces, put them back together
Even when the grass isn’t green enough
Taking all the branches, build ourselves a mansion
Love you in the way that you needed love”

“i will take the pieces, put them back together, even when the grass isn’t green enough”: she’ll be the one to mend his broken heart, even in the darkest of times. *yells*

“love you in the way that you needed love”: this man needs to feel loved. he is a victim of abuse, manipulation, and child grooming. he is hurting, badly. he needs her. and just as much as he needs her, she needs him. she needs to feel the glories of love. she needs to know that she is not alone in the universe. they need each other.

in conclusion: reylo is beautiful and illustrious and it is most importantly a story of redemption as much as it is a story of love.

i hope you enjoyed this as much as i did.

Originally posted by cryingtears-of-gold

and yes, i know that you probably could have figured this out on your own, but whatevs, dude. if you want more, do tell me because it’s fun to do. if you don’t then idk what to tell you man ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

feel free to add on your thoughts! <3

milimonera  asked:

Hey, I think your art is amazing! And I really admire you. You're probably super busy so It's okay if I never get anything back but.... I've recently lost a lot of my motivation to draw. I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my head, but I don't think I good enough to write them down or execute them. Even if it's just for me, I've had a lot of trouble coming out of this rut. Thank you for your time.

Hi! ^w^/ Thank you very much for your kind words dear <3 !!!

I must say that I can understand your state really well as I live it periodically. That’s the case of lots of people I think :/ Motivation can be so capricious. I’m going to give you my point of view on your situation, hoping that it will help you somehow.

Firstly, just don’t give up if you feel that drawing makes you feel good in your body and soul (I’m only talking about the act of drawing, not the goals or ideas you set on it).
Secondly, I think you really should write down your ideas and even make quick sketches of them, that way you will never forget them (that’s what I do too when I’m in the “I’m just a piece of garbage I can’t draw” or “I don’t have the time/motivation for that project now” mood).

Motivation can come in lots of different situations. For drawing it could simply be your love for the act of drawing, your love for expressing your way of thinking, your love for a show, a movie, a book, creating your own story, etc. Unfortunately that motivation can quickly fade away because you feel stuck, you don’t feel like improving. But let me tell you that’s an illusion. The more you do and understand what you want to achieve, the more you’ll improve. You stay stuck only if you decide to stay stuck.

I will describe improvement as a circle of different mind states. When you draw you don’t often see the improvements you make. You just draw. You draw and try to create something that pleases you and/or that you see in your head. Then you can feel easily discouraged as it doesn’t often turn out as planned in the end. Either you give up, out of hope and patience, or you keep drawing even if the result never satisfies you. If you choose the second way then one day, while drawing and/or looking back at what you’ve done in the past few days/months/years, you will notice changes and differences in your work, things that will get clearer in your eyes. That’s the “new hope” state, the one where you go “omg yes well I climbed some steps, I feel a bit less worried now, I should keep going”. That moment is quite brief but take it, take it to get more strength to keep drawing. Because then you will maybe pass the “drawing flood” phase (when you just can’t stop drawing) to fall back little by little into the “depression/obstacle” phase because you can’t see the improvements anymore again.  

So just keep drawing and practicing besides your ideas and projects if you feel stuck with them. You must not be discouraged because you think you can’t represent that idea right now. Just try to get a mental image of it and draw it right now without any pressure. If the result doesn’t turn out well enough for you, keep that idea for later, it’s never too late to try it again don’t worry. Just practice and observe something else or a part of that idea in the meantime, the day will come when you’ll see a better way to draw that project “in its entirety”.
Study what is around you physically and/or spiritually, what others have made in the past, look out for what you want (or don’t want) to achieve in your art. Search for your interests and study them, try taking some art challenges to find more inspiration and will to create.

Also don’t forget that what you have in mind will never be identical to the concrete creation nor perfect (as that word doesn’t even mean anything because purely relative and subjective). You need to accept equally your body acting and mind construction, not only your mind. You have to learn to accept that your hand ended up making those lines like this or those strokes like that. I’m not saying you always have to, but sometimes yes. It can even give you access to new ideas and possibilities of representation. The hardest thing is to find a good balance between your mental construction and physical gestures and creation, a balance between freedom and control. You must juggle between what you accept or refuse from your body acts in order to form a structure that suits your goals.

Another little tip: don’t try to “finish” a piece in one go (if it’s not part of a challenge of course). Draw it, put it in your folders for some hours/days/even months or years sometimes then come back to have a “rested” view on it. You will see a bit better what you need to retouch. Don’t hesitate to ask people some constructive reviews on your work if you’re stuck, if your vision is too tired to notice what is the cause of that “something is off but I don’t know what” thought.  

If you’re like me, you will never feel good enough at drawing. So JUST DO IT! Just do it now without any pressure, you will still be able to do it again later anyway as I already said. Nothing is never lost in drawing, you’re always practicing and learning something :)

I really hope I will help you and the others who struggle with that too, don’t hesitate to ask me back if I wasn’t clear enough about something or if you’ve got some other questions or remarks, I’ll do my best to answer you \^w^/

anonymous asked:

So I have to ask you something... Do you think captain swan is abusive? I want to ask you this because I don't know if my shipper goggles are blinding me or if the antis are just that delusional, you know? And your blog is so objective and completely honest about its biases, contrary to others dishonest blogs out there. Not to mention how you are truly feminist. Do you think Killian is a bad and misogynist boyfriend to Emma (and if you want you can rant about his relationship with Milah too...)?

This is gonna be long…..

I really don’t think CS is at all abusive. The only times it has seemed abusive are when he was the Dark One (which he’d have rather died than be) or when moments are taken completely out of context eg. the roof jumping scene. Is Hook flawed? Of course! But he is not an abuser. He is patient and completely supportive of Emma. Would a bad boyfriend be patient and wait for you to make the first move, empower you every chance he gets, push you to make up with your family, die for you (three times over)? I’ve seen that Killian listening to Liam over Emma shows he’s an abuser which isn’t really fair, because it pits family v romantic (so in their mind a good partner should choose you over his family). He also pushes for Emma to have her free will (contrary to actual misogynist Rumple who planned on kidnapping and mind wiping Belle).

CS is very anti-gender roles. They make decisions together eg. moving in, first dates. Killian often does the ‘female’ aspects of the relationship such as child care while Emma does the paid work.

Killian is also a feminist. When he was with Milah, he listened to her rant about her hopes and dreams, when she came to him he took her on board instead of saying “No back to the kitchen with you” and gave her a position of authority (she had the crew’s respect) whereas a misogynist would have made her the ship’s cook or sex slave or something. He listens to women when they give suggestions eg. Elsa (when she was telling him he was wrong about his suspicions re: Emma he took her seriously), Emma (”waiting for a giant to fall asleep when we need him to?” “Point taken.”). He is interested in being on the same level as a woman (”We make quite the team”) (Team=equality). He has no problem being led by a woman (Emma, Cora) or taking orders from them. He empowers women when they excel, Tink “Look who’s still a fairy”, Emma “You can do this/Your magic/I’ve yet to see you fail/I knew you’d find us/You saved me.” He admitted to Emma that she was right, that he had been weak. When Emma called him out on lying to her about Ursula, he told her she was right, instead of lasing out at her.

Yes, he has hurt women. That is not misogyny, especially not when it’s in self-defense, such as Emma coming at him with a sword at Lake Nostos or Ursula choosing to carry on helping Gold. Innuendos are not misogyny either, despite how much the fandom thinks they are. Do they make you as a viewer uncomfortable? Fair enough, I cringed a bit at s2 Hook and his flirting. But that does  not make him a misogynist.

Hell, the man calls other people out on their misogyny. He shut down Belle’s claim that Hook “stole” Milah because Hook doesn’t think women can be stolen-’when a woman comes to you and begs you to take her away, is that theft?’. When Charming (who I love btw) was objectifying Emma and acting like he got to decide what his adult daughter did with her love life, Hook called him out on it, called it ‘old fashioned’, flat out saying that Emma isn’t a prize and that their relationship was up to her as much as him (oh hey look, equality).

Lastly, the irony of this all is that 90% of Hook/CS-hate comes from misogyny and patriarchal ideas. The idea that women are ‘weak’ and have to be protected from everything (Hook gets most of his hate for hurting women when he as done worse shit to men). The idea that women are not strong when they fall in love (Emma is called weak for daring to be upset when Hook died). The idea that men who go through trauma and struggle should be made fun of (Captain Man Pain. Hook shows guilt, grief, regret-all of which are perfectly fine and should not be mocked-but he is called “emo” and “man pain”). 

Wow this was long, sorry I can’t put it under a cut.

“Smiles make people kind. From there, love shall connect.” - Kis-My-Ft2′s 4th Overture

As I’ve reached a number of followers that I don’t think I’ve ever reached before on this account, I decided that I would appreciate some of you guys. I didn’t expect to hang around much after stepping back into this, but thanks to the affection, care, interest, and support of many of you, I’ve managed to stay around longer than I thought that I would. I hope that many of us can grow even closer, or that we’ll actually talk and form a friendship. I’ll probably miss some people that I wanted to put on this somewhere, but please keep in mind that when you see this, I appreciate you. This isn’t a post for just those that I name. Each of you have a part in this. Who knows, I might even end up tagging some people that I follow, but that aren’t on my followers list. Whatever the case is, thank you for taking the time to make this ride a little more interesting for me.

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Rest of the boys pestering Hanamiya to introduce his gf to them since they don't know who she is, and is it isn't a bother, finally meeting the said gf

I apologize for the lack of posts yesterday. Life kept me busy…

Keep in mind that our boys swear a little more than necessary here.

HANAMIYA could now admit; this was gradually turning out to be a huge hassle and he had no intention whatsoever to just sit by and endure it for much longer. His patience was running thin.

HARA’s persistent comments came like a thunderstorm every time he was not busy with training. “Come on, Boss. Let us meet her~” he often brought the subject up while popping his bubbles in that characteristic, leisure way of his. “How bad can she be? Or you’re actually afraid she might fall in love with one of us and dump you? Or…” he contemplated and grinned widely. “Or… she is too damn pretty and you don’t want the rest of us to set our eyes on her? Naaah. I don’t believe that. I bet her boobs are too—”

Hanamiya did not offer a coherent reply whatsoever. He simply moved to, oh so accidentally, step on Hara’s toes and increased the number of rounds he had to run around Kirisaki Daiichi’s gym. And the number of push-ups. And the number of squats… amongst other things. Times like these made being the team’s Coach immensely satisfying and worth the trouble. It felt quite liberating too.

As soon as Hara’s pestering paused, a new wave came to flood him. “How is she called again?” FURUHASHI wondered out loud, features unmoving and undisturbed. It was an indirect challenge for Hanamiya to take active part in the conversation. He’d me damned if he fell into that ridiculous trap, though. Hanamiya resumed the process of changing clothes with deliberate nonchalance.

Despite seeing Hanamiya’s apparent refusal to participate, Furuhashi did not stop. “What do you think, Yamazaki?” he turned to the other man, changing his tactics by acting as though Hanamiya was not actually present and very much able to hear anything that transpired. That might pick their Captain’s interest more. “Is she a senpai or a kouhai? Maybe she’s a classmate?” he paused to consider the matter carefully. “I hardly know anyone in our year-group that is worth paying attention to, though. And a small age difference might bring more spice to the relationship,” he muses, with a sense of only just lukewarm interest lacing his words.

YAMAZAKI was not late to join this peculiar annoy-the-hell-out-of-Hanamiya dance. “Are you sure she’s attending Kirisaki? Maybe she’s his neighbor or something. Peeking through half-closed windows is a damn great way to start a relationship; if you know what I mean.”

“I hope she is at Kirisaki,” Furuhashi insisted. “If not, and assuming that we’ll need to beat some sense into certain nuisances and potential rivals sometime soon, then that will mean the Student Council will eventually have to get involved. The President gets on my nerves.”

“You’re damn right,” Yamazaki agrees. “She keeps an eye on us like we’re planning to jump her! As if… stupid bitch. Boss better not—”

Hanamiya could no longer keep his calm façade. “What Student Council nonsense are you spurting out, you morons?” he scoffed, huffing a few strands of hair away from his face. “Stop assuming bullshit and dress up already!”

Yamazaki was the only one of the two that grimaced lightly and soon both of them started removing their sweaty shirts and reaching to grab their towels to wipe their perspiration.

“Where is that bastard Hara anyway?” Yamazaki randomly inquired, kicking the bench on which SETO slept absentmindedly, while putting on another clean T-shirt. “He always drops the best ideas at times like these.” As soon as those words left Yamazaki’s mouth, Furuhashi turned to level his teammate with a questioning stare. “Eh… don’t tell the prick I said that,” Yamazaki desperately warned and started cursing at the still resting Seto, at the same time as putting on his jacket. The tall Center was rather rudely stirred into action. “Move your ass already, lazy gorilla!” the red-haired growled, kicking the bench relentlessly once more.

Seto finally pulled himself into a sitting position. “Like anyone could sleep with you bickering like damned chickens. Do yourselves a favor; go find a few women, get laid and stop murmuring like gossiping old women all the time!” He admonished and, shortly after, a meaningful glare from Hanamiya wordlessly ordered him to get dressed fucking now and go home. The sooner they had locked and left the locker room, the better.

Hanamiya, namely the cause of Hara’s disappearance, did not answer Yamazaki’s question; in fact, he ignored it altogether and calmly clad his neck with his scarf. Furuhashi was the one who did reply. “Running probably. His sports bag is still here. Damn, captain sure is tough at enacting vengeance.”At that Hanamiya couldn’t help but internally snicker. He might have pretended not to listen, and they might also pretend he wasn’t there only a while ago, but that never meant he didn’t actually pay attention.

Only a moment later. “Damn. I really want to meet that chick. Getting a few tips on how to handle Captain’s mood swings won’t hurt at all. Hara and I always are the punching bags,” Yamazaki remarked, finally reaching for his sack, ready to take his leave. Hanamiya’s annoyed growl was the last thing he heard before being kicked out of the locker room for “taking too much fucking time”.


She was everything and yet nothing like they imagined; pretty, elegant-looking, eyes gleaming with not-yet-fully-manifested intelligence, a little on the cute side and yet confident enough to carry herself proudly.

 Frankly, they couldn’t even properly believe Hanamiya finally agreed to introduce them. He was standing right next to her the entire time, like a hyena protecting her young ones. Hanamiya was never a fan of public displays of affection, but he wasn’t particularly inclined to feed his girlfriend to the starving wolves he called teammates either. His hand was possessively secured around her waist all the while the meeting lasted.

“Holy shit! Just when I started thinking she wasn’t actually real!” Hara exclaimed in surprise, mouth titled upwards as he regarded the pair. “Good job, Captain. She looks good enough to eat. What’s your name, cupcake?”

Yamazaki titled his head to the side, eyeing her from her toes and upwards. “I stand by what I said last time. I’m really glad we got to feast our eyes on this.” The only thing left after appreciating her physical appearance was to ask her about the nature of the methods she implemented to bend the usually ruthless and strict Hanamiya in all ways necessary.

Seto, knowing what Yamazaki was entertaining, laughed mockingly under his breath before commenting, “Drop that thought. Whatever methods she uses, I’m sure would be impossible for you.”

Slightly affronted, Yamazaki turned to cast a brief glare towards the taller player. “What’s with the look?” Seto scowled in return. “Can’t you see the assets she possesses and you don’t? Or you think you can calm Hanamiya down with a kiss or something? I’d rather wash my eyes with chlorine than see this happening.”

“Asshole!” Yamazaki countered defensively. “Don’t give her any wrong impressions!”

Hanamiya’s mighty glare rendered them all silent for a few seconds. “After all your damn complaining, this is what you needed to see her for?” he groaned lowly and moved to whisper something next to her ear.

“Your name?” Furuhashi coolly asked, continuing from where Hara left off, blinking once in a hardly interested manner.

“I am__ __.Nice to meet you!” she bowed in greetings and smiled genuinely at the team’s regulars. “I’ve heard a lot about you all!”

This was a very worrying fact by itself.

anonymous asked:

This is going to be a really strange question, and it's totally fine if you don't answer, but. I am planning on studying abroad in Paris in the spring, and I was wondering if you had any advice? I've googled average weather conditions and things, but it's all very abstract and hard to imagine (it also doesn't help that I've never been to France).

Well there’s of course of lot of things to see in Paris I could tell you about (there's  that post where I talk about my favourites parts of the city, you can check it out if you already speak a bit of french) but if you need more practical advise, it’s a bit hard to think about it right now aha. 
That’s kinda dumb but about the weather/temperature, I learned to always wear layers of clothing that are easy to take off and put back on because there’s a big temperature difference between the metro and the exterior and I always found myself dying of the heat once underground and freezeing when I got out otherwise, and at first I was sick all the time because of that…. The weather is otherwise very variable because of the geographical position of the city so it changes very quickly, so it’s rather unpredictable, especially in the spring.

At random, stupid tips off the top of my mind :
- use the metro map to learn to know the city, it makes things very easy
- if you want to lay somewhere in a sunny day, go the Tuileries park , there you’re allowed to be on grass (in the Jardin des Plantes or the Luxembourg you can’t)
- line 14 of the metro is the quickest in the city I think, it can be useful to know
- avoid the bus at all cost if you’re late
- taxis are very expensive, very few people use them unlike in the UK for instance
- if you want to visit Orsay museum, show up at 9am or you’ll have to queue for hours, and once inside if you’re under 26 yo don’t queue again to take a ticket, you can directly go into the museum it’s free and it saves a lot of time
- If you want to order a latte in a Café, ask for a Noisette
- If you have to switch metro lines, if the lines cross in several points and you have a choice, avoid stations Châtelet, Montparnasse, Gare du Nord and Saint Lazare or you’re in for a bit of a walk that will make your journey way longer than expected. Especially Châtelet and Montpar omg.
- If you need to go shopping, go Rue de Rivoli, most common line stores are gathered here. For thrift shopping, walk around Marais or Montmatre or check that cool site
- something that turned out to be unexpectedly useful : if you’re around the Champs Elysées and want to eat, and you’re stuck because everything is incredibly expensive and you’re as broke as I am, there’s that one McDonald’s around station George V that saved so much lives. It may sound dumb but somehow I helped several people by telling them that
- for the Musée des Arts Ludiques (that did the big Marvel and Pixar exhibitions, and is currently doing Ghibli), by tickets before going, it’s a mess
- Library cards are all free and if you have one you can borrow in any of the numerous libraries in the cities, even from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. It’s totally worth it you’re into books and comics (they have a shitton of comics too)
- if you get lost, follow the Seine and you’ll end up finding the Louvre at some point probably (you can ask liniochtai about it, useful and overused technique here)
I don’t have anything else in mind but if some parisians want to add stuff I’ll make a post with it, or maybe check the replies on that post ! That’s super dumb stuff but it helped me so I hope it’ll help you a little bit. Have a great time in our wonderful city !

jgagart  asked:

hi. you really are an amazing talent. i was hoping to pick your brain a bit if you don't mind. My work is strictly in my spare time (3 kids, house, dayjob) but I think I'm ready to make a few of my better pieces available as prints/ shirts etc. on society6 and redbubble. Any advice for someone just starting out with really putting themselves out there? What methods work best for you to promote yourself and how do you manage that time with art production? Again...love your stuff. Truly.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been stupid busy and haven’t had time to get on my computer to write a proper response to this!

I honestly have yet to see much promise from Society6 since they don’t promote people that aren’t already popular like RedBubble does. You could do both but it almost seems like a waste of time to me. 

If I were you this is what I would do:

1. Start a Facebook art page if you haven’t already, it’s a good way to promote. Same with Instagram, but make sure you don’t take on both if you don’t have the time stick to FB.

2. Put up some bits on RedBubble, get into a couple of groups on there that you can post to when you put up new work. It just helps more people see, but it’s not needed.

3. Look into making your own prints, do some research. There’s no need for forking out money for the giclée prints at the start, just stick to some good card stock or something of decent quality. Order prints from a local print shop if you can or drive to the nearest city. Starting with postcards and 8"x11" prints would be best, most artists make their money from postcard sized prints surprisingly.

I print about 10 of your favorite artworks to start. Leave room at the bottom to sign and date them. No need for getting into limited edition works yet unless you’d like, it’s just a bit more complicated is all. 

4. Get set up on BigCartel, Ebay or Etsy. This is if you want to see more profits. Sites like RedBubble take a HUGE chunk of the profits but it is still worthwhile. You can use your Facebook to direct people to your shop. Etsy or Ebay may be the best for you because you can start building a following on there easier. You can make much more profit doing this than RB. 

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope I helped a little. It’s a bit of a learning curve at the start but you’ll learn quickly if you do some research here and there and are passionate to put out great work.

Thank you so much for getting in contact with me, I enjoy your work as well!!!


- Jen

anonymous asked:

I wish people like you would stop separating things into "everyone" or "nobody" you think all cops are disgusting pigs great. First you generalize. Then brand hatred onto all cops. by no means am i saying all cops are good, there are some messed up cops whose moral compasses obviously are wrong. But by causing more hate you create i dichotomy. you hate them or don't. How often has that caused positive social change, never. You just make more people side more strongly with one opinion.

Anonymous goes on to say…

2- You are part of the problem. what do you think we should do? get rid of cops entirely? Burn them? full on anarchy? great tell me where that gets you. Not that this is going to make you have your mind, but i hope you know you are part of a problem creating more of a problem. The moment you give a realistic answer to this problem please post it. REALISTIC. I would be impressed. again i am not for cops, i am against the cops in the wrong. The morals of which you have based this blog are wrong.

Dear Anonymous,

I was SOOOOO happy to get your message today!  It’s not often that I get anonymous criticism that is both polite & literate.  Plus, you’ve given me an opportunity to bring up some stuff!  You’re the best!

1) “ you think all cops are disgusting pigs great. First you generalize.

I think all cops are disgusting pigs?  What post on this tumblr have I said that? All I’ve done if point out that their ranks include animal abusersarsonists, child molestors, child pornographers, dog killersdrive-by shootersextortionists, fraud artists, KKK members, pimps, rapists, robbers, serial killersterrorists,  thieves, torturers, wife beaters, etc.

But disgusting pigs?  I don’t believe I’ve ever said that!  Stop putting words in my mouth!  

(BTW, Anon, those links above lead to some very specific examples, so I think maybe you should look up what the word “generalize” means.)

2) “by no means am i saying all cops are good, there are some messed up cops whose moral compasses obviously are wrong.”

Ah yes.  The whole “a few bad apples” argument.  But as my man Jeremy McClellan points out, you’re missing the rest of the saying that expression comes from - a few bad apples spoils the bunch.

If it was just a problem of some “messed up cops whose moral compasses obviously are wrong,” why aren’t all their coworkers - the good cops - turning them in?  84% of cops report having seen a coworker use excessive force on a civilian but 61% admit that they don’t report even serious crimes they see their fellow cops committing!  Is it because they know what their fellow cops will do to them for breaking the “blue wall of silence?”  Or what will happen to their careers?  Is it because they see that the “bad cops” are the ones that get promoted?  How good are all these “good cops” if they’re not doing something about the “bad cops?” 

But maybe it’s not about the people wearing the badge - as J. Cole explains, maybe it’s the job itself that’s the problem.  Or as Dr. Robert Higgs breaks down for us, anyone agreeing to uphold and enforce unjust, cruel, and wicked laws can’t be “good.”  I mean, just think for a second about what cops spend most of their cop-time doing (hint - it’s not actually dealing with criminal matters!) . And before you even think of saying, “but they’re just doing their job!” think about this.

If the problem was just a “few bad apples,” the available evidence would be merely anecdotal.  It’s not and that’s because the problem with police is actually systemic.  Here’s what we mean by that.

3) Oh, you’re afraid of the “anarchy” that would be created if we didn’t have cops to keep order?  I’m afraid of the order the cops are keeping!

4) So what should we do about the po-po?  What is a REALISTIC solution to the problem created by giving some people the right to use lethal force against other people?  

Well first off, do you think we’ve always had police?  Because I have some exciting news for you - FOR MOST OF OUR HISTORY, HUMAN SOCIETIES HAVE FUNCTIONED WITHOUT COPS!!! That’s right, Anon - we’ve only had cops for about 200 years!  So what can we learn from our past + what new ideas do we have that would work better than having cops?

 a) This article lists six different things we could do that would minimize the role police play and the corruption and violence they bring with them: unarmed mediation/intervention teams; decriminalizing non-violent crimes; emphasizing restorative justice instead of retributive justice; increasing direct democracy in our society; volunteer community patrols; and free mental health care.

b) Or maybe we just replace cops with dogs!

c) Maybe we take a page from our past and rely on the participation of the full community when certain people misbehave.  You know, neighbours actually helping each other and solving their own problems.  Think that wouldn’t work?  It’s working right now in Marinaleda, Spain!  

d) Or what about a system like the Asayish security forces in Rojava (aka Northern Syria)?  They function in many ways like the police, but with some important differences: they’re trained volunteers who are chosen for duty via elections by the community they will be serving; the people of Rojava are working towards all citizens receiving Asayish training, with the eventually goal of making the Asayish unecessary as everyone will know how to police their own communities.

e) If you’re not satisfied with any of these real-world examples from both history and present-day and you still insist that we need cops, maybe these improvements would help somewhat: 
-make cops take out malpractice insurance, like doctors have to or make them liable for civil settlements in brutality cases, instead of the taxpayers;
-increase training in nonviolent actions;
-standardize what constitutes police brutality;
-actually punish police misconduct by investigating, charging, and convicting “bad” cops;
-stop militarizing the police;
-make body cams mandatory.

Really though, if you still think the police do more good than harm, that tells me two things: 1) you’re not an African-American and 2) you haven’t read enough posts in this tumblr

5)  “The morals of which you have based this blog are wrong.

This blog’s stated purpose is to serve as “a compendium of constabulary misconduct.”  You’re saying that it’s wrong to compile all the evidence that police do more harm than good?

What sort of morality says that reporting and documenting the abuses, assaults, corruption, thefts, torture, rapes, and murders committed by the very people we entrust with the right to use deadly force as part of their job to “protect and serve” is immoral?  

You have a really fucked-up sense of morality, Anon. 

But hey, thanks again for writing!


This is the first things I’ve been able to finish since the season 3b final. I think that sums up how I feel about it. Hoping now my block has been broken I can write more. 

I know it’s OQ week, so this might get buried, but I’m posting it anyway. 

Robin has not been able to stop thinking about her and it’s making him drown in guilt. 


These days Robin couldn’t remember what it was like to walk around without a heavy burden of guilt everywhere he went. It was unrelenting and tiresome… but there it was.

Because he knew in his heart of hearts how he was supposed to feel.

His wife, the woman he loved, cherished and downright adored had returned to him. She was- in nearly every sense of the term- back from the dead.

He was supposed to be happy. His heart so bursting with joy that he could barely contain it. He was supposed to be so overcome by his re-freshened love for her that he never wanted her to leave his sight.

He was, for Roland, thrilled that his son now had an opportunity to know his mother, beyond tales he would share.

But aside from that, all he felt was his heavy guilt.

Because at night when it was his wife by his side, it was Regina on his mind. In the day when they would stroll leisurely through town, it was Regina he was keeping an eye out for- hoping for a glimpse of her dark hair and petite stature. When it was his wife kissing him on the cheek, it was Regina lips he was picturing- and not just on his cheek- but on his lips- full and soft and full of passion.

The woman had not left his mind once and with that came the unrelenting guilt.


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anonymous asked:

Plz don't get mad at me its just a question because well u see my friend thinks Nico is a really prideful character and I agree but at the same see Nico as someone who cares for others and I was curious, do u think Nico is a prideful character?

Oooo don’t worry I wouldn’t get mad! This is a legitimate question, and it has piqued my interest! I hope ur ok with a long answer! 

But to answer ur question: yes. I think Nico is a very prideful character, but that doesn’t mean pride and caring can’t exist within her at the same time! Nico’s pride is much more complex than some people think. It isn’t necessarily born from an inflated ego, though I believe that Nico wants people to perceive it that way in order to protect herself.

Nico has seen hardship in her life that would severely hurt anyone. Her home life, though not necessarily bad, is undoubtedly tough bc of the fact that her mother is a single mother who works all day, leaving Nico to take on extra responsibility. It’s very strongly implied in her sid that her father was an important figure in her life, one that pushed her to dream big. Now that he’s gone, I can imagine she has taken a big hit and feels as though an extremely important aspect of her life was ripped from her. At that point, she was on her own. 

And even though the sid and anime canons tend to contradict, I definitely consider both of them when I think about the core of the characters. In Nico’s sid, she lives in a rundown home, and she’s actually embarrassed about her friends visiting. She fears the way they might perceive her, implying that Nico actually rly wants to be seen as someone who has a chance in this world. Poverty is often equated with a hopeless future, and given Nico’s dreams, she needs to feel some hope within herself. 

Going back to the anime, Nico is seen as someone who passionately chases after her dreams. In fact, she’s so passionate that it’s actually off-putting to some. And if you don’t believe that, just look at how some of the fandom thinks of her. Nico’s first group left her, and she was once again forced to act on her own. And that’s scary. No one wants to feel as though they have to shoulder everything themselves. 

Given the struggles Nico has had throughout her life, it makes sense to expect her to crumble. But she’s not the type to give up. Ever. The pride that we see and the pride that some people view as nothing more than simple narcissism is actually the front that she needs in order to see her dreams come true. Without it, she would have given up like the girls from her first idol group. Without it, Nico wouldn’t have spent her high school days sitting alone in her club room. Without it, Nico wouldn’t have survived that time of solitude bc that truly is a horrible experience.   

Nico’s pride comes from a strong desire and need to see herself succeed and achieve the things she’s dreamed of without being scorned or looked down on.

Nico is way more powerful than people give her credit for. They can’t see past that front, and bc of that, they never see that Nico rly cares for those important to her. The barrier that she built for herself is hard to get through, likely due to fear of rejection or abandonment, but eventually she lets people in anyway. People like Nozomi and Eli arguably have the strongest bond with her, and they have seen her at her most desperate. But they still stick around bc they can see the good within her. They can see what was almost crushed underneath crippling failure. 

Nico loves her friends so much, and in some way, one could view her prideful, egotistical behavior around them as a sort of test. She wants them to be happy and she wants them to succeed, but she has to put herself first bc she’s scared. She’s scared of being abandoned, and she’s scared of having to start all over again by herself. I’m sure Nico would rather have them leave right away than stick around and give her hope. Nico wants to be with people who care for her as much as she cares for them. She wants to be with people who can understand her struggles and not push her away. Honestly, I think that’s why she’s so close to Nozomi. Nozomi understand what it’s like to be alone. Nico acts prideful to protect herself, and Nozomi can understand that. 

And as time goes by, that barrier starts to come down. That’s why she was so hurt when Honoka first decided to disband Muse. She let her guard down, and once again, her dreams were dashed bc her group was leaving. I’m positive that was one of the worst moments of her life. I’m sure at some point the thought that this was how her life was inevitably going to be crossed her mind. But eventually, they came back, and Nico was able to trust them completely. They passed the test, and Nico finally got to be with people she could love without fearing rejection  

Ficlet: Savior (makorin AU)

Rin doesn’t see himself as extremely charitable or anything, but if an emergency strikes, he’s more than happy to play Hero.

Particularly when it involves someone being creeped out by one they most definitely don’t want to talk to for almost half an hour now. Bars, man. 

“Hey, Seijuurou? I’ll call you back.” Rin downs his drink, making a show as he hangs up his phone and waltzes over to the pair at the bar. “Hey babe, sorry about the phone call taking too long. I swear, sisters, right?” He taps on the bar and then his glass to indicate to the bartender that he wants a refill.

Rin winks in jest, but he prays that the (Adonis-like, sculpted, tall with the sweetest smile) man at the bar gets the hidden meaning while Rin snakes an arm around his shoulder, causing a raised eyebrow from the blonde in front of them.

Play along.

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What We Don't Know...

Hello, beautiful people on tumblr! Since I came down with the flu last week I’ve been feeling pretty drowsy and my head can’t do the thinking thing very well. So I thought this is a good time to put a new spin on our theories. Today, I want to talk about what we don’t know.

I have noticed there is a weird dynamic happening all over the internet when it comes to open questions in Doctor Who. They are either called plot holes, or they are completely ignored. There is no in-between. People just jump to conclusions without realising there ever even was a question. Many times, my theories are answered with “that story is over”, or “that’s a plot hole”. And then people get mad at Moffat, because things don’t add up.

I wonder - how do you guys know when a story arc is over? Did I miss a memo?  It is a bit like people denying the idea of gravity but then getting mad at the Australians for not falling off the planet. I don’t know why this happens.

Anyway, enough with the rant - today, let’s take a step back. Here is my collection of open questions:

  1. Who landed in Amy’s garden?

    Yes, we learn in The Big Bang that all people who ever hated the Doctor formed an alliance in order to stop him - but we never learn who actually landed in Amy’s garden. Is this really just an unnecessary detail or will we learn more about this symbol that they left on the grass?

  2. Why was the TARDIS blown up at that particular date?

    Tasha Lem told us who blew up the TARDIS and why. I personally don’t believe for a second that this is all there is to it. But even if we were to believe that that story arc was completely over, there is one thing we still don’t know: Why was the TARDIS blown up the day of Amy and Rory’s wedding? Why did the Silence choose that particular time in point? This day, the day (or rather the night) of the wedding - it is the day that River Song “begins”. Is it really a coincidence that the Silence choose that particular day to blow up the TARDIS? Considering that they were basically rewriting their very own psychopath?

  3. What the f*** happened to River Song?

    This is where the shaking-head-in-bewilderment starts. Moffat haters and lovers alike seem to be completely fine with the fact that River Song is gone. She had not one but two heartbreaking goodbyes. There is beautiful meta all over the Internet on why the Doctor never mentions her name and why he starts crying at the mention of Trenzalore. I believe it all. But still - what the f*** actually happened? One minute, we have “whenever and wherever you like”, the next minute the Doctor is sulking on a cloud and acting like he never even had a wife. Is no one going to ask what happened?!? How can you say that River’s arc is over, when this is still left unexplained?

    Some of you will now point me towards that Moffat interview where he said he was happy with their goodbye. This is where I remind you that he also said Moriarty could not possibly return to Sherlock. Or that Paul McGann wouldn’t be even remotely involved in the anniversary special. Rule one: the Moff lies.

  4. What’s with the face?

    Well, I guess this is one of the few open questions that is actually accepted as such. What was an older version of the fourth Doctor doing in that museum? Is he related to the multiple Capaldis we have in the whoniverse? Who nose?

Well, that is all I can think of for now. As you can see, I only included MoffatWho in this, for the sole reason that I don’t know enough ClassicWho to know open questions. RTD’s era didn’t leave too many things open. Questions that do come to mind are: What happened to Susan in the time war? How did Captain Jack become the Face Of Boe?

I’m sure you have some questions of your own. Feel free to message me and I will update this post as I see fit.

I hope this inspires some new theories. Let me know what you guys think (but know that if you use the words “plot hole”, I will automatically put you on ignore). What are your open questions? Do you have any ideas as to how the above questions could be explained?

EDIT - I forgot an important one:

  1. How does River know the Doctor’s name? (And **how** can you say River’s story is over?)

lemondropporfavor  asked:

If my last q came through before I finished it, and I think it did, here is the end of it. The TPs know exactly who buys their bullshit. It is the idiots that believe absolutely everything they read. Therefore they cater to that. We are a tight group on here who believe what we believe. We don't contact TPs. We are not sources. We don't live on opposiing blogs ramming our beliefs down their throats. We are a minority, therefore they don't pander to us. The TPs pray we are wrong.

I only got this my dear…but it’s awesome!

You speak the truth.  The only ppl really reading and believing the TP’s crapola are everyday schmoes that don’t really pay attention to anyone particular celebrity or actor.  But in regards to Rob and Kristen the only ppl that pay attention that are actually part of the fandom are the ssesbians.  

The ppl that either want Rob or Kristen for themselves and they are happy to feast on whatever flavor of manure the TPs happen to be serving that day if it gives them the peace of mind that Rob and Kristen are not with EACH OTHER.

There are also those special brand of ppl that are neither fans of either but somehow and for whatever reason only a mental professional could ever uncover, pay perhaps more attention to them than those of us that claim actual fan/supporter status.

I think this fandom has know since the beginning that as long as Rob and Kristen were together no one from the outside stood a shot at either of them.  The pull between the two was palpable and strong and could not be missed.

But you are also right that those of us STILL beating the RK drum are a relatively small tight knit minority in the fandom.  Even some of the ones that are just fans have given up on RK even if in their heart of hearts they would love to see them still together. 

It is unfortunate that ppl felt this somehow is an affront to their sensibilities.  But of course this says way more about the pathetic nature of these ppl’s lives that rather than root for a young couple in love they would do whatever is in their power to root against it.

But then there’s the faction that actively berate us for “telling tales” of RK’s happiness, marriage and babies while selling stories to the TPs along with doctored photos.

Why these ppl do this I will never understand.  What they hope to gain is a mystery.  But I’ve never had a desire or want to sell my postings to a TP.  Nor have I ever felt the need to doctor a pic of RK together in order to mislead my followers.

You are either here with me because you saw the same things back prior to 2013 that I saw and you also saw the same things since that I have seen.  Add to that your own common sense has led you to the same conclusions I’ve espoused over and over day after day here.  

I may have been able to get a smidgen more information that I have shared as much as I feel comfortable sharing while also straddling some amorphous line between what I think we as fans can know but still allowing Rob and Kristen some semblance of privacy.  Not to mention knowing that the TPs are ever present and not willing  to give them enough rope to put two and two together in order to find what I was able to uncover knowing full well that they have no such moral compass and would not hesitate one second to reveal EVERYTHING.