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I wanted to surprise doodle this for ma pal  @misterpoofofficial​ =u=)b


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so!! I’ve been stuck at the same follower count for a long time now and I’m going to do that handlettering URL thing again bc people liked it so much last time! I’ll probably do the majority over Memorial Day weekend but I’ll do them in order of asking so be sure to send an ask in first

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I’m very sorry, I don’t know if we’ll have many, if any, gifs from the Mexico secret show tonight. Watching the videos right now is making me feel sick and as some of you know, my co-admin Ericka is dealing with the attacks on Marawi in her country. (She’s safe by the way, Marawi isn’t close to where she lives). 

There’s been too much going on these last 24 hours, I really can’t bring myself to watch the videos from the concert. Thank you for your patience, we should be back on track very soon. 

- Joely Olivia 

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Gladys what's the weirdest *coughbullshitcough* fact Francis has told you?

Gladys: Part of me questions how he got this job in the first place

So far this tour has been amazing. It sucks it’s been two years since we played at Warped Tour been wanting to go back, but shit has been getting crazy. We’ll be heading to Germany soon then we’ll be opening up for Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil. I wish we were able to hit the rest of the US and it’s up in the air if we are hitting England. It’s so bizarre to not be home so often as I want, but that’s the fun of it. I’m Patty Walters and I’m that typical average pop punk guy. Love me and I’ll give you cookies if I can find any

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I was using my phone so I only have a few artists.


  1. Autumn Leaves - BTS
  2. Let’s Not Fall In Love - Big Bang
  3. My Home - GOT7 
  4. First Love - BTS
  5. Reflection - BTS
  6. Don’t Care - GOT7
  7. Stay - BlackPink
  8. Bae Bae - Big Bang
  9. Shopping Mall - GOT7
  10. Mama - BTS

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you seem like a nice person but i don't get why would you like someone as bitchy as celendine when she has done nothing but bring trouble to sinbad, and you seem to really like him too. i just wanted to know????

Hi ^^

Don’t worry ♥ and i’m sorry if i didn’t answer the first time you asked. it felt like you were trying to make me feel bad about liking a character, so i prefered to leave it like that, but let’s forget about that. 

About serendine, i don’t really mind if you don’t like her and even if you hate her, you have your reasons. i like to listen to other people’s opinion as long as they are not rude towards me, it’s completely natural to have different point of views and opinions and i respect  that! if you want, you can come out of anon so we can chat! we can discuss about snb and about why i like her as a character :) i’d love to hear your thoughts ^^ and yes! i really like sinbad too, he’s my favorite character!

Gladnis (Beauty and the Beast Theme)

Tale as old as time,
This is gay romance.
Barely it’s his friend,
But asks him to bend,

Ignis was upset,
Mad to say the least.
None are really scared,
They get desperate,
Gladio and Ignis.

“It was just a joke,
Please do not be mad,
You don’t have to bend,
If you’re not prepared,
I can wait tonight.”

Tale as old as time,
It took him a while,
Bittersweet, with sass,
Ignis’ a hard catch,
Gladio had been wrong.

He switched to romance,
Fed him Ebony,
Tale as old as time,
Ignis found it fine,
They become Gladnis.

Tale as old as time,
Song as old as rhyme,
They are now Gladnis.

Not my best work but I had to get the Gladnis theme out of my head, lol.
Hope you liked that.
Here you have the headcanons for this AU.