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Boneheads and ghost pokemon. While I don’t know if some of the ghost pokemon here would be on an actual pokemon team for each of the boneheads, this is what I made with what was given to me. Also added a few because there weren’t enough ghost pokemon for everyone.

you know how i used to say ‘it’s a vessel kinda day’ when things were rough well i’m pretty sure it’s just a vessel kinda life 

Started playing DA: Inquisition yesterday, and already I’m shipping Inquisitors so hard xD These guys are adorable aaaa

The cutie on the left is Nero Lavellan, belonging to @je-deteste-mon-travail / @luctus-venenatiis
And on the right is Arne Trevelyan, my mage Inquisitor!

Unmute please~ 

I was actually making this as a gif but the file is too large for tumblr, so I made a video instead and with music! The music is very calming and relaxing too (◡‿◡✿)

Song: River Flows In You by Yiruma

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Well are there any other humans you don't hate?? You can't just go through your whole life holding grudges against entire spices

Well excuse you, but what would you think about one of us, a merman, mermaid, siren, ANYTHING kill someone of your family? Uh?

Would you completly trust if you suddenly saw one? It’s very hard, it’s not my fault I’m sorry… I’m trying…

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so i was looking through the harry potter wiki today (bc procrastination) and was reading through draco's page and his wand looked familiar SO i check my wand on pottermore and it turns out i have the same wand as draco??? 10" unicorn hair hawthorn like??? what are the chances??? i just had to share this remarkable discovery with you

Haha, that’s pretty awesome! I hope you’re a Draco fan, too, that’d be the cherry on top! xx

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(Revenant Nonny) Blame the CageBlade anon for this, but I'm joining the imagined intro trailer. How about an intro with holsters and arrows?


To be honest, Nonny, this intro is 110% canon. Legitimate truth. Totally in the game. Recently added, I swear. Trust me. Anybody can come fight me on this fact. If it’s still Sunday where you are, you know this is some gospel truth.

@hell-on-training-wheels, do you feel my shame through the screen? Do you? *Hides in the bushes in shame*

Because I’m living in a really far away country away from our boys, I’ll probably never have the chance to meet ‘em so if you do, share photos! :) seriously, especially on Frank’s upcoming tour. And if you have photos from his recent acoustic sessions and meet and greets, share them too :)
I know I could just look up photos from other sites but someone sending a photo of the MCR boys that they personally took will be way cooler. Thanks so much :)

(And I’m still looking for some photos from the charity event that Gerard and Ray played at)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and that school isn’t too stressful for those who have started. I’ll keep this chat as short and sweet as I can. But after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to update every other week instead of every week. I’ll still publish on Fridays because a lot of you have gotten used to the consistency and look forward to that.

This doesn’t have anything to do with lack of motivation or inspiration. Some very, very sweet and kind and honestly wonderful readers have been reminding me that I shouldn’t stress myself out or worry about needing to update and to take care of myself, put my mental health first. Thank you, because I really needed to hear that. I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t felt pressured to update consistently.

This year is very important for my future, so I can’t promise that I will update if I have a big paper due or an exam during the week. It’s just not realistic and I don’t think it’s fair to make claims I may not be able to keep. As always, I will try my best. I’ll also be reblogging stuff about GOT7 and whatever else I like, since this isn’t just a writing blog. So I’m going to put myself first.

If you have any questions, please please please go to my FAQ page first, especially if it’s about series updates. It’s not that I don’t want to answer your questions, but it does tend to be repetitive, especially if I go out of my way to make my blog as accessible to you as possible.

Thank you for understanding. 

Love always, 

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For the prompt thing, could you write about what would happen if Matteo does move and he and Luna hadn't seen each other in 5 years, after Luna told him she loved him and they kissed. :)

This is not much, but I actually liked it so I hope you do too.

Luna usually is very welcoming of changes, she has come to learn to embrace everything that life throws at her and to adapt quickly to it, because no matter what it is there’s always something positive to take out of it, the sun will always come out.

But her brain is struggling to find the positive side to this situation.Well, to be fair to her brain it is currently struggling with lot of things.  In fact it’s struggling with basically everything that is not staring at the brown eyes on front of her.

“Luna.” He says and takes a little comfort on the fact that he sounds as breathless as she feels.

“Matteo.”She mumbles surprised.

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*(You're filled with a warm, loving sensation. Seems like Kodai's decided verbal hugs aren't enough... and that 'asker magic' can be utilized for more than just M!As and gift-giving.)

“Thanks… I love you guys, too, but I hope it’s okay I leave you here for tonight.”

“I heard Sans’ door open not too long ago, so I’m gonna go spend some time with everyone, and hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back to regular asks, heh.”

“Goodnight… ”

There’s a little knock at the Annex door before it’s pushed open. “I have the Collins file,” he calls over to her, lifting the hand that’s carrying the manilla file folder. 

The scene inside the Annex makes him pause and Lucius casts a surprised look around. A soft “Hmm” is all the comes from him before he’s moving over to her. “Hope I didn’t get this to you too late,” he says with an apologetic look. “Barnes  stopped by and I had another delay.” 

Another look is given around the Annex, this one incredulous. “These files … you manage all of this by yourself?”

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I just saw your post about the suicidal friend;I immediately contacted twitter and I'm hoping they reached out or found her location and alerted the police.Fingers crossed she's still with us !!!

thank you! I’m hoping she is too. 💜

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If I may, you seem like you could use some comfort. May I hug you? (I hope it's not too obvious that it's for my benefit as well...)

So you have pity of me? And want to hug me to take advantage of me…?
It could have been not so obvious in the start…but you made it quite obvious now.

Do you think I need the pity of a mortal? I’m a god. If you think you can take advantage of me…you’re wrong.
Let me then, just ask you one thing…

D̛̙ͅo̮̟̺̺̹ ͈̙͚͍̫̩y̼͔͉̻ọu͠.͇̤͈̪..̖


.̸.̨̗̳̩̙̯.́a̷͈̯̝ ̷̬͇̲̯̩̹͓h̤̲͖̰͇̣e̴͖̻a͏̙r̦̼̲̱̭̹͢t̢͇̱̺̣͕̞.̬̀.̗̻̫̞̥̺.͏?̡̥̟͕̪̘

.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯     .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟..͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣                 .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙                    .̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯       .̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣          .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯   .̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣

 .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯ .̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ah          aḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣       .̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣       .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯        .̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣         .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯      .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯           .̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̶̩͙.̖̤͍̞.͕̮̯.̝̝̩̣̻͡.̝̭͘.̛̠͖ha̺h͈̩̦͈a̧̦̦̯h̵͙̳͔.͇͈̱̥̙̠ͅ.̖̞̞͈̱̣͜ͅ.̝͟.͔̼̩͚̫͢h͎͓ahaḥ̙a̺̗̱̣̟ͅh͎͎̺̯̞͉ͅa̫̫h͏̤̻͖̹.͚͇̻̫̤̩.̀.͕͍̺.̣

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I'm still on the fence about whether I ever want to write any sex scenes in my novels. I have no problem with explicitness in books (I'm a hella avid smut reader), but have just never felt like it was necessary in my work and/or felt comfortable writing sex scenes. How are you approaching writing your first one? What makes you most nervous about writing explicit content? (Hope this question isn't too weird. I thought it might be helpful to the writing)

I’m approaching it very cautiously and with the reward of candy corn. I’m going to keep the characters in mind as I write it and be very conscious of what exactly goes onto the page.

The thing that makes me the most nervous is that my sex scene won’t suffice. I know, that’s weird. It’s a sex scene. On Wattpad. Pretty much every Wattpad reader is either, “Who cares? It’s sex. Nice.” or “Wtf no sex scene why not you goddamn prude tf tf tf ???” But I am writing these one shots and short stories just as “legit” as I’d write anything I plan on publishing. So I’m hoping I can make it realistic and endearing.

And it definitely wasn’t too weird, don’t worry XD There’s few subjects you’ll find I have problems talking about.

I forgot to say this with the last one, but as always, thank you for the ask! I appreciate it very much <3