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third time isn’t lucky when it’s meant to be (harvey/mike)

The first time it happened, Harvey saw it coming even before Mike did.

When Harvey arrived at the church he told Ray that they just needed to wait for a bit, that they’d be making a cross state trip within the hour. He didn’t even bother walking into the church, he just stepped out of the car and waited, right there on the sidewalk.

The only surprising thing about the day was how long it took for Mike to come rushing out of the church doors. Harvey thought they’d be on the road by now, but he didn’t begrudge Mike in the least. This was the hardest thing Mike was ever going to have to do, of course he wanted to take all the time he could, while he still had it.

When Mike emerged and saw Harvey standing there waiting for him, there was a flash of surprise before his face melted into rueful acceptance. “How’d you know?” Mike asked.

Harvey just looked at him, incredulous. “I know you,” Harvey replied, and it was enough.

They got in the car and Ray started driving, already knowing the destination. It was going to be a long drive, ninety minutes of the nerves and anticipation ratcheting up to boiling point. Harvey wanted to distract Mike, but every idea he came up with was too lame to say out loud, so in the end he left it up to Mike.

“Talk to me,” Harvey said gently.

Mike huffed out a laugh. “That must be the first time you’ve ever asked me to tell you about my feelings. Normally you run for the hills whenever I get within five feet of the topic.”

Harvey smiled slowly. Even in his darkest moment Mike was giving Harvey shit. It was stupid, but it somehow made Harvey think that maybe things would be okay. “Well, you’ve got-” he checked his watch, “-seventy minutes to spill feelings all over me without me complaining. When are you gonna get an offer like that again?”

Mike smiled weakly at him, but didn’t reply straight away, so Harvey started to worry it was all for naught.

“Rachel’s going to hate me.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. That girl was crazy about Mike and anyone could see it. “No, she won’t.”

“I’m not going to ask you to look after her while I’m gone, because that would be patronizing and she doesn’t need it. But … just, look out for her?”

“Of course.”

Mike spent the next few minutes looking out the window. “I’m scared,” he whispered, and Harvey could feel his heart splitting into a thousand pieces.

Harvey wanted to tell Mike that everything was going to be fine, but he couldn’t lie to him like that. He wanted to tell Mike that he was scared too, that he was terrified that prison was going to change Mike. And for all that Harvey gave Mike crap in the early days of their relationship, as much as he tried to mould and better Mike, the truth was that he didn’t need it. Mike was perfect the way he was, flaws and all, and he didn’t want prison to beat the goodness out of Mike like it had so many others.

But he didn’t say any of that. This was about Mike, not Harvey, so instead he slowly reached over to where Mike’s thumb was continually tapping against his thigh. He covered Mike’s hand with his own, squeezing it, and before he could pull away Mike gripped back, holding onto Harvey like a lifeline.

They stayed that way for the remainder of the drive.

When the car stopped outside of Danbury Mike immediately got out of the car, like a man on a mission. Harvey, confused, hustled to catch up, and he was barely out of the car before Mike was there, throwing his arms around Harvey in a hug. Harvey immediately wrapped his arms around Mike, holding him tight.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Mike murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And I need you to know, no matter what happens in there, I don’t regret it. Not a single day. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was worth everything that’s happened since.”

Harvey felt himself welling up, but he tried to push it back down. He needed to be strong, for Mike. “I’m getting you out of there, Mike. I swear it.”

Mike nodded, said, “Okay,” and then he pulled away, turning and walking into the prison without looking back.


The second time it happened, Harvey was completely blindsided.

The wedding, though small, had been planned for months. The caterer had been booked, dresses and suits carefully chosen, an uncle of Rachel’s had been enlisted to perform the ceremony, Harvey had combed through his record collection to find the best music to be played at the party…

Mike never said a word.

Harvey had taken Mike to Vegas for a five day bachelor party two weeks prior to the big day. It was just the two of them, and they’d spent their days exploring, going to the Grand Canyon and the Neon Museum and Red Rock Canyon. Harvey even managed to get Mike onto a golf course, which of course he sucked at, much to Harvey’s delight. And then they spent their nights on the town: eating fabulous food, drinking, gambling with obscene amounts of money and winning more often than not because of Mike’s genius brain. There might have even been a tipsy skinny dipping session late one evening in the hotel pool. They had an amazing vacation, and throughout all that, the days and nights they spent together, the copious conversations that they had, Mike never once mentioned that he was having second thoughts.

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Mikeri things you said at 1am

1. Things you said at 1AM
Thank you for requesting~

They’d kicked off the covers hours before, the bed too hot, their bodies too sticky with the humid air that had snuck inside the house, unable to be chased away despite the multiple fans they’d stuck all around. “This sucks,” Levi mumbled. Mike grunted, fingers twitching overtop Levi’s. The heat was too much for any sort of proximity, so they’d settled their fingers together, overlapping and squeezing at random intervals, and that was more than enough for Levi. “We should just move out.”

Mike snorted, shook his head, hair whispering against the pillowcase. “Need money for that.”

“Shut up…” But he wasn’t wrong - they were so broke that their fridge was empty more often than not, and the asshole who rented to them sure as hell wasn’t going to hire anyone to fix their AC, even after three years. He liked them enough to take their money, but not enough for much else. Levi scowled, closed his eyes, hiding the glare of the orange city lights as his fingers tightened on Mike’s.

“We don’t need to go anywhere fancy - that shit is overrated. But… somewhere decent. A house with two bedrooms, one that we own.”

“With a yard?”

“Of fucking course there’d be a yard, we’re not heathens. Maybe not much, but still.”

“Could get a dog.”

Levi smiled, a soft laugh escaping him as Mike’s fingers twitched against his. Their hands moved, shifted until palms pressed together, hands covered in calluses, but their hands warm, familiar to one another. Mike’s engulfed his, cradled it with a gentleness that left Levi breathless - or maybe that was just the heat of the night sucking the air from his lungs. He smiled, cracked his eyes open. Mike’s face was just barely visible in the slick orange light, his eyes open too, soft as he stared at Levi.

“Two dogs,” Levi said softly.

Mike grinned. “And a cat.”

Levi’s nose crinkled. “Fine, but that fucker better be black.”

Mike snorted, but he nodded. “You’d burn through lint rollers otherwise.”

“Damn right I would. I wear too much black to have anything with white fur. I have a hell of a time with your blond ass as it is.”

Mike choked on a laugh, shaking as he squeezed Levi’s hand and rolled onto his back. Levi followed suit after a moment, their hands resettling between them, and they stared at the ceiling together, chipped and cracked, as fragile as the hopes and dreams that they clung to with aching fingers. “How much longer d’you think it’ll take?” Mike whispered.

Levi shrugged. “Fuck knows. Just gotta keep trying. We’ll get something better soon.” Something better than barely making rent, than going to bed hungry, than working three jobs and slowly, oh so slowly saving cash so they could go to school, so they could afford a nicer place. “One day,” Levi whispered.

He glanced to the side. Blinked at the fuzzy red numbers of the clock beside him. “We should sleep. It’s one already.”

Mike merely grunted and squeezed his hand a little tighter.

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Omg!!! I love until dawn, I'm so excited for you to make the poster!

I am so happy I get to share my intense feels for Until Dawn with you guys
The poster is going great! I just got all the lines down!
Probably its gonna take another couple of days to finish it!
Hope you guys look forward for it!