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Here it is, a small thank you to all of my 3000+ followers, Tale as Old as Time ukulele cover!

I would love to do more for you guys, and I plan on it, but for now, this is my attempt at a thank you. I’m really sorry if this is sucky because I was really nervous, but I hope you like it :) Without rumbellers, I know I’d be really bad off, so again, thank you. Please feel free to make song requests, if you really want to hear more of my dumb voice haha.

^ q^/// An art trade I did with skyfarer/Cire, a friend I haven’t gotten to talk to in so long! Hehe~~ ;___; She’s so cute, I hope I didn’t ruin her!

Liam’s Girlfriend (Liam Dunbar)

Bmthxnjh said
Hello love can you do one where reader is dating Liam and she’s like 3 years older then him she cooks for the pack and is a mother figure to them Idk.😊

Imagine: You’re dating Liam and you are one year older than all the seniors in the pack. You make them cookies for the pack meeting and have a small breakdown.  (This will take place once Liam is a Senior so it doesn’t make it seem like you are a pedophile or something. Haha. He’s 18 and you are 21. The rest of them are 20/21 as well)

Word count: 1073

Trigger Warning: a few tears

(Hope you enjoy! Sorry it took so long to upload, I had a fun day with my family today, which is rare haha) 

“Liam! Did you have a good day today?” You ask your boyfriend of a year as he walked through the door. His mom gave you a key so that you could come here whenever. You’ve already graduated - been two years actually. So you came to his house a little early and made cookies for the pack.
“Hey babe. What are you - ooohh cookies!” He says and reaches for one. You swat his hand away.
“Those are for the pack meeting tonight. My class need earlier tonight. I hope your mom won’t mind me using your kitchen.” He comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you.

 His head rests in the crook of your neck.
“I’m sure she won’t mind at all.” He gives you a peck on the cheek and then quickly swoops around and swipes a cookie off the tray.
“Hey! That’s not fair!” You say and reach for it. Sadly, you are shorter than him being only 5"3’, so you couldn’t get it. He smirks and shoves it all in his mouth. You gasp, give him an angry look, and stomp away to where the cookies were. You started to pack them in containers to take to the meeting.
“I’m sorry babe, will you forgive me?” He asked with puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes and nod.
He smiles and gives you a kiss.
“Good. Let’s head over to Scott’s house.” He said. You grab the cookies and Liam’s hand.
“I’ll drive.” He says.
Now, a lot of people may seem it’s weird that you started dating Liam when he was a Junior last year. But really, it’s not. You’ve liked Liam since you senior year - when he was a freshmen. You had a few classes together and got along great. But back then, it would have been weird. So, you yourself decided not to tell him until a few years later when it didn’t seem as awkward. You have both kept in touch since you graduated. You even go to a community college that is only 20 minutes away. And then, Liam asked you out last you and you couldn’t say no. I mean, you’ve liked him since Senior year. A lot of your friends made fun of your for dating a high school boy. But you didn’t care. You love Liam, age didn’t really matter. Well, now it doesn’t. He’s legal age, and you’re only 21. Lots of couples are a few years apart. It makes the relationship interesting.
“(Y/n) we’re here.” Liam says and helps you out of the car.
You guys knock on the door once and Lydia answers the door.
“(Y/n)! Liam! Hey guys!” She says and gives you a hug. You and Lydia are best friends. You have been since at least middle school. I mean sure, you’re a year older than her but she’s the oldest of her class, so you guys are relatively the same age. Which is why you became such good friends - even if you weren’t in the same grade throughout school.
“Hey guys! I made cookies!” You say and hold up the containers of cookies.
“Whoo!” Stiles and Scott cheered while high fiving.
“How have you guys been?” You ask the pack while placing the container of cookies on the table. Stiles and Scott grab one immediately. You sat on the couch next to Liam.
“Eh. It’s been alright.” Stiles says with a mouth full of cookie. There hasn’t been that much supernatural activity in the last few weeks.
“We might get a new case. There was a murder last night near Lydia’s house.” Scott said. Your eyes Widen.
“Lydia! Why didn’t you tell me?” You say in shock. Liam places a hand on your thigh and squeezes it in a reassuring way.
“(Y/n) she probably had a good reason.” He says trying to calm you down. Lydia looked down.
“I-I didn’t want you to flip out. I knew that you were most likely with Liam, and I didn’t want him to be brought into it-”
“Lydia! That’s not a reason to not call me and tell me what happened. Liam could have helped use if something bad happened.” You say standing up. Lydia freezes.
“Oh my gosh. Lydia, you found the body didn’t you?” You ask. She bites her lip and nods. You sit down in frustration.
“(Y/n) it’s okay. You don’t need to be there for us all the time.” Scott says. You shake your head no.
“Yes I do. I’m suppose to protect you guys. Make sure your safe and not doing stupid things. I’m the oldest. I feel like it’s my job.” You explain as a few tears came.
“A-and if one of you gets hurt. It’s my fault. I didn’t protect you guys enough.” You explain as more tears came.
“It will never be your fault babe, we are a pack. We all help each other. If anything happens. It’s an accident.” Liam says as he wraps an arm around your shoulder.
“I was fine (y/n). I called the police right after I found the body. I swear.” Lydia says and comes over to give you a hug.
“Hey, if I got hurt, I’m calling you immediately! And then Scott of course. Since there will most likely be some supernatural creature there… But you, 100% first. In fact, you’re on speed dial!” Stiles says, attempting to make you laugh. Which, of course it does.
“Yeah, and if I ever need someone to make me chocolate chip cookie ASAP. You’re the girl I would call.” Malia smiles, as she took another cookie. You smiled at them all and wipe your tears.
“Thanks guys, that means a lot. I love you all so much. You’re like family to me.”
“We all are.” Scott smiles.
You stand up.
“Who wants my signature spaghetti?” You ask.
Everyone raises their hand.
You go into the kitchen, Liam right behind you.
He grabs your wrist.
“No matter what, I will always protect you, you knew that right?” He says. You roll your eyes and kiss the dumb beta.
“Yes I do know that, but you’ll have to protect me after I protect the rest of the pack. Come on, help me with the spaghetti.” You say.
“I love you (y/n).” Liam says.
“I love you too Liam.” You say with another kiss.
“Less kissing more spaghetti making!”

(Gifs are not mine Credit goes to the creators) 

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Nah I feel like Michelle is too cool for me to even like try and talk about her but yeah she is a real badass around here. 


I wasn’t following her but I am now and her blog looks great plus her sidebar is like everything is the squad it’s all I need in life haha. Yeah.. I hope that we’ll get to talk. 


I have to say that I was afraid that someone will send Haley’s URL at some point and I mean I knew it will happen but right now I’m trying to write this and I’m crying and I know how stupid it sounds but you guys have no idea how much Haley means to me and how important just her simple presence around here is. And then the fact that she sends me sweet messages everyday and makes sure I’m alright and tells me she loves me when no one ever does that it’s just one of the best things that could have happened to me and I feel like I’m a little addicted to her which I don’t know if it’s a good thing.. I was just telling her a little earlier about how important she is to me and how I really don’t want to loose her and sometimes I don’t know if that’s a good thing but yeah she is one of the best people in my life and she deserves so so much  I’m so happy that she exists and also so frustrated and sad that I can’t make her feel the way she makes me feel. 

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At least buy me dinner first my goodness. I stopped there because I like open endings. This way you can all imagine your own little endings and enjoy how you think it would go. That’s what I hoped would happen anyway haha

Missed you all+Updates

Hello everyone! I missed you all so much, and I hope I didn’t miss anything too important here in the fandom (besides random geometric tattoos popping up on arms lmao). But I’m back home from NOLA! I had a wonderful time, and I’ll definitely have to be a butt and post pictures from the trip a bit later.

What I need though is a nap however, because one, I’m five years old haha, and two, I’d like to stay up late tonight working on a thing…

And that’s just what I’d like to address! 

Many of you were asking about Tributes React while I was gone, and I would just like to say that it will be out soon. Shouldn’t keep you all waiting too much longer, but just know that the editing process is sloooowww. It’s definitely not like a “snap my fingers and it pops up” kind of deal. It takes numerous hours. 

So I apologize! I just recently received all the videos from the reactees, and since I was out of town, I obviously wasn’t able to work on it. But now that I’m back home…time to compile the craziness lol!

Also, one more thing that I’d like to talk about haha…Something that has literally been driving me crazy the entire time I was in NOLA. And I’m going to take it under the cut because it’ll be full of sappy apologetic…ness lol. And excuses. Because I’m trash. But haha, concerning TWAAL…

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You, Kristin and Tiffany need to stop being so damn cute together, I kind of lowkey ship you three. But i honestly just really adore your friendship, it gives me life and also friendship goals ❤️

omg this is so sweet!!! we were just talking about how we feel like we aren’t cute on tumblr anymore haha, because we talk in a chat instead. and we r also just really mean now instead of cute lmao but it’s really good to know that the ship is still alive :’)!!!! i highkey ship us too, i want to meet both kristin and tiff irl so badly, we would have the best time. but we talk everyday and they mean so much to me already that it doesn’t even matter. ‘distance means so little when someone means so much’ and all that. i really hope you find some cute lil friends like them because they make my life so much better!!!


make me choose: chanyeol’s shoulders or chanyeol’s legs 

requested by: extaeminator


LeeHee & Jonesi Blanket & Pillow Recolor pt. 2!

As promised, a patterned version of the jonesi blankets and leehee pillows converted by the amazing msteaqueen. I got lazy with the preview, but the patterns shown on the pillows come on all 5 versions of the blankets and all 4 versions of the blanket. 

This is the playable version of the blanket and design tool compatible. 

I’m adding two download links because of my ridiculous download-link error history haha. 

Hope you like them! 

Download (SimFileShare)
Download (Dropbox)

(i’m wcif friendly for the preview photo!)

Woaaahhh… Finally got to post! Yeesh, been busy with school and all so fluffy, fluffy billdip!

Also, I’m promoting my fic and I hope you give it a shot haha *sweats*

It’s in here >> http://archiveofourown.org/works/4121746/chapters/9290803

Jungle boy (Calum)


Anonymous said: “could you please please please do a calum au where your dad is like a doctor who studies people living in third-world conditions so you go along with him into the rainforest where the tribe is settled, and meets the chief (calum’s father) and his son (calum) and they speak another language and calum is so infatuated with you and you try to communicate and its all tarzan-y-ish. (i know it sounds weird but i dreamt of it and nOW I HAVE SUCH BAD CALUM FEELS ABOUT THIS MAN)”

absolutely! I hope you like it and that it is kind of how you imagined it at least haha 


“Are we there yet, dad?” 

“Soon! Very soon, I think. According to this map, the tribe shouldn’t be far away…” he unfolds a map that seems to be bigger than himself, twisting and turning it with a very concentrated look on his face. 

You take off your two hundred pounds weighing hiking backpack and sit down on the nearest, somewhat dry rock. You won’t pass on an opportunity to rest your legs and drink some water, you are absolutely exhausted after walking around in this much too humid rainforest for the past four hours. 

You watch your dad poke his glasses up on his nose before using the same hand to wipe his forehead. He is studying the gigantic map, once in a while looking up at the surroundings. 

“If my calculations are correct, then we are about twenty miles away from where the tribe should be,” he says finally, clumsily folding the map and tucking it into his back pocket. 

You groan out loud, “Twenty miles? Are you serious? You can’t find a shortcut or something?”

“I’m afraid that is the shortest way. But if we hurry up we might be able to get there before dark.”

“We are going to get eaten by all the panthers and poison snakes and die before we even get there,” you say, standing up with a sigh before adding, “If we don’t drown in our own sweat first of course…”

“I didn’t force you to come with me, you know,” your dad says, glancing at you over his shoulder as you walk through the thick forest. 

“I know, I know..” You mumble, rolling your eyes. He had been preparing for this trip for almost a year now, he was so excited to be going to (Congo, is it? You have no idea) the rainforest and somehow ‘connect’ with this tribe he so stubbornly says exists. You had decided only a few weeks before you left that you wanted to come with him, and even though you don’t find it as interesting as him you can’t say that you regret coming here. The forest is beautiful and nothing like the busy, smelly city back home that you are used to. Though it is a lot hotter and more humid than you had imagined, and wearing your new shoes that you bought the other week is not the best decision you’ve ever made. 

“God, I’m so hungry…” you mumble to yourself, feeling your stomach growl. Your dad has all the food in his backpack and there is no way he’ll stop now to grab a snack. You look around yourself, searching for anything that might be edible. A Big Mac or some chicken nuggets would be nice, but it is not so likely that you will find that in a rainforest without electricity nor wifi. 

Just a bit ahead of you, you notice a bush-thingy that seems to have some sort of red berries growing on it. You reach for one, and after examining it for about two seconds without finding anything suspicious you decide that you can eat it. But just as you are about to pop it into you mouth something hits you in the back of your head and it makes you drop the berry. 

“What the…” you turn around quickly, bringing a hand up to your head. Everything looks normal, or as normal as it gets in a rainforest, but on the ground behind you there is a wooden stick that you are almost sure of didn’t lie there a second ago. 

You glance around yourself one more time before turning around again, sprinting to catch up with your dad, convincing yourself that it was nothing or that the stick had fallen down from a tree. Absolutely normal. 

Though you have a hard time sticking to that theory as strange things keep happening to you during the day, things that can’t be explained by normal things such as gravity or ‘the wind’. 

You had found some other berries that were yellow and a lot bigger than the ones that you had found earlier, and they were probably the only thing that kept you going. Sometimes when you had found other berries or fruits you would get hit by something again; small rocks or a stick or something that looked like a pine cone. You suspect that you have some sort of guardian, a guardian angel maybe (hopefully because that would be really cool). Either way, you don’t eat those berries.

You thought that you had heard something moving in the trees above your heads and you think you even saw something, but your dad had assured you that it must have been a bird or something, “there are no tigers in a rainforest, Y/N, calm down”.

As you had expected, it got dark before you had made it to ‘the tribe’, and you had to set camp. 

You almost cry in joy half an hour later when you lie down in the tent, feeling how every muscle in your entire body aches as soon as you move just an inch. You are soaking wet and you can’t even imagine how you must be smelling. 

You make dinner, which basically is a can of beans and some bread, along with too strong coffee and a whole lot of yellow berries that you had, in your delight, found near the camp. 

You listen with half an ear as you dad talks about the people and the tribe who supposedly exists, according to him. Apparently they’ve lived in the forest for centuries without anyone knowing.

It gets dark really fast, though, and you both hurry into the tent to escape the mosquitos. Neither of you feel like swelling up from being bitten by some mysterious jungle bug…


“Shit…” you curse quietly to yourself when you almost trip over a root. You had woken up in the middle of the night (you think it’s in the middle of the night, but you don’t have a functioning clock so you’re just guessing really) and realized that you really had to pee. So after successfully crawling out of your sleeping bag and putting on a hoodie and pants you managed get out of the tent, a flashlight in one hand and a very intimidating looking stick in the other. 

Just in case, you know.

You find a spot quite far away from the camp, and you do you business. But just as you are about to pull up your pants you hear a sound coming from the tree above you. Your heart starts racing and you are quick to put on your pants and grab a hold of the stick, looking around yourself for any sign of wild animals that would like to eat you. 

Suddenly you hear a ‘click’ sound behind you, and when you turn around there is a half naked boy standing in front of you with the your flashlight directed right into his eyes. 

You can feel your lips part but no sound comes out. You’re standing absolutely still, too frightened to move a single muscle. 

He makes a surprised sound and throws it to the ground before picking up a rock and starting to hit it, all while making weird noises. 

“No!” You finally react, realizing that he is about to ruin your only chance of finding your way back to the camp. “What are you doing?” You grab his arm and tries to pull him away, but it is already too late. The light flickers for a few seconds before it goes dark. 

The boy stands up and smiles at you triumphantly, like he had just accomplished something good

“You just broke my flashlight, man, how am I going to find the camp now?” you ask, sighing. 

The boy looks between you and the flashlight with furrowed brows, pointing at it and huffing out a breath. 

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to come up with another way then…” you mumble, but then you quickly face him again, “hold on a second, have you been here the whole time? Did you just see me pee?”

He looks at you and tilts his head, confusion written all over his face. 


You ignore him an try to forget about it, concentrating on taking a look around you, trying to figure out which way you just came from. Suddenly you can feel hot breath hit your neck and you quickly jump away, turning around with wide eyes. 

“Did you just..smell me?” you ask, looking up at the boy who you can see now is obnoxiously tall. He is wearing, as far as you can see, just a loincloth that barely even covers his…things. He looks very tan and his body looks very toned, but not too much, just like he’s been healthily exercising his whole life. You realize that this man/boy must be from that tribe, which is super cool in itself since you weren’t even sure it existed until now. The tribe can’t be that far away, in that case, which kinda only makes you want to find your way back to your dad even more. 

He stares down at you with big brown eyes and smiles again, reaching out a hand and grabbing onto a string of your hair, breaking you out of your thoughts. 

“Wow, what are you doing?” 

He makes a sound and pulls at your hair in excitement. 

“Aow!” You exclaim, gently tugging your hair out of his grip. “What is your deal? Haven’t you ever seen hair before? You have plenty on your own head,” you say and bring his hand to his head instead. 

He looks at you as if you were completely stupid before he drops his hand. 

“I’m sure my dad would love to meet you- uhm, what’s you name?” you ask, cutting yourself off. But he just continues to stare at you with a small smile on his lips. “Your name?” you ask again, but then it hits you. “Ah, right. You don’t speak English, of course…”

He probably has his own language that you would understand probably as much as he understands you right now. 

“So, uhm, my name is Y/N…” you say again, slower while pointing at yourself. “What is your name?” You point at him, but he still doesn’t get it. 

You touch your chest and say your name slowly, then you touch his chest and waits for him to do the same. Though this time he thinks it’s some sort of game because he pushes you right back in the chest, smiling brightly. 

You grab his hands and look into his eyes. “Y/N.” you repeat and motion towards yourself.

“Calum,” he says suddenly, using your hands to motion towards him. 

“Calum?” you say and he nods excitedly before he starts rambling in some foreign language. 

“Y/N,” he says suddenly. 

“Yes, yes, that’s my name,” you smile. “So, Calum. It was really nice talking to you, but I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to my camp now, the sun is starting to rise and I’d love to get at least an hour more of sleep.” 

Calum doesn’t answer, of course. Instead, you just wave at him and tell him goobye before you start walking in the direction you think is right. Hope is right. 

Two seconds later and he is walking right beside you, grinning down at you before he takes your hand. 

You shake your head but can’t fight the smile that comes to your lips, you have no idea of what the other is saying and suddenly he just wants to hold your hand?

You pull it away from his grip, which earns you a small pout from his side, but it is soon replaced by a grin and a laugh when you stumble over a huge rock and almost trip. 

You are just about to tell him that you shouldn’t laugh when someone hurts themselves, but then you notice a familiar looking bush a few feet ahead. 

“Ah, berries!” you exclaim happily, rushing to the bush. Though Calum quickly grabs your arm and yanks it away before you get the chance to take one, rambling loudly and pointing between you and the berries while shaking his head repeatedly. 

“Wait, you were the one who threw things at me yesterday?” you ask, mostly to yourself since he can’t understand you. “And I thought I had a guardian angel…” you mumble, shaking your head stupidly. 

Calum says something and tries to take your hand again, but you take a step back. “Why are you-” you are cut off by Calum’s hand on your mouth and his arms pulling you closer to his body. “Wha a-” you mumble against his hand but he quickly ‘shushes’ you.

His eyes are squinted as he looks around you into the forest and everything is completely quiet except for some crickets in the tall grass and the sound of your beating heart that you are sure he can hear as well. 

“What is it?” you whisper after another thirty seconds of nothing, muffled by his hand that is still covering your mouth.

Suddenly you can hear something rustle in the leaves above you and a moment later Calum has thrown you over his shoulder and started running. 

“Calum!” you shriek, clinging onto him the best you can. “What is going on?” you shout, but he just keeps running, no time for any answers.

Then you hear it, the loud, cat-like ‘rawr’ that has goosebumps running up your spine. You thought your dad said that there weren’t any tigers in the forest? What the hell is this thing? Because it sure as hell sounds like one. 

You are hit by branches and leaves as Calum runs through the forest, jumping over rocks and rivers. You are surprised you haven’t thrown up yet. You are also surprised with how fast he can run, and for how long he can run without getting tired. 

It turns out that it is a jaguar that is chasing you (you had caught a glimpse of it and it nearly stopped your heart), and it also turns out that jaguars don’t like water. 

You can say that you are a little bit surprised when your body is suddenly hit with, surprisingly warm, water. Calum grabs your legs underwater and pulls you to his front instead. You stay under as long as you can, waiting incase the jaguar is still there. But when you resurface there is no sight of it anymore and you can both breathe out, relieved that you are safe. 

You swim to the shore and you notice that it is actually a small pond that you had just escaped into. 

“Holy shit, that was so scary.” you say, crawling on your hands and knees until you are back on land. Calum is immediately by your side, grabbing your chin and tilting your head. Checking all over your face and your neck to see if you’re hurt. You watch him while he with panic and worry in his eyes searches all over your body for any scratches or wounds. 

He meets your eyes, his eyebrows furrowed together. His hair is hanging wet down his face, reaching all the way to his shoulders. He is breathing heavily and waterdrops are running down his chest, pooling at his belly button. His loincloth is soaking and if you had looked close enough, you would definitely have been able to make out exactly where his genitals were (you didn’t look though, obviously…). You have a hard time tearing your eyes away from him and his goddamn body, Jesus Christ.

“I’m fine, Calum. Thank you,” you say, showing him thumbs up. He seems to understand that you are okay because he breathes out and his frown is replaced by his usual grin as he helps you up from the ground. 

This time, you don’t shake his hand off when he grabs yours. Not even when he pulls you closer to his body when he notices you shivering, not even then do you pull away. He just possibly saved you life, the least you can do is let him hold you hand and have his arm around you. Besides, he is extremely hot (his skin is warm but he is also very handsome, yes). 

Not even ten minutes later you can catch a glimpse of your tent through the trees. The sun is rising now so it’s not that dark anymore, your dad must be sick worried for you if you know him as well as you think you do. 

This will certainly be interesting.


A/N: I’m sorry but it got so long so I had to cut it there and make a part 2 instead. I hope you like this first part though, it took me ages to write so I really hope you enjoyed it!! x

                                               PART 2   PART 3  PART 4


“Manners Maketh Man”

Something I’ve been working on for DAYS and guess who’s been spazzing over men in suits. Haha!

We all have a weakness for men in suits… Beating up others WITH STYLE. And of course, THOSE ACCENTS. Heehee.

Augh Eggsy so much swag (I can’t believe I said that.) OOOOOH Harry u old man hnnnnng.

I’m really not good with drawing animals. OTL I’m sry JB bby. I tried.

OH Also! I tried a new coloring technique. Sort of. XD

Hope you guys like this! I had so much fun!

And hmmm… Now that I look at this, they kinda look like static figures. Haha!

Drop a like by my FB, okay? I would super appreciate it!

All Comes Down (To You) // Luke one shot

A/N: So basically, if you know me you know that I love angst. So that’s what this is. Please don’t kill me for all the reasons that you should. (One of them being writing this instead of updating my multi-chapter lol. It’s been a while since I’ve written and posted, so I’m going to argue that this is practice). Anyways, this is like a commitment issues story and I hope it makes you sad :D Also, shout out to lashtonirmings for being so enthusiastic about this lol

Pairing: Luke/reader
Word Count: 2857

You sat with your lips puckered, sucking in your cheeks as your makeup artist, Roxanne, dusted the contours beneath your cheekbones with powder.

“You don’t have to do that, doll, remember? I can actually find your cheekbones better when you don’t,” Roxanne laughed.

“Right,” you smiled, posing your face in a rested state. “I’m so used to doing that when I try to makeover my own face, I guess.”

Roxanne grinned, silently continuing her previous work at readying you for your photo shoot for Rolling Stone Magazine. Roxy had been your makeup artist and stylist since you first entered this business five years ago and since then she had become one of your closest friends. Actually, she was more like a big sister and one of the only people you were sure was not only friends with you for your status.

A buzz against your leg startled you from your reverie, your hand pulling the phone from your pocket as your finger glided across the screen to reveal a text message.

Thinking of you, it read and you instantly felt your cheeks burn with a color that was probably redder than the blush stain that Roxanne was currently painting on your skin.

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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Novel - Chapter 7

Cuddlogue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Afterword

This is actually the final chapter of the novel (the afterword just has some comments by the author etc). Hope you enjoyed - still can’t believe this translation actually happened!

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AN: So…I went and did it again, I sort of veered way off of what the prompt wanted. Whoops! I still hope the anon liked it who requested it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: !.) AU prompt: Person A is thinking sexually graphic or generally odd thoughts and suddenly panics and thinks “If you’re a mind reader, cough right now.”Person B coughs. but like Person A is having sexual thoughts about Pietro or Steve and they weren’t on the mission with AOU so she doesn’t know Wanda or her power and haha

2.) For all of you who dropped a “More smut please!” in my inbox. Here you go babes.

((I pretty much left out the whole coughing bit, sorry!))

Warnings: Smutish daydreams. Not for the innocent eyes.




He was stunning. Everything from the color of his eyes to the shapes of his lips made you feel weak at the knees. Even just sitting there, minding his own business and reading the newspaper, he looked like a god.

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