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The Ultimate Test

A/N: It’s 3 AM and I decided to not sleep and write this instead. I missed my one year fic-i-versary (it was the 21st) so pretend that this is written for that. Thank you guys for everything you have done for me and for making me feel so loved - I wouldn’t be where I am today without you all. I hope you enjoy this.

Summary: Your relationship with Spencer has had its ups and downs like any normal marriage, but it is put to the test when Spencer gets put on trial for murder. (Think 12x15)

Word Count: 1500 ish

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers (It’s kind of crucial that you at least have a little idea of what’s happening in the show before reading this). Angst.

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Being Spencer Reid’s wife was like a dream come true.

He constantly showered you with his love, left you little love notes all around your apartment, and stole kisses from you when you made breakfast. When he was out on a case, he would always be sure to send you something. Whether it be a single long stemmed rose or a bag of your favorite candy, even when he was away he would make sure that you knew that he was thinking about you. The love you had for each other was unwavering and everlasting, as it was stated during your wedding ceremony. Nothing could change that.

The way he loved your daughter, Brynn, made you fall in love with him even more. He video-called the two of you when he was away and spent every waking minute that he was home with her. Spencer would do anything to make her smile. That little girl had her father wrapped around her little finger.

Being Spencer Reid’s wife was no easy task.

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Astra inclinant, sed non obligant

A short sci-fi story written for @caffeinewitchcraft’s Caffeine Challenge #12. My brain took the prompts and veered off a bit, but this was fun to write! The title means “The stars incline us, but do not bind us.”

I was born on the Saratoga, a class 2 transport running supplies between the consolidated colonies of the outer ring planets. It’s down in the records as the middle day of seven in a Night cycle as we drifted between suns, all lights on emergency use only until we could make it in range of the next system to recharge the auxiliary batteries. Mom always said that Night stretched so long because I was hoarding all the light for myself, so I could burst to life as five pounds six ounces of screaming starfire. She said she knew I’d be fine out here in the black, that she knew I could make my life here and be happy without a sun and a planet because even from that very first moment she could see the light in my eyes; a true spacer, whose inner fire keeps them warm even in the darkest times.

I never had the heart to tell her she was wrong.

My defection started like this: I was seven sol-years old and setting foot on a planet for the first time. Gravity dragged at me. My feet and hands felt heavy, my head hurt. The floor seemed to roll out in front of me, curving and bucking when I tried to walk. I fell more than a few times, and my mother tried to get me to go back to the shuttle, but I refused. Everyone else in my class had been planetside, even Monica and Neil, both two years younger than me, and I was determined to have my turn.

One of the station attendants gave me a pair of crutches and I gritted my teeth and kept going, one shaky step at a time, until I was through the doors and really, really in-atmosphere for the first time in my life.

The heat of the sun felt like a caress over my hair. The breeze tugging at my shipsuit was a revelation. There were sounds I’d never heard before, smells I’d never dreamt of, more colors than I’d ever thought possible. Actual living animals flew above me. Vibrant green plants pushed between cracks in the stone path, utterly unplanned-for.

It was too much. I cried. I screamed. I curled in a ball on the ground—real, solid ground!–and bawled my tiny heart out while the sun beat on my neck, and I refused to move no matter how my shipmates coaxed and pulled and scolded. Mom always said after it was some kind of sign, that it was proof I knew I belonged in space, even that young. The rest of the adults laughed about it for years. They’d muss my hair affectionately whenever it came up at a party, or a holiday, or a community hearing, or a graduation ceremony, and say things like That’s our Astra, and A born shiprat, you are.

I wasn’t allowed off-ship again for a decade.

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Dating Draco while being a Weasley would include...

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  • Hearing unflattering stories about Malfoy from Ron, your one year older brother
  • Always wondering who is he and is he really that bad as Ron says

On your first year:

  • Seeing a white haired boy on the platform 9 and ¾ looking at you 
  • The two of you starting talking not realizing who the other one is 
  • Him asking if you would like to join him in the train 
  • Ron noticing the two of you and coming to warn you not to talk with Draco 
  • Draco becoming aware of who you are as soon as your brother approaches you 
  • Him changing in a second and starting commenting you rudely 
  • Seeing a pinch of disappointment in his eyes when you were sorted to Gryffindor 
  • Talking with Draco when you bump into each other in empty hallways 
  • Ron advising you to stop talking to him 
  • Hearing his disrespectful comments about you or your family when he’s with someone 

On your second year:

  • Checking if he’s okay after he was injured by Buckbeak 
  • Talking with him a lot when he is in the Hospital Wing 
  • Draco always loving how gentle and sensitive you can be 
  • Shouting at him when you hear that he wants Hagrid to be fired for this 
  • Always thinking how is it possible that Draco can be a decent human being when the two of you talk, but turns to someone so cold and mean whenever somebody else is around 
  • Receiving some unsigned letters from him during the holidays but being too angry with him to read them or write back 

On your third year:

  • After months of ignoring him, asking him how could he help Rita Skeeter write those stories about your father and slapping him 
  • With tears in your eyes finally reading those letter he sent you months ago, letters full of apologies and sweet words 
  • Draco wanting to ask you to go with him to the Yule Ball but knowing that he can’t ask you out because of his reputation 
  • Forgiving him for all the bad things he had done 
  • Sneaking out on meetings with him 
  • Walks near the lake 
  • Having a few arguments about pure-blood supremacy 
  • Making him behave better and nicer

On your fourth year:

  • Breaking contact after he joins the Inquisitorial Squad 
  • Not tolerating the fact of Draco being on Umbridge side 
  • Despite your feeling towards him avoiding him all year

On your sixth year:

  • Having a broken heart when he joins Deatheaters 
  • Having a lot of problems during your sixth year due to your disobedience on the Dark Arts class and standing up for younger kids 
  • Amycus and Alecto punishing you quite often 
  • Once Draco sees you after ‘detention’ and despite you telling him to leave you alone he helps you 
  • You blaming him and calling him a traitor 
  • Draco telling you everything about his family’s problems and asking you to understand 
  • Secret meetings after classes 
  • Crying in his arms 
  • Draco crying while holding you in his arms 
  • All night talks 
  • Draco loving your independence and persistence 
  • First kisses that taste like tears 
  • Trying to help him make the right choice 
  • One day he asks you to trust him and travels with you to a place where he locks you up and leaves ignoring your protests 
  • The Battle of Hogwarts starts the next day 
  • You manage to release yourself but arrive to Hogwarts already after the battle 
  • Reuniting with your family that is grateful that your safe but you’re just angry and bitter that you couldn’t fight alongside them

After Hogwarts:

  • Not seeing Draco for next few months when you grieve after your brother and other friends 
  • Hearing that Draco will get married in an arranged marriage 
  • Meeting him in a bar week later Talking all night 
  • Getting a little bit drunk 
  • Ending up kissing each other until he stops and leaves 
  • Attending his wedding the next day to finally lose all hopes 
  • Watching him refusing to marry the girl that his parents chose for him 
  • Waiting for him outside to try to talk to him 
  • Draco silencing you with a kiss 
  • Him changing his whole lifestyle because of mistakes of his past… and you 
  • Living in a small apartment together 
  • A lot of talking 
  • A lot of apologizing 
  • A lot of kisses 
  • Learning a lot of new things about each other every day 
  • Cuddling after nightmares wake you up 
  • Temple kisses 
  • Picnics on sunny days 
  • Teaching him how to create a Patronus 
  • Making him a flowercrown 
  • Draco treating you like a queen 
  • Him buying you all the beautiful things even if you don’t need them 
  • Cooking together 
  • Midnight dances 
  • Hickeys. A lot of hickeys
  • Very passionate kisses 
  • Introducing him as your boyfriend to your family 
  • Everyone being shocked 
  • Firstly almost everyone thinks that’s a bad idea but they try to accept it 
  • Bringing him home for next Christmas 
  • Molly knitting him his own sweater 
  • Draco behaving a bit grumpy and uncomfortable around your family but it slowly changes as he realizes that no one is trying to judge him 
  • Him helping your family from time to time 
  • His family never fully accepting you 
  • Lucius being against your relationship with his son but Narcissa liking you because you make Draco a happier person

A/N: Writing this was a challenge. Draco character is pretty complicated itself and the reader being a Weasley complicated everything more. I like the final version, and thanks to the beautiful request it’s very different from any other Draco dating headcanons… I just hope you’ll like it ;) Enjoy! 

Then why are you with her?(Draco Malfoy Request)

Pairing: Draco X Reader

Warnings: mentions of abuse, violence, and jealous reader

Prompts: (29)“For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!” (15)“Why do you care?” (3)“Keeping silent on this matter doesn’t magically make things any better then they were.”

Requested by: @suuny96

△ To any of you struggling with family problems and or are being abused pls. remember you are loved and that you can message me anytime. I want to help. ☺︎


You were beaten.

Not once, not twice, but four times.

By your mother.

It had started over the summer holidays.

Your mother had been coming home late and was usually pretty cranky. She had just lost her job at the Ministry and was taking it all out on you.

She seemed to hate you the most.

She would torture you for hours before your father had arrived home and pried her off of you.

Your beautiful skin now had bruises and cuts all over.

Your dad had told you it was best to have you stay with a friend instead of having her torture you all summer.

But who would you go to?

Your only true friend was Draco Malfoy, who your dad completely disapproved of. Your father didn’t like the Malfoys that much but knowing that it was here or them, he agreed to bring you there.

You swore to your father that you wouldn’t tell any of them about your situation at home and would cover your bruises and cuts and scars at all times. You were then instructed to say that your family had gotten a new cat and it scratched at you a lot.

“But dad? What will I say if they ask why am I supposed to stay with them?”, you say just before your father gave you the floo powder.

“Tell them that me and your mother are going to visit a friend of ours for the rest of the summer.”, he grins.

You hug your father.

“I’m sorry it has to be this way sweetheart.”, he says whilst pulling you closer.

You pull away, smiling at him and get in the fireplace.

“I love you dad.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Now off you go your mother’s starting to wake.”

“MALFOY MANOR!’, and just like that you’re gone.


You find yourself in the Manor’s sitting room and you grin to yourself.

I’m safe, you think to yourself.

Draco spots you, with Pansy on his arm.

”(Y/N)!“, he says whilst helping you out of the fireplace.

Pansy glares at you from where they were.

“What are you doing here?”, he asks whilst dusting your shoulders off.

“I have to speak to your parents.”


You now find yourself in the Malfoy dining room, with Narcissa to your left and Pansy in front of you.

Pansy was still glaring at you, it almost looked like her eyes were going to roll out of her sockets.

You eat your lamb chops and potatoes, not looking at the pug-faced girl in front of you.

“So (Y/N), why are you here?”, Lucius asks and looks at you.

“My parents are visiting a friend, they’re gonna be there for the rest of the holiday, sir.”, you say politely.

“And they expect us to take care of you, without any warning!”, Lucius slams on the table, making the tension grow.

“I just recently heard you lost your house elf sir. I could maybe do the chores around here sir. In exchange for my lodging.”, you say, hoping you weren’t going to be kicked out.

“No dear, it’s-”, Narcissa starts but gets cut off.

“Very well then. I suppose everyone is done with their meal. (Y/N) please clean up.”, Lucius says and leaves the table.

Pansy flashes a look of triumph at you and flips her plate. Dragging Draco with her.

Draco shoots you a look of pity and goes away with her.

“Now come on dear, I’ll help you.”, Narcissi smiles helping you fix the table.


It had been two days since your arrival at the Manor and you were tired.

So much cleaning had to be done but you were happy.

Cooking meals with Narcissa and cleaning the fountain with Draco was fun.

Everything was fun except for that pug-faced witch.

She knew you had a slight crush on Draco and she rubbed it in your face that she was his and he was hers.

So when Draco reached out to you before you went to bed you were beyond surprised.

“(Y/N), why are you here?”

“My parents-”

“Really?”, he looked at you with determined eyes.

“I’ve already told you Draco, my parents are visiting a friend for the rest of the holidays. That’s all. Now let me sleep.”, you say closing the door.

“How are you?”, he stops the door and goes in your room.

No one really had asked you that since you came here.

No wonder you felt empty.

“I’m okay.”, you say to him but more to yourself, convincing yourself almost.

“No you’re not. I’ve seen the bruises and the scars (Y/N). You can’t lie to me. Now tell me why are you here?”

“I’m telling you Draco, I’m okay. I really am.”, you say to him whilst forcing a smile, avoiding his question.

For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!”, Draco raises his voice.

He moves closer to you and takes your hands.

“Why do you have them? The bruises and the scars.”, he says looking into your eyes.

Why do you care?”, you take your hands away from him and start pacing around the room.

“What happened? I’m not leaving till’ you tell me.”

“I- I was beaten b-by my m-mum.”, you whisper, knowing he won’t leave until you tell him the truth.

“How? How (Y/N)?”, he takes ahold of your hands  and looks in to your eyes once more.

You don’t answer, thinking about the pain your mum had caused you.

Keeping silent on this matter doesn’t magically make things any better then they were.”, he says, clearly frustrated.

“And what are you going to do if I tell you? What’re you going to do when I tell you every little detail? You’re gonna leave aren’t you? So here, she beat me four times Draco. Threw cigarette butts on me and used her wand to torture me. There. Are you happy? Now leave just like you said you would.”, you say, not daring to look at him, with tears streaming down your face.

“I’m sorry (Y/N).”, he says and tries to move closer to you but you stop him.

“(Y/N) this is what I’m going to do. I’m not gonna leave. I’m going to help you. I’m going to care for you just like you do for me.”

“But what about Pansy?”, you say, turning around to look at him.

“She doesn’t matter right now.”

“Yes she does! One minute your with me and suddenly your with her! So, once I’m finally okay, you’re just going to leave me like a finished piece of work? That’s not how it works Draco!”

“No (Y/N) baby, I’m gonna get rid of her. I never loved her. I always loved you.”

Then why are you with her?

He looks at you for a moment without saying a word to you.

“Exactly. Now get out.”


Pt. 2 is up frens :)))))


summary: in which draco malfoy finally has the guts to say that he is in love with you, his best friend and longest companion.

a/n: my draco feels are alive yet again so here i am writing cliche imagines about him sorry not sorry

Masterlist + Request here!

It was no secret that you and Draco were the best of friends. The Malfoys and the Y/L/Ns were known to be comrades in the past, and they still are up to this moment. When you were still a toddler, his family and yours would spend every holiday with each other, so the blooming of your friendship with him was inevitable if you were going to be frank.

Though, as the years pass by and the two of you grow older, some things started to change little by little. Of course, you were getting mature and so did Draco. The next thing you know, what used to be harmless teasing held meaning. Every hug and ‘I love you’ didn’t just mean just something, it meant more.

The both of you knew you loved each other, but neither knew that the other was in love already, and that often led to a few confusion and probably hope.

“You’re a coward.” Draco taunted while he mounted his broom up in the astronomy tower, standing on the edge with a very mischievous grin on his face.

You rolled your eyes, “It’s called being practical and safe, Malfoy. So do me a favor and just go back here before someone catches us.”

It was already past curfew and Draco had managed to force you to go up to the astronomy tower with him. You thought the two of you were just going to talk there, have a little banter, but as soon as he picked up his broom you knew what he intended to do.

“What if I don’t?” he asked, his grip on his broomstick getting tighter.

“I’ll tell your father about this.” You teased which caused him to scowl.

“You wouldn’t.” Draco narrowed his eyes towards you.

You couldn’t help but smirk. “Don’t test me.”

Just as those words left your lips, he purposely dived down which caused you to widen your eyes and rush towards the balcony.

You weren’t a fan of heights, so you never understood what was the hype about riding broomsticks despite riding one in the past for academic purposes only. For this reason, Draco always thought it was funny to tease you about it by flying around your space or threatning you by pretending to slip from his broom, much to your annoyance.

It took a few seconds before Draco appeared in front of you in midair.

Even though he had done it a hundred times, it still makes you really anxious every time he does it because of the thought of him falling down and breaking all his bones and probably dying.

You glared at his grin and turned around, not tolerating his actions this time for you were far too tired and sleepy.

“Wait, Y/N,” he flew towards your direction and got down, grabbing your elbow. “I’m sorry. You know I like to make fun of you like this.”

You pulled away from his hold, “And you know I don’t like those kind of jokes. How many times do I have to tell you that —”

“Yada, yada, yada, yada.” he cut you off by abruptly pulling you to his chest.

Draco placed both arms around you and hugged your body, swaying side to side to lighten the mood. You admit that it was working a little bit but you were still annoyed.

“How much do you care for me?” he asked out of nowhere while you give in and return his hug.

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m curious.”

You raised your eyebrow, pulling back to look at him properly. “That’s not the real reason.”

He looked uneasy as he too stepped a little further to see your face clearly, just under the moonlight with the wind blowing softly causing your hair to slightly fly behind you.

“You’re right …” he bit his lip. “Um, I was actually going to tell you something tonight, that’s why I asked you to come here with me.”

“So, you didn’t ask me to come here to annoy me?” You teased which made him laugh.

He shook his head. “No, no.”

You nodded and crossed your arms. “What are you going to tell me then?” you inquired. “Are you finally confessing your undying love for Potter?”

“Y/N, you completely ruined the mood.” he bluntly stated while you chuckled.

“Then tell me. Hurry up because I’m sleepy.”

“Okay.” he murmured softly before gaining the courage to lean down and kiss you.

Your eyes were wide at first but you slowly learned to close them after a few seconds. But once you started realizing that Draco Malfoy, your best friend, was kissing you, you stopped kissing him and pushed him away.

“Bloody hell!” you slapped his arm. “W-What was that?”

He frowned, “I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to —”

“I could have if you asked!” you didn’t let him finish his sentence, your cheeks red from what just happened moments ago.

Draco was confused by your statement. “Wait, so you do want to kiss me?” he was smiling now.

“Properly.” you defended. “I mean, I was expecting our first kiss to be something romantic. You could have at least told me so I was ready.”

“Y/L/N, you are extremely peculiar.” Draco mused. “But I guess that is one of the reasons why I’m in love with you.”

You grinned at that. “You do?”

He stepped closer. “Yup.”

Draco leaned down again but stopped just as your noses were touching. “Can I kiss you again?”

You laughed. “After I tell you I’m in love with you too.”

He snorted at how cheesy you were but you can see how his eyes sparkled at your words. Draco grinned and finally pressed his lips to yours again, your arms finding its way to his neck to pull him closer.

Giant: Ch. 3

Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
‘Cause if we don’t leave this town
We might never make it out.

Previously on Giant

There were still visits. Still calls, texts at all hours, weekends spent at home, weekends spent visiting. It was not as much as they’d like, but still, the friends kept in touch as much as they could, or hope. Kara didn’t regret her decision as much as she thought she would, only realizing into their first holiday without her father that she needed the time at home to fix herself and grieve properly that she wouldn’t have gotten if she’d gone away to school.

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sun bleached ➵ 1

Originally posted by dezuechelon

summary: it was the summer of ‘07 when 16 year old park jimin and kim taehyung had met- falling in love; promising that in 10 years time, they would meet again at the botanical garden that had once called home.

genre: fluff, ANGST and implied smut

words: 3.1k

a/n: this will be a three chaptered fic y’all!!!! get ready!!!!! welcome to angst ‘r’ us.. enjoy ur stay

There was something that whispered in the quiet, Jimin had recalled. A wistful tone that called out his name, airy, light. In the solitude of his bedroom, dark and desolate, he had made up his mind that the voice was something he was not very fond of. It held something akin to hope.

“Jimin?” It called. “I told you, didn’t I? That I would love you forever?”

Yes, Jimin thought. You did.

And the voice was back, closer now. Murmuring quietly into his ear, tickling the cusp of his ear; like a bird’s song. “So why did you leave me?”

I don’t know, Taehyung.

I don’t know.

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Imagine late nights and birthday cake with Chris.

A/N: Part 4 is here! Taking things back to Y/N and Chris’ sweet love for each other. You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; Memory Lane - Masterlist) Links will be added soon. X

The birthday party came to a close around 6:30PM, with family members and close friends remaining behind to help out with the clean up as well as watch Jack open his presents. It was insane how many presents he got, especially from said family members and close friends- majority of them got him a minimum of two. It was also ridiculous what they got him, items that no normal person would get a two year old: a custom-made drivable toy car modeled after Chris’ white Lexus, a home theater system for his bedroom, an annual pass for Disney World which you and Chris had to admit you were excited about as it was a family package, and plane tickets to New Orleans from Anthony which was more addressed to you and Chris than your son; he’d been bugging the two of you to visit for a while now. Those were just a few examples of the above and beyond gifts your friends and families had given Jack, there were still more to come.

Both you and Chris knew he’d be a little spoilt as he was the first child the two of you had; all your family and friends had been waiting for a little one from the Evans/Y/L/N duo for a while now, but never had you imagined that Jack would be this spoiled. Now both of you knew you were good parents and he was a good kid, but there was legitimate concern that all that attention would get to his pretty little head.

“Look, Mama! Daddy, look!” Jack held up his next gift for you and Chris to see; you both scoffed when you realized it was your father’s very precious Tag Heuer watch. “It’s so shiny!” He slipped the obviously too big for his small wrist watch on. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Is your dad insane?” Chris hissed into your ear. “That watch is crazy expensive, Jack’s going to ruin it.” You shot him a ‘duh’ look; your son was a two year old with a $5,000 watch. “Get him to take it back, they already got him a home theater system.”

“Dad’s not going to take it back,” you shook your head; you knew your father very well. “I’ll just take it from Jack later when he’s asleep and keep it somewhere safe until he’s old enough.” You both watched your son with a wary eye, tensing when the watch slid up and down his small arm. “Is it just me, or are the presents getting more ridiculous?”

“The presents are getting more ridiculous,” Chris nodded in agreement. “What did we get him again?” He quizzed rhetorically. “Oh right. Toys, clothes, and books, otherwise known as normal things for a two year old. I can’t believe your dad gave Jack his watch,” he shook his head in disbelief. “He got me a toaster for my birthday,” he muttered bitterly under his breath.

“Aw, sweetheart.” You chuckled softly, running your hand up and down his back. “To be fair, I did tell him our toaster was broken a few days before your birthday.” He turned to you with a deadpan expression; he broke, chuckling when you snickered. “That may or may not have influenced his decision.”

“You couldn’t wait till your birthday to tell him our toaster was broken?”

“Well-” you pursed your lips, “I could, but I wanted toast.” He laughed and hugged you, kissing the top of your head as you wrapped your arms around him. The two of you kept one arm around each other as you broke the hug, returning your attention to your son who was opening his next gift. You believed this one was from Hayley because she was grinning pretty excitedly.

“Wow!” Jack gasped as he pulled out two little figurines; it was a 3D print-out of Chris as Captain America and Jack as Captain America. “It’s me and Daddy!” He held it up for you and Chris to see; you shook your head at Hayley, smiling, whereas your husband was trying hard not to lose it at such an awesome gift.

“That is pretty freaking awesome,” Chris pulled away from you to join Jack on the floor. Jack passed him the figurines and he studied them, his smile growing wider with every second. “Oh my God, look babe.” He carried them over to you and you chuckled at how he was more excited than Jack who had moved onto his next gift.

“You’re such a nerd,” you chuckled, pressing a kiss on Chris’ arm. 

• • • • • • • •

After the clean up was done and everyone left, you and Chris put Jack to bed. It was a lot easier tonight, he practically fell asleep before his head hit the pillow; all that excitement and running around in the day exhausted him. You and Chris, on the other hand, decided to make use of the rare time that you had alone to just spend some time together. You grabbed pillows and a blanket while Chris got some leftover birthday cake, so the two of you could sit under the stars in the backyard and enjoy a moment to yourselves; a moment with nothing but your love for each other.

“I feel like we haven’t done this in so long,” Chris said as he plopped his paper plate down on the blanket. He straightened his legs and laid down, resting a pillow under his arm as he propped himself up to look at you. “Who knew having a kid meant losing ourselves in him?”

“Me, I knew.” You smiled smugly and Chris chuckled. “Why else do you think I postponed having a child for so long?” You cut another chunk out of your slice of cake and spoon it into your mouth. “I wanted more time with just us, dinner dates and spontaneous trips and red carpet events. Even something as simple as grocery shopping without a little kid sounds pretty good,” you admitted. “Does that make me a bad mom?”

“God, no,” he shook his head, laughing. “I was actually thinking that the other day when Jack couldn’t decide on a cereal.” You laughed then ate more cake. “Remember when it was just us, it was always either Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, or if you’re feeling healthy- Special K. Ah, the good old days,” he sighed then chuckled.

“I hope you’re not regretting becoming a father,” you put both your plates aside so there wasn’t anything between the two of you. “'Cause let’s not forget you’re the reason we have a child in the first place.” He chuckled, adjusting so he was on his back and you could rest your head on his chest. “We could’ve still been childless right now.”

“Yeah, but that’s not really what we both want.” Chris sighed into your hair and you smiled, nodding in agreement. “Sure, we miss the things we could’ve done without Jack but- there are a million things that are more fun with Jack. All the holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. He makes our everyday life interesting with his constant random thoughts and acts. He’s so cute and supportive about our jobs, remember the Oscars? He literally screamed when he saw us come on TV.” You both chuckled, thinking about the video Shana took of Jack while she babysat for the two of you. “What else is more fun?”

“Disney World?” You quizzed, turning so you could rest your chin on his chest and meet his gaze.

“Well…” He hesitated with a high pitched whine and you laughed, making him laugh. “It’d be more fun when he’s older. Just like the Super Bowl, 'cause I don’t think he really appreciates any of it now. He just copies how I react, not knowing why. But- it’s still pretty cute,” he smiled.

“You’re pretty cute,” you smiled and reached to meet his lips. He smiled against your lips, his arm snaking around your back. “You’re more than just pretty cute,” you whispered, running your hand through his hair. “You’re breathtakingly beautiful. God, it’s so hard to concentrate around you sometimes,” you teased.

“That’s rich coming from angel that the heavens blessed me with,” he reached for your hand that was playing with his hand and entwined his fingers with yours; you smiled. “I love you,” he whispered then tenderly pecked you on the lips.

“I love you too,” you smiled, giving his hand a light squeeze. He smiled and tucked your hair behind your ear with his other hand before letting it rest on your lower back again. “And about what you said earlier, about having another-”

“Ignore me,” he chuckled, cutting you off. “I think our hands are pretty full with Jack at the moment, so we shouldn’t really try for another just yet. We should have some time for just us, we can barely manage that with Jack around- can you imagine having another baby? I’m okay,” he assured you with a nod. “I have the only girl I need and she is beyond perfect.”

“Still as smooth as ever, Evans.” You smiled and kissed him.

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Part 5A is coming. X

All His Friends (Jack Johnson)

“I’m gonna head out, okay? I’ll text you in the morning,” I say, resting a hand on Jack’s shoulder.

I’d been sitting in the studio with all of the Omaha squad and a couple other people for over 2 hours just listening to their music and it was great, but part of me felt like I didn’t belong here. I mean, I was kind of starting to choke on the smoke, and everyone else was at least slightly drunk, even though half of them weren’t even legal.

I on the other hand didn’t drink or smoke and was probably the only person here who could drive if need be. I loved Jack but I wasn’t really sure that his friends loved me. I mean they smiled at me and we hung out together, but I knew that if I wasn’t dating Jack, they’d want nothing to do with me. I’ve never been a social girl, I could never hang out with the ‘cool’ kids, Hell, I could barely hold up a conversation. And yet here I was, hanging with people who were followed by millions because of how social and talented they were.

He turns away from the soundboard he was working at and looks at me. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I say, pulling my bag little higher onto my shoulder. 

He gets up from his chair and grabs my hand, looking at me in a questioning way. Still he says, “Okay,” and grabs my hand, “at least let me walk you out.”

We head out and once we’re on the street I hug him tightly. He nuzzles into my neck and softly pecks me there before pulling away.

“You’ve got a safe way of making it home right?” I ask, knowing he shouldn’t be driving on his own. Surprisingly though, he’s pretty calm and focused despite being half-drunk and high.

“Yeah, we’ll just call an Uber or taxi or something.” I nod and turn to walk off, but he grasps my hand a little tighter, making me turn back around. “We’re gonna go to Sam and Stass’s place tomorrow night, you coming?”

“I… I don’t think I can,” I say, knowing full well that I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow. 

I can see the disappointment on his face and immediately feel bad. “Oh okay.. well, I’ll call you later or come over after we’re done tomorrow, around 10 okay?“

"Yeah, sure,” I say, giving him a smile even though I’m exhausted.

*the next night*

At about 8:30, a knock on the door sounds through my studio apartment. I head directly to it from the couch, in just my sweatpants in a tank top, hoping it’s the pizza I ordered.

When I open the door, there Jack is, holding my large barbecue chicken pizza and giving me a disapproving look.

“Is this all for you?”

I shy away and look to the ground. “Maybe?” I say quietly.

“Well, now it’s for us,” he says, pushing me to the side gently so he could come in and set down the pizza. “I thought you were busy tonight, Y/N.”

“I am,” I say in an attempt to defend myself. “I’m busy rewatching the entire Gilmore Girls series in preparation for the season coming out.”

“Mind if I join you?” I’m surprised he asks.

“Not at all,” I say, then halt as we head over to the couch with some paper plates. “It might bore you though,” I add.

“Nah, not at all, my mom used to make me and my dad watch it for ‘family bonding time’. Don’t tell her that I secretly liked it. But we never finished so why not watch it with you,” he explains.

We sit down and get comfortable. He’s got his feet up facing one end of the couch and I’ve got my feet up going the other way but in the middle he’s rested against the back of the couch and I’m on his chest.

Two or three episodes and half a pizza later, he speaks up.

“So why did you tell me you were busy tonight?”

I take a deep breath. “Well, technically I never said I was busy, I just said I couldn’t make it. And how did you know I was here?”

“Answer my question first. Why didn’t you wanna go tonight?” he’s got his arms wrapped around me now, sitting up.

“I don’t think your friends like me,” I mumble.

“What?” he says.

“I don’t think your friends like me,” I say a little louder.

“No, I heard you the first time. I just can’t believe you think that. Baby, they love you,” he explains. I give him a questioning look and he continues, “I’ve brought a lot of girls around them but you’re the only one I’ve brought more than once. You know why?” he doesn’t wait for an answer, “It’s ‘cause they actually like you. And they get that you’re kind of quiet and stuff but they don’t care.”

I continue to look at him like I don’t believe him and he goes on.

“Dillon said that he loves you becuase you’re the only one who keeps paying attention when he shows us track after track. Nate said you’re his new favorite cuz you’ve helped him finish multiple songs. G loves you ‘cuz you hang with Madison when he’s busy and don’t let her get left out. And Sammy loves you cuz you laugh at his crappy jokes and participate in his stupid snapchat skits,” he hugs me tighter, “And most importantly, I love you. More than I’ve loved any other woman. Except maybe my mom, but she doesn’t count. “

I laugh and he joins in, knowing he’s convinced me. “And now you can’t leave because we’re all attached to you,” he says, kissing up and down my face repeatedly and making me laugh even more. “When I came in to Sam’s tonight, everyone was wondering where you were. They missed you just as much as I did. So please, please come with me next time, okay?”

“Sure,” I say, smiling and kissing his cheek. “But you still have to answer my question, how did you know I was here?”

“Because, sweetheart, I know you too well,” he says, “Also, I texted Y/B/F/N and she said that you were planning on laying around tonight.”

“That snitch,” I exclaim, but also thank her for initiating this talk.

“I personally love her,” he says, “Now turn on another episode, I’m dying to know if Logan and Rory are gonna get together.”

I laugh at his interest as I pick up another pizza slice and the remote, cuddling deeper into the shoulder of the guy I’ve fallen deeply in love with.


Prompt List

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I feel so bad for people who request things just because I take so long to get them up. But just know, if you have requested something I do work hard to write something that I hope you’ll love and that I actually spent time on, so it’s not like I’m just ignoring your request.

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice holiday, I know I did. I got like $60 worth of Starbucks cards so I guess I’ll be there often. I am on break so another request will be out by the end of the week and I might even put out something of my own I’m working on. Even though I do have a few requests to do REQUESTS ARE OPEN y’all. It might take me a minute to get to it but it will be done. Also at the beginning of summer I posted a song list hat you could request and I’d write an imagine to it and I’ll be reposting that soon with some songs added so look out for that!


Change of Heart & Song: Part Two

Title: Part Two - Downhill spiral 
Synopsis: Dean and the Reader go through a rough patch in their relationship. Though Dean doesn’t want things to change, will you do something you regret?
Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel (mentioned)
Word count: 2002
Warnings:  Angst, some fluff at the beginning?  
Tags: At the bottom! 

A/N: y’all weren’t expecting this today, were you? This is still a sort of flashback-y chapter (sorry!) I just really want you guys to have their full story. I hope you enjoy! 

Catch up: Part One

Originally posted by supernatural-jackles

February – 1999

Every fight and every argument that you ever had with Dean Winchester would be ten times less painful than this. You would rather be screaming at him for doing something so small and insignificant – like leaving the window open when he left the apartment, or never unloading the dishwasher when it was his day to – but no. This time it was not a petty argument, this time it was goodbye.

Dean had recently been signed by a small record label in New York. The company had been so fascinated by his quickly escalating popularity that they decided to take him under their wing. Dean was hesitant at first, the thought of leaving you filled him with such a dread that he couldn’t describe. The two of you had been together for almost four years now and he would rather do anything but leave. But you thought otherwise…

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Hit Me with Your Best Shot

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  • Hitman!Sehun.
  • Unlike hitman!Taemin who feels guilty and is hyperaware of the blood on his hands, hitman!Sehun doesn’t give a shit.
  • Well, he does. But, like, it’s his job. He’s not losing any sleep over the scumbags that he’s hired to take out. He can compartmentalize that part of his life and sort of rationalize it and it’s fine for him.
  • This is partly because he has standards for which jobs he’ll take. He won’t take a job unless the person is exceedingly shitty. Like, if they just owe money or something, Sehun’s not your guy. He’s not in it to rough some lowlife up. But if they committed some heinous crime, he’ll take care of it.
  • For the right price.

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Fifth Period

Fandom: OUAT

Pairing: Rumbelle

Rating: T

Summary: High school teacher Mr. Gold isn’t sure what to think when his worst-behaved class suddenly start behaving for the substitute. What kind of dark magic is this Mrs. French weaving on his class of miscreants?

(Not on AO3 yet because my work connection is weird.)

Mr. Gold always knew what to expect. He had learned enough about human nature, he thought, to be able to predict reactions, and he was a firm believer in allowing past events to inform present decisions. History, he was fond of saying, always repeats itself. In his small circle of associates he even had a reputation as something of a seer; he could predict human actions at a local, national, and even global scale with eerie accuracy.

When his son Baeden ended up enrolled in his eleventh-grade Practical Law class, he knew exactly what to expect: cheeky impertinence from him, awed disbelief from the rest. Bae never crossed the line into outright disrespect, and since Gold had a colleague mark all of Bae’s assignments, no one could claim that the boy didn’t earn every one of his grades. They got on well enough, all things considered. Just as expected.

When he had to be gone for a day and put in for a substitute, he knew what he would find when got back: positive reports for every class…except Bae’s. The boys in that class seemed to delight in tormenting their substitutes, sometimes to the point of tears. They were never unwise enough to admit it - Gold hated discourtesy and they all knew it - but he’d caught the glints of triumph and little smirks as he scolded them for their poor reports. As he always did, for what little effect it had.

Mr. Gold always knew what to expect.

So when he walked into his classroom one Wednesday morning after having been out the day before, he read the substitute’s report and was momentarily stymied.

Mr. Gold, the elegant script began, thank you so much for the opportunity to sub in your classes today. They were all very polite and attentive, and I think you’ll be pleased with what they accomplished. If I may, I would like to give special praise to your 5th period Practical Law class. They were exceptionally welcoming and helpful, and we had several interesting conversations about the material you left. If you need a sub in future, please don’t hesitate to call me!

Belle French

She’d left her phone number beneath her signature.

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pairing: park jinyoung x reader
genre/warnings: college au, fluff; none. 
word count: 2,811
description: you get more than what you expected for at the bus station, and that’s heavily thanks to a certain frat boy named park jinyoung. 
a/n: for my dearest @maydayjyp! thank you for the request, darlin’ <3 

Originally posted by markjin

The train station is in pandemonium.

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The Fake Boyfriend (Part 2)

Originally posted by soluscheese

Summary: Reader bumps into a stranger and her life gets flipped upside down…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader

Word Count: 3,100ish

Warnings: language

A/N: You guys didn’t REALLY think I’d make you wait a whole month for the next part, did you? ;) Enjoy…

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Astoria Malfoy had died a little over a year ago. She had grown ill from a blood disease. It caused her body to weaken until she could no longer leave her bed. She had died in Draco’s arms while their son held onto his mother, begging her not to leave him.

Alas, death waits for no one. So she had went peacefully in her sleep. That was all he could have asked for. The knowledge that she didn’t suffer in her final moments brought something of a comfort to the father and son.

Draco had remained single for a year before fate had intervened on his behalf. He was sitting in a dark corner of the Hog’s Head, nursing his fifth fire whisky. He was thinking about all that had went wrong in his life. From the giant twat he was as a child to the lonely and depressed adult he had grown to be.

Thirty two years old and nothing to show for his life. Well, that wasn’t true. He had a twelve year old son. A beautiful, kind, and loving soul that already proved that he was nothing like his father was at the same age. His best friend was a Potter, for Merlin’s sake. It was more than Draco could say for himself even now. Did he even have any friends? He didn’t think so.

The Blonde would forever be grateful to Harry Potter and his wife Ginny. If not for them, he was sure he would have eventually turned his wand on himself. Sooner rather than later. They had saved him that night.

When Professor Potter stopped in with his wife for a drink and a chat with Aberforth. Ginny had noticed him in his secluded corner. Sloshed and ready to break down, Ginny must have seen the anguish in his face because she tugged on her husband’s arm and pointed in Draco’s direction. Harry had seen something in his eyes, something that reminded him of himself. That look of the world bearing down on your already overburdened shoulders.

The couple shared a look, a silent agreement passing between them. They walked over to Draco’s table, one on each side of him, and pulled him up to his feet.

“Come with us, Malfoy. We can help.” Ginny whispered in his ear.

He followed them out of the bar and into the snow lined streets of Hogsmeade. They lead him down the snowy main street, then turned into a winding drive that lead up to their modest (by Malfoy standards) house. They led him into the sitting room, placed him on the couch where he promptly hugged a throw pillow and sobbed into it.

“So….So lonely. So em-empty…” He cried into the pillow while Ginny rubbed soothing circles into his back.

Harry had disappeared into the kitchen and retrieved a bottle of Ogden’s Finest. If Draco wanted to drown his sorrows, well Harry had plenty of his own to drown as well. War left quite the mark on those that were lucky enough to survive it. If one could even call it “lucky”.

It was a good thing the kids were all at Hogwarts, and Lily was staying at Molly’s tonight. They had stayed up until early the next morning. Two bottles were finished by the time the night ended.

Feelings were exposed, secrets were muttered under the spell of alcohol. Tentative touches turned into passionate kisses. What started out as a night that was supposed to be cathartic for the three of them, had turned into a night full of wonders and blissful comfort. Harry found that he enjoyed a man almost as much as he enjoyed a woman. Ginny found that two was always better than one.

It seemed that Draco had found a place where he fit perfectly. Harry and Ginny however, found that the thing they’d been missing for so long, that thing that seemed just out of reach of their understanding had been dropped right into their lap.

That was how the couple became a Triad. How Ginny and Harry had found themselves feeling more complete than they ever thought possible. How Draco and Scorpius had found themselves a family once again, complete with siblings and another two parents. Scorpius had never felt so lucky in all of his life. His best friend was now his brother! What else could he possibly hope for.


“Get out of the bathroom, will you?!” Lily Luna was screaming at the door where she heard the giggles of her older brothers.

“In a second Lils. We’re almost done.” Scorpius yelled through the door.

She could hear them laughing and whispering. Probably planning out their next prank. It wouldn’t do to end up bald with green eyebrows, yet again. She’d learned her lesson and had created a charm that marked her safe from any unwanted magic aimed in her direction. Hermione had squealed when the then eleven year old had created her own magic. Ginny had smirked.

“Well of course! She is my daughter, she would be absolutely brilliant.” Ginny said.

The boys had gagged behind their mother’s back as Draco and Harry silently nodded their heads in agreement. Ginny was a spitfire and a formidable witch in her own right. After all, she had invented the bat bogey hex. It was no wonder her daughter was growing up to more like her mother than any of them were comfortable with.

It had been two years since their family had expanded. Draco had sold the house where Astoria died. They had moved in with the Potters and the kids had taken to each other as if they’d been raised together.

Albus and Scorpius had volunteered to share a room, while Draco had been set up in their bedroom. They shared everything. From their secrets to their bed. It was unconventional but it was family, and most importantly, it felt absolutely right. None of them could ever remember feeling so content as they did now that Draco had become both of their husband.

James was now in his seventh year and the head boy. Something Ginny was exceptionally proud of. Something that Harry thought hilarious, seeing as his son’s girlfriend was Posey Parkinson, and the head girl. History really did repeat itself, Harry thought. He’d be damned though, if his kids would go through what his parents, and then he’d went through.

Albus and Scorpius were fourteen and quite the handful. Draco had already spotted the burgeoning romance, even if his son’s had yet to realize what was happening. Harry thought they both knew but were too scared to make the first move.

Lily, the apple of all three parents eyes was now twelve and in her second year. She was top of her class in Hogwarts and loved anything having to do with literature. They all assumed it was Hermione’s doing, as every holiday or birthday found her with piles of new books that she’d devour as soon as she could, all the while screaming her thanks at her very favorite Aunt Mione.

The summer quickly ended and before any of them could blink, they were on the way back to Hogwarts. The three youngest sharing a cart and the oldest doing his rounds as head boy. The sorting, the feast, and the walk back to the Slytherin dorms seemed to fly by in a flurry of activity.

Unable to sleep and feeling jittery for the new school year, Albus and Scorpius had found themselves alone in the common room. It was two in the morning and they were wide awake. They sat on the comfortable black leather love seat, in front of the green fire burning in the hearth. As they spoke about nonsense and the more important aspects of their lives, their hands, which were resting between them, were unconsciously moving towards the other.

It started off with their fingers brushing against each other. That brought along a blush on both boys faces, until that reaction had been seen for what it was: utterly ridiculous. They were best friends, they had no secrets from each other. Why should they be embarrassed over a mutual attraction?

When the laughter had died down, they had realized that they had somehow ended up closer to each other. Albus’ legs had ended up comfortably resting on top of Scorpius’ lap. Scorpius had his arm around Albus, who was leaning into his friend. It took them both a second to realize the position they were in.

Just like that, the blush was back. This time there were no giggles, instead Albus raised his hand and placed it gently against Scorpius’ cheek while running his thumb across the blondes lips.

The moment when from fun and light hearted to charged with electricity. Before either of them knew what they were doing, they had leaned in and their lips had touched for just a moment. Long enough for them both to crave more, not long enough for them to feel as though they’ve had enough. Their very first kiss, and it was splendid.

That was how their head of house and potions professor, Daphne Greengrass, had found them. Yes she was his aunt but she had to appear strict, did she not? Two fourteen year old boys, wrapped around each other, sucking face, at five in the morning. What else was she to do?

Well… She’d give them five more minutes. There was no greater feeling than that of young love and she’d be damned if she ruined any form of happiness in her nephew’s life.

She wrote a letter to Draco about her discovery, as she was bound to do. Included were the wishes that he not be too put out with his son. After all, she remembered another blonde haired, slytherin boy who harbored a crush on a certain chosen one.

She smiled to herself as the letter disappeared into the green flames of her floo. It was time to go embarrass her sweet little nephew.


Draco had never smiled wider. Well… Maybe he had, the day Ginny and Harry had confessed their feelings for him and asked him to move in. Or maybe it was the day they had legally adopted all of the children so that all three were legal parents to all four kids.

Either way, this day was in the top three. His son had found love in a boy who had been his best friend first. If that wasn’t the strongest foundation to build a relationship on, he didn’t know what was.

Harry and Ginny had laughed themselves silly, only explaining their reaction at Draco’s confused look.

“It would figure, wouldn’t it? The boy was named after two men who had both fallen in love with their best friends.” Harry said as he clutched at his sides.

“It’s a good thing he’s nothing like either of them, seeing as how Scorpius’ returns those feelings.” Ginny had chortled.

“Our lives are a big fat joke, aren’t they? You think that brother of yours is up there pulling the strings of some grand prank?” Draco was full on laughing now.

“Who knows, all I know is that we’ll be adding another room to the house, they’re absolutely not sharing a room anymore. That’s for damn sure.” Ginny finished as the three of them sat down to dinner, a glass of wine in each of their hands.

“To a peaceful life.” Harry raised his glass.

“To a happy wife.” Draco said, a smirk playing at his lips as he dipped his glass towards Ginny.

“To happy children.” Ginny said.

They clinked their glasses. Drinking to the mundane life they now lived. Each silently thanking the heavens above that their kids would never know the horrors that they had known.

Oh, How We’ve Grown (4/4)

Title: Oh, How We’ve Grown
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 2.6k (oops?)
Warnings: nostalgia galore
Spoilers: None

Here we are, end of the line. Again. I can’t even begin to thank you all for indulging me in this plot bunny, for all the kind words and encouragements. Just like with the final part of Chasing Promises, this one kinda got away from me. It’s twice as long as any of the previous chapters, so I hope it makes up for this being the end. You are the best.

| chapter 1 | chapter 2 | chapter 3 | chapter 4 |


And I’m on my way,
I still remember these old country lanes
When we did not know the answers
And I miss the way
You make me feel, it’s real

Life never works out the way you plan. For all your years spent studying, you end up in a career almost opposite of what you have a degree in. It’s not necessarily bad. It affords you a roof over your head, food in your fridge, material comforts in moderation. It’s not exactly something that lights your heart on fire with passion in the morning, but it’s safe. Convenient.

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A Fluffy Christmas

Summary: Merry Christmas everyone! Dean Ambrose, a puppy, and a tiny box… All in your house on Christmas morning. None of them you expected to be there.

Warnings: Feels. Swearing [as usual]. One moment of a grabbing of a bottom during a kiss and one moment of admiring of a person’s butt as they walk away. So like… PG-13/T rating to be safe?

Word count: Over 4,000.

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♫Better Man- Paolo Notini// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  Sirius x reader with the song better man by Paolo nutini would be amaaaazing

A/N: I’ll be posting the final non-holiday post tomorrow (Your Song)! Sorry it’s taking so long, I’ve had a few technical difficulties since I’ve arrived, and I’ll make sure it’s up as soon as possible! All holiday requests will be going up on Christmas day, along with some aesthetics and other stuff, so remember to send them in before the 20th please!

I hope you enjoy this! xx

Sirius Black is 11 years old when the rough fabric of the Sorting Hat collides with his sweating forehead, and the instant booming of “Gryffindor!” almost deafens him as he makes his way to the mahogany table, surrounded by cheering students. He is 11 when he clumsily shakes hands with 3 other boys that surround him at the table, fitting in like a piece of a puzzle. He is 11 and the epitome of innocence when he turns his head towards the Hat at that fateful moment as it bellows “Y/H!” and his eyes meet the eyes of pure beauty and her smile blurs the noise around him and she is the only person in the Hall at that very moment.

Sirius Black is 12 years old when he has a strike of luck and Professor Slughorn seats him next to Y/N in Potions class. He is 12 years old as he manages to sneak a glance at the graceful way her handwriting loops and curves on aged parchment. He is 12 years old as he admires the furrowing of her brow as she concentrates, and the way she plays with her quill while she listens. He is 12 years old when she feels his stare burning her skin and finally asks for his name, forcing his mouth into a grin that didn’t fade for weeks later.

Sirius Black is 13 years old and there is a mutiny in his mind as he finally rips down the wallpaper of his room and covers it in embodiments of forbidden fruit, a permanent distance from the trap that is his family. He is 13 years old and she is all he wants, but she doesn’t have pure blood running through her veins, so he protests in the only way he knows how to. He is 13 years old, and she smiles at him every day and says the simplest things, but her voice is a complex ode gracing his ears and he can’t help but look at her back as she leaves, wishing for her to turn around so he could see her face for another second. 

Sirius Black is 14 years old and he often says her name, just to feel the fireworks of his heart crackle on his tongue, and she often hears it, turning to give him a smile that glows like a thousand suns. He is 14 years old and, finally, she agrees to go on a date with him: “One date,” her voice says, pouring from her silky lips, sweet as honey. He is 14 years old and they laugh and laugh for hours on end, and she is sweet as a sugar apple and the bitter taste that his hatred leaves in his mouth fades like stars at dawn. He is 14 years old and about to leave for the summer, when she intertwines her fingers with his and kisses him on the cheek, his mouth agape and his heart soaring.

Sirius Black is 15 years old and his head feels heavy on his shoulders, like an overgrown rosebud weighing down its stems, the thoughts that he hides sharp as its thorns. He is 15 years old as he admits to himself that he hates who he is meant to be, when he tells her everything that weighs down his velour heart and she takes it in her hands and keeps it safe with the warmth of her being. He is 15 years old when she tells him she loves him, 15 years old when he finally kisses her, his hand gently cupping her face, his mind a wonderland as he feels her fingers in his hair and knows that he belongs to her as much as she belongs to him.

Sirius Black is 16 years old when he is forced out of a place he never wanted to be, shoved out of hell and into purgatory. He is 16 years old when she hears what happened and runs to him, and he can feel her heart beat fiercely against his chest and her warm breath tickles his skin and her tears slide down his collarbone and the chaos of his life fades as he embraces her tightly, holding her like the gold lining to a grey cloud. He is 16 years old when their love bursts into flames and his hands are on her hips and she whispers his name and he admires every curve of her body, covered in nothing but moonlight as she proclaims her love again and again.

Sirius Black is 17 years old when he decides that he will be the man she deserves, because life without her wouldn’t be a life at all. He is 17 when James, Remus and Peter scoff at every ring he shows them and he finally picks one blindly, met by nods of approval from his friends. He is 17 years old and his palms are sweating, and he can’t help but nervously touch the inside pocket of his jacket every few seconds as he waits at the very place where they first confessed their love and melted into each other. He is 17 years old when she comes in and he can’t wait a second longer for her to be his forever, and without so much as a greeting, he falls on one knee and asks her a question as he pulls out the small velvet box and it falls and falls again, and her laughter makes it all easy as he finally opens it and asks her to allow him to love her for life.

Sirius Black is 18 years old and he is a married man, and he is young, it’s true, and they say young marriages don’t end well, but he finds it ridiculous that he should wait a second longer than he must to marry someone that makes him want to be a better man.

Under the Mistletoe: A Collection of Avengers Drabbles

Steve: You were caught on Christmas Eve after the team finally succeeded in getting you under the mistletoe together. Or rather, Nat shoved you and Bucky pushed Steve so that you collided and landed right under that damn plant. You were both understandably surprised as you were best friends, though both of you had been harboring a crush for the other for far too long (to everyone’s knowledge but your own). But then you’d given him a kiss on the cheek and smiled in that way you did just for him, and before he knew what he was doing, he pulled you down and brought your lips together. And from the look you shared after pulling away, you knew this was going to be the start of something special.

Bucky: It was hard to count the sprigs of mistletoe hidden around your home. Your husband was determined to make your first Christmas as a married couple special, and evidently that included excuses to make out whenever it was convenient. From above the kitchen sink and in the entryway to above the damn shower and over the chair in your bedroom, there was hardly anywhere you weren’t given reason to share a kiss. You had the last laugh when all the boxes he thought contained his gifts were instead stuffed with mistletoe!

Peter: You’d only been dating for a few months, and while you and Peter were very comfortable around each other, he was terrified you would get caught kissing under the mistletoe by your father. Any time you ended up there together, he kept the kisses short until you had enough. You called Peter from the living room to where you were making a snack. Unbeknownst to Peter, you had hung a bunch of mistletoe right above where you were standing, and so when Peter came over to you, you threw your arms around his neck and gave him a proper kiss… or multiple kisses, turning into a rather passionate make out session. During which your father walked into the room. Needless to say, Peter’s fear had come true, but it was kind of worth it.

T’Challa: He knew it was your favorite holiday, and he had tried his absolute hardest to get enough free time to spend a week or two with you, he really had. But there was a crisis in Wakanda, and how could he help from thousands of miles away? He was the king, for god’s sake. And so you were resigned to spend the holidays without him, hoping instead you could celebrate on your own time when the crisis was resolved. You were enjoying time with your family - chatting, eating, drinking, laughing - when there was a knock at the front door of your parents’ home. You went to get it, not knowing what to expect - everyone who was supposed to be there was in the living room. Opening the door, you let out a squeal of surprise before jumping into the arms of your beloved king. “You’re here!!” “Yes, and I could not be happier, my love.” You stepped inside, dragging him along with you until he tugged you back. Following his gaze upward, you grinned as you saw what he did. “Well you know what that means, your majesty.” “Oh indeed, I do.” He smirked devilishly as he leaned down to kiss you.

Tony: Tony decided to forgo having a holiday party this year, instead opting to spend the holidays alone with you on some beautiful island in the middle of nowhere. Though you had agreed on no gifts this year - you were going to a private island for god’s sake - you both broke the rules and got each other something - you just couldn’t resist! In your defense, though, they were very thoughtful. You had written Tony a stack of “open when” letters, along with a pair of mugs. Each mug had half a heart and one said “don’t go breakin’ my heart” while the other had “i couldn’t if i tried.” Meanwhile, Tony had given you a “passport to love.” But where most people planned out dates with the theme being from different countries around the world, Tony had actually planned long weekends away in those countries

Natasha: The pair of you were snuggled up together on the couch on Christmas morning, having already exchanged gifts with the other Avengers last night. You’d gotten up and made a pot of coffee before joining Nat in the living room to exchange presents with one another. As you were relaxing in the comfort of her arms, Nat pulled you to face her and said - ever so calmly - “Do you wanna get married?” “Are you asking?” She smiled slyly and told you to open the smallest box under the tree. Inside was a gorgeous, simple ring. Grinning widely, you put it on before looking up at the mistletoe you had hung above the couch earlier in the season. “It’s a yes from me,” you murmured as you leaned in to kiss your future wife.

Clint: You were doing couple-y things together, as you normally did, when Clint would be oh-so-clever and pull out a sprig of mistletoe. One time you were cuddling on the couch and he got this downright devious look in his eye. Before you could question him, he was holding a bunch of mistletoe over your heads and grinning. Of course, you weren’t really about to complain. That is until he tried to pull the stunt at the park, and the grocery store, and at the coffee shop. But you still indulged him anyway.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you lovely people! Stay safe, enjoy yourselves, and be happy. I hope you enjoyed this little collection of drabbles. :) also I know there’s no mistletoe in Tony’s but I think it’s cute enough without it! (also I totally forgot to include it lmao)

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A/N: Here is the full drabble. Well more like a one shot since I got a little carried away. Oops. But anyway, I hope my favorite chicken nugget has a good day. Much 27th birthday wishes for him since this is posted a few days early. I hope you enjoy and more is under cut ‘cause it kind of long like 1000+ words long. It’s the longest I typed on here phew. I also might make a twitter if you wanna hear me do random things or updates. Would you guys like that?

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              » Relationship(s) Grant Gustin/Reader, The Flash Cast & Reader (friendship) «

It was going to be your boyfriend’s birthday soon as you came to Vancouver after spending the holidays separate with your families respectively. But you couldn’t wait to see him again especially after skyping with a few days prior, sometimes the camera wasn’t enough. You missed your dork of a boyfriend, so you had made calls to come see if you could possibly visit Grant and promise not to spoil anything. Which you were good at doing since you have seen and visited the set number of times before.

So that was the best part as you got told that could come on set again, but as a surprise for Grant. The director had some idea to do it and that Candice would help out as you called her when you arrived. Thank goodness you had a friend like her, even though you were initiated by her when you first saw her but luckily you two came as good friends despite she’s Grant’s character, Barry’s love interest. You seem to have lost your trail of thought ‘cause you could hear her saying your name over again at the gate.

“Y/N!” She smiled as you went over to hug her as she hugged back with a slight squeeze, “Oh it’s good to see you again girl. How was the holidays?” She asked as you both pulled away and started to walk to the baggage claim. “It’s good to see you too Candice. It was good to see family even though it was crazy since you know, I have a rather crazy family.” You chuckled as you moved your H/C hair to the side while walking. “Well that’s good. And Grant still has no clue that you are here to see him, it be like a birthday wish come true right?” She nudged you as you both headed to the set after getting your bags, you weren’t supposed to be seen until later in the day when the cast were going to take a break to celebrate Grant’s birthday.

“Y/N?” You heard someone say as you turned to see Carlos walking up with a smile on his face as you went over to give him a quick hug. You two were the prank duo, and who was the main poor target? Well it was either Grant, Danielle, or both since they had the best reactions to it. Especially after the incident where you had splatted banana cream pie all over Grant’s face, whipped cream included after getting dumped with ice water earlier that day. The burnet chased you to give him a kiss with his pie covered face and won victorious.

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