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I hope you guys are excited to see pics of Japan when I get back, because I’ve taken 5,200+ pictures! And I haven’t even left Japan yet. Not going to post all of them, obviously, but I’ll definitely share a lot!

It’s my last night in Japan… I’m a little sad, but I’ve had a fantastic trip, and I managed to do pretty much everything I wanted to (within reason, and not including some things that were “maybe”s). I have a lot of things I’m excited to do when I get home, like go through my gazillion doujinshi I bought, play Ultra Sun, watch Stranger Things 2 (which I started before the trip but only made it through 2 eps), and go through/post all my pics. I hope all my animals are doing all right. ;;

I can’t say I’m super excited for the whole process of getting to the airport and flying and all that, but it’s always nice, albeit surreal, to make it back home at long last.


A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 5,717 (yup…)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut! Sexual penetration, oral (male and female receiving), face sitting, dirty talk, language, drinking, Bucky being everyone’s wet dream…

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long, but I worked HARD on this one and I’m totally proud of it! (and before anyone asks, Howl at the Moon is a real bar in Indiana!) Enjoy. :) 

You stood in the street and looked up at the new sign that was being hung up in front of the building.

Howl at the Moon

Your pride and joy. You smiled with a shake of your head. This bar had just started out a little hole in wall. Nobody knew about it, and you were barely making ends meet with only 2 people on staff.

Now, it was a world-renowned biker bar. People from all over the globe have stopped in. You have worked hard to make it what it is. The many roaring engines from motorcycles and loud laughter rule this spot.

It kept your life interesting.

The alcohol stays flowing all night long and the grill stays hot. Your most popular item on the menu? Beer served in buckets. You would be surprised at how many buckets these burly bikers can put away.

Sing-a-longs, dance-offs and dirty humor keep your patrons coming back for more. Your lady bartenders have been known to jump on the bar to dance to some old rock n’ roll. Yourself included.

Ashley, your best friend, came up beside you and looked at the sign as well. “It looks fantastic.”

You poked her with your elbow, “Well I would hope you think so, you drew up the concept.”

She crossed her arms over her chest and tipped her head, “I’m a genius.”

You looked up at the black wolf, nose pointed up at a blue moon with a howl. It was really going to stand out at night when it was all lit up.

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Hello all! I hope each and every one of you is having a fantastic Sunday night! 

I am very proud to present the beautiful sportarobbie lazytown telephone game!

In order from left to right in the top row we have me, @seidurstown, and @coldgunn

Second row @boomy-blue @dreamflnder and @asutori

and finally in the last row we have @sportsy-elf @cat-pun and @lesbianmonarch

I’m so very very very proud of all these amazing artist and I’m thankful to every one of them for participating, I’m blown away by all the gorgeous work done here <3


Ready Player 3 Dublin show

Wow, I’m still registering that the show actually happened. It was amazing to finally see these guys live, and honestly it was the best fun I’ve had in ages. The last few weeks have honestly been shite for me and seeing this show made me forget all about that. So @therealjacksepticeye and Arin and Dan, thank you for that, seriously.

Being the last show for this amazing tour was such am honour, and to add to the fantastic night, I was upgraded to a better seat at the left side of the stage at the very front! I was so close, it was awesome! (You might have seen me, blue plaited hair in a maroon jumper). And go Team Wa-lu-igi! *Clap Clap Clap-Clap*

I’m hoping that the sketch I did for Jack and @wiishu reaches them, and I hope you enjoy it. It was the only way I could maybe express a small portion of my thanks for all you have done for me over the years, without even realising it.

Anyway I’ve rambled enough. Basically, it was an incredible night, and thank you guys for an amazing show

peachypjm  asked:

jimin ?? (anyways i totally feel u on the homework thing except im pretty sure everyone else has done theirs LMAO) whether you write an au or not for this i hope you have a fantastic night and thank you for your blog i love it a lot 💖

thank you so much <33

  • yoga instructor!jimin 
  • does a split and just,,,,,sits in it for like an hour while talking to the class and everyone is like what the heck hows he doing that
  • wears a cute headband to push up his bangs 
  • leggings jimin,,,,,,,,,,,jimin’s butt in leggings,,,,,,all i Have to say
  • sometimes he has assistant jungkook help but that just involves jungkook switching the music on and off for jimin 
  • once jungkook accidentally put on some linkin park and jimin almost fell out of tree pose and right onto his face
  • jimin is encouraging and sweet to everyone,,,it’s like taking a class with a literal Angel 
  • you get dragged along to a yoga class with your best friend who thinks it’s doing WONDERS for her stress
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,not flexible and not into yoga but why not since she’s begged you for the past week
  • and when you walk in your friend waves to the instructor and you look at him and you’re like,,,,,floored
  • like excuse me what that person doesn’t look human, he looks ethereal??? is he like a computer generated perfect human or something is that how far science has come-
  • but jimin just smiles and introduces himself to you and you don’t notice him stutter but your friend does and she does an eyebrow wiggle at you and you’re like ???
  • but the class starts and as expected you cannot reach your toes as easily as you thought you could
  • and jimin comes over and gently guides your hand and is encouraging you in this soft voice
  • and you’re about to melt into your mat,,,,,what the hell he’s so handsome and nice 
  • and it’s kinda funny because he’s helping you and he’s so focused that he doesn’t notice the ten other people calling out his name to continue the exercise
  • and when class is over your friend is like “he’s cute right, go talk to him!” and you’re like alhsdgfbkg i eMBARRASSED myself in front of him,,,me and my creaky joints cant
  • but jimin sees you and gives a shy wave and jungkook, who happens to be assisting that day, gives jimin a push toward you 
  • and your friend nudges you
  • and somehow you end up walking toward each other and jimin is like clearing his throat like,,,,,,gooD wORK,,,today,,,,,you did so well for your first time
  • and you’re like really???? i think im so bad,,,,, but he’s  shaking his head like no no ,,,,,,,,,if you want you should come back i can even,,,,,,well i offer,,,,,,,,private lessons and stuff bUT YOU DONT HAVE TO
  • and you’re like i wish but those sound expensive
  • and jimin is like ,,,,oh no i can do it for free for you,,,,,and you’re like oh!!!! really??? why??
  • and he like under his breath is like,,,,because you’re very cute,,,,,and you’re like hmm
  • and he’s like OH I JUST SEE POTENTIAL IN YOU,,,,
  • jungkook and ur friend giggling in the back because you and jimin are blushing like two bright strawberries,,,,,,,how adorable 

request:  please do 23!!! when Harry found her at a meeting or party after he cheated on her <3 &  Please, tell me it’s gonna be a part two of “shattered” because that was amazingly sad &  Are you going to write a part two to Shattered? It’s okay if you don’t, just a bit curious… absolutely loved it tho 💙💙 &  Can we please have a part two to “shattered”. It’s fantastic and we want more. Xx & a lot more

hello loves! yes, it is the long awaited part two to ‘Shattered’. I hope you all like it, considering you kept requesting it! keep sending in requests from this writing list or whatever you want! hope you enjoy!

Drinking had become a new favorite hobby of yours.

Before Harry got home from New York, before your life was derailed, you were never a huge drinker. Just like Harry, you would drink occasionally, for a celebration or a night out. But after Harry had betrayed you, you had grown quite a liking to vodka martini’s.

You hadn’t seen Harry in a week and a half. After he dropped the bomb that his bimbo in the city was pregnant, you walked out of the house, not letting him follow. You were staying at your friends house, pretty much avoiding the topic of Harry. By the time you had shown up at her house, you were in a fit of cries, barely being audible when you tried to explain to your friend Skye that Harry had cheated on you and gotten someone pregnant. She was, luckily, able to figure out what you were saying. After confessing once what had happened, you never wanted to do it again. Skye never pushed you on it, which you were more than grateful for, but she was getting worried about you. You were getting drunk every night, cashing in every vacation day you had to deal with your pain. You didn’t think that it was the best idea, but it was the only way you knew how to cope with it. 

Usually you drank alone at Skye’s house, but after she refused to allow more alcohol in her house, you started going to bars. You would get drunk off your ass, having several people come up to you, asking is if Harry knew where you were. You may have been wasted, but you still had enough consciousness to know that you couldn’t actually say what had been going on. 

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X-Men Preferences: How You Sleep Together

Fandom: X-Men

Request(s): None

Warning(s): None

A/N: I just want to cuddle with them, is that so much to ask? I think I’m investing emotionally a little too much in imaginary characters…Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this one too! I’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting surprises! Have a fantastic night! (if it’s night where you live, xoxo)

Charles: He always falls asleep long after you do, just because he loves to gaze at your sleeping form. Cuddles are a total must, even when going to bed, because he just can’t get enough of the little time he can get you all to himself. He always takes you in his arms, with your head resting against his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around you, melting you into his soothing embrace. Another plus about that position is he can leave sweet kisses on your forehead and caress your hair until you fall asleep, which of course you love.

Erik: He sees you as the most precious thing in his life and since you are so important to him, he can’t help but fear losing you too. And so it comes off more as an instinct that he needs to protect you all the time. Therefore, when it comes to sleeping, he’s always the big spoon and somehow manages to curl his much taller form towards your own so that you fit perfectly – like a missing piece of the puzzle.

Hank: Look, this giant fur ball A-D-O-R-E-S you and wants to be as close to you as possible, even when you’re sleeping. He pretty much always locks you in a bear hug even in bed and you bury your head in his chest. You can spend hours like that until you both fall asleep, tangled with each other and sharing sweet kisses wherever you can reach without moving too much.

Alex: Before Vietnam, you never slept very close together. Even when you fell asleep close, he slowly drifted apart from you because he always got so hot during the night. He still missed the contact though and draped his arm lazily over your waist or hip. After coming back though, things have changed a lot. He missed you so much those three years, he’s still making up for all the lost time and never wants to be away from you for too long. It’s almost become a ritual for him to wake up in the middle of the night by horrible nightmares, and all you can do is just hold him so you end up being the big spoon for him when he needs it.

Warren: He also loves being the big spoon, but unlike Erik, he keeps a slight distance from you and wraps his wings around you instead, guarding you from the outside world because that’s how he feels safe.

Kurt: You have no idea how that happens, but you and Kurt always end up in the weirdest positions in the morning. Somehow Kurt manages to drift down the mattress every night and ends up with his face in your stomach and clinging on your hips. Most times his tail also ends up curled around you and although the scaly feeling can be a bit annoying when you sleep, you don’t have the heart to tell him.

Pen Pals- Chapter 3

Parings: Tom X Reader

Summary: You’re Pen pals with Tom but you don’t know it’s Tom Hiddleston

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry this seemed to take me forever to write.  I kinda love this chapter and I hope you do as well.  As always, tags are open and feedback is appreciated!  Enjoy!

Word Count: 2060

Previous Chapter | Masterlist

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

The move went as smoothly as was to be expected.  You arrived a day before all your stuff, so the first night you were stuck on an air mattress.  The movers arrived the next day with all your stuff and you were so thankful to not have to spend another night on the uncomfortable blow up bed.  You were to start work the beginning of the following week, so you had some time to unpack.  You figured it would be a good idea to start; but you wanted to explore the new city too.

One box became two, and two became ten.  You emptied the boxes and broke them down.  Everything you were doing was auto pilot and before you knew it, the majority of the apartment was unpacked.  You sat down on the love seat and took a deep breath.  The cable company would be there in the morning and you were low on data so you didn’t want to use your phone.  Not knowing the city and not having data to use was going to be a slight problem. You figured you could find a local coffee shop and find wifi so you could connect and email Tom.

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I wanted your opinion on something that has been bothering me for a while... the Print Shop frenzy! Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to this scene as much as anyone...But I believe that the scene at Madam Jeanne's is just as important in J&C reuniting. This scene flows so beautifully in the book, it shows them completely finding each other and becoming whole again....one. I really hope that they present this scene with the importance it deserves. I mean he burned for her for 20 years!

I agree with you - the print shop scene will be fantastic, however, I too am looking forward more to all of the scenes at the brothel.

There have always been so many parallels between that scene and Jamie and Claire’s wedding night.

It’s truly their second wedding night - two strangers coming together due to circumstances beyond their control.

A first time together that is fast and a bit awkward. Subsequent times together that are slower and much more meaningful.

On both wedding nights they each possess big secrets - the fact that Claire is from the future, and the fact that Jamie has married Laoghaire.

Both times, Claire asks Jamie to remove his clothes:

“Take off your shirt,” I said, sitting up and pulling at the hem of the garment.  

      “Why?” he asked, but sat up and obliged. I knelt in front of him, admiring his naked body.  

      “Because I want to look at you,” I said.

I kicked off my shoes, and curled my legs up, feeling the warmth of him through his shirt. My hands found the button at the throat, fumbling to open it.

“I want to see you.”

“Well, it’s no much to see, Sassenach,” he said, with an uncertain laugh. “But whatever it is, it’s yours — if ye want it.”

He pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor, then leaned back on the palms of his hands, displaying his body.

And by the time they wake up the next day, they realize just how deeply they are connected - how deeply they love each other.

Yes, anon - I too am looking forward to the brothel scenes. For the print shop is where they find each other again - but the brothel is where they marry each other again.


Hi everyone! I know I haven’t been posting on here for quite some time now and  that’s because I find it much easier to upload pictures on my instagram ! Don’t worry though, I will try and become active once again :) Here is my handwriting + my favorite pens, which are the Zebra Sarasa!

// I just finished my first medicine prelim exam a few days ago and I feel so anxious about what scores I got ><!! I studied a lot and had very restless nights all because of that exam. Ah, I hope I did fine. HOW ARE YOU all?!?! It’s been a while since I last uploaded huh haha, I hope you all are having a great, fantastic, Christmas break! Happy Holidays to you all! 

How to: Approach Poetry Analysis in an Exam

An in-depth guide to write super-awesome commentaries. So my IB paper 1 unseen text exam is tomorrow, so thought I might condense all that I’ve learnt on poetry analysis over my high school life here. 

Reading the poem/those first 5 minutes:

The first time you do so, don’t worry about finding literary devices etc. Just read it. Feel the mood, feel the poem. Often in exams, you are given 5 minutes of reading time when you’re not suppose to write anyway, so really make use of that time. Remember your initial impression of the poem. 

  1. Ask yourself the following questions: WHAT is going on here? (What is the “dramatic situation”? WHO is speaking? (Known as the voice or persona. What kind of a person, what is their attitude to the situation? Who are they speaking to? How consistent is the speaker with the situation? 
  2. Ask yourself how the poem achieves the effect you noted above. Look for:  PATTERNS: The effect of the structure, the construction of the stanzas, lines. Repetition? Look for use of rhyme, metre, rythm, and sound patterns. IMAGES: What appeals to the senses? Look for taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, movement. What about literal images? Or are they figurative? Why? WORDS (Use of diction): Why the choice and position of words? What extra implications, connotations, dimensions, allusions? Ask yourself how these contribute to what the poem is doing.


Now use lots of pretty highlighters to annotate the poem. It helps to use a colour scheme! For example, use orange for literary devices, green for specific use of diction etc… It makes it easier to identify and go back to what you’ve found while writing the essay.

  1. Literary devices: So, so important. Focus on how language shapes meaning. I have created a page with all useful devices you could use HERE. 
  2. Structure: Look at the number of lines per stanza (Is it a tercet? A Quatrain? - Find the names of your poem structure on the same post as the literary devices) Look at rhythm (pentameter) and rhyming scheme. (ABAB or ABBA…) OR is it free verse? Drop all of this down somewhere on the page. 

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It was the hottest day of the year and Liam had practice. As he sat in his classes all day he complained constantly to Mason and Corey as well as texted Theo about it.

It was non-stop and Mason was ready to strangle his best friend because, yes liam, I understand it’s hot and you have practice today we get it. By the end of the day, Mason felt like his ears were bleeding and that he needed a stiff drink.

He met Theo at the front doors of the school and they walked to the bleachers together to watch the lacrosse team practice. The sun was brutal, and nothing seemed to change even though Theo and Mason we’re sitting in the shade.

It felt like they had been sitting there for years waiting, sweating, dying. Theo seemed to be having an extremely difficult time at that particular practice but Mason couldn’t figure out why. That is, until Liam lifted the hem of his shirt to his face and wiped his sweat away.

Theo swallowed hard and seemed to have tensed up which caught Mason’s attention.

“Oh my god” he said, looking at Theo wide-eyed, “I knew it. I fucking knew you had a thing for Liam! Ha, Corey owns me ten bucks”

Theo side glanced at Mason with a borderline death glare but didn’t deny anything.

That being said. The longer the the practice went on and the longer Mason and Theo had to sit there and watch, the more obvious Theo’s feelings for Liam were.

Things got really bad for Theo towards the end of practice when, much to Theo’s disdain, Liam decided to take his shirt off.

The moment where Theo knew the fabric was being peeled away was the moment time seemed to slow down. His wet shirt was thrown the ground, Liam’s arm muscles and abs moved in response to his movements, making Theo’s mouth water. Liam’s hair was soaked with sweat and was slightly curled thanks to its length; a few strands drooped down and framed his face so beautifully he might as well have been a Greek god.

Theo couldn’t handle any of this anymore. He wasn’t sure if it was the heat making him think and act the way that he did or if it was just months of agonizing pining for the smaller wolf that finally made him lose his damn mind.

Theo slammed his hand on the bench so hard a dent in the metal was permanently etched in. “That’s fucking it. I’m killing him” he growled more to himself than to Mason or anyone around them.

Mason looked at Theo like he had three heads for a split second before straightening himself out and looking back towards the field. “Or… you can suck it up and ask him out”

Theo whipped his head around to look at Mason and then back at the field, “killing him is easier” he leaped up from his seat with his stuff in hand and stormed down the bleacher steps and rounding a corner disappearing until the end of practice.

Mason was waiting by his car for his friends and boyfriend, as he does after every practice. Eventually Corey came out but Theo and Liam were nowhere to be found. After getting tired of waiting, Mason and Corey go back in to look for them. When they reached the boys locker room, it was empty aside from the sound of a shower running. The two boys rounded the corner to see Theo, completely clothed, and Liam, half naked, standing under a cold shower and furiously making out.

Mason and Corey got out of that room fast and once outside, Mason looked at his boyfriend, “you owe me som money I believe” he wiggles his eyebrows and held out his hand.

Corey rolled his eyes, grabbed his out stretched hand and hauled him back to the car, “I’ll use the money I own you to buy you food” he said rolling his eyes. Mason fist pumped the air silently and scurried after the other boy.

Back in the locker room, Theo and Liam pulled apart gasping for air.

“You are killing me Raeken” Liam panted.

Theo chuckled and looked up, “I told Mason it would be easier.”

Hey everyone I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the love and support on my last fic, it was a much bigger success than I was expecting honestly. As always, reach out to me if you want something specific or if you just want to chat I’m here! Hope you all have a fantastic night!



The Originals

(1) Shy Little Girl (2) Shy Little Girl (3) Shy Little Girl  (4) Shy Little Girl (5) Shy Little Girl

Summary: You’re the child of Rebekah and Marcel and you meet Uncles you have never seen before.

Silent Treatment

Summary: After a long and hard day, Klaus makes it worse, which results in you giving him the silent treatment.

Just A Big Cuddle Hybrid

Summary: Being pregnant with Klaus’ child was full of its own challenges, but having a big teddy bear for a husband did make things easier.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine 

Klaus Mikaelson Imagine


Isn’t This Illegal?

Summary: Peter has been really distant lately and you both decided to have a date at an amusement park, which leads to a night you will never forget.

Peter Parker Imagine  (1) (Angst)

Peter Parker Imagine (2)

Sweater Paws

Summary: Peter comes home and just wants some attention.

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

Mini Newt

Summary: You and Newt had adopted your wonderful little boy, Theodore, years ago and you both couldn’t be happier.


I’m Sorry

Summary: After coming back from a hunt, your boyfriend Sam is furious because you had recently had become a hunter, your skills weren’t that sharp yet and you almost got yourself killed. You two start to fight and you storm out and Sam eventually comes to find you and ask for forgiveness.

Dean Winchester Imagine



Summary: Jungkook got a camera for his birthday, and he is always either filming or taking pictures of you, his girlfriend, because he just wants to save the beautiful times he has with you.


Summary: Jeon Jungkook, the prince of, Arnavoni, the biggest kingdom in the lands, had recently turned 18, so his parents arranged for a ball to be held to help Jungkook find his very own queen.

Carnival Date

Summary: A date night was exactly what you both needed after the stressful week that you guys had, so you and Suga went to the carnival.

Park Jimin Imagine (1)

Kim Namjoon Imagine

Park Jimin Imagine (2)

Min Yoongi Imagine

Kim Taehyung Imagine

Jung Hoseok Imagine

Kim Seok-jin Imagine

Park Jimin Imagine (3)

Jeon Jungkook Imagine

Ross Butler

(1) Boyfriend Preferences (2) Boyfriend Preferences (3) Fiance Preferences


Oh You’re Gonna Get It (Slight Smut)

Summary: While having dinner with Jerome, you decided to tease him which ends up with things becoming heated.

Teen Wolf

Ladies’ Man

Summary: Since Isaac finally got a lazy day after all the craziness going on in Beacon Hills, he decided to spend with you and being the ladies’ man he is he decided to try to use some pick up lines on you, his girlfriend.


Date Night Preferences

13 Reasons Why

Justin Foley Imagine


My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Criminal Minds

Aaron Hotchner Imagine

Spencer Reid Imagine

Grant Gustin

Will you be Mine?

These are all the things I have written so far, which does not include moodboards and aesthetics, so please if I have missed any tell me. I hope this makes everything easier to find. 

Telling tom you’re pregnant Part 1

Originally posted by letlovebyourenergy

Hey everyone, this is my first try and I would like some feedback on it. The complete truth please ^^ Hope you guys enjoy it and please tell me if you are interested in a second part :) And please forgive my englisch it’s gotten a bit rusty from not using it in a long time.

Part 2 Part 3

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of feelings since you started dating Tom. But you have been best friends even longer so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when you two announced your relationship.However you still had a part-time long distance relationship and your marriage didn’t change that. After all you had nine to five job to attend and being high on the career ladder yourself didn’t allow you to come along that often.But still you missed him dearly and were somehow a little mad at him for not being home when you were off. But at least you had a fantastic dinner last night before he went to the airport this morning.
Or so you thought, but apparently the steak you had last night wasn’t as good to you as you hoped. Or you shouldn’t have eaten it, knowing that your stomach has been weird the last couple of weeks.
Anyway you were home alone nothing to do and had time to get better without any interruptions. The only thing you did (besides Binge watching your favorite show) was talking to Tom in the evening. He would call every night at 9 and would ask you how your day was.
And you would always answer:
“The same as yesterday but with less nausea”

“Still my darling ? I wish I could be there and take care of you”

“That’s nice of you my love. But I took care of myself before you were there and I’m sure I’m still as grown up for it” you teased him with the biggest grin on your face.

“Oh I bet but you know what ?”

“What?” you said.

“I bet that when I get home that attitude of yours is all gone and you will beg me to get you everything you want”

“Oh really?” You said, your voice full of fake shock.

“Yes really.”

“I don’t think so, sweetheart.”

“But I do.”

“Yeah we will see. Anyway how was your day?”

“Busy and it’s going to stay that way. Which brings me to something we need to talk about…”

Now you were nervous but you knew what was coming. You let out a sigh and started chewing on your lips. A habit of yours before hearing something you don’t want to hear. Tom always noticed it and smiled that loving smile and would kiss you instead, to stop you from chewing too much. But he couldn’t this time.

“You’re trying to tell me, that you’re not coming back next week.” You said with a sad tone in your voice.

“I’m afraid so (Y/N/N)” he sighed on the other end of the phone and you knew it was harder on him than on you.

“Well I already bought everything to bake your favorite cake. I’ll still bake it and eat it myself then.”

You said trying to make the situation a little less depressing. He chuckled at that and you could actually hear the smile through the phone.

“I knew that you would say that.”

“Still reading me like a book aren’t you Mr. Hiddleston?”

“You don’t make it hard Mrs. Hiddleston”

Butterflies erupted in your stomach as he mentioned that and you rubbed the wedding ring on your left ring finger. But you had to get serious again.

“So what does that mean? How long ?”

“Another 2-3 weeks my love.”

This made you both sigh at the same time and then chuckle always amazed at how similar you are to one another.

“Okay so we will make the best of it. Which means business for you and I will meet your mom and my family and then business for me again next week. And then we will already be back together and I can start annoying you to make up for the weeks prior.”

“You know, how much I adore it, that you always see the bright side of everything ?” he laughs.

“I know and I adore that one can make you laugh so easily.”

“Just you my love, just you.”

You talked for another half hour and then hung up and you got ready for bed.But the night wasn’t the way you would’ve liked it to be. You were restless and felt nauseous the whole night which meant you were super tired in the morning.

And after spending the whole day not being able to move and throwing up everything you tried to eat, you decided that it would be a good idea to go to the doctor the next day.In the evening you told Tom about it and you knew he was worried and asked you to keep you updated on everything.

“Anyway, I’m officially coming back the 10th. Just for you information so you have enough time to buy everything for my cake.”

At the word of food a wave of nausea hit you and you were barely able to keep it down.

“Please don’t talk about food Tom. Not now, but that’s great to hear.”

“I’m sorry love. I have to hang up, go get some rest and I can’t wait to see you on the 10th.”

“See you on the 10th darling”

You hung up and went to bed. But in the middle of the night you shot up in bed, not helping your nausea but you just remembered something. The 10th was in 2 weeks and usually you should have had to be on your period by now cause you always have it in the first two weeks of the month. You scrambled out of bed and into the living room where you have your purse. You fished out your calendar and started counting. And to your surprise you were almost 3 weeks over.You slowly walk back to your bed and lay down and start thinking about it and a smile is creeping up on your face.The next day the doctor just confirms what you were thinking and you couldn’t be happier. But you had two weeks to think about how to tell Tom. You would definitely not tell him over the phone but how should you do it?

In the evening he was calling again and asked what the doctor said.
“A stomach bug, so just rest for me and I will probably call in sick next week at work if it’s not better by then.”
“Oh darling, let’s hope you get better by the time I’m home.”
“I think I will be by then. Don’t worry about it love.”
You said and hoped that he wouldn’t catch the lie. You kept talking about his day and the rest of yours and how much you miss each other.
“Darling I thought about it and how about we have Dinner at our favorite restaurant, when I get home? Only if you’re better by then.”
“Sounds like a plan.” You said as an idea came up in your mind.

Okay, so now I’ve composed myself a little, I have to say something.

I’m gonna make an attempt at a goodbye Teen Wolf post, so please bare with me if you choose to read all this. Or just scroll past this on your dash if you’d like, it’s your choice lol.

The show has it’s faults and I am not gonna deny that. As a true fan I can say that things about the show has pissed me off, but you know? I don’t care. I really don’t. I’m glad I stuck with it until the end because I would have missed out on so much. Without this show my life would be so different. I would never have been on tumblr or twitter. I never would have made some of my best friends that I am gonna have for the rest of my life. So I thank the show for giving me that.

Also, I wanna thank the show for giving me such amazing characters that I’m gonna never forget. Scott, Derek, Malia, Melissa, Stiles, Mason, Liam, Lydia to name just a few. And I wanna thank the cast for being so fantastic and always attending shows and conventions with smiles on their faces. And a final thank you to the main man himself, Tyler Posey. Without him there would be no Teen Wolf. He made this show for me. He played his character with his whole heart and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I don’t wanna get into much more because I’m sat here crying. I just wanna wish everyone an amazing night watching the finale and I hope even after this show, it continues to bring people together. Sending all my best wishes to the cast, crew and my massive Teen Wolf family. Love you all.

That’s it from me. Goodbye to this amazing show.

This is long overdue, oops. I want to make a huge shoutout to my favorite blogs! Those bolded are people I consider friends, whether or not we talk or not. You’re all wonderful and special, thank you so much for all the content you put out!

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I love you all very much, I hope you have a wonderful night!

'Orphan Black' Creators Promise 'Fantastic' Series Finale
There is no more important episode for any long-running show than the series finale. If you don’t stick the landing, it can leave a sour aftertaste for fans that have spent years taking that journe…

There is no more important episode for any long-running show than the series finale. If you don’t stick the landing, it can leave a sour aftertaste for fans that have spent years taking that journey with the characters in the hopes and expectations of having a satisfying conclusion.

The folks behind Orphan Black know this all too well, especially with the close relationship viewers (self-dubbed as the Clone Club) feel with the BBC America program. However, the creators of the show believe they will indeed deliver the goods this Saturday night (Aug. 12) at 10 p.m. when the sci-fi show ends its five-year run. (And you can see the first images of the series-ender right here.)

“We’ve really got a fantastic finale that plays out our entire series end game,” says exec producer Graeme Manson. “We’ve put our characters in the deepest, darkest hole, and they now have to get out. We’ve spent so long with these characters, and Tatiana [Maslany] has spent so long inhabiting this world of sestras so we’re really interested in paying it off for a Clone Club in a way that honors the sisters and the fandom. But we’re not a show that’s ever gone easy on the emotions.”

With that in mind, Manson has some advice to fans for props they may want to have handy for the final hour. “I would say trips to Costco for bulk Kleenex would be good, some very strong fortified wine perhaps, some brandy. John Fawcett directed it, I co-wrote it with Renée St. Cyr, and it’s an episode that we’re very proud of to wrap up the series.”

It seems the creators know from experience about the emotions the finale may bring up while watching. “I choke up,” says Manson of his reaction to watching it. “I’ve seen it tons of times, of course, and I choke up every time. John’s seen it even more times than me. I think John’s cried out. How are you, John?”

“I’m pretty cried out,” says fellow EP Fawcett, “but you never know. I haven’t seen it now for a while, and I’m looking forward to it. In a way, it’s sad to see the end of the road, with all of our fans and Clone Club behind us. But at the same time, I’m just really excited to show the work. We’ve always been that way. It’s always really just dying to see people enjoy all of the time and effort and love that we’ve put into the show, so I think people are really going to like it. It is a great ending.”

With Helena on the verge of delivering her twins, Sarah dealing with the loss of Mrs. S, and the phony baloney P.T. Westmoreland on the loose, there are indeed a lot of loose ends still to be tied. We’ll see how tight those ties are on Saturday night.

llosebetter  asked:

a prompto prompt for you, since i can't get it out of my head: so by the end of his DLC, he's doing pretty well for himself. i know we all love damsel in distress prompto, but i feel like he must not've gone quietly into that Y frame. how many times do you think he killed ardyn between point A and point B? (<3 also you're fantastic and i hope you have a lovely day.)

Author’s Note: This… turned out not at all how I originally envisioned it.I hope this is okay??

Also, this is my first time writing Ardyn pov. I apologize in advance. ._.a




Whole civilizations have risen and set and provided less points of interest than the events of the past month. Whole centuries have brought him less pleasure than this glimmering dream the world has become, of late.

Ardyn feels like a child on the eve of the winter solstice, though it has been long since last he celebrated the darkest night, and longer still since his childhood.

They have squirmed so much more prettily than he ever dared to dream.

He has watched the precious little slip of a prince grow to manhood. He has marked well his wants, and his affections, and his shy attempts at romance. He has noted in his schemes the things that will hurt this boy the most, so that he might take them away.

And oh, he’s so very close.

He’s so very close to it all.

Ardyn can feel the anticipation prickling at his palms, roiling there below the surface. He cannot wait to shred the boy’s indifferent exterior, to leave the nerves raw and exposed. The death of the Oracle was an appetizer, nothing more.

The way the prince’s eyes have gone still and flat without her to light the world whets his appetite, but Ardyn craves still more.

He has so very many years of misery to repay.

And here, resting delicately in the palm of his hand, is his means to an end.

The escaped MT unit, the one they call Prompto, fights so endearingly to be free. He does not know that Ardyn has been pulling the strings of this puppet show since that first meeting beneath the cloudless sky in Galdin Quay. He does not suspect how much of the theatrics were for his benefit: conveniently placed lab notes, and weapons left out in the elements to be found in times of need.

The MT has followed every footstep laid out before him. He’s stumbled and fallen, and risen to stumble again. Each time he struggles to his feet, Ardyn scents blood in the air, a touch stronger. Each time he falters, the game becomes more amusing still.

And now, at long last: here they are, in Gralea. He’s laid out his trail of breadcrumbs, and the MT has followed, as obediently as though he’s been programmed. 

The MT thinks himself clever. 

He thinks that he’s overcome the odds to escape his home again.

He does not know that Ardyn has plans for him, yet. He does not know that in four days’ time, his prince will come, and the true game will begin.

The bank of monitors spreads before him, showing all there is to see. Ardyn taps at the microphone, hears the static squeal and smiles at the discordant edge to it. “Oh, I do hope you haven’t given up,” says Ardyn, idly. His feet are up on the console. He’s leaning back in the chair, so far he risks falling over altogether.

He cannot see the MT on the screens any longer, but that doesn’t trouble him. When last he caught sight of his quarry, ducking into a maintenance closet, the poor dear was bleeding from an axe wound and dragging one leg behind him.

Broken, doubtless. One of the many unfortunate risks to traveling by snowmobile. 

“Come now,” says Ardyn, into the microphone. “What would Noct say? He’ll find what’s left of you, and imagine how his face will crumble.”

It’s a lovely mental picture. There will be tears, and recrimination, and self-loathing. He hasn’t decided what to do with the MT just yet. When the prince arrives, his purpose will have been served.

Perhaps another corpse in the path of the Chosen King is just the fuel he needs to propel him into the loving arms of the Crystal.

Ardyn is so caught up in the thought of it, in playing through the expressions the prince will make, that he almost misses the sound.

It’s a faint noise, the scrape of metal on metal. He turns his head, idly, to see if an axeman has come to patrol his hall, but instead he catches a glimpse of a freckled head, still swathed in a winter hat, poking down out of a vent on the ceiling.

The MT’s arm squirms its way through the vent, and the gloved hand is holding a gun.

Ardyn smirks at the barrel leveled his way, and then up at the MT’s face. “Goodness,” he says. “Would you like some help down? I’m afraid your poor leg won’t take the weight just now.”

He hears the rapport of the gun, and feels pain, just for an instant, before the world goes black.

When he wakes, perhaps fifteen seconds later, the MT’s feet are poking out of the vent as he lowers himself to the floor, slow and painstaking. He’s trying to cushion the fall as much he’s able, doubtless. That leg really does look a frightful mess.

Ardyn lifts a hand to his forehead, and touches the place where the blood from the bullet entry is still warm. The skin’s closed behind it, smooth and even.

He smiles, more to himself than anything else, and stands. He brushes himself off and rises, casual steps bringing him to the bottom of the vent.

Then he takes hold of the MT’s broken leg and yanks.

The bone shifts beneath his grip; the MT cries out in pain and scrabbles at the metal of the vent.

He comes free anyway, and Ardyn tosses him against the console panel like the discarded doll of a petulant child.

“But,” says the MT, eyes wide with terror. “But I shot you!”

“Why yes,” says Ardyn, pleasantly. “I suppose you did. And how unsporting. After all, I haven’t killed you, yet.”

The MT still has the gun. He lifts it now, in shaking hands, and pulls the trigger. 

The world goes black again, and Ardyn feels himself fall against the hard tile of the floor. When he opens his eyes, the MT is gone, and a smear of blood leads out into the hallway.

Well. Perhaps he’ll have something to occupy his time until the prince arrives, after all.


“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” says Ardyn, as he forces the MT’s wrist into the restraint and snaps it home. “You lasted far longer than I expected you to.”

The MT grits his teeth and glares.

The poor darling must be in breathtaking pain by now. His skin is a patchwork of cuts and bruises, and that leg must be aching something awful.

He knows he promised himself that he’d leave a corpse for the prince to stumble across, but these past few hours of cat and mouse have given him a much better idea.

“Now,” says Ardyn. “Do be a good boy and wait here, won’t you? I have a bit of equipment I’d like to pick up.”

There’s plenty he can manage with his bare hands, after all. But by his count, he has seven deaths to repay. 

It’s probably for the best that he can make all the curatives he needs.