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I’ve been doodling haikyuu stuffs but I’ve also been playing this one game

Clay Hearts and Burnt Thumbs

“We don’t really have any traditions … not like the stuff you see on TV. We all just get together and hang out, and eat, and watch the game.” Jared shrugs with the end of his sentence before taking a long pull from the lip of his bottle.

“Well, consider yourself lucky. Every year, I’m stuck in the middle of crafting hell.”

Misha chuckles as he turns in his seat, looking over to Jensen curiously as he waits for the man to continue.

“Oh, is that that thing your mom always puts on?” Jared asks him, and Jensen slowly nods.

“Yeah. She goes and buys everything she can find at Hobby Lobby, and then she gets the entire family over to her house so we can each make a personalized Christmas ornament. It’s really lame.”

Jared snorts in agreement, but Misha remains still, listening thoughtfully as Jensen gets more and more engaged in his own speech.

“I mean, seriously— every year. My brothers somehow get out of it, and so do my uncles; but since I got JJ, I always end up getting roped in. Next thing I know, I’m hot gluing googly eyes to green foam balls, and threading yarn through toilet paper tubes. And God forbid I try to sneak away because Danneel will give me that look, or JJ will ask me where I’m going and then she’ll give me a different look, and then I feel bad and sit my ass back down. It’s a trap. A glitter coated, pine scented trap. Every damn year.”

Misha hums softly, nodding as he catalogs each one of Jensen’s movements. The way he licks his lips between sentences, how he pulls his shoulders back to emphasize a point, how he always checks to see if people are still listening.

We are.

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Hey Guys someone requested for a humanized ‘Clay’, but why not all of them??
Well, actually i just made three of them but Starlight & Nightshade is still in progress…

-Being lazy to draw them awake, turns out i draw them sleeping ~😆

(Quick Question for all of you: What will you do if you see this guys sleeping on your couch??)

Character Aesthetics → Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

“Everybody lies. No exceptions.”

“And what is wrong with you?” Oikawa sobbed against him, voice going distraught and offended, “Telling me you love me during a meteor shower?”



💙 ✨ 🍎 Holster and his amazing Technicolor toothbrush icons 🍎 ✨ 💙

Who knew Holster was a toothbrush model OMG!! 

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Credit to Ngozi for webcomic 

Personal updates under the cut because like lots of stuffs goin on in my life

TL;DR: I won’t be online much for the next few weeks but hopefully by the end of april I’ll be off my semi-hiatus

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Suddenly I’m hit
      Is this darkness of the dawn?


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bleedingwinchesters vs. orgasmicsam
round 5 | season 5 + favourite relationship 
| the winchester brothers