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Seventeen keep updating us with pics of bongbong but don’t let this distract you from the fact that they’re only doing that because they can’t post pics of themselves with their new comeback hair pledis I see right thru ur tricks

practicing a new style! ; w ;

Word Count: 724

Triggers: None?

Requested by @monsoon92

“Who are the flowers for?” Parker asked, looking over Hardison’s shoulder at his computer.

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I’ve been doodling haikyuu stuffs but I’ve also been playing this one game

Word Count: 673

Triggers: Abuse mention and mild description

Requested by Anonymous

You had broken up with your boyfriend after you found out he was cheating on you. It was the last straw. He had been verbally and recently, physically abusive and you just couldn’t take it anymore. You moved in with Sophie for while, which was nice, because she spent most of her time with Nate, so you had a lot of time for yourself. A lot of time to reflect of what you had done both right and wrong in your relationship.

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“idk hes probably like?? i cant get away from the 40s gangster vibes niamh. there are some real gangster vibes. none of that modern shit, classy- he’s real classy. sinatra. the godfather. thats the direction to take”

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disclaimers/infodump under the cut

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  • Marco Polo: *does that, with a 99% Asian cast and 1 Italian lead played by an actually Italian actor from Italy, which is fucking perfect representation*
  • tumblr: *cricket sounds*
  • Still Star Crossed: *has maybe 2 black characters with white siblings/parents which makes absolutely no fucking sense from a genetic point of view, everyone else are white Americans, has no Italian actors in sight, not even one*

Chanyeol and Baekhyun as Sherlock and Watson for anon~


My Final project for my Moving Image class.

u guys!!nn’! my new roommate responded to me I’m so happy !!! 🤧😭💕🎉 i was prayin she wouldn’t ignore me like my first roommate assignment nd she didn’t!! 😭👏🏻🤧 she actually responded nd sounds super nice!! 💖💓 i hope she likes me,, i m just so….,,,me😰i hope we become friends at least!!!

ok but

it sucks when someone you thought was a “”””friend”””” proceeds to stop talking to you bc they learn you’re in a committed long-term relationship so they obviously had other motives…. :// like sorry I bothered you with my purely platonic friendship :// didn’t realize friendship implies a potential relationship now :// *sigh*

Character Aesthetics → Chloe Price (Life is Strange)

“Everybody lies. No exceptions.”

BIGBANG Reactions to Getting Jealous


The loud thumping of the bass coursed through your body. Your boyfriend had stayed back at work again and, not wanting to waste the night, you decided to go clubbing with your other friend. As soon as you got to the club however, you lost your friend in the crowd. After all, he always had been the life of the party.

You sat yourself down at the bar, opting to have a drink before joining the other club-goers and attempting to find your party-animal of a friend. You had just received your drink when someone came to sit beside you. Turning your head, you caught sight of a man, who seemed almost 20 years your senior, holding a bottle of Hennessy. You quickly glanced away and pretended like you hadn’t noticed his presence beside you.

“What’s such a pretty young thing like yourself doing sitting at the bar here alone?”

Was he hitting on you? You turned your head to see if he had been speaking to you and found him staring intently at you, eyeing down your entire body. You had wanted to look good tonight but you felt violated as this stranger continued to drink in your figure, causing you to tense.

“I have a boyfriend.”

You hoped that this response, as basic as it was, would be enough to have him back off and let you enjoy your night. Unfortunately, the man seemed to believe it to be a joke of some kind as he began to laugh.

“Sweetie, don’t try to pull that card on me. Even if you do have a boyfriend, it’s not like he’s here right now, is he?”

He used this moment to place his hand on your thigh, immediately causing you to push it off. He laughed and tried to wrap his arm around your shoulders. However, before you could push him away again, you felt his arm being ripped off of your shoulders. You turned around to find Seunghyun, your boyfriend, with fire in his eyes as he held the man by his collar, jaw locked. You gasped, startled by his sudden appearance. He quickly glanced at you before tightening his jaw even further. “She’s not interested,” was all Seunghyun said before pulling back his fist and landing it on the older man’s jaw. The other man fell to the ground, clearly shook by the force of Seunghyun’s punch and quickly lifted himself up, off the ground, before scurrying away into the crowd. It seemed that no one else had noticed the encounter as everyone was too busy enjoying themselves.

“Thank you. But, Seunghyun… what are you doing here?” you asked, wondering if he was actually a knight in shining armour.

“I tried to call you but you didn’t pick up your phone. I got worried so I called your other friend and she told me you had come here so I came to check if you were alright. Personally, I’m glad I came or else he might’ve touched you some more.”

You stared at Seunghyun, surprised at the jealousy you detected with that last sentence.

“Next time you want to go out without me, you better make sure that no one ever touches you or I can’t promise that they’ll live to see another day. Now, let’s go home. My hand hurts.“

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The Godess Sword
Listen to The Godess Sword by the frenchiest fry on #SoundCloud

hey, first time posting one of my playlists, so uh, here’s one inspired by Fi! it’s got 15 tracks and mainly features calming piano music such as:

Steven universe - Pearl’s Room | Noragami OST - Conversation heart | Spirited away - Inochi no Namae | The Legend of Zelda - Song of Storms

it’d be cool if you went a checked it out, thanks ;0

“And what is wrong with you?” Oikawa sobbed against him, voice going distraught and offended, “Telling me you love me during a meteor shower?”