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Fuck the Tony’s for screwing over this amazing show. Fuck the ATW for only supporting the easiest shows it can. Fuck everyone for telling me I was overreacting after the Tony’s. Fuck EVERYTHING BECAUSE THIS BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL INVENTFUL MORE PROGRESSIVE SHOW IN TERMS OF THEATER THAN HAMILTON IS IN SERIOUS THREAT BEING CLOSED WITHIN A YEAR, AND TO TRY TO SAVE IT, Y'ALL MADE IT BECOME LESS DIVERSE.

I blame this on everyone listed above, and I want you to know Great Comet fans’ uproar after the Tony’s were incredibly well placed. We knew this would happen.

Just know that TGC closing so soon discourages people from putting more diversity and inventive shows on Broadway. And this show will have trouble translating to a tour because of how unique it is.

I hope all the people responsible for this are fucking happy.

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I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!! AND EVERY OTHER COUPLE, I HOPE Y'ALL ARE DOING WELL!! Also Pidge have you decided which college you're thinking of attending?

Pidge: UGH… College question. Thanks for asking and all, like I’m happy everyone is interested but… I hardly wanted to do high school.

Hunk: Pidge tested like… a crazy IQ as a kid and all these schools wanted them, but their family was like… “ Pidge needs to feel normal”

Pidge: Yeah.. more or less. Which I’m happy about really. Cause I got to meet all these nut jobs.

Lance: HEY!

Pidge: But honestly, after high school, I’ll just probably keep working at the cafe and designing robots and programs in my spare time. If I wanna go to college later I can. But… 

Pidge whispers: I don’t think it would be as fun without these guys… you know?



Lance: SHE LOVES US! GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!


* Group hug*


When my boyfriend and I went out for our belated valentine’s dinner on Friday night, I had no idea that he put in a note for our reservation that we were also celebrating my acceptance to the PhD program. Only thing is I hadn’t heard back yet (and even if I had, there was no guarantee of that their decision was in my favor). So of course my jaw dropped when the waitress came by with two champagne glasses and a “congratulations” when I was still waiting on that darned email.

Well, the email came in as I was walking out of class this afternoon. Y'all. God took my dreams and made them bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’M GETTING MY PhD IN NURSING. I am overwhelmed with joy. I have the opportunity to be a person of influence in my profession by delving further into end-of-life care; my hope is that our elders will not only live well, but die well also. This is a place not many are willing to go, but I’m going to pave the way in faith– after all, the One who gave me these dreams has already gone before me.

I’m at the point where I would literally throw every other otp I have to the hypothetical sacrificial altar and let the gods of bad writing and ship sinking have them all if it means I get a well-written bughead arc from beginning to end. I have spent my entire life having to content myself with less-than-perfect writing and making excuses for said terrible writing because I thought that was as good as I was ever going to get. Until bughead. This ship is everything I’ve always wanted but never had and y'all have no idea how much I hope they stay that way: healthy, open, mutually supportive, loving, and respectful. Let me have this one, writers. After a lifetime of shitty ships, I deserve this much. I deserve this one little ship.

Sex with Baekhyun

• first of all i think sex with Baekhyun would be emotional and very intimate

• and i don’t mean like hes gonna cry or that type of shit

• no, i mean like Baekhyun won’t have sex with someone that he doesn’t feel any kind of connection with

• Baekhyun doesn’t have one night stands

• he only has sex with someone he really likes or loves and is in a relationship with

• every time he has sex it’s special for him and he makes sure it’s something to remember

• Ok now lets get to the hot stuff

• Baekhyun LOVES foreplay

• I think that he rarely has sex without foreplay (any kind)

• either you two are gonna tease each other, or you’re gonna give each other oral, or y'all are gonna dirty talk..

• masturbation, teasing, oral, dry humping, grinding - - whatever it is, y'all ain’t having sex without it

• and i say ‘eachother’ because sex with Baekhyun is a two-way thing

• yes there can be times when Baek only wants to please you but mostly he wants something back

• he is a needy puppy

• there’s probably gonna be times when he is going to wake you up in the morning because of the situation in his pants

• and he is gonna whine if you say no

• “Jagi please, please help me get rid of it?”

• “But I want your pretty lips around me so bad..”

• and if you still refuse to do it he’ll be pouty the whole day, actually until he gets what he wants

• your lips are his favorite thing about you

• he just can’t ever get the image of you looking up at him, your lips wrapped around his cock, out of his head

• actually he absolutely adores every single curve on your body and it’s so obvious

• he gets so obsessed with your boobs and ass

• he loves worshipping both, even tho i think he might have a special thing just for your chest

• (playing with your nipples is something he loves doing)

• Baekhyun loves being praised and it turns him on so much when he sees that he is doing a good job

• that’s why whatever he does with you he keeps eye contact because when your face scrunches up in pleasure it’s his favorite thing

• run your fingers through his hair a lot and pull it when he eats you out, he’ll let out the sexiest moans

• that’s also one more thing with Baekhyun

• He is   n o i s y  as hell

• Baekhyun can never shut up irl (a joke) and he is the same in bed

• moaning, groaning, heavy breathing, and WHINING

• omfg his whines just imagine it

• movin’ on to his fav positions i feel like Baekhyun really likes it when you ride him, or just any position when you’re on top

• because it gives him the best view of you

• so since he loves your expressions it’s obvious he is a fan of missionary

• and also because of the closeness

• he loves hearing the sounds you make right next to his ear

• speaking of ears, bite his

• tease him like that because that’s one of the ways to get him going

• we still haven’t mentioned rough sex with Baekhyun

• just imagine that after i told you sex with him is emotional

• just imagine rough sex with him when he gets mad or jealous

• Jesus i need a minute

• that may be the only time he’ll do you from the back

• (he’ll also probably pound into you while pinning you to a wall jus sayin)

• and best believe you ain’t gonna be walking tomorrow

• imagine him all hot and fired up, his hair getting stuck to his forehead, his eyebrows scrunched up in concentration and his bottom lip between his teeth

• after the rough session he’ll apologize for being too rough (not that you minded) and he’ll be the sweet, soft Baekhyun again

• I’m just gonna add that he likes to cum all over you, because he thinks ‘your body looks really pretty when decorated with his cum’

• I think i should finish this off with aftercare Baekhyun

• after you two are both done (he is not letting you go until you cum at least twice)

• he can’t get the smile of his face until he falls asleep

• he always keeps you in his arms or wants you to hug him and stroke his hair

• he basically just doesn’t want to let go of you at all

• even when you have to get up to go to the bathroom or something he doesn’t take his loving eyes off of you

• but be back soon because he gets really sleepy after and he needs to fall asleep with you next to him

• I’m getting so soft Baekhyun is so cute fkskdklsldowkf

Wow, okay this was a rollercoaster for me and I didn’t plan it to be this long lol but ain’t no one complaining *wink wink* I’ll try making the other members headcanons like this as well. I hope y'all liked this. :))

disneyland adventures

requested: Hello there! Since Shawn will be having a concert in Paris can u do one where y/n is at the Paris show and after that they went to Disneyland and just super fluffy and went into a romantic dinner or lunch. I love your account 😊 and I’m sending you my love since there’s a lot of chaos happening in this world (sending all my love to all the people as well GROUP HUG) ❤️

requested: Can u please do prompt 38? Coming from a big Disney fan haha😂😂 Love ur writing❤😙

so sorry this is super super short!! i hope y'all enjoy


you were currently joining your boyfriend shawn on the european leg of his tour. today he was in paris and had a day off before the show tomorrow and he insisted that you two go to disneyland paris for the day.

at first you declined, you knew he was exhausted from playing all those shows and doing press and he really needed to take this day off to sleep. he insisted on taking you, he claimed you never got time alone and he wanted to take advantage of it.

you weren’t sure why shawn wanted to take you to disneyland in the first place, he’s told you multiple times that he wasn’t a big fan of disney movies. but here the two of you were, hand in hand, walking down main street of disneyland paris.

you both were tired considering you walked around disney almost all day, the sun was setting but you dragged shawn to the castle one more time. you wanted to see it one more time because you knew you would probably never see it again.

“y/n,” he whined. “you’ve seen it all day! i’m hungry.”

you snapped a few pictures of the castle and uploaded them to your social medias. you and shawn had been pretty active on social media all day, you basically documented the entire day.

“okay, okay, i’m finished now.” you said, intertwining yours and shawn’s hands and quickly kissing his cheek. “where are we going to eat?”

“some castle thing i made reservations for, it’s back on the other side of the park.” he said, “it’s the theme of some movie but i don’t know which one.”

before you could answer, two girls approached you and shawn asking for a quick picture. he happily took the picture with them, answering the few questions they asked.

once shawn was finished taking the picture he and the fans went their separate ways and he returned to you. connecting your hands once again.

“are you taking me to be our guest?” you gasped, knowing exactly which restaurant shawn was talking about. earlier you passed by it, mentioning that one day you’d like to eat there.

“i think so? i don’t know, there was a talking tea pot.” he said, “and the princess who wears yellow. i don’t remember her name. emma watson wore it too.”

“belle, shawn, belle! from the one and only beauty and the beast! do you not remember watching it like three weeks ago?” you laughed. “seriously! i can not believe you don’t like disney movies!”

the rest of the walk to the restaurant, you and shawn argued about how he didn’t like disney movies even though you thought he should.

“i mean, you look like a disney prince already so why not?” you said, pointing out one of the disney princes on the wall of a store.

“y/n that does not look like me, he has black hair.”

“oh you get the point!”

he chuckled, leading you into the restaurant where they quickly lead you to a table at the back, almost separated from everyone else.

“so if i’m the disney prince that makes you my princess, right?” shawn asked, still not dropping the disney movie topic.

you rolled your eyes as the waiter approached your table ready to take drink orders, both of you decided to order water since it was quick and free.

“this place is cute,” shawn commented, taking a bite of bread that was on the table.

“oh please,” you scoffed. “you probably don’t know what this place even is.”

“it’s a fancy restaurant y/n, duh.”

“no” you rolled your eyes, “this is the beast’s castle dining room. you know, where be our guest is sung.”

“what’s that?”

“oh my god.” you sighed, taking a sip of water and ending the conversation right there.

after you ate dinner, you decided to walk around for a little longer, not wanting to leave just yet despite how tired you both were.

“shawn, just one more time! please please please?” you begged, trying to pull him in the direction of your favourite ride. the little mermaid ride.

“y/n, i have had enough of under the sea if i have to hear that song one more time i think i’m going to lose it.” he sighed, walking the opposite direction.

to people walking past, this was an odd sight. a 5'5 girl wearing minnie mouse ears trying to pull her 6'2 boyfriend into a disneyland ride while he’s walking the opposite direction. you received a few stares from people, but in this moment you didn’t mind. all you wanted was to go on the ride just one more time, and you would stop at nothing.

“come on shawn, who knows when we’re going to be here again!”

“y/n, you forced me on that ride 5 times today just for the song! i think that’s enough.” he exclaimed. “but we can go on the star wars one again.”

the star wars ride was right across from the little mermaid one and you absolutely hated it. shawn dragged you on it earlier, and at first you had an open mind about it but after a few minutes you hated it with all your heart. you never liked star wars in the first place but you went on to make him happy.

“no we are not going on that again.”

“well we aren’t going on the stupid mermaid one again either.”

you sighed, the two of you had moved to the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the ride so you weren’t right in the middle of the street anymore.

“shawn,” you tried just one more time, a new idea popping into your head.

“no, i’m not giving in.” he crossed his arms, keeping his gaze fixed on the star wars ride ahead.

“oh yeah?”

“try me.”

“i’ll do whatever you want,” you smirked. “at the hotel. if you know what i’m saying.”

he turned to face you, narrowing his eyes.

“you’re lying.”

“try me,” you mimicked him from earlier. “i’m dead serious.”

he scanned your face, looking for any possible signs of lying. after making sure you were really serious, he grabbed your hand pulling you into the entrance.

“well in that case, what are we waiting for?”

A Lesson in Love (Deleted Scenes)

Hello to any and every radiant human being reading this. I hope this week has been treating you well because that’s exactly what you all deserve.

After some back and forth, I have finally decided that I’m going to be writing deleted scenes for “A Lesson in Love”.

What this means: I want y'all to let me know if there are any scenarios you can think of that didn’t happen in the story that you want to see written. In my head, there are so many more things that have happened between the reader and Bucky that I didn’t get the chance to write. Stuff that has further solidified the reason why the reader is feeling the way she is about Bucky and maybe vice versa? Requests can include other characters as well! 

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Let Me Follow (Isak/Even) by Briony / red-jamie

You can break throw yourself away

Leave it behind

We come undone

And if you need to, you can break me too 

You can disappear

Please just take me with you.

Homecoming Surprise

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Juice gif because it fits the story and it’s my fave and we need happy Juice. A little idea that came to me last night, even though I’m trying to get two other pics done. What is life. Anyway, hope y'all enjoy! Complete Juice fluff.

Juice was exhausted. The run to Tacoma was not only completely insane, but he missed his Old Lady like crazy. All he wanted to do after he’d finished up at the club was go home to her and not emerge from the house again until she had been well and truly shown how much he’d missed her.
Arriving home, Juice hadn’t expected to be accompanied by three of the Tacoma charter members. But that was the situation, and he unlocked the door, wondering where his wife was when she appeared suddenly, jumping into his arms, legs wrapped around his middle.
Her lips pressed firmly against his, and for a moment, he forgot there were three bikers walking in behind him.
Wrapping his arms around her middle, he kissed her, his roughened hands against her smooth skin.
Juice’s eyes suddenly opened, his Mrs still kissing him. He gazed down, seeing nothing but bare skin, the only thing covering her being a pair of pretty, lacy panties, and his body.
“Babe,” Juice tried, not wanting to pull away and expose her to his brothers.
“Babe, you gotta- Babe,” he got out between kisses, but she seemed just as keen to show how much she’d missed him.
Juice chuckled a little as she trailed hot kisses down his neck.
“Babe, you gotta stop.”
“What’s wrong?” She looked up at him, before she caught sight of the audience behind her, her eyes widening.
She leapt down, hiding behind Juice’s body. Grabbing at his kutte, she pushed herself against him, tugging him in the direction of the hallway.
Juice walked with her, shielding as much of her as he could. Looking over at the guys, his expression hardened, seeing them ogling his wife.
“Guys! Seriously!”
The members begrudgingly looked away.
Once she was out of sight, she turned and ran down the hall, shutting herself in their bedroom.
“Sweetheart, it’s alright.” Juice spoke softly, sitting next to her on the bed, stroking her hair as she freaked out underneath the covers.
“I’m so sorry, Juice! I didn’t even hear more bikes, I was just so excited to have you home! I wanted to surprise you.”
“I know, and it was a great surprise. I shoulda called ahead, I was just so tired and couldn’t wait to see you. I’m sorry.”
She pulled back the covers, eyes teary and cheeks a deep red.
“It’s okay. You know how I am.” She said, sitting up and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
He did know. She liked keeping their love life private. Juice liked it too. There wasn’t a whole lot of his life that the club wasn’t privy too, and he cherished the few things that he could keep to himself.
“How long will they be here?”
“Couple of days. Most of the charter came home with us. Couldn’t fit them all at the clubhouse, so we all had to adopt a few each.”
She chuckled, and Juice was glad she didn’t feel as scared anymore.
A thought popped into his head, and he moved from the bed, a confused look on her face.
“Just let me get a few things sorted out there. Then it’s just gonna be you and me.” He smiled.
She was still confused, but smiled back.
He left, closing the door behind him, and walked into the living room.


“Pack a bag, baby.”
Juice opened the closet, pulling down their overnight bags. He tossed one over to her, opening drawers and pulling out clothes.
“Where are we going?” She asked, following suit and opening her drawers.
“No, not that dress, the flowery one. And you’ll need those pretty black heels, as well.” Juice replied, heading for their ensuite bathroom.
“Juan Carlos, are you going to tell me what on Earth is going on?” He heard her call as he grabbed their toiletries.
Juice came back into the bedroom, walking over to her. He put the toiletries on the bed, cupping her face with one hand and pulling her close with the other.
“I got the whole weekend off. And since we don’t have the house to ourselves as I planned, I’m taking you to a hotel. We’re gonna spend the weekend there, and I’m gonna take you out somewhere nice for dinner. We can stay in bed, watch movies, order room service or pizza or whatever the hell you want.”
Her eyes glazed with tears, and she hugged him tight.
“Are you sure?” She asked, her voice muffled against his chest.
“I’ve been wanting to take you away somewhere for a long while. Seems like we’ve been given the perfect opportunity.”
She let out a shriek of joy, turning to start packing again.
He grinned, loving being the one to make her so happy.


“Alright, you guys can eat whatever is in the cupboards and fridge, watch Netflix, whatever, just make sure you clean up after yourselves.“ Juice said to the guys, who had already made themselves at home in the couch.
“Come on, babe, they’ll look after everything.” She said, grabbing his arm, Juice following her outside
“I promise, if they make a mess, I’ll go through the house and clean it, top to bottom.” She added in a sultry tone, closing the door behind them.
“In your underwear?” Juice half-jokingly asked, making her laugh.
“Sure thing, in my underwear.”
“You have no idea how hot that is.” Juice smiled, pressing her against the car door.
“God, it has been way too long.” She giggled.
Juice moaned in agreement, pulling himself away from her before things got too publicly heated.
Putting the bags in the boot of their car, he hopped in the driver’s seat, driving away to their little piece of paradise for the next few days.

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what music would the rfa members listen to? rfa + saeran

Originally posted by myriad-galaxies


  • zen would totally jam out to some broadway soundtracks and scores
    • I could see him really enjoying the soundtracks for heathers: the musical, hairspray, and maybe even spring awakening? zen may try and listen to a variety of shows but these three are the ones he always comes back to
    • adele
    • drake
    • some panic! at the disco?
    • lady gaga
  • besides being totally into broadway cast recordings I could also see zen rocking out to some classic rock music? on his more edgy days zen will get his motorcycle out and go for a ride while blasting some classics.
    • steppenwolf
    • blue oyster cult
    • aerosmith
    • def leppard
    • guns n roses
    • ac/dc
  • his taste in music really depends on how he feels that day and what project he is currently working on!


  • I could see v being someone that likes to listen to acoustic covers, folk rock, and possibly indie rock as well? he seems to be very calm and he would probably appreciate the rhythms of the genre and the themes of the music.
  • imagine a sleepy v heading home from one of his MANY trips with a pair of turquoise earbuds hanging loosely from his ears. the only sounds that could be heard was the peaceful hum coming from the lead singer and the strum of a guitar. for a moment everything v kept to himself drifted away and for once he could be at peace.
    • plays you are my sunshine by johnny cash every night before bed in hopes that when he wakes up everything that happened in the past would turn out to be a dream…and he didn’t really lose his sun……..
  • mumford and sons
  • jasmine thompson
  • james blunt
  • coldplay
  • the lumineers
  • kodaline
  • ed sheeran


  • tell me that this boy isn’t going to listen to some edge lord music? I could see saeran listening to alternative music, grunge, and maybe a tiny bit of  alternative metal? I think he would be able to channel his inner anger and emotions through these music genres.
  • he would totally be that kid with a wall of band posters that cover it well enough to trick people into forgetting there was a wall under all of them. I think kat’s room from 10 things I hate about you is pretty accurate to the room I imagined. he would have a keep out sign and would just blast his linkin park cds for the entire mint eye headquarters to hear. saeran would low-key just be sitting on his bed head banging while lip synching to the song.
    • inkin park
    • imagine dragons
    • halsey
    • three days grace
    • fall out boy
    • my chemical romance


  • seven’s music taste is almost as all over the place as his personality (sorry bby). one day he’ll be jamming out to alternative music and the next trap music will be blasting from one of his many monitors. hell, he even listens to jazz & country if he’s in the mood for it.
  • I feel like seven would enjoy a similar style of music to both v and saeran but for the most part seven would try and keep upbeat music on to try & keep his seven act up as best as he can.
  • not gonna lie he probably listens to meme songs when he gets distracted from his work like “thomas the train engine - air horn remix” or “kazoo kid - trap remix”
  • he’ll honestly listen to anything if he can find a way to connect to it.
    • imagine dragons
    • smash mouth
    • fall out boy
    • nirvana
    • green day
    • wheezer

jaehee (my baehee)

  • let us be honest here..jaehee would totally listen to zen’s cast recordings whenever she actually gets the chance to do something for herself (yes,I am looking at you jumin). she would know every lyric by heart and could recite them at the drop of a hat.
  • besides memorizing zen’s songs I think she would listen to a variety of genres but would lean towards dream pop, indie styles, and some folk music! I think that these genres would help calm her down after work especially those days where she gets swamped with cat projects.
    • hyun ryu ((;
    • landon pigg
    • haley kiyoko
    • rachel platten
    • sylvan esso
    • ed sheeran


  • I feel as though jumin would not have a lot of time to listen to music with his job, but I think he would try and listen to a few genres. ultimately, he ends up just listening to classical music. it is always playing lightly in the office and when he attends business dinners they usually have said genre playing. it was just natural for him to enjoy it.
  • he isn’t really interested in most music but like I said he would give any song a fair chance of impressing him and he’d really listen to anything thats on! just nothing that would be a nuisance to his sweet elizabeth.
  • I could see jumin being interested by the piano guys and their ability to take modern music and put an instrumental spin on them! its the best of both worlds really!


  • I imagine yoosung wouldn’t have much time to listen to music if it wasn’t playing the background of lolol. if this boy barely takes breaks to eat and sleep then why would he stop to listen to music of all things? I’m kidding. sort of.
  • before rika’s death I think yoosung would have really been into classical music! he would always have some sort of music playing lightly while he studied for any upcoming test!
  • after rika’s death not only did yoosung’s outward appearance change but his music taste also changed. he would probably stick to pop music and maybe the occasional cheesy love songs as well? especially during those times he goes on about wanting a girlfriend.
  • I could also see easing just jumping from genre to genre especially after seeing how he jumps from hobby to hobby and club to club!
    • the lolol soundtrack tbh
    • maroon 5
    • taylor swift
    • kesha
    • sia

okay, so this is my first time writing a headcanon so I really hope y'all like this! this post has actually inspired me to do a few playlists for the rfa! so stay on the lookout for those!

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How would DA:I companions react to an orphan teenage (16-18) Inquisitor? Also, how would they react to the Inquisitor saying that they have been the closest thing they ever had to a family? (Advisors also please)

Cassandra: She finds out after they stabilize the Breach. Her heart sinks even more than it already does when she thinks about how hard she was with them when she first met them. The Seeker sheepishly apologizes and reassures them later that they can stay with her and the Inquisition as long as they want. When they say she’s the closest thing to family, she freezes for a moment. Her eyes soften and she smiles genuinely at them, and she nods. “You’re the closest I have to family, too. Inside or outside of Nevarra… you are part of my family.

Blackwall: His heart drops with heavy pity, and it makes him more protective of the kid. He’s not sure how to go about it, but he does mention that if they ever want to talk, he’s willing to listen. At some point after the truth about his identity comes out, they talk it out, and they end the conversation by stating he is among those they count as the closest they’ve had to family. He stares, wide-eyed and shocked, unsure if he heard them correctly. When he realizes he did, he beams and hugs the kid if they allow it. “You’re my family, too, if you’ll have me.” he agrees.

Iron Bull: If the Herald doesn’t seem upset by it or like they don’t wanna talk about it, he never even brings it up. People under the Qun don’t really have parents– just Tamassrans who show them the way, and he figures Cassandra and the others do a good enough job of that. When they mention that he’s practically family, provided he’s Tal-Vashoth, it makes him beam, and his eye gleam with pride. He almost squeezes them to death in a big hug. “You’re my family, too, Imekari. You’re an honorary Charger, you hear me? And a permanent one if you want, someday.”

Sera: She can relate to them immediately, and she just sort of nods in quiet understanding. They eventually have cookies and talk on the room by her room about their own family situations, and bond ever more. She sticks by them often to keep an eye out for them. When they tell her she’s the closest they’ve got to family– specifically, she’s like their big sister– her eyes almost start welling up with tears. She pulls them into a tight hug, gives them a playful noogie on the head, and laughs brightly. “You’re my little sibling, you are.” she announces. “Alright. We’ve got our own family now, and anyone who says otherwise can shut it!”

Varric: He can sort of relate, because his dad died when he was young and his mom was an alcoholic who did little to raise them. He reassures them that if they don’t have anywhere to go after this that they could stay with him if they want to, in Kirkwall– he’d find them a job. When they call him family, he grins and pats their back. “You’re family to me, too. You’re always welcome in House Tethras. You can even take my brother’s room!”

Cole: He feels their pain, and his comments differ, depending on how long they’ve been orphaned and their relationship with their parents. But it always ends with Cole mentioning this: “A little warmth is growing and growing in your heart. You feel at home with us, a family.” They mention that Cole is as close to family as they have, and Cole lets out an excited laugh and doesn’t know how to express his joy, so he bounces a bit up and down. “Oh! Thank you! I love you, too! I can be family! You are family! We are family!”

Dorian: He hesitates for a moment before he speaks. “I’m sorry to hear that.” he says quietly. “We are here for you. I know we’re not exactly the same as a good family or good parents, but not everyone has that luxury. I would know…” The Herald isn’t sure how to comfort him after Dorian deals with his father, but they talk to him and make sure he’s alright, and he knows they’re trying. When they say he’s brave, it makes his heart soar. When they call him their family, he gasps and stares at them for a moment. Finally, he grins. “I detest confessions, but… you’re family to me, too. More so than anyone in the south… thank you.”

Solas: He says very little about it, but he knows it hasn’t made their life any easier. He believes they are, nonetheless, capable on their own, and doesn’t worry about it as much as the others. If the Herald is an elf, he does ask more questions about what happened to their parents, but he stops if it upsets them. When they call him family, he’s silent, unsure how to respond, at least before forcing a smile and thanking them. He very much wishes he could say the same, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone who he would consider family.

Vivienne: She’s indifferent about it– she got along her life without her parents, and so can the Herald. She’s not cruel about it, though, if they seem upset by it, and offers her sympathies. However, she does take it upon herself to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. When they tell her she’s family, it comes after Bastien dies. She’s silent, for a moment, before finally nodding and smiling. “Thank you, Darling; you’re practically family to me as well. You will always be welcome in my home.”

Josephine: She frets over them even more than before, trying to ensure their emotional needs are also cared for. The ambassador becomes a bit overbearing, but it’s all out of concern. She receives offers from numerous noble families offering to adopt the Herald as their own, but she turns them all away without a second thought. They need someone who really loves and cares for them, not just nobles vying for power. When the Herald tells her she’s like family, she gasps and hugs the Herald in return, heart soaring. “I feel the same way. You’re a Montilyet, in my eyes and heart.” she agrees proudly. “You will always be welcome in our home as a member of our family.”

Cullen: He feels pity for them, but doesn’t know how to go about it. As a result, he doesn’t bring it up unless they do, and he does his best to listen sympathetically. It annoys him to no end that there’s nobles who would adopt the Herald just for appearances– they deserve more, real love. When they tell him that he’s like family, his eyes soften and he thanks them, with a reassurance that they are welcome in his family. He tells his sister in a letter, and if his family comes to visit, they demand to see their “newest member of the family” and gush over the Herald.

Leliana: She relates to them, and knows how they’re feeling. She handles it the best, and will calmly listen to them if they need to talk about it. At one point after a long chat, she offers them an Andraste’s Grace flower and wishes them well without clarifying what it was. She grows closer to them than she anticipated, and finds herself briefly at a loss when they call her family. She finally settles for giving them a rare, genuine smile, and nodding. “I’m not sure I’m who you would want as an aunt,” she says wryly, “but I’ll try.”

Million Reasons // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Series Masterlist

Warnings: NSFW, Mentions of Sexual Content, Mentions of Smut, Angst, Jealousy, Fight, Making Out,and Swearing.

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Word Count: 5,094

Song: Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

A/N: Well folks, this is it. We’ve officially reached the Finale. I absolutely loved writing this little series and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend you listen to the song after finishing, it’s gonna make you all kinds of happy and it definitely inspired some quotes. Anyway, thank you for reading and for the support! 

P.s. I will be posting an Epilogue with more smut for y'all!

Wiping away the last remaining tears on my cheeks and taking a much needed deep breath, I knocked on the front door of the Martin household and just waited for my fate. I don’t even need to have supernatural powers or senses to know that this night is going to be a complete bust. Lydia, on the other hand, would literally behead me if I even consider missing this event.

Ever since last night, when I drove Stiles into the arms of another girl, all I’ve wanted to do is just hide away in my own house and hopefully never have to leave again. But, no, now I have to come to this stupid party Lydia threw for the pack because it’s basically mandatory.

The front door flew open when I least expected it and I even jumped slightly in shock. On the other side of the door was a very well dressed, as always, Lydia Martin. Her face lit up into a smile instantly when she realized I was the one that had arrived.

“Whoa, you scared me there.” I chuckled and the smile on her face grew even wider.

“Ah, always a pleasure.” The red head slightly lifted her skirt to bow and I laughed.

Lydia took a step aside and opened the front door more, pointing inside. “Come on in.”

I smiled at her one last time before walking past the door and into her beautiful home, the sound of the banshee closing it behind me. We walked all the way to her backyard and the bonfire Lydia had promised was already in full swing.

I entered and felt content to see everyone so happy and just enjoying themselves. Scott and Kira were dancing together in front of the bonfire, both too drunk with each other to even care who could possibly see. Malia was engaged in a conversation with Theo and my stomach turned in disgust at the sight of him. Mason and Liam were chugging down cups of, what I assume is, beer and the last person my eyes laid on was him.

Stiles was sitting slightly away from the bonfire, alone, with a red plastic cup in his hand as he quietly sung along to the music playing. The butterflies in my stomach, which have declared it as their home at this point, had woken up from their slumber and began flying around crazily just at the sight of this boy. It took everything I had not to cry and give into my emotions I was trying so hard to hold back.

“Hey guys!” Scott’s voice shouting pulled me out of my trance. It’s amazing how Stiles doesn’t even need to say or do anything for me to already feel completely lost in him. “Emma’s here!”

I blushed at the Alpha’s excitement to see me and my eyes peered around the room to see everyone smile, even Theo, at my arrival. Well, everyone except for Stiles that is. His eyes, immediately, pierced into mine and I could feel my entire body ignite on fire. I gave him a weak smile and saw awe and wonder quickly flicker in his pupils.

“Alright, now the party’s started!” Scott exclaimed, approaching me and giving me a big bear hug. It was a tight hug, but surprisingly pleasant. To be honest, I didn’t even mind the lack of air when we finished our embrace. “Somebody get this girl a drink!”

“Thanks, Scotty.” I laughed, watching as the host of the party made her way into the kitchen just to get me one.

I immediately ran after her, feeling bad that she would have to go through the trouble of making me a drink. Lydia was already grabbing a plastic cup when I entered the kitchen and stopped her.

“Thanks Lydia, but you really don’t have to.” I stated, approaching her.

“Oh, it’s okay.” The banshee shrugged and waved her hand at me, getting the vodka on the counter to pour a small amount in the shaker. “I like making drinks for my friends.”

I smiled at her kindness and politely thanked her as I watched Lydia put a juice mixer into the container. Putting on the lid, she shook it to blend the two different liquids together and, then, opened it. I leaned on the counter at the same time that she poured the drink into a plastic cup just like the one Stiles was holding and handed it to me. I took a sip and the alchohol burned it’s way down my throat, but the sweet taste of the tropical juice made it worth it.

“Hey, so how’d your date with Theo go last night?” Lydia turned her entire body to face me with a smirk planted on her lips as she leaned against the counter, as well. “Did you guys, you know…?”

I audibly groaned as I took another swig of my drink and she furrowed her eyebrows in interest.

“What?” The red head chuckled. “Is he that bad in bed?”

“Lydia!” I laughed, shouting and she lifted her hands in surrender. “It didn’t even get to that. God, I would never let that lame excuse of a man into my pants.”

“Oh, my God!” She laughed with me and it felt nice to just talk to her without thinking about last night. “How terrible was the date?”

The problem wasn’t really the date, per se. It’s that I’m in love with Stiles Stilinski. But, I can’t exactly tell you that.

“The date wasn’t that awful. It’s what happened after the date that’s the problem.” I told her and Lydia had never looked more intrigued in her entire life. “The guy is the worst kisser I have ever met.”

Lydia bursted out laughing and it made me happy that I was the one to cause that. She had to literally get a hold of the counter to stop herself from falling over and I noticed water gather up in her eyes.

“Oh, man.” She wiped away a fallen tear from laughing too hard and I smiled at her actions. “What a shame.”

The sound of Scott shouting our names at the top of his lungs broke our little bubble and we instantly ran towards the backyard. Fear flooded in my veins, my mind already imagining the worst case scenarios possible.

“Yay, you’re back! Let’s play games!” Scott celebrated and as soon as I realized we weren’t actually facing a supernatural threat, I let myself relax again.

The pack had turned the music down and everyone was sitting in a small circle around the fire, content smiles on their faces.

“Dammit, Scott!” Lydia yelled with a scowl, approaching him to slap his arm. “You can’t just scream like that!”

“Yeah.” I agreed, slightly laughing at her anger. “You scared us both.”

“Sorry.” The Alpha shrugged, a mischevious smile plastered on his face. “But, I really want to play Suck & Blow.”

“Do I even want to know what that is?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him as I sat down in between Liam and Malia.

“It’s when you have to pass a playing card to the person next to you with your mouth.” Lydia explained, taking her own seat in between Kira and Theo. “You blow as the other sucks the card away from your lips. If you let the card fall, you two have to kiss.”

“Is this really a game we should be playing?” I scoffed.

“Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!” Scott shrugged, his eyes gleaming with enthusiasm. “But, I mean, we’re definitely gonna have to make some seating arrangements. Exes can’t sit with each other.”

The Alpha pointed to the were-coyote sitting next to me and that’s when I had noticed Stiles sitting next to her. Malia looked like she couldn’t care less about this situation, but was grateful of Scott’s thoughtfullness, anyway.

“Okay, uh-” Scott peered around the group to see who could take her spot, his face full of concentration. He didn’t even bother to look at Kira because there’s no way in hell she’s sitting away from him, but carefully looked at the rest of us girls. Scott took his time staring at Lydia thinking whether or not he should suggest her, until his brown eyes fell on mine.

My heart, immediately, stopped and I seriously considered just making a run for it. My eyes widened immensely as I noticed his lips curl into a sly smirk.

“Emma.” The werewolf pointed at me and, then, the girl beside me. I watched in horror as he said the words I didn’t want to hear. “You switch places with Malia.”

Everything in my head seemed to spin as I nervously took Malia’s spot. I didn’t even have it in me to react or say a single word to my Alpha, I didn’t trust my voice enough. My eyes prickled with possible tears just at the idea of being beside Stiles after everything that happened and I have never felt more defenseless. Every supernatural creature I have faced is nothing compared to my fear of facing Stiles.

With a quick glance, I turned to look at him. His eyes didn’t even dare to meet mine as they were glued to the floor. That’s when I noticed he was nervously fidgeting with his hands, something he does whenever he’s scared or anxious.

I shut my eyes before taking a deep breath and turning back to Scott to watch him attach the playing card to his mouth and pass it to Kira. It was a success and everyone payed close attention, with intrigue in their eyes, as she passed it to Lydia. When the red head passed it to Theo, I couldn’t help but notice her quickly glance at me and smirk. I smirked back at her at the memory of me confessing the guy is an awful kisser. Lydia was able to pass it to him without letting it fall and I had to hold back my shameless laughter when she looked me straight in the eye and mouthed “thank God”.

After Theo sat Mason, then, Liam and Malia. The card was getting by just fine as everyone did surprisingly well. Everybody playing it off cool and I was shocked that no one had dropped it yet.

When it was my turn to receive the card from Malia, I felt the excitement of the game run through my veins. She passed it to me and I was in awe that we managed to keep it flowing. I mentally prepared myself before turning around to Stiles and approaching him.

His eyes were wide as they observed me place the card on his lips. The second I got so close to him, I felt his familiar smell that I loved so much and I became instantly consumed by Stiles. I was slightly distracted as I remembered all of those intimate times we spent together, but he was able to get the card.

For about two seconds.

The entire world seemed to slow down when we watched the card detach from his mouth and fall onto the ground as if the universe was stuck in slow motion. I could feel my heart fall into the deepest pit of my stomach at the same time that everyone yelled excitedly.

“Wonderful.” Stiles scoffed and I looked up at him, his eyes now on my own.

“Oh, you know what that means!” Kira squealed, clapping her hands together as Mason and Liam made annoying smooching noises.

I tried desperately to speak with Stiles through our eyes, asking him if he was okay with this or if he’d like me to come up with some excuse. But, either he didn’t pick up what I was putting down or he just chose to ignore me.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours, but were only a few seconds. There were so many different emotions on his face and I didn’t know how to decipher any one of them. All I could really understand was the incredibly strong tension between us right now and I wondered if any of the werewolves could sense it.

“What the hell is taking so long?” Scott shouted, way too eager for my liking. “Stiles, kiss her already!”

A feeling of comfort, suddenly, rushed into me when Stiles’ eyes changed and they flickered in the same way they did the night we last had sex before, well, our “breakup”. They were soft and warm and I already sensed myself getting lost in them.

Goosebumps made their way onto my skin when he settled his hand on my cheek and pulled me in towards him. My breath hitched in my throat with how nervous I was as he placed his lips on mine. I, immediately, closed my eyes and let myself enjoy this one moment of weakness.

His mouth back on my own felt like I was finally home after a really long and painful day. All of my fear and hurt melted away as his lips brushed with mine in such a soft and delicate pace, I could barely feel it. But, then, the sound of the pack cheering loudly seemed to, suddenly, spark something in him and he put his other hand on my other cheek.

I grabbed his plaid shirt with my fingers, the kiss now deeper than before. I wanted to moan, I wanted to smile, I wanted to cry at all of the different feelings I was facing with this breath-taking kiss. To the rest of them it was just some heated little makeout session we were having, but to us it was so much more.

It was the feeling of the ice in between Stiles and I starting to melt. It was the beginning of a possible fix in our broken relationship. It was the weight jumping off our shoulders as we began to feel at peace. It was a conversation our bodies were having, confessing how much we desperately wanted and needed each other.

I internally groaned when Stiles slowly pulled away and let me go. It felt cold not to have him with me anymore, but I could still feel the tingle of his touch on my lips. My body thankful it got to taste my one drug I’m so addicted to, again.

“Damn!” Liam laughed and the majority laughed along with him.

The blush on Stiles’ and my own cheeks were obvious as we nervously recomposed ourselves. I looked over at him and he was smiling, my heart felt like it could fly at the beautiful sight before me. It amazes me how in love I am with this boy and how he truly has my entire heart in his hands.

The game went on for about an hour and everyone was having the greatest time, including Stiles and I. It was nice to just be able to relax with him and not have to pretend like everything was okay because, in some way, things we’re starting to be okay again.

When the smoke coming from the bonfire became so strong that practically everyone was coughing and having a hard time breathing, we knew it was time to move the party inside the house.

“I say we play Never Have I Ever next.” Lydia suggested once we all sat at the dining room table, each of us now with glasses of wine in our hands. Sure, we’re just teenagers but we’re very classy teenagers.

“How does that game work?” Malia asked, taking one of the many bottles on the table and refilling her glass.

“It’s simple.” The banshee smiled and I listened carefully because I also have no idea how to play. “It starts by someone saying something they’ve never done before and all of those who have done that thing before must take a sip of their drink. For example, if I say I’ve never eaten an apple before, everyone who has eaten an apple drinks.”

“Oh, alright. Then, let’s start!” The were-coyote exclaimed, clearly excited to play. “Who goes first?”

“I’ll go.” Kira offered and everyone smiled at her. “Okay, never have I ever gone fishing before.”

“Oh, come on Kira!” Lydia laughed, getting popcorn from the bowl on the table and tossing some at the kitsune. “You’re always the prude!”

“Yeah, you have to have scandelous confessions.” Mason agreed and I couldn’t hold back my smile. “They need to be intense.”

“Fine, then.” Kira pouted and Scott tried to comfort her. “You start.”

“Gladly.” Mason smirked, his face mischievious as he came up with his statement. “Never have I ever thought about having sex with someone in this very room.”

The rest of the table looked around at each other before literally all of us lifted our glasses and took a sip. The laughter was uncontrollable at how everyone just confessed that they’ve thought about sleeping with one another and it was refreshing.

“Okay, my turn.” Liam chuckled at Mason’s shocked reaction. “Never have I ever actually had sex with someone in this very room.”

My eyes grew wide and I internally cursed myself when I felt my heart begin to beat faster. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles all took sips as my hands felt clammy. My mind was running a mile a minute and I didn’t know what to do.

“Emma, why is your heart beating so fast?” Theo narrowed his eyes at me and everyone at the table turned their heads to stare at my blushing cheeks.

“Yeah, it totally is.” Malia agreed, her face curious. “It’s like it’s about to jump out of your chest.”

I could already feel Stiles’ heated stare on me, he lifted up his hand to nervously bite his nails and I felt like I could be sick. The entire table cautiously waited for an answer and my stomach knotted in anxiety. With my heartbeat pounding in my ears and shaking my entire body, I picked up my glass and slowly took a sip.

The room went silent with realization and I could even hear a few gasps coming from my friends when everything made sense. Only five of us took sips and everyone knows that Scott is committed to Kira and was to Allison before her, which means he never would have had sex with me. Leaving the only other possibility in the circle… Stiles Stilinski.

My heart twisted and sunk with nerves at the pack staring at me in such awe and shock that they had no idea how to even properly react to this. Anxiety flooded my entire body as Scott was the first person to speak up.

“I knew it!” He shouted and my heart stopped, Stiles also snapping his head towards his best friend.

“What?” I gawked, completely astonished.

“You guys have been reeking of sex the past month! I knew that couldn’t be just a coincidence and I eventually put it all together.”

“Well, nice detective work.” I answered shyly, my eyes falling to the floor in embarrassment.

“Wait, wait, wait. Is he the one you’re in love with?” Theo suddenly stood up, severe anger in his eyes. “Is Stiles the one you dropped me for?”

I, immediately, turned to look at Stiles and he was both perplexed and flustered. The awe and hope in his eyes were obvious and I gave him a weak smile. He smiled back and it felt like the world was, finally, falling into the right place again.

“You fucking bitch!” Theo snapped, pulling our attentions back to him. “Stiles Stilinski?! I am so much better than that pathetic loser!”

Anger boiled in me like never before and I instantly stood up, approaching Theo. He was slightly surprised at my sudden action, but stood his ground anyway. I didn’t even say anything, too furious at his remark towards Stiles, and I just lifted my hand and slapped him across the face.

“Oh, shit!” Liam shouted, clearly amused at my actions.

“Don’t ever talk about him like that again.” I threatened with a low and stern voice as Theo’s hand clutched his reddened cheek. “You are nothing compared to Stiles and not even worth wasting my breath on.”

Before I even knew what was happening as it all happened so fast, Theo pushed me up against the wall. It felt as if all of the wind was immediately knocked out of me the second my back hit it. Theo’s enraged face was just inches from mine. Fear consumed my thoughts as I watched him lift one hand to attack me, the claws already sprouting out of his nails. I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what was about to come.

Suddenly, Theo was ripped away from my body before he could sink his claws into my flesh and it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I looked beside me to see him being dragged to the front door against his will by my saviour. My heart fluttered at the sight of Stiles protecting me as he pushed the werewolf outside, Theo falling to the ground immediately.

“Don’t ever fucking touch her again.” He threatened, grabbing the door handle. “Or I’ll kill you myself.”

Stiles didn’t even wait for a possible answer, he just shut the door in Theo’s face instead.

The entire room was silent with everything that just happened, no one even daring to say a single word. All of their eyes were switching from Stiles to me, back and forth. That was when I noticed the boy I love glance over to Lydia and they shared a conversation through their eyes. My heart sunk in response and I’ve never felt more stupid in my entire life.  

I can’t believe for the slightest second I actually thought that I had the chance of being with Stiles again. He’s with Lydia now and would never take me back, not after I rejected him.

This was all way too overwhelming and I felt like I was going to explode.

“Excuse me.” I quickly stated, before running out towards the backyard. My face heated with embarrassment and my eyes warning me they were about to cry.

I took a deep breath once I was alone and rested my hands on my knees, trying everything I can to pull myself together. This entire night kept replaying in my head over and over again and I wanted to scream. The tears had now escaped my eyes and I didn’t even bother to stop them, I was too hurt to care.

The faint sound of footsteps walking towards me rung in my ears and I didn’t need to turn around to know who they belonged to. The memory of when I found Trevor cheating on me and running away only to be chased after by Stiles, before any of this happened, flooded my thoughts and it made my heart sting. God, that feels like so long ago.

“Stiles, I’m so sorry.” I turned around to see him standing behind me, his hands tucked into his pockets. “If I had known that suggesting we become friends with benefits would have resulted in all of this, I swear I never would’ve. Because of me, I’ve brought so much pain into our lives and I’ll never forgive myself for that.”

He stared at me for a few seconds before clearing his throat and answering.

“Well, I’m not sorry.” Stiles shrugged, his voice full of kindness. “I don’t regret a single encounter of ours and I really hope you don’t either.”

“Of course not.” I shook my head, not caring that so many tears were flowing down my cheek and he could see them. “I just regret hurting you.”

His eyes fell to the ground and my heart bled at the sight.

“I made a mistake rejecting you. There’s not a second that goes by that I haven’t beat myself up for it.” I confessed, my voice small and nervous. “B-But, I’m glad that you’re happy with Lydia now.”

Stiles’ head snapped up to look at me, confusion imminent in his features, as he took a step towards me. “What makes you think I’m with Lydia?”

“W-What?” I was completely baffled, this new information surprising me. “That doesn’t make any sense. I saw her at your house last night and you two were kissing.”

“You saw her at my house?” He narrowed his eyes at me, a smirk on his face. “Emma, were you stalking me?”

“No!” I shouted a little too quickly and Stiles laughed. “Stiles, I swear to God, I wasn’t stalking you.”

“Then, what were you doing at my house last night?” The freckled boy folding his arms across his chest, challenging me.

“I-I-” Letting out a nervous sigh, I tried to stop my stuttering. “I turned down Theo on our date because I realized that I loved you and only you. I went to your house t-to tell you and I secretly hoped you’d take me back, but then I saw you kissing her and I just… left.”

Stiles took another step closer to me and I felt my hands start to get clammy.

“You should’ve stayed.” He announced, a smile plastered on his face and I had never been more puzzled in my entire life.

“Why would I have done that?”

“Because you would’ve seen what came after the kiss.” Stiles stated, his hands coming out of his pockets to settle on my waist. “I confessed to Lydia that you’re the only love of my life and I could never be with her. She took it really well, actually.”

My heart fluttered at his confession and the tears started to slow down. Every single nerve in my body that was anxious and terrified a few seconds ago are now calming down and I could feel myself breathe again.

“Stiles, I don’t deserve you.” My voice was small and weak, but Stiles didn’t mind. He just shook his head at me and smiled.

“Emma, we’ve all made mistakes before-”

“No, but what I did was cruel and mean. You shouldn’t be loving towards me right now, you should be walking away and looking for someone better.”

“I guess you’re right.” Stiles shrugged and my knees went weak. “With everything that’s happened, I’ve got about a hundred million reasons to just walk away and leave without ever looking back.”

My eyes fell to the ground in pain as those words left his mouth, my heart churning in agony. However, the feeling of Stiles’ finger on my chin, gently lifting my face to look deep into his warm and golden eyes, had my breath hitching in my throat.

“But, Emma, I just need one good one to stay.”

It felt as if all of the ice in my veins was immediately set on fire and my entire body breathed again, relief and love taking over my emotions. There were tears rolling down my cheeks again, but this time they weren’t full of grief. For the first time, the tears falling from my eyes were tears of joy. I smiled at Stiles and I had never felt more safe and content in all my life.

“Remember when I said I couldn’t risk being in a relationship again?” My eyes pierced in his and he smiled, nodding. “Well, Stiles you are the risk I am willing to take. The risk I will always take.”

We were both smiling at each other like two idiots as he placed his hands on my cheeks, his eyes never breaking from my own. That’s when I felt the warmth start by tingling in my toes and fingers before passing through my entire body like a wave, washing away all of the stress and the pain of everything that happened between us. It left me refreshed inside and by the gleam in Stiles’ eyes, I knew this same waved passed through him, too.

His lips touched mine and I sunk into him. This kiss wasn’t just a simple kiss, it was kiss that helped mend everything we had broken together. The entire world ceased to exist as I focused on the feeling of his steady heartbeat against my own chest. Everything was soft and warm, the sensation of heat flooded our skin after spending cold and lonely nights away from each other. This kiss is the greatest kiss I’ve ever experienced because it wasn’t filled with passion and lust, it was filled with love and I will carry this feeling for the rest of my life. When I die, I will die with this memory of his lips against mine.

I inaudibly groaned when Stiles pulled away for us to breathe and he settled his forehead on my own, his thumbs softly caressing my cheeks.

“I know you’re scared of giving yourself to me but, Emma, I promise you I’ll never leave or hurt you. I’ll cherish you forever, making sure that every single day you know just how important and beautiful you are.” Stiles spoke, his words making me blush. “Over the course of this past month, you’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been and if you let me, I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way.”

Stiles wiped away the tears on my cheeks and I melted into his soft hand. Bringing my own hand to hold onto his, I let myself be fully consumed by him. I was nervous to let my walls down for someone, but I already felt so safe in his arms.

“Emma,” He stated my name when I couldn’t find the words to answer him. “Three words, eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.”

My entire body and mind were screaming at me, desperately trying to convince me to not give in. They reminded me of all the times I was vulnerable to past boyfriends and how I was constantly thrown down a deep precipice of pain and despair.

But, as I gazed into Stiles’ mesmerizing eyes, they were tuned out and all I could hear was the faint voice of my heart. Telling me, no- begging me to do the one thing I was originally against.

With my heart pushing me into a defenseless territory where I would, without a doubt, be emotionally exposed to this boy holding me together, I let the words roll off my tongue.

“I love you.”

Prince Jeno

Request: Prince jeno would be such a great au and I think you’d be great at writing it so that is my request

A/N: thank you for having such high hopes in me im sjdkdn

  • okay but im really bad at prince au’s and im shookt that y'all are actually requesting for more??
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  • let’s go

  • so, your father works as a driver for the royal family

  • your mom, one of the cooks in the castle
  • and both of them are well loved by the family
  • and has been there ever since jeno was born
  • your mom even helped take care and look after jeno for a period of time because the king and queen trusts her that much
  • they even offered them to stay in the castle, together with you
  • and they had no choice but to agree
  • which is why you met jeno when y'all were like 5/6
  • he was already really attractive at that time
  • but your mom always told you, “he’s the prince!! remember to respect him”
  • which is why you tried not to have feelings for him
  • which failed in the end anyways
  • really kind and innocent!!
  • as a kid he loved playing so he’d always go up to you and play
  • you remember how he’d always knock on the room of your door
  • “y/n!! want to come play with me?”
  • “mother said that i can go the garden with you!”
  • “me?”
  • “yes! come on, let’s go”
  • and he already had his eyesmiles™ and cute little smile which always made you so happy
  • eventually y'all got closer, and became bestfriends
  • as you grew older you start to realise how wonderful it is because
  • you’re best friends with a prince???
  • such a good looking one to be exact??
  • but jeno has never seen himself as someone who is of ‘high authority’ just because of his status as a prince
  • so he’s really casual and laidback
  • you even forget that he’s the prince at times
  • except when he gets all serious and mature, during discussions involving the country
  • or when he needs to represent the queen at meetings or occasions
  • and it’s all when he looks most attractive
  • loves adventure a lot!!
  • so he drags you along to go visit the woods & forests or town
  • “sometimes it gets really hard being a prince, it’s tiring”
  • “aw jeno, i know. but everyone loves you though!!”
  • “haha yeah, but i need a break sometimes”
  • “-and i’m thankful for you, thank you for being my best friend ever since we were young”
  • “not a problem at all, my majesty”
  • “stop that haha”
  • “hope that made you feel better, i’m thankful for you too”
  • prince haechan and mark often comes over to hang out with y'all
  • and for some reason haechan would always tease the both of you
  • “hey y/n, ever thought of becoming the next princess?”
  • “perhaps.. princess lee?”
  • and you’re just blushing there, confused
  • “haechan, don’t tease her”
  • “aw someone’s protective”
  • and you turn over to see a blushing jeno too
  • until one day he drags you out for another exploring session
  • into a small little park/forest
  • and he takes a deep breath
  • “you know how haechan always says those things? it’s true”
  • “what-?”
  • “i mean, would you like to be my princess?”
  • “i’ve had feelings for you for a long time now”
  • and you’re literally shaking and too shocked and happy to say anything
  • “i like you too jeno but-”
  • “but?”
  • “idk if this will work out, i mean you’re such an important figure and im just-”
  • “don’t say that! i’m sure we’ll be happy”
  • “what’s more, father said he’d support us”
  • “you asked the king? oh my”
  • “yes!! hehe so, are we together now?”
  • “yes i can’t believe this”
  • and when y'all go back to the castle,
  • your parents are just shookt and speechless to say anything
  • but they’re happy for you too
  • same for the king and queen
  • they had always knew jeno had feelings for you
  • and they both love you a lot so!!
  • tries his best not to show too much skinship in front the guards and servants
  • but at times
  • he’d lowkey give you a peck on the cheek
  • and also slip his arm around your waist
  • probably loves riding on the horse with you,
  • going on small little rides down the town or around the castle- honestly he’s more like a friend than a prince?
  • he’s really kind-hearted and sweet too
  • which is why almost everybody loves him
  • one time he was in the town just waking around casually
  • he gave up his sweater for an old lady, and even offered to help her things
  • which gained quite a lot of attention because everyone’s all like
  • “look at how kind the prince is!!”
  • “prince jeno, thank you for your kindness”
  • “bless you, my child”
  • and all that
  • which is also one of the reasons why you love him
  • he’s just great as a person
  • i’ll stop here ahh
  • this is so short im sorry!!

WOAH WAIT COMICS ARE COMING BACK? yep haha that’s the deal. Comics will be returning this month (I can’t give specific dates because I’m a lazy piece of shit who probably won’t get it done by august 9th which is the day I started comics also holy shit it’s been a year) I won’t be making them as often as I used to but they’ll still exist again after this long hiatus thing. Here’s basically what my character looks like in the new style also WOAH NEW STYLE. ALSO I might be changing names but I’ll need help with that because I’m shit when it comes to ideas so send me asks or whatever. Thanks for reading all of my things haha (seriously tho ily guys I can’t believe it’s been an entire year) (well I mean technically not because I started on ifunny but y'all deserve some credit too) I hope you guys care enough to look forward to it jk ily

anonymous asked:

could you do prompt number 13 for peter? I love your writing btw!

ohhh man, I feel like I need to take a shower in holy water after this one, but the idea hit me as soon as I read the prompt and I had to run with it. I hope y'all like it 💖 

#13 “I-I just, I wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

a/n: I want to really stress that due to the nature of the stuff happening in this fic as well as any of my other Peter fics, it’s being written in future tense where Peter is absolutely of age and at least, out of high school. in none of my stories is he a 15-year-old still in school unless I specify, and in which case it wouldn’t be so NSFW cause he’d still be a baby. it never crossed my mind but I’m going to start mentioning that now, so no one thinks this is about a minor.

also I changed the name for this after like two hours cause I can’t make up my mind sUE ME

Edges | One shot

“Uhhh… harder Peter!” she tightened her grip on his hair as she whimpered in his ear.

He grabbed her hips, holding her closer to him as he began pounding into her harder. The room was filled with the sounds of their moaning, and the sound of his headboard rocking against the wall. She let her hands travel over his body, her nails gently scratching his back as she moved further down, taking handfuls of his ass and pulling him deeper inside her. He felt her walls gripping him and he let out a loud groan, his head falling next to hers as he thrusted faster. Hooking her legs higher up on his hips, her hands remained on his ass, gently squeezing him. Wrapping an arm around her, he gently lifted her off the bed to angle himself better inside her, resting his other arm on the pillow to balance himself above her.

As he continued moving in and out of her wet sex, she reached down and grabbed his ass again, spreading him open gently, while she gently sucked on his neck. He began gyrating his hips against her as he felt her walls clamp down on him, when he felt something slip down between his cheeks, an area he’d never been touched in before.

“Babe, that’s-” He felt one of her digits slide over the ring of nerves, the sensation shooting through his muscles. His body immediately reacted to the foreign feeling and he flinched, squeezing himself around the intrusive object. He pulled himself away from his girl, jumping back on the bed.

“Are you alright?” she sat up, scooting closer to him and taking his face in her hands. “Did I hurt you?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” he stammered, running a hand through his hair.

“Are you sure?” she pressed. Truly she hadn’t thought to ask before moving on him like that, she’d let herself get caught in the heat of the moment. Not that they had never been adventurous in the bedroom before, but neither of them had yet to suggest anything involving… that.

“Babe I’m fine, I swear,” he chuckled. “I-I just, I wasn’t expecting that. But I liked it. A lot.”

“Y-You did?” she blinked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” he laughed. “At least I think I did.”
“Would you let me try it again?” she beamed, her eyes bright with excitement. He bit his lip as he contemplated her question. He’d never given any thought to it, mainly because no one had ever asked. But there was no one else he could ever trust more than her, and she looked eager to try it.

“Yeah why not,” he shrugged, smiling down at her. Her face split into a grin and she wrapped her arms around him, giving him a deep kiss.

“Go clean up,” she said, giving him another quick peck. “I’ll be right back.”

She hopped off the bed and scurried out the door. He slid off his bed and made his way to his bathroom, soaking a washcloth under warm water. He paused and stared at it for a few moments, before mumbling “fuck it” and hopping in the shower. Better thorough than sorry, right? A few minutes later he shut off the water and quickly dried himself with a clean towel before heading back to the bedroom, where he noticed his girlfriend was still absent. He flopped forward on the bed and rolled onto his back, and then rolled back onto his stomach, trying to decide which would be more comfortable for this.

Moments later, she returned with a bottle of lube in her hand. He eyed the object and her gaze followed his. She could tell he was nervous.

“This is just in case…” she held it up innocently, before tossing it next to him and crawling back on the bed. She rolled him onto his back, pressing her lips to his while she trailed her fingers up and down his torso.

“Are you ready?” she murmured against his lips.

He nodded warily, sliding his hand over hers.

“I’ll go slow, I promise. If you don’t like it, tell me and I’ll stop.” she reassured, kissing him again before moving down his body.

She started with something familiar, and took his member in her mouth, bobbing her head a few times before releasing him with a loud pop! Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she began working him in slow movements. Peter lied back, mouth hung open in bliss as she slowly stroked him, gently squeezing and rubbing the underside of his shaft with her thumb. Her hand was joined by her mouth as she closed her lips over his head, sucking gently as she swirled her tongue over him. A needy whine escaped his lips and she gazed up to see the sheen of sweat forming on his skin as his chest heaved, his hands gripping the bedsheets.

She began kissing the underside of his shaft, moving lower, lower, until she was at the base of his cock. She pushed his legs apart gently as her mouth moved lower, and he felt his stomach coiling with each flick of her tongue. He glanced down to find her watching him from between his legs, as her tongue ghosted over the ring of muscles, barely tapping it with her tongue. His breathing hitched as she alternated between it and the skin above it, taking her time and allowing him to adjust to the feeling. She adjusted her hands and spread him open with her thumbs, before moving in and placing a kiss directly on his asshole. His breathing hitched and his body stiffened, as he fought to keep himself from flinching away.

“You still good?” she asked, rubbing circles on his inner thigh with her thumb.

“Y-Yeah,” he stammered, “I-I’m good. Keep going.”

She gently kissed his thigh before moving back down, pulling him open again. She wasted no more time, diving in and licking a stripe over him. He let out a shaky whimper as she licked him again, rolling her tongue and teasing his entrance. He felt his muscles begin to relax as the feeling became more of a tingle, as her tongue continued to undulate over his hole. His nervous whimpering slowly became wanton moaning as he found himself enjoying the new sensation. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair as she lapped at the little ring of nerves, dragging her tongue over it and gently pushing against him.

He felt her hand move from his thigh, over his hips as she pushed her tongue past his entrance. He groaned as she continued to slowly penetrate him.

“Mm, Peter,” she moaned, pulling away from him.

“Yeah?” he squeaked, lifting his head off the pillow to meet her eyes. Her middle finger was pressed against his asshole, biting her lip.

“Can I?” she wiggled her finger against him, signaling her intent to him.

“Mhm,” he nodded quickly, this time without much contemplation. “Do it.”

Removing her finger, she reached over to the previously discarded bottle of lube that was still lying next to them. Slicking up her finger, she rubbed the digit against his opening.

“Ready?” she asked.

“I’m ready,” he bit his lip, closing his eyes and relaxing his body as much as he could.

Using a small amount of pressure, she pressed her finger against his asshole, her fingertip pushing past his entrance.

He inhaled sharply at the intrusion, trying to relax his muscles to accompany the foreign object.

She paused for a moment, watching his reaction and letting him adjust around her before going further, adding the next section of her finger and slowly pulling it in and out. His muscles clenched around her as she moved her finger, feeling her way inside him until it had disappeared entirely.

He bit his lip again, stifling a small groan as she began moving her finger. She began thrusting in and out of him, pushing deeper into him each time. He let out a low groan as the familiar tingling feeling returned, and thrusted his hips down on her finger, pleasure sweeping over him.

She dipped her head down and began concentrating on the spot above his asshole as she continued fucking him, her tongue undulating over the sensitive skin. She heard a tiny whine escape his throat and she grinned, licking and sucking at him as she slid her hand down his hips. Keeping her free arm wrapped around his hip, she gently wrapped her fingers around his aching cock and began gently tugging upwards.

“Oh,” he breathed, his hips involuntarily bucking. The familiar feeling of her hand on his cock accompanied by her finger inside him created another new feeling in his abdomen, and he could feel the heat growing with each stroke of her hand, and thrust of her finger.

Twisting her hand as it moved up and down his shaft, she returned her mouth to the spot above his asshole, flicking her tongue over it as she thrusted her finger into him harder. Peter writhed underneath her, letting out guttural sounds he didn’t even know he was capable of as he rolled his hips over her finger, angling himself just enough for her to slide even further inside him.

Curling her finger inside him, she felt herself brush against something, and Peter let out the loudest, unrestrained cry she’d ever heard him make. Taken back by the noise and half-afraid she had hurt him, she began pulling out of him.

“No no no,” he pleaded, his voice thick with desperation. “Do it again, please oh my god, do it again.”

Reaching for the bottle of lube again, she pulled away and he whined at the sudden feeling of emptiness. Lubricating her finger a bit more, she brushed the pad of her finger at his asshole again.

“You want me to make you feel good again?” she teased, dipping in and out of him with her fingertip.

“Oh my god, please,” he begged. “Please please please, make me feel good again.”

Sitting upright to get a better look at him, she forced her finger back inside, fucking him mercilessly as she tugged at his cock with her free hand. Peter’s mouth fell open as her finger slid in and out of him, brushing against his sweet spot each time. Obscenities began spilling from his lips as the heat in his abdomen continued to grow with each brush of her finger, coaxing him closer to the edge of oblivion.

“M-M’gonna come,” he cried out, gripping the pillow underneath his head. “God, I’m gonna come!”

She felt his dick twitching in her hand and she knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Brushing her thumb over his slit, she dipped her head down and replaced her hand with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down as she rubbed her finger against the sweet spot inside him.

Peter swore he could see stars as he released a final, passionate cry and bucked his hips off the bed, the tip of his cock brushing the back of her throat as he came in spurts. She held her finger still as she sucked him off, his orgasm dripping down her throat. He came for what felt like minutes, wave after wave of pleasure hitting him as he continued to buck his hips up towards her mouth again, spilling himself into her again as she eagerly took every drop of him.

When he’d finally come down from bliss and the stars faded from his vison, she gently pulled her finger out of him and he collapsed on the bed, soaked in sweat and panting heavily. She gently rubbed his thigh and he tugged at her arm, pulling her down to him as he leaned up to kiss her.

“Ah,” she quickly moved away. “Not yet. I’m not kissin’ you with ass mouth.”

He grinned and exhaled sharply, too exhausted to protest, silently thankful she hadn’t forgotten where her mouth had just been like he did. She hopped off the bed and moved to the bathroom, washing her hands thoroughly and rinsing her mouth with mouthwash. She returned to the bedroom with a warm washcloth and began cleaning him up, gently pecking his lips.

“Holy shit,” he rasped, feeling his heart still pounding in his chest.

“Shhh, I’ve got you.” She whispered, sliding into bed next to him and laying his head against her chest.

“I-I didn’t think I would like that,” he chuckled. “Not that much at least.”

“Thank you for letting me try it,” she leaned down, kissing his forehead and trailing her fingers up and down his arm. “I didn’t think you would let me.”

“Fuck babe,“ he mumbled against her skin, feeling himself already beginning to doze off. “You can do whatever you want to me.”

I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for you all

I am so grateful that the YOI family is still alive and well!!
To all those who keep providing us all with new content whether it be art, fics, translations, gifs, memes, HCs and AUs or literally ANYTHING I am so thankful for you and love you so very much!!! I hope you continue your amazing work until the “next level” and beyond
I was so worried when the show ended that the fandom would dwindle out after a few weeks, but if these past (almost) two months are any indication I think we’re gonna be a-ok

BTS Soulmate: Reaction to their soulmate wanting to run away with them

anonymous:  Ouuu! Y'all have a soulmate au blog now! Omg I totally was waiting for this! 😂💕 Lol but could u do a reaction to their s/o parents arranging a marriage for her/him n she/he runs away with BTS. Thanks and plz!! Head Admin, I hope ur doing well n also for the rest of the admins! I thank you for doing all this including head admin too!! Love y'all! ~~~~ J anon! 💕💕💕💕😍😍😘😘🤗🤗🤗

A/N: Hello! Yes I finally made a soulmate blog after a while! I’m currently the only one on this blog. The other admins are in their respective blogs. I’m the only admin who is in charge of creating new blogs.:) But they are doing well thank you for asking!.As for me, I have more surprises lay out for you guys, more blogs will be coming out soon! 

Jimin: “Alright. Let’s run away together. Just the two of us. Together for life”

Jin: “Let’s go pack our things then. Let’s create a brand new life together”

Jhope: “If you’re sure then let’s run away together. This world is too good for us. Let’s go somewhere quiet where no one can find us”

Jungkook: “You want to run away? Are you sure? It’s not that I don’t want to, but I just want to make sure you really want to run away and start a new life with me”

V: “Let’s go right now. Let’s buy  a house in near the sea with nobody around us”

Suga: “I can take so many naps with you when we are in a better quiet place. Let’s go. I can’t wait”

 Rap Monster: “Let’s find a new home first”

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Let me say at first how much I appreciate you, your blog is my favourite one!! Thank you for keeping it interesting and diverse! I have a question. Do you by any chance understand what bts comeback concept has to do with words 'love yourself'?? I got that album is about falling in love, being special for someone and unique moments in one's life etc. But i still can't get why they imply that the concept is about loving one's self if this issue barely was touched upon? Am i missing on smth?

but it was written in every breath they took in producing the album bby TT 

their comeback stage showed it all, they could’ve started with intro: serendipity, but no, they straight up went with ‘i need u’ the song that took them to where they are now. they mentioned how everyone cried so much when they had their very first win with i need u, especially jimin. it was in i need u that they realized they might just.. have made it, a step further. if you’ve been with them for a while, you’d know how dirty bangtan and army were treated, like really we were dissed left and right it was really a tough situation especially for k-armys they can’t even be proud of our boys or even mention their names in articles without getting ridiculed just cos they’re not ‘big’ TT and even when we had our first win, bangtan still get called out for ridiculous reasons that’s just. the fact that they made their comeback with i need u shows just how much they treasure the moment the fans that made it possible at that time, i need u was the breakthrough, i need u made them realize that they can actually be… happy now, and move forward. and maybe love themselves more, and performing mic drop afterwards shows exactly that :)

honestly love yourself album is in every sense, calls you to love yourself, if not, more, even when you don’t think you can, just look at the lyrics

just let me love you
since the time the universe was first formed
everything has been decided
just let me love you
–intro: serendipity

and when they say

don’t worry, love
because all of this is isn’t a coincidence
(even when) we are totally different, baby
because (of that still) destiny is found in the two of us
since the day the universe came into existence, it has continuously been so
and transcending for infinite centuries, it will continuously be so
from our past lives too, perhaps, and even the next lives to come
because we will still be together forever (no matter)

doesn’t that encourage you to embrace yourself, despite our differences? and

when you say that you love me
feels like i’m treading on the sky/heavens
tell me about forever just one more time
when you say that you love me
i, i’ll be fine even if just those words
that you would never change, just one more time
–best of me

bangtan treasures us so much as they treasure themselves that they wish for our love to never change no matter how bad things might get 

i wonder if it’s a mistake an angel left behind
if not that then, a deep kiss?
that dimple is illegal
but I want it anyway anyway anyway
–보조개 (dimple)

did you know? that dimples are a medical flaw, a genetic defect that is caused by shortened facial muscles, which is why when we smile, the shorten muscle pulls the skin on our face causing a dimple. but somehow in our society, dimples are embraced and carries a mark of beauty and loveliness the contradiction is fascinating how human perception can override facts, and i personally think this is what makes the song more meaningful despite the casual pop tune, because what ever flaw you think you have, might not be a flaw at all. you can chose to hide it by not smiling, but isn’t it lovely when you smile? love yourself.

now stop watching (and) start studying for (your) exams
your parents and your manager/boss they dislike me
all those video clips you’ve watched, twitter photos,
v app, bon voyage 
i know they’re so good, what should we do
stop. the music video, (i’m saying) interpret (it) later
aren’t there plenty of my photos in your room, anyway
what is an hour even? a year passes by just like that
this song is a reward i’m giving (it) to you.
good girl/good boy
–pied piper

btw 착해 is an expression, a good compliment you usually receive from an elderly person/grown up when if you do well in something, its not sexual guys idk why some ppl imply it is lmao

so when bangtan says this they mean it wholeheartedly like a friend, like an older brother because they know how bad we have it for them, they know how much influence they have on us, as much as we ahve on them. despite scolding us, albeit, in a loving manner, they really want the best for us. unlike the original story where the pied piper drove the children away from the town of hamelin when the town ppl refuse to pay for his service in luring the plague causing rats away, bangtna isn’t set to lure us away, they in fact, want us to go to them, be with them, love with them, but in addition, we have to set our priorities in real life straight, so that, everyone can appreciate our love too, and maybe, the society won’t put much hate on us anymore.

please army remember what we say, love myself, love yourself, i really love you, and thank you

–skit: billboard music awards speech

this says everything hnnggghh

yeah? who said my ‘spoon was dirty’
i don’t care, when i grab the mic i own those whole lot of ‘gold spoons’
all of a sudden, those that didn’t cook well are in rage, those lot of steaks 
i’ll chew on y’all over and over again, on the star’s dinner table
–mic drop

oh man i need another post dedicated to mic drop there’s so many things to talk about in this 

the thing i earn with hard work, my pay
gonna spend it all on my tummy 
all the pennies i collect/count just to waste it all (on my tummy)
leave me be, even if i overspend
or come tomorrow morning and like a crazy guy
my savings, if i cash them all out (leave me be)
woo there’s no tomorrow
my future’s been seized for collateral  
woo my money’s all further spent 
friends, wassup?
do you want some?
–고민보다 Go (rather than worrying, go)

this whole song is satirical critique tbh even the dance choreography pls appreciate them

and then the outro, which reiterates everything about love and sacrifice, about being the best of yourself, about loving yourself first and foremost

the world is a complex
we was lookin’ for love
i am too, just one of those ppl
honestly even i didn’t believe in real love
like a habit i said i want to love, just babbling like that
but i found myself
the whole new myself
even if i’m confused, which am i is the real me
me meeting you makes me wonder, aren’t i a book?
or is it you, who are the turning pages (of my book)?
–outro: her


theres a reason why bangtan made the skit and sea as hidden tracks, you have to undertsand that bangtan has come a longg way. and one of the reasons why they were finally able to get their first win the last time was through purchase of physical copies, which helped tremendously raise the sales. bangtan may be celebrated and loved wordlwide but back in their home ground, they were nobodies, which is why buying physical copy always meant more even (especially for k-fandoms) since you’re willing to go for an extra mile, its part of kfandom culture for fans to invest a lot of time and money for their group supports and projects to help get their fave name out there, sure you can like/listen to other groups but ultimately, hundreds of idols debut eveyr year so in order to make sure your group lasts a long time, korean fans consider it very important to pledge their loyalty to a single group and support them with all you have, this is why it was even harder for karmys because we come from small company :’)

and now that they are getting success tremendously over the past year (BANGTAN’S #7 ON BILLBOARD 200 GUYS PLEASE GIVE YOURSELFVES A PAT WE DID THAT), love yourself is to be quite honest, an album dedicated to armys all round, and those two tracks are just a little bit more intimate, and more on a personal level, which is why it was hidden from the rest of the world, i’d like to think that the reason they kept it hidden in a physical copy because they know for certain that only their fans would purchase a physical copy, and that they want us to be the first ppl to hear it, to listen to their laments, their grieves, their happiness, their love, they just wanna them share with us first and foremost, because they know only we would get it, because we’ve been there

in the end the mirage is caught and
it becomes reality, and
the desert i was once afraid
became the sea with our blood, sweat, and tears
but then amongst all this happiness,
what are these fears?
because this place is originally a desert, we know this too well

It looks like it was Bobby and it is on Netflix.

It seems Bobby is popular with the Lock Up people even if he isn’t going to be featured:)

************************************************** Yep, that one is him for sure. The lockup staff did actually really enjoy him. There’s q&a’s with them online where people ask what Bobby was like and the producers always say that he was a lot of fun, kept the staff laughing and that they never felt scared being left alone with him. And that he draws well, of course. They’ve tried several times to get new episodes with him and updates on him but Alabama Department of Corrections won’t allow it. I’ll share with y'all a funny story that happened after his first episode aired: there was a guard there who did not like Bobby at all. One day, he came to talk to Bobby, informing him that his (the guard’s) son really liked the episode with Bobby on it and really admired him and he was hoping that bobby would allow the kid to come visit him. And bobby knew that must’ve really pissed off the guard since he didn’t like him 😩and he agreed to it and the kid came to visit him.