hope y'all are well after this

I just wanted to say that I am so grateful for you all

I am so grateful that the YOI family is still alive and well!!
To all those who keep providing us all with new content whether it be art, fics, translations, gifs, memes, HCs and AUs or literally ANYTHING I am so thankful for you and love you so very much!!! I hope you continue your amazing work until the “next level” and beyond
I was so worried when the show ended that the fandom would dwindle out after a few weeks, but if these past (almost) two months are any indication I think we’re gonna be a-ok

See ya guys

Alright, I’ve been putting this off for a while now and I think it’s time I make this announcement. Tomorrow- if everything goes well- I’ll be offline for the next two months. After a little over a year and a half of making the decision I’ll be heading off to basic. I intend to come back afterwards but I might not be as active as I am now since I’ll be settling into military life.

Don’t worry, I’ll have my queue going so you’ll get to see my lovely face icon (made by @danidery) on your dash until it runs out but otherwise you don’t see hair nor tail of me until- God willing- after I’m done with basic.

I want to let you all know I love you so very much and that I want to see all of you alive and well when I get back (even if you unfollow me during my absence). Remember to eat and drink plenty of water and take your medicine and to be nice and to laugh at least once a day.

So instead of saying goodbye I’ll say what my aunt always tells me.

See ya when I see ya.


Mama Snapback

svt congratulating you after you get good grades!!

basically it’s a really important college entrance exam, and because of your hard work and stuff you did really well and won an award!!

He enters the hall just as the slideshow changes and your name is written in big, bold letters. The hall is silent for a while and then the loudest clapping you’ve ever heard fills your ears. Your eyes grow wide, is this a dream? You walk up stage, tears already streaming down your face. Your name being shouted across, friends chanting your name. As you shake the principal’s hands,

Seungcheol is in shock. His mouth is open so wide and his eyes are so huge they resemble saucers. Standing near the door, he can’t help but feel so so so so so so so so so proud of you, might shed a few tears. Not the sniffly kind y’know, more of just, a natural reaction of sorts.  You run to him afterwards, still in disbelief, your hands clutching the result slip. Immediately he throws his arms around you in this huge ass bear hug and he’s so happy for you it’s radiating off him. He has a smile on his face the whole day, no doubt.

Jeonghan, being the angel he is, has a bouquet ready, because regardless of the result, he’s prepared to give it to you anyways. When he sees you being called up, he’s as shocked as you are. “Are you sure that’s Y/N???” Is so so happy for you, but keeps his chill and stands there, waiting for you to find him after taking pictures with your friends and such. Takes a picture with you afterwards, tells you he knew you were going to do well, teases you a bit for being “too smart for him”.

Joshua just beams. Like soft sunshine and rays of light just emit and he’s so happy and proud of you, especially because he knows how much you’ve studied and how hard you worked. Claps so hard, but remembers to take photos of you shaking hands with the principal on stage. Anyone will be able to tell he’s your boyfriend just by looking at the toothy pure grin on his face. Probably ruffles your hair and squeezes your shoulder on your way out.

Jun is relieved. He knew you were going to do well anyway, another member who has a bouquet ready!! He’s exceptionally proud of you, but also teases you to death afterwards. Has his arm slung around your shoulder as you exit the school gates, holds your stuff for you. Probably brings you out for lunch, calls you silly for crying, just fluffy, teasing smirky jun who’s lowkey super super proud of you. Boasts to his members when you’re not around.

Hoshi straight up cries. He knows about the hard work, and he himself is a super super hard worker. He understands what it feels like to finally receive the fruits of your labour, and his tears just come in torrents. Crying but also smiling at the same time, kind of a mess but he’s just so proud and happy for you?? Was probably holding chocolates or some dumb graduation card. He really engulfs you in the tightest hug when you come off stage, but then exits to let you have some time to take photos with your friends and stuff.

Wonwoo is really happy, like smiles so wide and claps so loudly. Immediately tells the rest of his members, takes like 52398 photos of you on stage. Sends them all to their group chat, is just really proud of you. Has a cake ready at home that he got for you, follows you around the hall, and helps you take photos of you with your friends. Teases you slightly afterwards, “How is it that my s/o is both smart and beautiful?” Hugs you and wipes away your tears if you’re still crying. 

Woozi is also slightly in shock. Doesn’t send pictures to the group chat but informs them of your grades in several very excited messages!! Takes a few photos of you on stage, takes like, a bunch of selcas with you afterwards, even if your eyes are still red and puffy. Follows you around to thank your teachers, he swells with pride when he hears your teachers praise your hard work and perseverance. Hugs you tightly once, holds your bag for you and cleans off your tears, brushes your hair back too. 

Seokmin just starts cheering and runs towards you immediately as you come down the stage, he’s beaming so much his eyes are so full of joy it makes you wonder if he’s happier than you are. Has his arm around you the entire time, follows you to thank your teachers and take photos with your friends. Thanks your teachers too, with like a 90 degree bow. Takes a lot of photos with you!! If your relationship is already public, he’ll take this moment to congratulate you on SNS with a picture of you two and show how happy and proud he is of you! “Wow… my Y/N really is the best!!”

Mingyu turns to everyone and asks them if he’s dreaming, is that really you? He’s legit in so much shock, and it only registers when you run towards him, perfect score in your hand. He really hugs you for a long time, rubbing his hands down your back. After the shock wears off, he can’t stop grinning, he really can’t. Forgets about the chatgroup, calls all the members one by one and excitedly shouts (unknowingly) about your results, and his joy is so radiant his members can practically hear his smile. Goes around saying, “Whose s/o got a perfect score on the college entrance exams? That’s right, mine >:)” And then he brags about you to all his family members for the next two months.

The8 is one of the only members who would remain composed and normal about the whole thing. Although, when he hears your name there’s going to be a smile that just finds his way onto his face. He takes a reasonable amount of photos of you on stage, and then 1000 selcas with you afterwards. Calls you silly in chinese for crying, and then brings you out to lunch!! Silently follows you around, helping you take photos with your friends and teachers, probably will buy you a gift and write a small card when you get back home!! 

Seungkwan overreacts in the sweetest way possible. His hands are over his mouth, and his gasp is so loud some students turn and stare. When you walk towards him with your tears still streaming, he’ll chastise you for crying because if you continue crying he’d cry too and that’s not something an idol should do. But then he hugs you and strokes your hair and tells you how proud he is of you. After the whole emotional Seungkwan thing, he teases you and takes a picture with you afterwards, him holding your cert and results slip. Sends the picture to his mom :D 

Vernon’s standing there at first with his headphones around his neck, seemingly uninterested. However, when your name gets called up, he’s the most excited thing ever. He snapchats you going onto stage and sends the video to all his members too. He approaches you afterwards to congratulate you, might be one of the only members to kiss your forehead? Carries you above the ground in that spin hug thing and its so cute because his eyes are on you the whole time. Is kinda confused over your tears though, and offers you some tissue to stop the swelling and puffyness. Takes a normal looking photo with you and posts it online afterwards, probably got you a congratulations on your graduation card with some dumb pun or meme.

Dino is so excited and elated that he’s practically bouncing?? Hugs you and squeezes your cheeks afterwards, laughs as he tells you not to cry! Probably says something about how this is so so so much better than any other grade he’s received before. Tells all his hyungs immediately and sends a picture of you smiling with tear-stained cheeks into the chat group with the caption, “Still looking amazing hehe ><” Will bring you into any shop afterwards to get you a gift!! Ends up getting you this gigantic teddy bear because you said you didn’t want anything but he also felt bad for not getting you anything before hand. 


Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 3,427
Summary: Inspired by this post - Soulmate AU where your heartbeat is in sync with your soulmate. They both speed up together, and slow down together. They share every big emotion, and sense of calm. And both hearts stop together as well.
Author’s Note: *appears with a new fic after months in hiding* still unsure about the ending but I think I like it :) 

When they touched, it was a series of quick skips.

Almost like the feeling of your stomach dropping while going down a steep slope. His skin touched hers and she felt electricity charge her core, setting her ablaze from the inside out. It was momentary, a brush of fingers as he handed her a bouquet, but enough for her to scurry away with a flushed face and leave her short of breath. She’d sit at home thinking of him all night while staring at the flowers in the vase by her bedside, her heart still skipping happily and unaware of the identical hymn of his own.

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PJO Headcanon #15

Annabeth and Percy both have PTSD after the war with Gaea, but they cope with it in different ways. Annabeth takes out her anxiety with one thing she still has a hold on - her body. She runs for miles at night when images keep her awake. She goes to the gym and doesn’t stop punching until her hands cramp up. She lets her body expel so much energy that she can avoid what’s going on in her head. Percy goes straight to therapy, but since he can’t really talk about what’s going on with mortals, he shuts down and he begins to become depressed. The other five of the seven notice what’s happening to their friends and begin to help them through it. Hazel gets the idea to start a new wing at the Hospital in New Rome for therapy, both physical and mental. There they have demigod doctors with degrees who try and help the patients through their illnesses.

anonymous asked:

where's hope?? is it okay, did something happen, are YOU okay? :(

huh yeah we’re good it’s all good just regular depression and dissociation u feel. hope’s been down in the dumps lately but it’ll come around eventually after a bit of recharge. sucks because i miss it and without hope i have no one to rant to so my permanently grumpy ass comes here to shout at nothing and ramble about the sun because i’m dead inside and am in a permanent state of existential crisis 


Summary: Gavin felt the early morning sunlight across his face before he even opened his eyes. When he finally did, he lost his breath.

a short fluffy jerevin fic.

(so this was supposed to be fake ah crew au but i forgot to put in anything that implied that. lol oh well.)

(also shout out to @rage-quitter because a) you’re the one who got me invested in this lovely ship, b) i wrote this after seeing this ask someone sent you, and c) i know you’re eternally thirsty for jerevin fic so who am i to deny it)

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KaraTodo fanfic "Aftermath"

The Karamatsu incident… We all know what happened with the Karamatsu incident… Even weeks after said incident, Karamatsu was still physically injured. His mental state has withered as well. The sheer neglect and cruelty of his brothers had made him spiral down into a severe depression. He had given up… He was convinced no one cared…
He spent most of his time lying on the little green couch in the living area of the Matsuno household. He barely moved unless absolutely necessary. None of his brothers seemed to notice this extreme change in behavior, further convincing him that they didn’t care…
Facial hair had begun to grow on his defeated face. He stopped caring about his looks… He stopped caring about himself in general… Just as his brothers had…
“Seriously Karamatsu-niisan, that’s enough…” A sudden irritated, yet slightly concerned voice rang throughout the room… A voice that belonged to his younger brother, Todomatsu. The suddenness of it didn’t phase Karamatsu at all. He slowly turned towards his youngest brother, acknowledging hike with a weak and monotone response, “Eh?”
Todomatsu’s heart sank. He had no idea how far gone Karamatsu was in this depressive state. He sighed, “Come here…” Karamatsu obeyed, slowly starting to stand up. Meanwhile, Todomatsu quickly went into the bathroom and grabbed some shaving cream and a razor.
When he returned, Karamatsu was standing, awaiting his brother to come back. His face blank, and emotionless. Todomatsu then got some of the shaving cream from the can and after working it in the palms of his hands for a couple of seconds, spread it on Karamatsu’s face, where the unwanted hair had begun to grow. He then took the razor and glided it across the skin of his face.
“Like I said, we’re sorry. So please…” Karamatsu looked away from his brother, avoiding eye contact. “Keep taking care of yourself already…” Todomatsu attempted to make eye contact, to show that he truly cared. When Karamatsu continued to avoid eye contact, Todomatsu placed his hands on the sides of Karamatsu’s head, forcing him to look downward until he was able to place a kiss on his forehead.
Todomatsu pressed their foreheads together, “We love you Karamatsu-niisan… We really do.”

Tumblr when Disney releases a new movie
  • Before the movie: *sees promo material* OMG they're doing the same-face thing again! They're shitty representations of women/POC! This is gonna be a terrible movie, Disney needs to learn! *insert more stupidity here*
  • After the movie is released: OMG the movie was so diverse! They covered mental illness/had a diverse cast/covered bullying/covered grief/wrote a well-rounded woman! I really hope people see this movie!!! *insert more sudden praise here*
As You Wish - Chapter 1: Come Together

After 5 months of planning and teasing, it’s finally here! The first chapter of my Butler AU! 

A special thank you to my betas lucyrne, lucidrush, and earth-shines for looking through this and making it so much better than before. And a very special thank you to eisschirmchen for bringing this AU to me and letting me blarg about it so often!

And thank you to all of my followers who have been excited for this AU. I seriously hope y’all like it, and that the hype is well worth it!

Read it here: FFN or AO3 or read it below.

Summary: Never in her wildest dreams did she think her butler would end up being her boyfriend, yet there they were. Soul, the man who was only meant to be hired help around the house, helped her with so much more. From being her friend to her boyfriend to the center of her sexual desires. He had seeped into her life slow and steady. Butler AU.

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come back, move in, mess my place; a zouis playlist not exactly about being weed bros but about being friends and in love, maybe? (some –if not all– songs apply after zayn left.. oh well..)

hourglass – catfish and the bottlemen || twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) – fall out boy || bed peace – jhene aiko || the boy who blocked his own shot – brand new || the only one – black keys || i won’t mind – zayn malik || come back be here – taylor swift || after mindnight – blink 182 || wicked games – the weeknd || sleeping with a friend – neon trees || superhuman touch – athlete || drunk texting – chris brown || meet me in the middle – jessie ware



And finally for the understudies of the main cast, we have the guy most well known in the fandom, Javier Muñoz! Strictly speaking, he’s an alternate- he consistently plays Hamilton on Sundays, after all. But he also goes out when Lin’s not there, so he’s an understudy as well!

He did much the same with Lin on In The Heights- he understudied for Usnavi, and later took on the role when Lin left. He and Lin have a really close working relationship, and it results in PURE MAGIC because Javier is amazing, I can’t pretend like I’m unbiased here, I LOVE HIM.

Here he is singing “Dear Theodosia”, like listen to that voice, oh my god.

It probably bears mentioning that he was recently diagnosed with cancer, and took some time out from the show as a result- but he’s since returned and spoken openly about his experiences.

Everyone show the guy some well-deserved love. He’s fantastic. Also, if you see him, know I am SEETHING WITH JEALOUSY.

Here’s his playbill- from ITH, as I don’t currently have access to his Hamilton one: